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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Olivia Flynn [4-1]

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The Fullbringer

I. Olivia Flynn

» Age: 23
» Gender: Female
» Association:

II. Personality

Olivia was raised the heiress to a successful Fortune 500 company, and it shows. She is used to getting what she wants, whether given or earned, and doesn't easily take no for an answer. At times, this can lead to trouble, but at others, it has helped her to become the woman she is today. She is strongly independent and a shrewd businesswoman, though in the wrong crowd, she can quickly get in over her head.

She is hardly the picture of a demure rich girl, and likes to get her hands dirty; be it working on a car, planning her next project, or distracting herself from the world with copious amounts of drugs and alcohol. She is not one to simply sit still for long. In her mind, correct or misguided as she may be, these things help to keep her grounded, and her head out of the clouds.

She is reckless when it comes to her own well-being, within her own unique sense of reason. Without taking risks, then progress would never be made. She might not have discovered the many things she is capable of with her powers. As a child, she was called precocious, but now, she is simply the woman prone to dismantling things without a second thought towards how she'll put them back together again.

This is due in part to an insatiable curiosity about the world around her. Olivia loves to learn, especially about what makes things tick. The pursuit of such curiosities has, over time, led her to many of her hobbies today: by fourteen, she had restored her first muscle car, and by sixteen, had sold several of them to fund parties without her family's knowledge.

At heart, however, she is more good-natured than not. She is not want to harm others needlessly, and often finds inspiration in seeking ways to satiate her creative restlessness and help others at once. Perhaps due to the nature of her powers, or perhaps not, she is naturally empathic, open to the feelings of others and quick to understand them.

Deep down, Olivia is still very much a child; one who is afraid of responsibility, and reluctant to allow such things to catch up to her. This can make her seem flighty at times, though such a description wouldn't be entirely incorrect. She is easily led astray by pleasure and fun, and indulges in substances and experiences often to push her responsibilities off for yet another day.

In the pursuit of such pleasures, she has determined herself to be bisexual, with a stronger affinity for women than for men. She enjoys both the role of the dominant and submissive, depending on her mood, and finds it difficult to stay satisfied with only one partner, sometimes.

She adores spicy foods, and eats sweets only sparingly. Her musical tastes lend towards a grungy, emotional sound, and her choice of casual clothes often reflects this. Those who restrain themselves and their emotions can quickly bore Olivia, while others who are open and honest with themselves find it easier to keep her interest.

III. History

Born in southern Africa just before the turn of the century, in June of 2396; Olivia was unique even among the changing norms of Earth culture and population. Following an attack on her expecting mother by a Hollow only several months before her birth, she came into the world with the innate ability to see and commune with spirits of the recently deceased.

Beyond that, however, it was discovered in her developing years that she could interact with more than only the spirits of the dead. What was initially believed to be the active imagination of a child eventually came to be realized as the girl's potent spiritual ability: a rare power called Fullbring. What she interpreted as the voices of her toys were but memories and emotions, and such a power would shape and be shaped by its owner.

As the girl continued to grow, beings of mal intent became more aware of her presence. Hollow attacks were none too frequent at first, but over time, her above average spiritual power drew them in, until the family was made to consider hiring security that was able to combat such threats. Under the protection of the best guards and equipment money could buy, she was kept safe for much of her early childhood.

However, even the strongest of walls eventually crumble. Though to this day, she doesn't know exactly what had gone wrong, a Hollow managed to get through the family's security and threaten the child. Only six at the time; Olivia could just understand that the monster was after her, but had sunk its teeth into her father instead. Her mother fared no better in the chaos, and by the time backup had arrived to chase off the Hollow, her parents were dead and devoured by the beast.

She was taken in by her grandparents shortly after the tragedy, and life carried on none too unshaken. Despite her family's insistence that it wasn't her fault, the child still blamed herself for what had happened. She would continue to do so for many years. A few times, she would even attempt to take her own life, however unsuccessfully, with the hope of seeing her parents again.

During her teenage years, Olivia was introduced to the family business, now run again by her grandfather. Flynt Construction, a centuries old and very successful construction company that had helped to shape the very city they lived in, was her future, she was told. It was a future she took great interest in, too, and the girl devoted her studies to such subjects as would help her to one day take over the family's business.

At long last came the day she left for college, though with no small amount of tears shared between her and her grandparents. She would not travel far, but the girl had come into an independent streak that refused to let her study from home for any longer than she'd had to. Just before she'd left, her grandfather surprised her with a ring, made of a silver band with a sardonyx stone embedded into it.

As with all young adults off to college, Olivia discovered much about herself in those few, long years. She was restless to sit still and study. She was excessively good at drinking games. She wasn't as set in her sexuality as she had thought. Her behavior got her into trouble more often than not, but being the heiress to such a family as hers had its perks.

Away from her family, she grew more comfortable with who she was, and with her powers. She experimented in many ways, and found entirely new paths to explore, both literal and figurative. The discovery of her more esoteric abilities, and how they assisted her travel across campus, certainly wasn't the end of it.

However, as she practiced, her power could only grow brighter. The Hollow which caught her scent grew more daring, despite the inevitable fate each one would be dealt by the security which followed her at a distance. It was only a matter of time...

... until she was convinced to ditch her protectors for just one night of fun. As all children are want to do, she had felt stifled and choked by such a watchful eye, and slipped past her guards with the help of several friends. With a credit card burning through her pocket, they hit the town. Underage drinking, solicitation and being tossed out of bars would be the least of their worries, though.

In the early hours of the morning, as Olivia and her last remaining friend trudged back to the oppressing climate of the campus, a beast both patient and cunning saw its opportunity. Drunk off the events of their night, the pair could hardly see the black shade that rushed past them, and tore a deep gash into her friend's leg.

The Hollow toyed with them for several minutes, and seemed to enjoy itself in sadistic glee as they screamed for help that could never arrive in time. It was only in desperation, as the monster's teeth bore down on her, that Olivia's powers reached new heights, and the beast was driven back with a howl of pain. The hammer she had swung felt light in her hand, but had struck a heavy blow.

Several more minutes followed, and revealed more of her newfound power over the course of the brief skirmish. Every swing of her hammer cut off the Hollow with a wall of cement and dirt. Clumsy as she was due to her drunkenness, the heavy end of her weapon could still deal damage. With the relieving sound of sirens fast approaching, the Hollow knew that it would soon be disadvantaged all the more, and retreated into the shadows once more.

Olivia had saved herself and her friend, though the officers who arrived to the sight of two drunk girls, one injured and the other holding a weapon, did not see it that way.

Eventually, after sobering up the following morning, the girls were able to explain themselves, and the misunderstanding was resolved. Though they hardly survived the night unscathed, the experience stayed with them for years to come.

Her remaining time in college was hardly uneventful, but with the reach of her powers expanding and soaring ever more, she became better at evading and fending off the Hollow that were drawn to her by their instinct and hunger. Though prolonged use of them would still tire her out, her abilities came more easily to her over time. It became almost second nature to summon her hammer, and she would learn proper control through practice, trial and error.

Graduation day came and went, and with it, Olivia's time in college had come to its end. She was not ready to return home, however, and after a few brief months of planning, she set out again to travel even farther. She wanted to see the world. She wanted to experience what she couldn't in the safety of the city.

She felt a tug on her very soul... Pulling her somewhere...

IV. Natural Abilities

» Spiritual Awareness: Olivia has been spiritually aware since birth.

» Engineering: Olivia graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

» Mechanic: An interest in machines has given her many opportunities to learn about them, how they work and how they can fail. She is a skilled mechanic in her own right, from modern cars to older, heavier machinery.

V. Supernatural Abilities

» Fullbring: The core tenant of Olivia's power is her ability to commune with the souls of all things, living and inanimate. With living beings, this is greatly limited to an empathic ability that helps her to understand another on a much deeper level than with words alone. With inanimate objects, ranging from the water in a cup to the chair she is sitting upon, she is capable of using the soul to manipulate the object's momentum and alter its physical characteristics.

» Bringer's Light: Through more complex application of her power of Fullbring, Olivia can achieve feats of speed usually shown by Shinigami and Arrancar through their high-speed movement abilities. By increasing the elasticity of the ground underneath her feet, she can leap great distances. By pulling and pushing on the air around her, she can increase her own movement speed, and the force of her attacks. This ability is always accompanied by a tell-tale green glow or burst of energy, and uses her Physical Augmentation as though a Shinigami's Hoho.

» Empathic Resonance: The most basic use of Olivia's power of Fullbring; usually through physical contact, she communes with the soul of another individual, or one within an inanimate object, and shares in their memories and strongest emotions. In the case of a living or spiritual individual, anything shared must be done through choice by the character, and cannot be achieved through coercion. With an inanimate object, memories and feelings of the object's owner may flow into Olivia, though this can vary widely from one soul to the next. Particularly strong emotions and memories can pose a danger to her, such as those belonging to an individual with a more potent will than her own.

» Object Affinity: By developing a particularly strong bond with an object, Olivia is able to use her power of Fullbring in more spectacular ways than is otherwise possible. Through strong feelings of attachment to the object itself or a memory or emotion it represents, she can change its form and grant it powers beyond her own. As of now, only one such object is in her possession: Forge of the World.

» Object Manipulation: Through communion with the soul of an inanimate object, Olivia influences its physical characteristics. With this ability, she can achieve such feats as: hardening an object with her spiritual power, softening an object to make it easier to bend or break, and altering an object's momentum to cause it to move or stop. The durability of an object she hardens, and the speed at which an object can be moved with this ability is equal to her Physical Augmentation. The size and weight of an object she is capable of moving is according to her Strength. Such feats can be taxing on her body, and drain as much energy as if she had lift and thrown the object herself. This power cannot influence an object in possession of its own will, such as a zanpakutō.

» Reiatsu: Due to the origins of her power of Fullbring, Olivia's Reiatsu is akin to that of a Hollow. There are no known side effects of this trait, though misunderstandings can be frequent in certain company.

VI. Forge of the World

» Forge of the World's Base Appearance: In its base form, Forge of the World is a sardonyx ring worn by Olivia at all times. The red stone is embedded into a silver band.

» Forge of the World's Released Appearance: In its active form, Forge of the World is a large sledgehammer with a sardonyx head; one side of the head is flat, and the other wedged. The handle is made of silver, is long enough to be comfortably grasped in both hands, and flairs with an outward curve at the end to prevent slipping.

» Forge of the World's Powers: Forge of the World possesses power as to its name, to make the world anew. By striking an object with the hammer, Olivia can reshape it according to her will, but not change any of its other properties. The scale of the changes she can make is limited by several variables: she cannot shape more weight than she is physically and spiritually able to lift with her Strength and Physical Augmentation, and the precision and speed of such changes are determined by her Power Control.

» Walls of the Forge: A simple effect that Olivia has committed to muscle memory. By hitting a large object with the full force of her hammer's swing, she reshapes it into a respectable barrier that is immediately reinforced with her spiritual power. No matter the materials used, such as metal, concrete, the Earth itself, or even a body of water, the durability of this barrier is equal to her Physical Augmentation. Such a feat is taxing on the body, and exhausts her at a rate as though she had physically moved and manipulated the material with her own hands. The barrier is not further supported by spiritual power, and remains in place until it is destroyed or otherwise removed.

Walls of the Forge Scaling:

VI. Equipment

» Sardonyx Ring: A silver ring embedded with a sardonyx stone, given to Olivia as a gift from her grandfather. When called upon, the ring changes to become her sledgehammer, Forge of the World.

» Smartphone: The latest model phone and Bluetooth earpiece.

VII. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Human Reiatsu
  • Power Control: Beginner
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Beginner
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Beginner
  • Physical Augmentation: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner


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« Application Checklist »

• Let's Get Down To Business •

  • Name [o]
  • Appropriate Age [o]
  • Gender [o]
  • Appearance Present [o]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [o]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [o]
  • 10 sentences for personality [o]
  • History is of appropriate length [o]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [o]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [o]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[o]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [o]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [-]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: N/A
  • Mental Deduction: N/A
  • Focus: N/A

  • Power:N/A
  • Influence:N/A
  • Resources:N/A
  • Overall Hazard Level: N/A

  • Comments/Fixes:
    Empathic Resonance: With this ability I need to see more of the limitations and drawbacks to it. You do a great job of actually describing what the ability does, however as it is right now the ability doesn’t have actual parameters to define it. For example, when you write about how she’s capable of gaining some thoughts or memories from the objects she communes with. If it’s vague and dependant on how often the object was worn, and how potent say, your users focus is. This would make sense. Another question raised is how does she commune with the soul? Does she tap into the residual energy in the object? Or is there some left over “aura” on the object that allows this to happen. Finally, what kind of drawbacks does this ability have? Could memories potentially cause mental trauma for her? Or maybe using this taxes her, and thus the more powerful an individual it belonged to, the more draining it is for her? In short, I need the following criteria met for this ability.

    + Drawbacks and limitations: What are the downsides of using this ability?
    + How she connects to objects: what is her method of communicating with them?
    + How consent occurs: Do you require IC or OOC permission to use this ability?

    Object Manipulation: I need to see limitations, drawbacks, and if your going to use your physical augmentation skill to scale for this i need to see brief descriptions for what each skill mastery will look like. I’ll break down each area I need to see improved below.

    +Scaling Skill Mastery Descriptions: while scaling with power augmentation is perfectly acceptable, and easily can help balance this ability, there is no direct correlation between the skill-levels of physical augmentation (that are written on site) and the potency/scope of the ability you have written. Which is why I need you to write something brief for each skill-level if you go this route to explain what each level of mastery would look like for your character.

    +Limitations: Limitations are especially important for a versatile ability like this. I need for you to add in things such as: how big of an object can she manipulate? What kinds of speeds can she travel at x mastery level. What is the maximum hardness that your object can reach? Stuff like this will not only make it easier for me to go through and grade this ability, but it will help balance it by giving those you rp with a general idea of what it’s upper limitations actually are.

    +Drawbacks: Drawbacks also are very important for a versatile ability like this. As it is right now, there is no real defined detriment for your character when using this ability. For example: How draining is this ability? Is the drain proportionate to how large, or how fast, or how durable the object being created it? Or is it proportionate to size? Or even, how much energy does this drain to begin with? All of these are extremely important questions that need to be answered, because by having these drawbacks, much like limitations. It lets us know not only the scope of the ability, but also, how many times your character can use it before they are either a) exhausted. Or b) unable to use the ability anymore.

    Walls of the Forge: The only things I need clarified with this ability is how many of these walls can she make? Is it 5, 10, 20? Finally I need you to add in some kind of drain for this, as well as what that durability translates to. This could be as simple as giving comparisons between power levels. An example of this is, maybe at beginner she can enhance her walls to be as strong as iron, and maybe at grandmaster she could enhance walls to be much stronger than diamond. By giving these descriptors it will help not only flesh the ability out, but as well make it easier to see it’s potency.

    If you have any questions on how to do this please DM me! I would be more than happy to help give advice, or look at work as you edit things if you want to see if something would work or not. This is a great app, and I'm excited to see everything when it’s done!
    check 2

    [center]« The Willsheet Checklist »
    • Willpower/Determination: adept
    • Mental Deduction: adept
    • Focus: beginner

    • Power:E
    • Influence:F
    • Resources:F
    • Overall Hazard Level: F

    User was very co operative. Everything has been fixed.
  • Tier: 4-1

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