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 Iramasha Rework

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Coding In Template By:

Racial Template:


Enter The Iramasha

I. What Are Iramasha?

What Are Iramasha: Avatars of the universe, or faeries of nature. They embrace the nature of all the metaphysical and physical constructs which compromise this universe. Unlike Danava or Sugiura, they do not derive their powers by becoming the embodiment of concepts, nor does it come by reflecting their elements from the mind. Iramasha's powers are considered more exterrnal, and less about "ideas" so much as natural, independent entities inherent to the natural world.

The Iramasha draw in power from "Aether". Aether is the medium, the lifeblood, the building blocks of Iramasha life that they use in order to attune themselves to their power and awaken their mythical prowess. Through this instrument of energy can their bodies begin to channel in and summon the elements of the universe they wish to draw in power from. Once they become aware of the element in which their body is attuned to, their personality traits and powers often transform to match it; or, their personalities and powers which manifest guide them to their appropriate element.

It should be noted that while Iramasha are avatars of the universe, that doesn't mean they extend into the greater parts of outer space. Often thought of as arbiters and maintainers of what is natural in the universe, the most egregious points of conflict and disturbance are on Earth, per the creation of the Soul Cycle and all the other races. Because of that, the universe naturally spawned Iramasha around Earth, likely a natural response to balance things out. As such, even if an Iramasha might draw power from the stars or the sun, or something further out, they wouldn't be from the Sun or further out.

II. How Are Iramasha Made?

Material Reproduction: Although the bodies of the Iramasha are mythical in nature, they still can reproduce through traditional means of sexual intercourse. By now, a sizable portion of their populous is made from organic birth. The birth cycle can vary wildly for Iramasha, however. Some are capable of given birth within a matter of days, while some have been known to hold their offspring within themselves for years. It has less to do with biology and more to do with the control of aether. While Iramasha bodies manifest as legitimately physical entities, aether dictates most of their being. They have functional, human-like anatomy, but it is all manipulable by the aether.

Most interspecies reproduction is also possible with most known races, but if the Iramasha breeds with another race, while the offspring would be partially born of the aether and be able to manipulate and connect to it, they wouldn't go to the point of developing an aether class. This applies to all methods of Iramasha creation. Powerless or uninfluenced humans are the only potential exception, as humans are natural creatures of the universe. If they already have an existing power-set, whether quincy, spiritual, supernatural, or anything then it is still impossible to develop an aether class, as the conflict of abilities will interfere with having a strong enough connection to the universe to develop an aether class. Soul evos are a special circumstance that might work on account of the specific energy they use for their abilities being prima materia, another facet to aether.

Aether & Energy Reproduction: Since Iramasha were conceived from aether to begin with, it isn't exactly difficult for them to construct their own offspring by creating them with their energy. This process can take anywhere from hours, to days, to weeks, months or years depending on how skilled they are with their Aether Control. It's also possible for up to four Iramasha to come together to merge their Aether to create children as well. [Mating with other races complicates the process since aether does not naturally coexist with other energies, though enough control and skill can force the them to intermix.]

Reincarnation: It is possible for Iramasha to reincarnate themselves at the cusp of death in some cases. Often, Iramasha with high Aether Control have been known to recycle their Aether Class into a new being and continue on the cycle of their legacy. For instance, Cirno Iramasha is an Iramasha who is a reincarnated host of the Former Angel of The Ice. She was killed in battle, but managed to produce one last Aether Ritual to reincarnate the winter and holy elements of the world to infuse themselves into a new being to live on for her.

Conversion: Iramasha are also capable of converting both living and spiritual creatures into their race. However, the party being converted must consent to it prior to transforming. (I.E. the player or creator has to give permission. So it can be forced as well if the creator or owner of the character wishes it to be.) With that, many sorts of rituals can be done which breaks down the persons body, fuses them with Aether and allows them to be born-again as an Iramasha.

The primary danger of this, however, is the fact that once you become an Iramasha -- you are more than likely locked in that race. It may be possible to shift into another race if you are killed by something like a demon, but it is extremely difficult if not impossible to revert once this change is made.

III. Aether Energy

Aether Energy is the primordial energy of the natural universe. Before the splitting of the realms, before the inception the soul cycle and the distinction between the living and the dead. Every corner of the universe was filled with aether. In the context of the accessible worlds of Platinum Hearts, aether is a permeable force encompassing the Living Realm and the Iramasha Realm--and no others. The inception of the other realms were not natural progressions of the universe infuenced by or done with aether. It encompasses all entities of nature and does not normally manifest in a manipulable and interactive form on its own.

V. Aether Classes -The Iramasha's Main Power

Aether Classes is the central thematic which your Iramasha's powers take on. While it isn't forced, most Iramasha who are able to come up with a namesake find themselves becoming one with the nature of their powers. This then leads to more self-discovery, and, in turn, progression of their powers to form more complex abilities. The components and related aspects of the Aether Class tends to further influence the Iramasha in their ideologies, personalities, and sometimes even physiological make-up.

Manifesting an Aether Class is an often sought after evolution, as Iramasha are not eligible for their release forms without it. The Aether which compromises and flows in and around the Iramasha must have source of construct to identify. This is done through the ritual of labeling their class and bonding with them. Without that bond, there is simply nothing for the Aether to hone in and thus -- it has nothing to evolve.

The method of establishing your Aether Class can differ from person to person, as some Iramasha are just born with it, directly from the element or entity of their origin. Whenever an Aether Class is developed, it always comes with a namesake, and for many Iramasha establishing their namesake is the trigger for binding themselves to their class. A namesake would essentially be the official name of your Aether Class and your self relative to it. For example, the aether class's thematic may be "ice", but the actual namesake for Cirno Iramasha is "The Angel of Ice."

VI. Sub and Multi Aether Classes

Sub-Aether Classes: Sub-Aether Classes are directly related to the spectrum in which The Main Aether Class is rooted in. An Aether Class of Winter may develop further sub-classes of Ice and Wind. Sub-classes as a child class to a full, main aether-class naturally cannot be contrary to the parent class. For example, it would make absolutely zero sense for a Volcanic Aether Class to somehow begin using ice or lightning related abilities/powers with their sub-class. It would make more sense for that Aether Class to have heat, lava or anything that pertains to extremely hot or destructive/burning elements.

Multi-Aether Class: Multi-Aether Class Iramasha are Iramasha who were able to form multiple separate Aether Classes. This is different from Sub-Aether Classes because these are often considered two separate power sets. Whereas Sub-Aether Classes take powers DIRECTLY from the spectrum in which the main Aether Class covers, Multi-Aether Class Users are able to forge and create separate classes.

They would have separate namesakes for their Multiple Aether Classes as well. "The Root of Darkness" could be his namesake for a class, naturally revolving around operating with shadows, or darkness. At the same time, they could develop an entirely new Aether Class by the namesake "The Core Of Light", with powers revolving around the elements of light, brightness, and so on. Developing Multiple Aether Classes is what determines if you are a Hybrid, as "Hybrid Iramasha" are just a way to call Iramasha that have more than one full class.

Devil and Angel Iramasha: The distinction of Angel and Devil Iramasha was often recognised as "genetic, racial differences", similar to Danava and Rakshasa being sub-races of Demonkind. This isn't actually the case. Establishing your Aether Class often influenced an Iramasha physiologically, genetically, and most importantly ideologically. Those influences eventually had two different factions championing general ideologies facing off against each other, and over countless eons this divide came to be thought of as something so deeply rooted, it was genetic. Devil and Angel Iramasha are not racially different, so much as just two different factions within the race.

Devil Iramasha were coined as such for their desire to use their position as arbiters of nature to dominate the world and be its authority, to rule over the naturally developing species. The Angel Iramasha wanted to take place as people which helped the natural species develop and support them, similarly to what they did in Soul Society, as guiding hands. Nature Iramasha were neutral, wanting to only be of interference whenever absolutely necessary, when a disturbance to the natural universe required repair.

VIII. Death For Iramasha

Reincarnation: This is probably one of the more common things that occur with Iramasha. It is possible for Iramasha to set their spirits up to reincarnate into new Iramasha upon their death. This sort of thing occurred when the former Angel of The Ice was on the brink of death and passed down her prowess to Cirno Iramashsa; the New Angel of The Ice.

Return To Their Element: This is in reference to the primary Aether Class they attuned themselves in life. It is possible for their body to simple break down, become pure Aether and their body could return to the essence of their power. For instance, it would be possible for a Fire Aether to become one with the element of fire upon death. Such as infusing himself into an eternal inferno or something to that effect. Some Iramasha have even opt'd to break themselves into the element of Aether itself and spread their power down through generations of Iramasha.

True Death: There is always the possibility for an Iramasha to die in the truest sense. Quincy, whose powers lie in total destruction can still eliminate an Iramasha from existence, preventing even reincarnation or a return to their element. Other means of total destruction of their being exist, sometimes from a character's personal powers.

IX. Other Racial Abilities

Aether Armament: Sometimes referred to as "Aether Arma", Aether Armament is considered to be a weapon forged when an Iramasha has a strong understanding of their Aether. They can begin to materialize a spiritual weapon equal to a Zanpukto at around the adept stage of their Aether Control. Although, it will have great limitations until they reach advanced Aether Control.

Digressing, Aether Armament is meant to be a weapon which reflects all they've attuned their Aether Class to be. Therefore, it is mostly limited to what their energy can produce. As Aether Arma's have been known to range from small objects, weapons, companions and even small pocket dimensions in some cases. It's really up to the owner to create a balanced system on how their Aether Arma operates and one which is related to their Aether Class.

For example: It would be possible for a Water Aether Class Iramasha to create an Aether Arma which takes the form of a box and stores high volumes of water for when they are in regions where water is sacred, or if they want to have an additional source of water to use when a battle get rough. Or a more powerful Iramasha could create a small realm of fire around a twenty meter radius in order to encase an opponent within their world of flames and heat; having multiple flame based waves, arrows, bullets and other heat or fire related projectiles come at them.

It's mostly up to your imagination and how well you can craft a weapon. So it takes intense study and most Iramashsa spend many weeks, months or even years thinking out their Aether Class so that they can properly materialize it into the world. As it's a very sacred and important weapon to them and they want to take the time to make it right.

Aether Mind: Only Iramasha are able to otherwise communicate with Aether Energy due to the composition of their ethereal bodies. Because of this, they are often able to form their own networks of telepathic communication with one another. These can be small or vast depending on the way in which they are maintained, created or used for. Often times they are used in mass because it is their way of transferring knowledge, information and feeling through secure and closed means of networks. And because of the low energy it takes, most Iramasha can use Aether Mind so long as they are conscious.

However, the more vast it becomes, the more strain it is to maintain. Imagine attempting to host thousands upon thousands of conversations, transferals and meetings on one network. It can add up and it'll add up fast. Therefore, most often leave some form of object or energy to help manage the many different connections coming through. Such as creating an Aether Stone to help process the information on the network, or investing in a special powers to help maintain larger networks. Others tend to just be more selective in the people who are allowed into their group. As many Iramasha can create their own specialized networks with people of their choosing.

So that means Iramasha can also open this to outsiders of the Iramasha, but they must create trace amounts of Aether Energy that are synced to the person in order to allow them into their networks. These can be transferred physically, or shared through the mind by teleporation if they are able to sense the person in which they want to communicate with.

Longevity & Appearance: Culturally, ten to one hundred years for an Iramasha can compare to one human year, some variation applied as an Aether Class often influences the maturation of an Iramasha. Therefore, it takes quite awhile for them to really reach their peak. And, even then, some of the more powerful ones often have increased lifespans beyond that. As, it is quite possible for Iramasha to live upwards of hundreds of thousands of years if the conditions are met and they aren't killed in combat. The same can be said of how they maintain their appearance with their Aether. While some can age, most choose to use their Aether to maintain their vitality and youthful looks.

They don't age conventionally like humans or anything, as they're just aether. In theory they wouldn't have to physically age at all, and they can stay the same physically from birth til death. Their perception of time is more relevant towards "maturity"; in general iramasha culture, the maturation of a human for each year is like the maturation of an iramasha from 10 to 100 years. It largely depends on the circles, but basically, say a human is considered a fully capable, mature "adult" at 25. For Iramasha, in a lot of places you wouldn't be considered an "adult" until at least 250 years old. Up until then, iramasha would still see you as a kid, immature and inexperienced.

Animal Communication: Many animals from the animal kingdom are known to love and adore most types of Iramasha. A lot of Iramasha are able to communicate with, understand, and command animals that are found within the environments their Aether Class is associated with. For instance, an Iramasha with a water element would more than likely be able to speak to and lead various types of fish, frogs, alligators and other types of creatures found near or in large bodies of water.

Animal Mimicry: Many Iramasha are able to imitate the animals which relate to their Aether Class elements. So much so that they can create multiple Sub-Aether Classes which host their abilities in some cases. For example: if you had an Iramasha with an Aether Class pertaining to any sort of forest, they could potentially have a Sub-Aether Class which imitates a bear. This could give them the ability to have a bear-like strength, senses and other bodily traits that enhance their overall being.

Purification, Healing, and Blessings: With their intrinsic attachment to the natural universe, Iramasha are innately able to notice any dissonance and anomalies in it. Foreign, abnormal, and invasive entities that harm the natural universe generally require some response to excise, protect, and prevent them from breaking things down. As Iramasha are considered to be conceived for that exact reason, naturally they are equipped with the abilities to do so. All Iramasha are capable of purifying a place or even a person of any taint from unnatural to them and weaken negative or foreign spirits. Often times, purifying isn't enough, and an Iramasha needs to take an extra step forward to restore the place or person, and for that they are able to even heal the person. This is usually done through filling them with Aether Energy with restorative attributes, and while this doesn't work easily on foreign beings, the energy can likely be converted to restore their reserves and eventually heal their bodies. An Iramasha can even keep their aether to linger in the area or around the person, offering a Blessing to continue protecting them. The blessing can even act as a sort of marker, where the universe will be of aid to them. Animals and nature may be kind to a blessed person, the weather can be more pleasant, so on and so forth.

III. Aether Stones

Aether Stones are one of the hallmarks of technology from the Iramasha Realm. It is the concept of infusing various constructs--typically gems or stones of pure aether--with the elements of the universe, or even their aether class directly. The form it takes doesn't matter as much as the abilities, principles and systems infused into the item. As the objective with Aether Stones is to have easily summonable powers, knowledge, enhancements, abilities, spells, defenses, healing or WHATEVER else have you sealed in the mystic object in question.

Thus, as an illustration, it would be possible for someone with experience in crafting Aether Stones to infuse high volumes of water imbued aether energy. In case they're in an area where access to their element is extremely limited, they'd have their element packed into the Aether Stone readily available. The Stone in question would need to be activated with a mental trigger and they'd need to be in proximity for it to activate, but different rules can apply depending on how the person goes about crafting their stone.

As the form of technology they are known for, Iramasha have taken many strides in their craftsmanship. From freely producing single-use aether stones that can offer lighting in the dark, to systems of gems across an entire island that powers all of its infrastructure, or weapons and armour that stand the test of some of the greatest warriors of the many realms.


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The Iramasha's Racial Skills

I. Aether Control

Aether Control: Aether Control refers to how in sync an Iramasha is with latent/external aether energy, and the degree of control and manipulation of the raw energy they can perform. This is a very important section because it determines the strength, potency and control that an Iramasha has over external aether, as well as their ability to summon it or draw it from the Living Realm or Iramasha Realm and into realms where it is not naturally present. It will shape the way in which their release forms are handled as well, as Ether Morphs are attained through mastery of aether control. This is why many Iramasha spend countless years training, meditating, researching, studying and enriching their Aether Control so that they can realize the strongest version of themselves.

  • Beginner Aether Control: The degree of control you can exert over prseent aether is minimal at best. You can shift it around, use it to empower yourself and absorb the energy, but any further manipulation with complex mechanisms is still out of reach. No releases can be achieved at this level. Usually children and Iramasha still growing, less talented, or otherwise challenged are at this level. Typically the range of aether they can influence and absorb extends as far as a house.

  • Adept Aether Control: This is the level most Iramasha arrive at by the time they fully mature. For starters, they are now eligible for their first release form in this state. Against any Iramasha with inferior control, those at this level can wrest away control of the aether in the vicinity and have it operate as they intend. More advanced techniques become available here, such as directly casting magic externally, rather than absorbing the aether before summoning it from yourself. By this point, an Iramasha can command aether within a whole city block.

  • Advanced Aether Control: Iramasha at this level are typically well trained soldiers and members of the Guard, or royal children being groomed to inherit the top positions. Its expected to have at least this level of Aether Control before succeeding any positions of power and authority, such as being a member of the council. This is also the furthest the average Iramasha can ever attain. Aether is in your reach as far as an average human can see.

  • Elite Aether Control: A leader amongst the masses. Anybody heading a faction within the Iramasha's political world are around this level of aether control. A cut above what's possible for most, any large city or important region in Iramasha Realm is guarded or lead by a protector with Elite Aether Control, and all the aether in that area is typically under their command. The second level of Ether Morph becomes attainable.

  • Master Aether Control: Unfathomable. A Master of Aether Control, Iramasha at this level stand above nearly the entire race. Likely a legendary figure, any influences to the aether is basically second nature, even subconscious. A mere thought is enough to move mountains in the Iramasha Realm, and even the slightest disturbances to the universe reach you no matter where you are. The final level of the Ether Morph is attainable at this level. Summoning energy into the spiritual realms is no trouble, and manipulating the aether from across the world in the Living Tealm is possible.

  • Grand Master Aether Control: The point of absolute mastery over your Peak Eclipse of the Ether Morph. The boundaries of the realms is practically nonexistent to you, and summoning energy into any foreign realms is so seamless and effortless that it doesn't even seem like it was summoned across dimensions. Only Iramasha with an equal level of Aether Control could possibly contest you over controlling aether, and manipulating it across realms is feasible. Don't mistake this level of control for invincibility or limitless accessible energy; excessive manipulation and usage of the aether can put the universe at risk as well, disrupting and disturbing the aether into uncontrollable instability.

IV. Aether Magic

Aether Magic: Aether Magic is the transformation of raw aether energy--normally only personal/internal energy--into some other substance, to turn it into something tangible, material, or even immaterial. To clarify, Aether Control only pertains to external energy and the manipulation or control of aether in its raw state of energy. All of their magic draws on forming their own reality through Aether and overlaying that within limited areas to induce their effects. Therefore, because of this nature, they are often able to create a wide variety of supernatural phenomena.

Skill Range: This is rather basic concept to understand. Each Iramasha Spell will often have some form of skill range. This is done in order to classify the level of skill needed to create a stabilized spell. Keyword: stabilize. It is possible for Iramasha who have lower skills to use more complex methods, but they will often face devastating side effects and form unstable magic. This is often used as a means of gamble as it can just as well turn on the user as it can the target. They'll often also see slower summoning speeds, smaller reaches and will most likely strain their minds and bodies to perform higher forms of magic, but that is the game they play with Skill Range.

Types Of Aether Magic

Essential Aether Magic: Essential Magic are predefined spells which have been passed down through generations of Iramasha. These can be easier to summon and activate because of the fact most of them have default protocols embedded into their nature which activate when called upon. While it is possible to try and fine tune or personalise Essential Aether Magic, it usually takes an adept in Aether Magic to do so. An example of this would be if there was a spell which produced explosions, an Adept Aether Class user could attempt to infuse elements of lightning into it to make it a bit stronger.

Personified Aether Magic: This more so deals with the Iramasha's own personal spells. More often than not, this will be the go-to for most Iramasha. The reason being is because Personified Aether Magic is less taxing on the Iramasha, is more in-tune with their element and allows for them to customize it to their hearts desire. While they can infuse their elements into the other types of Essential Aether Magic, it's increasingly easier to do it with their own construct.

An instance of Personified Aether Magic being put into motion would be one who had an Aether Of Lightning conjuring up various magical effects which pertains to that construct. For example, they could produce spells of magic which could "stun" attacks into place. Such as releasing a wave of light around a target, having the light hit them and then imbuing their element into the light and having it paralyze the opponent or stun an attack in place. You have to be creative in order to properly utilize Personified Aether Magic.

Classes Of Aether Magic

Material Magic: Material Magic is one of the less taxing forms of Aether Magic. This is because Material Magic is the practice of enforcing physical changes upon an object, person or place. For example, they could direct the Aether around or within themselves to spread and cover a one hundred meter region in order to alter the amount of gravity to crush a foe. Or, for something extremely basic, they could rapidly funnel their energy into a confined space and produce explosions on the fly without much effort (depending on how extensive they want the damage to be).

Immaterial Magic: Immaterial Magic is probably one of the more complex things that can tax an Iramasha's Aether Magic. The reason being is because this is where more of the metaphysical spells and magic come into play. As Immaterial Magic deals with extensive modifications to the universe itself to where it borders on subjective reality control.

To further illustrate this point, a form of Immaterial Magic could spread across a one hundred meter range in all directions. In this defined region of Aether Control, a spell that is capable of unbounding objects or people from this plane of existence and into aimless aether could produce a means of evasion for one post by means of an incorporeal form.

Or, in another example, they could cast a spell capable of destroying constructs on an even more extreme level. If they could lock on to a target, such as an energy blast, they could attempt to have the essence of destruction imbued into their aether. The Iramasha could spread it and try to obliterate said energy attack.

Mental Magic: Mental Magic is the practice of using aether energy to influence the psyche of a person, one of the most complex forms and applications of Aether Magic, typically only accessible at Advanced Aether Magic at minimum. So, like Immaterial Magic, this is rather complex form of Aether Magic and takes precision and strong will or mental deduction to pull off. An example of how it is utilized could be simple enough: imagine if one has The Aether Class of Fire. With this, they could create a spell which unleashed a burst of light at the opponent. This light will not hurt, but if it makes physical contact, it can then invade the opponent's mind and make it feel as though their memories were being burned away, and at a high enough level against a weak enough mind, genuinely destroy their memories. Another extreme example is to bring someone's mind into reality, manifesting their memories or thoughts into corporeal entities.

Aether Magic Skill

  • Beginner Aether Magic: Most magic for Beginner Aether Class users are hard to cope with. The reason being is because their range, speed, complexity and potency are rather weak and leave much to be desired. For example, Beginner Aether Magic could have healing spells which take multiple post in order to take effect. Or, they could have simple sphere of fire shoot from the users hand in order to attack the opponent. Often times it's really, really basic.

  • Adept Aether Magic: Adept Aether Magic is where things improve quite a bit for Iramasha. The capacity of their Aether Magic becomes enhanced and their magical prowess becomes easier to control and it's effectiveness progresses. At this level, Iramasha can perform Immaterial Magic.

  • Advanced Aether Magic: This is where most Iramasha start to become revered in their magical talents due to the extent in which their magic can reach. At this point, Mental Magic becomes possible, and other advanced techniques like casting Aether Magic through external aether (requires adept aether control). Other advanced techniques like Heaven/Hell Summoning are available.

  • Elite Aether Magic: What is conventionally considered the "peak" of Aether Magic. Aether Magic at this level can engulf entire cities in chaos or order by the Iramasha's will. Merging techniques from other aether skills with aether magic can be seamless, and the volume of entities they can manifest through Heaven/Hell Summoning can make a single iramasha a one-man army.

  • Master Aether Magic: The compounds of the universe are one with the Iramasha of Master Aether Magic. They are now considered frightful forces of magical arts by many in the Iramasha and are seen as experts in the field of magic based fighting. Exemplary feats of strength that Master Aether Magic users are capable of goes as followed, but not limited to: immaterial spells that can cover distances comparable to mountains, material magic strong enough to cause mass natural disasters (toranados, hurricanes, tsuami's, earthquakes etc), and mental magic that can make entire swathes of weaker willed armies paralyzed with illusion based pain.

  • Grand Master Aether Magic: The Legends of Aether Magic, Iramasha who attain Grand Mastery of this skill are fabled in belief that they are "Masters of The Universe". This is because they reach a point where they show spells of monumental force and are capable of inducing terrifying effects upon those who dare to cross them. Such examples are followed, but not limited to: immaterial magic which can be used in rapid succession to devastate whole nations, users who are able to often create cataclysmic spells in mid-combat, material magic that can effortlessly swallow whole cities in destruction, immaterial spells that permanently rewrite the physical laws of a space.

II. Aether Arts [Metaphysical Hand-To-Hand]

Aether Arts: Aether Magic is the conjurance of an Iramasha's own Aether Energy into something of substance, or effects imposed onto the world around them. Something from conjuring fireballs to enveloping someone's mind in darkness. Aether Arts is a physical expression of an Iramasha's aether, empowering their own bodies with the energy to increase their parametres, inducing effects through hand, and in at more advanced levels manipulating the physical aether that comprises their own body. For comparison, Aether Arts are similar to Hakuda, though there isn't a culturally specific form of martial arts, and in theory Aether Arts doesn't have to utilise an orgnaised form of 'martial arts' at all. A Beginner expression of Aether Arts can be as simple as strengthening their hands to endure more abuse, or increasing their running speed.

A more Advanced expression of an Iramasha's mastery with Aether Arts is the ability to merge their expertise of the art form with other skillsets that require an Advanced mastery in them as well. The most practiced and renown example is the "Empyrean Vessel", the external manifestation of Aether Arts. If the Iramasha is skilled with Aether Magic, they can use their magic as a conduit for thier physical enhancements, manifesting an external body or exoskeleton around them to act as a representation of themselves. It can take on any sort of physical attribute, as the appearance is totally up to the user. It can be made of fire, compromised of air, made of energy or whatever else have you. It can even detach and separate into multiple pieces if that is what you wish. What is more important to understand is that Empyrean Vessels are used for adding additional punch and flare to an Iramasha's hand-to-hand.

A more well rounded Iramasha can even utilise elements of their Aether Aspect to imbue their Empyrean Vessel with the element or construct of their Aether Class and personal powers into their being in order to augment their fighting style. It can even be used as a means of physical, external shield when activated. Since, while activated, the opponent will have to maul through a powerful embodiment of the Iramasha to reach them. Though, in exchange for this, they draw and nag on the energy of the user.

An example is an Iramasha with an Aether Class of Fire, where the Empyrean Vessel turns into an eruption of fire the moment the user punches a foe. As, more than anything else, Aether Arts is suppose to be an expression that they can use the universe as their own body.

Another frequent expression of skill is the capacity to combat other forms of magic, even other race's magic skills, with their own bodies. The reinforcement of themselves with Aether allow them to even combat the intangible, meeting conceptual attacks or even mental magics with their fists. Aether Arts to change the Iramasha's perception to make visible form of generally untouchable "entities", and a change in their body's composition to be able to physically interact with them.

  • Beginner Aether Arts Skill: At this point, your Iramasha's physical empowerments offer low stamina, speed, durability and strength boosts. Their strength may be able to improve with tier (higher volume of energy), but their usage is inefficient and crude. Therefore, you should focus on training your Iramasha to get to their adept level. As at this stage, An example of a beginner level Aether Arts Skill is having your Iramasha produce a punch capable of freezing an entire car, or a kick that is able to accelerate their striking speed.

  • Adept Aether Arts Skill: Once you reach Adept Aether Arts, you can start dealing with the intangible, meeting mental and metaphysical attacks with your fists. Many users will start to see their enhancements improve in resilience, potency and agility. All sorts of infused Aether Class attacks will be easier for their energy endurance to bare and conjure up. An illustration of an adept Aether Arts Skill attack would be one that is capable of unleashing a wave of fire across an entire city block with a single concentrated punch. Or, in another example, strengthening your mortal body to endure an explosion that would destroy a city block.

  • Advanced Aether Arts Skill: After achieving an Advanced in Aether Arts, the can develop an Empyrean Vessel (with an Advanced in Aether Magic as well). To give an example of what an Advanced Aether Arts skill user can do, their stomp could could increase the gravity beneath their foot 100 fold to completely crush whatever was beneath them. Or, an Aether of Lightning could have accelerated burst of speeds comparable to shunpo and create stunning techniques that paralyzing multiple foes with precision taps across the opponents' bodies. The Empyrean Vessel can manifest as large as ten times the Iramasha's own reach and size and extends those effects even further.

  • Elite Aether Arts Skill: A foremost expert to the majority of Iramasha in the matters of the empowered body. Entire cities can be decimated with their hands and feet alone. Empowering their physique is as natural as breathing, such that it's not uncommon for an Iramasha to reach this level of mastery to just permanently have their bodies empowered, as if the level of strength, speed, and durability they'd possess was a natural attribute to their bodies.

  • Master Aether Arts Skill: Following becoming a master of Aether Arts, most Iramasha's Empyrean Vessels command recognition and awe. For the next step in their evolution has brought their Aether Arts near the pinnacle of ethereal combat. To illustrate this point, someone with a Master in Aether Arts would have the potential to create a towering giant of an Empyrean Vessel. With this giant, they could obliterate mountains and the surrounding landscape with their strength and control. Or, in another example, one with Master Aether Art Skills who had an Aether Class of Water could produce entire tsunami waves of water with two mighty stomps of their feet. For they could break down the earth around them into water and begin throwing huge volumes of water at foes.

  • Grand Master Aether Arts Skill: This is often considered the pinnacle of Aether Arts. At Grand Master Level, many Empyrean Vessels are considered to be legends of The Iramsaha. They are capable of preposterous feats of power. An illustration of a Grand Master Aether Arts user would be one who's hands could shatter illusions and even punch back the effects of a mental attack towards their opponents. Or another whom could enhance their bodies to be able to land a thousand punches across an opponents body within a second of concentrated focus. At this point, the Iramasha has reached a level where their feats are generally ludicrous and absurd, as that's just the level of power they hold.

III. Aether Aspect

Aether Aspect is the core of an Iramasha's Aether Class. It dictates how many aether classes one can form, the potency of their connection to their element/construct, how much they could draw from their class, and even how much they could influence them without directly using aether energy.

For example, an Iramasha with an Aether Class of Light is likely always in the presence of their element, and are probably empowered when basked in it. Without having to use aether energy, they could manipulate light rays, concentrate them into even lasers, or distort the light to manipulate which type of light is present. The same Iramasha could also posssess an Aether Class of Fire relative to their Light. They could manipulate the fire to not be hot, change the colour and intensity of the fire, or even absorb the fire to empower themselves, thus putting it out.

Aether Armaments, forged in connection to an Iramasha's Aether Class, naturally falls under Aether Aspect as well. The better an Iramasha's Aether Aspect, the stronger and grander their armament can be.

  • Beginner Aether Aspect: The Iramasha can only have one Aether Class, and even then their mastery of it is not well explored. The amount of power and influence they have over their element or aspect is limited in both scope and range: at most, mundane adjustments as far as a few metres away, most easily done when nearly in physical contact with their aspect.

  • Adept Aether Aspect: An Iramasha can begin to develop their second Aether Class. Their influence over their aspect is at a level of experience that they could mold their aspect from as great a distance as whatever is in eyesight. So long as their is some sensory connection to the element established, it can be influenced. Their physical body can by will take on characteristics of their element. An Iramasha of Fire could passively be scalding hot to their touch, or an Iramasha of the Northern Winds could be as light as a feather in weight and chill their surroundings passively.

  • Advanced Aether Aspect: A point wherein which the Iramasha can take greater strides in distorting or manipulating their aspect. A third Aether Class can be formed, and the presence of their aspect isn't always needed to gain benefit from them. At this point, an Iramasha can perform "Aspect Summoning", without the need of aether energy, allowing them to bring forth and summon their element and gather it around them. An Iramasha of Fire can transfer all the heat in their surroundings and concentrate it around themselves (which would indirectly also begin freezing their surroundings, which can confuse an opponent). An Iramasha of the Northern Wind could conjure the winds from the north to come by, also chilling the surroundings while its presence empowers them. The Iramasha could even embody the winds of fire directly, allowing them to transfer their senses over their aspect as a medium.

  • Elite Aether Aspect: A fourth Aether Class is now accessible. An Iramasha at this point is likely quite renown for their classes, a practiced sage with diverse and varied connections to the natural universe. Their bodies could be an amalgamation of many different aspects, their element could be conjured all across the world and absorb massive amounts of their aspect. Their armaments are practically indestructible by conventional means and worldly tools.

  • Master Aether Aspect: A fifth Aether Class is achievable. Iramasha at this point are renown across all the realms for their expertise, masters of their elements, and they are hard-pressed to encounter anybody close to their realm of mastery in all of existence, in past, present, and future. Fire before an Aether Class of Fire are seemingly sentient, bowing to the Iramasha in total subservience. Their influence over the elements of the universe around them are essentially effortless, and their armaments are even considered a source of their element. Something as grand as an "Eternal Flame" as an armament for the Aether Class of Fire is possible, as a fire nearly impossible to blow out, that can serve to empower and feed into all other flames across the realm.

  • Grand Master Aether Aspect: Practically all entities of the Iramasha's aspect is under their influence in all the realms. The Iramasha of the Wind could whisper out a message, and it would echo through the air of all the realms. Their armament could influence the universe directly and independently. A Sixth Aether Class is accessible. The smallest recesses and vestiges of their aspect could be found over any distance, with only an equally great entity interfering in this connection and perception.


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The Iramasha's Releases

I. Ether Lock [Customized Forms/Constant Release]

Ether Lock: For Iramasha who have no interest in going through the traditional release cycle, there is a method that allows them to remove the need for transformations and that is "Ether Lock". Ether Lock is the process of shattering the inner core of an Iramasha's Aether Class Seal in order to break and release their Aether Power.

By doing this, they will then be freed from the constraints associated with Ether Morph and will rely solely on their own power and systems to manage their powers. So, at any time, an Iramasha can do this, but it will take an extensive amount of training to reform one if they desire to return back to the traditional system.

II. Ether Morph: Immersion

What is Ether Morph - Immersion: This is the first release that most Iramasha and Iramasha Sub-Races attain. Being that they are mythical creatures who draw on power from constructs of the universe, their release stages are focused on immersing them with the world around them. Thus, the first part of Ether Morph aims to immerse the internals of the Iramasha's body with their Aether Class.

This stage of power is unlocked by having at least an adept in their Aether Control under the racial skills of the Iramasha's application. Once they have that, they'll have achieved 2/5 of their power and are able to begin evolving their body to better deal with the rigidness of enhanced combat.

Ether Morph Immersion Aesthetics: Generally, when an Iramasha is able to release in their Immersion State, they often take on some form of attributes related to their Aether Class(es). For instance, if an Iramasha had a Fire Aether, they'd most likely have physical morphs pertaining to, well, fire. Their eyes could turn red, their hair could turn into flames, the aura around their body could erupt into an inferno and other similar things of that nature could help to signify their change.

Common Ether Morph Immersion Perks: Primarily, the abilities and attributes they unlock in this form serve to make their body further immersed with their Aether. If they had something like "The Aether Of Speed", then in their release they would have that element of the universe infused into their body. This would allow them access to fast healing factors for their body, quick summoning of attacks, rapid perception of the world and quick understanding of material as the Iramasha's body continues to immerse itself in their element.

Additionally, as a secondary side effects, they may also see augmentations in their overall power. This ranges from speed (physical and metaphysical when it comes to summoning powers/energy), volume of energy, strength and durability. The depth of these augmentations are, however, based on their Aether Control racial skill. Therefore, the skill augmentations will be listed below.

  • Adept: 1.5 times
  • Advanced: 2.5 Times
  • Elite: 3.5
  • Master: 5
  • Grand Master:6 Times

And, unlike other races, most Iramasha can stay in their first forms indefinitely with no time limit. This is due to the fact that they can sustain their forms so long as they have enough energy and health to maintain it. When their health or energy becomes low, they will automatically descend back into their base form until they recover. And this can happen rather fast depending on how much energy each of their powers/abilities/techniques use up, or based on how much damage the foe is able to inflict upon them.

III. Ether Morph: World Fusion

What is Ether Morph - World Fusion: After reaching 4/5th's of their power and attaining a master level Aether Control, the Aether associated with the Iramasha will then seek the next step in progression with their release forms. This evolution brings them to merging with the world itself and shaping the very universe around them to their own will.

Ether Morph World Fusion Aesthetics: The Iramasha's bodies can indeed under go a change related to their Aether Class, but physical transformations are noted to be irrelevant at this stage. Instead, the focus is on morphing the world around them. For example, if we had a Fire Aether, then their World Fusion could make the skies around them filled with fire or turn red. Or, if we had a Snow Aether, the heavens could become filled with ashen clouds and start snowing. Focus more so on morphing the space around them as opposed to the character's body itself.

Common Ether Morph World Fusion Perks:

The primary thing that comes to mind with their World Fusion is this: how do their powers influence the world around them? The purpose of this form is to have their powers reach an apex point and have the character fuse themselves into the universe they are attuned to.

For instance, a fire based World Fusion could overwrite the laws of existence and burn through and attempt destroy both physical and metaphysical constructs within a contained area of one hundred meters in every direction. In turn, this could result in all sorts of matter and attacks melting/burning from the Iramasha's assaults; even other fire attacks could potentially be devoured by World Fusion Flames.

As, the important thing to remember is this: The World Fusion seeks to bring out the a personified universe of the Iramasha into existence and have their will fully imposed upon the world. What sort of powers and abilities can one come up with in order to bring out this prowess fully? Some try to influence it through weapons, others channel it into energized auras around their body and some even try to create servants or familiars to enforce their will.

No matter the method, it is up to you to determine how your characters World Fusion will unite their subjective universe with the space of existence around them.

Furthermore, like the prior form, The Iramasha will also see augmentations in their overall power. This ranges from speed (physical and metaphysical when it comes to summoning powers/energy), volume of energy, strength and durability. The depth of these augmentations are, however, based on their Aether Control racial skill. Therefore, the skill augmentations will be listed below.

  • Elite: Five times enhancement from their BASE form
  • Master: Seven times enhancement from their BASE form
  • Grand Master: Ten times enhancement from their BASE form

Again, there is no natural time limit for this release form, but Iramasha have noted it is easy to fall back into their base given how simple it is to burn through energy. Therefore, they must be in total control and observe their injuries and energy level. As once either builds up, this form will become difficult to utilize and they'll eventually break down into their base once it becomes low or they become too injured to sustain the form.

IV. Ether Morph: Peak Eclipse

What is Ether Morph Peak Eclipse: Peak Eclipse is the final stage in an Iramasha's release cycle. At this point, they have total and utter control over most of their powers. With it comes a strong sense of fundamental knowledge about how the universe works and an absurd level of power at their disposal. Thus, most Iramasha just refer to this as a mass eruption of energy swelling within them due to how much strength it generates.

Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Aesthetics: This is dependent upon the character at this point. There are some that go further physical transformations, but it isn't the standard. Some don't change at all and simply attain a mass boost in enhancements to their bodies. This is due to the fact that the Peak Eclipse form focuses primarily on making them as strong as possible.

Common Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Perks: For the most part, an Iramasha is free to shape their power within the limits of balance, limitation and reason at this point. This is where they have the utmost of control over their subjective universe and will use it to devastating extents to end a fight or war if possible. The augmentation boost for this form extends up to 17 times from their base form can last until the Iramasha is beaten into their base form, or burns through their energy reserves until they descend back into their former form at half strength.


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