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Thu Feb 27, 2020 1:59 pm

Captain of Naps

Jaeden Crow

It was a rather poor ending he saved a girl, cut a guy's arm off. Showcased some of his speed and likely ended a brilliant mind. All before breakfast came about as Jaeden sat down. His legs in between the bars of a railing as he sat staring outwards. Jaeden's mind was a mystery as he observed the situation. Jaeden had drawn his blade and fought with his friend. So it seemed to be a very promising place to die. He was unlucky, surviving the fight to live another day. Jaeden's gaze looked through the area. Those fallen leaves represented his clan well. They were gone forever and never to return. That was the place they belonged in the grave. Many even his son were gone now. Leaving him the lone survivor of Iriko's matters. Once a Captain and Leader of the Vizard Corps. He left as the Lux Orior was being created. As did many leaders of the Vizard Corps. Feeling they didn't desire to join that place. At least he and Colin didn't.

He mused on his position within this organization. Last time it was the 9th Division which had been consumed. And merely added to the larger status of the Gotei. But it was there he encountered the man Zefonse Kaizame. He still remembered the swordsmanship displayed that day. Remembered coming into contact with his hollow. Before going to the living world as a zero-tolerance was in place. Gotei didn't take Vizards at the time or half-breeds. Jaeden didn't truly have much he did these days. He wielded his Zanpakuto and Hollow with frightening control. Able to showcase skills with both in absolute harmony. But it was work to control and use things like that. Jaeden's return here wasn't full of glee or excitement. More just expecting things to carry on as they were. He was just here to help the youngsters get it. One, in particular, was worrisome she charged at the Doc.

Sighing he rested his head against the railing now. It was nice to be someone not dealing with all the youthful ones. They were draining and relatively stupid sometimes. He didn't realize that guy was the new Combat Captain. Seemed more like a stealthy type. But fighting is fighting no matter how you go about it. Some people swing a sword at your face, other people do it at your back. All in how you consider it.
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