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 Koizumi Midori [Zero Division NPC] [0-5++] [Hazard Rating: A]

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Basic Information

○ Name: Koizumi Midori (古泉 緑)
○ Alias': The Blade Mother.
○ Age: 1052.
○ Gender: Female.
○ Race: Shinigami.

○ Affiliation:
Zero Division. Former member of the Onmitsukido.

○ Alignment: True Neutral.
○ Marital Status: Complicated.
○ Nationality: Soul King's Palace.
○ Sexual Orientation: Complicated.

○ Height: 6'1".
○ Weight: What a rude thing to ask.
○ Hair Colour: Dark purple.
○ Eye Colour: Gold.

Koizumi Midori [Zero Division NPC] [0-5++] [Hazard Rating: A] ESmBVkL

Psychological Analysis
Midori is a difficult woman to describe in clear terms, and a large part of this comes from how closed off she tends to be in her day to day operations. Her professional life is one of rigidity and perfectionism, and she is a woman who in many ways simply does not seem to have time for anything other than her work. During her time in the Onmitsukido, she was seen as something of a coldblooded killer, someone who did nothing more than her assigned task to the absolute best of her ability, and cared for nothing beyond that.

While it is very true that she is extremely focused on her work, it would be flatly false to say that she cares for nothing else. Midori makes friends, if with some difficulty due to her history, and she loves her husband and her daughter deeply. Indeed, she is often called one of the most friendly people in the Zero Division, and she is somewhat famous in the Soul King's Palace for the lavish dinners she will invite nearly anyone to. While these do not often have many attendees, whether because of apathy, disgust toward her past, or simply being preoccupied, this does not faze Midori in the slightest, and she still spends as much of her time as she can in the pursuit of these friendships. Why? Ah, now you have asked the more pressing question...

Midori is, in no uncertain terms, with no possible manner of misinterpretation, a narcissist. She loves herself quite dearly, in a manner that cannot be called healthy. She is, however, only somewhat accepting of this title. She understands it to be true by all objective measure, else she would not love her husband as dearly as she does, but she believes that the love she feels for her daughter, and for the family from which she was exiled, more than make up for this failing on her part. To that end, her need for the acceptance of others, and her consistent push to show friendship and compassion to others, are simply her way of assuring herself that she is a good person, that she is not simply self-absorbed. Whether she is right or not remains to be seen.


Born the second daughter of the Koizumi family's prior head, Midori was never a child especially destined for greatness. A rigid and unflexible family, the Koizumi were not known for offering much of anything to any child other than the eldest, and things would be no different for Midori when held against her elder sister, Shishiyuki. While many children of the family would nevertheless push themselves to be the best that they possibly could at all of the Koizmumi family's traditional arts, and to commit themselves to the family name, Midori took an extremely different approach, one which assuredly played no small part in her eventual exile. Rather than pursuing what would be seen as a traditional path, one of the Koizumi family's martial arts and historical knowledge, Midori solely focused herself on study of the sword from the moment she was old enough to do so. It was a weapon the Koizumi cared little for, and few used, but Midori knew well the meaning of symbolism. The Koizumi cared only for one sword- their ancestral zanpakuto. By mastering swordplay, Midori made her true ambitions clear as crystal to the ever-observant family, and while her pursuits were always recognized as a challenge, none could ever truly call this claim against her.

Despite her rebellious aims, however, Midori and Shishiyuki rarely, if ever, truly came into conflict with one another. Midori was often to the point, calculating in her approaches, and generally spoke her mind without much regard for the feelings of others, though she of course had tact simply from her upbringing as a noblewoman. By contrast, Shishiyuki was affectionate in spades, a kind soul who always considered the impact her words might have on the emotions of others. The two could not have been more different in their interests, their temperaments, or in many other ways, but rather than coming into conflict, the sisters balanced each other, tempering the other's weaknesses and making up for their failings. It was because of this that, many assumed, Midori would simply become Shishiyuki's right hand when she became of age.

When the clock struck midnight on the eve of her 18th birthday, Midori left the Koizumi estate without informing anyone, taking only the seal carrying her name (and, by extension, the proof of her lineage) and enrolled into the Shin'o Academy. It was another action that few among the Koizumi could call wrongdoing, for after all, what was wrong with joining the forces of the shinigami, who protected the Noble Families and maintained the Soul Cycle? Yet the manner in which she had gone about it was insulting, to put things most lightly. Everyone had expected her to serve the Koizumi unilaterally, and her close bond with Shishiyuki had always indicated that she would do so. But Midori had ambitions which she would not let go to waste, and she knew fully that both her pursuit of swordplay, and the aim to one day wield the Koizumi family zanpakuto, could never be realized if she became complacent in that place. To know the sword as completely as possible was her only recourse, and she knew that the study of zanpakuto could only come if she followed the life of a shinigami.

Her time in the Academy was, frankly, easier than most. Not only was she simply well-versed in arts of speed and combat because of her upbringing in a Great Noble House, but that very same pedigree prevented many of the faculty of the era from pressing her as harshly as they might have other students. Yet, despite her curriculum being generally easier than most, it can be said with great certainty that Midori would nevertheless have passed her courses with ease even if put through the most rigorous of examinations. In the fields of zanjutsu and hoho, she was nothing short of a natural, the sort of talent one found perhaps once in a generation among a family as large as the Koizumi. The degree of familiarity she found with any sword in her hands, and the manner in which footwork and the steps of shunpo came to her seemed as if she had studied them, if not personally, from scholarly texts. Even if she did not master these arts the moment she learned them, it was clear that she developed an intellectual understanding of the techniques extremely rapidly. Hakuda and kido were less natural for her, but in many ways her understanding was still thoroughly ahead of the average student of Shin'o. In all of the shinigami arts, Midori found a singular through line, something she considered absolutely crucial, and something she kept solely to herself, both for fear others might match her and for fear they might tell her she was wrong: Flow.

Whether it be the flow of spiritual energy, of one's body or one's blade, Midori simply saw what was always to be the most natural course something should take. It was almost akin to a sixth sense, but there was nothing genuinely spiritual about it, for she did not truly see the spiritual particles move or gain any sort of extrasensory knowledge of her musculature. It was nothing more than instinctive knowledge, a primal grasp of kinesthetics, and yet it served her unfathomably well in her studies. She was not the greatest student the Academy had ever seen, but within two years she had completed all of her required courses. She could have simply left then and there, been assigned to a squad and given her assignments, but she desired more. Taking three additional years, Midori proceeded to pursue every elective course within Shin'o Academy's curriculum, if not with the same extreme mastery and speed with which she had demonstrated in the fundamental courses. This knowledge, she felt, was absolutely vital, for if the knowledge was being given away freely, then did it not make sense for her to pursue it? She may have run away from her home, but the Koizumi blood still shined through in moments such as these. When all was said and done, Midori graduated one year early, and to this day she states that it took five years for her to graduate.

What she did not expect during this time,, however, was that the call of her zanpakuto would come as an actual challenge. She had anticipated that he would be wise, offer her advice on what best to do in order to improve herself as a shinigami, but when she first spoke to him she heard only a single sentence before being unceremoniously left to her own thoughts:

"My my, you're lovely."

This bothered Midori, more than just a touch. Was the zanpakuto not supposed to be a reflection of oneself? What was hers doing simply offering pithy remarks and disappearing into the void? Had she receieved some sort of amateur zanpakuto, one who lacked understanding of his own role? Midori, in fact, asked these exact questions to her former teachers at the academy, hoping they might offer some form of insight, but ultimately they could not tell her much other than that zanpakuto are unique, and tend to operate by their own rules and methods. Given the difficulty of communicating with her blade, Midori decided she would not, for now, pursue any further talks with it. She would simply use it as an unnamed sword, until such time as he was more amenable to actual conversation.

After her graduation, Midori was given her choice of nearly any squad in any branch of Soul Society's military, given her exceptional understanding of the shinigami arts. While she did take some time to consider every option carefully, Midori ultimately chose to pursue a career with the First Branch of the Onmitsukido, the Executive Militia. This was seen by many as an odd choice, as her peers had generally assumed she would either join the Gotei's 1st Squad for a potential future among the command, or the 11th to hone her combative skills. But the precision of a subtle approach called to Midori in a way few others could, and she knew that such a job would demand of her absolute perfection.

Midori's time among the Onmitsukido was what many would call exceptional, and those who worked with her at the time would know that she was nothing short of a model member of the organization. One might take a look at any number of the operations upon which she embarked during this time and see a woman who achieved stunning heights of competency and effectiveness, but alas, all record of her work has been so heavily redacted as to lack any meaningful detail. Nevertheless, because of the nature of the Executive Militia and the Onmitsukido, along with her own rapid development in ability during this time, it can be said with no small amount of uncertainty that the woman was an exceptional operative. She might well have had a future as a Captain, but she had long since abandoned any pretenses of desiring that sort of glory. What Midori wanted was only perfection of her craft, to be the best in her pursuits. Perhaps she might have been, had it not been for the naggling of her zanpakuto, and her own moment of weakness.

You see, while Midori had long since given up on the usage of her zanpakuto, the zanpakuto had very much not given up on being used. Indeed, nearly any time that the woman would take even a brief rest, his voice would become almost incessant, pressing her to try and speak with him once more and to learn his name. She did not care for a long while, but ultimately the zanpakuto wore her down, quite honestly through little more than his own persistence. Perhaps Midori would like to say that he took advantage of some singular character flaw that even she was not aware of (and in some senses, this may be true), but by and large it was no more than the fact that Midori did not wish to hear his nagging any longer.

So the two spoke, and she found him...charming. Irritating, to be sure, but still generally agreeable. Perhaps most confusing, irritating, and generally baffling to the woman was that, as their first conversation came to a close, the zanpakuto simply told her his name without any further effort. It was not as if she had even asked him, he simply laid it out for her and disappeared once more. Was she being had? Was this all an elaborate ruse? She had thought that perhaps he was mocking her, telling her a lie, but when Midori called out the name Hakusenkō, her blade indeed released its true form. What she had not been ready for was the change to her own body, the extreme speed she had suddenly been subjected to, and she thought to herself that perhaps this zanpakuto of hers would need to have a closer eye kept on it. Ah, but if only she had known that such a realization was exactly what Hakusenkō wanted from her.

On every future assignment she was given, Midori spoke at length with her zanpakuto, in no small part to simply prevent him from acting out of line. But, all the while, she found herself growing close to him. Rarely was a mission for the Executive Militia something she undertook with allies, and so, as the saying goes, "love bloomed on the battlefield." She denied this for a great many years, refusing to admit to something that was all too plain to see for Hakusenkō. After all, he was but a reflection of herself, part of her own soul in some sense, and so he knew quite clearly how the woman felt. But Midori would not accept such a thing.

A singular moment of weakness. That was what it had been when Hakusenkō finally broke through her barriers, when Midori allowed him to make advances that should not have been welcome. Yet, the two had spent months, if not years, alone in the field together. She was, despite herself, rather lonely. She had no family, no friends, only the company of her blade, and Hakusenkō was all too aware of this fact. She simply lacked the resolve to deny him, and that night she felt, for the first time in her life, that she had finally accomplished something which did not need further perfection, any honing beyond its current state. She was content with it. She was content with him.

Please click this to read about the consequences of Midori's actions.

Having been sent to the Zero Division due to her discovery of what was, strictly speaking, an alternative method of creating a zanpakuto, Midori now spends the vast majority of her time simply working once more to improve herself. Yet, these improvements are far different from those she sought in her youth. She certainly still seeks to become ever greater with the sword, to better her understanding of zanjutsu. Yet, with time, and with interaction with her fellow social outcasts of the Zero Division, Midori has found herself in a place where she can only reflect upon who she is. She has long since come to terms with her nature as a narcissist, and she bears that title not with pride, but with an adamant acceptance of it. She would not deny her love for Hakusenkō, but she denies fully that it precludes her from loving any others. Though she has not spoken with her own sister in many centuries now, she still wonders if she is doing well. While she does not speak with her daughter, she receives updates on her well-being through Hakusenkō regularly, and worries after her often. Above all, however, she has simply worked to become perfect outside of simply being a shinigami. Even if impossible, she strives to become perfect as a person, as a mother.


Flow: Not a power so much as a state of mind, Midori has an exceptional understanding of momentum and movement, not only on the scale of her own body, but in nearly all things. It is almost trivial for her to determine something as grand in scope as how the course of a river might change from a singular outside stimulus, just as she has no effort in discerning exactly how far a swordsman's blade will move with its current speed and rate of deceleration. This knowledge applies to nearly all things, and her ability to notice these patterns is so effortless that it happens entirely unconsciously, without her needing to spend any serious consideration on the matter.

Exceptional Physique: Having trained herself for nearly a millennium solely for the purpose of mastering swordplay, it can be said with no exaggeration that Midori is one of the most exceptionally well-trained people to ever live in the Soul Society. Her body is a tool refined for combat, and her stamina and strength are both certainly well beyond the average person's. While she is by no means one of the strongest women alive, and certainly not one of the toughest, she is more than capable of holding her own against all but the most extreme of physical masters.

Peerless Zanjutsu: While Midori has long since ceased to be the sort of person who tests her merit by measuring herself compared to others, it is quite possible that, were she to do so, she would find she was one of the greatest masters of zanjutsu in all of the Zero Division, certainly not to the same degree as Oetsu Nimaiya, but close enough to be within the same general realm. Her knowledge of the zanpakuto specifically is so extreme that it forms the basis of who she is as a person, and has manifested itself as the expression of her Shikokai. While she is not a user of Shunko, she has joked once, long ago in her life, that her devotion to zanjutsu is so total that her element may well be "zanpakuto." It was not a good joke.

Kido: Unlike a great many swordsmen and other martial combatants within the Soul Society, Midori does not see Kido as simply an additional tool in her skillset to be applied to her overall form. Rather, she understands quite deeply that kido is an extremely complex art that would likely require another 1000 years for her to understand as deeply as she understands zanjutsu, and as such she believes that it should not be simply used for the sake of enhancing her skill with the blade. As such, while she is of course capable of enhancement kido, Midori is extremely talented in all forms of Kido, and indeed could likely hold her own against the vast majority of people solely through its use.

Saisenkō (最戦叫, "Cutting Edge War Cry"): A technique created by Erenyata Nobumitsuki, one of Midori's fellow members of Zero Division, it was taught to her (along with several other members of the divison) due to her more than suitable knowledge of kido, as well as because of their similar masteries of the zanpakuto's most advanced workings. By using one's mastery of kido to focus their energy onto their zanpakuto, the user of saisenkō can add an unfathomable degree of both versatility and raw power to their blade. The downside of this is rather extreme, requiring one have an exceptional level of skill in both zanjutsu and kido to even understand the principles behind it, as well as an exceptionally high level of focus in order to keep the energy from losing its form and simply exploding outward, or crushing one's zanpakuto. Midori's mastery of tо̄shindai helps her to a rather extreme degree in this respect, however, as the sensory knowledge she gains through her blade makes the practice of saisenkō, at least for her, feel entirely natural, rather than as an externalized power. Finally, the use of kido is functionally impossible within saisenkō, at least for Midori, as the degree of mastery required to cast while also maintaining this energy is above her own skill level. Midori's saisenkō lasts for 1 post per skill level above Beginner in Zanjutsu and Kido.

Midori's saisenkō externalizes itself through the element of water, though it should be noted that one's element when using saisenkō is a matter of choice and mastery rather than as an innate element built upon reiatsu. Midori has honed herself toward water exclusively, for it matches the most with her basic principles of flow in the self and on the battlefield. When using saisenkō, the energy coursing over Midori's blade moves at such speed as to cut through any mundane materials with zero effort, and even the typical spiritual defense such as a low-level Hierro will offer little resistance. However, this cutting power is only one fragment of what Midori's saisenkō offers, for what she considers far more useful is the extreme range she is capable of achieving through this technique. With any swing of her blade, Midori may release all of the energy currently accumulated around it into an arc, which flies forward at speeds easily on par with an above-average shunpo. Those struck by it will find that this attack carries with it much the same destructive force as any other attack made by her. This ability may be used only once per post, though Midori may reduce the duration of saisenkō by 1 post in order to use it again. There is no upper limit to how many times in one post she may do this, other than the remaining posts she still has within saisenkō.

Hoho: While her zanpakuto is one which drastically assists in Midori's ability to move quickly about the battlefield, it should never be said that her own talent for it is lacking. Her time within the Onmitsukido demanded extreme mastery of speed and stealth, and of course her endless efforts to impress her zanpakuto required much the same. She is not the fastest woman in Soul Society, or likely even the fastest in Zero Division, not by any stretch of the imagination, but anyone who wishes to match her pace would require quite a high level of skill.

Hakuda: Of the four shinigami arts, this is the one where Midori might be called "lacking," though by all means she is still well above the typical shinigami in her mastery. She is fully capable of many of the more advanced techniques of the shinigami martial arts, and has an exceptionally wide understanding of how she may manipulate her body's natural energies courtesy of her overarching knowledge of flow. However, her actual physical technique pales in comparison to true specialists in the art, as all of her genuine martial focus lies solely in swordplay.

Tо̄shindai (刀心体, “sword in mind and body”): Invented by Midori almost as a secondary effect of her love for Hakusenkō, tо̄shindai is a technique which, in many ways, shares the same basic principles as the far more illustrious (and far more powerful) shikōkai, wherein one focuses on becoming as close to their zanpakuto as possible. The key difference between them is that while shikōkai is about genuinely becoming one with your zanpakuto spirit, as well as requiring a huge amount of power and gaining a lot of power in turn from achieving it, tо̄shindai is only about getting on the same wavelength, so to speak, as your zanpakuto, striking a balance and bridging the mental gap between the two. While Midori achieved this due to her romantic relationship with Kagayaku, and her daughter Murasaki was able to due to her zanpakuto heritage, it would be entirely possible for anyone with a zanpakuto to learn this technique, though it would obviously require far more effort.

What exactly does tо̄shindai do, however? Simply put, if one were to compare the standard effortlessness of using a zanpakuto normally to using one with tо̄shindai, it would be like comparing swinging a blade underwater to using it on dry land. A person who has learned tо̄shindai has bridged the mental and spiritual gap between themselves and their zanpakuto, which elevates its usage from merely effortless to outright instinctive, as natural as breathing and as unconscious as the beating of one's heart. Upon achieving tо̄shindai, a person is able to feel and see through their zanpakuto, as well as speak with it, at any distance or even across realms. A practitioner of tо̄shindai is still fully capable of achieving any release, and though they may have a slightly easier time of discovering these releases upon reaching the proper level of power, tо̄shindai is not a shortcut to reaching that level in the first place.

Once a person has learned tо̄shindai, it will generally stay active forever, unless one actively chooses to end it or their spiritual status is drastically altered, such as by Hollowfication or outside effects. If this happens, the former tо̄shindai practitioner will find the simple act of using their zanpakuto to feel sluggish, almost alien, and while they are technically no less competent than they were before they learned tо̄shindai, the sudden relative disconnect from their zanpakuto will require several weeks of reacclimation.


Zanpakuto Name: Hakusenkō (白閃光, "White Glint")

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: Hakusenkō appears as a young, handsome man, sporting exceptionally long black hair that typically covers one of his piercing yellow eyes. He ears what one might call the antithesis of a proper warrior's clothes, seeming to have just tossed a blue coat on in lieu of a shirt, accompanied by a pair of plain white pants and well-worn brown boots, with a length of red cloth being used as an impromptu belt. His stance suggests quite the devil-may-care attitude, which is only further reinforced by his constant smirk.

Zanpakuto Sealed Power: Hakusenkō is a zanpakuto defined by speed, and even when sealed this is abundantly clear. Simply by having Hakusenkō on her person, Midori is able to perform a unique variation on shunpo, which is fundamentally identical and is only differentiated by a flash of light upon activation, as well as by its exclusive use of Hakusenkō's reiatsu to power it rather than Midori's.


Shikai Release Phrase: "Flash, Hakusenkō."

Shikai Abilities: When Hakusenkō is released, Midori becomes unbelievably fast, even passively so and when not engaged in what would call “movement.” Put simply, every facet of Midori's speed is multiplied massively, from her basic senses to her actual bodily motions. Her reaction time becomes inhuman, her heart beats far faster than any heart should, and her movement itself is like lightning. When in shikai, Midori can move quickly enough in a small area, roughly 60', to effectively exist in 10 places at once. While this seems to function as though she creates clones or afterimages, all 10 of these are in fact the same Midori, and anyone with a speed of Master or higher is able to see through this illusion and discern her genuine position at any given moment.


Bankai Name: Hakusenkō Jitsumyōbai (白閃光 日明唄, "White Glint - Ballad of the Sun's Elucidation")

Bankai Appearance: While within Hakusenkō Jitsumyōbai, the actual blade of Hakusenkō does not change. However, it vibrates at such a frequency that, to the average onlooker, the sword is entirely invisible.

Bankai Abilities: By tapping the side of Hakusenkō's blade, the whole of the zanpakuto begins to vibrate at speeds which are most decidedly not achieved through Midori's own hand. The first thing that this achieves is that, rather obviously, the blade of Hakusenkō becomes infinitely more difficult to track in its movements, not only because it is nearly impossible to see, but because the motion is so extreme that the air around the blade becomes warped and distorted by the heat produced from the movement through the air. An opponent whose Speed, Zanjutsu, Focus, and Martial Skill are all below Midori's would have minimal chance at being able to follow the path of the blade unless they possessed some form of ability which allowed one to predict attacks. Those close to Midori, at her level, or above her in any of these categories would be less impacted by this technique, as they would be able to better adapt to the speed, or simply able to follow the blade's vibrations. Anyone who is above Midori in two or more of these categories would have such a mastery that this particular aspect of the Bankai would border on being a non-issue. This is, however, only one aspect of the release.

The heat produced by the blade's vibration, and the motion of the blade itself, increase the danger brought on by Midori's strikes to a rather extreme degree. The heat alone is enough to rip through all but the hardest of metals with ease, and when taken atop the blade's vibrating blade, it is no exaggeration to say that only the hardest of materials (or those individuals whose bodies resemble such materials) would be able to completely ignore this damage. Materials and abilities specifically made to resist cutting or heat will naturally work entirely well against this aspect of the Bankai as well.

The final ability of this Bankai's release is the low, almost otherworldly humming noise that fills the area when the release is active. The vibration produced by Hakusenkō Jitsumyōbai is to such a degree that, not only does the noise echo through the air, but through the spiritual particles in the area as well, making it far more overwhelming than a simple sound as the air and the reishi in the area both begin to vibrate at the same awful frequency. Those of a weaker disposition or a low level of will might find the noise so appalling that it makes them simply collapse outright, vomiting from the nausea as the noise echoes through not only their body, but their very soul as well. Those who are tougher in body, or in spirit, will find that the noise is still quite awful to hear, but will likely be able to shrug off the majority of its effects. Naturally, the most extremely resilient, whether in body or in mind, will find this noise an annoyance at best. It should be noted that, because this sound is not only a matter of sound, but of the actual vibration of particles, that simply being deaf does not make one immune to this Bankai's power.


Shikokai Name: Rokusenkō (緑閃光, "Green Glint")

Shikokai Ability: Unlike the vast majority of shikokai, Midori's ultimate release is not a temporary achievement, not some grandiose and perfect form which grants her immense power for a brief moment. Midori's shikokai is in a state of constant release, and while her physical capabilities are beyond extreme due to the sheer gulf of spiritual energy this provides her, the power she gains is paltry when compared to more traditional shikokai. The actual effect of the shikokai, similarly, is exceptionally mundane when measured against some of the unfathomably devastating techniques held by other releases of this caliber. Midori has, put simply, completely removed the barrier between the self and the zanpakuto, and as such does not require the usage of her physical zanpakuto in order to make use of any of its abilities. She may replicate her Sealed Abilities, Shikai, Bankai, and any of her known Zanjutsu techniques so long as she has a sword in her hand.


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Elite
  • Martial Skill: Master

Shinigami Skills
  • Zanjutsu: Grand Master
  • Hoho: Elite
  • Hakuda: Advanced
  • Kido: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Elite


This NPC is being made with a threefold purpose in mind. The first is an entirely personal one, that I have simply always felt as though Murasaki's mother has played far too relevant a role in her history for me to let her be consigned entirely to offhanded mentions, almost exclusively in an OoC capacity no less. The second is that I believe her role in the history of Soul Society, with particular regard to her connection to the Great Noble Families and to the fleshing out of the Zero Division, is notable enough that it would be worth having her catalogued for others to see, whether this be simply for lore reasons or so that other players may be more aware of her existence, particularly if they are someone who might have reasonably known her. The third is that I believe, with the death of Yushiro Shihoin and the return of Hakuyo Shiba, she would have notable character reason to at least briefly leave the Soul King's palace, and by extension to offer plot to any characters who might have reason to meet with her during this period of leave.

Additionally, while her mastery of the Shinigami arts and general extreme level of power and skill are quite high, I believe they are not only justified, but actively kept in check by her position within the Zero Division. Not only does this position demand one be of extreme power, but it puts the character into a position where their sole duty is to act in the event that the Soul King is directly threatened. As this is not the case, there will be no circumstance in which Midori is used in any event capacity. Her combat ability will be applied only in the event that she chooses to teach anyone, and this will require both IC reasoning and the approval of staff so as to keep her lessons from becoming a shortcut to growth.

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Application Checklist
  • Name [-]
  • Appropriate Age [-]
  • Gender [-]
  • Appearance Present [-]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [-]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [-]
  • 10 sentences for personality [-]
  • History is of appropriate length [-]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [-]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [-]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [-]
  • Skills are not filled in[-]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [-]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [-]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Advance
  • Focus: Elite

Hazard Rankings
  • Power: S
  • Influence: A
  • Resources: A


There's definitely some things I need explain before dropping this approval. Due to the nature of the character having extremely complex relationships in the nature of their existance; I've decided to give them A influence. Being a long term member of zero division would mean reasonably they have an almost cordial relation with all the other members, members which are some of the strongest being in soul society. Due to the nature of their relationship with their Zanpakatou and the prejudice they may face from Gotei proper I've also decided to not make it S ranked. Factoring in their noble lineage, I think A fits the bill. As for resources, being a member of zero division I'd say warrants A resources at the minimum, considering they have access to thinks like Oken clothing or whatever crazy shit they may up there.

We do not, give Grand Masters or Masters on approval for player characters. But considering the nature of being an NPC I do not think this rule applies. Much depth has been expanded upon for this character, and I feel comfortable throwing an approval of a Grand Master in Zanjutsu, Master Speed, and Master Weapon Skill. The nature of their Shikokai makes this viable, and this character will not be getting upgrades therefor I am approving them at this near pinnacle of power to reflect the nature of a zero division NPC/Character.

Tier: 0-5++
Hazard Rating: A

Koizumi Midori [Zero Division NPC] [0-5++] [Hazard Rating: A] JfH75kA
Koizumi Midori [Zero Division NPC] [0-5++] [Hazard Rating: A] H8Tyk70
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Koizumi Midori [Zero Division NPC] [0-5++] [Hazard Rating: A]
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