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 Celeste Eldoris [Iramasha; APPROVED 4-1]

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Coding In Template By:


Iramasha Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Celeste Eldoris
» Titles: (Do they have any sort of title? Perhaps nicknames or titles they’ve earned)
» Iramasha Age: About 2,600 Years
» Regular Age: 26
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Currently on a temporary leave from active service in the Iramasha Union

» Physical Appearance Description:

Celeste is a woman of average height, standing at a solid 5’4, bearing a typical build for a woman of her stature, being a bit thick around the thighs but nonetheless on the skinnier side. Her hair is a reddish brown, often chopped to her shoulders and sometimes kept pinned by all matter of sea-themed clips and ties in the many styles she pleases, even just letting it loose. Her eyes are a deep sea green, seeming to fluctuate in color intensity depending on her lighting, often being the palest of turquoise in broad sunlight. Though she bears a small frame, she by no means is weak or feeble, frequent swimming and training leading to her having some muscle tones to her body. Her skin is fair from living a lot of early life deep within the sea, and is often one to tan easily.

A defining outfit for her is likely her fur coat, which greatly resembles a skinned seal, unnervingly so, even down to a light coating of light grey fur, covered in dark spotting, most notably upon the back and “tail” where they get their darkest and most close together, the coat itself very warm to the touch, as if it were still alive. Though this coat doesn’t completely cover her body, tied together at the neck by the fin-like sleeves, she remedies the possible nudity issue often by wearing thin clothing underneath, and long gloves to cover her hands as her skin is easy to tan. She absolutely refuses to wear anything thicker than such a thing while on land, and even more so refuses to part with this coat, regardless of how thick and odd it looks.

Only when she hits the waves does this coat make any sense to remain on her body; once she is wet, the coat partially fuses with her, turning her legs into a mermaid-like tail, though it greatly resembles a seal’s with some fish-like elements, bearing almost decorative fins and a rather colorful, lacey tail. Spots and markings coat her body, most notably gaining freckle-like spots around her eyes.

» Physical Appearance Image:

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Carefree and Relaxed:

On the surface, Celeste is a pretty cool person, in temperment at least. She isn’t one to be explosive or overly excited typically, such things being uncommon in the Iramasha. She always speaks calmly and seems almost too relaxed in most moments, also tending to be the one to keep a cool head in more dire situations. She doesn’t often stress about many things, however in turn this leads her to sounding very unempathetic towards other’s stresses about things she personally wouldn’t care about or would treat with a more level-headed, being confused at first towards their distress. This isn’t to say she’s entirely oblivious towards other’s struggles, but she does have a hard time giving things like advice or help due to being more about taking care of herself first, before others. She does, however, know how have fun and have fun with other people, along with showing others how to just, relax if they need it.

Terrible Sense of Humor:

Though it’s become more subdued over time, Celeste in her early years presented herself as possessing a prankster persona, being a lover of well.. Pranks and jokes. The thing is that they’re typically really really terrible jokes, not in the sense that they’re bad or harmful, more in the sense they’d come across as cheesy or novelty. She loves all manner of terrible jokes, and is often one to gift people with silly stuff in some attempt to get her to laugh with her. There isn’t too much of a deep sense to make others laugh, but merely being a passive hobby for her to enjoy, even if people don’t feel the same.


Chill and relaxed doesn’t mean polite for this woman in the slightest! Though she knows to gauge her tone, she always has some hints of sarcasm when things like the obvious are stated, or she’s up to mess with someone. She typically means her sarcasm jovially 90% of the time, only that 10% when a person has earned her anger or annoyance does it gain some snarkiness to her tone. So in the typical sense, her sarcastic behavior means she just cares, even if she doesn’t always sound the nicest.


She doesn’t exhibit curiosity in any intrusive or hyperactive way, more in the sense of she’s one to pry and stick her nose in places she typically wouldn’t be allowed in. Celeste knows her place when it comes to space and secrets, but she knows when to pry and how hard to pry when she’s presented with someone to gain her attention. She doesn’t like it when people hide things that are important from her, and isn’t interested in secrets the moment she suspects said secret could potentially be harmful, be it to the individual or others. However, she doesn’t do that unless she has known the person, minding her own business when it comes to complete strangers.

High Tolerance and Patience (For people):

Due to her experiences, Celeste is a very patient person when it comes to other people. While she may not be the best helper (As in, saving people) healer, she does know how to handle irritants and bumps in the road calmly. She by no means is vindictive or malicious towards others unless they have done something egregious enough to earn that, and you’d basically have to do a ton of really fucked up things with no remorse for your actions to get on a bad page with her. She isn’t one to question odd behavior or decisions, often just trying to be the one to help out in guidance with what she’s learned.

On The Scrappy Side:

Just because she’d rather not get all huffed and puffed about things doesn’t mean Celeste isn’t willing to put up a fight when she deems it necessary. Often times when life beats on her, she isn’t interested in letting it wash her down. It took a lot of fight for her to be able to get to this point in her life, and that determination hasn’t burned out yet. She is very selective on what battles to fight and what to just leave alone, but when she has something battering her, be it mental or physical, she fights right on back.

A Creative Type:

Celeste has a certain aptitude for creativity. She loves the arts and kind of has a different way of doing things because of that, even down to how she uses her abilities at times. She is a big, big lover of music, having learned several instruments and even possesses a lovely (and atmospheric) singing voice. If it weren’t for her primary residence being underwater, she’d be more on top of doing things like painting and art.

Depression And Grief:

Even though she’s been excellently been managing her symptoms, Celeste suffers from low days and general symptoms of depression. She’s had many people in her life come, stay, and pass away, especially during the war, and she has had a terribly hard time forgetting them. She turns mostly to drinking during her shittier moods, but typically doesn’t do this kind of behavior in front of other people, not that she has something against depressed people or getting help, but that she herself doesn’t want to show people that she has those kinds of low feelings. She doesn’t feel like anyone should have to waste time trying to help her on something she feels like she has managed.

I. Character History

» History

At first, there was pure silence, then suddenly…


A little being would float within one of the deepest depths of the Galene Sea within the Iramasha Realm, just born, just experiencing sensation. The progenitor of the child was a powerful Iramasha of the sea, who had perished and successfully reincarnated, but had given notice to their dear friend and comrade, that if she were to not return within a week, to search for them within the depths of the sea.

Several days, the young Iramasha, unaware of her previous incarnation’s fate, played upon the sea shelf she was born just above, giving all manner of mythical creature dwelling upon it a hard time, as any small ankle-biting child would in a bid for attention. Yanking tails, pushing rocks, stirring the waters to mess with smaller fish, the like. Even when her previous life’s comrade had come, a young looking man named Markus riding atop a Hippocampus, she was caught goofing around, having tied some poor fat fish up with seaweed and rocks who was too unfortunately slow to swim away from the Iramasha’s grasp. It took about three hours and the promise of really good food to even convince the little one to come with him. He had come to realize after some time that she wasn’t able to talk, despite being such a boisterous child, unsure of what to do with such a development.

Celeste had proven to be quite a hellion at her new home for the first few months, living within an underwater village within the same sea she was reborn in. Often causing trouble, messing with animals and other people when she was bored (Thankfully any and all of her actions were relatively harmless, more an irritant), defying instructions and authority, and very often being an annoyance to her village with her terrible pranks. Celeste was by no means a bad kid, just a high energy one in what she felt was a boring setting. Markus constantly had to chastise and discipline her, but always looked like such a thing was awkward to him.

She began mellowing out with age, though she still stood on the idea that where she was felt boring and plain to her. Instead of running about and causing trouble at the volume she did in her younger years, she began practicing what looked to be her ability to push and pull the waters, but doing so from underwater was just… Boring. It was just ocean currents, who cares? She wanted to see what it would be like from the surface! However, one day when she was swimming up to see it, Markus caught her, swiftly dragging her back down and telling her to not go up there. He would never say why, the only hint towards anything being a sad look to him. She couldn’t ask, but she knew she couldn’t get an answer.

Unsatisfied, and more curious of the surface than ever, Celeste snuck out when she was certain Markus had fallen asleep, swimming the long way up to the surface, using her grip on the water to only push herself up faster, and faster, until she breached from the calm sea. Splashing back down, she was amazed by the appearance of the night sky, seeing many strange creatures flying overhead. Despite seeing such a sight, she couldn’t voice her ecstatic mood, which really wasn’t a big loss. Instead, the water did that for her, a sudden pillar of water rising from the sea, as if a cylinder had been cut out of it.

Celeste would often poke out of the water every time Markus was asleep, goofing around with her abilities, making shapes out of water float above, and generally having a good time toying with her power. To the misfortune of many who decided to be on a boat the nights the young Iramasha decided to play, the occupants of vessels would have quite the rain as she often would play her pranks on surface dwellers. A spritz here, a rather mean wave there, all in good fun it was to the mischievous one.

She persisted in this weekly to monthly trip to the surface in the middle of the night, until one night she was suddenly grabbed and yanked right back under the water. Markus had caught her in the act after some time of suspecting her, pulling the young one back underneath to their home. Being mute but still trying her typical ritual of attempting to speak, she just wanted to know why, why the heck he wouldn’t just let her do something outside of the water for once! However.. In the progress of going home, a net suddenly swept, capturing them in a very jarring fashion. Markus tried to cut the net, but whatever material it was made of was just too hard to cut so easily, especially since they kept getting tied more and more up in the webbing that was such a trap. Celeste tried pushing and pulling the ocean, but, due to her inexperience and inability to really get a grasp on where they were, it did little else than toss their trap gently to and fro.

Soon, the familiar sensation of water would leave them as they were dragged across the dirt, Markus fervently trying and trying to cut them out with one of his knives, but to no avail. Soon, he was choked up in tears, hugging the child, muttering apologies upon apologies. Celeste was scared, both by the situation they were in, Markus’ reaction, and the fact that her tail was beginning to feel weird and dry.

They were soon let out from their cocoon of nets, by a face Celeste would come to never forget, as Markus was soon stabbed. This violent, almost insane sounding stranger screamed at him to let her go, to let.. Someone who Celeste never even heard of, go. Markus refused, shielding her with his body, as the stranger only continued to stab him and stab him, screaming something about injustice and his people. It was nothing Celeste understood, but Markus soon forced himself to his feet, despite their assailant’s attempts to stop him. He was weaker, but did everything to keep him from getting away from her, soon lashings of fire caught the fearful Celeste’s eye, whimpers coming from her as she felt the occasional strike of flames herself, Markus uttering pained apologies as he edged closer and closer to what looked to lead out into the outside.

This memory was foggy for the Iramasha, all she really could remember past a certain point were flames, burns, being thrown, and Markus’ final words for her to run. Within that moment, she spoke for the first time, yelling out for him as she moved. She didn’t really understand the concept of “running”, but it seemed her newly formed legs caught up to speed on the idea, almost on autopilot as she ran, and ran. Too many things were happening at once for her mind to cope..

She had ended up passed out underneath a tree, awakening the next morning. She had no time to savor the new world she was within, the Iramasha shivering and moving to get back up on the strange appendages called.. Feet. She admired the way her tail had transformed, touching the coat upon her body that had separated upon her departure from the sea. However, due to having a lack of adrenaline to guide her, walking was a bit awkward of an action, the being of the sea often stumbling and fumbling, calling out the first name she ever uttered. Markus here, Markus there, calling for him, running closer and closer to the cove which they were dragged the previous night.

Soon, she found herself in a cave, covered in ashes… And at the center… Was a charred corpse. It looked like a fight went off in the cavern, cracks along the walls, the floor disheveled. Celeste did not have even a full minute to process the scene before her, before she was suddenly grabbed from behind, her smaller form held hostage in the maniac’s grasp, his laughter echoing off the sides of the cave, rambling that he finally had her, finally. She felt fingers tightly grasp her thigh, the sensation of burning, his promising that her death would be long and painful for what she had done. Celeste was screaming and trying to fight him away, the only thing saving her was biting the strange madman’s hand, covering her mouth. The lapse in his grasp was just enough for her to kick and break free, running out of the cavern and towards the beach, trying to get back to the water as soon as possible. However, he was catching up to her just as easily, yet the moment he managed to grab her shoulder, she let out a piercing scream, the waters rushing forth towards them, knocking her assailant away and safely bringing her back into the water, in which she swam, and swam.

That monster killed the only caretaker she had, the man she loved, and in turn tried to kill her, branding her with a scar in the process. She feared him, she wanted to retaliate, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to do anything against him. She swam back home, tears in her eyes, as a few adults living in their underwater village came to meet her, speaking worries of her, having heard screaming and noticed neither she or Markus were home. She was confused, usually they were annoyed with her, but all she really could do now was simply say, Markus wasn’t alive anymore, and hug one of her neighbors.

She was taken home, asked to explain what happen. All she could tell them was about the fire, the monster, and that the monster burned Markus really badly. She slept in his bed that night, whimpering and crying. She stayed at home most days, concerned neighbors coming by just about every day to check on her, give her food, talk to her, but despite having the support, it didn’t make her happy. She wanted Markus back. She.. Wanted her only family back.

Going through his items one day did she find a sealed scroll, with the words ‘Open Me On The Surface =)’ inscribed on it. She was almost hesitant to do so, but she went up, cautiously going up to a beach, staying where she could easily retreat into the water if needed. Popping the container open, there was a note inside, speaking as follows,

“Hey Lestie,

If you’re reading this, you must be mature now and on your way out of our little village. I understand that you’ve been wanting to just get away for years but.. I only kept you all cooped down here to protect you. There’s probably some bad people after us, your previous life kicked up some serious bad blood, went out doing something i’m certain she wasn’t proud of. It’s possible they’d want to hurt you too so, I just wanted to keep you where I could let you be safe and happy, until I could train you to get you ready for the outside world.

I just hope, I could raise you to make better choices than she did. She went out doing something in anger, I don’t want that for you… Some fire-using Iramasha guy might be out to get you, so I just wanted to warn you as you’re going out. If you think you’re too scared to do it alone, don’t be alone. Join the Iramasha Union, you’ll be safer in a group than on your own, and maybe you’ll find someone better than me to teach you how to use your water powers.

I hope I did right by you, raising you, even if you were a troublemaker and made me a bit pissed at times.. I love you. I loved you regardless of what mood we were in. Please remember that, and come back to visit me when you can!

Stay safe out there,


Several decades later, Celeste had her place in the Iramasha Union, having served in the Guard for several years. She wasn’t seen under much notoriety, and that was probably how she wanted it to stay. She didn’t want to be recognized and honored, nah, she just wanted to do a job and learn her stuff. She was seen as a weird one with her coat and mannerisms, despite being in an enforcement role she had a very chill personality. She had a few opportunities to go over to the Earth, a realm she had minor interest in, but she didn’t bother to go over. She was content in her role, until she caught wind of a troublesome firestarter causing some chaos near where she was stationed. She leapt at the opportunity to go deal with it, soon setting out with two other members of the Guard to investigate.

Indeed, whoever it was, they were causing significant harm to the woods they decided to do mayhem in, the small team even finding some burnt, scared creatures. Unbeknownst to her partners, Celeste slowly became more and more in her own head about the whole deal. So much, it came to the point where the second she saw a being shooting fire, the image of the monster hidden in the back of her mind resurfaced, and in an instant she had pinned down what her mind had perceived as that monster, screaming for the flames to give Markus back.

The firestarter turned out to be some reckless kid throwing his weight about, and Celeste had almost attacked the wrong person. Her comrades reported her behavior, though it was more out of concern than disgust. Though she was moved to somewhere quieter and more to her element of water, that experience gave the matured, typically calmed Iramasha an abrupt, vicious purpose; To find the man who killed her only family.

She devoted years to learning more of her element, participating far more frequently in any sort of battle, and in the art of using spears alongside her natural gifts. She met with many mentors, never stating her true ideals in so aggressively learning how to fight, until she met Mara, an Iramasha that looked more on the last of her legs rather than the youthful beings she had interacted with beforehand.

Her lessons with Mara were always cut short as the older being could sense great anger in her flow and technique, often asking her why, what her intentions were to be so aggressive. She had many moments of frustrations with her, the woman drawing out a level of annoyance from the younger of them enough to induce anger, but soon her walls would break down, admitting that she had to get stronger to avenge her only family. Mara taught her that she mustn’t rely on anger and vengeance to guide her, lest it destroy her, often using many ocean and water analogies as to know how to act and feel when appropriate, a violent current in battle, but a soft one in peace.

During a quiet exercise along a familiar shore, her hand outstretched to gently move the otherwise calmed waves with her, she suddenly heard.. An irksomely familiar voice chill her spine..

“I finally found you, Aurora..”

A blast of fire sought to burn her flesh, but the woman was quick with forming a wall of water between her and the threat. She was glad her little act of temptation worked, it lured the filthy rat right out of it’s hole…

But, she got a good look at him, and what she saw was a withered, maddened creature, face twisted by insanity and grief. It was as if he had been searching tirelessly for her for years, with no rest.

“You killed them all Aurora! You killed all of my kin, Aurora,! You’ll PAY, AURORA..!”

His ragged yells screeched at her as he threw one, and another, and another ball of fire, but such attempts were easily stopped by her expertise with water, as she cautiously backed away from the raving madman. The monster she saw in her vision was slowly melting away, the horrifying blanks being filled with the man’s ravings of grief, of his people dead, of him being the only one left, and for her and her company to pay the price. Celeste almost wanted to cry from the shock she was experiencing, shaking her head and throwing the man into a pin against the ground, slowly walking up to him and sighing,

“I’m sorry. You’ve got the wrong person. My name’s Celeste Eldoris. Aurora died forever ago, man.”

For once, a look of confusion grew on his sullen face, “..You’re lying..”

“What you did was super fucked up.. But.. I can’t do this. You don’t even know what you’re doing. Do you even remember your own name at this point?”

He looked pale-eyed, growling out, “...Aurora…!”

Celeste was in a moment of quiet reflection, sighing and releasing him, “...You literally lost your mind, haven’t you? Get lost, before I call someone to grab you.”

He stared at her like a frightened animal, soon running away on disheveled steps and ragged breath, the Iramasha dropping to her knees, panting, holding the spot where the man had scarred her so long ago. She would have gone nuts over this whole thing, too, if she let herself get away with it. She honestly felt like she was half nuts already, and seeing that monster, no, that shell of a man, sobered her up.

She cried in Mara’s arms that night.


Despite being a few hundred years after that night, Celeste still reflects upon it. She kept up with her duties in the Guard, but mostly faded into the background despite her learned skills and prowess. Only when World War 3 came upon the world did she really get out onto new territory. She served alongside her own kind and Shinigami when the Demons attacked Earth, getting her own personal first steps upon the world she evaded doing anything with for quite a while. Probably the most irritating first thing for her to experience, was probably the sheer amount of trash in the ocean. Such experiences made her grow a deep disdain for garbage, but she didn’t seek to do anything to the humans whom she learned were the ones responsible for such a lack of concern for the world around them, rather verbally reprimanding anyone actively contaminating the waters, and praising any who took the effort to keep the waters clean.

She participated more on waterfront assaults due to her prowess, but was often one to carry a jug of water on her back to participate in dryer climates. She wasn’t too crazy on the idea of war, more or less it being something to do, even if it did have some impact on her mentally. She gained comrades, she lost them, but she always remembered to not gain an obsession for revenge and retribution for their passing. Celeste never gained any sort of notoriety for her efforts, but it did lead to her own manner of personal developments.

After the war, she remained in the Iramasha Realm for the next three to four centuries, but then decided to take a leave from active duty in the Guard, returning to the Galene Sea to relax for some time. She had purchased a home to stay, just to find it overrun by massive sea slug-like beings. They weren’t intrusive or anything, just not quite advertised to come with the house, but after a few years she came to tolerate, like, and then grow a fondness for them.

However, with the activity of World War Four, she has had the itch to observe Earth more, her occasional visits becoming more and more frequent as time went on.

I. Natural Abilities

» Natural Abilities

High Tolerance To Extreme Conditions:

Despite looking like an ordinary woman, Celeste’s body is actually very well built for standing deep sea and extremely cold temperatures. Doubly so with her coat, Celeste could theoretically swim all the way to the bottom of the ocean and back up without any negative effects to her body. She had been swimming to such depths since she was a child, the deep sea pressure on her body doesn’t do much harm to her, showing her body is much more sturdy when it comes to high pressure areas. Of course, she wouldn’t be able to survive that deep if she also wasn’t able to retain a constantly internal body heat, in which her body is excellent at keeping itself warm despite being in the freezing cold. With how well she can tolerate the cold, she could walk in the Arctic in nothing but her coat and be completely fine. Her resistance level goes down if she were to part with her coat, but it’s still a noticeable amount of resistance in comparison to other creature’s.


Celeste would be a piss poor water fairy if she couldn’t even breathe and dwell in her own element. She doesn’t need to hold her breath when she hits underwater, she’s able to breathe in water just as well as if she were breathing air. When she’s breathing, it’s literally as if she is breathing air, even bubbles come out of her mouth as she speaks, and she can even transfer clean air to others underwater by kissing them. Along with this, she is capable of being understood just fine underwater, as if there was no water to muffle speech in the first place.

Communication With Creatures of the Waters:

Just like many Iramasha, Celeste can communicate with creatures who dwell in water. Be they fish, sharks, whales, newts, mudskippers, she is able to understand their intentions and communicate back to them in a way they can understand. However, the less attached to water the creature is, the harder it is for her to understand them (Example: The transition from tadpole to frog muddies communication for her).

Aquatic Transformation:

As previously mentioned, Celeste is in possession of a rather unique looking coat. This isn’t some odd fashion sense or potentially cruel clothing, the coat, is in fact part of her body. Similar to Selkie lore, Celeste was born with and greatly treasures this coat, as it’s the thing that allows her to properly exist in the sea, with a tail that is. Getting at least a water bottle’s amount of water on her legs triggers her legs and the coat to fuse together to form a coat, and once dried, they revert back into legs and a coat. Only the bottom half of the coat appears to really fuse with her, the top half being worn only to further improve underwater mobility. Losing this coat would be devastating, and even if it isn’t a walk in the park to destroy it, Celeste is extremely protective of it, as it basically is part of her body.

High Speeds In Water:

With the addition of her tail, Celeste is an extremely fast swimmer. She probably will never experience the same kinds of speed on land, as the waters are where her aptitude lies, but with the addition of her water abilities, can make this speed useful even on the turf. Celeste has been known to reach speeds of over 156 mph underwater when pushing herself and being given enough distance. Though her speed is more in need of buildup than being able to cap it on the word go, her typical starting speed underwater is between 68 and 77 mph.

Spear Wielder:

In the case water wasn’t immediately available, Celeste took it upon herself to learn how to use a spear. It’s a lightweight weapon and even in times when she can use water, she still uses it as it has proven to be an effective weapon. She is effective with movement and flexibility when it comes to a spear, being able to use it even as a harpoon or stabbing weapon. Not only that, she also knows how to use her spear in order to disable opponents, usually by striking them with the blunt end or twirling it around one of their limbs. Celeste doesn’t think there’s any other weapon more suited for her than a spear, and in turn views it as an extension of herself.

Naturally Strong:

Celeste has literally spent her entire life doing some form of rigorous physical activity, be it swimming or fighting or even hunting. It would be surprising if she didn’t build up some muscle over these typical activities for her, and her constantly training her body. Though her level of strength wouldn’t necessarily be described as mindblowing, she definitely can hold her own in a physical confrontation, deal sizable hits, and exert herself to and even past her limit, being pretty hard to strain typically.

Strong Defenses:

Not only can Celeste deal a hit, she certainly can take one. Due to how sturdy and resistant her body naturally is to physical strain, Celeste’s defensive capabilities are quite high. She definitely can take a punch, several punches, even ones that push her backwards, without flinching, being able to keep a sturdy stance and take the hit. This isn’t to say she’s completely immune to damage or pain, merely that she’s highly resistant and would require the other party to be able to exert a great amount of strength into their physical attacks to wound her. She isn’t easy to bruise and admittedly would make a good punching bag with her tolerance and sturdiness in the face of physical adversity.

Heightened Senses and Reflexes:

Due to her training, borne traits, and experiences in war and combat, Celeste has grown sharpened senses and reflexes when it comes to combat situations. She knows how to carefully use her eyes, ears, and nose to analyze her surroundings, look for warning signs of danger, and otherwise to keep herself and her comrades safe. When she fights, she doesn’t necessarily aim to kill, more to disable her opponents, and when forced into a hand to hand combat situation, tries to pin point any potential weaknesses in her opponent to know where to strike. She has practical knowledge on the weakness of a typical body, but knows that knowledge is not the end all be all considering for all she knows, blinding an opponent wouldn’t mean squat if they could go without being able to see just fine. Her reflexes are also quite sharp, in tandem with using such a free-form requiring weapon such as a spear. She has been appropriately trained to be conscious of her body and how her body can affect the world around her, and how to properly throw her weight around to not be a detriment in battle.

One Hell of a Kicker:

When it comes to physical confrontation, Celeste primarily uses kicking and other manners of leg to feet attacks in order to fight. Not only is it the farthest she can keep an opponent from her upper body and face, she typically is more wired to think with her feet instead of her hands. She has been known to deliver extremely strong, concussive kicks to her opponents, in addition to using her feet to trip them up or even lock them between her legs in order to flip or restrain them.


Celeste does not freeze up in battle, she has grown to a point where her body just reacts on the spot to any imminent danger. She doesn’t perform any actions that could harm allies, merely doing things in immediate reaction to anything sudden or surprising. She keeps herself active and moving throughout a dangerous scenario, not stopping or ceasing until she is certain it’s safe to.

I. Equipment Section

» Equipment

Whale Spear:

A spear carved from the bones of a beached whale and fortified with metals that Celeste designed herself. It has a small storage compartment for her Aether Stones, and is sturdy enough to be used as a support, yet light enough for Celeste to seamlessly wield. The blade is very sharp, almost hook-like in appearance, possessing a thick blunt back for her more blunt attacks. There isn’t too much terribly supernatural about this spear, being more a greatly treasured weapon than anything crazy.

» Aether Stones:

Shard of the Sea:

This is an Aether Stone that Celeste uses in the event there’s no water nearby, and she’s in a tight spot where her physical skills can’t deal with the predicament alone. She must toss the stone on the ground after willing it to release. What does this stone do? Well, it releases water. A ton of it. Up to 500,000 gallons of just, water. It’s merely a way for Celeste to get water - and tons of it - onto the field as quickly as possible. She can only use this stone once per thread, as it needs time to cool off from the sheer amount of water it’s able to release.

Bubble Parade:

Another stone she created; This is a great expansion of one of her existing abilities, but amplified to a field’s worth of bubbles, hundreds of them. Just as the primary ability, despite looking innocent enough, these bubbles are firm and will pop on contact with anyone who touches one. This effectively turns any battlefield into a land of mines for friend and foe, the bubbles behaving as any normal bubble would, drifting about until popped or blown away.


A very simple stone. It just scatters tiny bits of pulsing, glowing light throughout a certain area. Better for lighting areas of darkness than anything else.

[s]Aether Armament Name: (What is the name of your Iramasha's Aether Armament? Does it even have one?)

Aether Armament Appearance: (What does your Iramasha's Aether Armament appear as?)

Aether Armament Abilities: (What abilities does your Aether Armament grant your Iramasha?[/s]

I. Racial Abilities & Skills

» Aether Magic

Advanced Hydrokinesis:

Celeste has shown an impressive aptitude in control over the waters. She is able to control large volumes of water with ease, to shape them in many different forms and intensities. A first notable trait of her hydrokinesis is being able to easily lift large bodies of water into the air, to shape how she wishes. Normally these waters in her control take a specific shape, be it a cube, a cylinder, or any other manner of shapes. Typically the shape and usages of it are very neat and organized, as opposed to the haphazard swish swosh usual water users perform. This amount of discipline in her ability is a testament to her control over her Aether energy, typically seen manipulating gallons upon gallons of water with relative ease.

Celeste is also able to change the temperament of the water. A calm ocean can easily turn into a typhoon if she so desired, and quite a large area (About half a typical sea storm’s worth) would be affected by her push and pull of the tides.

Celeste is also able to manipulate specific parts of water to perform certain actions, such as form giant hands to grab things, plow through the dirt, or even to embrace her and form a large water avatar to behave as a larger being. She is extremely creative when it comes to shaping water, and thus this ability can have many possibilities of utilization. Even deeper into this, she is capable of instantly freezing whatever water she has control over. However, in the state of ice, despite being able to form it into whatever shape she wishes before freezing it, she is not able to control the ice itself, as it has gotten to the point it’s out of her control, but she can form water to wield and bend that ice around, and to instantly dethaw that ice whenever necessary.

Her abilities are magnified under the moon’s light, as the moon has the greatest influence on the waters. She’s expected to be at least twice as strong than normal underneath the night sky.

Her ability’s biggest weakness is perhaps water content; Something has to be at least 90% made of water for her to have any possession over it, her ability to manipulate it greatly diminishing every 1% the substance does not mostly contain water. It is water she can control, not liquids entirely, specifically the water.

She cannot bend the blood of living beings, being both morally against it and doing such a thing would require the kind of pin-point control over water that she simply does not possess, as her abilities lie in the focus being big, rather than tiny.

Powerful Voice:

Celeste has been known to have a very atmospheric and strong voice. Similar to Sirens, her singing voice is rather beautiful, almost hypnotic to the mentally unprepared, and she can use this voice to catch mentally weak, would be opponents off guard to stir them into a false sense of security.

Not only is it used for mild hypnotism, it also can be used as a powerful sound attack. Celeste can let out a powerful screech, piercing and loud enough to shatter glass, and eardrums, in order to stagger opponents. Her screech doesn’t travel much farther than any typical yell, so she would have to be in relatively close proximity to them to have any noticeable results.

Bubble Mines:

Celeste is able to blow a rather interesting assortment of bubbles. They look like any typical bubble, translucent, slightly wobbly, floaty and cute. Their power isn’t known until it touches something that isn’t Celeste, the moment it makes contact with anyone else or a surface, it’s popping is the real weapon. The force of the pop is comparable to a bomb going off without the fiery inferno and smoke; it’s loud and forceful, capable of causing serious damage and even fracturing or breaking bones. Regardless, not many are going to get out of being popped on unscathed. Even worse, whenever the bubbles touch each other, they fuse, and the bigger the bubble, the worse the pop will be. The only fortune to these bubbles is that, they behave like bubbles, they can be safely blown away, be it by someone brisky blowing one away with their breath, or someone with an affinity for wind to blow them away.

[s]» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities[/s]

I. Aether Class

» Aether Class Name: Unknown

» Aether Class Power: Control of Waters

» Aether Class Abilities:

Though Celeste has not fully realized her Aether Class, she has managed to make the most of her base skillset. Be it from lack of purpose or focus, or not truly feeling able to settle with herself, she has not truly found a time for herself evolve further than the masteries she has attained. But, with what she can do, she is able to have a grand control over water, often incorporating her water-themed control into her physical combat, along with communicate with creatures related to the water, and alter the state of water from ice and back.

[s]» Sub-Aether Class Power: (Sub-Aether Class Power refers to additional powers which are directly connected to your Iramasha's Element. For example, Cirno Iramasha's Aether Class was named "The Angel of The Ice". So she had Sub-Aether sorts of wind, ice, snow, cold and angelic prowess. Use something similar for your own as this section is optional.)

» Sub-Aether Class Abilities (These are just abilities that come with your Sub-Aether Class Power)[/s]

VII. Ether Morph - Immersion

[s](You can have this release at any Aether Control, but it is recommended you have it at adept for it to be stable.)

» Ether Morph Immersion Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph Immersion Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph Immersion Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)[/s]

I. Ether Morph - World Fusion

(You can have this release at any Aether Control, but it is recommended you have it at elite for it to be stable.)

[s]» Ether Morph World Fusion Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph World Fusion Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph World Fusion Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)[/s]

I. Ether Morph - Peak Eclipse

(You can have this release at Master Aether Control.)

[s]» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)[/s]

I. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Adept
  • Aether Magic: Beginner
  • Aether Arts: Beginner
  • Aether Aspect: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept


Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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[adm]Aether Class/Aether Magic: There's a bit of discrepancy between these two. In Aether Magic it's stated that she has exceptional control over Aether, though in her Aether Class it's said that she has a shallow control over it. The alteration of water into ice is also a bit out of place, as the rest of her powerset has no real mention of this sort of relation, nor if she could do the same into, say, water vapor.[/adm]
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in [X]
  • RP Sample Present [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Hazard Ranks
  • Power: D
  • Influence: D
  • Resources: D

Tier: 4-1
Hazard Rating: D
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