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 Yosuke Shizen[4-3 Shinigami Approved]

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Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Yosuke Shizen (志波, 自然)
» Alias: Yo-kun(only to his family)
» Age: 100 appears mid 20s
» Gender: Male

» Association: Shino Academy, Shizen clan, Gotei United

» Appearance Written:Yosuke is 1.9 meters tall with a stocky build hidden under his clothes. He has long messy black hair that he wears in a ponytail of sorts. His facial expressions are usually differing levels of blank causing many people to see him as aloof. He has dark blue eyes which change brightness depending on the light. He is usually seen wearing a mismatched haori with one half bearing a geometrical green yellow and orange and the other a solid red. While on duty, he will take off the haori in order to comply with the shinigami dress code and honor the captains. He has a tree tattoo on his back, the symbol of his clan.

Yosuke Shizen[4-3 Shinigami Approved] Tomioka.Giyuu.full.2599189

I. Personality

» Personality:
Curt: Though he has the capability to be polite and proper, he is often rather curt with people. He doesn’t like interacting with others, but he recognizes the importance of forming relationships with people as a young noble. As a compromise, he keeps his speaking brief and usually becomes more of a listener.

Intelligent: Even from a young age Yosuke displayed the intelligence of an experienced engineer. He is able to understand and grasp new concepts quickly. He never struggled during his schooling and only began to be challenged by research being done at the Academy. He was quickly accepted as a general research assistant in a lab regarding Reiryoku sealing and advanced storage mechanisms.

Pragmatic: He is cool under pressure. He always thinks rationally in the face of any situation. He is often the voice of reason that calms down his allies. In combat this trait helps him stay focused and deduce what he thinks could be a winning strategy against his opponent. As long as he doesn’t have anything to protect, he always goes with whatever gives him the highest chance of winning.

Reserved: Yosuke doesn’t often show his emotions and is considered by many to be aloof. He sealed his own emotions long ago when he was chosen to be the clan's successor. He would need to be able to maintain a poker face in business dealings. Despite this nature he is able to perform his duties and work with others though he would say that working with others isn’t his strong suit.

Protective: Despite his aloofness he does deeply care for some people he’s just careful with who he decides is important. Those he does consider close he would protect without a second thought. No matter what was in his way he would do anything within his power to keep them out of harm's way. Not many get to see this side of him.

Inferiority complex: He has an inferiority complex often comparing himself to nobles as it was beaten into him that the Shizen family must become a noble family in the future. He was a problem with the control the four noble families hold. He covets that power for the betterment of his clan.

I. History

» History:

Early Life:
The Shizen clan is a clan on the rise. It specializes in the production of spiritual equipment. The clan possess formulas for producing a varied amount of reiryoku storage devices. It has produced a decent number of powerful shinigami, especially ones gifted in kido, but they've not had a member reach the rank higher than 4th seat among the Gotei. The current head, Gyosei Shizen, reached that rank himself long ago before retiring to be a full time player in the world of nobles. His efforts increased the clan’s influence, and established them as a major producer of reiryoku storage components and devices to the Gotei.

Yosuke was born to a branch family, one step removed from the Shizen clan’s main family, in an inner district of western Rukongai. His birth was nothing miraculous, but he did come out a bit premature. Though he was a bit physically weak he was overall a healthy and happy child, and his parents couldn’t have been more happy. From the time he began to walk, he was instructed in a local public school for lesser noble children and aristocrats.This was difficult on his parents as a branch family since they received very few resources from the clan. The Shizen family also took time to teach all their members about their specialty, spiritual equipment, from the engineers themselves. Yosuke did exceptionally well in his course work, and often spent his free time learning from the engineers. He was naturally gifted in the subject, often double checking experienced engineers’ work to ensure they had calculated correctly. His parents expected that he would join the ranks of the family's engineers once he matured. Everything was going down Yosuke’s parents' designed path, until he reached his second year of schooling. Maybe thanks to his blood or some external factor, he’d developed a large amount of Reiryoku. He began to hear whispers in his sleep, and feel hunger often. He went to his family informing them of this change in him. They decided to take him to the main branch of the family to seek guidance.

The clan head looked over the boy, his excellent school records, and reports of his satisfactory performance with the engineers. It was decided that he would be adopted into the main branch and trained by the families best tutors until he was more mature. Gyosei and his wife had been unable to produce a child and he was getting older. The appearance of a young genius was just the thing he needed to ensure the future of the clan. When they felt the time was right, they would enter him into the academy, so that he could obtain prestige in the Gotei. This would strengthen their clan’s reputation and power while Gyosei handled the business side until it was time for Yosuke to take over.

His parents were happy that their son would have a bright future, and quickly agreed with the clan head’s decision. Yosuke was worried to leave his day to day life and family behind, but he wasn’t really given a choice. From then on, Yosuke trained 12 hours a day in anything and everything a young noble would need to know. General knowledge, battle tactics, court manners, and noble hobbies took up the first potion of education. These topics weren’t anything he particularly loved, but he did excel at them. Flower arranging happened to be a subject he was gifted in. He ended up getting used to being the family’s young lord rather quickly, and was happy about the enhanced quality of life it gave his parents.

Training Years:
After a few years of this sort of education he finally started to focus more on combat education. This training covered the theoretical, physical, and spiritual. He excelled in the theoretical and spiritual subjects, but struggled with the physical subjects. His kido skills were outstanding; he grasped even more difficult theoretical knowledge with ease. Eventually, the clan head himself became his instructor for the subject passing on the clan’s own kido.

During this period his younger sister Koharu was born. He was very excited to be an older brother and doted on her during their youth. Koharu enjoyed spending time with her older brother and the two could often be seen walking around the Rukongai visiting shops and playing with other local children. One day after the now appearing 8 year old Koharu had stayed out too late playing the neighborhood children. Yosuke, now appearing 14, had finished his training and was sent by his mother to go retrieve her. He showed up to the park and heard her scream coming from a group of unsavory looking adult spirits. Yosuke was about to speak as his sister was lifted off the ground and placed on the shoulder of the large thug. He flew into a rage. Using the skills he had been honing, Yosuke muttered “Sai.” without the chant. The men all froze unable to turn and face their assailant. After retrieving Koharu with a short flash step forward to grab her then back to get her to a safe distance, he noticed that she was bound by rope. It seemed as if they were planning to abduct his younger sister. For what purpose, he was unsure, but he was sure that they would never get the opportunity to do so ever again. “You’re all right now Koharu. Turn away and I’ll be back before you know it.” He said with a gentle smile. He was holding back his rage upon seeing his bruises on her wrist where the rope had been too tight. He turned to the still struggling thugs and began to chant a Shizen clan Hadō taught to him by the head of the clan. “Ye lord, mask of flesh and blood, rise from the ground and claim what is rightfully yours, return all from which they came: Shizen Yari!” His hand slammed onto the ground, as the previous spell’s hold on the three waned, but it was too late. The roots rose twisting into pointed cones impaling the three thugs ending them. Blood splattered across his face and he smiled the same smile as before. He turned to Koharu. “Okay they won’t be messing with you anymore. Let’s get those ropes off and go home alright?” Despite being safe Koharu’s eyes were still filled with fear. Yosuke walked her back to the branch families dwelling and requested that she never be allowed out without supervision.

Of course, killing non hollow spirits in the Rukongai had consequences, and the clan head had to answer for them. By pulling some strings, they were able to get the incident swept under the rug, but the rumors of the Shizen families young talent reached the ears of the Gotei. To keep the family from facing harsher repercussions, Yosuke would be entered into the academy immediately. He said good bye to his parents and sister. He apologized to the clan head for causing him to trouble. He was then set off to the academy where he would hone his skills further.

Academy Years:
While he matured quickly reaching the appearance of someone in their 20s. Though he did attend some social events, he spent most of his time training, or in a lab. This didn't afford him too many friends, but a many would remember him for his placement on examinations. Entering the academy was very good for his Kido skills as they had access to highly qualified researchers, and experienced Shinigami as instructors. It was here he was able to hone his skills even further, learning the deeper machinations of Reiatsu and the soul. It also allowed him to pursue his hobby of engineering again. He had little time for it after beginning noble training. While it was part of his curriculum, he only needed to know the basics, which he mastered before beginning, so that instruction was kept to a minimum. Here at the academy he was able to observe and be of service to projects that challenged him. He quite enjoyed it and spent time not training in labs being an assistant.

The unfortunate part of the academy is it brought to light his lack of physical endurance. He did well in theoretical courses, but his actual prowess never seemed to quite get there. He struggled against stronger opponents in Hakuda. He was better off in Zanjutsu as he had spent much more time refining this as a child. It was also in the academy where he would get his own Asauchi. Now he saw the difference between other noble houses and the Shizen clan. While the Shizen clan did have more resources than your average family it was nothing compared to the 4 great noble houses. Many of them had been with their asauchi for a long time. Many of them were on track to call upon their Shikai or at least learn the names of their swords upon graduation. Yosuke was able to enter his inner world through Jizen, but never met his Zanpakuto spirit. Walking around his inner world he was able to figure out at least one of the abilities of his zanpakuto: water production. He even learned how to use this ability while the blade was sealed, but that was all he was able to do.

Despite being somewhat behind the 4 noble families children in Zanpakuto skills he worked very hard to be able to place highly in his class. Though his physical skill held him back from being first in his class, he was ranked 3rd overall. In the practice sorties to the realm of the living, he was often chosen to be the captain of the support team in charge of providing coverage with Kido and general situational information to other teams throughout the exercise. Other team leaders, instructors, and Shinigami commented on his quick and decisive decision making.

Current Day:
After 6 long years of training exercises, classes, and duels it was finally time for Yosuke to graduate. He had the chance to graduate early, but decided that it would be best if he stayed and honed his skills for the proper amount of time. Though graduating early looks better in the eyes of a noble, It wouldn’t necessarily look good if he came out of the academy lacking in any basic skill. Next, he’d set his sights on joining a Division. His family had hoped that he would be able to start as a seated officer and bring pride to the Shizen name sooner rather than later. The clan had tried to use a fair amount of resources to allow him an interview to that end. He personally didn’t mind starting as a regular member and working his way up. He had learned that many members of the Seireitei held disdain for nobles. From their point of view, he couldn’t exactly blame them. Getting this opportunity was something that many of them worked hard for. He didn’t feel great about just getting the chance handed to him, and decided to refuse Gyosei's offer. He would hand in an application himself to what ever squad would have him and work his way up the ladder as fast as he could.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:-
I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:

Being a promising young member of the Shizen clan, he was afforded some amount of tutoring and training before entering the academy. He had developed some talents and faults. He wasn’t the best at physical activities. This isn't to say he was uninformed on martial arts. On the contrary he understood them quite well, but he never really had the physical power to perform them optimally not to mention he felt most physical activities took too much effort for lesser results. His Hakuda skills suffered from this the most. It didn’t help that he saw it as an unnecessary skill along with his mentor Gyosei. He had no love of fist fighting. Why use your fist when a spell or a blade is available? The physical Hakuda exam gave him a lot of trouble, but he was at least able to pass it.

His hoho skills, on the contrary, were quite average. He was able to score well on both the physical, and theoretical examination. This was due to the rudimentary training he experienced in his younger days, and the refinement he received in the academy. His skills were about as strong as an average shinigami.

He was naturally gifted at all forms of Kido. He also happened to quite enjoy it. When passion and talent meet, prodigies are created. His kido skills would be considered noteworthy even among full fledged shinigami. He ranked first in his class in the subject. He also has the ability to cast most kido, that he is capable of, with a partial chant or chant-less. This was definitely a product of his early training, lineage, and raw talent.

Custom Kido

Name:Shizen Yari
Level/Scaling: 10
Type:Terrain Kido
Chant:“Ye lord, mask of flesh and blood, rise from the ground and claim what is rightfully yours, return all from which they came: Shizen Yari!”
Appearance: This Spell takes the form of roots that burst from the ground. These roots tangle together and take the shape of spikes.
Effect: These spikes impale the the targets with the force of nature. They aim for the heart to make sure they kill as quickly as possible. These spikes aren't particularly fast but they are quite sturdy they can be used preemptively to create a rough terrain

His zanjutsu skills, while far less impressive than his kido skills, were still impressive for an academy student, but probably nothing special compared to your average shinigami. He was able to apply his intelligence when deconstructing the enemies stance, and, unlike Hakuda, he had a wealth of time training with a blade. Gyosei saw it as a more necessary skill than Hakuda, so, even though he struggled at first, he had it beaten into him the ways of the blade. Yosuke himself agreed that all shinigami should excel at swordsmanship.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name:Suiten Inori (水天 祈り)

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: His Zanpakuto Spirit takes the form of a little girl, a priestess to the god of water Suiten. She is a bit of a prankster, often hiding in the waters of his inner world. Once you find her and get her talking she comes off as over confident and bratty. She is proud of her connection to the water and the power it gives her. She sees this power as her own and is unwilling to give it up to the user without praise. She herself often wields the weapon in it’s dragon form as opposed to the spear form.

Yosuke Shizen[4-3 Shinigami Approved] C9397e5b80fe48b5d81251e91b2fab1b40a88c77_00

» Inner World: Yosuke’s inner world is rather simple. It is a calm expanse of water under a partly cloudy sky. The only physical structure in sight is a single Tori. Life seems to spring from the expanse in the form of plats made of clouds. It is usually still calm and peaceful, but the weather can change depending on spiritual and emotional factors. Yosuke has visited a few times but there was nothing there besides the gate.

Yosuke Shizen[4-3 Shinigami Approved] Thumb-1920-1028238

» Zanpakutô Appearance: His Zanpakuto is a standard length katana with an octagonal, ornamental tsuba.The blade itself doesn’t have a hammon pattern like many other katana. Its blue tsuka sports a white ito. The saya is black with a single blue ring towards the opening.

Yosuke Shizen[4-3 Shinigami Approved] 51M-98g6qPL._AC_UX385_

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: While he doesn’t know his zanpakuto’s name it has granted him a modicum of its power.

Basic Water production: The blade can produce water along it's cutting edge and from the tip. The water can be used to increase power of Yosuke’s strikes or to wash enemies away. The amount of water starts of at a few gallons at a time but increases with spiritual power. It will also become more and more concussive.

Flow: Holding the blade seems to give a slight increase to his reaction time and general movement speed(scales with tier)

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Glory to seas, reverence to the rivers, blessed be the rain. O beautiful wave be mine strength.

» Shikai Release Action: Holding the blade vertically in front of you with both hands and chanting the release phrase.

» Shikai Appearance: The Shkai takes the form of a Katakama Yari or a spear. It’s handle is blue like the katana forms handle. It can also take the form of a dragon made entirely of swirling water.

Yosuke Shizen[4-3 Shinigami Approved] 39076dff1aaaafce80297fe941553d48

» Shikai Abilities: Suiten Inori has the power to manipulate and produce water. The blade can release only a small amount of water at first but it grows as his spiritual power grows. Each swing or thrust of the spear hits with the impact of a wave. The user can also generate more water to further empower their next strike. Through the use of prayers the user can call upon water’s more supernatural abilities. To use a prayer one need only say it’s name aloud.

First Prayer: Water Divination: This prayer allows the user to locate sources of natural water or the locate beings that have been touched by water it has produced. The second ability has a somewhat limited range and the farther away something is the more spiritual energy it takes to locate them.

Second Prayer: Water Healing: This prayer allows the user to heal themselves and others by being washed in water. Covering the target in water, cleanses and seals light wounds, and reduces the sensation of pain.

Third Prayer: Raging Wave: This is the only offensive prayer. It changes the spear into the form of a mighty dragon made of a swirling water. This form causes impact damage and can be directed as the user sees fit. Being trapped in the dragon’s body can cause drowning for beings that need to breathe. This form is fast and powerful, but is an incredible drain on both the zanpakutos and the users spiritual energy. This puts the form on a time limit.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: -

» Bankai Release Action: -

» Bankai Appearance: -

» Bankai Abilities: -

I. Shikokai

[NOTE: This form is restricted until 0-3, and is not usually granted upon approval. This is ONLY for pureblood Shinigami! Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Shikokai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Shikokai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Shikokai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Beginner
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: Arthur was finishing off his skewers. The beef was salty enough but not all that tender. It was typical of quickly prepared stall food. He eyed some of the others waiting around. He exchanged glances with two or so others after Gaol commented on the "cats like them". A woman about Gaol's age wearing a green tank top, camouflage pants, and combat boots quickly averted her gaze ,but visibly clicked her tongue. The other, a lanky man covered in white bandages with only his eyes revealed, wearing no clothing but shorts and boxing gloves, held his gaze until Arthur was satisfied and turned away. Arthur decided they weren't a threat for now, but keeping an eye on them was now a top priority.

He was doing another scan of the room when Gaol spoke again. This time he had questions for the young assassin, and these weren't questions of the small talk variety. They were pressing, precarious, and difficult. Arthur was caught a little off guard since he didn't think Gaol to be the shrewd kind. Ultimately, he took it in stride, remembering the value of silence.

He took a moment to compose his words carefully, It felt like an eternity to Arthur, but it was probably only a few seconds. Finally he opened his mouth. "While I will admit I didn't know the nature of my employer when the job was offered, I accepted because the terms seemed more advantageous to me than my current trajectory." This probably felt and sounded like business jargon, but it held some truth. Arthur was not looking to be controlled. Though he didn't have a true goal when he set out to be a hunter, he knew that being under the thumb of some unknown association was not going to get him where he wanted to go. Their ultimatum seemed to affirm his suspicions.

"As for why I left the mountain with you all..." He stopped again but only for a moment. "...maybe it felt somewhat any other job. Go to this place, talk to this guy, see what he wants. I assumed I'd have more choice over whether I accepted, and that I'd start working after I meet with the employer." He almost laughed thinking back to his duel with the hunter Chuck. "For now this is what I know, so I'll keep doing it while moving forward. Sharks never stop moving forward." Arthur recalled Hanzo's motto or rather the Samekage clan's motto. Both Hanzo and himself found it cheesy and unfit for their work and methodologies, but in this moment it felt right.

Arthur hadn't really had the chance to talk about what it was he was actually doing. Saying aloud that he was simply going through the motions, was liberating but also sobering. He couldn't keep just blindly trudging through the underbelly of the world without a plan, backing, or goal for very long. That was part of why he was here. Suckling off of Angelo's tit for the rest of his life, wasn't the plan. He would need to be able to support himself no matter what he decides to do next. Having extra, non negotiable funds, was a step in the right direction.

Before Gaol got a chance to respond, the crowd on the screen in front of them erupted into a roar.

Arthur didn't skip a beat. "Looks like they've cleared a spot." He comments the camera zooms in on an unconscious man being loaded onto a stretcher. "You'll be out for the man covered in bandages, and the girl in Camo." He added remembering the two other..."cats".


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Yosuke Shizen[4-3 Shinigami Approved]   Yosuke Shizen[4-3 Shinigami Approved] EmptyTue Apr 07, 2020 10:17 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in[X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

Hazard Rankings
  • [b]Power: D
  • Influence: D
  • Resources: D

Comments/Notes: Looks good. Strike out (with [s][/s]) Shikai till you unlock that at 3-1.
Tier: 4-3
Hazard Rating:D[/mod]
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