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Wed 22 Apr 2020, 16:34
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The girl tosses away her life to chase the near-death. Blood spills. Souls scream. But only one stands satisfied. All is done, but addiction fuels further. Her bloodied body continues to war. She seeks to satisfy, but her body cries out for more. The end is beyond the crimson horizon.

Name: Vivienne "V" Laveret
Age: 28
Race: Supernatural Human
Other Nicknames: Vivi, Rabbit

Appearance Info: V is a proud woman standing at a solid 5'10" (178cm) with long white/beige hair, light brown skin, and red eyes. Her most notable features include her muscular figure, with most of her beefiness being specifically focused in her legs. On top of this muscularity, V's chest is well above average and her hips somewhat wide as if to accent the power in her lower body. And to top it all off, a pair of bunny ears sits atop her head and a bunny tail sprouts from her tailbone.

Album of V

Personality: The easiest and shortest way to describe V is as a brash, loud mouthed, aggressive, violent, empathetic, fight hungry idiot who lives almost strictly in the moment with no regard for the past or future. If that's not enough for you, then well...

Vivienne has no regards for anything of notable complexity outside of combat. The only thing she really cares about is the rush of adrenaline coursing through her body whenever she slams her fist into her opponent, or the feeling of pleasure she gets from making love to someone she cares about. Only when she needs to rest and recover, or even simply cater to her humanly needs, does she stop actively seeking the rush of combat. Even rarer is the desire to simply relax for the sake of relaxing, as her adrenaline addiction influences her mind more than she even knows.

V is aware of her addiction, but she's too carefree to really do anything about it. She could at any time simply stop, and she has plenty of willpower to do so, but never has she really given it proper consideration. To her, this addiction isn't actually that bad. In fact she doesn't even see it as an addiction anymore, even though deep down she knows that's exactly what it is. In V's head, to feel the rush of adrenaline is to feel life itself. Only then can she feel truly alive.

Of course an adrenaline junkie like her also has beliefs and goals like any other person. V believes that honesty, bluntness, and empathy is all a person needs to be good. Don't keep secrets, keep life simple or else you'll lose control of it, and consider others to the best of your ability. She's naturally empathic though, so that last part is mostly just her. To interrupt someone else's life is to insult them and waste their time. If such a thing is unavoidable, then do your best to make up for it. The only catch to this is that when V follows her own rules, she's extremely stubborn about it. If she doesn't follow her rules, then she becomes dishonest, and if she's dishonest then she's double not following her rules, and that's typically where the line of thought stops before it gets too complicated and she triple doesn't follow her rules.

It's these guidelines that lead V to be so brash and straightforward, but in honesty she only follows these rules because she's extremely simple-minded. Her brain just can't process anything too complex in a reasonable amount of time, so she always asks of her associates or friends or whoever to keep everything to a minimum of ten words or less if applicable. If not, just don't say anything at all. It'll only prove to make V more confused than she probably already is at that point.

V is also pretty damn loud, but knows when to hold her tongue if she absolutely 100% needs to. When she doesn't? Well it doesn't hurt to be a little cocky. It's fun, even. At least to V. Even if she knows she's going to lose or get her ass kicked in the process, V will have a little fun and let herself get a little arrogance for the sake of at least her own entertainment. Just... not without putting up a fight in the process.

Though V is extremely simple minded, her ability to understand the flow of combat and enemy techniques is astoundingly proficient. Where she can't grasp certain complex ideas normally, once she's in combat that's a whole different story. In order to get strong, she had to actually start putting in the effort to learn and experience, and after the dozen or so years of doing just that, V has become nothing short of a near master in terms of skill and understanding. Fighting is quite literally her life, so she sees to it that she can continue living that life.

History: V never knew her parents growing up, nor any of her siblings. Her family lost her when she was just a baby. The doctor overseeing V's birth attempted to take her in as their own. She 'lost' the birth certificate and tossed out any papers confirming V's real parents as theirs. In fact, there's no record of V's birth anywhere. The only thing that carried over from her real parents was her given name, Vivienne, and the crescent shaped birthmark on the back of her neck, something that everyone on her mom's side of the family had.

V's family searched desperately and even sued the hospital for losing their child, but the doctor who had stolen the baby V had already vanished and adopted a fake identity in a completely separate part of the world. It didn't matter though, as the doctor ended up simply dying a few months later in a car accident, leaving an unharmed V in the hands of law enforcement. After that she had no record whatsoever, V was given a legal record with no biological parents or guardians listed and promptly handed over to an orphanage.

Growing up, V had strange lumps on the top of her head for the first few years of her life. This prompted plenty of bullying from delinquent orphans, as well as deterred any potential adopters from taking her in. After all, who would want an ugly kid like her? Gap toothed, malnourished, and with these distinctly ugly, fleshy protrusions sprouting out from the top of her head. It was clear that nobody wanted her, and after all the abuse she suffered daily from the other kids, V started to become more bitter and violent with each passing day.

Eventually V's ears did fully grow in along with the fur, but by the time that happened she had already become a delinquent herself. She was always raiding the pantry for more food and getting into fights with the other foul-mouthed troublemakers. Fights that she never won. Then, one day while watching television with the other kids, V saw something. One of the kids had swapped to a fitness channel before becoming bored and leaving the room. The young bunny saw this and thought to herself, 'if I can get that strong, no one would ever mess with me again'. So she tried it out and started a daily routine.

By this point she was thirteen years old and had plenty of experience with her orphanage. She hated it, but not as much as seeing other kids treated the way she had been. As a natural empath, she was prone to relating to the younger, weaker kids who were subject to bullying from the older kids. After a while though, V started to stand up for herself and these kids more, and, with the routine she had been following for months up to this point, started to pack a mean punch. Eventually the other kids learned not to mess with her, and she soon became pretty well known in her little orphanage.

Her school days were a struggle, but she passed and graduated in time with her class while maintaining her routine, and soon after she landed a job as a construction intern. During her school days, V had been going to the gym and gotten rather beefed up for someone her age. Construction was almost like a natural progression for her at this point, what with it being a rather physical job. A few years in and she was a full time construction worker at the age of 19.

One day while her company was contracted for work on a part of outer New York, a Hollow attacked and started eating people alive. It looked like a giant worm with a mouth that opened to at least three her height in diameter. The monster tore through others and V was powerless to help, but a single figure came in and obliterated the monster with a single, building shattering punch. All of their work came tumbling down in front of V, but that didn't matter to her. There was someone strong enough to destroy a monster as big as that with a single punch.

The man, who had greying hair, wrinkled yet wise features, and a ripped body that made V unironically jealous, came around to check on those who yet lived. V didn't even bother introducing herself, she went straight to asking for apprenticeship, and after seeing the young bunny's optimism and hearing her recount some of her early years in the orphanage, the kind soul accepted. He had come from quite the opposite situation as her, having been a rich man who lived a fulfilling life up to that point. The only difference was that he too was a natural empath, and upon seeing all the wars and battles fought by those too young to have lived a full life like him, decided to take it upon himself to fight in their place.

The man acted as a tutor and mentor to V for years upon years, and she naturally reached his level of skill in no time at all. She had even developed some of her more modern powers in this time. The two grew close and the man became the closest thing to a real adult role model that V ever had, but of course not all good things lasted forever. The man passed on peacefully in his sleep one night and left V devastated. What was she to do now that he was gone?

She grieved and got it out of her system, something she had learned to do over the years quite well, and moved on. Her goal for power became something of an obsession, and she soon discovered the highs of fighting with reckless abandon. Over the years, she had come to adore the adrenaline highs that came with combat, but as the Hollows she hunted during her mercenary years became stronger, the risks associated with keeping her job grew. Yet at the same time, so did the adrenaline rushes that she felt.

For the past three or four years, V has been making a living off of acting as a roaming mercenary in the less guarded slums of a series of major cities in North America. The only difference today is that she's borderline obsessed with feeding into her adrenaline addiction and desire for strength. After all, who's going to tell her how to live her life?

The Power of Growth: V's most notable characteristic is her bodily capacity for surpassing her normal human limits. Her body naturally grows and adapts to continuously growing muscle fibers and energy needs by simply condensing her muscles and conditioning them to allow for more maximum stamina in proportion to her increased body mass. But while her body allows for such growth, it's her reishi that facilitates it. Whatever pain or physical stress, be it damage to her body or intense exhaustion, will be taken and inevitably converted into chemicals that stimulate muscle growth. Eventually, or at least V hopes, there will be a limit to how much she can grow so that her body doesn't tear itself apart or start to look too obscene. So far though, she has yet to find that limit and is happy to push herself until she finds it. Or at least, until she finds a good place to stop.

Combat Prowess: While nine years doesn't sound like a lot compared to those who have hundreds, V has plenty of combat experience to show and boast about. And when fighting for her life was an almost daily experience, nine years doesn't seem too bad a comparison. The rule and flow of combat are so far ingrained into V's mind at this point that it might as well be instinctual for her. The idea of dodging and blocking and striking, as well as how to and when, is all completely natural for her. She doesn't even have to think about it consciously to do it, the actions just come as needed at this point. Her reaction times are also incredibly fast compared to the average of her peers, allowing her to easily avoid most attacks save for the ones particularly designed to be speedy. There's another method to dealing with those that V has developed, though.

Pain is Nothing... Mostly: Over the course of her years, V has dealt with a lot of physical pain. As a kid, it was simply being punched and bruised on a regular basis. Eventually she learned to deal with it and move on, the pain didn't bother her that much. As a young adult, it was more the physical strain of exhausting one's own energy and the pain of tired, burned out muscles. That took the place of daily bruisings as the need to take care of the younger orphaned kids started to become prominent. In the nine years of training with her mentor, V started to take much, much more brutal beatings. From welts to gashes along any part of her body all the way to broken bones. These became not quite normal, but not uncommon. And given she's had nine years of dealing with it, V has become accustomed to that as well as all the previous kinds of pain. It's anything truly life threatening or violent like a completely destroyed arm, devastated rib cage, deep organ exposing cuts, or being run through by weapons that she cannot handle for a fact. She'll try, but the pain will absolutely be too intense and ultimately she will give in. Anything else already mentioned? She can handle it in pretty large quantity, but after a while it will take a toll on her body and she will have to stop or she runs the risk of permanent damage, or even death.

Strength, Durability, & Stamina: As stated already, V's body is notably stronger and more durable than her peers. Her physique is what makes her such a potent fighter as she weaves around the battlefield at high speeds and lands deadly blows so easily. Normally as you reach higher tiers of power you might rely more on other forms of augmentation for strength depending on your powerset, species, etc. V is completely natural in terms of strength, as her muscles continue to grow and condense inside of her body and allow her to reach new heights of physical power without the need for additional support or external augmentation.

Of course, as her body grows in strength and her body mass increases with her new condensed muscles, V needs to have a proportionate amount of stamina and durability or else she will quite literally fall apart. Her body is on par with the average ability of her peers durability-wise, and as for stamina, she can last in an intense fight almost all day. Part of this is because of her bodily needs, another part of it is due to the nine years of actual training and experience, and another part is actually because of the rabbit part of her. V is both energetic and can last an extremely long time in intense situations because of these combined facts to the point where she's on a level well above her peers just for that fact alone.

But how strong is V actually? Well, she can pack enough of a punch to take down concrete towers with a single punch and not break a sweat. In fact, if she had the reach to hit multiple buildings at once, she'd destroy them all in a single collective strike and keep going to destroy more. The only issue is that she doesn't actually have that reach, or any ability get it.

The Power of Thick Thighs: While we're mentioning her rabbit genetics, it might also be good to touch on the topic of her legs. While her muscles grow pretty evenly throughout her body, V's legs are notably thicker than the rest of her due to her rabbit genetics encouraging it. As such, her thighs have much more muscle mass than the rest of her, but not so much that she's proportionally fucked up. This makes her legs incredibly more powerful than the rest of her body already is.

Anything involving her legs is three times more powerful than what she would normally be able to do, which is already well above what she can already do with her arms. This also makes V incredibly fast with strong bursts of speed, the only downside being that she lacks the refined movement of someone more skilled and can only really move in massive bursts. Of course she can Shunpo, but her skill in that regard is rudimentary at best and not typically used in real combat. She's just not good at it.

Heightened Senses: Due to her strong instincts and partially animalistic genetics, V has heightened senses of hearing, sight, and smell. However, this can be used against her since it makes her senses easier to overload. V can detect smells from up to a mile away, hear the most minute of sounds, and detect the slightest of movements within her line of sight. That's about it, really.


Flash-Mach Kick: With her absurdly powerful legs, V is capable of moving them at speeds that very slightly exceed the speed of sound (1.13x). A Flash-Mach Kick is simply a kick that moves at this speed, though the amount of focus she has to put into these kicks makes them hard to pull off in situations where she's already moving, lest she kick too early or just miss entirely. As such, she primarily uses this technique when standing still. The start up to this kick is like any other, but the supersonic speeds eventually come when she actually strikes, giving most opponents ample time to react prior. The force of her kick is just like any other, if only marginally stronger from the speed alone.

Meteoric Blast: By channeling her silvery-white reishi into her hand/foot as she strikes someone, she can let it out in a shotgun-like blast of outward energy that erupts from her body at the point of impact right when her strike lands, or in some cases, misses. The only catch to this is that she cannot use it outside of her second release and above. The limitations to this ability are the number of times she can use it in a single post, which is once, before she needs to recharge and wait for the next post to use the ability again.

The actual burst of reishi shoots out from her hand/foot, whichever she is striking with, straight forwards in a slight cone (30 degrees outwards from either side of the center of her strike), and becomes basically harmless about ten feet away from V. This is the closest thing to a ranged attack that she she can use and is primarily what she resorts to in situations where gap closing isn't the easiest.

Upon striking the earth with this technique, the combined force of it and her actual strike can create a thirty foot wide fifteen foot deep crater upon impact. There's enough force there to do such damage without too much effort, but why it specifically creates a crater when the force otherwise doesn't really constitute that style of damage is beyond her. Imagine if you shot a shotgun at the ground and it made a moon style crater. She doesn't get it either.

To the Moon: Of course being a rabbit means she can jump pretty damn far, pretty damn fast. While V's kicks alone are capable of moving at a speed greater than sound, she herself can move even faster than that. By crouching and readying herself to pounce, V can build pressure in her legs and let it all out as she leaps to propel herself at roughly 1150 mph (Mach 1.5). V can do this consecutively many a time with her extremely high stamina, but only due to the fact she's propelling herself with one push of the legs. Once she's moving in a straight line, she can stop herself, but cannot make refined maneuvers. Relaunching herself takes little to no effort either, and V sometimes ends up ping ponging herself off of a variety of surfaces in enclosed areas to confuse her opponent before eventually launching herself at her opponent to get in close and strike. Doing this specifically takes a lot out of her in the moment and she'll need to stop and recuperate before doing it again the post after next, but ultimately if she keeps doing this then she's not attacking now is she? As such, V primarily launches herself off of a surface in one or two directions before going for a hit, making usage of this technique slightly more spare and usable over the course of multiple posts before V eventually gets tired.

Tsukuyomi Cycle:

The Tsukuyomi Cycle is a series of advanced release states that V developed on her own to help supplement her natural strength with more self-supportive abilities. That way she can overcome her shortcomings in combat against opponents with more complex abilities. Her upper limit for physical growth is a naturally occuring ability, whereas these releases are formed by V tapping into the reserves of her spiritual energies that she doesn't normally use. Essentially, her normal strength is just with her natural body. By using her releases, which she had to actively develop herself, she begins to use reishi based techniques and abilities to become even more of a threat in combat.

V has 5 planned release states, with 2 already being developed and 3 to be made when she thinks she deserves them.

1st Gate of the New Moon - Moontide: A release with a power designed to give her a chance against defensive type opponents. In creating this technique, V took her first venture into manipulating her reishi and getting a feel for her own overall spiritual energies. What she learned was that every source of reiatsu is different. By feeling an opponent's reiatsu and getting a feeling for it, she can pinpoint its flow and individual 'taste'. It's at this point that she determines how to use her reishi as a deterrent for her opponent's.

V's soft, silver-white reishi engulfs her entire figure and gives her the ability to disperse and disrupt other sources of reishi. It's limited to the reishi coating her body which means she more or less has to make contact with the reishi she's attempting to disperse in order for that to happen. By touching said reishi, whether she punches it, kicks it, or just touches it, said reishi will then proceed to be pushed away in a three foot circular radius from where V touched it. If she did strike it, she would then have to strike it again before it reforms since the initial strike was used to disperse the other energies. The force of her attack will still go through, but if she were to have struck a barrier or a gaseous source of reishi, it will react accordingly to her swinging and hitting it. A barrier will feel a violent thump before all reishi in that three foot area will start to move away from where it was struck, and a gaseous reishi will simply be blown away as if by a strong gust of wind.

More condensed or potent sources of reishi may require more hits or prolonged contact based on the opponent or source's energy resistance and tier. One full tier above V means she needs one more hit to disperse the reishi, and one full tier of energy resistance or equivalent skill means one more hit. Each individual tier of either above V means one more hit, meaning multiple tiers above her in either means she needs that many more hits to disperse a three foot circular diameter of reishi.

At most, V can sustain this release state for 6 posts.

2nd Gate of the Waxing Crescent - Moon Shine: Originally designed to test out reishi based techniques, V created this state to help put up with ranged matchups, but failed and ended up just creating a release that enables her to hit harder and add a new technique to her repertoire. Upon entering this state, the reishi around her body will grow brighter and become more dense as it circulates through her muscles to allow her to reach new heights of physical strength (+ to strength). This release also allows her to use Meteoric Blast once per post. This state can be held for a solid 4 posts at most before V is left drained of strength and barely capable of dragging herself away.

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Beginner

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Adept
  • Mediumship: Beginner
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Adept
  • Physical Augmentation: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

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« Application Checklist »
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner

« Final Verdict »

  • Comments/Notes: Damn you for taking the best FC on the market. I will remember this. You may take an Advanced in Speed if you take Beginner in Martial Skill.
  • Tier: 3-5 for V

« Final Final Verdict, Hazard »

  • Overall: E
  • Power: D
  • Influence: E
  • Resources: E

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If you have any concerns reach out to me and they can be discussed in more depth.

Don't forget to claim your FCs and positions.

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