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Mon May 11, 2020 12:21 am
Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Hybrid

I. Basic Information

» Name: Joshua Palliser
» Alias: Euriel Sancroix
» Age: 29
» Gender: Male
» Height: 6'11

» Association: *Palliser Family, *Knight-Sergeant of The Red, *Legionnaire. *Honorably Discharged from Vastimian Military. *Reservist in Lux Orior.

*Denotes previous life.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Personality:

Joshua Palliser is the sun. He's bright. He warms all those around him. But be exposed to him for too long and you may suffer some downsides. It is undeniable the young man has a natural charisma to him, a sorta lead from the front mentality which allowed him to prosper in Vastime. But there is undoubtly some arrogance to him, made from his ability and harship. He rarely has time to deal with those he regards as lesser or perhaps even those above him who he view as not worthy. Those people he shows his annoyance with are often the lazy, or those who simply believe by nature of their birth they do not have to work.

However, he is a hard worker. He is a loyal friend who will stick with his comrades. He can devout himself to a cause easily if it grasps him hard enough. He loves deeply, in that he is very much a romantic. He gains the attention of people because his personality demands it, and he tries his best to use that to aide people. He holds some level of caution towards anyone who is a shinigami or quincy as both sides have shown to not like mixed breeds. But as shown from his personal progress he's willing to work with anyone if it furthers his causes, he's not much for personal gain. Everything he does, generally serves another or higher purpose. The only exception to this was his personal pursuit of his origins.

That being said, he is extremely intelligent. As much as he reps hard work, there is undeniably some genius to him. Or stubbornness. He taught himself the rudimentary understanding of Rishi manipulation and turned that into his Quincy powers through the internet and books. His military knowledge and bearing is particularly important to him. Any well disciplined soldier, or squad, gains his immediate respect. Grudge wise, he can hold a few.

He derives a satisfaction from combat, understanding it can be a bloody affair. But there is a glory to it in his eyes, to wager one's life. To make the highest gambles and come out on top or lose with sufficent grace. He believes it to be no truer showcase of one's morals, beliefs, and person than that. That being said, he rarely ever kills with his Quincy powers. In fact, when he does it leaves it deeply disturbed. The voiding of life, rendering a soul nothing, is something which has and still shakes him. If he was to see a Quincy use their powers without care for a soul, it would most likely send him into a rage.

I. History

» History:

The Testament of Joshua Palliser

This is the life of Joshua Palliser as told in his words before, during, and after his time within His Majesty The King service. Everything I've written here is to the best of my knowledge truthful, and a recounting of my time on this mortal earth.

I was born to the first child of Jonathan and Amida Palliser, who I believed to be relatively normal parents. It would be years later in my life, I would realize that my parents linage was not of the normalcy I expected. Before I was a soldier within the King's Army, Knight of the Red, or even a Legionnaire I was a boy who grew up in a modest hovel of a home. We where not blessed with wealth, but my mother was gifted with an extreme tenacity or what I would call headstrong I inherited. My father was a man of supreme endurance and patience, at times I believed he saw the world far different than me.

I would come to learn, in time, that he did quite literally.

My childhood, just like my home, was an austere upbringing. Food was not plentiful, but it was there never in abundance. I learned to hate idleness from a young age, deciding to keep myself occupied by the presence of other kids or school work. My siblings had not been born yet, so I often found myself merely growing bored. I took very quickly to whatever schooling I was provided, I would not rate myself a genius but my understanding of the world around me was far higher than the typical child. I found however, my interests laid with other children.

I was rather popular as a child, I lacked the wealth of the upper class but I held charms. I was a blonde hair'd blue eye'd boy in Africa. I was bound to be exotic, and complex to the mind of the average African child. As I grew older I came to understand people followed those with confidence, who held that special charm of mere magnetism. I rarely didn't get along with people, I was friendly there was nothing to it. I held not a single bone of malice in my body in my younger years, needless to say such things would change as I grew older.

I will not dwell much on my siblings or my middling years. I had three other siblings, two brothers and a sister all whom I love dearly. That being said I must admit in these pages, I do feel some.. regret in the gaps of our time together. I spent much of my time with those of my age, or involved in activities. For all my charms, brains, and physicality I was a poor African boy with no higher prospects. Keep in mind, this was before the formation of the Great Iron Banner. By the time I reached the age of eighteen I had fully committed myself to my studies and activities seeking to gain a scholarship, at the time in 2413 such a thing may have proven relatively easy for well mannered student in Japan or America.

But I was a poor child of a family with no name, no wealth, and nothing other than what I was naturally born with. So despite my best efforts I received no support, and although my parents tried to convince my to accept their savings I decided against it. So I did what any poor, honest, man did. I enlisted within the Vanguard, with the hopes of obtaining enough money to secure a decent living. Perhaps that fateful choice was what led me on the course of what I am, to discovering who I truly was.

Within the Vanguard I saw the rise of common men, and the fall of villains. A back and forth struggle between the forces of good and evil. Of foreign invaders encroaching upon the Earth we where entitled to. I bare no regrets no shame for the acts I've committed in the name of Humanity. Let that be a forewarning to what is to come, and a cautionary to those who seek to imitate me.

I went through the training one does within the Vanguard, taught all the tactics and techniques a modern soldier would need to thrive within the Initiative. I remember the plane ride to Karakura, Japan a place so far from home that I had no idea what to expect. I had to learn a new language, culture, people. It was a long way from the relatively small town, if not village, I lived in. I won't spend much time on the training methods of the Organization which lives on in spirit now. But for what it is worth, they trained me well.

I wasn't a mere soldier, I was a first responder. The thing about the Initiative people often neglected was we where the first faces someone in crisis saw. Natural disasters, chaotic fallout, or anything which required people to grit their teeth and go in we did that. I helped a lot of people, far more than I hurt. No matter what legacy remains of the Vanguard, let it be known in this that they deserve far more honor than they are given.

I served three years within the organization, gaining some level of fame among the common ranks. It was not through raw power in which I gained the recognition but work. The small building blocks of reputation came from individual actions taken, simply doing the right thing regardless of the risk to one's self. Ironically, I had forgotten the very reason I joined was only temporary until I found a better source of income. I would not say I loved the work, but it brought a level of content within me that was hard to replace. However, until that point I was but a common man no more powerful than the average soldier.

It was not until I was twenty ,where the flower of your had not quite faded, where I discovered something beneath my humanity. As the years went by I noticed small increases in my strength, the basic ebb and flow of spiritual particles which where now plentiful. It was not known to me at the time, but as I have later discovered within me ran the blood of a Quincy. Something which grew stronger as I myself pushed myself. It was not until I went and got a physical check up with a doctor of the Vanguard that it appear'd my genetics and the interaction of my spiritual energies with the world was similar if not identified to mixed blood Quincies.

Needless to say, I had some questions for Ma' and Pa'.

A trip back home was a welcomed affair, truthfully I hadn't been back since I left. Not out of an malice or ill will but due to the state of the world, I was often away doing one operation or another. People always needed help, and there was conflict across the globe. One that was destined to be brief unbeknownst to me. I went home and was greeted with all the fan fare one would respect of the returning son, seeing how my siblings had grown was quite endearing. In the time that passed however, I soon began to see how different we had all become. There was little time to deal with that, as when I finally had my parents alone I confronted them.

It was here that I would gain some news which was both life changing, and at the same time almost dull. My father admitted that he used to be a Quincy of some power, in his younger days he spent it gallivanting around. He sought challenges and one of those happened to be a shinigami. It was almost night and day the shift when my mother told me she was a shinigami, the stark shift in attitude to one of almost.. crudeness. The mild-mannered lady had settled to describe in visceral detail, which has scarred me to this day, of how they met and the events which led to my creation.

I will spare you the details.

By the end of the discussing it was clear that I was not merely a human, but the crossbreed between a former Kenpachi and a Quincy of some skill. Both who skills and power had laxed over time, their only real request of me was to keep the details hidden from my siblings. Not wishing to disturb the lie they had so carefully built, and against my better judgement.. I kept the lie. It may not seem a big issue to some, such a white lie perhaps may even protect them. But for me, to lie to them when I had knowledge of such a key aspect of them has disturbed me to this day. Perhaps should this ever see the light of day, I.. hope they can forgive me.

To have hidden such a key part of who you are, or even if you regard it as a minor part, to hide it rattles the nerves.

But my reunion and the time to process such events passed. For something momentous had occurred, a conflict which threatened to elope the world in it's madness. Australia. A war which caused no amount of suffering, no amount of pain. As demigods fought for control, those caught between the crossfire where none other than us mere mortals. I could write an entire volume on the deeds witness, of the unsung heroes who names will never be mention'd among those of Shadin Yuudeshi, Zin Yuudeshi, or Tsubasa Unabara. Then again, time has not treated the last name kindly.

I personally served near the gold coast, mostly dealing with the costly engagements. In such a hot zone of combat I suppose it was only a matter of time before my powers manifested in some way or form. It was during the final days of the conflict, where things where beyond any semblance of gaining a real victory. Me and a contingent of operatives where tasked with an evacuation of a nearby shelter, word had came down that things where going to get hellish real soon. Needless to say there wasn't enough time to safely get people out, and we had to make time. The longest firefight of my life, between energy blasts being thrown back and forth and suicidal charges. Twenty five hours we held out, waiting for ships to arrive to take out the last vestiges of humanity. At some point I recall running out of ammo, and our super powered individuals sapping their most crucial reserves of energy.

It had never occurred to me, how close to death I came that day. As the senior ranking official I made the order that not soldier wishes to hear, to prepare for melee combat. Keep in mind that most of the people I had with me where simply trained soldiers, who relied on their firepower to help them than super powers. While we had a few people of power with us, they had become near depleted. But we had a duty, one which I almost regretted at that point to protect those innocent folk.

Up until that point I had never truly gotten into personal combat, into a melee in which everything you where was placed on the line. To know that you where gambling your life on your training and tenacity, for something one truly believed in. To know that the slightest misstep may extract the highest price. Some rat faced man, perhaps possessed by demonic forces or simply a depraved human of the Monsuta, was the thing which greeted me in the melee. Possessing strength which did not match his body, his first strike thundered against my body with such force I felt I was struck with a battering ram. With force which should break bone, and tear flesh, I found myself alright. Perhaps a bit winded and bruised but not nearly as dead as one might think.

I had not realized it, but in that moment my lineage may have well saved my life.

I would not myself time to ponder, for I had to act. I had learned, how to most effectively strike a man to disable him. And in the most extreme cases, kill him. He held power, but I was well trained. In a moment of clarity, and focus, which I should not have possessed I move with intensity and speed which I had never had before. In but a moment the knife blade found it's self jammed upward under their chin, as I for the first time witnessed a man die by my hand. In two years of service, I had never truly seen my actions kill another. Perhaps I had, but never confirmed to this degree.

His eyes betrayed a look of shock. His body seized up, the strength he once had faded quickly. He grasped upon my clothing, it was not anger I saw but confusion. A fading into the abyss, and then nothing as he went limp releasing my clothing. It was here where I came to a revelation about myself, one which in the future led me to where I am currently:

It was a bloody glorious affair.

I was of course taken back by the sheer brutality, but there was a sickening satisfactions to it. To best an enemy, to wager one's life. To win, where the other failed. It lit a fire within me, one which seemed infectious as we entered a bloody fray. Speaking words of encourage, or rather shouting, I rallied the men and we tossed back the foe once more covering ourselves in glory and gore. It was not the killing which I found satisfaction it, for such a thing was at the end of the day saddening, but the challenge. At the end of it all, we stood as victors and heroes escaping that hell.

Yet, for all the honors and glory we still lost brothers. Unsung heroes who held the line against an impossible foe in a doomed battle. Those who martyr'd themselves before the saintly martyrs where truly even a thing. As I left Australia a changed man, or perhaps simply seeing myself for who I was, I resolved myself to master these newfound skills within me. If I was to be of two spirits, Quincy and Shinigami, I would need to understand what they where.

Thus began a two year undertaking to truly understand both halves of myself. I was blessed in this time frame to have nothing dramatic happen in the world, as much of my time was not devoted to simply mindless training. No, I spent my time going through the various books and internet. The perks of living in the modern century was most of that hidden knowledge from the dark ages was now brought to the light. Although I could not practically teach myself these things, yet, I found myself at least understanding the nature of my two halves. The history, the powers, and the effects. One half of destruction, and one half of rebirth.

While some had the luxury of teachers, I did not. I often spent my time hunched over a desk reading book or scrolling through the internet. I had to devour whatever information I could about the Quincy, I started with the history. How they rose, and fell, and rose again like the tides of the sea. It was almost prophetic how often a being of extreme power and grace rose from them to only send them back down to the earth worse than before. In time I began to see them not as a people of power, but one often abused for the means of another. I see now why my father kept so much from me.

It took months before I was able to even begin to utilize the power of a quincy, and only in the most base form. Only after hours of intense mediation, of looking inward to understand Rishi did I begin to decipher the laws of the world. I came to understand Quincy powers where not merely an art but a science. One which anyone could learn, despite what the commonly held genetic belief may be. It required focus, and an understand of the laws of reality which seems crazy to write but is only the baby steps.

For those not naturally gifted, I can say, learning the science of the Quincy is a gruelling experience. But eventually you begin to feel it, to understand the flow and ebb. To push here, or here, in order to gain what you need. In time I began to draw that energy in, blobs of energy which over the course of hours and days began to form into something. A weapon, made of reishi. In the texts it was often described as a bow, but for myself it slowly materialized into a light blue sword. Almost translucent.

But before my self-training and teaching could progress, something unexpected happened. A war, a war for Iceland. I won't bore you with the historical details but what you must know is three things happened for myself. The first being I met the future King Desmond Hayden. I was apart of the squad who evac'd him after his fight, and protected a city held by the Vanguard. The second being, I used my powers for the first time ever, and the last being the effect it held on me. Near the ending of the conflict SF launched a counter-offensive and while we held out for quite some time the fighting lasted longer than expected. It turned to a melee.

The feeling of dread which washes over a man when he sees he's empty on ammunition is a feeling I wish upon no one.

So I summon'd the sword, the almost translucent blade which I held only the basest amount of confidence in. I was not formally trained to use a sword, and relied more on simply being a physical stud than anything else. I won't lie and say I slew over a hundred demons, I had but two encounters before the wave was repelled. The first was a rat faced bastard who came at me with some type spike protrusion coming from his forearm, who fought like a mad man. When I finally gained the upper hand and ran him through, I found two things to hit me.

The first, was he died.

The second, was this cold feeling which washed over me. Like I had done something irreversible, something which would never be fixed. A dread which consumed me as a daunting realization struck me. That for the first time, I had not merely killed a man. Or monster. I had wiped clean their existence, all they where or would ever be. Everything, gone. Like a black void which now filled the world. A chill ran through my body, as for the first time in my life I wanted to weep for my enemy.

I knew this man to be a monster, made of sin and energy. But there was a realization, something deep inside of me, which was disturbed by the action. Like a part of me was screaming in pain.

I would not have time to dwell on such a matter, for assault me on my right was another demon. Training kicked in, and he was dealt with. The same feeling washed over me. That dread, that void, that emptiness.

It still does.

Iceland war ended, and the world was more fractured than ever. I'd like to say I spent a good amount of that time after the war training. I did however I made some interesting friends during that war, and one of them had taken notice of me. Desmond Hayden had a grand plan, something which at the time seemed impossible. Out right stupid. He wanted to go in and turn Africa, the Hollow infested poor continent, into a global superpower to contest SF rule. And it all started with clearing Ethiopia and Somalia of their hollow problems and instituting a new government.

At the time, it seemed like a gamble for power. One which I barely know why I agreed. I knew he was a man of action, and in that I found some solace. A soldier, like myself, taking matters into his hands. Thats why we followed him. Thats why we all still do. So I found myself taking part in the largest independent hollow clean up in the world, done outside of our Vanguard duties. By this point, I had grown comfortable with my Quincy powers to the point where I even was playing around with larger scale Rishi absorption. I preferred to finish my enemies off with conventional weapons, I.. felt wrong simply destroying souls.

But we did it, and with it came the nations in tow. Over the course of months Desmond Hayden turned his idea into a full fledged movement. He created infrastructure, recruited the best, and invested into the people. Admitted, my home was in Africa before all this so to see it flourishing was no small feat. I had proven myself to the now King, and he offered me all the things a low born boy like me could dream of. I was given title, and power. I was knighted along with so many. I was a protector of Vastime now, and reservist within the Vanguard.

I was able to now get help with the second part of my life, and that was the shinigami side. And I wasn't the closet to the King but he held enough power to at least get me a competent teacher, one who understand the inner trappings of a shinigami. Over the new few months, I spent as much time adjusting to my new life as I had trying to figure out how to tap into whatever latent shinigami power I had. The answer laid in my spirit weapon, which by this point had... matured. It was no longer thin, but a full blown sword if not a bit dramatic.

My powers, as a Quincy and shinigami where tied to such a weapon. That inside of it, was perhaps a manifestation of my soul waiting to bloom. I, for lack of better words, spent months meditating. Not all at once, but a good majority of my time was spent in seclusion. It is a strange task communing with a weapon, as if you're trying to speak to an object while not thinking of it as an object. My teacher said, I had disharmony with my weapon. That for me, it was an object and not a being. That I fear'd it's power.

He was right, of course. But I did not take well to that.

Before I could actually make any progress another conflict broke out, perhaps something which was merely inevitable. The Moon Massacre as we so apt'ly decide to call it. An event which set forth a flurry of things, and all resounding from the Death of Azure Iramasha. I had my fair share of fighting on the moon, Vastime and the Vanguard where on good terms at the very least. My powers, Quincy wise, had become something could rely upon. I had not only power, but the experience to use it. Because I took the harder path, it was really.. child's play to apply it.

Once everything was settled, I can't say how well His Majesty took the death of Azure. But what I can say should this see the light of day, is that it sparked something in the King. Shortly after the whole affair, I was approached by some individuals representing the King. Dark Operatives. I was offered the chance to 'Serve humanity like none before.' I accepted. Of course. And that was me signing my life unto The Legionary Project.

The Legionary project was a project which consisted of selecting individuals based on their performance record, spiritual qualities, and genetics for biological enhancement. There was no promise things would be alright, but we where compensated and a promise our families would 'want for nothing.' When my day for the trials came I was brought unto a surgical table, and well.. I don't the exacts of it due to being hopped on some god awful meds. But what I do know was I spent three weeks hospitalized as my body was broken down internally and rebuilt. Muscle growing stronger by the day, sinew made stronger than steel. My reflexes brought to inhuman levels through raw biology. Bone like Titanium.

It was hell, and I like many others where made science projects. Many died. But those who survived, those few hundred, where now among the greatest Vastime had. I was not merely a capable soldier, but now something else. My strength, speed, height, intellectual capacity, all made better. I'm nearly seven feet tall now!

When I finally recovered I underwent a new regime of training with four other Legionaries as we where supposed to work in tandem. That was the whole idea behind the project, small teams comprised of extraordinary individuals who could be deployed in a moment's notice. To deal with all those massive threats not as a singular individual but a pack designed to bring anything down. Even the King, should he ever go rogue. I was also outfitted with a new armor, outfitted with the latest technology afforable to the Kingdom.

We operated in the dark, and for the most part where silent. Small operations done which grew our experience as a team. Things like dealing with the Monsuta invasion, the counter terrorist operations, and the Shadowfall interdiction missions we performed are nearly all classified. I became so busy I had fallen behind in my study of the Shinigami ways, often relying more on the innate Quincy powers I learned. But eventually, I did make time. As the world prepared to head into it's most devastating war, I needed to fully enter into this prepared. So I let my command know, that I needed time to train. I was afforded a month before the war kicked off for Vastime, and with that I went into Solitude.

My strength the past years had increased, considerably. But from what I understood my spirit weapon was not merely something I obtained by power. A respect was needed. It would be the first time I entered the so called Inner World, and mines was.. surprising. When I entered into my world I found myself nearly burnt to death, the intense heat all around me was blinding. It was as if I was smothered by the sun it's self. I burned, and burned, like I was condemn'd to hell. It was not pleasant, at all.

Eventually, the fires would subside as if I had been punished enough. The flames remained, and as I looked around it looked as if I walked on the sun it's self. Flames and energy flickered around me. Washing over me but not destroying me, as my eyes fell upon a man surrounded by flames. No discernible features, only the outline of a man on fire. He extended a hand towards me, and with it a flame sword appear'd. It was quite biblical. It uttered a singular word, or name, towards me. On which held power, and at the very least alerted me to that fact my weapon held some respect for me.


Ironic. My brother's nick name is that.

Once I grasped the blade, I knew that my shinigami powers where in some shape or form connected to me now. Rudimentary, not all that together. But it was there, in what others called Shikai. I have a quite long way to go to mastering them. So I spent the reminder of my time cultivating that Shikai and along with it my own energy. Even though I had the modifications to make me something transhuman, I lacked in the department of the soul. Many energies in the world ran of soul power, and if I wished to actually grow in that capacity I would not to stretch myself dry multiple times.

I would activate my Shikai within the training rooms provided to us Legionaries, fighting androids synthesized through soul materials. I would grow to understand my Shikai abilities and create my own complex fighting style with it, the intricacies of my Comet, Flare, and Nova all aiding me in their own ways. Training one's soul was much different than anything else, I felt drained but in a different way. Pushed to the limits, I managed to at least gain some true understand of the mechanics of my Shikai. It was not perfect. But in time, I felt I had a reasonable energy level to draw upon.

It would be enough for then and now, as I had a war to fight. When I returned back to my duty station, I was deployed with Vastimian forces to France. I fought on the beaches with my squad, taking out key locations of demonic forces. We cut a bloody swathe through their lands, and I did so with Holy Fire. I had come to embrace my Quincy side, and the dread of taking a soul was replaced. I would only use such a power when needed, when someone deserved it. And the demons who occupied my Earth, deserved it.

The war is still fresh in all minds, and I did my part. I served. I fought through Europe on a hidden front, destroying Shadowfall supply and key locations with my team. By the time Shadowfall had withdrawn, I had expected it. They'd be fools to die for this rock. When I returned home I half expected to retire, until I was approached by not the King but Atlas D'al Decter, The Hound of Vastime. He offered me one more chance to serve, but it would require the biggest sacrifice to date. I would be undertaking a new identity. My records, purged. Given a new life as a citizen of France. A mixed blood Quincy seeking to join the Vandenreich.

I would be a spy for Vastime within the Vandenreich. I would need to let go of my old life, learn a new language. A new life. Memorize the details. There would be no room for error. It was perhaps a strange twist of fate, but I agreed. I do not know why entirely, perhaps I'll find answers to who I am. My place. I am a soldier, and there still are was to be fought. And I feel this may be my biggest one yet.

So regardless if I fail or succeed, let this testament be my last writings as Joshua Palliser. Let it be known this was my life. Maybe one day I will return, but until then I am Euriel Sancroix. A new recruit within the Vandenreich.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Lorica III: The armor of a legionary is custom made for the user, through a neutral interface. Fully equipped with an A.I. which is fed into the back of the helmet is a stable environmental suit capable of withstanding attacks from S class individuals. While providing a moderate to sizable increase to raw strength and speed. It also provided real time battlefield updates, medical info, and environmental information. As of now, his armor is currently stashed in a nondescript location. There is a homing beacon attached to it, with the press of a button on his holo-watch he can summon to him or track.

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Abilities:

Biologically Enhanced: Joshua Palliser underwent grueling surgery and therapy to have his physical body enhanced far beyond that of a normal human. His muscle growth and strength has increased aiding him in super human feats. The sinew within his body has been altered with an organic steel like material which can rapidly constrict and release for extreme burst of power. The bones in his body have been hardened with an almost titanium like material, aiding in a more durable bone system. His internal organs have been enhanced to deal with most poisonous or toxic mundane materials and provide adequate resistance against supernaturally enhanced ones. His optics have been enhanced to detect small finer movements and tracking, while also providing low light vision. Should he find himself mortally wounded his body will rapidly clot the area, allow him to survive dismemberment or gruesome injuries. These modifications where done in mind with modern detection in mind, so extreme lengths where taken to ensure these modifications are nearly undetectable save for extreme internal probing.

Military Experience: Joshua has with him nearly a decade of military experience, training, and tactics under his belt. From his time abroad in the Vanguard, Vastime, and Lux Orior he has picked up all types of soldiering. This practical experience has helped him to devise plans, think tactically, and always have some sort of contingency in place battle wise. This sometimes translate to civilian side, such as discipline. This strong base of training with a flexible mind allows him a wide array of options.

Rishi Manipulation: His Quincy linage offers him some level of control over rishi, but most of that was cultivated over the years. From his humble beginnings the male has some finer control over rishi manipulation. By no means a master but far above the average Quincy who has had training. This can be attributed to actively using such things in combat. Most of his focus however goes into absorbing rishi to make his attacks as energy efficient as possible. His realm of manipulation is small, but his absorption range is quite large.

Rishi Absorption: Like stated in the above, Joshua true talent lays in how well he absorbs surrounding energy. He often uses the latent energy exuded by his enemies attack, or allies, and feeds it into his own as excess. Allowing him to minimized his own energy consumption and maximizing the effect. The idea is simple, but the complex action of taking in energy and quickly filtering it has taken years to master. It is his hallmark and most likely the thing he shall continue to develop. With that said, his absorption range for Rishi if uncontested can encompass city the size of New York.

Blut: Joshua Palliser holds little to not skill in Blut.

Deductive Skills: Joshua has shown that he has a keen intellect, but most of it simply lies in his deductive reasoning. Given a task, puzzle, or riddle he can make short work of it. His mind seems to run things rather logically when left to his devices, similar to how he viewed the Quincy powers as a science. With that in mind, he often uses these skill to help him figure out an enemy weakness or a gap in logic he may be missing.

Hardened Will: Many people believe themselves to be born with an innately strong will power, or reserve. For Joshua it was a bit different in that his was cultivated time and time again by suffering. He underwent some of the hardest training on the planet to get to where he is, served across multiple wars and lost friends alike. His will has been condensed in a ball, and when he sets his mind to task he will move hell or high water. He may not succeed the first, second, or third time but he shall persist on until he does.

Superb Focus: His powers by their very nature require an intense focus, to manipulate the energies of the world in a tangible form. This goes double with his birth considering his two opposing natures. But it does not end there. To remove one's self emotionally is no easy task but in times of high demand, he can do so. It's not particularly a zen state, but a battle focus. A man set to task. His aim improves, his reflexes, and the finite control over Rishi.

Hybridization: It is a fact he is a hybrid, and with that comes pros and cons. Joshua is lucky to have access to a spirit weapon in the from of a sword. A natural Zanpakatou and focus for his quincy powers. But he does not excel in every fashion. While his zanjutsu, rishi absorption, and raw destructive output in exponentially increasing he lacks in the areas of Blut, Kido, Spellcraft, and most other essentially Quincy and Shinigami skills. While he could certainly devout his time to doing so, the more obscure arts REQUIRE teaching by someone of skill. At times, straining both powers has an adverse effect on his soul. It takes effort, and time, to keep his soul synchronize.

Letz Stil: Uriel's Letz Stil is rather simple, following the traditional power increase that is associated with it. Much of this power is focused on augmenting his pre-existenting Shinigami powers, augmenting all his related physical attributes, Zanpakatou abilities, and releases. This might normally prove straining on the soul, but due to his high soul-synchronization due to his high Focus these effects are not something he normally worries about.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Sol

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Sol appear's as a man encased in fire, his features undetectable right now. He stands roughly seven feet tall, with the frame of a athletic lean male. His aura exudes a heat to it which can change based on his mood from comforting fireplace to blazing hot infernal seeking to devour you.

» Inner World: Literally the surface of a star.

» Zanpakutô Appearance:

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:

Heat Generation: When Sol is drawn from it's sheathe the sword can exude heat which is proportional to the energy reserves Joshua can access. The heat can increase with the more energy he puts into it, the higher scale becoming far more draining to maintain. He can of course decrease or cease the heat entirely.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Cast your gaze, and sacrifice your sight, Sol."

» Shikai Release Action: Joshua lifts Sol into the air in a directly vertical action.

» Shikai Appearance:


» Shikai Abilities:

Comet: The first ability of his Shikai is called Comet, and is aptly named. At the tip of his sword a condensed ball of flame is made, perhaps no bigger than a rock and no larger than a beach ball. This ball then flies forward at a speed at the height of what he himself can move. Once it smashes into a surface it remains embedded into that surface, entirely self-contained. Of course anything making contact with the ball burns accordingly. He can replicate this technique multiple times and in fact, send multiple up to ten at once.

Flare: The second ability of his Shikai is merely named flare, which is but a utility of sort. From the comet he activate flare in which one of the balls or multiple explode in a blinding light doing minimal damage. These light can be so intense, it can cause permanent blindness if simply looked upon by most normal people. However, we supernatural beings. So the more balls he flares, the bigger the effect.

Nova: The third ability of his Shikai, from Comet he can activate Nova. In which the balls explode rather violently spewing hot solar fire upon the area in a radius. This ability is unique in that it grows in power based on the time of day. At it's weakest being midnight the attack does what is essentially half of what a normal caliber attack for his shikai would do. Damaging sure. But not anywhere near impressive as it could be. At high noon, this attack does double and can be quite devastating if unprotected. Alternative, if there was some reason a sun or star was in close proximity to him which is at least somewhat comparable to the real Sun they may have an effect on the ability.

Solar Flame Manipulation: Simply put, he can now manipulate the flames and heat generated from his sealed state. It is essentially fire, and carry with it any properties which solar flames may have which are not world ending. This technique, also grows in power based off the time of day. Half effectiveness at midnight and double effectiveness at high noon.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Bankai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Bankai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Bankai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their bankai?]

» Bankai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Bankai?]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Untrained

Racial Skills

  • Blue:[/b] Untrained
  • Spellcraft: Untrained
  • Spirit Weapon: Advanced
  • Reishi Absorption: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Elite


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