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 William Cadmus Helios [Hazard Rank F | 5-3 Quincy]

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William Cadmus Helios [Hazard Rank F | 5-3 Quincy]  Empty
Subject Post 1PostSubject: William Cadmus Helios [Hazard Rank F | 5-3 Quincy]    William Cadmus Helios [Hazard Rank F | 5-3 Quincy]  EmptyWed May 13, 2020 10:24 am

Coding In Template By:


Quincy Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: William Cadmus Helios
» Titles: The Son/Sun of Namibia
» Age: 28
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: No

» Physical Appearance Description: William is known for dressing eccentrically. His colorful attire stands out against the Namibian sands, but not so much compared to the tribal and cultural outfits of those he grew up with. Matching his scarf is a pink and purple headband with a stark white feather sticking up on either side of William's skull. Atop said skull is a thick mane of wavy golden hair. On his torso Will wears a white long sleeve shirt with a heavy kevlar breastplate, which is always tucked into his pants. Atop this is a blue flight jacket with gold accents tightened around his wrists by metal bracers. Lastly Will wears a pair of fingerless blue gloves that match his jacket and that have a small metal plate on the back of each. Tightened by a blue leather belt, Will's pants are white with golden accents and are airy enough to keep him cool in the desert. These pants are kept closed at the bottom by a blue wrapping which also covers the tops of his boots. This, along with his bracers and tucked in shirt, is meant to keep sand out of any crevices it could find its way into. Finally, Will has heavy knee pads which help with hard landings and protect him in fights. In terms of physical features, Will is a large muscular man standing at 6'2" and weighing in around two hundred and twenty pounds. His hard features and callused hands come from a lifetime of difficult work in the Namibian desert.

» Physical Appearance Image: William Cadmus Helios [Hazard Rank F | 5-3 Quincy]  8a0a705da3352257d7a7294caceac6ac

II. Personality Traits

» Personality: William is a man of many layers due to his complicated upbringing and years of living in solitude. At first one would notice his general distrust of strangers, often being unwilling to hear them out. His usual interaction with a new person is shrugging them off and telling them to go away, or leaving himself. In his line of work, newcomers are often bad news and as a result even seemingly well-intentioned strangers are met by a cold shoulder. Will isn't mean though, he just refuses to be taken advantage of or be seen as a target by shady individuals. If one were to get past this initial coldness they would be met by a somewhat serious, albeit goofy persona with a love for freedom and self-determination.

After spending his childhood under the thumb of his abusive father, Will greatly appreciates the ability to do as he pleases and is a major reason why he was drawn to his current line of work. Working as a scrapper unafraid to walk the gray line of legality has also meant the few relationships he has formed with others have been disposable. If someone he's deemed an acquaintance or ally slights him in some way, Will is fine with parting ways with them for purposes of self preservation. Unfortunately this has had to happen on multiple occasions. As for goofiness, William's sometimes-lackadaisical attitude causes him to say dumb jokes or puns others may not find appropriate. Being jokey does not stop him from understanding the seriousness of situations though. Will can switch from indifferent to earnest at the drop of a hat which can throw people through a loop if they are unused to his behavior.

In both serious and calm situations Will is always scanning not only people but the environment around him as well, always looking for an out. In his experience being cornered is the worst possible situation, a realization he came to by being backed against a wall many times. Opposing scrappers, coastline pirates, and government agents have often given him trouble and put Will in difficult situations. Through these experiences he has built up this hyper-observant trait, which makes him more dangerous and capable than one might expect even in precarious scenarios. While it cannot be said Will is the most intelligent man out there, his know-how and years of experience dealing with unscrupulous and scheming individuals has sharpened his ability to read situations and people. This has made him acutely aware of people's emotional states including and especially whether they are being honest or not. Will is not infallible but he has found in many cases his intuition has been effective when dealing with others. The downside of this is by treating people almost like lab rats, there for his observation alone, everyone has been kept at an arm's length even when he doesn't mean to. This has especially made it difficult to maintain friendships, as already stated.

William has rationalized his behavior to himself over the years. Believing self preservation and personal freedom to be most important and that other people just stifle those things means he has not really looked introspectively to determine the validity of these conclusions, and has ironically stifled his own growth. On top of this William often thinks hes much smoother than he actually is, usually leading to comedic moments where he gets shot down or outright ignored. Despite all the aspects of his personality that make him seem easygoing or nonchalant, in truth there is a seething rage deep beneath the surface of the mask Will has built up over the years. The same anger that killed his overbearing father has stuck around all this time later. If pushed and pushed, he may just explode and destroy everything around him including what few connections he has with people. This wrath is all-encompassing and not usually directed at anything in particular which makes it particularly dangerous because it means it will concentrate on whatever issue he is dealing with at the time of eruption. Years of abuse and loneliness has culminated in a rage that if unleashed on someone is both unfair to them and difficult to stop. Will knows this anger exists and has created an emotional mask of sorts to prevent it from bubbling to the surface and swallowing everything whole. This facade can likely be seen through by an attentive enough or keen-eyed person but nonetheless it exists. If called out on it its likely Will would be caught off guard and fumble a bit but would eventually collect himself and question why it matters who he is to the person due to his distrust of others.

Outside of his outward personality there are other aspects besides anger that reside within his character. One such trait is his somewhat repressed superiority complex. Despite his best efforts to override this part of himself, the ego-expanding tutelage, no matter how abusive, led to an inflated sense of self worth. It doesn't help that practically every difficult situation he has found himself in has been overcome through his own ability and not that of others. The other side of that coin though is why hes so careful about strangers as anyone or anything could result in struggles for him, which Will has experienced many times. Still it could be said this pride informs subconsciously every decision he makes whether he likes it or not, which itself often leads to difficulties.

A combination of all these things, particularly his love of personal freedom, immense inner hatred, superiority, and issues with his father has culminated in both a subconscious and active distaste for authorities. This applies to those in power at all levels. Will's distrust of strangers is amplified in regards to authority figures which has made his interactions with police and government agents especially difficult. This isnt to say its impossible for him to get along with someone ranked above a manservant but committing himself to any kind of greater purpose or organizational body would be a strenuous process resulting in a tenuous relationship with those above him at best. At the end of the day Will has learned to look out for himself above all others. While this has allowed him to survive in a location called "The Gates of Hell" and described as "The Land God Made in Anger", it has not done much for his social skills or allowed him to develop relationships that could benefit him in the long term. It would take someone of tremendous influence on him to turn this tide and help him grow which while not impossible, is perhaps improbable in his current circumstance.

Perhaps Will's lack of exposure to people greater than himself in charisma, ability or aspiration is what continues to hold him back and should he meet someone that matches this criteria he could change, but as it stands he is what he is.

III. Character History

» History In the year 2390 there was much conflict in the world, nearly as much as there is today. While there was plenty of global unrest what matters most to this story is the goings-on of the port city Thessaloniki, Greece. Like any other decent sized city in the world, Thessaloniki had its fair share of problems despite the very advanced technology and advancements which had helped the average person's welfare improve. One issue it faced, and perhaps the most relevant to William's past, was the ever-increasing number of incidents involving Hollows. Compared to centuries prior the quantity of attacks was incomparable. This fact remained true even for densely populated areas like Thessaloniki, an otherwise thriving port city with tremendous historical and strategic value. At this time with the advent of domed cities, Thessaloniki seemed to be lagging behind in that regard. As such the only defense against Hollow attacks was reactionary in nature. This meant by the time help arrived at scenes of conflict there could already be casualties.

For most people this wasnt an issue as just like with car accidents or murders only a minority of people would become victims. The mentality of "It'll never happen to me, it's other people's problem" ran rampant among the populace. This plague of indifference would spell the doom for many a unaware civilian. One such civilian was an American foreigner by the name of Logan Bishop. This man had been born and raised in the United States and only moved to Greece after being transferred to an international branch of the arms dealer corporation he worked for. In the beginning Logan had a few reservations about working for such a company but the state of affairs in the world mandated the necessity of weapons sales to both governments and private parties alike. This fact was not lost on him and though his family thought differently, he was glad to make enough money to live comfortably away from the major conflict zones of the world. However life wouldn't remain quite so rosy for the immigrant man.

Like many of his neighbors Logan never believed he would get caught up in the conflicts of the supernatural world. On a cool midsummer day Logan found himself making the trek from the office he presided over as VP of sales to a nearby diner he frequented for their specialty lamb gyros. The sudden crash of an enormous body through the old brick wall beside him knocked Logan off his feet and into the road nearby, sending shards of glass sprinkling around him like droplets of rain. Instead of getting wet his skin became coated in tiny scratches as if he'd fallen prey to the ancient Chinese torture death by a thousand cuts, his suit torn apart in multiple places with blood staining it's blue and white surfaces. From the depths of the building Logan thought had fallen on him a hideous roar rang out. Accompanying this scream was the visage of a massive all white behemoth who's face remained hidden behind a distorted mask, though the exact details were hazy to Logan along with everything else at the moment.

Though every fiber of his being screamed to run, flee, escape Logan felt unable to move as if a thousand miles underwater, his sluggish arms barely able to wave aimlessly in front of him. At the sound of another earsplitting CRASH he fully believed his death was inevitable and imminent. Yet it never came. Instead a strong hand gripped his own and pulled, yanking him into a sitting position. "Are you ok?" could just be made out through the noisy ringing still swallowing his hearing. Unbeknownst to Logan the creature itself, known as a Hollow among the spiritual world, had collided with him which was the major cause of the damage done.

As his apparent savior repeated those words of worry Logan's vision slowly began clearing. With the sun shining brightly behind the woman standing above him all he could mutter was the incredibly cliched line "Are you an angel?", which elicited a laugh he believed to be the most beautiful sound he'd ever heard. Directing a question just as much to himself as it was to her, Logan quietly mumbled "What happened...?" before moving his disoriented gaze to his own body splattered with blood before immediately passing out. He'd never done well with blood, or any bodily fluids for that matter.

Later on Logan would come to in a stranger's home now covered in bandages. But it wasn't truly a stranger's home, it belonged to his angelic savior who would introduce herself as Sophia, a Quincy who led a generally normal life while doing what she could to save others from her people's ancient enemy. The existence of Quincy, Hollows, Shinigami, and even Demons was common knowledge in these days so Logan was not totally caught off guard. However as someone who believed himself immune to the problems of the spiritual world it was still shocking to end up in this situation. After introducing himself as well the two hit it off practically immediately. By contacting his workplace Logan was able to get out of work for a few days to recuperate and spent the time with Sophia, learning as much as he could about her. Evidently she was born and raised in Greece by two Quincy parents who were essentially exiles from their people and homeland due to preferring quiet peace to war. These two chose to live far from conflict but still wanted to instill the ability to defend herself in their daughter and so Sophia was raised with all the knowledge of a Quincy warrior monk despite attending regular school and having typical human expectations placed on her.

Logan was enamored with her on an emotional and spiritual level, sensing a connection between the two greater than any he'd ever known. This feeling was reciprocated by the 20-something woman who had saved his life. Their love blossomed quicker than either had imagined it could and come a year later the two were married in an old temple near their home just outside the city limits of Thessaloniki. A few short months later and a test confirmed their greatest hope: Sophia was pregnant! Time flew as their eyes twinkled with hopes, dreams, and love that could only be present in soul mates meant to be together till the end. Soon Sophia gave birth to a bubbly blond baby boy, little Billy Bishop. Sophia explained to her husband the child would likely have the supernatural abilities of her bloodline and while he may be different from those around him, they could raise him in peace without worrying about Quincy teachings. Logan agreed though raised the point it may still be important to let him decide for himself when he comes of age. Though the two weren't entirely on the same page about this, neither allowed it to affect their family and simply put it off until Billy was older.

Their bliss lasted but a short year longer as soon enough everything would change. As Billy passed his first birthday the following summer saw a rampant outbreak of Hollow attacks in Thessaloniki and surrounding areas. It seemed as if every other day a distressed soul transformed into one of the hideous beasts which had haunted the world for centuries.

On a particularly hot afternoon Logan was coming home from the local market with Billy in the backseat, strapped in safe and sound. However 'safe and sound' could hardly describe the scene they witnessed upon reaching their modest suburban home. Half the house had been blown apart and the remaining structure tottered precariously as if ready to crumble at any moment. "SOPHIA!!" screamed Logan as he sprinted from the driver's seat. A flash of light and a following roar indicated a battle of some kind was ongoing within the house but by the time Logan entered only the aftermath remained. A Hollow consisting of dozens of appendages tipped with razor sharp blades and a shattered mask lay strewn across the floor while nearby Sophia continued gasping for breath. As Logan approached he noticed the two blades sticking grotesquely through her abdomen as Sophia coughed miserably through a torrent of blood filling her lungs. It was clear he would not get a chance to save her as she'd done for him as the light had already left her eyes by the time he kneeled next to her. Logan sat with her and wept until the authorities arrived and forced him away to recover her body, no longer impaled as the Hollow's spirit body had since dissipated.

Refusing to accompany the police or ambulance Logan simply sat in his car for hours with Billy still in the backseat entirely unaware of what occurred. This lasted through the night until Logan suddenly woke, his forehead sore from resting against the driving wheel. With no idea of what to do or where to go, except knowing he could not stay in Thessaloniki any longer, he put the car into drive and pushed forward leaving behind his home and memories of it in the rear view mirror. After making a quick pit stop to withdraw all the money in his shared account Logan immediately bought a plane ticket for the soonest departure and boarded the plane with his young son.

Hours later they landed in a Hellishly hot building that could barely be considered an active airport in its current state. "Namibia..." A land so desolate it essentially consisted of the capital city Windhoek and little else despite being the size of Spain. To most outsiders it was an abyss, to Logan it was the perfect corner of the world far from his nightmares. After converting as much of his currency as possible the two found a small apartment they could stay in temporarily. It was on this night Logan turned to his son and proclaimed him to not be Billy Bishop, the child of a dead mother and haunted father, but William Cadmus Helios. Mighty hero of the Sun.

Any doubts his father had of raising him as a Quincy were vanquished as now Logan sought to turn him into a warrior capable of defeating any Hollow, or anything else for that matter, as a beacon of light like Sophia had been to him in his time of need. For this reason only a few days passed before Logan took his son on a perilous trek through the Namibian desert to the most difficult and inhospitable locale in the world: The Skeleton Coast, "The Land God Made in Anger". It was here Logan would begin the training of his son in earnest. Even as a young child he figured the boy could be trained rigorously given his bloodline, and as time passed he even began to see young William as a savior of sorts with unlimited potential for power. Unbeknownst to him, as he did not possess the ability to determine spiritual power levels, William was only slightly above average for his age and even if pushed and pushed would not end up as world-saving hero. Instead he merely developed a hatred of his father who had turned to alcohol to get him through the days spent physically and emotionally abusively pushing William to unlock some sort of mysterious growth. On the Skeleton Coast there are few sources of food and fewer of fresh water with civilization hundreds of miles away. Only the occasional trader could offer any kind of respite from the brutal hunger and thirst Logan and his son felt. Yet it was through this struggle both grew, the former as a dictatorial tyrant obsessed with unlocking his son's potential and the latter as a survivor of abuse and oppression.

While William was still a child on multiple occasions he would be abandoned in the middle of nowhere and expected to find his way back to their shelter without any support from his father. During these treks he developed a respect and fondness for the abandoned rusted out ships and structures dotting the desert even miles inland. Though often picked clean by raiders or traders on rare occasions William was able to find relics of the past hidden aboard capsized ships from centuries prior. Eventually he amassed a decent collection of trophies and spare parts holding various monetary values. Without his father being aware, William created a hideaway in which he could safely store his finds. One such find was a lone ancient Greek drachma hidden beneath rubble in the pit of a an old ship. Despite the ship's ancient appearance the coin seemed out of place and was likely a trinket owned by one of the passengers. Immediately William found himself drawn to the coin and pocketed it before heading back to shelter.

This unkind "training" would continue for years until by the age of 15 William had already mastered living in this terrible land. Though his anger and resentment for his father had grown too. The duo's friction would come to a head during a particularly cruel and violent outburst by Logan who had by now become a tremendous drunk bent on revenge against the world. It was no longer good enough for his son to grow up to fight Hollows. He would have to take on the entire world because after all if someone else had shown up to save Sophia she would still be alive, but instead was abandoned to die alone. These heightened expectations led to more abuse, and this day he took it out on his son by going through what little could be called his belongings as a supposed lesson to abandon objects to stay focused on training. This led to the discovery of the drachma which Logan mocked the boy for having and promptly took from him. As William pleaded for it to be returned, it being his only real possession, Logan refused and even threatened to leave it in the desert where no one could find it. As William rushed forward his father responded by striking him with the back of his hand, sending the boy crashing into the ground.

The following words would be etched into his mind for years to come "If you want it, take it! You're supposed to be strong and the strong get what they want. So either take what you want or shut up!" This act of dominance was the final straw for a teenager with over a decade of festering hatred growing within his soul. In a burst William's spiritual power expanded rapidly revealing his strength and Quincy heritage. At the same time the coin rapidly heated up causing Logan to drop it and wince from pain. By now William could see with new clarity, specifically the difference between himself and the cowering man before him. His father was wrong about him, he would not be a Hero of the Sun. He would be whatever and whoever he wanted. As his hatred reached its peak and consumed him there was a flash and then nothing as he blacked out.

Over a day later William would wake up on blackened floor feeling tremendous thirst and hunger. Once his eyes adjusted to the sunlight shining in through newly created cracks in the ceiling, his gaze would come to the still-smoking charred remains of his father. For a moment he wondered what had happened before recalling it was he who'd done this, and without a droplet of remorse William dragged himself to his feet, packed what little he could take with him and prepared to leave. Before exiting the crickety shelter a glint in the corner of his eye drew his attention. Partially buried beneath smoldering ash was the coin his father stole from him which he promptly picked up and grasped tight. With his sole possession now in hand William left for his real home, the hideout he'd built away from Logan's tyranny.

After this years would go by as William forged a new life for himself. It was during this time he fully transitioned into becoming a scavenger and scrapper and developed as a fighter as a result. While most of the time he could go about his work uninterrupted, William grew a reputation for efficiency due to his ability to survive in the harsh terrain of the Skeleton Coast longer than most and could go on longer missions as a result. This reputation led to vulture like cretins following him on jobs in the hopes of eliminating him in moments of weakness, but such moments rarely came.

One particularly dangerous group of other scavengers also happened to be raiders. The Kamati Brothers were a duo of well trained and equipped fiendish humans with followers numbering in the dozens. This well-connected crew harassed William at every given opportunity and on multiple occasions even attempted to kill him, usually resulting in multiple raiders with dislocations and broken bones. Still they were never dissuaded.

During the summer of 2418 Will was tipped off to a particularly juicy wreck possibly containing untouched Portuguese silver or gold. Though a bit suspicious of how such a find could still exist in a desert almost entirely picked clean Will figured with no other jobs at the moment he might as well check it out. And so he did. A few days after receiving the tip Will set off from his home base. After a particularly perilous trek through the shifting sands of Namibia Will was greeted by what was essentially a rotted out dingy. Cursing the scum who'd given him the false info Will made the exhausting trip back home and nearly collapsed when he entered the premises. Before he could pass out from fatigue William noticed the hideaway had been ransacked with anything of value stripped away. With the realization of what happened Will scanned his surroundings before the sound of bullets tearing through the thin walls sent him to the ground. It was as if multiple machine guns were barreling down upon his home. The well-built though weak structure was punctured hundreds, no thousands, of times before eventually stopping leaving silence and smoke in the wake.

After a few more minutes went by the front door, barely hanging by its hinges, was cautiously opened by a man Will immediately recognized as a Kamati goon. Stalking the intruder in the darkness, Will sprang to his feet and tackled the man to the ground before delivering a fierce blow to the face rendering him unconscious. The scuffle had largely gone unnoticed by those still outside who after not getting a response from their point man sent two more grunts in. This time Will would be outnumbered and took a more cautious approach by waiting in the shadows until the two intruders got close enough to each other for him to jump from his hiding spot and bash their skulls together sending both crashing to the ground. This time the men outside could hear the commotion and at the signal of their leader, the younger Kamati brother, began tearing the hut apart with gunfire callously ignoring the potential killing of their compatriots. After what felt like a half hour of earsplitting gunfire, but in actuality was closer to just a few minutes,

William peaked through a bullet hole in the wall of his home. Surrounding him was at least a dozen or more well-armed enemies. Because the intruders had entered without guns of their own to avoid providing him a weapon Will was without recourse in this life or death situation. The enemy leader yelled out to him "Come on out William! We don't want to hurt ya!" sending laughter throughout his men.

Desperation clawed at Will's psyche which quickly evolved into rage at the situation and the men who had been bothering and hunting him for years now. Just like over a decade ago with his father his anger and hatred exploded bathing the hideout and surrounding landscape in a blinding light before retracting so that only the inside was lit up. A moment later the front door and two windows blew open. Out of these crevices floated bright orange and yellow orbs like miniature suns gently moving through the air. After approaching the Kamati raiders they remained stock still before a particularly brave grunt walked up and pressed his hand against one. Not living to regret his foolish move the sphere exploded and sent out enough heat to burn the man to a crisp while blinding all those around him. Before any of the rest could run a glowing white disc shot out of the structure and struck another orb causing it to explode as well, but that wasn't all. The disc ricocheted and bounced from orb to orb causing a chain detonation and reducing the surrounding enemies to smoking carcasses. No longer sensing any enemies William passed out from the strain of using his Vollstandig for the first time in his life and came to hours later.

Still exhausted from acting on the false tip given him by some miscreant on top of everything that occurred during the night William made the decision to leave all of this behind. No longer wanting to spend his days hunted or under the oppressive thumb of competing scavengers and raiders he vowed to pack up and leave to travel the world in search of something different. Something better.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment: Knee pads, metal plated gloves and a Greek Drachma coin on a chain as his Quincy Cross

V. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills: William is a survivor first and foremost. By living in an inhospitable land he learned many skills and techniques to last longer than most. A few examples include:
  • Finding and purifying drinkable water
  • Starting and maintaining a fire
  • Navigating through treacherous terrain
  • Hunting and foraging for food
  • Tending to wounds up to and including severe lacerations (without knowledge of complex procedures)
  • Tying various knots
  • Ability to build structures and shelter

Even before William was forced to survive alone he had learned self defense and fighting skills from his father. While Logan was not a skilled fighter himself he had taken self defense lessons and was able to instill basics in his son who would later on take and apply them. Through many instances of unarmed combat with assailants William developed enough to fight multiple foes simultaneously as well.

Another skill William possesses is advanced knowledge of ship and boat structure and repair. This is because of his history stripping and salvaging capsized and abandoned ships while living in Namibia. Though he does not have extensive education or training when it comes to advanced vessels that may be used by militaries.

Finally William has a decent knowledge of operating and dismantling firearms of various shapes and sizes. Because he has never been a fan of using guns whenever he had run ins with raiders who do use them being able to quickly disarm them and then field strip their weapon. Though he dislikes using them William developed the ability to aim and fire precisely while hunting for food and seeking to dissuade would-be assailants.

VI. Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Skills:

William is able to skillfully manipulate Reishi around him to perform various feats. Though he does not possess the skill to create anything complex he can use it to fire off attacks with his Spirit Weapon repeatedly without tiring too much. This ability is enhanced in worlds with higher densities of spiritual particles. Along with this he is able to use the Blut ability to a good degree. In practice he is more skilled at Blut Vene than Blut Arterie due to subconsciously building up the ability while growing his endurance in the Namibian desert. Until he gains more battle experience his usage of Blut will be much more effective for defense than offense.

VI. Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: Ilios

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: William Cadmus Helios [Hazard Rank F | 5-3 Quincy]  Cz5Biwl

» Spirit Weapon Abilities: What Ilios allows William to do is the same as any Quincy Spirit Weapon which is to say fire projectiles. What makes this weapon stand out is the fact it shoots rotating blades of Reishi instead of arrows. These rotating blades are like saw blades and able to cut through many physical objects, sometimes even consecutively if they are thin enough. By applying an increased spin to the blades William can even have them fire at angles and curve through the air like a boomerang. The main advantage to this is being able to hit targets located behind walls or other objects. The downside to Ilios is it is more difficult to fire blades at the same speed as another Quincy could shoot arrows and is usually slower as a result. This can make dealing with many enemies at once a daunting task but because a single disc could cut through multiple enemies it isn't as big a deal as it otherwise would be. (For reference these discs are like very small Destructo Discs from DBZ)

VII. Vollständig

» Vollständig Name: Íroas tou Íliou

» Vollständig Apperance: When William activates his Vollstandig a spinning crown of bright orange Reishi appears above his head. An orange cape will also hang from his shoulders. Finally his headband and scarf will also both begin glowing orange and should either not be worn when he uses his Vollstandig they will be replaced by Reishi versions of themselves.

» Vollständig Abilities: The unique ability William's Vollstandig gives him is linked to his name, specifically his last name 'Helios'. Being named for the Greek God of the Son ended up having a profound effect on the development of his abilities. By using Reishi in the same way he would to create discs for his Spirit Weapon William can form floating orange orbs about a foot in diameter. These orbs float harmlessly through the air and can get stuck on walls or the ground depending on their trajectory. While they may not seem dangerous at first glance if any physical or Reishi object or person comes into contact with one it will detonate. The result of detonation isn't so much an explosion as it is a release of light, and as a result heat, without the involvement of fire or explosive force. This means the orbs can only burn and blind. William has his own way of detonating these solar mines that doesn't include putting himself in harm's way. The discs Will fires from Ilios are immune to the heat of the orbs (importantly they are not immune to heat in general, only the heat given off by his own ability) and can even bounce off them. This allows him to shoot a single disc into an area covered in orbs and detonate all of them. Right now William can have at most 10 orbs active across a distance of roughly thirty yards at once.

VIII. Quincy Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Vollständig: Beginner
  • Blut: Adept
  • Hirenkyaku: Beginner
  • Reishi Manipulation: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept


IX. Roleplay Sample

» Roleplay Sample: William was feeling particularly uneasy about the meeting a friend had set up for him. The purpose of this meeting was to collect information on a salvaging job, but it wasn't the mission itself that was offputting to him. In truth it was the conferrer of the mission causing this reaction. From what William understood he was not a regular in this area, nor one in this line of business. Outsiders usually had unrealistic expectations or believed their own personal business to be important enough to waste someone's time on even if it very much wasn't. Either way they were rarely worth helping as the balance of risk/reward would simply be too skewed.

While he waited for the man in this unimpressive tavern with so few patrons one could not be faulted for thinking it abandoned from the outside William nudged forward his empty glass and nodded towards the burly barkeep for another. As he sipped the flavorless vodka advertised as a "local specialty", creaking of wood rang throughout the poorly constructed building indicating a new arrival. The nervous and careful steps of this stranger were not lost on William who deduced it was likely the same man who brought him there.

To a bystander it may appear as though Will is simply sitting at the bar, drink in hand, zoning out while time passes him by. In truth he's studying those around him as well he can. Information is power and with all the run-ins he'd had with shady figures in the past William had long since come to the conclusion it was better safe than sorry. By using reflective surfaces and peripheral vision Will continued keeping an eye on the recent arrival who had sat at the end of the bar and who's eyes were nervously darting from patron to patron.

With a tired grunt Will stood up from his seat and eyed the barkeep before nodding and setting a small wad of cash near his half-empty glass. In a place like this no words needed to be spoken if you knew enough to keep to yourself. Deciding to do just that, William turned to face the stranger, who's eyes lit up excitedly at the prospect of meeting the man who could find what he holds most dear. Before he could even stand Will turned on a heel and headed out the front door without so much as a second thought. To himself he muttered the cause for such a turn of events "Seems like too much of a bother..." as he headed out into the dark.


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in [X]
  • RP Sample Present [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

Hazard Ranks
  • Power: F
  • Influence: F
  • Resources: F

Comments/Notes: lovely first app, enjoy your quincy and welcome to the platinum hearts community!
Tier: 5-3
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This character died here in this linked thread on the date of May 26, 2020.
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