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 Kaneda Fujiwara [FINISHED]

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Kaneda Fujiwara [FINISHED] Empty
Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kaneda Fujiwara [FINISHED]   Kaneda Fujiwara [FINISHED] EmptyWed May 27, 2020 10:28 am

Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Kaneda Fujiwara
» Alias: "Canada"
» Age: 186 [Physically 17]
» Gender: Male

» Association: Gotei United

» Appearance Written: At first glance Kaneda can be seen as rather boyish in appearance due to his large eyes and round baby face.With a large grin and a small upturned nose his youth is apparent with smooth skin and young complexion. Kaneda is of an average height and weight, that being 5'7" at 152 lbs. His frame can be seen as rather small and the least bit imposing. However with the obstruction of clothing removed it would be revealed that Kaneda has a rather well built body. Lean yet muscular is the type of temple Kaneda has built up through his years of Shinigami work. Staying in peak physical condition is essential for him. Kaneda has rather standard short, black hair that remains unstyled and rather unkempt. Confidence is something that he exudes and it is apparent even in the way that he holds himself. The way he walks and talks is loose, carefree, casual. Every step he takes is something he seems sure of. His larger than life eyes have a strange sense of sharpness to them as if he had the eyes of a hawk. Thus if one were observant enough it could be noted that perhaps Kaneda is much more perceptive than he gives off from his rather aloof appearance.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Personality: Kaneda is a very upbeat, zany person who is rather impulsive and stubborn to the point he is willing to do everything his way whether it be for good or for bad. Generally Kaneda is very playful and lackadaisical, yet can become extremely stubborn in the case there is something he is passionate about. One of Kaneda's defining personality traits would have to be his ability to remain calm even in life or death situations. He believes that by losing his cool he is susceptible to poor judgement. This thinking of his is actually rather surprising to most as compared to his childish and naive exterior, Kaneda is actually quite the thinker. He is calculating and highly intelligent and this is something he makes use of often, most commonly within the heat of battle.

Kaneda will usually come off as a loud mouth as he spews witty banter at his opponent's and seems to get distracted from combat quite often, on the contrary, this is just a muse as inside Kaneda is constantly planning and analyzing the opposition. He looks for patterns and strategies his opponent may have in order for him to be able to predict their future actions. However with the front he puts up that showcases his goofy nature it's hard to tell that Kaneda is actually the calculating and precision type. Truly he enjoys outsmarting his opponents with superior wit as he unleashes his zany schemes upon them. In a fight Kaneda believes anything is fair especially when it comes to life or death. This leads Kaneda to more often than not cheat. He does however have a limit to this anything goes and that would be anything excessively cruel. Tricks and cheating however is fair game.

Yet another of his most prominent personality traits, Kaneda is very confident in both himself and his actions. Confidence is a powerful trait to have, Kaneda pushes hesitation out of his mind as hesitation leads to mistakes, hesitation dulls the blade. With this confidence and calmness Kaneda seems to hold true to himself this has lead Kaneda to develop a strong willpower and a sense of focus. Kaneda is however not a perfect person believe it or not. Kaneda is flawed in the form of having a rather high ego. This ego isn't something that is just constantly present about him, it seems to come and go in small sporadic bursts of energy. Usually when Kaneda gets excited this is more prone of happening. This ego of his will give him the belief of total superiority to others whether it be in fighting ability or just his raw intelligence being greater than others. In these fits of egotistical wrath Kaneda talks a lot more than he normally does, his speech faster as if he's going on a rant. He talks as if he has a million things to say at once and he's trying to give off this information all at once. Though in this state he is admittedly much more irritable, his ability to control his emotions are weaker. Because of this irritation his aggression becomes elevated, his decision making is even obstructed. Things from increased sexual behavior to even recklessness is highly possible if Kaneda can get excited enough about something.

Kaneda generally tries to control himself in order to not let this side of him out, however he becomes a bit more vulnerable if somebody or something excites him in the heat of battle. With these rare moments of of excitement put aside, Kaneda is for the most part a rational individual that sees himself as a realist. He finds himself capable of looking at situations objectively and is capable of resetting himself whenever he notices he is aggravated by something. His ability to keep himself calm shows a great degree of focus as he can continue to try and look at the bigger picture of things despite his own personal gain. However just because he can see this bigger picture that doesn't mean he always agrees with it and is willing to work towards it. Kaneda still follows his own agenda and won't support something that he doesn't personally see as the best method. This leads to one of Kaneda's main goals, an aspiration of sorts.

Kaneda aspires to attain the ultimate freedom. He wants to be able to do whatever he wants, go wherever he wants, see anything. He wishes to never be tied down or restricted. As such while the ultimate freedom may be one of his aspirations, a dream for Kaneda would be to become a hero. Kaneda wishes to become somebody that can inspire hope within others. He wants to be seen as this unwavering force that others can always have faith in. In essence, he wishes to be seen as the "rock" whenever crisis strikes. With his calm persona at nearly all times, he is somebody that can take the heat in dire situations, thus he is somebody that those in need can rest their woes upon. To be a hero is to be decisive and have integrity, something Kaneda strives to live towards. Now if freedom is an aspiration and becoming a hero is a dream, a goal for him would be to make use of this intelligence he has. Kaneda knows he has the aptitude for complex thought, some things beyond the conceivable concept of others. He is highly intelligent to the point he is capable of solving nearly any math equation in his head within seconds, he can predict other people by for instance, if somebody were looking for a pair of brass knuckles they had on them he would be able to deduct which pocket they had the brass knuckles in based on first off the indent on their hand which shows they use brass knuckles, perhaps the blood on their shirt yet not the jacket they wear overtop, thus leading him to assume it would be in their back pocket as they wouldn't be able to put the brass knuckles in their jacket pocket since they clearly weren't wearing it when they took it off. Kaneda is quick witted and wants to use this intelligence of his for more than just making witty banter, he wants to try and invent things, discover something of importance, he wants to do something beneficial to the world.

Kaneda is young, naive, confident, and somebody that is a dreamer. His purpose isn't laid out in front of him no, but he wants to be able to make an impact in the world in some shape or form. Though his dreams are big, he still has a lot to learn and a lot of maturing to do before he can reach those dreams, however for Kaneda nothing is out of reach.

I. History

» History: Kaneda was born into the life of a Shinigami through the relationship between two Shinigami. Neither of these Shinigami were necessarily impressive. His mother and father both held seated positions at one point but that was all in the past. Because of the nature of his birth, Kaneda never experienced the life of a human. This never affected him in any way however as it wasn't as if a Shinigami really remembered much from their previous life in the first place. Growing up wasn't easy for Kaneda, he had a lot of expectations placed upon him especially with such strict parents. His parents could be comparable to those of human parents that would disown their child for becoming anything other than a doctor or a lawyer. His parents expected great things from him and thus his training as a Shinigami started when he was just a child.

It didn't start out as much and as a child Kaneda was ecstatic about it. Initially his training was simple form building, development of fundamentals and everything else you could induce upon a kid. As the years went by and Kaneda got a bit older things got much more intense. His father would drill sword fighting into his brain complete with proper footwork and technique. Everyday Kaneda would have to fight against his father and everyday he was beaten down. His father wasn't so hard on him because he wanted to abuse him or anything like that, this was merely tough love as his father simply expected great things out of him. The training exercises to work on his swordsmanship varied. Some days he would work on form and do sets of sword swings like one would expect. He would perhaps do 1000 overhead swings and repeatedly do large amounts of reps for different types of sword techniques. Generally form building would be done every other day and as time went past it would get progressively harder as more challenges would be added.

Some of these challenges include having Kaneda stand on thin 10 meter tall beams, then eventually he would be required to move between a field full of these beams while performing his reps. Eventually the height of the beams would grow taller which would improve the threat of falling. As for the other days when he wasn't doing form based work, Kaneda would be fighting his father and putting what he knew into practical use. This is what really trained his mind as he didn't necessarily fight to improve, but more so fight to survive. Sure his father wasn't intent on killing him, but there was a likely chance of death if Kaneda didn't defend himself properly. It didn't matter how exhausted Kaneda was, he wasn't able to get a break. Hours could have gone by but Kaneda would be expected to keep fighting without breaking form. Technique, footwork, form, strategy, all was heavily criticized and heavily punished.

Life went on like this for Kaneda whether it be his Zanjutsu being beat into him or even his hakuda and shunpo. This heavy training regiment that was beat into him caused Kaneda to quickly develop his own style for combat. This consisted of mixing Zanjutsu with Hakuda to create an unpredictable fighting style since Kaneda wasn't afraid to mix elbows, punches, and kicks in with his swordplay. Kaneda kept up a stance that minimized the amount of attacking points he could receive similar to that of a fencing stance as he would stand sideways, right foot forward with the blade extended and held up 45 degrees. With this he had very minimal openings and with Kaneda's emphasis on using speed to his advantage. His durability however was the drawback for his emphasis on speed which is what he used to bring about power.

With quite the foundation build for him Kaneda was thus sent into schooling where he spent a great many decades. Kaneda never found himself struggling when in schooling though he did find he had much more refinement over Zanjutsu, Hakuda, and Shunpo than he did anything Kido related. Overall school went by without any issue for him, he clearly showed talent compared to a lot of the other Shinigami but there were plenty that were capable of standing out in a crowd. As much as Kaneda enjoys being the center of attention, he didn't want to stand out too much. perhaps this was his way of showing defiance to his strict parents that forced their ideology upon him. Regardless of how he wanted to defy his parents he still had his pride, thus he did above average in his time in school but nothing that warranted special attention.

After he was done with schooling Kaneda finally had his first taste of freedom as he joined the Gotei. With this he was finally out of reach from his parents and sure he still had superiors in the chain of command they weren't on his back constantly like his parents were. This was Kaneda's first real drive to move forward with the dreams and aspirations he had deep down. From here Kaneda had nowhere to go but forward as the young Shinigami started his adventure into the vast world of possibilities.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:

Skilled Zanjutsu: Kaneda's Zanjutsu is something he takes pride in due to the great deal of training he has done which spans over a century. With a rigorous training routine pushed upon him by his parents, Kaneda has done hundreds of different swings of his Zanpakuto over tens of thousands of times each. His form has been drilled into him and his experience in actual combat has been beaten into him many times over until he got it right. Now to Kaneda wielding his Zanpakatuo is second nature to him, it is an extension of himself and that couldn't be any further from the truth. However even at his current level Kaneda still has much to learn about his Zanpakuto and still has plenty of room to grow.

Skilled Shunpo: Speed is by far the main determining factor in the way Kaneda fights. Practicing the usage of Shunpo has been beneficial in his quick style of engaging his opponent. Fast and precise movements lead Kaneda to making Shunpo one of his main areas of study outside of Zanjutsu. Years of practice have gotten Kaneda used to being able to utilize it more and more, thus increasing his proficiency with high speed movement.

Mental Dominance: Kaneda seems to have a high level of eidetic memory, capable of remembering things after seeing or only hearing it once. Kaneda can process information at an alarming rate, leading him to be quick witted and capable of coming up with intricate and detailed plans within seconds, improvising said plans often, even within the heat of battle. Because of this high intellect and processing ability Kaneda is highly adaptable. With his natural calmness he can properly go unphased when surprises are thrown his way. Instead Kaneda's first instinct is to merely adapt to the situation he is met with and find the best way to respond to the situation all within mere moments.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Senko

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Senko takes the form of the outline of a person roughly Kaneda's height. By outline they are simply blank, completely white with the exception of a mouth on their empty face. Senko has the capability of changing their appearance in order to mess with Kaneda. Generally though Senko will take the shape of Kaneda every once in a while. However Senko will also take to the appearance of others such as perhaps a lover of Kaneda's, an enemy, somebody close to him, or simply somebody Kaneda has met depending on the circumstances and the conversation at hand between them. However Senko's go to appearance if he takes shape of one would be Kaneda yet with a different color scheme, generally on the lighter side such as blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

» Inner World: Kaneda's inner world is that of a large city. However the first thing one would notice is that they are in a large park within the city, the outskirts of the park being lined with tall skyscrapers that showcase that of a city. The only oddity is within a twenty meter diameter in the center of the park is a blank, white void as if nothing is there all around. Within this sphere is where Kaneda is usually standing or sitting when he enters his inner world.

» Zanpakutô Appearance: The Zanpakuto is simple in design, a silver blade with a gold colored handguard and a black hilt. The katana is of an average length, not being particularly lengthy nor short. The scabbard it is found in is also black.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: Senko, hence the name, has a power over light. However as this is currently the sealed state of Senko, the most Kaneda is capable of doing is stemming these light abilities and techniques from the blade. Essentially the Zanpakuto's blade can light up and from this blade Kaneda is capable of using light based attacks. At the current stage this is the only form of light generation Kaneda is capable of doing. His control over the light is limited as he can't control the light once it has left the blade. All light produced from this ability doesn't move at light speed but merely in reference to his control over his abilities.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: "Shine, Shoki Senko."

» Shikai Release Action: While not necessarily required, Kaneda generally runs his fingers down the length of the blade.

» Shikai Appearance: In the Shikai form nothing about Kaneda physically changes, his spiritual abilities however skyrocket by five times as his Reiryoku and Reiatsu heighten in this form. The appearance of the Zanpakuto does undergo a change, though the only real difference is that the gold colored handguard shapes into a U shaped guard. The blade also loses its curvature near the end and instead straightens out. The hilt retains the black wrapping as it had previously.
U Guard:

» Shikai Abilities: While previously in the sealed state Kaneda is only capable of utilizing light from the blade, in this stage he is capable of generating and manipulating light however he pleases. Kaneda can now manipulate density, heat levels, shape, size, and can even solidify light if he pleases. However as states previously his light doesn't move at light speed as it is something he must control. Due to his Shikai abilities not affecting anything physically, his Reiryoku and Reiatsu heighten in this state to the point that it is increased by five times as much as it was before.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Bankai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Bankai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Bankai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their bankai?]

» Bankai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Bankai?]

I. Shikokai

[NOTE: This form is restricted until 0-3, and is not usually granted upon approval. This is ONLY for pureblood Shinigami! Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Shikokai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Shikokai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Shikokai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Trained/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Weapon Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Kidō: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Hakuda: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:

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[mod]Helllllo I am the Awoo! Here to do grading talks. So there is no trouble with the app for the most part, but we do need a more fleshed out Shikai. What he does with light, how he changes the density, size, shape and heat levels of something that doesn't have density, size, shape or heat.

Light-based constructs is fine and a cool idea. Absolute control over everything that Light is and a lot that Light isn't, is not fine.

If you want to read how other people have done light based powers, you can look to Azuma, Carter, and Mirja for some inspiration[/mod]
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Kaneda Fujiwara [FINISHED]
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