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Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:10 am
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The Voice's Rundown

⚋ Name: Haru Iramasha
⚋ Alias': The Voice Of Pride, Samyaza
⚋ Age: Four Years Old
⚋ Birthday: 07/08/2016
⚋ Gender: Male
⚋ Race: Iramasha

⚋ Affiliation: Iranea, Order - Voice Of Truth

⚋ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, aside from his loyalty to Iranea
⚋ Marital Status: Single
⚋Nationality: N/A
⚋ Religious Standing: Sun Worshiper
⚋ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

⚋ Height: Six Foot
⚋ Weight: 195 Pounds
⚋ Hair Colour: Ash White
⚋ Eye Colour: Crimson

Haru | The Sun's Wrath FC9i3h1

Psychological Analysis


While time changes many facets a person may have, time also reinforces others. For Haru, his time away from his people has only reinforced his hard-head. While most would find themselves easy to sway, or at best persuadable, Haru would find himself steadfast in his decisions and beliefs. Aside from the few he works with, his decisions were made solely for himself. Such stubbornness happens to be the boy's downfall as well, however. Just like how many people would shy away from someone with extreme feelings, Haru's inability to be swayed cements himself as an "Iramasha Loner". Nevertheless, Haru relying on his actions and choices alone are what have kept him alive, not those around him, stubbornness is more than fair.

✦Indifferent To His Own

When it comes to Iramasha, Haru finds himself at a loss for words compared to himself just years before. Despite his birthright for sharing compassion for most, if not all Iramasha, the young man has found himself entirely lacking. While he isn't known for outright attacking his own kind, Haru takes an entirely apathetic and uncaring mood with those he may cross paths with, even going as far as outright ignoring their existence. If addressed directly, apathy would soon turn to anger, fueled by the distrust that the Iramasha and its Union have given him and many others over the few years he has lived.

In the case of Iramasha entirely unaligned with the Union and their beliefs, Haru would take an immediate 180 degree turn in regards to his feelings. As long as an Iramasha can think and feel for themselves, rather than through the lens of The Union, the young man is far more compassionate than any being truly should be, even to their own kind.


In the short time after Haru's birth, honesty was a key factor to how he interacted with others on a day to day basis. Honesty was the cornerstone for a relationship fueled by strong and respected feelings in his eyes. Now, shortly later in life, Haru has taken his honesty and shifted it forward to an extreme many find distasteful. Almost every moment of the day you can find the man expressing his immediate feelings, whether positive or negative, to anyone and everyone he interacts with. Made him angry? He'll let you know. Gave him a reason to be sad? Haru will make it abundantly clear you've wronged him in some way shape or form. This bluntness is also reflected in his positive emotions as well. If someone were to make Haru happy or feel some sort of love for another being, the man would have a terribly tough time keeping his thoughts to himself. While it may be seen as distasteful, Haru sees it as yet another aspect of his being that sets him apart from the rest of the Iramasha and their Union.

✦Steadfast Bravery

The single most important thing to Haru's character as a being would be his ability remain brave when many would falter. Whether due to some combination of having to defend himself throughout his time alive and his stubbornness or just from a sheer lack of intelligence, Haru could never be found stepping down against what he believes in. In most cases, such a trait is doomed to get someone in big trouble with even the kindest of people. No matter the situation, Haru's ability to stand up for himself and those important around him will always come before backing down. Even on his death bed, you won't find the man giving in. In Haru's case, his trait of bravery could only be seen as childish, anyone willing to give their life for their beliefs are ready to either die or be ridiculed to the end of their days.


-Appearance Here-

Previous History

In the spoiler below you will find Haru's original history from his previous app, four years ago. Due to the nature of this being an update and a revision of the previous app to reflect changes over the last four years, I will be placing his previous history in its own section in order to preserve it. The history in the next section of the app will reflect the four years of time that passed after his thread with his sister (Luna) and his disappearance from the Moon.

Previous History Below:

Breaking The Sun's Strength

Haru | The Sun's Wrath VLW1i0I

Haru's Endless Spiral

-History Here-

Natural Abilities

✦Incredible Durability

In comparison to an average Iramasha, Haru has some of the highest levels of physical durability someone of his age (extremely young) that the Iramasha and its Union have ever seen. While still ridiculously young and with room to grow, in the case of the young man's current talent level he's tremendously ahead of his peers. Due to the incidents within his history, the merging of his being with his Aether Armament and natural born hardiness, many Iramasha and spiritual beings find Haru to be in a class of his own.

Much like a character with a powerful Will, Haru's ability to push past the average Iramasha's level of physical durability is nearly unrivaled by those around his own age. Despite that, every person has their limits. While Haru has an unnatural level of durability, in his current state the young man has a relatively low stamina pool. Because of this, durability can only take the man so far. A great example of his durability being unmatched to his physical stamina would be his usage of the Iramasha forms known as Ether Morphs. For Haru, these forms last a significantly shorter time than a majority of Iramasha can maintain.

✦Poor Man's Kung-Fu: Tai Chi

Just like many of the things Haru practices, the young man has what one could call a poor understanding of traditional Kung-Fu. While those who practice Kung-Fu, specifically Tai Chi, happen to find themselves focused entirely on mastering their craft, Haru practices the art for... practical use. To Haru, the practical and useful techniques within Tai Chi and Kung-Fu as a whole are just that, practical and useful. Mastering the art can further enhance these techniques but would do very little in the long run for him in life, in his eyes.

Haru's Tai Chi prowess is far from perfect but it manages to get the job done. In combination with his slightly above average knowledge on distance, positioning and general hand to hand combat, Haru's Tai Chi understanding goes quite a long way in combat. Alongside this basic and average understanding, Haru also incorporates techniques from Tai Chi into his own very, very simple cqc skills.

✦Strength Beyond His Means:

In almost any situation related to a being of such young age, one could make the assumption that they would be relatively weak in one department or another. In quite a few of these cases, many would believe a young man such as Haru to be weak in terms of physical strength and prowess. While normally that would be true, such a statement could not be further from the truth for Haru. To his peers, both Haru's age and strength are completely separate. To Haru, he couldn't see his physical strength as anything not normal.

Soon after the incident (refer to history) and the merging of his Aether Armament and his own physical being, a majority of Haru's development has been seen in his physical strength. At a glance, the strength Haru can exert at a physical level is comparable to a high speed car crash. Haru's strength also influences the stamina the young man has during combat situations, his excessive physical power and general durability making him a one and done kind of guy.


✦"Prescription Glasses":

Due to the scarring around Haru's eyes after the Incident the young man had a special set of glasses made particularly for him by The Order to help reduce further scarring during battle. Designed with durability in mind, these glasses are made of a basic steel alloy meant to retain shape and strength in combat scenarios. In the case of breakage, the only way to have these glasses repaired in their current state would be to return them to The Order and await for reconstruction. Because of that, Haru happens to hold at the minimum three versions of these glasses in order to keep himself ready at all times.

Other than for eye protection, these glasses also display a basic amount of information based on the current outside environment. Things such as local time, temperature, humidity and sunset/sunrise hours are all listed when asked for. Outside of these two features, these "Prescription Glasses" are relatively basic and serve specific needs rather than combat ready situations.

✦Aether Stone: Stone Of Light

At birth, the Stone Of Light was forged alongside the young man and has stayed with him ever since that faithful day on the Moon. The Stone Of Light is fashioned after a simple yet sturdy ring that fits on Haru's left hand and works in tandem to the man's Aether Class. When used, the ring will morph into a single use spear of light. This spear of light functions similarly to any physical spear that one could wield.

For Haru, the most common use for this spear is for ranged combat much like a javelin might be thrown. Alongside that, in moments of caution the stone can also be used in melee range in order to protect the user from physical blows. A secondary effect of the Stone Of Light is its ability to burn and heat up a being when piercing their defenses. in most cases, enemies that may be pierced by the spear will find their wounds to heat up to ridiculously high temperatures even when simply grazed. With opponents that wield high durability stats however, the spear itself can be deflected without any secondary effects taking place after.

If inflicted with the Spear's burn, an opponent will usually continue feeling its effect until two posts have elapsed depending on durability.

✦Golden Bangle:

Serving as a reminder to the young man of his roots and birth, the Golden Bangle fastened to his wrist as a child just a few years ago now takes the shape of a simple chain colored in honey gold hues. To this day, the bangle continues to serve no purpose in terms of outward strength and power being entirely valueless to the man's overall power. Despite that, the importance of his birth and his now dead sister Luna's memory brings with them insurmountable feelings of anguish, forever leaving the young man in the possession of the Golden Bangle.
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