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Shattered Memories, Broken Dreams Empty Shattered Memories, Broken Dreams

Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:57 pm
His memories were hazy of many things, but the darkness swallowed him. He couldn't see anything through the white fabric. He could feel the comfortable plush of cushion beneath him. He could hear voices around him, but none of them familiar. It was a Food court level of noise that he heard as he stirred. Feeling a ringing and instant sense of nausea as he sat up.

Up quickly became down as he went back on the pillow, his eyes finally making shapes out through the milky haze. He was in a place with many Quincy, causing him to relax if just. Dmitri's memories of how he got here were blanks. Lines lost in the sand as the young male's brown hair exposed through some of his bandages.

His arm was bandaged as well in a cast for broken bones. But those were mended fairly well, the bleeding had been stopped. Using experiment techniques and saving him from what he didn't know. His body felt like he'd gone through a car crash or been crushed by a mountain.

It was a struggle just to move his limbs and body around. What happened to land him here, he remembered coming closer to a bright city. But everything else went dark at that time point. The language they spoke wasn't of Russia, where had he ended up?

The Quincy's frame struggled before finally accomplishing an upright position. His throat ached with dryness as he looked through the milky white bandages. He couldn't see anything, so he leaned his head back into the wall.

Wincing a bit at the basic movement as he tried to reach out with his Reishi. To feel where he was, but this place was confusing and foreign to him. Outside of his name, as a matter of fact, everything seemed foreign right now.

What happened and where was here? Dmitri would have to get up to find out these questions. But did he have the strength to do so, what was the condition he was in? His ears were still ringing as the voices slowly became clearer. But it was taking time, the time he didn't know if he had.
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