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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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I. Basic Information

» Name: Iranea Will, with the name Iranea having origins in Ancient Iramsha culture dating back 400,000 years. "Ira" means to inspire or awe, while "nea" means to give unto others. Thus, Iranea means "to inspire others". Her last name, Will, was chosen by herself. Deviating from the typical "Iramasha" that most people of her race have, Will was chosen as a sort of statement for herself. It signifies that Iranea always commits to her ideals. So it's not that she could do something, or she might do something, it's that she will do something, even if it kills her.

Also, it's pronounced ih-ruh-nay-uh
» Titles: The Lion of Nemea, White Claw
» Iramasha Age: 3002
» Regular Age: 30
» Gender: Iranea is a born female. At this point in her life, however, she is agender. She allows people to call her by whatever they wish, but she does not strongly align with what constitutes a female nor what constitutes a man. Whatever a person views her as she is that. For the sake of continuity, however, when talking about herself she uses female pronouns.

» Affiliation/Rank: Iranea is affiliated with the Order. Being the main figurehead, she has been given the rank of High Speaker. The Speaker speaks, both for the Order and to the Order.

» Physical Appearance Image:
Iranea Will, Voice of Courage [wip] New-ira-appearance
Portrait painting taken of Iranea Will circa 2410

Casual Attire:
Iranea Will, Voice of Courage [wip] 7R9fkXrIranea Will, Voice of Courage [wip] AOeWLaO

I. Personality Traits

Erudite - Iranea is an awfully curious person, and this is reflected in her knowledge of just general things. While not specifying any one area, over the years she has learned a great deal and has stored it in her mind, some of it proving to be useful while others not as much. Combining what she’s been taught with what she’s experienced, her wisdom and her intellect could be noted as one of the highest in the realm. This can also be contributed to the fact that there are not many Iramasha who focus on anything outside of Aether and magic, but Iranea has a gluttony for knowledge and will seek it at any opportunity.

What this means for her in a social context is that she tends to drop random facts on people that either do or don't pertain to the conversation at hand and will often compare the current situation to something she has read up on. She knows that it frequently annoys people and so she tries not to do it as often, however it still ends up occurring on an almost everyday basis.

Empathetic - While not really considering herself an emotional person, Iranea does have a soft spot. What this soft spot covers is a broad, stereotypical pool of things that one would expect from a teenage girl, but it also extends to her personalities in battles as well. Where most would expect her to be the ruthless killer that she once was, but since then she has developed a fondness of showing her enemies mercy more often then killing them if the situation arises. Now, this doesn't say that she won't kill those that stand in her way, just that she won't kill more than she has to and won't straight ask someone to do it for her, as she wants those that follow her to follow her ideals as well. Most don't and just brush it off as nonsense, taking the parts they want to hear and forgetting the ones that they don't.

Inspiring - There is a certain "never back down" air to Iranea, whether she is leading or going about her every day business. Because of this, the people around her tend to adopt this sort of outlook on life even though she never actually pushes it onto people. This somewhat doubles in as charisma though on a much larger scale, the sort of trait that will get a group of people to look at you and listen to you, but not really as effective in a one-on-one situation. After many years of experience, Iranea has been able to single out choice words that catch people's attention, has learnt what to say to get a group of people excited and willing to follow, and if she tries hard enough, she could even convert a group of people to her cause. This is not really something that she could turn off, but it is something that she can actively use and improve if she were to focus on it.

Unhealthily Obsessed - When Iranea finds something that she is incredibly interested in, there have been times where her interest crosses the line and becomes an obsession. This is apparent when it comes to her naming things, as when she finds something that she thinks would make a good name she will over use that concept to keep things uniform. This is why a lot of the things that she had the choice of naming ended up with more ancient names because her studies had led her to often reading and ultimately learning about this once amazing culture of Iramasha, and wanting to mimic them she had basically adopted their language and culture in hopes of also keeping them alive in some way. When it comes to people she is more subtle as well, and it should be said that her obsessions with people have never been and will never be relationship related. Most of the time, she obsesses over people that she finds an anomaly in the world or those that have proven themselves to be smarter than she is. In those cases she’ll do what she can to get as much time with them as she possibly can, not realizing that she may be overstepping boundaries.

Outspoken Honesty - Iranea is not a person with a lot to say, but she is someone with a lot on her mind and often she finds that she verbalizes her thoughts without thinking. Where most have an inner filter for their thoughts and meticulously choose their words, Iranea does not. If she reacts to something one best believe that it's genuine because does not make an effort to hide her feelings. This often ruins relationships with people because she will not hesitate to hold them accountable for their idiotic actions and is somewhat confrontational whenever someone starts to get on her nerves. Luckily, the threshold for that is pretty high as she's met a plethora of people over the years who consistently test her patience, to the point where she could

Humble Realist - Despite her current position of power and influence over people, Iranea makes an effort to make sure it doesn’t go to her or anyone else's head when she can. This can be partially attributed to both her aether class but also her upbringing and the people she has met among her many adventures. Iranea doesn’t come from an incredibly privileged or fortunate background, in fact she had to forge her own background with occasional help from those she would call companions at the time. With how long it’s taken her to get to where she was and how much effort she had to put in to attain her current level of strength, personality, and intelligence, when one approaches her about her position she will downplay it to an absurd degree. If those under her give praise, she’ll accept it but would prefer that they didn’t, because what she is doing doesn’t need praise. She’s merely an actor playing her necessary part, as are the rest of those who follow her. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s completely blind to her current situation.

Independent - Despite going through most of her life working with other people, Iranea has never really seen them as a necessity for her goals. This doesn't go to say that she isn't grateful for the help that she has been given and that people continue to give, just that she feels that they aren't crucial to her achieving her goal and that she could do it herself if she wanted. As one can infer from that description, it's easy to confuse Iranea's Independence with arrogance and you wouldn't exactly be wrong. However, she likes to think of it more as confidence in her abilities and herself. Due to that, there is very little self-doubt when it comes to her plans and no regrets in what she does. Also, this makes influencing her with a words amazingly difficult as she has a concrete certainty with everything she's ever thought and in anything she's ever done. Occasionally there's regret, but it's rare. She'll be the first one to admit her faults but will almost never regret what she did.

I. Character History

» Birth: Not so long ago, a beautiful baby girl was born to a lonesome but cheerful mother in the Iramasha country called the Sotiria Nation. Now, this woman was quite adventurous and so she had wondered what it was like to have a child rather than making one, so when it came time for the baby to be delivered it was quite a shock to everyone in their neighborhood. For one, she wasn’t the type anyone would expect to have a child, with all the traveling and such. Secondly, she has never actually shown herself to be in a relationship with anyone, at least not that any of her friends or family knew about. And technically, at the time, this was true. See, the child’s father has only ever been in the woman’s life for a collective two weeks, but during that time the two were madly in love, or so she thought. While he promised her a future together, his eyes were set on a short-term fling and, upon hearing the news of a child, exited her life. This left the woman, whose name was Rhea Iramasha, giving birth a few months after meeting this man.

The child was named Iranea, a pretty name that Rhea had heard during her travels. At the time, she did not know the meaning of it but also wasn’t too interested in what it was at the moment. To Rhea, Iranea marked a new time in her life. No longer was she going to be Rhea the adventurer, but now she was just Rhea. Giving up what she onced loved for a man that didn’t love her and forced to raise a child all by herself rocked Rhea’s world at it’s core, and this would be known to those that knew her before and after Iranea. At points, she considered giving up the child, but it wasn’t long before Iranea began to grow onto her and Rhea accepted her new reality.

» Early Years: As a child, it's fair to say that nothing notable in particular happened in her life. This is being said when comparing it to the other sections, as past 10 years old her life would spiral out of control. But that's later on, for now the point of interest is her childhood.

As an infant, Iranea would best described as a problem child. See, like most babies, she would cry and whatnot, but she knew very well what she was doing to her mother. Early on she was able to catch on to the fact that whenever she would cry, someone would come and give her whatever she wanted, so she would cry a lot. Being a power-wielding maniac even at a young age proved to be incredibly fun and made to be one of her best pastimes. At one point, her mother realized that Iranea was crying on purpose and tried to get in a sort of battle of attrition with her child, however, Iranea would just cry louder and louder until eventual Rhea just gave up. While on the topic of Rhea, it was at this stage that things were the most hectic for her, but that just made her enjoy Iranea all that more. Going into things, Rhea expected them to be difficult, but she was given way more than she bargained for. On the flip side, these bad times were spread out among the good ones, the ones where Rhea could pretend to talk with Iranea only for her to respond with babbling, the memories of the two of them playing together, of them arguing, Iranea's first words (which was "fuck" because Rhea is bad at practicing self-restraint), Iranea's first steps and more. As the child grew up, the relationship between the two had only grown stronger, to the point where Rhea regretted ever having second thoughts about having a child.

As Iranea grew, the world around her changed as well. This could be chalked up to many things, though, like everything else up to this, the main culprit was no one other than Rhea. Now that Iranea was old enough to register thing around her, move around without assistance, and feed herself without needing complete assistance, Rhea figured it was time that she picked back up her old profession and began exploring the world once again. The Iramasha Realm was a vast place, yet only a fraction of it was explored and even less was inhabited. Not only that, they were only on the surface of knowledge for what else was in the realm besides them, whether it be plants, animals, bacteria, etcetera, etcetera, and this fueled Rhea's desire to find these things. It wasn't really fame that drove her towards this goal, more like an unending curiosity. The way Rhea described this to Iranea when she asked was "You ever have those questions of what is that? For me it's like that, except my wonder works backwards. I want to know what that isn't, or maybe what isn't that. Anyways, I want to know what I don't know to then know it. Simple, really." Even today, Iranea can hear those words ringing through her head when she reminisces on how she got to where she is. It would end up being Rhea's profession that influenced every one of Iranea's days from that point on.

Due to constantly moving around, Iranea was not able to get a formal education nor have any friends. Neither of these things mattered much to her, but to Rhea she wanted to make sure that her daughter knew what she was doing. So, in between travels, when they had time, Rhea would teach her about what it mean to be an iramasha, at least from a power standpoint. It helped out that Rhea was the iramasha of wonder, meaning that with a lot of her teachings came visual demonstrations that would keep an antsy Iranea engaged and the feelings she was made feel kept her wanting more. Quickly she became used to the ever-moving classroom, whether it be in the ruins that her mother frequented, the road as they traveled, or the comfort of their camp. The matter of friends, however, didn't really bother her as Rhea was her best friend, and to Iranea that's all she needed. It's not like she went from a life of having many friends to none; it's always been just Iranea and her mother so nothing really changed in that department except for where they were.

It was thanks to Rhea's teachings that Iranea was able to utilize her aether class early on. Where most don't learn about there's until relevant for them, Iranea forced herself to hone her powers from a young age to be just like her mother, her biggest role model. Her progress was solidified when, at the age of 8, she was able to form her first aether armament, however she did not name it nor have any of the abilities on it that she has today. Back then, it was just a bow that fired arrows like any normal bow, with none of the special bells and whistles that she has developed since then. Unfortunately, Rhea was not as skilled in magic as she was with aether in general, so Iranea's magic curriculum was incredibly lacking when compared to that of any other iramasha with a formal education. At the age of 10, Iranea's control over her aether class was already the level of a low ranking member of the Iramasha Union. This was made possible due to not only the training, but the fact that Rhea made it easy for Iranea to be courageous because she trusted in her in a way that a child would with their mother. With Rhea with her, Iranea felt like nothing could stop her, and so this allowed for easy development of Patron of Courage.

From this point in her life, Iranea was the most impressionable, so a lot of what Rhea told her stuck with her for the rest of her life. The things that effected her the most was Rhea's way of living. It was very... spontaneous. While eventually Iranea would grow out of that habit, it really showed in her early years as she would decide major, life changing decision on a whim because it's what she felt she would enjoy the most. It was a mentality that Rhea would describe as "If you want to do something then do it. Your accomplishments are only measured by how much effort you put towards getting them." However, it should be noted that Iranea's practice of this was taking that ideal to the extreme, as would be shown in the next chapter in her life.

» Adolescence and Early Adulthood: Around when Iranea was 12, just barely 13, she had come to the decision that the life of an adventurer, while it kept her busy and interested, was not the life that she wanted to keep living. She had a ton of respect for her mother and could never bring herself to actually hate the job that she did, just that, after years of the travelling and finding new things, Iranea's yearn for a normal place to settle down continue to grow and grow. Again, more power to her mother for being able to juggle the constant uprooting and whatnot, but Iranea was not that kind of person. Another thing that would tie into this major decision was that through the training with her mother, Iranea was becoming more and more proficient in her aether class, which would normally be a good thing under any other circumstance. However, in this particular occurrence, because Iranea was the Patron of Courage, she had a well of pent up emotions of courage and, subsequently, a need for violence, but had no outlet to realistically vent with. This ultimately led her to have a conversation with her mother and talk about what her next steps were. One of the things that interested her most was Leovargus, her now named bow. According to Rhea herself, learning how to actually get in tune with one's aether armament required real world experience that she was not qualified nor confident in giving, partly in fear of getting injured and partly injuring her daughter. Somewhere during their trips, Iranea couldn't exactly remember where, they had crossed paths with a mercenary band. There was a situation where there was a group of hired muscle guarding an area that Rhea really wanted to get into, despite the fact that she was not inclined towards combat. Somehow, someway, Rhea was able to solve the situation peaceful and was able to get what she wanted while also letting the group do their job, somewhat. It took a lot of convincing but eventually the two groups parted ways, however the group never really left Iranea's thoughts. She wondered what it was like to do what they did, to get paid by others to do random jobs and fight anyone for money. You gotta remember, she's still a kid by this point so not everything she was into was logical nor was her reasoning for being into them logically sound. Rhea had a hard time coping with this as everything that she did was for Iranea, so for her daughter to just walk out of her life just like Iranea's father did was devastating, but she didn't want to stop her from being happy either. So, as Iranea walked away from Rhea in search of this group, all Rhea could do was stare with tear filled eyes.

It would take in total 6 months before Iranea would actually find this group. Already knowing how to live on the go from what her mother taught her, Iranea was able to live on her own pretty well. Every now and then she would have a run-in with some shady characters, but for those situations her instincts carried her through. The first two were spent finding literally any information on them, who was part of the group or what they were called. The following two months would then be spent searching for this group, trying to find their whereabouts, and the last two months were spent honing her skills so that she would be accepted. Now that that has been said, you are probably wondering how she exactly trained for something like this. Well, going into this part of her journey, Iranea knew that her mastery over her aether class was above average for someone of her age, however her application of it was still poor. She liked it to a master swordsmith that only made wooden swords, basically squandering what they could do because they choose to only do the most simple of tasks. This in mind, Iranea set out to widen the abilities granted to her by Patron of Courage, aiming to extend it out from just passively driving her to do things and have it affect other living things. At first, she started with animals, finding that rodent and the such were the easiest to get through as they aren't as violently inclined like other animals and thus did not have a high enough willpower to realistically stop her. Then, she moved her way up to domesticated animals, like cats and dogs she came across on the streets while she was doing other things. While this was happening, she was slowly extending the range of the class as well, starting at an inch, then reaching 3 inches, until she ultimately reached 1 foot by the end of the two month period. Now, with the way her class works that range is practically useless, however it showed that she was capable of such an ability and would make use of it in the future. Other things she did during this time was train her extent in aether control and armament, more so the latter that the former. Controlling aether in small quantities was easy for her as she was able to grasp on to the concept early on as a child, however small quantities was not going to cut it in a real world setting so she aimed to increase that by always controlling it, wanting to make the process as natural as breathing. And so, she did just that by combining control with breathing, taking the aether into her body like air and then pushing it out as well. It first started off when she was in a resting or idle state, then she attempted to do the same when exercising, making sure to not overdo it to the point where she would suffocate herself. Being something that she did so often, Iranea's control of this training technique eventually extended to her sleep, where she would feel more filled with power when she woke up then when she went to sleep. Her skill was at the point of an Ether Morph for most, however she did not have the knowledge on hand to actually make a skill like that on her own. Finally, when it came to improving her aether armament, Iranea focused on her flaws. Leovargus was a strong weapon by itself, all things considered, however it could only be as strong as she was. And, being a frail 12 year old girl, that wasn't saying much. So, she resorted to physical enhancement through aether. Her mother often displayed this through agility and flexibility, but that was not Iranea's goal. She wanted to be stronger so, naturally, she aimed on bettering her strength. Always carrying some form of weight when she was doing her control exercises, she limited herself to only picking things up through aether, rather than her muscles. Eventually, this slowly improved how well she was able to physically enhance herself, strengthening every arrow that she fired and every action that she took. Though, her practices were crude, often leaving her physically and mentally exhausted for 60 days straight.

The actual process of Iranea’s recruitment was peculiar. Normally, anyone was allowed to join no matter the skill level, however most people that wanted to join were also adults. Iranea, not being an adult, was a special case. She was able to show that her strength dwarfed a lot of the members, however there was still a concern about letting a child join their mercenary group. So, one of the first people that she would meet would eventually become her best friend, and this person was the boss. He was known by the members of the group as Black Claw, the Iramasha of the Hunt, or Hunting, he preferred being called the former though the latter was more accurate and in tune with the naming scheme. He was a rugged man toughened by the years of war and the countless lives he’s seen slip away from their bodies. Claw had started in the business when he was young, around Iranea’s age, and he didn’t want anybody else to go through what he had as it basically robbed him of what little childhood he had left. However, there was a lack of manpower in the group, and they couldn’t just turn away someone willing to fight if there was no real reason to. So, to compromise with himself and the reality of the situation, Claw had taken in Iranea as his own apprentice and, after a bit of time, treated her like she was his own child.

That being said, combining Iranea’s eagerness to learn, her previous teachings and experiences, and her potential along with Claw’s own experiences and teachings, it wasn’t long before she became a force to be reckoned with. While Black Claw acknowledged her abilities in her Aether class and control, he noticed how she relied too much on being an iramasha and not enough on being herself, noting how her physical body was still incredibly weak and showed that she did not give her body and the effort that she should have. So Black Claw worked her to the bone for the next few months, stating that she was not ready for the real world yet and prohibited her from aiding in any contract, even if her aid was desperately needed. Black Claw felt that it was more important that Iranea was ready for the world she was going to be in instead of just throwing her into the frey and waiting to see how she came out. Looking back at this period of her life, the only real emotions that can be associated with it is dread, as the constant training was starting to take a real toll on her mental state along with the drastic change in her diet, though the former had a greater influence. This would go on for a little over two years after Iranea had met Black Claw, though it would end up paying off for her in the end, as her first job basically cemented the ideology that Black Claw tried so hard to make her understand.

The first job that Iranea was tasked in helping out with was crushing an insurgency that had popped up in the land of one of the Union’s higher ranking members. Under normal circumstances, the Union would have just used it’s troops to fix the situation, however that rarely does well for their public image. Though she was eager to finally get to see the battlefield, that would soon be robbed from her as she watched her allies cut down protesters and rioters with no remorse. Prior to that point, she has yet to even consider taking the life of another person, yet here she was being ordered to do so. Sure, she complied at the end of the day, but it would forever scar her mind. Afterwards, they took a few more jobs of the same type and after every job she became more and more desensitized to the idea, until eventually she was out there on the frontline slaughtering who she was told to with no fear and no regrets.

Those kinds of jobs were taken a lot more once Iranea was starting to be put on the field, as her strength by that point was enough to cover 50 men, which was more than the entire group at some times. At the age of 17, it was common that the group would take on multiple jobs at the same time where Iranea herself would be the only driving force behind a lot of the other jobs where the main group would work on one or two. Most of the jobs during this time were more combat inclined because more and more people have decided to take up arms, whether it be for their faith, for their safety, for their family, or just for the sake of doing it. And in almost everyone of the situations, there is someone somewhere that wants that person dead. The constant fighting forced Iranea to develop techniques to deal with a whole bunch of situations, from fighting in a one-on-one situation for when her assassination targets decided to fight back, to dealing with a large group of enemies in various ranges as to deal with the rebellious groups who won’t submit peacefully. At first, she’d come back with broken bones and deep gashes, but as the years went on she would eventually come back unscathed, and no matter the mission she would always return eager to go back out and do the same thing again. She was a fearsome force for the group as her unlimited well of bravery and negation of fear meant she would do anything told to her. At the age of 19, her feats were comparable to that of her father-figure, Black Claw, which earned her a nickname among her comrades: White Claw, It would be later that year that Black Claw would pass on leadership to his pupil and retire. Being the new leader, not much had changed for Iranea besides having a few more responsibilities and the burden of taking care of everybody else underneath her, but for the most part, things went on as normal.

When she was 20, what started off as a normal day would end up being another influential moment of her life, and something that would change her forever. Her group was tasked with the purging of an entire village of people, the reason was something or another, Iranea didn’t really care since the pay was insanely good all things considered; well enough to feed the group for at least 2 months. So, she went in and wiped out the people as she was told to, but when it came to killing the very last person, who was a child, she hesitated. Not because she didn’t want to kill a child, because she wasn’t above doing that by this point, but because the child attempted to fight back. Right before she dealt the killing blow, she was asked a question that would rock her world:


For the first time ever, Iranea pondered that question. She still killed the kid and continued her day as normal, but later she sat in her bed thinking about it. Why was she doing what she was doing? It’s not like she enjoyed the act of murdering people, it was just what she had to do. Was it for the money? No, she couldn’t live with her reasoning just being greedy. At the end of the day, she had no idea why she was doing what she was doing and that was very problematic for her. It would be days before another job would be taken as Iranea slowly began to form a set of morals. Ultimately, she came upon the decision that jobs will not be taken if there was not a justified reason for them and that the group agreed with this as well. There was no more taking jobs just because they could, but more taking jobs so they could be done or that needed to be done. They didn’t have to be right or wrong at the start, but eventually, this evolved into only taking “good” jobs. Iranea wanted to use her strength for a good cause rather than continue the mindless and unnecessary murder that it was developed from. As one could expect, this sudden shift of conditions for work took a heavy toll on the success of the mercenary group, to the point where there weren't enough resources to support everyone and the group eventually dissolved. Putting up the name of White Claw, Iranea would seek out a quiet place to settle down and continue her life, eventually deciding on an island nation known as Nemea.

» Late Adult Years: Living in Nemea was odd for two reasons. The first was that it was vastly different in terms of culture compared to the rest of the world, or at least what Iranea has seen. Second, it would be the first time ever that she would be living by herself. Even for the small period between her leaving her mother and joining the mercenaries, there was always an adult or somebody she knew that stayed with her to make sure she was safe, whether or not she asked them to. To keep her mind off of things such as her history and her regrets, Iranea took up a job to protect the people. When it’s told like that, most assume she was some form of law enforcement, however, Nemea was unique because it had a unique problem. There were beasts that were native to the area that Nemea was located that were simply known as the Leviathans, mainly because they are the definition of the word. The Leviathans were creatures that were so large that the islands were dwarfed in their presence, and long ago an organization was established among a group of people who initially colonized Nemea that had specialized in techniques and abilities to hunt and kill these Leviathans when they posed a threat to Nemea and her people. In the beginning, this would occur nearly biweekly, but when Iranea joined it happened once every month, but by that point, the scope of the organization had expanded. They had gone from being simply the monster-slaying group to enforcers and protectors of the community, acting as a sort of mentor to those they defend.

Civil war of Nemea, an island culture in the Iramasha realm that rejects the Union. Spent a few years focused in archaeology and history of the Iramasha. Went to Black World at some point after the conflict on the Moon and met a young man who was


I. Natural Abilities

» Master Archer:The Patron of Courage has been wielding a bow since the age of 10, and since then she's had a lot of practice using it, both in a controlled setting and on the battlefield. Having been thrown into numerous different situations and being expected to come out alive, her form when it comes to pulling back an arrow and releasing it is all over the place rather than something concise, which can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it gives her free reign to attack no matter the position because there’s no required position to fire off a shot, like, she can fire an arrow behind her while in mid-air and upside down if she needed to because it’s something she’s conditioned herself to expect. On the other hand, it can be considered very sloppy and will lose to more refined forms any day as there is always something for them to fall back to, while Iranea is left discovering and improvising in every fight.

» Usurper of the Horde: For 10 years now, Iranea has had to combine her armament with her transportation in a combat setting despite the fact that they are two very different things. While Leovargus was a weapon, Taranga, her horse, was very much not one and so her marksmanship was going to have to evolve and adapt to the added circumstance of being on the back of a horse. Normally aiming while being stationary was pretty easy for Iranea, when compared to moving as all she had to account for, was the movement of her target and how the wind would affect her shots if it did. Now, however, she had to take into her speed, the target’s speed, and the wind, along with what move she was going to do and how it was going to affect how she did things as a whole. In the beginning, it was hard to get used to, and often her shots would be meters off their mark, though as she started fighting larger enemies, her shots were more forgiving and allowed for her to aim for much easier targets and gradually lower and lower her aim until it reached a pinpoint.

Now, at its current level, this skill can allow Iranea to knock an apple off of a man’s head from half a kilometer away at night with strong winds. If there’s no interference while an arrow is flying, there’s a high chance that Iranea will hit. This is not absolute, however, it requires more effort for her targets to not get hit than for her to hit them.

» Violent Awareness: Half of being a marksman is using your eyes, so while keeping your body in shape is a requirement, so is having sharp eyes. Iranea was blessed not only with this field of fighting, but also being able to process information quicker than most, meaning that with her keen eyesight she’s a quick person all around.
I. Equipment Section

» Equipment (Does your Iramasha have weapons or other type of equipment in which aids them in battle? Do they have any extra items that your Iramasha keep on them? If so -- post them!)

Aether Armament Name: Leovargus (lay-oh-var-gus). Another name that has roots in the Iramasha's language of old. Leov is the word for lion, arg means to speak, or one's voice, and the suffix us shows ownership. So, the name translates into Lion's Voice.

Aether Armament Appearance: Leovargus takes the appearance of a human-sized bow that has multiple drawstrings, 3 to be exact, that make it appear like a bare-bones harp as well. There is a lion's head ornament on both the top and bottom end of the limbs.

Aether Armament Abilities:
» We Don't Need Ammo: A pretty self-explanatory ability. Whenever one of Leovargus's strings are pulled back like it's being used to attack, an arrow made of aether will automatically form, the size of it being reliant on how far back the string is that is pulled. The string furthest down the bow is the smallest, measuring at 35 inches long. It's the closest to firing an actual bow and does enough damage that it could penetrate through a car, assuming that nothing is altering it. For the middle-most string, the arrow will measure at 60 inches maximum. When this string is pulled back to it's maximum point and is let go, this arrow can deal enough damage to put holes in buildings unaltered by any other technique or move. At the last and largest string that makes up the length of the entire bow, the arrows that this thing fires measure at 78 inches and pack enough punch to plow a hole through an entire city unaltered. Though, the downside to this kind of power is that it's incredibly taxing on Iranea's stamina as it requires the most amount of aether of any other arrow and it's sheer size makes pulling back the string physically exhausting.

» Know No Fear: One of the direct applications of Iranea's aether class through her weapon. Being the Patron of Courage, the weapon that is molded to be represent that is infused with that power, however Iranea takes that concept and abuses it. Where there would normally be a moderated amount of aether in the armament that is tied to it's class, Iranea pours so much aether into Leovargus that every arrow that it fires is seeping out aether, and ,by proxy, the essence of courage. What this means for Iranea is nothing much, as she has been doing this for years now that her body has gotten accustomed to it, however for everyone else is where it poses a problem, specifically enemies. Those that are attacked or come in contact with any arrows from Leovargus are overwhelmed with the feeling of courage, in which they feel, as Iranea describes it, "...enough courage to take over the world 3 times over." This application makes friendly fire somewhat of a non-issue, as while allies will still take damage, they won't feel anything detrimental besides pain. In fact, they will actually be driven to keep fighting, however Iranea has developed much more practical and potent applications for virtually the same effect. For those who dare to stand against her, they will be driven with this overwhelming courage to constantly fight, this courage overwriting any thought of fear or doubt, completely rejecting any notion of retreat or defeat. Naturally, this makes them a dangerous opponent who will never back down, but that's just the thing: they never back down. Even when losing, the person in question will continue to fight until they cannot, as unless the courage is overwritten by an external emotion opposing it or someone with an incredibly strong mental fortitude, they will not stop going until they die. To put in perspective what this can do to a person, Iranea has once watched a man lose every one of his limbs and yet try to fight with a sword in his mouth while he bled to death. It should also be noted that this effect is applied every time someone is hit with an arrow, meaning that even those with strong minds will eventually get whittled down to when they can't naturally fight back against this. As stated before though, powers like this of the same strength or stronger can nullify this. Those who have a higher Focus versus her Aether Arts also resist this skill. If there is a two rank difference than it is completely nullified.

I. Racial Abilities & Skills

» Aether Magic:

» Words of Power: Iranea's personal magic style. Where most spells require a physical component to cast them, Iranea has found that due to her aether class, completely forgoing that requirement best suited her both thematically and with her fighting style, as she carries a large bow and would most times not be able to free up a hand to cast magic. However, as one could expect, making shortcuts like this to magic has it's drawbacks. The first is that the potency of said spells is squandered due to the fact that they aren't necessarily complete, often leaving them weaker versus other spells that go through the normal channels of being cast. Along with that it is 3 times more taxing to use a spell this way than through normal means, making Iranea's general use of these incredibly sparse, however, when she does it must mean she's in a bad spot.

» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities:

» Flight of Taranga: Despite having Flight in the name, there's no actually flying incorporated within this art however it often appears to be a flying blur to the untrained. Also should be noted that this was not a move in which Iranea developed for herself, rather one that was taught to her by her father figure, Black Claw.

Taranga was a horse and Iranea was accustomed to fighting on horseback, however, it became quite clear that this ended up being a crutch she would eventually need to overcome. Flight of Taranga alters the aether energy around the user and places it on the sole of the user's feet. This energy is then solidified, condensed, and then explodes which causes the user to fly forward at rapid speeds. At the beginner levels of this technique, these mini bursts of energy are only able to be used after each take-off and landing, though as one gains more mastery over their control of both Aether and Aether Arts, more bursts can be applied. True masters are able to cause so multiply in mere seconds while off the ground, causing them to fly at incredibly high speeds through the air.

Iranea's current mastery lies somewhere in the middle, letting her use 3 bursts before she has to place her feet on the ground again, however she can use it back to back much like a Shinigami's Flash Step.

I. Aether Class

» Aether Class Name: Patron of Courage

» Aether Class Power: This aether class grants Iranea the ability to manipulate and control the emotion of courage and all of its aspects, applying it to things that it would normally not apply to, such as items or concepts. If one were to list what it does, it would consist of Rashness, Bravery, Courage, Fear, and Cowardice, all of them being varying levels of Courage. Where being rash is having courage in excess, cowardice is the lack of courage, and fear is the opposite of courage.

» Aether Class Abilities:
Catharsis - A better-sounding name than what this skill was previously called, Hostile Takeover, but the former name describes exactly what it is. Iranea takes her ability to induce courage into a person and forcibly dominates that person’s emotions, removing all other feelings and washing them over with courage, purging them so to speak. This would make this person more like a walking husk of determination and goals, removing anything else they had to define them and making them more like autonomous beings with a singular purpose. Despite how strong this sounds, there are limits to who she can do this on and how she can use it. First off, the person has to be within Iranea’s range of induction and they must not feel any ill will towards her. Then, this person must have a Focus skill of Adept or lower, as anything higher than this would prove to be too resilient and reject this attack of their persona and their psyche.

This skill is incredibly useful when fighting with one other person as she can make this person into an incredibly effective partner who is also pursuing the same goal as she is.

Anit-Catharsis - The virtual opposite of Catharsis. Where Iranea can

VII. Ether Morph - Immersion

» Ether Morph Immersion Incantation: There is no incantation required for Iranea to enter this form. Also, due to her skill and the length of time she has had this form, entering this level has become as easy as breathing for her.

» Ether Morph Immersion Appearance: The appearance of this release are on the more subtle side as opposed to what's expected of a spiritual being. After saying the incantation, her eyes gain a ring of light in the irises and a halo with thorns sticking out of it appears roughly 6 inches above her head.

» Ether Morph Immersion Abilities:

Courage, Enhanced - Not only does Iranea herself get stronger in this form but so does her capabilities. Some new techniques are unlocked but others are also built upon and improved to reach a certain quality amongst her entire skill set, allowing for all the tools in her arsenal to be on an equal level and thus giving her more versatility in combat. In essence, while she’s always had the capabilities to perform the following techniques, she purposely locks herself off from using them for the sake of fairness and her own stamina as while this isn’t an incredibly taxing form Iranea can find herself overdoing it with her abilities if not careful.

VIII. Ether Morph - World Fusion

Iranea Will, Voice of Courage [wip] Ether-morph-pog

» Ether Morph World Fusion Incantation Become transcendent, donning the courage to deny the will of God, using this blessing of self to face his wrath and become what even he fears most.

» Ether Morph World Fusion Appearance Once donning this form, Iranea's hair becomes untangled and untied from whatever it previously was, flowing down her back and flying in the wind as she moves. Her eyes begin to glow as Aether seeps out of her body. A pair of wings also appear behind her, but they are not another limb but actually an effect of the form. Lastly, her skin becomes slightly darker, resembling a tan when compared to her normal skin tone.

» Ether Morph World Fusion Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

IX. Ether Morph - Peak Eclipse

(You can have this release at Master Aether Control.)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

X. Skill Sheets

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Elite
  • Aether Magic: Beginner
  • Aether Arts: Adept
  • Aether Aspect: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept


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