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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sun Nov 15, 2020 7:52 pm

No Idea (WIP) Dl01dEx

Tread the Amber Path

志波 瀑鴞

I. Basic Information

» Name: Shiba Kohaku
»Alies: The Amber Branch
» Age: 960, March 1st
» Gender: Male

» Association: Shiba Branch Family (Rank Undisclosed)

» Appearance: He has got an air that comes from his appearance alone, something soothing about him. When he walks into the room it's evident from posture to his physical status. His physical body is in excellent condition as expected of a Shiba Man. His hair is brown and parts unevenly, wear it is tied in the back. His eyes are amber, which his namesake Kohaku was given for. As for his clothing, he often wears traditional Japanese clothing. Finding the garb comfortable and not requiring a lot of trouble with fashions.

Under his clothing, he wears a brace that he uses to carry tools for what he enjoys. This black leather object appears similar to that of a gun holster. Though he scoffs when people ask him if he carries another weapon. His attributes don't involve hiding something as he believes that would be dishonorable, and for a Shiba Man pride is important. This is merely a tool of the trade and holds equipment the Shiba has made over the years.

Outside of that his hair and clean face which is handsome and maintains a youthful appearance despite his age. This coming from eating his veggies he often tells people. Not much else to say for the man who could calm an army with just his appearance alone.

I. Personality

» Bold Principals: Kohaku lives by a code, while he never will be included within the Main Branch Discussion in his mind. He holds an honorable and almost untarnishable reputation. He's known to stand by his principals even if trouble comes. Not willing to tell lies even though he should in some situations. He doesn't believe in lying to someone's face or hiding the truth. For people to grow and accept one another, they must accept the faults of the other. That is a given for anything to grow or evolve. So what kind of Shinigami would he be, if he ignored that principle.

By living by them, he hopes to promote change and evolution. By simply being a pillar of the community where he can. Even if just his presence helps and he's never acknowledged for it. This is alright because people can progress forward. Though he does reluctantly acknowledge the faults in the system and his desire to not step in.

» Peaceful Shiba: This is likely the most strange portion of his character. While the rest of his family tend to be much more aggressive and passionate about things. But Kohaku didn't agree or believe in most of that when it came down to it. He could fight when he needed to, but only when words and other choices failed to avail him. He's very well known for a peaceful demeanor that is so potent others are affected by it. This isn't a supernatural gift or anything like that. He's always been much more subdued and settled in his way.

Never willing to dive into a dispute fighting right away, as he knew in the end he'd patch them up. In some ways, he acted like the parent, big brother, or whatever people needed. While he never showed interest in joining the Gotei, he did spend a stint at the Academy getting high scores. But deciding against full enrollment to take care of Branch family members. Seeing that the Gotei had plenty of capable bodies.

» Anything Goes: While Kohaku is by no means on par with some of the better inventors in the world. And only cares to invent around medicinal purposes. He is rather proud of trying everything and anything. He'll eat strange mushrooms to gather data on them. He's a fascinated man when it comes to the science of medicine. Everything that's evolved and changed, but in the end. Spiritual powers are king in the world where they live. But it would be nice for equipment anyone could use to treat people. Not just specialists who can do much more.

He finds the situation abhorrent when observing the lack of medical regard people go into. One of the few mental triggers he has when it comes to people doing things to someone they are treating. Things one would consider unethical in every sense of the word. He has a loathing for poison, as it destroys the body instead of protecting it. It's such a damaging component of the society, especially the Death energy used by demons or Devil Iramasha.

» Hidden Warrior: Something Kohaku does his best to avoid showing people are his skills. He doesn't want to separate from his family that he helps take care of. The Branch Family is more populated than the Main Family, mostly due to not as many people being members of it. Truthfully Kohaku is likely the best fighter in the Branch Family at this moment. That could come down to him being the only member.

But regardless he doesn't wish to leave them high and dry. For they require someone like him to observe and be there. So he's taken great strides to keep his secrets well hidden. Not allowing people to see his power or his skills. Truthfully he is a very secretive man in this sense. Even the Branch family doesn't know the full extent of what he can do. Keeping even his Zanpakuto's release command and powers hidden.

This isn't done out of distrust, but more so he can stay where he is with them and enjoy his happy life. Not desiring to go anywhere or do anything else if he can help it.

» Forever Grunt: This is something he doesn't pride himself on, but he is known for. Kohaku doesn't want promotions or status. He wants nothing to do with them all. As they mean less time with his family and more work. He's not interested in either one of these aspects. So he openly avoids most things that could hint at that. Even going so far as to avoid fighting in the War. Unless he'd absolutely have to do so.

Taking great strides to avoid that outcome though he did end up fighting in World War 4, only due to the demon military's encroachment within the Rukongai. Though he was fairly quick and was hoping nobody would notice. He would willingly turn down a Captain's position or further. This is due to him desiring a peaceful family life. Where he can come and go as he pleases, less duty, and more freedom. Perhaps this was the reason he didn't ever truly see eye to eye with the Main family.

He has never once held a grudge for Kaien's death like the others.

I. Relationships

» Kaien Shiba: People compare his personality with Kaien's on occasion. But he doesn't see it himself, Kaien was Kaien, and Kohaku is Kohaku. There isn't a resemblance no matter how hard you wish for one. Him being a Branch member and Kaien from the main branch. It's something that didn't allow a lot of interaction, at best he was a cousin. The two did meet on occasion, he got the feeling Kaien knew. That he was hiding his potential and skills for the younger kids. Just because they needed someone there.

When Kaien died, he was upset but he realized something. Kaien wasn't the type to die with regrets. He began to understand that while the two were far apart. Maybe he was the one he understood the most out of that family. Despite the distance they maintained. Branch and Main Branch never did completely mesh as all families do.

» Kukaku: A drinking and smoking buddy, she came to visit the Branch Family most. Truthfully when she and he spoke though she butted heads with almost everyone. She found him easy to talk to, most people did in this regard. Comparing him to a father or big brother in this sense. It was a piece of him that he carries with everyone. Not just family, though they drank and smoked together. He'd occasionally prepare special stuff for Kukaku to smoke. As a visiting present when he did go to the Main House.

Though these occasions were fewer and fewer as time went on. He wishing to protect those young kids at the Branch Family home. Realizing the more he left, the more exposed he was with people. But he also understood that lying bothered him. Kukaku knew he hid something but not out of deception, but the protection of the young ones. While this doesn't mean she's unaware of his skills, she might be another who's seen passed the guise he wears for them. Though she is surely not the only one in that sense.

» Ganju: The boy's antics drive him crazy because he normally gets an earful for them. Since the Main Branch is virtually untouchable, the family he stems from gets most of the lip. But that is life as it stands, some people are born from apples on the hill. Other people are born from apples next to all the other trees. But just special enough to get an honorable mention with screaming. Nothing he can truthfully do or say about the subject without

» Parents: Both are deceased at this time, but figured in his life who helped him understand many things. They helped Kohaku get a read on his situation as a Noble, but not a noble. Coming from a family that was once one of the Five, but even then. He didn't come from the main only a branch member. Making him seem less valuable in someways. His parents saw themselves and him even as mere trees that were near the best one. Often describing themselves as such, his father was a Hoho user and very good at it. While his mother preferred Kido to everything else.

» Yoruichi Shihouin: They've met on a few occasions due to Kukaku liking him due to his air. She's someone he never could get a read on, but he got the sense they were similar. Both of them born into something bigger, but not all that important to them. And yet at the same instance. He felt her personality was too hard to gauge. He guessed his cousin and she was similar in that situation. Both of them wore emotions very differently. But they had no problems with doing anything for friends. He could respect that about them, though only because he understood it.

He never knew if she figured out his secret as well, or maybe she just didn't care. It was something he never put too much time thinking or panicking over. Because at the end of the day, she wouldn't tell anyone anyways. So it made little difference in this sense. Though she did defy everything he expected of a Noble from the Main Branch family.

» Retsu Unohana: His hero when he was in the Academy, while in Shino he should exceptional interest and skill in the medical arts. And on rare occasions, while she was Captain, she would come to deliver lectures or demonstrations. These were fleeting but glorious moments for him. But he was sure of one thing about her, she knew his secret. She may have even cracked when his Zanpakuto did. Because on one occasion at the Academy, she made a comment though offhand. It was about a nice smell in the air similar to incense. He'd been able to fool a large number of people with the Shampoo or soap line.

But she could see through him, but strangely she didn't blow the whistle and never did. Somedays he wondered after he left the Academy if they'd come and drag him to the Gotei. Force some job on him that didn't interest him. On other occasions, the idea of working alongside and furthering his medical studies beyond his own tinkerings made him excited. But regardless of the situation, it never came to be.

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