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 The Seeker, Christopher Kur

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Enter The Human Character

I. Basic Information

» Name: Christopher Kur
» Alias: Seeker
» Age: 32
» Gender: Male

» Association:
K-World, Hebi Laboratories (Indirect)

» Purpose:
To further enhance the activity present within K-World. This avatar of the absent Doctor will enable for a cohesive, gradual connection between the aftermath for that character with the current timeline of Bleach: Platinum Hearts.

» Appearance Written:
The Seeker has a fairly simple appearance, without his coat. The only notable exception is the white hair he possesses, which became that way at an early age. However, he still retains his youth in how well he takes care of it, which gives it a poofy, life-filled relaxed look that sharply betrays his personality. Outwardly, he appears to constantly be calm, even sage-like. But this is simply a front to help him avoid making mistakes. He values self-control, and it is rare to see this visage slip. There are rumors within the Tech Sector that he did not actually 'go shock white from the stress of a hard problem', but that he dyed his hair to try to curry favor with the big man in charge, who also has shock white hair.

» Appearance Image:

II. Personality

» Personality:

The Whispers
One crisp autumn day, during the year of 2420, the Seeker experienced a terrible, terrible Nightmare. In the nightmare, his skull was opened wide, and a peculiar black sludge was shot inside of his skull. Ever since, the Seeker has gradually become more and more… paranoid. His already dismal trust in his fellow man decreased even farther. Since the day he woke up from that nightmare in a cold sweat, he has been able to hear a series of whispers in the back of his mind. Whether these are paranoid delusions, or something more, remains to be seen, but these whispers are the primary motivation behind most of the actions he does. He wants to understand them, and what they mean. He wants to be able to live a life without being haunted by them, or to at the very least, understand why they are happening to him.

The Seeker does not dream. That is, outside of the Nightmare. However, this is more than just a consequence of insomnia or the result of a dry lifestyle. The right side of his mind is simply not as active as most ordinary humans. For some reason, he seems to be almost incapable of creativity. He seems to dislike or hold away from himself most forms of artistic expression. The only exception for this is his appreciation for the natural way that things are put together. He finds the human body to be an absolute miracle, and it is possible for him to get into an almost fanatical state describing it and its abilities. Another result of this 'Dreamless' part of his life is a lack of ability to empathize. While he can understand someone's problems logically, he does not allow for himself to get riled up emotionally, much to the frustration of those who would attempt to get closer to him. Even when he tries to share in positive emotions, like joy, he finds it difficult. On the other side of this trait, he rarely holds grudges. He sees most people as 'players' in some kind of grand game; anything they do, to him, was the result of a logical conclusion. The only kinds of people who get under his skin are those who act out of emotion; who make decisions based solely on how they 'feel'.

The Seeker's single greatest personality trait is his obsession. He spends far more time and energy on a problem than almost any other living creature would. Past the point of self-sacrifice and traditional convention, he throws everything he can at whatever catches his interest. Back when he was a medical professional, he worked in diagnostics. While he was not throwing the entirety of his mental acumen at a difficult problem, he would often find himself listless, without a specific goal. As a result, he picked up programming, and would often debug open source projects, though not always with the best of intentions.

Morally Gray
The Seeker's primary goal in life is to live what he would describe as an 'occupied' life. He wishes, above all, to avoid boredom. He will do anything he can to avoid decreasing his own standard of living, and is not the kind of person to resort to heroics, even if he sympathizes with an individual, which is a rare event in and of itself. However, if helping someone out helps him accomplish some goal, he is not the kind of person to avoid assisting others because of personal grudges. Philosophically, he is a nihilist; he does not believe in any kind of afterlife, even though he has seen through the course of his life the existence of the Soul Cycle. When questioned on this point, he will simply state that he hopes there is some unrealistic factor at play; that the world he has been presented is a sick joke, and that once he dies, he will face a cold oblivion for all eternity.

Raw Intellect / Difficult to Intimidate
The Seeker's most potent personality trait, or rather, the one that most people wind up reacting to, is his faith in his own intelligence. He is extremely cocky when it comes to his own deductions; he will often call people 'idiots' for throwing out guesses towards results. He does not consider himself any kind of teacher. He does not believe he has a need for students, or for other people around him to learn.

This dependency on his intellect makes him self-assured. He does not doubt the things that he says. If proven wrong about something, he will acknowledge that he has made a mistake, but will not do it vocally. He will accept it silently. He enjoys feeling intellectually superior to others, and views most situations as a kind of a game of intellect. The fact that he is a powerless human in a world of monsters is not something that unduly unnerves him. He believes that his intelligence is all he needs to survive in such a world, and as a result, does not back down from others simply because they have more physical oat r spiritual strength than him.

The Seeker has not particularly gone out of his way to make many friends. He finds friendship, and the need for it, to be one of the psychological defects of humanity. It is the one part of the human mind that he wishes he could erase; the need for social contact. His is not the kind of personality that wins friends easily, and even if one were to consider him their 'friend', he would be incredibly unlikely to reward an individual for becoming that close to him. He wishes he could firmly shut the part of him that longs for human companionship; there is nothing that frustrates him greater than his carnal desires, the umbrella of the human psyche he refers to as the 'reptile brain'.

III. History

» History:

Birth? Boring.

Childhood? Boring.

Teenage Development? Boring.

Adult Life
Christopher Kur was not the kind of man to write his own memoirs. He believed that if he lived his life in the best manner that he could, others would write about him. He believed that he was the best, from the day he graduated from medical school. A Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, he became proficient at creating data samples of what was wrong with a person's insides. He found that the insides of people were far more interesting than their outsides. His interest in being a medical professional had nothing to do with saving lives, and entirely to do with the mental challenge and difficulty it required to get into his position, with the variety of different scenarios he would encounter in his line of work.

A man who shut out the doors of his past, Christopher Kur became a department head at the young age of 25, at a hospital located in Western China. The large city that he worked out of was the perfect kind of place for him. He could spend his days going to work, solving problems, filling out paperwork, going home, solving his own puzzles or outside challenges and hobbies, of which he developed several in his solitary existence. He kept most of his social connections at the hospital to keep him occupied socially, and attempted a serious romance exactly once. It ended on colloquial terms, because he felt that he logically was not providing emotional support that was adequate for them.

Then, K-World took over China.

The Seeker was the perfect type of candidate to still be allowed to work within the nation. He had no national pride, with his ethnicity that was not… Chinese in the slightest. Instead of working for the Chinese, he became a researcher within K-World. He saw the expansion of different types of subjects as an opportunity, and it was not long before he joined the Tech Center of K-World.

Tech Center

A powerless human of above average intelligence and a focus on achieving results could definitely become an individual of note within the technological sector of the Kokuryuteshi Empire. He was a key component in many medical advancements within the Empire, though his name was not often on any of the final results; he was more of a useful busy body, content to work in the shadows to solve the problems that he was given.

That was, at least, until he cracked the Doctor, Kabuto Hebi's, login information.

He sat in his desk, stunned. He had access to the Kokuryuteshi Empire's internal systems. He had suddenly cracked the greatest puzzle that he had the theoretical ability to access. The Doctor was so rarely present at the Tech Sector himself, he had the luxury of time to make his numerous attempts. The numerous defenses that the Doctor had in place, he had been able to navigate, all without actually ever speaking to the man himself.

He was stunned. For that singular moment, the normally attentive Christopher Kur, was overwhelmed with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Maybe he would have noticed the command prompt that appeared in his taskbar for half a second, before his entire computer was reimaged, suppressing the possibility that he would be able to roll back enough changes to see what parts of his system had been taken over.

The Nightmare
At last, it happened. The Doctor, Kabuto Hebi, had disappeared completely. The Tech Sector of K-World, however, seemed to still continue the same rate as before. It was helpful that the man himself had so little contact with the division, outside of extremely important matters… however, somehow, those important matters were still being addressed.

It was the greatest rush of the Seeker's life.

The power of being able to hold together a part of a major military power of the world gave him exhilarating rushes on a regular basis. He had been able to copy several of the Doctor's mannerisms, passing himself off as the genuine Doctor. He did not do much outside of maintain the system that was already in place. He worked the two positions simultaneously. Above all, that is what he suspects was the problem that caused The Nightmare.

The black substance was poured into his head.

When he awoke, he immediately sought medical attention. However, he did not see a psychiatrist. He already was suspicious of other people by nature; what he had just experienced had nearly tripled the amount of paranoia he normally experienced. Additionally, he began to take medication in order to calm his own nerves; he became a step or two from having a real nervous breakdown on a regular basis.

That was when he developed his Coat, and also when he started referring to himself as 'The Seeker'.

His Coat allowed for him to completely zone out, to be able to attack the thoughts inside of his own head. While he was still taking the medications, he was able to deal better with the negative thoughts, paranoias, and general psychosis that had been afflicting him more and more potently as time passed.

Thus, the Seeker, Christopher Kur, was able to continue moving into the present day… looking toward an uncertain future, trying to keep his mental state together in one piece, and still tackle things that needed addressed within K World's Tech Sector.

IV. Equipment

» Equipment:

Isolation Coat Unit
The coat that the Seeker wears around himself at all times. At the pull of a cord within it, the cloak is able to completely close itself and its user off from the outside world. While this does not create any kind of barrier, it does completely nullify the user's ability to see or hear outside of the Coat itself. The Coat is patterned to the Seeker's own DNA and Spiritual Signature, despite his lack of powers, he still has a human soul, after all. As a result, only he is able to pull the cord, and the cord can only be pulled if he is the one wearing the cloak.

When the cord has been pulled, all manner of sensory within the cloak comes to stop. Additionally, any ability for the user to be detected outside the cloak, other than spiritual pressure or spiritual detection, is muffled. Sound, motion, everything. The Seeker could have a seizure inside of his Coat, and the outside world would never know. He could scream violently at the top of his lungs, and the outside world would be none the wiser.

The Coat does not procure any defensive benefits. It does, however, greatly restrict the Seeker's movements when the cord is pulled. It essentially locks up his joints in the position he starts in when the cord is pulled.

V. Human Traits

» Powers:

Viral Intelligence
The Seeker was naturally incredibly intelligent, for a human being. However, there is more to it than that. There is currently a virus inside of The Seeker's mind. This virus is spiritual and biological in nature; removing one of these components will cause for the other to regenerate it. It is also extremely difficult to locate. A creation of Hebi Laboratories, it greatly expands the mind of the one who is afflicted with it. However, as with most creations from that Lab, it comes with a cost. That cost is the diminishing state of the subject's sanity. The more their intelligence grows, the harder it is for them to retain their sanity, as the psychosis and paranoid patterns of thought that a normal person has are greatly amplified by the Parasite. While it is possible for the Seeker to have greatly enhanced mental acuity for a duration of two to three posts, he will become more and more psychotic, to the point of being useless mentally once the fourth post begins.

Extensive Medical Knowledge and Drug Use
Despite his age, The Seeker is incredibly intelligent when it comes to the human body, to the degree that he could be considered a kind of savant. It's possible for him to mentally break down parts of the human body within his mind, and try to come up with possible explanations for damage that has been dealt to it. Of course, when it comes to spiritual systems, he is much less effective, and when it comes to body types that are not based on humans, he is completely useless. However, within the realm of Human physiology, he possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of potential problems and pathogens that cause for a person to become stronger, or weaker. It is possible for him to carry drugs on his person, such as caffeine pills or painkillers, that may allow for him to be more potent in certain situations than an average person, but not to the degree of changing any part of himself that would match a spiritual being.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Focus:

VII. Role Play Sample

»  Roleplay Sample:

Music For Mood: Kill Command by Masafumi Tanaka.

"…Where am I?"

He could hear his own voice, and that scared him. It sounded like it came from a stranger; from someone, from somewhere else. "…Hello?" He was incredibly concerned; searching his memory, he could not remember how he found himself on this operating table, in this empty room. This incredibly empty room…

"…!" He tried to stand up, but he something strapping him to the bed. Leather? …No. This isn't leather… He tried pulling against it harder, and somehow, he knew… …This is human flesh… dried, and stitched…

Never before had the Seeker ever desired more than the meager human strength he possessed. He had always been able to pay for someone more physically adjusted to deal with his problems. But this… For the first time since he had graduated from college, he felt… unequipped to deal with a physical situation.

Violently, he tugged against his binds. But not for very long. Just enough to where he could determine that further struggle was useless. He would have to conserve his strength. Who had kidnapped him? Why had they done it? What would there have been to gain? All at once, he thought back to the login information he had cracked. But how? There's no way they could have known I did it. They would have come after me long before if they knew. They would have come after me so long ago… The anxiety and paranoia began to loop around inside of his head, until he finally closed his eyes.

He took one deep breath.

Then another.

Then a third.

Then a fourth.

That anxious part of his reptile brain was still not completely satisfied. It wanted to dwell on these things further. It wanted to try to reason why he was here. It was trying to obsess on it. It would not be quiet. But there was nothing he could do to completely silence it, other than trying to ignore it. He was sure he would slip back into those thoughts…

"…No… Stay away, stay back!"

The fear in his own voice drove into that deepest part of his brain. He hated how he sounded… but that was because he was staring straight ahead at the blades that were moving in, toward his head

Toward his brain.

He struggled again, out of fear, out of human impulse. He was afraid, and disgusted at himself for feeling afraid. But he could not stop it; he knew exactly why that was. He could lose a toe.

He could lose an arm.

If he lost his mind, he would be useless. Lame. Limp.

Possibly trapped and bored inside of a destroyed shell of a mind for years.

But his struggle was in vein. He heard his skin break, then he felt his skull crack. …What…? Some part of him yelled inside of his mind.

He felt damage inside of his head.

If there was one thing he knew, it was human biology.

He was feeling things where there were no nerves to feel them.

His body jerked as he felt his brain being pressed into and separated. He screamed, roared, tried to make all manner of noise.


He shouted at the empty hospital room, even as a spray of black liquid hit him in the face.




Kur shot up from his bed, breathing harder than he had in the last fifteen years. He could feel himself still shaking. He reached a hand to his head, desperately. Then cursed at himself.

Then cursed at himself for cursing at himself.

These were all so unnecessary. It had been a dream. It was not real. There was nothing that could have happened there that had hurt him. He tried to control his breathing, but it would not be still. He afforded himself a rare moment to dwell on himself and his anxieties… But found them wanting.

Despite his personal check, and then examining himself on his own equipment…

He could find nothing wrong…

It looked like it was all in his head…



Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
- Buddha
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The Seeker, Christopher Kur
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