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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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I. Family Matters

Eberhart Family: This family traces it's origins far back enough that they are the nobles of nobles. Their blood couldn't be much purer from the aspect of people, the family is odd for its power having most of them be known for owning land in other Providences. most of the land the Eberhart has a claim to is currently under the claim of the Shadow Fall Organization. Or rather the countries are as they have gained a massive fortune.

However, the Eberhart family practices a strange tradition and sends off one child to the Vandenreich per family. Ghislain fell into that category and was sent into Jhwach's military force during the war with the Shinigami. He did well during it but wasn't as prominent as the B at the time Hulderic Hylham. However, Ghislain did his family proud and brought them honor with his strength. He is known by his family as the Peace Bringer, he was able to secure an area and settle the population down rather easily.

Ghislain's place is the current leader of the Eberhart family. His skill attracts many of the hopefuls and to some extent marriage proposals. The family practices strange fighting styles and among other things exercise control over elements people couldn't hope to understand. Every Eberhart born is gifted with a power that isn't easy to understand. Each of the Eberhart is given an epithet describing their power in some form. Two were given to Ghislain, the Dark Eberhart was the first given his power over the Dark Matter. The last name came from German myth, they called him Taiwaz which meant the Germanic God of War.

Due to his fierce and perhaps almost inhuman desire. Ghislain wants to see a home for the Quincy, not away from others but on the main street. They are people and he believes that the right is paid for at birth, his family has mixed feelings about his view. But the Emperor isn't one to shy from confrontation when it beckons him. Ghislain and the Eberhart's are ready for anything.

The Baskerville Family: His Mother's maiden name and family which specialized in Hound familiars largely. Allowing them to create spectral hounds to hunt with. They were nobility among the Quincy and considered a higher class. The union that made her an Eberhart came about due to a planned marriage between the two families.

This was done largely to build trust between the Quincy of the German areas. While the Baskervilles didn't come from the German lands, they were present none the less. Making peace over the war was the end goal between them. While much of their history was lost as the family had been annihilated. Their rites and rituals are continued by Ghislain. As a huntsman of the Baskerville Tribe and what they represented all those years prior.

I. Quincy Dossier

Name: Ghislain Eberhart
Alias: The Emperor of Dark Matter, The Dark Eberhart, Taiwaz, Ghi.
Race: Pureblood Quincy
Age: Five Thousand, Eightt Hundred Years Old
Height: Six Feet and Zero Inches
Weight: One Hundred and Ninety Pounds
Previous Physical Appearance: Ghislain was born a blonde and bright boy with lovely eyes and features. Often wearing a warm smile that seems out of place as he looks much younger than his age would give one to believe. Ghislain's baby face and features that make him appear much younger than he allows for a very strange reaction.

His physical body seems to be in excellent shape, allowing for most to assume and notice he's good at physical combat. On his arm he has a tattoo he wears as a symbol from the war, it's meaning is very old. It in short speaks of the number of people he saved as a number in Germany's more forgotten language. Ghislain wears a very simple outfit often dressing casually, trying to avoid the fact he's the Emperor of Quincy now. Ghislain doesn't like to be lofty or do things that are extremely flashy it's simply not who he is. Ghislain is a simple and very down-to-earth person who finds the whole My Lord thing a bit exaggerated and ridiculous to expect of anyone.

Ghislain's clothing and outfits do change sometimes, he will wear a German dress suit and shoes, making sure everything fits the image. He always has a sort of sad smile on his face but it's evident the long-haired blonde is a catch for most. He's physically attractive and has had seven marriages arranged by his family. He however declined each and everyone that came his way, saying he isn't going to look for such things. Ghislain's body upon closer inspection has scars in a couple of places. One across his back, another going across his chest in the center. Often hidden is the one he got on his shoulder from combat with a shinigami.

Present Appearance: He retains his youthful and young appearance, his body undergoing no major changes. His clothing on the other hand has become more altered. Wearing a cloak from a wolf and fabrics made from living off the land. He's taken to his life as a distant Quincy. Remaining far from the world and its turmoils.

This life and style suited him well enough, making him happy to live as his mother's kin did. And how he did as a boy. Though somethings do always come to call you. His clothing may yet again undergo an upheaval due to the appearance of Inami.

I. Personality File

Charismatic Ghislain is a very good leader, capable of making people see how important they are. Ghislain is a natural-born leader able to get people to follow him on simple actions. He was a natural-born A, born to be the next Emperor but he was hidden in the Shadow of the man known as Hulderic. However it didn't dampen the man's spirit,

Ghislain was able to develop great charisma. Perhaps because he had to strive to keep up with something out of his reach, Ghislain was able to develop a very good charisma. Able to lead when Hulderic and Yhwach couldn't do so. It allowed him to become something of his own person and develop freely. His charisma is a rare type that encompasses all, he can be quiet and for some reason, people flock to him. Ghislain is someone who grew into the role over time, without a choice of his own.

Highly Intelligent: From a young age Ghislain strove for excellence, to be the best, and do everything he could. Nothing was too short for the young Quincy as he got older and wiser. His intelligence only grew and perhaps this is why he was left with the title he was. His intelligence allowed him to make moves without getting involved too far. He's created reform and been extremely intelligent in his term as Emperor so far. He didn't make speeches or try and do things, he was simply given this role. Because he got results and saw what needed to be done.

Ghislain didn't waste time or use his intellectual prowess poorly. He's normally able to see through most moves by the time people move. Ghislain is known for being an avid Chess player, with skill at the game. His intelligent nature allows him to learn and process things quickly. Capable of making quick calculations like a computer within his head, his brilliance only continued to grow as he got older thankfully.

Witty Sense of Humor: Ghislain has a rather witty sense of humor, liking to make small jokes about things. A great example was when he heard Hulderic got the Quincy Antarctica he merely puzzled and asked. Why did you get use land of a frozen wasteland, is this some genocide joke? Ghislain isn't against making jokes to lighten the mood.

But he is smart enough to know when it's okay to drop one. Some moments actions speak louder and change the direction of the world. Other times a good sense of humor can get people through a rainy day. Ghislain believes in his people and has faith they are far from being done growing. That others have the right idea, but one step at a time. His sense of humor is rather charming going along with his charisma well. He doesn't make comments he believes cross the line or are overly offensive. He does know how to conduct himself, but this witty humor does exist. A few close people to him have heard him crack a joke or two.

Gentleman: Whatever the case Ghislain is a gentlemen and conducts himself as such. He opens doors for ladies and pulls their chairs out, he gives Veterans of military conflicts handshakes and buys their meals. In some ways it's hard to see him past this, he's an extremely strange fellow by some standpoints.

Because he'll even buy the enemy food because they served and did well. He's not the type to hold a grudge and conducts himself as a gentleman at almost all times. Manners maketh man is the saying that some may forget that old adage. But Ghislain holds to it as he believes they are true. He doesn't show them often on the battlefield, claiming that being a gentleman isn't such a thing. It has no place on the field of battle, that is where honor belongs.

Honor is something some warriors have and others simply don't. Being a gentleman is about the image you present and bringing yourself to be a proper man. You should treat women with respect at all times unless such a right is extinguished.

Honorable: A trait most Quincy have in abundance with one other, he has both of these in spades. Ghislain represents what it is to be a Quincy very well, showing his honor on the battlefield to those who have earned it. Honor is something the strong may show along with mercy. Ghislain believes he has this simple right to be an honorable warrior, he can afford to be honorable. Some simply can't and he understands that well enough, the fighting method has little to do with it.

Ghislain has never struck an enemy from behind in all his duels, they were always done from the front. His nature which shows on the battlefield sometimes is often seen with a grain of salt by his friends. Ghislain is known to have a nature that his colleagues didn't within the Vandenreich back in the older days. He wasn't consumed by blood lust and remained a normal person. Honor didn't allow him to do less, however, his enemies weren't deserving of honorable intentions back in those hellish days.

Prideful: Ghislain has pride in himself no matter what he does, he finds that it helps him be confident as a leader. But confidence and pride are two different animals sometimes, pride can lead a leader to do reckless things. Ghislain is well grounded but does have pride in himself and the things he does. He believes in the organization the Vandenreich and that they will secure a place for the Quincy in the world.

Pride is something of a sin that Quincy most of the time have and Ghislain knows his pride well. It makes him almost make choices that are harmful, arrogance and pride can kill a person. He's learned this the hard way as the war progressed between the Quincy and the Soul Society. They were blind in believing they could triumph over such a foe. They weren't willing to let go of the honor and become monsters like their enemy, while some were strong enough to battle. Pride is an emotion that Ghislain knows all too well as a person.

Calm: He keeps his calm and takes a very calculated approach to most things. Putting the needs of the many before the one in himself. He's prone to do things that his guards consider reckless. But that's why they exist with him to defend Ghislain from himself. But more often than not he keeps a calm and very composed nature. He's able to handle almost any situation as a calm politician from the German homeland.

Keeping his calm allows him to remain in control and issue things around. Ghislain knows which version of him is more productive as a leader. Thus he strives at all times to keep his cool when fighting, his temper used to be something that got him in trouble when he was younger. But as he grew older and wiser he allowed past hates to go. Focusing instead on the future that the Quincy had ahead of them, he believed within his calm mind. That anything could be achieved with hard work and effort. Ghislain is a calm and very focused man a majority of the timekeeping himself contained.

Laid Back: Somewhere beneath it all does exist someone who is rather relaxed and able to do so. He doesn't need to be busy for the sake of being busy. While it's not a personality trait everyone will see, Ghislain certainly is far more laid back than the others. His compatriots don't compare to his slow and steady pace.

But it's because he would rather be precise and doesn't see sense in rushing. Being laid back plays into his calm mindset often allowing him to evaluate the situation and think carefully about things. He often sees things as straight forward no need for extra stress.

Ghislain isn't the most laid back person in the world and often only shows to friends, family, or his guards. Where he keeps a relaxed face even in the face of death itself. Perhaps from staring at it so many times he finally became numb. Or just stopped caring, it was a growing experience learning to just go with the flow. See where the wind would take him on each journey.

Kind: he is a kind man and shows it often, willing to help out in soup kitchens among other things. Despite being an Emperor, he shows kindness to all races normally it's something that came. He is kind to not just people but animals and nature as well.

Some believe he's a gentleman, but it's simple kindness. Ghislain has always been kind, however that kindness upon betrayal disappears. He doesn't believe in it at all, his belief and system are very different from most. Ghislain is able to listen and perhaps most amazingly be a friend to almost anyone. He's very easy to reach, unlike some people who feel so distant as a ruler.

Ghislain does this intentionally and it works most of the time. But he believes that being kind to one's subjects is a natural answer. Kindness can be a weakness only if you allow it to be.

Generous: Perhaps the strangest part about him is he gives often, not worried as he does generously give to organizations. He believes in helping people recover and does what he can for the people. It's why he's loved by most Quincy, as they believe he was a commoner who became Emperor. But it's very close to the truth, Ghislain was a mere Executive Captain at the end of the conflict, he didn't get much promotion due to them losing. However, he remained generous, giving to his people till it hurt.

Giving them land and medicine when they needed it and even traveling to tend to the wounded. He really did go the extra mile for them. Being a good person down his being. Ghislain believes Hulderic and Yhwach treated their position too much like being a God. They were but met among a people leading them, perhaps that is where they lost their way. Leading them down the correct path in life, was understandable though. Hulderic and Yhwach had a rough time period of them, Hulderic got after Yhwach. And Yhwach got stuck with the period of War, though he brought it on himself.

Responsible: he is someone that can be trusted, Ghislain when he promised has never gone back on his word. His vow is perhaps stronger than anything else in this world, he will keep it. No matter what the condition is he will make sure it's complete, this is the man trusted with everything. Ghislain has proved he can be trusted with everything and handles it very well. Being a responsible man takes time and one must even own up to being wrong. Something

Ghislain doesn't enjoy but will do, if he messes up he understands. He merely accepts it and moves on, that is how life is. We make mistakes and recognizes it as a person very easily. Ghislain is perhaps one of the stranger leaders the Quincy had, perhaps for the best in its own way. Being a responsible man allows his people to trust him more, with their trust he can do more. Faith is reward with him with great results and hard work. It's something drilled into him since he was but a child.

Strong:[Some people project an air of strength and that can be said about Ghislain. He has that air around him of a strong person, his will, and just showcasing it. Perhaps it's something all leaders have that they simply must be strong. Within every regard, they must be educated and strong. Mental strength as well as physical, not to mention will in itself. A leader is the will of his power and the strength that he represents is theirs.

Ghislain embraces that he is Quincy's strength and tries to be that as often as possible. To show himself in good form and be that leader. While wanting people to feel close to him, he also does have that air Hulderic and Yhwach did. He had that strength that made people look at him in a sense of awe. The strong personality that only perhaps those meant to lead are born with.

Musical:He plays the violin and rather enjoys humming little songs, it allows for him to be very enjoyable to be around. He has an excellent singing voice but also has a great sense of the musical arts. He believes that music as a form helps him stay grounded, the violin is a lovely instrument and as is the piano another he enjoys.

Chopin is a favorite of his to listen to or play. His music sense is good enough that most people enjoy hearing him sing, it's something of a sound that not many have. He's got a good raspy sound to his voice and has excellent control. He spent most of his time singing when he wasn't working on something in the old days. Merely practice made perfect, but it's more than that he simply has the gift. He can pick up almost any instrument and learn it overnight. Skills that come from his talent are rare, but perhaps this is one of them. Ghislain didn't plan on going into music for a reason he states often. Ghislain the Musician isn't that catchy is normally his response.

Eccentric:To say that Ghislain is without eccentricities would be a wrong statement. He has his moments like most, but they stand out more due to the position of power. Ghislain is known to simply go for walks into places or sometimes he plays something completely random. Ghislain believes life without a little eccentric behavior would be odd.

He does have a habit from the battlefields and things that most call eccentric. He cracks his index finger out of habit and merely continues to do so. Sometimes he'll talk about something just before someone asks as well. Making him seem all the more eccentric to them, however, most of this is shown when he lacks sleep. Ghislain is very good at hiding some eccentricities.

He doesn't strive to be perfect not because he already is. But because perfection isn't what a Leader should reach for, they should reach for whatever is best. The best they can do for the people who are under them should be the constant focus. This may drive him to do funny things at times, but his eccentric behavior is a welcome price.

Ruthless: It's rare, perhaps extremely rare where Ghislain will show ruthless aggression. But within him it exists he showed it during the war, leaving his enemy nothing, not an inch. He ruthlessly took everything they could try from them, leaving nothing for them in the end. It was a domination of sorts that he displayed, though he rarely does it now.

It's perhaps somewhere still inside of Ghislain hiding beneath it all. The shackles around it waiting for that key, waiting for the moment that cold calculating Quincy is needed again. But while he doesn't use it day to day, he keeps most of his ruthlessness hidden away. The Quincy deserve a kind leader, but their enemies whoever they are. Deserve only the ruthless cold aggression he keeps bottled within. Ghislain knows everything has it's moment and place, now isn't the time for ruthless blood lust. It's the time of peace and staying true to his people's core. That is all that matters at this point and time as he has begun to grow into a fine leader.

DistantA more recent trait that came on account of his people. Ghislain has distanced himself from them. Taking his leave of them and their agendas. They have a ruler and leader at this moment. Though it became clear that the people as a whole wanted nothing from him.

While it must be clear he holds no animosity towards them. He is just distant to them and what plights they may face. They turned their backs to him, so in this way, he did similarly. After he helped them on several occasions, by settling the disputes with the Princess of K-World. Freeing them from the Emperor's grasp forever. And once again standing upon the battlefield.

They simply wanted no more to do with him despite his actions being for the justice of the world they wished to be part of. But it doesn't surprise him slightly, so thus his retreat to Alaska and hiding away from all but a select few. Who they too turned their backs and no longer desired his presence now that goals had been accomplished.

I. Likes

Music:He enjoys music in its purest form and has a large like for the sound that each instrument can bring forward from its core. Everything about music is appealing to him as he enjoys it to the fullest extent. Everything from the sounds and what creative things can be used as instruments makes him smile. It's a strange hobby of his but not the only one he enjoys. His like for true music in its raw form allows him to have a general dislike for some of it. But the sound of the piano and violin when they are played well. It simply brings a smile to his face or someone who can sing well.

These little things allow him to enjoy his life more fully than simply being an Emperor. Ghislain isn't sure what the future holds for anyone, but so long as he can enjoy good music along the way he's happy. Able to grow and become a more skilled musician along the way. However, that dream isn't what it once was when he thought about becoming a musician for a living.

Reading: Nothing as relaxing as pulling up a good book and reading some nice literature. That is perhaps one of the more quiet ways he enjoys passing the time. He's learned many things from reading and enjoys simple books for what they are. They pass the time and when one is one thousand years old it is almost required. While he is older than most the Quincy he believes that a balance is required.

Enjoying the little things allow him to make good choices in the long run. Learning lessons from the non-fictional literature he reads very often. His favorite books often are Musashi's rings. Reading as though starving for a good story and the knowledge of the world around him. The books he adores most are the ones around his heroes within the music. This goes along with the massive reform that the Vandenreich are undergoing, however, he knows that somethings never change. Ghislain enjoys reading about the successes and failures of other leaders. Claiming they are key to being a good leader as well.

Learning: He loves to learn new things, believing if you stop learning you cease to exist. Ghislain loves knowledge and studies everything with an interest that goes beyond the normal. He can speak most languages known to the world even a couple of dead ones. His favorite language is German, perhaps simply because it's more comfortable for him.

But he does through in German phrases in with each word as he continues in speech. But he loves learning new combat moves or perhaps political policies. He loves studying everything that is able to be studied. Martial arts, music, landscaping, and so on. Every subject is interesting to him, he finds that all of them are fascinating. The saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks is perhaps the worst phrase created when speaking of Ghislain. He studies nature and how to better live with it, studying ways to farm and live off the land safely. Not taking away from the natural beauty of the Earth they call home.

Restoration:Ghislain enjoys restoring ruins and other such things to pristine conditions. He's done so with several already proving his skill as an archeologist he funded an operation where they rebuilt and refurbished some ruins. They are now a museum which funds some of his operations for other such projects. Ghislain has restored and wrote several books on the practice of doing it, now he's become a big name for it.

Teaching people how best to be a productive archeologist is something that he strongly feels is important. People should be able to view ruins safely and learn about their past. It's why he believes Quincy ruins exist and has been searching for some. He's restored several normal human ones among other things. But he's yet to locate what he believes exists, the strange part about it. While he could tap into his massive power to do these things. Ghislain chooses to do this along with everything else like a normal person. So he can enjoy it to the fullest extent that it was meant to be.

Cooking: Perhaps one of the more strange Emperors that ended up in charge. Ghislain enjoys very human activities, finding cooking to be fun and exciting. Even when you fail it's a lesson that can teach you to be better. Cooking recipes can also be an educational thing in their own way. How every nation and country has different delicacies that others find disgusting.

It's such a strange and fascinating thing that always excites him about the prospect. He often wonders what did the Quincy before it all eat, what type of food did they go to. This sort of thing always excites Ghislain as he thinks about the old world and wishing to bring the light upon it. Food and anything else that could be found about them excites and bring his interest up. Ghislain is interested in everything to do with that, but cooking became an interest all its own. When he was fighting in the war he discovered he enjoyed it as well, taking it to it very naturally.

Ancient Quincy: He is fascinated by the people who once were, they were a kingdom of their own. Ghislain hides it very well but he found the Ancient culture of his people fascinating. They were such strange people with a rich history, but all of it was lost in that conflict. Just because their Emperor at the time couldn't compromise. So much history and knowledge were lost on them, they grew and did evolve into stronger beings.

But it was all perhaps something that Yhwach didn't want to let go of. Those who can't learn or adapt will be lost to the sands of time. Revenge is a poor dish something best left to those who can find that answer can live another day. But so much knowledge and rich culture were lost, so he looks to return it to them. It's always better to give back to your people than take away from them. Ghislain believes this with his entire heart, he's enjoyed every moment he spends looking for them. Did his people have songs or did they have special writing, all these things are on his mind.

Writing: Writing comes with it all, reading and writing are perhaps something he enjoys as well. Writing out things in different languages and studying authors who catch his eye. Everything he does allows him to grow and become a more well-rounded person. Studying the way of the world by drinking in the essence of everything around him. Writing and taking notes all of it is enjoyable, for someone who has been alive for a long time.

Your interests become very easily figured out when given the time. Becoming Emperor did put a delay on the books he wrote but it did also let him use his talents. Doing more for people that need it than most organizations have ever done. The Vandenreich of old was a place of war, he didn't really know how else to handle matters in those days. Being a low-rank person you weren't given many choices. However, with all things that came, he got to develop skills that really helped him grow.

Exploring:Nothing in the world like exploring and finding something new. Or something sleeping long within the depths waiting to be discovered, it takes a brave sort of person. But Ghislain has always enjoyed exploring and discovering lost civilizations among other things. Especially looking for hints or clues about the Ancient Quincy who once lived. Before the war there were said to be many of them around, they had to of left markings or a trial. But Ghislain hasn't found much in his exploration.

Everything points to many things that are left wondering in the exploration, creatures said to exist in myth. So many discoveries through simply exploring a place, doing it like a normal person. There isn't a sense of excitement from doing everything as a Quincy, everyday humans made a living by doing things the old fashioned way. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn't. But that is the joy of doing it that way. Exploring has become a hobby, while his guards don't enjoy it he very much enjoys the exploration itself.

Being Human: While he has aged a long time and become perhaps an immortal by many standards. He enjoys doing things the human way, walking instead of rushing for things. while he was an effective warrior it's well known that Ghislain. Always did things this way, it made him late sometimes when others arrived early due to powers. There are things when you look through the eye of a normal person. Pretend to be normal and just see how life is explored and do things by hand.

Don't rely on your powers for everything that pops up. It can make your life more interesting and perhaps more of an adventure. Unlike some who teleport, he travels normally and uses planes and other means. He really doesn't believe in taking the easy path. That the harder path in life with its trials is worth much more. Ghislain believes this firmly and doesn't force it on his people. But he does often do this sort of thing on his own, it's his way of living life. Being human is sometimes viewed as a weakness but Ghislain sees it as a strength.

Wilderness: A new full time thing he found himself investing more and more time into. By living in Alaska all this time, without using his powers unless he had to. Ghislain didn't fight with creatures or do things strange like battle demons or hollows.

He lived a peaceful and tranquil existence up in those snow mountains. Enjoying the peaks and ever calming wildlife that surrounded that frontier. It was a place that was marvelous to disappear into. To let the world and problems it had with him and he with it vanish. While he knew it wouldn't last forever. It logically could keep him off the grid and away from the many struggles within it.

Hunting A new or past life choice that he found enjoyment in. Not hunting for sport or anything of that nature. Hunting for what was needed to maintain and survive. Never wasting a body part or a piece of something.

Ghislain is an old man in a world that has become more and more reliant on technology or powers. Most he imagined forgot how to survive within the wilderness for a time. Forgot how to purify their water and other things. So much history lost to the new age of life.

It wasn't his duty or place to involve himself in much of this world's ways. He belonged to the bygone era of life. The animals and the wilderness could accept him without any trouble. They were pure in their regard for his life and his survival. He got the same chance everyone did, the difference was he knew how to use it.

He knew the requirements to cross the finish life with hunting and survival in the wilderness. But that was the world in general, he'd fade further and further unless pulled from it.

I. Dislikes

Liars: people who lie are scum it's a simple fact, unless their is a very good reason. Ghislain hates lying and finds those that do it deplorable. Lying to a people or even a person is wrong. It's something that shouldn't be done under any circumstances. People that lie or would hide the truth from those who need to hear it. Ghislain really can't stand that sort of person and has a general dislike for them. People who lie would abandon their people and let them suffer. That sort of person deserves no mercy from him in his mind, but he knows that sometimes there are cases where a kind lie saves a tear.

Cheaters:Cheating to get ahead without thinking about those hard-working people. Those who cheat really have no morals in his mind, they would cheat their own mother. He's heard people say such a thing as cheating in battle exists. But in Ghislain's mind, no such thing exists that battle is a fight between those who use strategy to win. Strategy and cheating have often been compared, some people even believe that it harms honor. But in his mind cheating is something that is terrible in any case.

Relationships and everything else that come with it, cheating is something that makes a mess out of everything. Cheating at anything from a quiz to a lover is something wrong. Ghislain never understood why so many people feel such a thing is needed. It's an awful practice that tears a person apart and makes them less. Anyone who does it intentionally over and over will sooner or later pay. They simply won't be able to match up to someone who made it by sheer effort.

Swindlers: To take advantage of someone and take from them while they are weak. That is the ultimate sin, taking from someone instead of giving back. Those who would do such things are worse than Cheaters or Liars. They took from people in a way that some never recover, it's a sin that has not been forgiven by any means. While he doesn't enjoy conflict, he won't let someone take advantage of his people.

Or anyone for that matter, words coated with honey to simply get what you want in the end. Using people merely to toss them away, in the end, is a cold and heartless practice. Such is not the way he will conduct himself or the Vandenreich. Ghislain has seen two leaders come who did such things, the darkness of such deeds leaves a sour taste in his mouth. Those who swindle and take advantage of the weak and downtrodden are merely the scum of this world. His job as Emperor is to protect them from such dark things. To act as a shield from swindlers and be as honest as he can with the people who follow him.

Yhwach: This man caused more trouble for the people the Quincy then people know. Now that Ghislain has the knowledge that Hulderic and Yhwach did. He sees the darkness this man had brought on others. This man had no interest in his people and would have given them all to meet his ends. Such an evil being doesn't deserve Ghislain's respect as he sees it all as a dark reality.

Yhwach had no interest in his people he wished to become a God, that was his only goal in life. This is why no matter how much Ghislain tries he cannot forgive Yhwach. The man who started the war and caused the destruction of the Quincy. It wasn't something the Shinigami provoked as many would believe. Yhwach provoked the Shinigami into the conflict and wanted his people to get slaughtered. Merely so he could reap the benefits, his body trembles with rage whenever he thinks about it. How naive they were to merely follow this man, this evil being his dislike or perhaps even hate will never go away for Yhwach.

Killers: Murderers who take pride in killing are the worst people he's dealt with. The Quincy and First Generation Gotei 13, such evil people who desired only to see blood. For the sake of seeing the color red everywhere. Quincy has changed since those bloodthirsty days, Shinigami have as well. But Ghislain finds killers to be people he cannot trust, senseless slaughter holds no place for him.

Quincy was meant to be honorable and prideful warriors. But instead, they caused slaughter and thus he believes the blood will never come off. Killing people in self-defense isn't wrong by any means. It's killing without reason or remorse, that is the type of behavior he cannot stand. Ghislain believes life shouldn't be ended without a really good reason. He doesn't carry that sort of fire for killing that others do. He left behind that nature when he left the war alive. It wasn't something that he ever wished to be part of, but the order of the one forced it. It was either his family died or he fought.

Politics: A twisted game that people play now, instead of war. They discuss how to take from their people and how to benefit themselves. They no longer care about the people they serve in some cases. This is perhaps the painful thing about the politics of the world itself is large. This practice and game of double-dealing and death affect everything and almost all organizations fall prey to it. The Gotei 13 especially has fallen prey to the wickedness of the game he noticed.

The game of death, cheating, lying, and swindling people. Such a wicked thing that should never have been created. It shows just how ruthless humanity can be if pushed to do so. Perhaps they did it for the sake of doing it. Ghislain will never understand why people enjoy so much doing such things. For him, this is the worst thing about being a leader having to engage in politics, no matter how good he may be at them. He despises these and often tries to simply let them be avoided. A man's word should be enough to carry his feelings to people.

Politicians: These would be duelist of politics, they are people who can't be trusted. In his experience no matter the area, they are ruthless and cold people. Calculating in ways to take advantage of people. They've forgotten what it means to be a common person and it makes them weak. They've forgotten everything that made them human or close to it. These duelists of the political world are merely scavengers looking to pick the meat from the hard-working.

Ghislain has hated both the game and people playing it for the enjoyment of it. He doesn't find any pleasure in personal aims being reached or objectifying what you do. Anything when done for you alone and not for the many. That is a crime in itself as a leader, those who do such should lose the right to lead. That is the point of view he holds so clearly and tightly too as he guides the Vandenreich. Making it more of a democratic organization. Letting every voice matter no matter how small it may be. Ghislain is ambitious and perhaps it's the reason he has a dislike for these people.

Arrogant People: People who are full of themselves are not the best to deal with. Aggressive and over-inflating their ego as though they need a boost. They don't care about the people around them or how their arrogance affects them. As a Quincy, he's seen first hand what a large amount of arrogance can do. It's something of a dark reality that cannot be forgotten by anyone. Pride comes before the fall for those who aren't prepared for it.

Quincy especially suffers from a huge ego and arrogance a majority of the time. He's found he doesn't care for those who aren't humble. The activities they try to come up with to try and prove they are the best. Everything involving them is something that bothers him. However, being arrogant is an evil sin altogether, sometimes pride is called for. But people who are overly arrogant are hard to manage. While he can tolerate them, he doesn't like them that much. Thus, why he's selective when it comes to those who lead the Vandenreich positions.

Hulderic: Hulderic Hylham, this man has gotten an eternal dislike from Ghislain. When he looked at Hulderic he saw the continuation of Yhwach's plans. He disliked that everything was tossed aside by both of them. Merely for the benefit of the people they served, they didn't care about the world around them. Only the benefit brought to them, untold suffering was brought by both men. Ghislain can't stand either person and finds them agitating. Hulderic's actions cost his family greatly and put them at risk with the Organization known as K-World.

Hulderic handled every situation in a sloppy manner, not doing things as a Quincy should. He represented the worst of their kind in Ghislain's mind. Someone who followed in the steps of the leader before him. Ghislain has made it a point to go a different direction from either man. His dislike for them made him choose to do this. If it succeeds he will be happy, but his dislike for using the people under them will never disappear.

War:War, it's always a bitter affair. The Quincy when they get drawn into the chaos of the battlefields so much risk is put out. Their people are always at risk of getting completely destroyed by the slightest mistake. It's a wire that almost folds every time they try to simply exist. This has always been the way the Quincy were, war drew them in. They paid the price with blood and tears. No benefit came from the wars the Quincy got involved in, no matter what they did. War is an ugly business and something to be avoided if at all possible.

Compromise and do whatever must be done that is the way it should be. But some people put less than the complete effort into each thing, taking the time and merely tossing away the important people in their worlds. It leaves them almost nothing to grow from. Ghislain doesn't like war from the days spent fighting Shinigami. He believes that war is wrong morally but will fight if he absolutely has to. It's his absolute last resort at all times, wishing to avoid it at all costs.

Users: While Sofia and his people haven't quite made it on to his list yet. They are closer than the entire world, they have used and betrayed him. They desired things powers and gifts that he knew of. Access to the lost technology their people used. So often he bleeds for them fought and defended them. Settled century-old conflicts and even new ones. But when he needed them, when their help was needed for him?

They turned away, they all turned away from him. The Lux Orior and Vanguard, Hayden none would help him when it came down to it. He was blacklisted and ended up alone. In the icy grips of Alaska, to remain in the solitude of a self-exile. They did not search, they did not try or bother helping him. So those who use others for powers and leave. Those are on his list now and forever, he holds a special hatred for the people who've performed this feat, and their names aren't forgotten.

I. Relationships

Sofia Montero: She is someone he cared for deeply, but it was clear what he meant to her. Just a tool or toy to climb the ranks of power and society. For when he needed her most, she joined the Demons. She called him for War and he answered, when political power was needed he answered.

But loving her always seemed to hurt, she did not hold love for him. This was Lust in some ways, but he had fallen in love with her ambition and mind. But in the end, he was nothing more than a Broken Emperor. Not one who could guide her to power. Why did it have to hurt so much to love someone and continue to be in pain?

Never were his feelings considered or his emotions, Sofia just didn't care. Useless when conflict arouse but afterward desired to be a ghost. Her sin is one of not just breaking his heart, but his trust in others.

Desmond Hayden: Another one, this was someone who had been a teacher for him upon a time. But now he is a King, ruling high and mighty in Africa. Never seeking those who held the lines for him in Vanguard. none of those in the Vanguard did, once they were done with him and his gifts. It was a begone status, that the Vandenreich put on him.

They no longer needed the Emperor or wanted him. He was a victim of many things. Being the man to take the title of Emperor, left him a scar. Now they and those of the Lux Orior stand as distrusted people.

They use and throw away what isn't useful, they have no desire to help those who help them. It is the way of things in this world, they bleed you until you are dry. Once they've gained everything possible. They toss it away and throw it to the wolves. That is what Desmond has taught him, from a distance he understood finally. That his thousand years, maybe that was why Yhwach was the way he was. Desmond opened his eyes to that possibility.

Hulderic Hylham: To say this is a strained relationship would be very true. Ever since learning what Hulderic had intended from the beginning, he has held a dislike for Hulderic. For not being strong enough to guide his people properly. They weren't sheep that needed some shepherd to guide them from the world. They needed much more than that to get by as they were in need of guidance to heal their wounded hearts. But instead, Hulderic offered battle and obliteration for no one but his own personal gain. Some people truly do want to see the world burn and that was Hulderic's desire.

He didn't care about his people as much as he let on and Ghislain found out in a way that no being should. From being given Yhwach and Hulderic's memories, he made the judgment that they were both fools and swindlers. Only out to help themselves not giving a damn about others. This is perhaps what made him dislike Hulderic, even more, is that he lied about it.

Yhwach:Absolute hate is something that describes the word well. Yhwach wanted his people to die so he could gain power. That was the reason behind the wars, he wished to become a God and destroy all his people just for that. Anything was worth sacrificing and his people found their way to the chopping block. It wasn't a small matter of anger that he felt from the entire situation. He would most likely kill Yhwach on sight for what he did, throwing their entire race into near extinction for a little taste of power.

Ghislain now knowing his thoughts were true is even angrier for how easily they followed. It wasn't as though they could merely ignore the power that was. They were ordered to fight and die, no choice was given as Yhwach's word was absolute. As was Hulderics, his hate for that way of thinking. Throwing everyone into the fire for nothing but personal gain. It cannot be forgotten nor forgiven, this is perhaps why he hates Yhwach most of all.

Jugram Haschwalth: While he and Jugram got along better than he did with Yhwach, it was clear that Ghislain didn't know what failure was. He and Jugram had a decent friendship for the most part. Ghislain did respect Jugram since he was casual and spoke calmly, he gave him some advice when he was younger as well. Ghislain wasn't brought into the Vandenreich under the best conditions, but it didn't stop him from joining the organization. He came in and showed a great deal of promise as a warrior.

Jugram helped him learn a couple of things about fighting. But with his natural skills, he learned rather quickly on his own. This, of course, allowed him to grow into a fine Quincy, but he was different from others. What most felt was, of course, a strange outlook for a young Quincy to have. Ghislain tried his best to become the strongest he could not for Jugram. But his relationship with him was a bit of fifty-fifty at times.

Pernida Parnkgjas: A relationship that was never that good, the creature known as the Soul King's Left Arm or Hand. It didn't really occur to him but this being arrogance was astounding. Such a cocky and arrogant creature that seemed to believe it was akin to a god. He didn't buy the whole being the Arm thing at any point and time, of course, lead him to be distant towards the C at the time. In his mind it meant very little, he wasn't a member of the Sternritter for that reason.

But he had immense power that made him different from the rest. Jugram noticed it and while he and Pernida never got along fully. It was evident that he wouldn't be caught into the same trap as others. He didn't think much of Pernida nor his nature, this creature or thing that pretended to be Quincy. He never would understand why it was such. In some ways it was a Quincy in others it was merely an evil being seeking to enjoy the nature of war. It wasn't a being that he would suggest anyone meet.

Askin Nakk Le Vaar: A friend and loyal one at that, many times he and Askin spent talking about things. The two eccentric men hit it off quite famously with little trouble or effort coming from it. Askin and he had a true friendship something very rare in the Vandenreich, people believed all Quincy were evil beings. But that wasn't the case at all he was a laid back easy to get along with fellow.

He didn't learn anything from the man really, it was merely easy to get along with someone so laid back. The two often would talk and do things when Yhwach slept, but that perhaps was the only time the Sternritter would speak with someone like him. Though they spent most of the day defending the Emperor it was something he never considered when speaking. They were two sides of a similar coin, the difference being that Ghislain was meant to be great someday. Conversation and what he thought was a friendship was simply a matter of opinion. It would always be such a way when people didn't want you to know.

Bambietta Basterbine: A sadistic psychopath who has no remorse for anything in the world. She killed her own people in frustration, almost did him in if not for Askin. Askin borrowed him under false pretenses. Bambietta and he did not get along nor did he care for her. Those who enjoy war are but monsters without regard for life. That would sum this woman up very well, she was a psycho without honor.

This part made him detest her, thus why he was on the other side of the war normally. Avoiding any dealings with her and Sternritter in general when he could. Jugram and Askin were two who went out of their way, but that was all. They weren't special in some regard, Jugram wanted him effective for Yhwach that was all. Askin just talked to him and treated him he guessed like a friend. Bambietta would kill anyone and anything that caused trouble or wasn't useful. It was perhaps all part of how their world worked in the long run.

Äs Nödt: This bastard was someone that Ghislain despised almost as much as Bambietta. They were both psychos who almost had no remorse, they believed in scaring people. Removing the humanity or perhaps the thing that made them more alive. He didn't understand why they were this way, it made them seemed devoid and perhaps more so lost. Fear isn't a tool to inflict on enemies or draw out of them.

Fear isn't a weapon true Quincy has ever needed, those who can create awe are far more effective. In his mind, it's always been such a way thus why he gets along with almost none of the fellows from this time. As is no different from them, the man who is overconfident and has this need to prolong battles pointlessly. Causing undue suffering to the enemy isn't a strategy. Such fear of being devoured or killed by Yhwach consumed As from what he could tell. Ghislain has no love or friendship with this man nor would he ever. unless the man changed his ways drastically.

Liltotto Lamperd: A very foul-mouthed child-like girl, with an odd habit. She would eat those that she desired, she wasn't totally ruthless so they got along well as Colleagues. The eating thing did throw him off, but he never got the feeling she was the type to simply turn on her allies without provocation. She would only do so when provoked from what Ghislain could tell, he didn't mind her that much. She often wondered if he tasted good or not things like that, very creepy and strange behavior for a girl like her to make.

However, being forced into the Vandenreich to protect his family he didn't get to pick who he worked with. Liltotto and he worked together for a time and did do well as a team. He didn't sense intent ill or otherwise for him, he was more often than not paired with Hulderic. Some said it was Hulderic's personal request that he get to use Ghislain. However, it's under his own belief that it was more that nobody else was willing to bring him back alive including Liltotto.

Bazzard Black: He doubts Bazzard would ever remember but he saved him from facing down an enemy well out of his league. That war was brutal and without so much as a second thought Bazzard came in and simply took over a fight, he wasn't someone that got much respect from Ghislain. But this act did help him gain a better amount from him. He was a cruel and sadistic bastard like the rest. But Ghislain felt somewhere in Bazzard was a nice guy, he suffered from the traditional arrogance that they were known for.

It wasn't as though there was much more involved in the Vandenreich. They had some members who were humble, but it was such a rare trait that it barely deserved to be spoken about. Ghislain remembers seeing it perhaps once that Bazzard did have kindness and concern for those under him. It didn't matter who they were, he did care about who they were and what events troubled them. But he did it in his own way that was rare in itself.

Cang Du: A man he did respect to some extent, other ways the man was a strange one. Cang was honorable and didn't attack his enemies from behind and had a very fascinating ideal in Ghislain's opinion. Knowing him briefly allowed him to have talked about ideals with Cang in one evening. This perhaps allowed him to fight in a way quite different than what most would ever expect. Cang was loyal and honest above all else, it was something that Ghislain could respect.

It was a rare trait that he could respect anyone in this organization at this point. No one existed with the right characteristics almost for him to trust and fully know. His relationship with the Sternritter is a well-documented thing as he grew into power that would earn him a place in the future. Cang was one of few who predicted that someday Ghislain would end up in the Sternritter or better. Part of it came from that Cang had seen the power that Ghislain often didn't use for anything.

Quilge Opie: The man he knows little about from all of the factors that were known to him at the time. His opinion of the feared hunting Captain is low perhaps lower than it's been for anyone who served Yhwach. Cruelty and misguided belief that people should have been sharper than they really were. It left him angry and disliking the trap that he'd been placed in as a child. His beliefs were tested several times when dealing with Quilge. However, the two's interactions were small to almost none since he had almost no desire to speak to the male. He kept to himself and tried avoiding any contact with him when he could.

Hulderic kept him busy, while he disliked both parties. Keeping him away from Sternritter did help him grow and evolve so he is partly thankful. He heard stories among the Solat's about how they were treated and some saw people die from Quilge and other members. Where they simply flat out killed a person simply for a little mistake. Something that they believed they would never of done, it made him hate the place more.

Gerard Valkyrie: Rare as it was this was another being he did get along with mostly. Gerard helped him at one point when he crossed paths with a dangerous being during the war. The Eleventh Division Vice Captain at the time, someone he simply couldn't contend with. Gerard was a man worth helping when he could as he looked out for the people. Compassion existed within this man thus, Ghislain had a very high opinion of him. Gerard said sorry to him for the way he got pulled into the war.

Ghislain's recruitment was less than kind as his family's lives were put on the block. It was either he help or they died, though at first many doubted his strength. Till he bested several Sodats with little effort and even pushed back a powerful hollow. Gerard did seem to pity the situation in which he was brought in. Compassion was a rare trait in this bloodthirsty group seeking revenge and all-out war for Yhwach.

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I. Relationships Continued

Dmitri Eberhart: His beloved father who spent many evenings with Ghislain, teaching him the Eberhart fighting method. His father and he shared a wonderful bond as father and son. He was taught many things and shown the world by his father, who discussed many of Quincy's lives. His father passed on the interest about the Quincy who lived back before them into his son.

Ghislain lived a very good life as he was treated fairly and kindly by his father. His father did teach him right from wrong and those lessons remained with him from his youth. While he was taken away at a rather young age, it wasn't before the boy was taught the lessons needed of a young man who would lead one day.

Helene Eberhart: His loving mother who taught him that sometimes the easy way and right way weren't the same things. She made him aware of what it meant and the woman was an absolute angel in every aspect. His mother helped those who had less than they did and even showed many people how to handle medicine. While many aspects of his family were fine and natural, the Quincy blood in their veins didn't help them stay alive. Perhaps not as much as it did for him, he was something of a strange case.

While his mother and father rest in peace, they both did great things for him. Growing up in the household did allow him to become a better man than most would ever be expected. A Quincy capable of seeing the faults and troubles of his power. It was well known that he would become the Eberhart head by all who knew him. Especially when his body stopped aging physically at one point. His mother had a profound effect on him that taught him a leader must be kind. They need to put others before themselves to even be remotely effective.

Draco Eberhart: His younger brother, a rival and source of competition at all times. These two raced everywhere and did everything together, inseparable till the day Draco died. Yhwach killed him and took away something precious from the Eberhart family. In hopes to force them to join, he planned to do more till the deal was made with Ghislain.

However, the loss of his precious brother hurts him to this day. Wondering if he'd made his power known faster if he'd survived the ordeal. It's not something he has guilt for, merely a pondering. As someone who's lived for so long, he learned to put the matter behind him. The fond memories of time spent with Draco keep him moving forward as the Eberhart continue to build and grow. A picture of his family where his brother sat in front is in the room. It always stands out as a glowing ideal that never was lost to him. Draco was a good boy with an honest heart who followed it and died for what he believed in. That is what helps Ghislain get to sleep at night.

Genoveva Eberhart: His twin sister, the two share much in common down to their thoughts. It was believed they were going to be the strongest of the family. Genoveva was a powerful and strong woman with an honorable spirit. His sister was something else, the two could hold conversations that went all over the place. But it simply was part of who they were, a connection forged between the two allowed them to do so. The strong bond between Brother and Sister is something, especially when they are twins.

Adolf Weisman: The man who taught him to fight, he showed him that a Quincy was more than a bow. He taught him hand to hand and sword fighting moves. He had high respect for his master, who described the styles as a means to an end. However, Adolf showed him the path to the possibility as he called it. The two shared an immense friendship and often times were together training. It was lessons that fueled his desire to become better. A teacher is something precious, perhaps something that could guide them in the end. Adolf indeed taught him the way of war and how to conduct it. The way a warrior should be and how they should fight, all lessons passed to him by Adolf.

It was clear that Ghislain was an eager young boy merely learning to fight. Eager to do it like a child he wanted to be the best. His brother and family needed him to be strong. No greater purpose existed than war. So often Adolf tried to teach him that wasn't the correct mindset. War was the last resort, but that naive boy never did get it. Only when he got older did the lesson sink in properly. He never had a poor thought of his sister. In his life, he has thought of her like a brilliant light that shines for the world to see.

This is the image she always brought to mind. His sister had a beautiful heart and mind that guided her and the family far. She brought many things forward for them, with him gone she became the head of the family. Ghislain was proud his sister took the role, but it was decided he would be the head of the family next. Ghislain loved her dearly but sadly had to bury her as well.

Levi Eberhart: Uncle Levi, the snake bastard who killed Draco and Adolf. Levi solid the family out too Yhwach, it wasn't a deed that was forgiven. Anger still resonates within him over that senseless killing. Uncle Levi was a man who lived a life about him and only him. He sold his family and their friend out simply for a couple of coins. He didn't care about them or how it affected them. The bastard didn't even care about the death of Draco, it was all about the money. Ghislain never did forgive him, though he never had to either.

Since Ghislain killed Levi it made little difference in the long run. That day Ghislain killed his uncle, telling him to spend his coin in hell. This is why the deal was struck that he would go. His family would be left alone, but the cost and amount of blood spilled was high. This was a price that Ghislain had never been willing to pay to begin with. However, life is cruel and Uncle Levi was simply a bastard.

Ivan Vasileyvich:His best Friend and perhaps the person who lead him to find his way as a good person fully. Ivan proved to him that the Vandenreich wasn't hopeless that good people did exist in that place. No matter how much he hated it, destroying it wasn't the answer. Their people needed hope and in some form or another. A beacon of peace and perhaps what they could be. Quincy were guardians of humanity at one point. His promise to Ivan remains something very relevant in his mind.

No matter what the world throws his way, he has to see the good the Quincy are capable of. It's all very important to him as the hatred he held for that place almost overcame him. Ivan prevented him from becoming lost in the darkness and a mindless killing machine. Because of Ivan in large part, Ghislain is who he is today. It helped transform him into a better man with better morals and a code of conduct. Ivan is someone Ghislain respects and will always care about, his friend is gone now. But will forever live on in Ghislain's memories.

Elizabeth Vasileyvich: No creature as beautiful as her has existed in his memory. His lovely wife Elizabeth was a beautiful woman. She lived a long and happy life teaching him, she had been his best friend's sister. The two forged a bond through Ivan, the two knew that Ghislain was destined to be great. But perhaps at the time, they focused on healing that wounded heart of his. Ghislain loved Elizabeth more than life itself, she was his entire world for many years.

The two had a marriage spanning over ninety years before she passed away. While he didn't age and she did, this made their relationship perhaps one simply not meant to be. It was a sad fact but in his life, Ghislain had to bury most of those who were dear to him. It was something he couldn't help but hate in a way. However you know a purpose exists, his wife healed his heart and made him learn to be a good person in new ways. Every day is a gift and it must be treated as such, live life as a human and see just how amazing it is.

I. Passive Abilities

Dark Constructions: Ghislain is able to construct living or non-living things with his power. This depends on the size and nature of it. But most of them use a Ginto device like Other Quincy, though these are specially modified to allow his Matter to function. As regular Ginto do not function well in this regard.

Shaping his projectiles in the shape he desires, be they spears, swords, or the commonly used arrows. They are effective tools he can use in this regard with high effect. These constructs can have different effects upon them, and some can be used to create a living sentient creature. Something to fight for him when he is desiring such.

Each of these has different requirements or time limits. This is just to highlight the fact, that he can make arrows, swords, guns, or even walls if desired. The size and power of the object will make the time relevant. That is part of what makes his skill special and allowed him to survive this long.

This does include his own body and within it, allowing him to live through it all. The years and ages have gone by as an elderly Quincy but a Wiseman for those who needed one. Dark Matter Construction is the pinnacle of his power in thsi regard. Of what makes Ghislain, who he is true.

Dark Matter Vision: Ghislain understands the Dark Matter and the World it conceals. He can see the hidden abyss and calculate the truth that others cannot. The Previous Emperor could not see that thing. He mastered everything involving Dark Matter. Even the minor aspects which come along with it. He has learned something more since his time.

Mastering something doesn't mean you cease learning, it just means your degree of understanding has increased. Making you wiser for the experience it provided you with. Not everything involving Dark Matter is Black and White. The calculations cannot be understood easily.

Not by those who cannot see the missing pieces of the equation. It matters not how great one is if they cannot see the whole problem. It leaves them stuck on something, fundamental laws of Dark Matter aren't natural or simple. They are things that require computation and even after that, the understanding that Human's calculations aren't Dark Matters.

Calculating Creation: The Particles involved in the creation of Matter or objects in this case is complicated. On the best day, it would take him at least several hours of explaining it.

The science behind it and understanding the human point of view. And then broadening your horizons to look beyond that and to the stars. It is here we begin to understand the birthplace of construction and it's building blocks. By doing this one can create many things using their power of choice.

Though his Dark Matter requires this almost constantly. Because this is a form of living Matter. Not just a simple easily understood mass or product. Dark Matter functions with a sideways and upside-down logic. The understanding of it is the misunderstanding of many things. This is limited to Dark Matter and Ginto that involving using such. These cannot be made in Combat or on the fly, they take time and effort to make. Not something one pulls out in the middle of a battlefield.

Dark Matter Conversion The act of converting something into Dark Matter is a process that requires some concentration. This won't work on anything stronger than him, it must be equal or lower. With energy, the matter is tapping into the energy and its source type. He was able to convert Mana's energy for example into Dark Matter. However, absorbing demonic energy made him sick for several days.

Converting a physical matter, this doesn't include Zanpakuto's or spiritual weapons for the record. Is rewriting the law of its design and putting in what makes something Dark Matter. This doesn't come easily or without the risks involved. As some physical things simply can't be rewritten. They have protection or other things shielding them from it.

In this sense, the power only works on select things that aren't protected by outside sources. While his power to convert things into Dark Matter is impressive, this does also include himself. He's able to manipulate his own physical body into Dark Matter for a time.

The Law of Gravity: The Power engraved into him by Yhwach, has lost much of its power over the periods. Losing even further what it used to be capable of. Ghislain has found this a further and further from his strong suit.

He can use it within but generating it in ginto or spells as he once was is simply no longer possible. By sealing away the Emperor and even further. Locking him deeper into his soul, that power regressed more and more. It's something that required a lot of heart and thought.

The powers he can access still involving Gravity will be put into his Ginto devices obviously. These will be used with what little effect they can. While he doesn't call down the thunder he once did, Ghislain remembers the days of eld when he could crush beings. Now his powers over this Law are falling into its final rest.

What little power that remains within the Gravity that he can use are crumbs leftover from the might that was.

Law of Radiation: This comes as a side effect of his Dark Matter, he gained an extremely high radiation resistance. It is what spared him the fate of others. Who fell before the might of Radioactive's fury. When the beast was unleashed on the Quincy.

This power let him survive a very potent explosion of power. Allowing him to not die but survive and nurse his injuries. This doesn't allow him to manipulate or gain control over it. This is merely a piece that goes into the larger code of Dark Matter. Something not so easily understood.

Experiencing it with his body was more than enough for him. Feeling the fury of the Radioactive Shark, blasting him and his people away with so much raw power. He doesn't know the details, but it seemed he was the lone survivor of it. No others made it out of that hit.

The place he was located was a frontline, one that didn't last long and collapsed under the pressure of Radioactive's might.

Law of Energy:A side effect once again of the Energy and what it contains. He is able to manipulate Reishi or other forms of energy including Death Energy or such things. And then transition them into Dark matter that can be utilized by himself.

Now, this isn't perfect as those stronger are immune to his energy changes. Equal or below, however, he can convert any energy type he encounters. With sickness involved if DE is taken into his body. This strain is something universal for all Quincy kind as he knows it.

The foul demonic energy and things connected to it always made them ill. While he can work with hollow energy it hurts more and is less wise for him to attempt a conversion with it. Those with Hollow type energy such as Vizards or Arrancar tend to be a weakness of this skill. He finds the energy unstable and harder to control. But can do it with physical rest required after the ball.

While this skill is a valued one and does highlight his prowess as a Quincy further.

Emperor's Pressure: Ghislain had strong spiritual pressure, perhaps stronger then most living Quincy. He was considered one of the strongest in his generation. Despite his low position in the original Vandenreich. He was a gifted strategist and fighter. Able to take on Captain's long enough for help to arrive.

He was also evenly on par with First Generation Vice Captains. Or so he'd been told by sources within the Vandenreich. Though it wasn't his full power on display, it was reasoned he was a good match for several. Surviving the First Kenpachi until help arrived was a feat. While not impressive to most, surviving as a Swordwielding Quincy until the upper Quincy arrived was impressive to some.

His power and pressure he gave off would later increase and be given a major power increase by absorbing the Souls of both Hulderic Hylham and Yhwach. While this didn't mean he gained what they had. He did gain their experiences and knowledge.

A Hunter's Body: Ghislain's physical condition has changed little since he was a boy. He stayed in perfect condition to hunt and fight. It was part of the principals passed down to him. He was an eager student this was true. But it wasn't without reason or direction. He was trained from a young age in Martial Arts involving Energy. This training furthered his understanding of his body and how to train it.

Some people overtrain or undertrain. Finding that delicate medium was important to the growth. A person can only grow when both they and their body are ready. Forcing yourself ahead of what you are ready for is self-destruction. It's something one shouldn't do under any circumstances. Ghislain has walked that road and seen the effects.

When he tried to change himself and improve at all costs for revenge. It's with his exit from people he gained an understanding. That our bodies are a temple which we build brick by brick. Each piece and part are steadily melded and built by the experience of life.

Trained Martial Artist: To call oneself a Master is arrogance, it is a mistake and the height of foolishness. He learned what would be known more formally as Quincy Martial Arts, or a Monk style that used the Reishi control they were born with to frightening effectiveness.

He began his training as a boy and would practice and grow in the style throughout his life. Being a long one for a Quincy, he does hold a record as one of the oldest alive. But numbers like this don't hold a high meaning either. It is something that one must experience first hand. Life is an experience and most people have a grasp of it. But only a small amount of it is ever completely realized.

Every moment and every experience can be roughly put forward as a Martial Artist to making you grow or develop. Some people see things others couldn't begin to dream of. Others still earn praise, Master is a title given to you by others, not by yourself.

Trained Swordsman:While he no doubt falls shy of the true Masters of the art. Ghislain can wield a blade with efficiency enough to cross blades and live against the First Kenpachi. Survival was the goal in that situation, not winning or beating her. These are things that few people remember or grow on. This was his greatest feat when wielding a blade.

Survival and that was all, while his Ginto Katana did end up suffering large amounts of damage from the clash and he himself. It became very clear and evident he wasn't on her level. Or truthfully at a level, he could consider acceptable. He was beneath them and those around him, finding himself a lower level. It put forward just how weak he was and how big this world was.

The pond he belonged too, seemed so big at the time that it was hard to imagine anything else. But he was beaten soundly by them and everything else was them drawing enjoyment from the fight. His skills for what good they did only prevented fatal blows.

Hunter's Eye: An avid hunter, someone who learned from his youth how to use a bow. Ghislain is extremely skilled with long-ranged techniques and equipment. Able to perform several feats while using his many varied techniques. Though most involve Dark Matter or Gravity, he's gotten especially skilled at manipulating his shots.

Being able to control aspects of them or even the number of them coming out. These are things he has found himself more elegant at performing. While he does prefer to linger at a distance, it is mostly now as he began to work. Ghislain found his way back to Family Traditions.

The Baskerville Hunters were a famous thing when he was a boy, so his mother's teachings held strong and even more so now. When he went to Alaska to vanish from the earth. It was more so to begin anew and find himself among the trees. They don't lie or stab you in the back like people. Or abandon you when usefulness is at an end. That is the fate that he sees for people.

Skilled Blut User: His use of Blut is different from other peoples, as he is able to control it at a very detailed level. Because his Blut is often times infused with Dark Matter, allowing him to control his blood flow and things involving it with extremely precise control. Able to harden not just his blood but the skin as well. This defense helped him survive the Wars he has been involved in. Also, it helped him refine older skills.

As one of his techniques required him to use damage absorbing to turn it into Reishi or another form of power. So he needed to be able to take a hit and keep moving. That was part of the style he used when fighting against many enemies. Mana being no exception to the role either. He fought plenty of people who required such a delicate touch. While he didn't claim a Mastery of the skill, he is one of the better users of it. Though this comes down to hard work in prior experiences in the field of battle.

Skilled Hirenkyaku User: Just as Shinigami have their stepping technique and Arrancar their own. So do the Quinvy have one of their very own they are fond of. Part of his training as a boy involved intensive training in the field. It was something he was exceptionally gifted at. Though time has rusted his skills somewhat.

He is still a very avid hand at this and should be noted that Hayden before his awakening of power. Was using a machine to keep track of his movements. That was the degree of speed that was still at Ghislain's fingertips. While he has focused less and less on this aspect of his power. Focusing more on his Volstandig and his command over Reishi. He isn't slow by any means, able to keep pace with some faster people in the game. This is all down to the way and martial art aspect of which he steps and moves.

Ghislain does view this skill as important for someone who is on the hunt. Movement is key to catching one's food or prey. But sometimes it is best left to the past.

Reishi Manipulation Master: This is one title he has earned through massive effort on his own front. He became one of the stronger users if not the strongest. He can draw Reishi from Earth and almost any place in the universe. Having been able to even absorb energy in Demon World despite sickness coming. He was able to control and consume Mana's energy. Showing a deep level of skill and understanding.

Ghislain's understanding of Reishi and the flow around the universes is not to be underestimated or even brought into consideration as lacking. He knows more about the flow of Reishi than most people experience in six lifetimes. His knowledge has far surpassed that of Yhwach or Hulderic. Making him likely the finest mind on the subject as a whole. He is able to pick and choose how he uses it, making a skill to incapacitate the entire city he was battling with someone.

It must also be noted the battered Sunshine using his skill and was able to easily target only hostile enemies while doing nothing to his allies or innocent people. He can weed out what he determines to be hostile Reishi or even such things as covering a large city in a cleansing light. These feats are to be witnessed and some will come close to his level of grasping it.

But for intensive purposes, Ghislain Eberhart is a Master of Reishi, one who has explored the deeper regions of experience. Ghislain could absorb huge portions of locations within the Soul Society. Taking buildings and breaking them down. Worlds like those are a place he would be a monster in.

But keep in mind, he can do this exact feat in the Living World to a lesser extent. Pulling the very Spirit Energy of the World to his whims. Though thankfully he is one who considers this both foolish and unwise. Ghislain Eberhart only uses what he must to accomplish his goals. Never being one to go over the limit of what should be done in any case. This comes down to his personality and in large part his training.

I. Dark Matter Ginto

How It Works: Dark Matter is at the end of everything, a form of energy in the purest sense. Its most notable appearance happens with stars and planets with Gravity. It may not be a new type of particle but merely standards ones that people cannot witness.

protons and neutrons being likely subjects for their formation. But the code for which makes it is a bit harder to crack. It's something one has to be able to decipher and understand. This is a form of energy, while a type not useable by everyone. It is still a formation of raw energy at one of its peak aspects.

Ghislain can manipulate and control the Neutrons and Protons in several ways. Conducting them and leading them to form life or other things. This is the formation and usage of Ginto as a catalyst to channel his power into and create things.

Ginto Dark Matter Hounds: These are set as two collars he wears around his waist oftentimes. They are clipped to his belt, upon being tossed out. They gobble up Dark Matter energy from Ghislain to form two sentient hounds. These mimic the state and capabilities of Hounds. Able to smell and apply sensory skills.

They have the same sense of smell and hearing aspects of a dog. If Ghislain chooses to he may link his senses up with them. In order to take control and track people down. This while effective and can travel quickly at the speed of most animals. Though they are capable of using or wielding his other Ginto tools as well. Ghislain finds these two helpful partners for getting a sense of a battlefield or location.

The reason he began using Familiars was largely due to his Mother's Families' ties to hu8nting with them having several types of creatures they used. While his hounds are made for tracking and largely fighting alongside him. They can fire Dark Matter Beams and are five tiers lower than Ghislain. And use his Reishi Manipulation as a duration.

Beginner: 2 Turns
Adept: 4
Advanced: 8
Elite: 10:
Master: 13
GrandMaster: 20

Ginto Dark Matter Ravens: This is a small ball-like device the size of a marble that he tosses into the air, releasing a flock of twenty ravens throughout the area. These are eyes in the sky and share information with Ghislain. They can fly through a twenty-mile radius and share a similar turn set up as the Hounds. But maintain their place within the skies.

These Ravens can not wield Ginto or other types of things. They are bombs however and can cause a ten-meter radius worth of damage when exploding. Releasing a detonation worth of power that can level several city blocks. These fly as fast as Ravens do. They can be blown down by attacks and aren't immune obviously.

In terms of length of time, this comes down to the Reishi Manipulation again. With them sharing the same duration as the Wolves.

Beginner: 2 Turns
Adept: 4
Advanced: 8
Elite: 10:
Master: 13
GrandMaster: 20

Ginto Sword Hilt: A small handle similar to that of a katana, made to take his energy. Allowing to consume the Dark matter and form the edge of a Katana. Not a weapon he is keen on drawing. But sometimes they had to fight beings at closer range. That simply was the way of the universe they lived in. This weapon is sharp enough to cut through metal and other objects with relative ease. The blade can be fired at someone for a projectile as well.

Similar to most Emperors he does have a sword he prefers and the style and design are maintained through his Ginto. It's able to contend with Zanpakuto blades and other spiritual weapons just fine. Ghislain's skills though aren't as good as others. This weapon functions like any other sword, within the right hands it is a tool of destruction. His hands aren't the best-suited ones to wield this weapon in that sense.

Dark Matter Armor Ginto: One of the first designs that is rather innovative. Two bracelets are worn on his wrists, they look like small copper bangles. Until fed with his Reishi they create a black armor that goes over his body rapidly. It is a quick consumption of his entire body in the armor to his head. While this armor is meant only for defensive purposes to make his other defenses augmented. The rapid case of the armor will remain until destroyed. It is able to handle up to one megaton worth of damage. Allowing it to survive massive impacts, it was designed with Mana in mind.

His last encounter with the Demon Queen proved more enlightening. He got to see very much what she was about and how much damage she could do. Blasting him with enough force to send him through the Demon World soil. He got buried beneath rubble and had to flee. It wasn't a pleasant experience so the armor was crafted to protect him more. Using his Ginto Equip as an idea and more.

Ginto Dark Matter Blast Orb: It's an orb about the size of an apple, one of many tools the former Emperor carries when fighting. This orb contains raw Dark Matter energy, with one purpose set to it. Release this energy in the most destructive form possible. It can level several city blocks with ease. Truthfully Ghislain could in theory destroy many things using the Dark Matter.

But this blast orb is one of six he keeps on his person. Using them only when he absolutely has to do so. As some things aren't so easily explained or defined within the matter. Creating this raw grenade of an orb wasn't desired by him. The traditional tools Quincy used were limited to him. So he decided that things of a more adaptable nature were required. This orb can be blocked using Dnaku or other means. Again it's a noticeable object when tossed or let go of in this sense.

It's a raw potent energy bomb contained in an orb with only one way out for it to go. The idea didn't require a genius to invent it.

Ginto Shell Wall: Six rods hang in his cloak, each one creates a six by eight barrier. These are strong enough to stand up to an attack from Mana. They can be layered or used to create a pattern in the ground for greater effect. Ghislain normally uses them for defense, by firing them from his bow or using his hands.

He's extremely gifted at throwing knives and axes, projectile weapons are a specialty of his. The design is similar to the armor he crafted. Keeping that in mind for if he ever had to fight Mana again. The experience made him aware of how weak his defenses were. So some time and energy were put into these measures. To make sure he didn't lose to her or other people easily again. Desmond and Mana both taught him an important lesson. Though both natures were different in this essence.

Ghislain knew his entire being had to evolve in order to ascertain and find himself more in the wilderness. So if a day ever came that he needed to fight, that his tools and himself were ready.

Ginto Dark Matter Smokescreen: A smell object about the size of a pebble at most. It can cover a one-mile area and is capable of causing trouble sensing him. This little gem allows him to create an effect similar to that of a regular smokescreen. But the catch being that this is raw energy, it makes detecting his movements difficult. As it feels like his energy is all over the radius. While blowing away the smoke with a blast of reiatsu is considered to be the best option.

It will unveil him or whatever he is planning while in the mist. Ghislain uses this commonly to disengage from fights or exit. Hunters used it often in order to do certain actions. The smoke for him helps him come up with a plan, the black color causes visual trouble. He doesn't use poisons or such objects as drugs. They are not tools that a respectable Hunter would dabble in.

They are dishonorable and take away from what a proud Quincy should be doing.

Ginto Clone: Taking a small Seele Schneider-like shape the device can be thrown or dropped by him creating a clone looking exactly like himself. The difference is that touching this clone is similar to touching a buzzsaw. It will cut through a person if they make contact with it. It is also quite capable of being used as an explosive device. Similar to a grenade firing Dark Matter Shrapnel around at his targets. The clone while strong is a deceptive move meant for fighting and hiding.

In this regard, the damage of the blast is at a radius of four meters and cannot get larger. The length of time one can keep up the clone is listed below with the chart. Ghislain prefers not to fight this way, this technique and equipment were designed with the notion of developing something more substantially to curve his loneliness.

Ghislain's clone's damage output is set to that of a bunker-buster and will not be able to do any more than that.

Beginner: 2 Turns
Adept: 4
Advanced: 8
Elite: 10:
Master: 13
GrandMaster: 15

Ginto Familiar Creation: This process involves creating what is basically a summon. In the sense that it is a creature fully constructed and alive from Dark Matter. The process for building one is time-consuming and requires an image in someone's head. Afterward pouring the required amount of energy and engraving the correct Quincy Symbols is required. This requires an immense amount of Reishi Control from the Quincy in question. As there are extremely delicate parts of engraving your energy into the device.

Upon reaching the desired image and set with your energy. The user will store the object inside the pure reishi-based container for a week. This is a device that houses reishi and will full the Ginto and empower it. Finally, the last piece involved in construction requires binding it to your signature. Making it connect to you alone, so other people can't take it over.

Once deployed the Ginto will burst open revealing a familiar that will protect the summoner. Often these are tied with attributes or other things. Ghislain is rather fond of wolves and oftentimes uses them. This process is lengthy and can be done for other Quincy. But since Ghislain is left to his own devices it is unlikely any others will gain them.

Wolf Pack Familiars: Ghislain toes out his Ginto orb releasing four black fur covered wolves. Their bodies are cloaked in Dark Matter allowing them to shoot off blasts from their mouths. There is five total and they last for five turns when summoned. They draw energy from Ghislain and attack based on his desires and the combat structure he wants.

He has used them to save people on occasion, sending them out in order to help people out of tight situations. They have the attributes of regular wolves, so the sense of smell is highly advanced. Ghislain due to the binding with them can share in the sense. This permits him to aid in rescue operations or other things that come up. It also makes him excellent at detecting things coming from a distance.

Medibots: These are four familiars designed and created with a robotic appearance to them. They wear Monk robes and have several tools for medical treatment. They are designed to protect the wounded and give them first aid. Ghislain's mind shifted from combat over the years and fell more in line with helping. So while in his Alaskan retreat he developed and studied his arts there.

Refining and growing as a healer in his own right, even developing the art to create healing-based familiars. With this being one of two creations, these bots are five only and last only six turns. But they can provide first aid until real doctors arrive at the scene of the incident.

Ginto Wire Trap: Ghislain carries with him small balls which are using a fishing line that has been sharpened by reishi. Those who find themselves running into the spiderweb-like Ginto will find it very durable. Also with struggling the body shreds itself on the razors. It has the same application as quicksand. Struggling isn't the answer calm and slow movements will let anyone get out. Regardless of tier, this comes down to how they react to hitting the wires. Cuts will be minor if just running into it. Struggling will see the wires cut deeper like a sword you are pushing inside of yourself.

Once broken the wires will simply fall to the ground and be harmless.

Ginto Mirrors: One of his final creations, these black mirrors are formed of Dark Matter. They are able to allow travel of any of his dark matter powers through them. The mirrors are connected and when something goes through them. It appears as though it will come out of all the mirrors but will only emerge from one. This creates six mirrors total and they will last for the length of the time below. The mirrors are about the size of a doorway and are thick pieces of glass that can absorb impacts. Making them fairly durable, he can repair them using his Reishi or Reishi from the surrounding area. Ghislain has immense skill at manipulation of Reishi and the functions that come with it.

Beginner: 2 Turns
Adept: 4
Advanced: 8
Elite: 10:
Master: 13
GrandMaster: 15

I. Gravity Power

Gravity Power Explained: When Yhwach was giving people powers, Ghislain gained the power of Gravity. While his control and power over it have waned in the passing years. He can still perform small feats with it. Though nothing as grandiose as what he could originally during Yhwach's era. A lot of it has come down to pushing and pulling or compressing Gravity Down into functional combative form. But the most interesting is his power to reduce or increase the weight of objects or people with his Reishi. The manipulation and control of it do require precise control.

Gravitional Pull: He can pull objects towards him by connecting his Reishi to them. He can also pull objects towards people creating an attraction. Though he must touch them in order for this process to occur. It is entirely possible to run away from being pulled or the object drawn towards them. Some people have even chosen to let the objects chasing them hit things. Which unless exerting more reishi will stop them dead. Ghislain cannot tag multiple people with this power. Because people can resist and it becomes a game of tug of war. Making it very difficult for him to accomplish anything.

Gravitional Push: Best described like a bulldozer pushing the earth towards someone. Ghislain can create an outwards push that is the size of a single street block towards a person. This digs up everything in front of him four inches and down shoves it at his foe. He cannot alter or change the direction of this when it is done. Also, it works best on the ground, but can be performed from the air. With much less debris or success involved in its use. This has a two-post cooldown, making it unable to be used by him otherwise.

Gravity Falls and Rises: By touching objects or people with his Reishi he can increase the weight a person or object has by 200 kilos. That is as high as he can go when raising it. 200 kilos less is as high as he can go when removing it. This can be fought by people, using a Reiatsu shield or not letting him touch you is another option. That will work entirely for someone of any tier when it comes down to fighting it. It lasts five posts decreases or increases, after that the effect will disappear. He can only apply it to a person once every five posts, himself he can do freely same with his equipment.

This is the last skill remaining for Ghislain in terms of Gravity, most of them have begun to fade away with time. As Yhwach's voice has faded further and the soul he carried within grows darker.

Note: To touch with his Reishi he requires a reishi-based attack to land or physical contact, thus no range is indicated.

I. Equipment

Hooded Shawl: This has been designed to allow him to cloak his Reiatsu and power. It is very good for blending in and escaping prying eyes. A Quincy is able to sense him though from long distances so long as he wears it. His presence is a beacon to them that they may locate if they decide to. An act of him wanting to still look after them. Despite his feeling used and abandoned by them in the long run. The white shawl he wears hangs slightly off the back of his clothing. Activating it merely requires channeling Reishi into the cloth. A simple practice with enough training.

Someone perceptive enough with high enough will skills will see through the Shawl he wears. And be able to glimpse his true energy under the 4-1 facade the shawl presents. Even some of the Quincy can be deceived into thinking that is his strength but not all. This will depend on characters who are perceptive and look beyond what they see.

Armored Overcoat: Ghislain wears a clothing with blue pieces of samurai armor mixed in. These have been fitted with equipment for him to channel Reishi into. They provide a defensive increase and allow him to create a shield on either arm. Barriers that can withstand a Kido of level 90 caliber. He is able to wrap this around himself entirely. Creating a full barrier from all angles and manipulate it further from his Reishi. Some of the technological aspects of his clothing came from practicality and upgrades. He understood that coming to the White Wings would mean changes.

That even the attire he selected as a Quincy would need to be updated. Ghislain never once believed they were all-powerful. That was something Yhwach and Hulderic seemed confined into thinking.

Center Medallion: Communication device, allowing him to contact command. It has an extremely long travel distance, it connects directly with Kokuryuteshi Empire officials. The device acts as a radio and transponder for him. Making him easy to locate for those in charge and acting as a way to find him. Ghislain can use this to mark locations and set up things for his higher-ups. By marking an area with the medallion and leaving it there for them to locate. It also can act as a gateway tool for other operative features. Ghislain generally prefers the more silent and left-alone lifestyle.

With this, he can communicate despite being in Taiwan or other locations. Keep his Princesses informed of his current progress or path. So it also can serve as a monitoring device for them, to make sure this asset doesn't go rogue. And Ghislain knows he is being observed, so it keeps him well-behaved.

Gekkogiri-Moonlit Obligation A katana that was forged for his use and has seen upgrades over the many decades since his youth even changing sword types. In his lifetime he's used multiple blades and settled on the katana finally. It wasn't a short process this blade is able to be manipulated using threads or his Dark matter powers. Allowing him to use it similar to other weapons or equipment.

Ghislain has fought from a distance and up close, the changes in era and time have made him rethink combat. His sword is made of a strong material though is often enhanced by his own physical and spiritual prowess. Ghislain has displeased excellent skills with a blade, able to defeat multiple foes. In terms of appearance, the metal while special maintains a traditional katana appearance. Ghislain's respect for the culture and that culture remains untarnished in this blade.

He has many versions of this blade at home for use and can bring them if he decides to do so.

Locket of Reishi Ghislain has been able to store Reishi in objects or things for a long time. His mastery of the art of controlling and absorbing energy has captivated others often. He's been able to do it hollows and demons alike. Though this does make him ill later and can cause severe reactions should he do it too frequently. Mana being one such Demon he was able to take her energy in, though he required rest and gained a fever after. Ghislain has begun storing reishi in objects as he gathers them. This locket of his deceased wife. Containing her portrait since the days Elizabeth and he knew had no cameras.

The amount he can store inside of it is enough to refuel a fourth of his energy. The time to refill this object is a lengthy process and will require a thread of him focusing on doing so. Ghislain generally gathers energy in the living world and does so passively. Without requiring the need to over-exert himself.

This locket does hold a tremendous amount of value due to that picture for him. Far beyond the fact it can contain energy for him to use in a pinch. Love is something that transcends time and space. So too does his love for his beloved wife despite the years. this can hold enough Reishi to restore 25% of his lost amount or use it in a pinch.

Hulderic's Bow An artifact and piece of equipment that Ghislain didn't use. He acquired it after some effort and while he's been reluctant to shoot the object. The bow was blessed to never miss Hulderic once bragged. But in the reality, it would fire a tracking arrow. Which a smart enough target can lead into trees or the ground. The next myth was that the arrows had a poison effect. Ghislain determined this to be false as well. It is a reishi that eats away at what it hits. Something you can blast away, the arrows act as a parasite trying to devour what they strike. Though this seems to cause more trouble than it is worth.

Finally, the idea that the arrows shot by this can change directions is truthful. Though they cannot handle hard turns or things like that. Even doing so you'd have to put more energy into the shot for it to accomplish that. Ghislain while he does keep the former's bow. Finds himself using it less than he would care to admit. The bow's black form looks as though it was made of a stygian metal.

It's flexible and lightweight and can fire off multiple shots, making it suitable for Ghislain and Dark matter Arrows.

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Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: 1901

I. Martial Arts

Hariyubi:(Needle Finger) Ghislain has spent more time on the earth than average beings. Studying medicines and practices in his long life. One of his training exercises and skills is the use of his fingers. Each of these can act as a needle. This allows him to hit certain points in the human body to act as an attack or healing. The skill of using the needle finger requires fundamental knowledge of the body. But also advanced knowledge on pressure points and important body functions. Blocking the flow of blood is possible to some organs as well as medicinal applications. Using Reishi control, he can also put energy along his fingers to cause damage more serious than normal.

Hakuga (Sweeping Moth) The style that Ghislain has refined by incorporating aspects of many martial arts and refining them slowly. It has elements from many different styles of combat from different races. Using a melting pot effect of his age and experience to grow. Ghislain formed some grappling techniques and other things through practice and work. Many of these have been tested on the battlefield for effectiveness. He's not had several gifted hand-to-hand people to test them against. Ghislain is fairly sure his melee combative skills would hold up. Most of his species do not go too far into the aspects of developing these things.

Hakuga does have a style with some techniques that he has made. Ghislain will likely pass them down someday to a worthy student. Many influences were taken from Chinese Martial arts, though signs of Japanese and other influences are present.

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
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