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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2419, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Enter The NPC Character

I. Basic Information

» Name: Unidentified Lifeform
» Age: ???
» Gender: ???
» Race: ???

» Association: Possesses no apparent association or link to any known factions, countries, people, or otherwise.

» Appearance:

.... RoFwtKh
.... GOH8eJG

» Purpose: This creature’s purpose is to both kickstart a major plot project i’ve had under wraps for quite a while, as well as inflict a sense of urgency within the world with the effects of it’s appearance, as well as the threat such an effect (that is to be unveiled) poses.

II. Personality

» Personality:

A vicious great beast. It appears to lack any capacity for logic, or reasoning, even for an animal. It’s behavior is erratic and unpredictable, appearing to lack any sense of self awareness or desire to self preserve. There is only one apparent thing it’s attention is geared towards, and it’s to eat, a voracious hunger clouding any possibility of sensing fear, holding attention, or communication being possible.

Eat what, you may ask? The energy and forms of living beings, notably, those possessing sapience or great power.

III. History

» History:

A rabid being that arrived via the ocean after a strange noise similar to the sound of shattering glass, followed by a violent, unearthly roar that would shake a portion of the world.

As of present, the origins of this creature are unknown. Given it’s sheer size and appearance, it does not resemble any known life native to earth, however given the nature of it’s arrival by apparently flying across the ocean, it couldn’t have come from another realm. No reports of this massive creature emerging from The New World have been made, giving more the implication it and the sound may have come from within the vast Pacific Ocean…

Regardless of it’s origins, there is only one thing known of it now - It’s vicious, and very hungry for innocent lives.

IV. Powers

» Powers:

Primordial Aura: The mysterious spiritual pressure of this being is immense, especially given it’s currently wild, frenzied state. The mere exertion of it’s presence is enough to shatter windows, topple weak structures, and render weaker beings to crumbled piles on the ground within a considerable radius of it’s massive form. A rather curious trait of this as well is that it seems to knock out any powered objects within it’s reach, thus rendering things like cars, lights, radios, etc. completely inoperable, appearing to cause whatever systems operating them to overwork and then fry. If there’s anything to it, it certainly has a monstrous presence, even capable of being sensed from far out of sight.

Flight: Despite appearing to be a more aquarian-originated being, it possesses the ability to fly, apparently by exerting it’s energies on some capacity. It can move efficiently through the air, rather naturally by floating, but don’t be too afraid of this trait on it’s own - The fastest this massive being can travel is about a modest speed, comparable to that of most land vehicle’s speed capabilities; enough to get around reasonably but slow enough for most adept supernatural creatures to catch up to it, as it’s size appears to have a great impact on it’s speed.

Beckoner Of Waves: As a mythical being who appears to hail from the sea, it wouldn’t be unnatural for it to possess the ability to call upon the waters of the world. With large enough bodies of water, it appears to have the ability to control them in order to attack, defend, or otherwise perform actions with them, be it massive water tendrils from lakes or a colossal tsunami. Of course this creature can only work with the amount of water that’s already present.

Energy Beam: From it’s mouth, this creature appears to gather a considerable amount of energy in, forming a bright globe of condensed energy, before firing it (Takes 1 post to charge; releases the next post). A highly destructive blast capable of leveling part of a major city, spanning about several miles long of point blank destruction. However, due to it’s limited head mobility and slow speed, it’s only capable of firing this powerful attack directly in front of itself.

Cloaking: With the energies coating it’s presence, this being is capable of making it’s body near invisible. Of course one could still see disturbances of it’s presence with the naked eye if perceived closely enough, as well as this being still being capable of being touched or attacked whilst in a translucent state, as this simply is a means of hiding it’s appearance.

High Physical Defenses: This creature’s seemingly massive energy supply, especially seeming to be supplemented by the gems adorning it’s back and wings, cloaks it’s entire body to form a sort of natural defense. Normal weapons appear to have no effect on it’s body, no matter how powerful the explosion or sharp the blade: only things of spiritual origin capable of even beginning to dent it’s form. Even with that revelation, a great amount of power is required to break through it’s defenses to wound it, as this force is ever present. If one desires to attack it head-on, they will have to be exceptionally powerful to assault it.

Empowerment By Celestial Body (Moon): Only adding more to it’s mysterious nature, this being has a particular increase in ability when exposed to moonlight. As if having a connection to this celestial form, basking in the presence of it will cause a noticeable increase in it’s ability; tides stir more violently, it’s form shimmers with moderately increased defenses, and most of all, it’s capable of performing far longer and more violently in combat than previously possible.

Mysterious Ailment: A noticeable feature of this alien creature is the peculiar purplish growths adorning it’s body. They resemble varieties of fungus and plantlife, however they appear to be attached to the creature like a parasite, rather than harmless plantlife like on what you’d see on a variety of large sea creatures. Especially with the sickly coloration and behavior of this creature, it may appear this ailment runs deeper than merely physical appearance...

For tips on making powersets, go here:


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