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Fri Mar 05, 2021 1:28 am

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He smiled, sometimes it was the easier methods that worked. Everyone so often yelled and screamed. It didn't solve things, telling them they should get it is all well and good. But showing them and teaching them to get it was better. It helped bring more people up through the divide. She seemed to get the idea rather quickly now. He didn't mind helping and showing an interest in development.

Squad Four were the Combat Division, improving and making them better. That was the key to growing a truly impressive Squad. While he knew other Captains didn't agree with him. It was a largely complete conclusion to him. "Now you got it, sometimes feeling a step can help more than showing you it." The body learned things by feeling them, not always seeing them.

Why make her stumble around when he could show her. Let her experience what stepping was like for him. She may not be able to do it at exactly the same level. But she could grasp something much better.

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Shooting Stars - Page 2 Empty Re: Shooting Stars

Sat Mar 20, 2021 3:53 am
Saera had got back to practicing for several more repetitions before she stopped, a thought having occurred to her as she turned back to Jaiden.

"Captain, I've got a couple of questions. I know we can use Shunpo to stand on air, and I've seen some people use it to lay down in midair, and we can brace strongly enough with that skill to be blocking some damn strong attacks without being thrown into the ground if we're strong enough, is there any reason everyone seems to focus only on orientin' towards the ground? Could someone brace themselves against wind or water in other directions? Or for that matter do we gotta only focus on our feet with things like that, could we use Shunpo for little bursts or support on other parts of our body to make it easier to move in bad enviornments, like in mud or underwater?"

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