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Wed Feb 17, 2021 10:54 am
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Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

Damien Crow:
Age: 2000+
Alias: One Armed Badass, One Armed Orge, The First Crow, Kenpachi Yamato
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual
Organization: Gotei/Soul Society
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Red
Scars/Injuries: Missing Left Arm and across his left eye

» Appearance Written: Damien was born with crimson hair a sign that much blood will be spilled by this man. His eyes of black were said to turn yellow and put fear into the souls of his enemy. Sending them into horror at times, he had such an intimidating look to his body. Once upon a time, this one-armed man had two good arms, he lost his left arm to some circumstances that will be later explained when we look deeper. His clothing often is simply ragged and doesn't always seem to be in the best of shape, it has an old English Seaman look to it. A black cloak is often worn by him. Covering his body in this clothing has become a way of life for the man. He has a very well built body, by most consideration his body was built to hold a sword within its grasp. This fact won't ever go away. Wearing a pair of brown floral pants with symbols on them, these are covered at the waist by a red sash. Used simply to keep his Zanpakutō saber in place on his right hip, the weapon is easily drawn from this position by the male when he decides that words and talk are done. On his face now the day is a short unshaven scruffy beard. With the loss of his left arm to the circumstances that were, he's become a different persona t times now. Although some things have changed about him, he's not lost any of his skills.

» Appearance Image:

I. Personality

» Personality:

Cheerful:When among his friends and drinking fine rice wine, he's a completely different person from the cold and ruthless swordsman. He's a happy and carefree man often kind enough to stick up for the friends he holds dear. Claiming that treasures of martial nature tend to disappear with time into nothing but skulls of reality. The best way to describe his personality is as one that couldn't be guessed at by many as a puzzle. Among friends, he becomes a happy and kind man, who will pick up women and do his best to enjoy himself. This has become one of his many faces that he wears frequently. Often spending his time practicing simple things and drinking with the friends he does have, though few remain in this world anymore for him to drink with anymore. He does often drink complaining that drinking alone lacks the luster of having friends with you. Like finding a hidden treasure by yourself, it doesn't have the value of finding one with a group of friends when together. His friends have nicknamed him Shanks, simply because the name has fit.

Serious:He can become deadly serious in an instant, becoming the Soan beast within moments of hearing the blade drawn from the sheath. His personality becomes cold and ice like when the time for a fight comes, he doesn't have a happy or cheerful nature that he normal does about most subjects. Nor is he willing to argue points on matters, when the time comes he simply is a warrior ready to kill. Nothing else will be done at that moment, if you have crossed blades with him you will know the look. A look that could scare off the large masses that come before him, the yellow eyes staring into your heart. The colder voice often his friends realize this and know the games are done and the time to fight is now upon them. He is known for his great strength and presence that can stop wars. The reason comes down to his personality and the details of his desire. He gives the enemy his real name, not the nickname friends have given him.

CHarismatic:To say he's able to speak well and make people believe in by just being there in either personality he can win people over. It's known that he was considered the best leader the Crows ever did have, teaching them the way to become a proud family among the families of the Soul Society. The clan was strong and would always be, but he always seemed able to guide people in the right direction with his strength or personality. He has a way of things just going the way he wants, as though anything his heart desires will become reality. However, he seems to be very mature and good at leading in general. His nature and skills have made him a strong and dangerous fighter, able to stop conflicts within simply stepping on the field with his legendary Haki. The skill he learned on his own, becoming a stronger swordsman then most would ever have dreamed possible. He's shown great charisma on the way there.

Heavy Drinker: To say that his blood has pry been replaced by alcohol more times then he's breathed would pry be a statement that could be made with relative ease, he's known for drinking in great amounts of sake and other beverages. Damien has been known for his nature of being the life of the party at times, inspiring large scale parties wherever he goes. Known to be spirited and happy, he can drink most of the best under the table without getting a buzz. This is simply due to his love of drinking, grant it some mornings he feels like crap from hangovers and doesn't wish to be bothered with the whole concept of why they live or such in this matter. Some believe due to losing his arm he became a drinker, others believe he was born drinking a pint. However, it's unknown if any of these are facts or simply opinions. The fact is that he can drink and has a talent for holding his beverages with the best of them. This has made him one of the specialists on this topic.

Womanizer: A lover of fine women is one thing, but a lover of women in general is Damien. He loves all women equally, he's got far as to cut a girl's clothes off during a fight to mess with them. To which he responded the view was lovely and God surely is enjoying it as well. The female was outclassed by Damien. He has shown a taste in all sorts of women, not caring about the details of what race they are. He's given pure-blooded Quincy women trouble despite being a Shinigami. He claims a body is the same on the women, it's attractive and worth attempting to undress them. He's got a fine photo love of women who are captured on film, willing to enjoy the finer pictures that are shown to him. The slightest thing will make him interested in the subject, he's even gone far as to grope a female during a fight he was supposed to be taking seriously. To which she called him a dirty red-headed pig. He simply made a snorting noise and grinned as the combat continued.

Beliefs: Damien is a believer that might have the right to change this world from what it is, changing it for better or worse with everything that we are. He believes only time will change the effects of people but has watched his Crow Clan only intervening when he thought it would be needed. He left the Crows within the hands of another because he believed that his skills may have been needed somewhere else. He also could understand the young must pass the old that he needed to get out of the way at this point and let the clan take off, this is what he decided when he left Hanzo in charge of the clan. His beliefs are simple and firm, they are often challenged and he is called fickle at times as he does whatever he wants. While it may be true he's a free spirit and has never been on a side during a conflict, he openly states. That wherever his beliefs are strongest he will fight as though saying the following. I am neither good nor evil, I do not take a side on that subject.

Laid Back: While he does appear to have an extremely easy-going nature to him, not willing to take sides or be on anything. He's quite laid back on some subjects, not caring enough to get into the situations his families cause themselves. Some things he will decide to deal with if he must, though Damien has shown a rather large intent amount of hate for doing so at times. He's not often out for conflict anymore, he's the drunk in the corner of the room sleeping. Few would guess this drunk has the skills to destroy armies and leave only generals standing among them. His power and nature have become extremely laid back about most things, when left alone he normally loses his cheerful nature. He tries to bring the party to life, but as his buzz hits he becomes a laid back quiet person. Remembering the past and mistakes made within it. Switching to another side of the endless puzzle that he is simply.

Quiet: During a Hangover which is quite frequent, people will notice a change to his personality that is almost unheard of for the man. He becomes quiet and doesn't say much, not desiring to speak as much but just lay there. Sometimes speaking about how he feels horrible and he'll never do it again, but we know better. He will be drunk again the next day without a single doubt in the mind. He drinks to just do that, drinking simply to pass time for the most part. It's unknown why but the man changes so often that it's little like dealing with puzzle missing pieces. His hungover side is somewhat miserable, but he's shown before that he can hide it and has a playful nature to him while a serious one exists as well. The qualities are there for a fine warrior if they would ever be balanced out correctly. It's unknown why he won't take sides in conflicts. Even for his Crow family at times, he refuses to take part in the conflicts, of families and that nonsense.

Capable Leader:No Matter what side of him you get, you will always end up with this result. Damien could lead anything into a fine force, making them stronger and better as he went. He has that power to make people stronger around him, to boost morale just by being in the same area as them. It's a rare gift that not many have, the gift to affect others around him. To make them stronger and better, for better or for worse this is Damien Soan. He has known about this skill which made Damien Soan a famous name among the Rukongai as he rescued them from the closest thing to the dark ages they had. It was a time where his fine skills as a leader were shown, this part of his personality is only shown when around others. But this gift is what makes him a fine leader. This trait may be listed among his personality and skills that he's fine crafted as a man. He's even shown to quiet fights of Captains in the Gotei with his demeanor and prowess.


Women:This one is sacred as the holy flames of all things to him, Women are the biggest like on earth to him. He enjoys everything from nice boobs to big butts, they are simply the flagship of his enjoyment, to say he dislikes them would be an understatement. Women are the core value for him, should he ever find a lover he would pry help her with her goals. Though to hide the fact he was doing so to get into her pants would be possible as well, Damien makes no pretending about what he likes, he doesn't care what other people think about him liking women. Family or otherwise, women are the greatest thing ever. Thus he can often be found waking among two or three at a time, with no shame about his face for what he had done the night with the female's he was with. Women have a way of making him do some interesting things, he's never really experienced, love. Sex he has many times, but love is an emotion he longs to see that escapes his knowledge for the most part. Experience is something that he shall never run the drive on when dealing with the females of the world.

Alchol: The second most important thing in his life nowadays is drinking, he seems to enjoy all brands and doesn't seem to care when or where. Events of a public nature aren't even important to him. He will drink during most events without a care in the world, however, if things are different and his personality isn't in the mood for a drink he will not consider the second most important thing there anymore. He has only gotten upset over the destruction of one object, this being women, however he's shown a rather large amount of drinking so his love of the Alcohol and women as well has been well noted, it's believed he was lost due to his habits of drinking perhaps some woman cut his arm off and took it away during his sleep. Rumors about the events and bad effects of the drinks have been going around about him for several centuries when he stays in a place long enough.

Challenging Fights:Damien may never admit to this, but he does enjoy fighting and what it brings. He's always enjoyed the challenging fights over the easy ones, some people believe from this fact he may have cut the arm off himself. Just so he would have more enjoyment from fighting, he and some others are easy to get along with, but it's highly believed his love of fighting started at a young age. After all, he was trained since he could walk to be a warrior and fighter, his job, in the end, would be hard to say. But Damien more then makes up for the lost causes that he seems to get behind from time to time. Damien seems like the underdogs of fighting, they seem to bring him much more pleasure than simple one-sided victors. However he's shown an interest in breaking away from common good and evil, all he seems to desire is a good fight. So be it against good or evil he will fight them. This is the way he believes it must be for things to be right in his mind, of course, the man is not bloodthirsty and nuts.

Friends:This is simply one of those things he does hold dear, friends are important to him in deep ways. Damien may not always show it, but he and his friends are often the bunch to show up and either fix problems or cause them. He enjoys the time spent with what friends he may or may not have at his side. Friendship is the key to a happy life, be they Arrancar or Shinigami. He believes that a friendship can live through the bars of time. Damien isn't like most of his kind who have a short view on these matters. He sees only the one path before him, believing strongly that people could change and become good friends despite differences. This is why he puts on his face of happiness and kindness. Despite missing an arm and the scar over his left eye. Friends are something that he likes immensely that just cannot be stressed enough if people have friends they can overcome any hardship they encounter, loss of limb or betrayal of family.

Swords:Something that he may not be honest about, is that he loves swords. Loves details about them from Pommels used to make them to the finer parts, he's a very studied swordsman and understands the weight of a sword just by crossing blades with it. He can figure out all the details about the sword's history and style make. This is all possible because of his deep love and interest in the subject. Swords are built in such a fascinating way, they also deserve to be cleaned and treated with proper love. He doesn't just simply love Japanese swords either, his love goes throughout the time of the weapons. He enjoys all forms and shapes of them. From the claymore to the bastard sword, each one interests him. They are built and designed by such an amazing process that people often overlook them. Damien's always been curious about how many types of swords the world doesn't know about, so if he sees a new one he'll often inquire to look at it for a moment, to figure out its nature. Even if it's an enemy's weapon from time to time.

Swordsmanship:Damien doesn't just love swordsmanship and Zanjutsu. He's a verifiable nutjob about it in all aspects. He learned how to use kendo one-handed. Since he lost his arm he devoted himself to fighting with a single arm instead. It allowed him to hone his body control and absurd strength. Damien has seen many many swordsmen in his time and grasped many techniques. Having witnessed so many over the years he's gained a solid appreciation for it all. For the act of wielding it down to where one holds it. Kenpachi Yamato was the nickname given to him on his travels. Being one of the new age Kenpachi's.


Traitors These are the top of the list, included in this rank are liars and backstabbers of such nature that they disgust him. Damien is under a firm belief they deserve to die for their crimes with nothing but the most extreme punishment, his dislike of betrayal is very deep within his blood. Most of the time when he hears of this he is willing to hunt the person down for a fee and cut them up for their crime. However he's gotten a bit more calm about the betrayals of people, he now claims a calm mind about the subject. However, if a betrayal of the people's trust on a political level were to happen, he would destroy the people regardless of the law. He believes the law is a lie, that only the people have a right to decide what true justice is. Justice is something that is written not by nobles or anything like that. Justice is written clearly with the sword and will always be such a way. This is the world they live in after all.

Cowards He has a dislike for cowards that is pretty deep, it's hard to explain why to most. But his belief is people should be brave and face whatever awaits them in life without any fear or concern. For life is a walking blade, so you may as well walk and enjoy the adventure that is given too you. The end of the map will only show you the way, not complete the journey for you. He believes that people must train and grow, not be frightened of simple facts. As he once was, as a child he was scared and didn't have many guts as he should have at times. It took him time to overcome his fear with courage, courage is one of the truest tests of a man's character. Something that he loves very much is a person filled with courage in their heart. However, when he sees one with fear he is simply sickened by looking at them. He will often tell them to crawl back to their hole for they are sickening bugs before him and he has no time for such lowly beings.

Politicians and Nobles Damien has a grudge against almost all nobles within the world, they think they are so great because of the position they hold. In his mind, however, that position exists so they may provide for the many. Not provide for themselves and be stuck up fools over it. They act above all reason and as though their farts don't bother God, for this it's always annoyed Damien without any single end in sight. His hatred for such foolish and childish games has always been high. But nobles and Politicians have always been on a list of people he kills without question. They are without normal morals and are nothing but cockroaches in the walls of a clean society, attempting to spread plague and sickness upon the others, he has a low opinion of those in such position. However, he will allow those married to them off the hook sometimes, depending on the nature of the person in question. His dislike of them could stem from the fact they started the war in the first place.

Disrespect It doesn't seem to matter about it, but if disrespect towards friends or the dead is shown before him. He will often come to the aid of the one being disrespected, it's not in his practice to baby people but he will in this case. Disrespecting someone who's earned it, for example, has often bothered him, people who break their bodies to make this world run being shown no care or kindness by others. It always bugged him and made him angry when dealing with them. He tries often to hold his patience on this subject, however, it does fail sometimes. However disrespecting him or others without them being there does little, he's not one to be tricked into a combat situation by some lowly taunts. If anything Damien can mostly resist them with relative ease and ignore them for what they are, simple words of a man or woman about to die from a battle with him. Disrespect is something he does show towards the people in power often and he does acknowledge this fact, but most seem to forget the small people.

Kidō He hates Kidō above almost anything he's ever come across, the spell and magic arts have always annoyed him and gotten under his skin. He's never had use for them nor has he bothered dealing with them, he had learned them but only to know what they did. He openly said he never used them himself, so he does not know how shooting one would work or anything like that. But fighting against them, he studied very actively and learned much about them so he could avoid dealing with them. This was simply the drive of a man desiring to avoid dealing with the long annoying battles that seem to go for a distance-based fight. Those who do enjoy Kidō are free to do as they please, it's not something he will ever indulge in himself, for Kidō is a waste of energy and time. He believes one sword move is worth thirty Kidō moves, however, this is simply his belief and nothing more. He does stand by this fact quite strongly, however.

Quiet One thing he loathes is quiet, even if he becomes it himself from time to time. He hates the quiet, it is something of a need to always be doing something, he can't stand a lack of movement or things being done. Simply sitting and wondering about the world always bothers him, he would rather be actively looking around the world for things. Not just sitting and thinking about it, this world is not a place for such things. You take the reins and do whatever you must to live a full life, you don't sit in the quiet darkness and let yourself be sucked in so deep you forget who you are. That isn't the way of things, not in this world. Damien is firm in his belief that people must be strong and filled with courage to overcome the quiet and empty voids they all must face at some point. But if God or Man they all reach a point in time where they are alone and lost in pondering that cannot be escaped from, they reach the Quiet darkness around them.

I. History

» History:

Childhood: Damien was born without a name and was considered a gifted child from a young age he picked up a sword. Though it was only a toy, the boy knew what he wanted from a young age. His father was someone he never really met, he simply was left with his mother. Whom didn't want a child like him, he frightened her. Though Damien only seemed to love his mother, saving her from a rape when he was still but a boy. At this moment she beat him and abused him as a child, but he was strong and sturdy. Damien was taken by a Swordsman, the man had no formal name. But Damien hadn't been named just ugly child that was all his mother ever called him. His new teacher named him Damien. It was in the first days of training his sword skills became evident to the teacher.

It wasn't hard to tell the boy had skills, he was able to swing a sword and divide small mountains with a single slash. This was when his master decided to train him as a master. He no longer was training a student, this was a master and he would show this boy brutality that almost no one else would know. As a general rule, he had an extremely heavy amount of weight put on limbs, his right arm mostly. It was so the arm was stronger, truth be told it was worn up till his years as a teenager. So the muscles within his arm are very strong. His master wanted to balance out the power of both arms, but this didn't happen due to the loss of one. The master furthered the training taking away the boy's eyes for a year, then his hearing. He would have these senses blocked by spells so they wouldn't work at all. His sense of smell was also taken out of action, his senses got super training. Still, at a young age, his master threw him off a mountain ordering him to climb up.

This, of course, happened while he wore a pair of weights on his legs and body, they weighed in at tons, not simple amounts. His body has been trained to be an absolute monster of a weapon. The master would attack him viciously so the boy would be ready to fight at all times. He obtained his Zanpakutō and formed a bond with the spirit through which the two spoke often. He never did inquire about the spirit that often or his sword's powers. He simply trained himself, the sensei decided to test his student further. He had him go face another master to see if the child was strong enough, soon this master found the boy to be impressive, but wounded him to the point of near-death. His injuries left no scars on his body as his sensei was a fine healer. However, at this young age, he did something that no one else had. He beat Sword Master using only his left hand, without using his right at all. His master decided to begin training his spiritual pressure.

His pressure was low and the perfect way to train control was waterfall training, it was a special art. But here was the interesting part about these falls inside them were fish that would kill someone if they fell on them. The only way to stop the falls was to use one's spiritual pressure as a means to push it backward. Hold it firmly, the first couple days he had almost died a couple of times. But it was later he showed his control, pushing the entire fall backward. This perfect control over his spiritual pressure is something that made him into a man. His master did something cruel on many days for a child to go through, he made him wear several tons of weights as he walked and shopped for him. It was common things that were done to him soon enough, he was attacked by people daily. Damien's teacher soon was beginning to wonder about the boys training under him and made a choice. He would send the child out into the world for one hundred years, just to see how he progressed.

Damien's journey was something of fun and interest, as a boy, he studied the sword and the arts of it. Learning about them further and practicing for days on end. He'd shown an amazing endurance and pain threshold that most people never discover. He got stabbed eight times by a man with a spear as a boy and kept fighting. This little fight almost cost him his life yet again, the child suffered several defeats growing up. Many powerful warriors were out there, yet he couldn't seem to win. He was taken off guard by Kidō and spells like that. on his third defeat, he made a choice, that no matter what he wouldn't accept a single loss ever again. He went back and took the weights he wore off and fought again. The amount of weight he was wearing as but a child was along the lines of eighteen tons, once removed. The boy's strength became clear for his enemies that won the first fights. He defeated the spear user in under ten seconds. Destroying the man with his speed and power.

The others fell much the same, it was around now he understood the lesson his master wished him to learn. That as a warrior he must grow in body and mind to understand things. His spiritual pressure was great but could have been more. So Damien decided to go and train for as long as it took. He developed moves that are still used by him to this day as an adult. The first thing he made was a move to deal with many enemies at once, the name not be said. However, the move allowed him to overwhelm them with his spiritual pressure as a weapon. He'd knocked out a small group of people with it. Ten yards were hi-limit as a child, another was hardening. Something he designed to absorb impacts from weapons. His intuition and skills began showing more and more when dealing with enemies. He could predict them just by watching if he saw something enough he could copy it without any flaws to it. Or make variations of it, to say the least, his one hundred year journey was getting close to its closing days.

The Mountain he trained on was within South Rukongai and was where he would return now from East, it wasn't long before the boy had made a reputation on his way back. The child knew so little about time and the world around him, he paid it no mind. But it was believed he was equal to a Captain's pressure as a boy. The power held was said to make an easy choice for positions of power by many of the organizations at the time. He began to climb up the mountain again, his amount of weight has gone up by twelve tons. The boy would be losing these weights and beginning real sword training when he returned to his master. His master had planned this entire journey to build on to his student, to show him the fields of fighting so he may understand the way the world works. His Master attacked him without mercy when he arrived, the boy was keeping up and dodging despite still wearing his weight. Though the master was holding back simply to test his student's progress. The results of his plan seemed to have gone smoothly.

The real training was about to begin, the master had the boy remove the weight which easily broke the entire ground he stood on. The child was heavy but now became light, the body and mind were ready for each. The training first brought the lesson of pain, he would be stabbed in each point of his body over the next couple days. Understanding the pain and trying to get his muscles and reflexes to act when they should. It only took three before the boy's body began to counter the blade with sheer muscle control. Teaching him to be graceful and yet deadly, he was attempting to pass on to his student a perfect fighting style that never needed adapting. But the boy's style was fierce, his master acknowledged it very quickly. Find his style overtaken by it sometimes. This was common for those at the bottom to hear swords going on for days. He and his masters would spend days fighting and training, it was a way of life. Weighted training was done, the muscles and mind were finally caught up.

To say his knowledge as a child was based strongly on fighting wouldn't be a lie. His master soon learned of another gift the boy had, he could inspire others and would easily bring people around him. He had a natural talent that most people didn't have anymore. This was something he hadn't seen before, so the Master informed others he knew. The training that was about to begin would be the toughest for the boy. He began fighting multiple enemies at once, dealing with several sword masters all at once. His great strength and speed were something that took most of his enemies off guard. The boy only appeared to be around the age of six or seven when most looked at him. He'd learned ho to use his shunpo in active combat, but refused to perform Kidō. Claiming that no matter how well rounded a warrior becomes, Kidō was something he wouldn't go near unless it was an absolute need. Thankfully for him, it appeared to not be as desperately needed as his master first thought.

Several wars were taking part at the moment, mostly small village disputes. The Master sent the child to settle one, to which the boy walked into the town glancing over the situations slowly, learning that some Quincy were causing the problems. The boy went and handled the matter, Quincy was overtaken by the small boy. They managed to hit him and wound him, but they simply couldn't kill him. At the end of the day, he slaughtered them without losing his own life. However, he was still young yet. And his years of knowledge and experience were going to pay off soon enough. His master devised a new weight for him to wear, this one would link not to him but his spiritual pressure. It would promise growth and show him away to the future as he was seeking. The boy couldn't help but agree, soon the objects were placed on his wrists and a release command was given to him. This command would only work however if the boy was in need or the time was right. Which would be many hundreds of years later.

Pre-Teen to Teenager:

The years flew by as the time got away, for the years that passed the boy wore those new cuffs his master had ordered him too. Now he was able to defeat the masters while wearing them, the key to moving around with them was simply the user must be at full power at all times. Even to move their fingers, it was rough training that could have gone wrong in so many ways. His training under his master was done, now came the true training of a man. He was going to be sent out as a master to do things on his own. It was time for him to set out and become a man, this was part of the journey he needed to complete. The man had already done such great things that he had earned the rank of a Master swordsman at a young age. He went to East Rukongai to quell the wars going on in that region. Maybe this was simply his interest, but his first act was to put down the wars that bothered him so much as a boy. He was ready to guide the people into a brighter future then what they had now.

Upon arrival at the war, he would face one of his biggest challenges and the reason he lost his left arm to this day. When he began his journey now, he arrived at the scene of a bloody battlefield that had certainly been going on for a while. Using his power he put over Fifty thousand men down in an instant, the war had just changed favor now. He'd stepped in for the side that had women and children fighting grown violent men. They would later retreat tow hat is now known as the Zaraki district. However that's something he would rather forget about, his arrival prompted the enemy to retreat. He wasn't done here though, this was just the beginning. He began teaching what would become the Crow clan at this spot, showing them his knowledge as a warrior. Letting them understand the power and what it meant to have such powers before their time. They were being shown pieces, not the full training for his reasons.

He didn't believe they could handle it as simple farmers and people who were just starting. Those people did come back with a leader, later on, this man would be his worst challenge. The first time he would use Bankai in his life, he made such a terrible mistake. Damien always didn't understand the meaning of waiting and trying to figure things out. After this mess he did learn, the man's name was Kazuma. He was a brutal man who fought without mercy, and in today's area he would have given most of the powerful warriors a run for their money. But the battle didn't break out just yet. Kazuma tried to reason with him that warriors shouldn't fight for such pathetic people. He was quickly proven wrong, however. The training that Damien gave the four allowed them to defeat fifty people with relative ease. Sure they weren't at his level, but Damien lived this so why would people doing it like a hobby get better. Kazuma's forces came in and the war began again. He used the move again which knocked out the same number as last time.

He let his ego get in his way for the first time in his life, he was trying to play with an enemy. Not taking him seriously as he fought against the man. Using his powers to play around, never expecting that Kazuma was better than he let on when Kazuma used his bankai that's when it happened. You see Kazuma was able to create such power slicing waves of air that Damien had dropped his guard. He'd been arrogant and naive to think so, he'd thought himself the best in the world. He lost his arm this day and his arm being gone he didn't scream in agony. He simply lost the smile he wore, tying his clothing around the lost appendage. He released his bankai, the first time he'd ever done it. The losses on both sides were so high that almost no human event was close to the numbers. It has both sides, all because of Damien's brashness and over belief in his skills. His bankai killed so many people, including Kazuma. But this part had taken him so far from what he truly believed in.

Damien was almost ready to cry at the loss of life, his first lesson he learned was to kill them. Don't play god, you are not meant for such a thing. His mind quickly changed and he made a child among the Crows, the boy long since died but passed on the watered-down gift of the Dragon's Eye. Their version was so weak compared to his that it fit. He hadn't planned to start a clan but decided he would use them and continue this warpath. He wouldn't earn himself a scar again for many years, the next one being his eye. He didn't act cocky anymore, he had such a nature to him that was experienced. The loss of his left arm didn't weaken him, no if anything it made him stronger and more dangerous. His spiritual pressure had increased greatly by this time point, the young teen had made a great impact on the lands of the east. He was planning a trip to the North Rukongai now, his power and might here on display. He never accepted a bride or wife for this clan, leaving known true female heirs. He mated with those he saw fit and left children to take the clan where it needed to be.

Two sons were his only gift, he taught them everything they needed to know. And had the others trained them, he didn't make any laws for the clan except it's known that the Branch and Main House were not his ideas, the Crows were a single being that waged war against the unjust. And more savages led by the brutal Meng of North were causing problems. This next scar wouldn't be out of any problems, just a skilled enemy. The one whom he did use his bankai on, this time far more wisely then last time. Damien's wisdom had gone up several times over compared to what he once was. When he went to the field he came out alone and dealt the damage, he took out one hundred thousand men in an instant with that power. Many people called him the true ruler of the Rukongai because he was so hard to stand up against. The numbers were so vast these days that such armies fought for control.

He and Meng began the epic duel away from others as their swords clashed and steel began to send out. The armies went at it, the Crow's with the advantage within numbers. His guiding hand seemed to be giving them the edge most of the time. It was believed that he could have taken them out without even trying. His powers over such things made him dangerous, despite the loss of his arm even Meng had begun to realize the gap. What if the fight continued he would lose, the only injury he inflicted on Damien was three cuts down his left eye, looking like a claw. Which was the man's shikai after all, the teen was fighting fiercely and finally noticed they were alone? He'd been facing the bankai of Meng and not even bothered using his shikai. He released his bankai quickly ending the duel with the other. He began to realize that his sword was dangerous in so many ways. He decided that using it too often would be dangerous for those around him, his skills were sharp enough to not use it.

His men were so inspired by the defeat, the North War ended without any bad endings. He simply grinned this time he got wounded. Those scars were nothing but things gained from his life as he began to grow as a man. He had a deeper understanding of his masters lessons, his master had gotten him ready for such a thing. The last battle he would have would be removing the Quincy that were in the West. But he decided to wait this time and study his enemy, getting him ready was simply the goal he had for the most part. The man's eyes looked on the future ahead, deciding if it would be one they could grasp firmly or not would be decided by the next battle. He drank some sake and got himself ready, meditating and speaking with his sword now. Zanpakutō had been a major part of his life, the close friend he always needed. Before his training ended he understood his swords shikai and bankai. But didn't have the nature needed to use it in situations when fighting with others. His experience was the only thing missing, he may have seemed fierce but he lacked this piece.

Once this piece was gotten the boy had become a fine warrior, the last time he would ever use his bankai again was against a pureblood Quincy. His bankai hasn't been used since that day, the man came in and killed all but his two sons of the Crow clan. Finding him sitting in chambers and his children sent far away to grow and become men. He released his bankai killing the last Quincy in the area, the Pure Blood fell without much effort giving him an easy kill. The man was so confused by his sword that he almost died in the very beginning. He'd gained the experience needed to be a warrior. His journey into adulthood was almost complete, simply one task remained. Building his clan and training them.

This task would take him a while, building a training system for his clan. After destroying all those Quincy, he'd been given several nicknames his legend was known as the man who makes armies tremble in fear. He didn't care about such things anymore, the big-headed boy that once walked to the field feeling as though a God among men. I had since learned that he was simply a man, a man who had a cause to fight for. His cause was peace and justice for now, but he wouldn't follow those he saw trying to use him. The Crow clan was getting political and he decided to pack his things and go in the middle of the night. The Head of the Crow clan left, leaving behind a legacy that was something most people would never really see again. Freeing these people from suffering and leaving them and his sons to make the future for themselves, he never dreamed they would ruin their chances and become such poor excuses for family. He'd decided to stay out of the fights the clan had gotten itself into, watching from the sidelines with some amusement. His boys were waging war on each other now, a father couldn't have been more disappointed in his children. Spending his time observing them he decided perhaps it was time to move on.


Leaving behind his children and the Crows he began a journey of discovery, he learned the Soul Society was a place that was the realm they lived in. It was ruled by a people known as the Gotei 13, they were quite knowledgeable people. He'd run into Shunsui Kyoraku before the two shared drinks and sometimes spoke about secret womanizing moves. He made a friend in the man in his opinion, Shunsui was a smart and educated man whom he took a liking too upon meeting. Shunsui Kyoraku was one who helped him understand the world they lived in better. Shunsui told him once that he'd met many capable men and someday if he wanted, that the man could become a Captain. He simply told his friend that perhaps another time, he was still enjoying the time away from the family. Besides, it wasn't his time yet, the next generation needed to prove their metal after all. Old men like him would just be in the way of the kids trying to get their feet wet in this crazy world.

He didn't know what people wanted him for, he'd been a fine warrior yes and had become a man around Shunsui Kyorakus age now. But this was simply the age he fell into, he knew Shunsui himself respected the talents he had. Which was compliment honestly to him. He respected the man's gifts and talents above everyone he'd met, the man was superior even to his teacher. Though something told him, he'd long since overcome his master. But his journey needed more under its belt and he couldn't explain what he was looking for. He was crying for the moon, it meant simply wanting something but not knowing what it was yet. Perhaps it was something that escaped him at the moment as a man and warrior. He rubbed at his chin for what seemed days thinking about it, getting drunk every night and having parties while he began to ponder the missing piece in his life. No matter what he seemed to think about, it felt like something was missing from his rather lengthy life. He'd never really understood one thing his time alive, that subject eluded him.

Love was what it was, but what did one do about such a thing. He slept with multiple women daily so it wasn't as though those needs weren't being met, he was beginning. He'd never really understood love, so perhaps seeking his original family down. To which he got nowhere really, the man couldn't locate any leads on them. They were simply a mystery in ways that he couldn't define with words, his training had long since been completed. Nothing new for the old dog to learn yet, this world was a strange place as it was. He wondered what Akagami thought on these matters. But decided he knew what he would do now, making a choice that would affect his life for the long term and short term for the next several hundred years. He decided to go to the South again and train. The Rukongai was so big compared to what he knew of the land, his teacher never did educate him on the basic things that were important like maps and so on.

He arrived at the place, going up the mountain where his master once trained. The region wasn't taken care of. But his master had passed away a long time ago, so now it was just an unkempt house atop a mountain. He began cleaning and taking care of it, he was doing something peaceful and enjoyable. His time up here was fond of memories of the days as a youth where things seemed so easy. He began training again, for what was hard to say. He began to train without pushing the water up, using his energy to protect only his body and not push up the waterfall. This time he was fine-tuning his craft, becoming a hermit almost just to become a better swordsman. What came of this was knowledge and experience, he began studying strategy and becoming quite well learned by even some of the brightest minds. He understood people and the way the mind worked so much better after studying the people. Beginning to read and write, so his skills would improve. The training was almost like a practice for him.

It wasn't just training the body, the mind was getting the needed training it so much deserved. He heard that his Friend Kyoraku had to deal with a man named Sosuke Aizen, the two discussed what happened and the outcome. He said he wasn't aware such things happened in the Gotei 13 of course, because he never knew of such skills. He'd pondered how a battle with Aizen would have gone, considering he never saw the required release spoken of by his friend. Perhaps he could have taken the male with his Bankai out, but he was so much like his friend here. Using his Zanpakutō was something he avoided if at all possible. These events seemed to be so horrible these days, something needed to be done. But what was it people could do when they encountered such problems. But perhaps friendship was the answer, he heard about the many exploits of Ichigo Kurosaki. The man showed great character and depth, he respected this of the man. Despite Shunsui's and his drinking sessions.

Time was getting closer, he decided he did enough training here. and went into Hueco Mundo to train for his life for a while. Going there was one thing most people didn't do, he had a door opened and walked in. No one is sure why, but he went in and was attacked upon arrival. He killed hundreds of hollows going through the Forest of Menos, the numbers were said to be well over hundreds. He wasn't one to hide his presence or try anything like that. He was not on a rampage, simply here to learn what was out there. He walked straight through killing most people that he encountered trying to kill him. This was the way his journey had been. He would spend several years just wandering around the Hueco Mundo, doing nothing really but fighting and training like hollows do. He wanted that vicious nature, the nature of an enemy who came down on him with a desire to eat him and grow. This was his choice, he was going to train and face this enemy head-on for the future that was going to come.

Soon he would return, he'd defeated several Arrancar and other creatures that people may not have known the names of just yet. But they seemingly hollowed, nothing more than that. He finished what he claimed to be the final journey deciding his last would be a visit with the Iramasha. He wanted to see the angelic and hollow beings that were near the Soul Society. So he left the realm of the Menos and began to train in the other world, he was enjoying the knowledge and learning he obtained from this. The world was such a big place, many people were so strong. He didn't even know about it, but this made it interesting. Was he a small fish in this pond, perhaps a big one. It was something the was very interested in learning about, he studied with some of the best. Becoming so well rounded as a strategist that people were surprised the boy was such a wild card. His power to see through illusions and the gifts he'd picked up all came to a single point in his life. It was almost time for him to move on again.

Completing his study of the Iramasha, he decided to go to the Human world for a while. Studying the humans whom he knew little about, they were such squishy people. His first day there someone tried to be a mugger and take his objects, it was such a weird race. The man tried to swing a small dagger around like he was big with it. He easily beat the man but this wasn't the point, humans seemed to be so strange and different that most people wouldn't have imagined such an interesting race. They were so fragile, yet deep within they learned so quickly. Such a quick learning rate was impressive, he wished he could have learned that fast as a boy. He would have to talk to his friend Kyoraku and ask him about his thoughts sometimes on these humans. They were such amazing creatures in their own right. He wondered if any of them had gotten to a level of where they could defeat hollows and people. He saw many fantastic things while here, it was like Christmas for him when he was there.

He completed his goal, now it was time for one last thing, he went home having a long conversation with his friend Shunsui Kyoraku. A man he built a friendship with, Shunsui wasn't the type to put people out in the open. He told him of his travels and the amazing things he saw, he believed this world was such a big place. The laws and codes of it must have been just as big and vast. Shunsui seemed relieved the man had enjoyed his journey, almost smiling and enjoying listening to a child discuss his thoughts about something. This journey to discover the races was most amusing, the Iramasha were some of the most impressive creatures he'd ever seen, to say they were angelic wasn't able to even do them justice. But his time of traveling was almost at its final stage, he was going to have to decide on something. He told Shunsui he wasn't sure if he was able to be a good Captain finally, saying that people should have a teacher whom they communicate with. Not someone who knows so little about this land.

What happens next is really up to the coin almost, Damien is likely to do whatever he feels is correct. Training could be it, he could join some powerful organization now and become the running man for his own if he decided. He only had one friend in this world thus far and his name was Kyoraku Shunsui, a man with eyes that saw the justice of this world. Able to do things that he never could explain, he was surprised such a man took a job as a Captain. However, he'd heard of the new age people and began pondering his friend's old rambling more. It was truly something for a friendship like this one to last so long, he thought Akagami would be his friend alone. He'd distracted himself from love for the most part now, deciding it would find him when the time was right. Of course, he longed for it as all people do. This was simply the way this world worked. Time and training were the keys to a happy and long life, bringing peace and joy to those who wanted it most. Only time will tell the results of his choices.

Upon leaving the Gotei for personal business. Damien went on a trip to see his Master. His master on his deathbed did something. Locking up Damien's zanpakuto and the powers he considered his previously. Making Damien unable to wield what he thought was his sword. Explaining that all this time his powers were trapped inside. That he would need to train himself all over again just to accomplish anything. Not heartbroken that he'd lost something. He merely gave a grin and told his teacher. He would return to the Gotei because they had enemies he could fight. And kids he could teach like his mentor did to him.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Weighted Spiritual Cuffs:These devices are invisible to the naked eye till they are removed, combat wise they only have one feature. They lower the reiatsu of the one wearing them. Or at least that's what it feels like, to move around the user must be at full power at all times. In short, to move their pinky they will need to be at their full strength of reiatsu. This will build their reiatsu up helping them grow stronger than they originally had, however, this is like applying weights to one's body. It is a very hard way to train. Damien's knowledge and skills with training others are considered to be one of his strongest points. The male has designed some of the most useful training methods, teaching people the method to power. Damien's new invention could very well be the key to training a stronger batch of Shinigami. The Unlimited Style will need more than one, he taught the Crow's a piece of the puzzle but never the whole story. He decided they weren't ready for such a responsibility to carry on his legacy. The coloring on them is different for each person. The Lines he forms by drawing them with his index finger in a circle, then connecting them.

This training is dangerous in some ways, but it will show great results and make people underestimate the tier of the one wearing them by two at the very least. The user within about five days (Five Threads) will see an immense change up. For imagine walking around with giant rocks attached to your arms and legs, weighing tons. This builds the reiatsu alone, other methods will be used for building their body, their mind is in such a structure that it requires a more direct method.

This method is useless for people who are 0 tier. This ill give them nothing but the advantage of people believing they are only tier 2. This allows in some instances a very cold way to do things, only four Spirit cuffs are allowed out at a single time for Damien will not make more.


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Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Shinigami

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

» Racial Abilities:

Passive Powers

Absurd Amount of Reiatsu: Damien has a rather immense amount of reiatsu. Despite not having his zanpakuto powers. He's able to rather effectively clear and blow things away with just his energy. This effect is down to just the absurd amount of it he has. He can use it in a multitude of ways that he learned. From his mentor when he was training as a boy. This training was extremely hard on his body and mind. His mentor saw fit to make him into a reliable weapon. Having him fight many duels and battles even throwing him off cliffs. It was something that only Damien could survive. But this training didn't gift the child with his reiatsu. Damien simply was born a monster with raw outstanding power. Though he lacks presently refined training to use it. He's a considerable beast even among peers. The Gotei people have seen him work in several places. Earning the respected title of Kenpachi. Given only to the strongest of the Shinigami. Something this one earned even before Ibiki's standards. He is a fit member of the Kenpachi Foundation. And even has been acknowledged by others who carried it. Damien has shown feats involving his reiatsu such as blowing away attacks. Blasting aside kido with it among other things. He's hardened his body to be like steel. And is even capable of using a sensory power with it. Damien's senses are so sharp because of his reiatsu. That he's developed into a frightening warrior. But it's more about what he doesn't do then what he does. Damien provides a charismatic effect with just his very presence. Being able to make the morale of his people go up and use his reiatsu for good. Damien despite not being a Quincy is quite versatile with his spiritual pressure. What it comes down to is the time put into mastering something. While he didn't take too wielding the other skills. He devoted himself to his strengths alone. Reiatsu and Zanjutsu are the peak attributes of Damien Crow. Despite his one arm, he is a fierce warrior.

Reiatsu Radar: By firing his reiatsu over a ten-meter radius he is able to feel everything touched by it. Those struck by the massive amount of reishi he has. Are pinged almost like radar beneath the waves. This allows him to detect targets who are hidden. Damien developed this so he didn't get snuck upon. It offers decent protection from most of the well-known methods of others. Thinking of his reiatsu is more fo a flexible and fluid object. Damien has found multiple ways to wield the tool. Other's haven't thought to amplify their senses with it. Or perhaps they've not been taught how to do it. Using it to create sensitivity akin to a blind man. This radically makes his senses sharper. All five of them are brought up to a massive peak. But mostly the power to detect things striking his reiatsu. Now it is feasible to fool his senses using clones and other such things. Although one should be warned in these situations. He generally just destroys everything. Damien believes that if finding the real body isn't optional. The absolute obliteration of everyone. It should accomplish the conditions just fine.

Reiatsu Overload: This is a more varied application of using one's reiatsu. By applying a heavy blow akin to those struck by Captain like pressure. He can combatively attack people with his spiritual pressure alone. This effect is not useful for certain people who can resist it. Making it something that one can use sparingly. It's able to affect those twenty meters around him. But can be held off by strong characters NPC or PC. They can withstand the impact to various degrees. Though some will claim they feel something off about him. NPC characters who aren't prepared to face him. Will generally pass out facing his enormous reiatsu. Damien, however, is pretty good at controlling this power. And wields it very effectively to only target certain people. He's able to target those he considers enemies. And leave his allies from facing his wrath. That is through devastating childhood training at his teacher's hands. It is feasible for someone to learn it. But this would be very difficult for them to accomplish. And require similar training methods to his mentors. Though in some cases this may be wise. As Tsubasa wouldn't have turned out this way had a strict teacher been present. Damien had fought the young man previously and won during their first encounter. It was a boon in this regard. Though he did pass on the radar technique absent-minded.

Reiatsu Body: By releasing a massive amount of his reiatsu around him. He creates a shield to protect him from attacks. Those not at his tier will find it very difficult to penetrate it. Though not impossible if they focus on a singular point. Though it won't be easy by any means to beat the man clad in crimson reiatsu. His body is protected very heavily and produces even further protection. His muscles and body have been built for fighting with swords. This also protects from energy-based attacks. Giving him a further veil of defense from his enemies moves. Being a rather potent fighter with his combative protection. Damien is said to be very difficult to wound. Despite previous injuries on his body. His eye and arm being the obvious two. While vision hasn't been lost too him. He can respond and generally keep up. Despite him not being a Hoho or Kido user. Damien has focused most of his combatant training on physical attributes. Making himself tougher to handle. He has no skill in the kido arts or any form of interest. Thus when offered to the Academy and train. He declined to work on such a thing as Hoho or kido. Both of them seemed important to other people. But a poor match for his fighting skills and style. It's not that he disagrees with others who do use them. Merely that he can't wield them that reliably.

Dragon's Eye: Crow family eyes are special in the bloodline. By channeling reiatsu into them. The user can increase their perception far higher. Making them capable of seeing through buildings and other things. While they don't have the power to manifest things around them. They can see behind them and around them. Able to see reishi and reiatsu as it moves. They can watch people's bodies and notice changes. This can be applied in several ways for them. While Damien himself isn't a doctor thus unable to perform any feats. Some of the other clan members could do many things. One doctor could detect poison and so on. Damien himself uses it to see energy-based attacks. But also to see the way it flows through the body. Allowing him to judge a fight more clearly. For example, whereas most can only see certain things. Damien can break through and see muscles moving. His perception is extremely high when using this power. Sometimes this is bad however as well. Some people hold too much power and can frighten. So a strong will and resolve are required in those moments. It's what makes it fun. Seeing a beast in the wild that can hurt you is pure enjoyment. Elation is the best word for finding such prey. It's very rare indeed to feel tension and fear. Those emotions running through your blood are amazing. Feeling it mount in your neck. It is something few warriors get to feel. So fearing death is foolish. Childish even for one who's walked on a thousand battlefields before. Reason and logic were things tossed aside long ago. They don't determine any outcome. The only true voice one needs to listen too is themselves. Follow thine heart and you will see the truth. That is the lesson passed on for the eyes of a Crow.

Insane Body: Damien's body is perhaps a work of sheer miracle training. He's only got one arm which most believe puts him at a disadvantage. But the scary fact of the matter is with that single arm. Damien's swings feel as though he has both hands on the blade. Meaning every single swing doesn't feel like one hand. But two-handed with all his power behind them. His skin is like rocks and rough along its edges. Making it a very clear and distinctive form. Running your fingers along his skin it becomes quickly obvious. Each piece of him is made to swing a sword. Raw physical power to lift and throw cars around. That is the trait that Damien focused on most. By budding his focus on that single factor. He's able to dive headfirst into the confusion. Often letting people strike him. His high threshold for pain helps as well. When lighting a match he uses his neck. During his time away from the Gotei his body has only become more fit. More able to wield a sword effectively for the Gotei.

Reiatsu Attacks

Reiatsu Shockwave: Using his raw Reiatsu as a catalyst he is able to create a massive blast. Damien has shown the potential to tear through buildings. That is the level of power that his reiatsu has. Some have compared him to an older warrior. A man who once wore an eye patch could do similar feats. Damien can send spells and even attacks flying away. But this is a tiring and taxing method on his body. Using that much reiatsu doesn't come free. One is using it to completely remove people at times or other things. So Damien tends to use it only when he must. Keeping it sort of as a trump card for him. Though nobody has seen him do it. Some people suspect he can and are correct in that assumption. Destroying and ripping apart a building with reishi alone poses no problem. Not a single one for him that regard. Unless it's protected or specialized in some manner. That is the only way really to protect from this. As for people around him, it's like standing in high winds. If you can handle that you will be fine.

Reiatus Energy Wave: By bringing his blade down he can send a crimson blast at his target. This is using his reiatsu as a pure weapon. It is comparable to a Getsuga Tensho or something of that nature. Even a Sokatusi would be an accurate description of it. This swing of his sword using reiatsu has caused damage before. Being able to rend apart bodies and keep going. Though it is blockable by stronger enemies. Some people have even smacked it away. Keeping in mind this blast is a blade deflecting is possible. His mentor could knock it away with his bare hand. So it can be addressed as something manageable for most. Avoiding it is possible as well it doesn't move supremely fast. So those quick enough easily can step aside. Though it can be fired at close range. Even with his blade touching a person. This is what makes the skill all the more frightening for it. Developing himself into a powerhouse user of his reiatsu came first and foremost.

Martial Arts

One Armed Kendo: Formal sword training was something his instructor saw too. Damien was well trained in using the blade. While he doesn't care to use it as much these days. He has shown he can still perform kendo with a single arm. He's still able to perform many of the kendo moves his instructor first taught him. As a boy, he spent hours of his days swinging a sword. At people and fighting against an instructor who was quite frankly a monster. Damien never once managed to defeat his teacher for this reason. When it came to Swordsmanship a lot of things were unknown. It's why he spent time dueling people and improving himself. When one comes to a bridge they can find martial arts or death as the conclusion. Damien himself spent a lifetime learning about it. Learning humility despite his more hungry urges. To defeat enemies and devour them whole with his skill. Damien's seen and come across many fierce foes and capable warriors. That is what defined him when he was younger. But now that he's grown older and become used to it. Kenpachi a title bestowed upon him by Ibiki herself. It feels as though little cause to draw his blade any longer. Damien has shown tremendous skill in knowing when to pull out his kendo. This sword style has become the amount of control he holds. Damien can alter the power of his swings to two or one-handed strength. This is done through fantastic muscle control and reiatsu control. By being stuck with a single arm for almost seven hundred years he's grown very accustomed to it. His teacher himself said Damien was fierce because of how he adapted to it. How he came back from what most swordsmen saw as the end. The loss of an arm or something important such as sight. These are things most consider a conclusion to a fighting carrier. Damien, however, made no such qualms about it and merely adapted himself. That was what he saw as the most important aspect of his life. Growing and learning how to fight with a single arm over worrying about its return or loss.

Crow Style: Reishi Blade Technique: It has been said the style used by Crows is very special. The technique was said to create multiple slashes off a single one. But that isn't quite accurate, the technique involves molding their reishi. Using immense control of the energy they create additional slashes. Up to five at most with fine control of the angles. Now, these extra cuts can be detected as they are made of reishi. Thus Quincy or energy experts could block them. Even divert them or absorb them in some cases. Damien has fought Quincy before though so he is aware of it. Saying it doesn't often surprise him anymore these days. People who can manipulate energy as a skill are frightening. He can shape and mold his reiatsu better than most Shinigami. As stated he can make up to five of these attacks. They are visible so blocking and avoiding are entirely possible. Damien can control the angle and where they show up. Including behind a person.

Reiatsu Blade Extension: Damien is able to extend the reach of his weapon with his energy. Creating a longer edge through the sheer control of his energy. Though this does cost the supply of his energy. Damien can extend his blade's range by two inches using pure reiatsu. Allowing some people to misread the range of his sword. This can be done very quickly during a slash or before it. Making it very difficult to get an accurate read on him. Damien has shown himself to be very clever with it. Having caught several people off guard using it. In many of his duels as a youth, this saved him. It let him gain a strong edge against his enemies. Allowing him to take the upper hand so to speak. People don't judge the range of a blade during the slash. Leaving them open, though it is visible what happens. As a small red line appears on the blade's edge and tip. Increasing the length of two inches.

Reiatsu Blade Crush: This is a move performed by bringing his zanpakuto down vertically. If the enemy blocks his blade he can release a shotgun-like blast of reiatsu. It shatters the ground under people's feat often and inflicts several minor injuries. These can be seen as small shards of red reiatsu blast outwards. This has to be done before his blade makes contact. And reiatsu is channeled to the blade. Applying the effect though what kind is hard to decipher. As Damien can shift it around and select his means during. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't block them. Some people have been able to avoid the attack. Despite its deceptive nature, Damien views it as a simple sword technique. Creating an impact after his sword has landed it's attacked. Making blocking ineffective against him. That's what he believes at least but plenty of people with hierro or even good muscle density can take this. These are birdshot sized reiatsu shards being shot at someone.

Reiatsu Blade Implosion: Damien stabs his zanpakuto into the ground. Gripping it with his arm as the ground begins to erupt with bright red coloring. This color is of his reiatsu being slammed through the ground. Around him in a 6-meter circle. The crimson energy blasts through the ground turning it into a weapon. Sending shards of discharged earth at his enemies. Damien is safe in the center and those who go beyond the 7-meter range are safe. Not to mention it's fairly obvious. That by stabbing his zanpakuto into the ground he has a plan. That seems to be something Damien isn't very good at hiding. The red reiatsu being poured into the ground is also visible. So plenty of people can see it. Avoiding the blast is fairly easy for anyone with Hoho or such things. Even protection like hierro or maybe blasting back against it could work. Several means exist for a person to escape this unharmed. Making it a very fair technique within Damien's tools. It's more meant for fighting several enemies at a time. Then it is for fighting a single person.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Unknown

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Unknown

» Inner World: Unknown

» Zanpakutô Appearance: A simple katana with a wipe guard.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: N/A

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Shikai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Shikai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Shikai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released?]

» Shikai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami gain when releasing?]

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Bankai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Bankai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Bankai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their bankai?]

» Bankai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Bankai?]

I. Shikokai

[NOTE: This form is restricted until 0-3, and is not usually granted upon approval. This is ONLY for pureblood Shinigami! Refer to the racial specs for more information]

» Shikokai Release Phrase: [What is your shinigami's release phrase?]

» Shikokai Release Action: [Does your Shinigami do any physical action to release their Shikokai? Feel free to remove this.]

» Shikokai Appearance: [What does your Shinigami look like when released in their Shikokai?]

» Shikokai Abilities: [What abilities does your Shinigami attain in Shikokai?]

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength:Elite
  • Weapon Skill: Elite

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho:Untrained
  • Kidō: Untrained
  • Zanjutsu: Untrained
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample: [Please show us how you role play by either posting a previous post from another site or creating a new one. We do this so we know your RP skill. If you already have an accepted, you need not do another RP sample]


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Wed Feb 17, 2021 6:51 pm

Overall, this history has rather significant discontinuity with both itself and with Bleach and Platinum Hearts canon. It isn't clear where any of it fits into the timeline, nor how events such as multiple Rukongai wars would be seemingly ignored by the Gotei given that was the whole purpose of Yamamoto bringing things in line.

Why are Quincies apparently living in the Rukongai at this stage in history? Per Platinum Hearts canon, that would not make any sense. Please adjust the history accordingly.

"Many people called him the true ruler of the Rukongai"

Who are these people, exactly? What does the Gotei and the nobility have to say about this? For that matter, what do they have to say about any of this? That should probably be addressed.

Weighted Spiritual Cuffs:

Limiting your spiritual output(?) doesn't work like weighted clothing. Kenpachi and Ichigo both had limiters at varying points and it is quite demonstrable that this is not how that works. Furthermore, simply hiding a 0-tier as a 2-tier is rather extreme, seeing as Kenpachi's eyepatch, made by some of the top specialists, can only bring him to 1-5.

Absurd Amount of Reiatsu:

If the training didn't give him the reiatsu, why mention it? If he lacks training, doubly why mention it? Further, strong spiritual pressure is not something that has its effects innately positive or negative based on intent. It is quite literally just crushing due to the overwhelming difference.

"Damien despite not being a Quincy is quite versatile with his spiritual pressure"

That's not how Quincy or spiritual pressure work. Please adjust this accordingly.

Reiatsu Radar:

Isn't this just reikaku?

"Other's haven't thought to amplify their senses with it."

Given we know it's at least a common enough technique that others are familiar with it, and Tosen was capable of completely circumventing blindness through it, this seems inaccurate.

"And require similar training methods to his mentors. Though in some cases this may be wise. As Tsubasa wouldn't have turned out this way had a strict teacher been present. Damien had fought the young man previously and won during their first encounter. It was a boon in this regard. Though he did pass on the radar technique absent-minded."

Mentioning Tsubasa adds nothing. Remove this.

Dragon's Eye:

How does this let him see through buildings, and how is this actually any different from the previously mentioned Reikaku?

Reiatsu Energy Wave: ..."It is comparable to a Getsuga Tensho or something of that nature. Even a Sokatusi would be an accurate description of it."

These two things aren't remotely comparable. Getsuga Tensho is an amplification of Ichigo's own spiritual energy before its firing, and Sokatsui is just a basic kido.

Crow Style: Reishi Blade Technique:

"Damien can control the angle and where they show up. Including behind a person." Remove this.

Reiatsu Blade Crush:

Please clarify how this ability actually works. Its method of activation, its actual functionality, and the reasonable reaction are all exceptionally unclear, and in some cases contradictory to one another.


Zanjutsu Untrained is not feasible, as this character is established as having used his Bankai at multiple points in his history. Please return the skills to their original status, of Elite Zanjutsu and Untrained Martial Skill.[/adm]
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[adm]Archiving this since I was informed Morph doesn't want to continue with this character. If you do, I can always move it from the archives.[/adm]

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