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Thu Feb 18, 2021 4:39 am

Solhammond Palliser | THE MOON CUTTER

Life was different for Solhammond Palliser. When he left Earth after his death, when he left Vegas, he did so with the hope of bettering himself. To find a true genuine happiness in the murkiness which was his life. The shadows which remained over his head where banished by the light of his new friends, his body a testament to their affection and friendship. From the roses which adorned his arm, to the dragon on his other, and the full body tattoo. It wasn't merely for show, it was the purest expression of his gratitude to those who helped push him into the light.

Perhaps it was why he decided to not just rely on his old skills, he had resolved himself to at least master some aspect of his Shinigami skills. That if he wanted to bridge the gap between him and those in the academy, he needed to strength his mind, body, and soul. It was a worthy task, and in some ways, a way to prove to Chidori that he had changed from the man she once knew. That he didn't need to rely on her, that he was going to be the father which their kids needed.

He was currently within the training area of the Fourth, after his little spar with a seated officer he wanted to see more of the place. But importantly it was far more equipped for the type of training that Solhammond had in mind, which was getting the basic of his Zanpakatou. Surprisingly, the standard asauchi had managed to actually take a form more suited for him. Instead of the typical blade, it was more akin to a combat knife. He had heard a captain in the past whom held a similar one, but they had long since faded into obscurity.

For now, he simply was looking to practice the motions. Trying to do that thing of 'connecting' with his blade, through combat. Right now, it just felt like a knife rather than anything extension of his body.


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Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:46 pm

Honorable Vizard

Laskt Matiche

The Fourth Division training field was always bustling with activity, whether it was raw recruits first learning how to swing their Asauchi or the seasoned veterans, polishing and refining their connections to the weapons that were their very soul.

Now, more than ever, that training and refinement was of utmost importance. With all of the threats cropping up on Earth after Desmond Hayden's fall, the Captain Commander had put the entire Gotei on high alert, which meant the rank and file of the Fourth Division had to be ready to deploy at any moment. Both from a viewpoint of military power and morale, everyone needed to be working to develop their full potential.

That, of course, included Laskt himself in his position of Third Seat. Unfortunately, his assigned training had been the one thing that he had been purposely avoiding: contacting his Zanpaktou Spirit now that he had re-achieved his Shikai state. The knight had tried to explain to his Captain that such affair was not only pointless but also extremely dangerous, but Yoshitsune had simply brushed aside his excuses.

This all resulted in a rather annoyed Laskt meditating in the middle of the training yard, with Junkyomaru in his lap, as the Vizard delicately prodded at the reclusive spirit. He could definitely feel something, a mere scrap of the bond he had once possessed with the representation of his soul. The connection he had gained after reclaiming the blade's name told him that Junkyomaru was alive and, surprisingly well. However, no matter how hard he tried, he simply could not make a solid contact: it was as if Junkyomaru simply did not exist. It seemed that if he truly wanted to locate his spirit, he would have to take another journey to his Inner World.

With a shake of his head and a sigh, Laskt came back to himself, rising to his feat and sheathing the weapon at his waist. He had at least made a good attempt at a connection and that was more than he had done in a while. For now, he needed to focus on gaining enough strength and power to make a journey into his Inner World not be completely suicidal. And the only way Laskt knew how to do that was through hard work and sparring, two things he was very eager for after a morning of failure.

The Vizard was just about to look for Hanako or Yoshitsune himself when a stranger wandered onto the training ground, outputting enough power to make Laskt look over curiously. The tattooed man had the graceful gait of a trained fighter, and the strange knife at his build signified that he had evolved his Asauchi. Interesting.

"Greetings." The knight would call out, walking over to the newcomer. "I am Laskt Matiche, Zird Seat of zis Division. Do you have formal business here or are you seeking to test your abilities?"
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