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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sun Feb 21, 2021 8:02 am

Beetle "06" Yuudeshi - Creation's Antithesis [REVAMP] [WIP] JCRrxmK


Name: Beetle 06 Yuudeshi
Title: 6th of the Main Series, Creation's Anthithesis, Goddess Of Destruction
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Affliation/Alignment: Yuudeshi Family, Gotei United
Sexual Orientation: Bicurious
Race: Shinigami

Appearance Description: ---

Appearance Picture:





Thrill Seeker:

Family Driven:



original history:
It's hard to describe her history, as in logical means, she has no past at all. The only past that Beetle remembered was that she used to be a fragment of energy from Kakine's core, the 'fuel' of the CreationConstruction itself that allowed life to flourish with his power, and she was one of the fragments of its energy, and until now, she was 'born' when Kakine created her with his own powers, giving her the life to start exploring the world and opening her eyes to see what was outside of the realm. Never seem to have an actual name, Beetle eventually given herself a name, called 'Beetle 06', Beetle, its own meanings of a tough fighter with a durable outer shell, while 06 represents her number within the CRETS, meaning that she is the 6th Creation in the entire Main Series.

When she was created, Beetle was made along with the rest of the C.R.E.T.S as well, and she was one of them, although much different in a way of appearances, personality, and most of all, differences in abilities. Even if their created structures are the same, Beetle is one of the very few C.R.E.T.S that have their own special cases, self-awareness, the personality of oneself, and so on, a creation that stands out differently from the rest. Not being able to remember the times when she was 'alive', all Beetle ever did was to assure that Kakine is her 'owner', a 'creator', that has given her a purpose in life. This drive and thoughts are what makes her different, giving her consciousness of reality, which allowed her to create her own goals to achieve, purpose to live for, and decisions to make herself. Although she wasn't properly introduced to the Yuudeshi Clan, she is considered to be "one of them" giving the fact she holds their inheritance and energy after being made by Kakine, who is a Yuudeshi himself, she was more or less like a family member of the Yuudeshi Clan as well.

Born and created as a shinigami, she was assigned to the Gotei 13 for further analysis of her abilities, and her DestructionDeconstruction ability was first discovered when she tried to grip a wooden sword while learning Zanjutsu, and oddly, it was split apart when she gripped it too tightly. It was first a mishap, thinking that it may be a broken sword from the beginning, but each wooden sword she held was split again and again, and thinking back, she had this 'power' since her creation, putting her in a different league than the rest of the CRETS, while Kakine had CreationConstruction, she might have the opposite of it, DestructionDeconstruction, an ability passed down from her creator and it may be the dark side of Kakine's actual power as well, and eventually, Beetle began picking up the aspects of her ability and finally getting herself into hand-to-hand combat, since her ability relies on physical contact.

Not much to speak of about her history, she was nonetheless only a year or two since she was first created by Kakine. But it seems that Beetle was a rather fast learner herself despite herself being an embodiment of Kakine's power, Beetle herself has her own consciousness and mind to develop and think. Otherwise, her journey starts from here, only to reveal more mysteries about her own power and the true nature of the world itself.

-born as a result of Kakine's CreationConstruction
-ended up developing as an opposite to him and the antithesis of his powers
-after Kakine's disappearance, she took up ownership of the Beetle Series and the resources surrounding them
-went on leave from the Gotei, focusing on herself and her family


Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: The only attribute that Beetle seems to have was always hand-to-hand, whenever and wherever she goes, she always seems to prefer to fight with hands rather than a sword, and never had much of ability to use weapons. Definitely, she can't handle weapons well. Because of the nature of her ability that allows her to deconstruct anything as long as it is under her power, Beetle became a rather proficient hand-to-hand fighter, whether would it be hundreds or thousands of people, or raining down a bullet of energy, she always has a way to try and get past it with the as little wound as possible. She might not be able to draw out her sword for combat, but she could punch the daylights out of you. Make sure you're skilled enough to deal with her, or she might try to have you go down before one gets to blink for a second.

Inhuman Strength: As the ability states, Beetle possesses strength beyond any other human, and even for her small stature, her body packs enough punch to break apart ribs that are reinforced or enhanced spiritually, that is, in normal cases without an influence from the 'network'. Her strength makes up what she lacks, speed. Unlike Kakine's speed that becomes faster overtime when influenced by the Yuudeshi Network, hers doesn't require any sort of external influence and relies mainly on the CRETS Network, a special link of brainwave network established by the 25 creations including herself, and because of the established network, Beetle can forcefully draw out more power and further increase her strength by draining spiritual energy from the 25 creations through the network and boosts herself further, if it is used in strength aspects and one of the very few Main Series that can use it at her own will, drawing power if needed.

› 20% Influence: Her strength would increase beyond normal, and there would be a slight hint of spiritual particles, glowing blue, across her arms and legs. Her blows would be beyond the average strength she possesses, enough to wipe out a building completely into dust with a wave of her hand without the use of DD [ DestructionDeconstruction ] but her body would be more vulnerable to being damaged because of her unstable body since she is not a 'complete' being like Kakine.

› 50% Influence: By taking up half of the CRETS Network's power, it becomes a point where her strength would become beyond belief, her spiritual power would become visible as her arms and legs can be visibly covered in blue spiritual energy. A single blow from Beetle is enough for her to rip a mountain to pieces without a sweat, and does not require any usage of DD. Though, her body's durability would further go down to a line where the damage she receives would be 2 times greater than normal, such as damage that suppose to leave a 'small scratch' on her would burst into a wound.

› 80% Influence: Having her reach such potential is enough to drop a jaw or two against her fighters. Her strength would further increase, and such levels are enough for her to split up a small portion of an area, such as Karakura Forest, into two without an effort required. Instead of her arms and legs, Beetle's entire body would be engulfed by a considerable amount of spiritual energy, glowing in blue and her spiritual power is enough to induce suffocation to her victims just by getting close to her, if low enough tier. At this point, she can endure much more damage, just like having her Pain Endurance level increased, at least by one while her durability further drops down, in return, she receives more damage than usual, turning mere scratches into larger wounds.

› 100% Influence: The full power of the CRETS Network, and because of the instability of her body, some chances reaching a 100% influence would fail, but the chances are varied. But if she enters the state of 100% influence from the Network, her strength becomes so monstrous that she wouldn't require the DD anymore, a level enough for her fist to puncture through multiple Cero Oscuras and potentially destroying them, with a single punch and only a burn on her knuckles. Her body would be engulfed with blue spiritual power, forcefully bursting upwards with energy and ripping apart the pebbles by the increase in power because of the CRETS Network, and completely using all the power and energy left within the Network itself, which would boost her power to the top and enough to make even lieutenants themselves to shiver in fear. However, the price paid for such an increase in power is that there are chances that the state that she enters is only for a single moment and be inflicted with hundreds of wounds because of the instability of her body. Although IF she successfully goes through the entire process, her body's durability would suddenly increase, going through the opposite effect of the previous influences and it would be hard even for normal ceros shot by a Menos to pierce through it. The moment the influence is deactivated, her body would become drained, so weak that it would be tough to move a finger, not to mention standing up. It is estimated to last between 1 to 3 posts, due to the instability of Beetle's body.

High Intellect: Not as smart as Kakine does, but her brain provides enough power to match itself against a supercomputer. Her intelligence allows her to create logical reasons, rebuilding concepts, analyzing data, understanding them. Although, the main aspects her intelligence goes for is science, mainly physics and biology, since such aspects are important to her power that uses her supplies to take away the life of a concept, something that has life and is given one, and her ability gives her the potential to take that away from an object, energy, anything possible that has life. While she isn't a genius just like Kakine but enough to provide a 'reason' that allows the usage of her powers and allowing it to exist within the form of the unknown itself.


DestructionDeconstruction - Creation's Antithesis: The ability that Beetle possesses is called DestructionDeconstruction and just like Kakine's, this is her main power as well. We can call it, the opposite of Kakine's CreationConstruction, while he can create anything out of nothing with his powers, in Beetle's case, she can deconstruct anything, whether it would be the unseen forces like gravity, molecules, gas, friction, momentum, physical force or other things like energy, elements, objects like swords and spear or buildings, it is almost an extreme feat of performance which her CreationDeconstruction can do in her everyday lives, and sometimes, it is used rather commonly in most social or combats despite its ability to be able to deconstruct things only, but it has its own merits.

From tip to toe, it is a power that is hard to comprehend, to be understood or researched in its ability to deconstruct anything that Beetle wills to, no matter how great one may be. The DestructionDeconstruction, under a theory, represents the opposite coin of Kakine's true nature. While Kakine may be an angelic being and kind at heart, the ability of hers acts as the negativity of its creator; thus the ability spawned within her consciousness and body the moment Kakine's powers created her. For Beetle, this ability is a natural gift, and are naturally understood and acknowledged, where even herself do not know where and how did she obtain it and how did the knowledge of it flows across her mind and body, and so, it became an ability that is made useful for her everyday lives. Just like Kakine's, it cannot be given and cannot be taught, and at the same time, it cannot be understood using science and technology as well, although there are a few wielders just as capable as she is, it is not an element or a type of energy, more like.. it is 'something but nothing.'

Before explaining it, her DestructionDeconstruction is like the complete opposite version of Kakine's CreationConstruction. While he was able to create anything out of nothing, from objects to energy, Beetle's ability allows her to deconstruct anything into nothing with the touch of her hand. Depending on the size of the said energy or object, its power, and the complexity of the concept, the consumption of her spiritual energy may vary. As long as the concept is considered to 'exist', Beetle can throughout deconstruct it. It is unknown what she cannot construct but there are limits where she cannot deconstruct things that are unknown whether they have a concept or a 'life', such as space and time, since they are mysterious and unknown in nature where she cannot deconstruct them without a logical reason behind the concept of time and its origins, not to mention space itself. For short, she cannot deconstruct/destroy things that are 'lifeless,' 'have no soul', 'does not have a concept/conceptless' and 'the unknowns that are not sure whether it is given a life or a lifeless concept' such as space and time. However, gravity, electromagnetism, and friction are an exception for her since they have 'concepts' to create these natural or unnatural phenomena. She cannot deconstruct a human or a spiritual being either, although they are considered to be a concept with life, their structure is too complex for her to deconstruct its existence completely and cannot simply kill them off with a touch. Not to mention, living beings. However, some exceptions are made to some living beings, such as a summoned being, elemental or not, as long as they are part of a 'summoning' and are made out of spiritual power, it is possible for her to deconstruct just like any other things. Otherwise, she cannot deconstruct the rest like humans, animals, and such.

Unlike Kakine, she has her own concepts in Destruction and Deconstruction, and it does not have its middle process for its direct deconstruction, just like a coin, heads at the start and tails at the end, while the middle of the coin is a structure that holds the head and the tail, and is something that allows the coin to have the head and the tail. Deconstruction's concept is just like the opposite of Creation, which forms its concept, gives it life, and allowing it to exist. Rather than form a concept and bring it to life, her Destruction is that of removes its formed concept, taking away what has given it life, and disallowing it to exist. To be more specific, Destruction is a portion of a process where she understands the concept, acknowledges the life of the concept itself, and completely deforms the concept to remove its existence as if it were never there from the beginning.

As long as it is an existing concept, she could deconstruct them with a touch, breaking down its concept, taking away the life it was given, and throughout removing its existence. Instead of Kakine's shikai, where he deconstructs them to a size so small that it cannot be considered to 'exist' anymore and almost non-existence, but in Beetle's case, she breaks down the particles, the concept, the shape, its energy, so much that its existence would completely vanish without even a trace of its atom left in the world to even see it, which is another case, unlike Kakine's deconstruction, she can completely remove the existence of a concept that has given it life and to never render it to exist anymore unless someone can bring a concept back to life again from its erased existence, someone like Kakine, of course.

Although it was stated that there was no 'middle coin' like Kakine's CreationConstruction, the process that allows him to give life to anything he wants to create, Beetle has theories and statements that she has processed just like Kakine. In the middle of the two coins, it is unknown how she deconstructs objects and energies, but there is a statement of a method of how Beetle deconstructs these objects and energies using her own in exchange for creating destruction of one's object or energy. The moment she touches something, unknowingly, her body would generate a bit of the 'opposing' force, energy, anything you can call it that creates the 'opposite' of the object or energy, just like Matter vs Anti-Matter, all she did was to subconsciously generate an unknown type of the opposing energy or such against the object or energy, and using bits of amounts, she can break down the object/energy to a point where it cannot exist anymore, by using her own spiritual energy to create the 'opposition' of an object or such, and such method does cost her spiritual energy to be drained, depending on the size of the object/energy.

While most things that she deconstructs have a permanent effect on them, some things last only temporarily, such as the deconstruction of gravity, friction, electromagnetism, light, and so on, as these natural forces have constant power and simply put, they are nature and laws that cannot be destroyed. When deconstructing something such as light, gravity, or friction, unless they are manipulated or generated by another party such as a gravity manipulator, friction manipulator, magnetism manipulation, or such that has the ability to manipulate fundamental forces or natural forces/laws, her deconstruction effects lasts no longer than 2 posts if they are not manipulated/generated through spiritual energy or by another party. Meaning that she can deconstruct gravity around her with a wave of her hand, but the effects will only last for 2 posts before the effects would stop. Deconstructing time is not included, since it is something unexplainable yet.


» Zanpakutô Name: Ochibamaru (落葉丸, Fallen Leaves).

» Zanpakutô Spirit Summary: A large and burly woman who looks like a monstrous insect, she wears the most elegant autumn-colored kimono and veil. She adores dancing and could enrapture a crowd with the way her large form moves amongst the falling leaves like the scene from a fairytale. If she took off the veil, would people judge her for the look or be content in her talent?

» Inner World: A forest of red, the leaves fall endlessly in the Fall. One could get lost forever in the scene of red, orange, and yellow of the seasons changing and the way the leaves seemed to fall endlessly until direction became impossible to discern.

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Takes the form of a tanto with a simple brown color scheme. There's nothing really elaborate, a sword that is simple and likes to show everything on its sleeve. In simplicity is its charm.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power: It's a rather simple power. Depending on the season of where Beetle is at the moment, depending on the season Beetle's blade will have an extra length of blade that is invisible upon being drawn. It is the longest in Summer and the shortest in Winter. The blade length varies between 20cm and 60cm in total length, the blade's visible length is 15cm.


» Shikai Release Phrase: Crunch. Ochibamaru.

» Shikai Release Action: A red ribbon forms from the handle. Reaching up and around Beetle's arm and wrapping around her torso before the tanto dissolves and forms the shikai.

» Shikai Appearance: The sword breaks apart and encloses itself around her arm which covers it entirely in a sharp jagged piece of metal with various vents. The arm is meant to appear as a horn beetle's horn, extending a bit in front of her to extend her reach.

» Shikai Abilities: The ability of Ochibamaru involves punching the target with her horn-like arm, the jagged edges tearing into flesh and goring the target to do as much damage as possible. The glove-like shikai can open what appears like a mouth and shoot out a ribbon, grabbing the target and dragging them in to gore them.

By usage of the vents around her elbow, she can blow out blasts of autumn leaves which are the byproduct of an explosion meant to increase the force of her gouging horn's strikes. Most Shikai's boosts in prowess are pretty balanced but Beetle's shikai sacrifices any boost of speed for more strength and durability.

Due to being a Living-type zanpakuto, Beetle's zanpakuto can act when she is unconscious or mentally incapacitated but it is not very visible, making most assume she uses a Melee-type zanpakuto.

Shikai Weaknesses

  • Close and Personal: Beetle's zanpakuto is very close-combat orientated, she finds her speed limited and can struggle to keep up if her zanpakuto can't catch an opponent and pull them in to utilize the full efficacy of its power.
  • Ribbon: The ribbon is strong but can still be destroyed or cut. By breaking the ribbon, the shikai won't end but it will make it even harder for Beetle to catch her foes and close distance.


» Bankai Release Phrase: "Bankai, Kamikiri Ochibamaru (神切落葉丸, God Cutting Fallen Leaves).

» Bankai Release Action: N/A

» Bankai Appearance: Her bankai is a reflection of Beetle, in that it looks like a giant beetle. The arm has morphed and grown, wrapping around Beetle like a protective shell. The large monstrous beetle's size is roughly twenty meters in height.

» Bankai Abilities: The most immediate things of note are the shell's impressive durability and can be used to protect her from an attack while her bankai forms itself. The back of the beetle constantly spews out leaves to fill the area while it fights. Overall, the beetle itself is very cool but not the purpose of the bankai.

This giant beetle is more or less a giant distraction while the leaves it spews out are actually covered in tiny little beetles just smaller than the eye can see. Meant to be inhaled or work their way into crevices so that they can devour the target's energy and then explode violently into shrapnel once inside the target and left to build up.

Bankai Weaknesses

  • Large and Clunky: Being a large bankai, it is as grand as it is clunky. It's not a graceful one to use and will often be cumbersome to utilize. Not great in small, enclosed environments at all.
  • Slow: Ultimately Beetle's zanpakuto is slower, not only because it's cumbersome and heavy but because it's not even trying to boost its speed output.
  • Leaves: The leaves & the beetles they conceal are fragile, able to be blown away and kept at a distance. They are particularly weak against elemental attacks that can neutralize them.


CRETS Network: A brainwave network that provides a special link between all of the Main Series, CRETS, and Beetle is one of the very few individuals that have the ability to manipulate and use the network at his/her own will. Applied to all of the series that is involved with the CRETS, the cybernetic enhancement, CRETS Network, is something fascinating among most of the networks, where all the CRETS would communicate, share information and provide experience for every CRETS to acknowledge of. Unlike most networks, anyone with the cybernetic enhancement, mainly called 'CRETS Network' installed to them can have access to the network but depending on their potential and synchronization with the network, their access may be limited to only communication, sometimes, advanced users with extended knowledge of the network such as Beetle herself, if enough, she can manipulate most, if not, the entirety of the network and use up its power to boost her own's.

All positive emotions, negative emotions, feelings, experience, and communications made by every CRETS, depending on the individual, may be distributed throughout the network and such experiences can be felt by the rest of the series or individuals that are connected to the network. If one were to feel sadness and distribute it throughout the network, users of the network such as Beetle can feel the flow of sadness within her as well because of the distribution of the information itself. However, the good point of such distribution of information is that it can form new strategies, techniques, and such through the experiences of the other CRETS or the users of the CRETS Network, providing them a great advantage if the same opponent is met.

The second function of the Network is as described, the power of the Network itself. Though very few individuals have gotten access to this ability, and Beetle is not the only one that has the access to the network itself and draws out its power. It allows the user to gain the ability to draw out power from the network by absorbing it from the users, and of course, some of them have the right to deny the absorption as well but can be forced out depending on one's willpower and mental deduction. Such ability allows the user's overall spiritual power to increase, potentially boosting either their physical or mental capabilities the more influence they get from the CRETS Network. However, the price would be paid in exchange for more power. However, because of that, the user has a choice to pick which attributes they could only boost in exchange for something else. Under Beetle's case, she gains access to the network and begin absorbing the energy from the rest of the CRETS Network users, and potentially boosting her physical capability in strength which turned her into almost a monster to be reckoned with, in exchange for that power, Beetle willingly sacrifice her durability temporarily to further increase her strength at a higher rate.

This is the potential of how the CRETS Network can achieve, and truly, a 'special link' established by every CRETS within the list, all 25 of them. This enhancement can only be built in certain individuals that have been permitted the Yuudeshi Clan, especially Kakine.


Project ORTHRUS: refer to Kakine's Cerberus Brain, meant to be a sort of sibling program

NBM - Neurological Beetle Matrix:


Yuudeshi Family:

Gotei United:

Kakine Yuudeshi:

The Beetle Series:


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Elite
  • Martial Skill: Elite

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

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Beetle "06" Yuudeshi - Creation's Antithesis [REVAMP] [WIP] Left_bar_bleue419100/999999Beetle "06" Yuudeshi - Creation's Antithesis [REVAMP] [WIP] Empty_bar_bleue  (419100/999999)

Beetle "06" Yuudeshi - Creation's Antithesis [REVAMP] [WIP] Empty Re: Beetle "06" Yuudeshi - Creation's Antithesis [REVAMP] [WIP]

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