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Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:51 pm

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Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

The events had been clear indicators of skills and courage. It was time to begin a new type of training for his third seat. This would challenge his endurance and lay everything bare. This would cause damage to not just him. Modifications had been made to this piece of equipment.

He sat in the sands outside, where some training took place. Combat fought here between warriors and determined people. Over the centuries this arena had seen many fights. The echoes of the past rang in his ears, causing him to close his sapphire eyes.

This place had seen Kenpachi wage wars against one another, he brought Laskt here to elevate this training to a new level. Barriers were in place and it was protected fiercely outside. This lone staw dummy in the middle sat. It was ominous, giving off an aura of danger. It hadn't been him, he reconditioned it for something important.

This belonged to a ghost, a forgotten and abandoned piece of history. It was a swordsmanship training tool. Designed to cut the user for wielding a sword with doubt. Wasted movement and other training tools. He was preparing to take his Third seat through the most dangerous training.

He'd have him use Shikai and his Mask for this, so stamina was trained and another reason. The Zanpakuto Spirit and Hollow would share every single bit of pain his Third seat felt. They'd not sit back and watch the wielder suffer any further. It was time his internal world met the pain of the outer.

His hand trembled as he knew his own training was far from over. One-on-one training sessions let him take better care. Teaching everyone at once was wasteful. It didn't let him see the capabilities or problems. His Vice-Captain needed to be seen too as well.

He'd intended to teach her and his Third seat Shigure Shinrin Ryu. But both of them weren't prepared just yet to face what it meant. The sword wasn't just an art, but a complete weapon. It could fight all others given the right power. Even if he lacked it at times. They could make a difference with blades along. That was what truth lingered they didn't know yet.

It was time to wake his Third Seat and those within from this dreamy illusion they lingered in. If one fell all died with them.

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