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Loukas Holt [Approved; 5-4: Sueki] [Hazard Level E]  Empty Loukas Holt [Approved; 5-4: Sueki] [Hazard Level E]

Mon Feb 22, 2021 4:41 pm
Loukas Holt [Approved; 5-4: Sueki] [Hazard Level E]  0WWMWXr


Basic Information

○ Name: Loukas Holt
○ Alias': Kas, Holt, Sparrow
○ Age: 23
○ Birthday: November 7th
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Sueki

○ Affiliation:

○ Alignment: Neutral Good
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: German-American
○ Sexual Orientation: Gay Gay Homosexual Gay

○ Height: 5'10"
○ Weight: 153lbs
○ Hair Colour: Brunette
○ Eye Colour: Crimson

Loukas Holt [Approved; 5-4: Sueki] [Hazard Level E]  C3sEN94


For all of his life, Loukas has been a fairly cheerful person. Even war and being turned into a sueki can't truly bring him down. Of course, ever since he was turned, he's been a lot more pessimistic; some people have said he's depressing to be around when he gets in one of his moods. He lost the possibility of continuing on with track and field due to his sensitivity to sunlight after all.

Still, he's highly motivated to figure out what all changed in him. In general, when presented with something he finds interest in, he's motivated to learn more. If it doesn't interest him though... he's rather apathetic towards most other things.

Loukas has become rather overly cautious since the attack. He sleeps very lightly and the slightest of noises will wake him up now. Past sleep, he seems on the border of paranoid sometimes, especially during the day when he knows he's weaker. He's also pretty impatient, especially when it comes to personal progress, and tends to get frustrated if he can't figure something out.

With people he's close to, Loukas is known as a very bright and calm young man, cracking jokes when he finds an opportunity, even if they don't really tend to hit. On the flip side, when confronted with people he doesn't know, whether very well or at all, Loukas tries his best to at least be polite, even though he doesn't really want to put in the effort to interact with them at all.


Born to two perfectly normal humans, Loukas lived his early years in blissful ignorance of the rest of the world. Truly, he was an average child, dreaming of things beyond him with his friends. Even when Shadow Fall took control of America, his life continued on as usual, not having any direct impact. He attended school and got good enough grades, and this continued for a few years until he found what he truly wanted to do: run.

He was fast. On the track, Loukas wasn't average anymore. He trained, kept himself healthy, and continued to get even faster. Throughout his middle and high school years, he was a star on the field. Numerous trophies and medals lined the shelves of his childhood room.

Loukas continued on into his college years, of course, earning the nickname Sparrow for his lithe build, speed, and the color of his hair.

Eventually, however, Shadow Fall fell. And soon after, so did Loukas. After all, when a sueki somehow finds their way into his apartment even though he's under the protection of the Vandenreich and manages to turn him in the dead of night, there's not really a way he can continue on with his chosen career path.

He doesn't really remember much of the event. Flashes of red eyes in the darkness, the mocking laughter right before teeth sank into his flesh, and of course the pain. Oh, the pain was horrendous. Everywhere the sueki bit him burned and ached. Loukas remembers the light beginning to shine through the windows, through the curtains; remembers how it eventually started to sting when it hit his exposed skin.

And then, a knock on the door. 'Ah, the rations are here,' he remembers thinking before finally blacking out.

The Vandenreich quickly dispatched of the sueki that had turned him, but with his now bright red eyes, sharp fangs, and newfound thirst for blood, many within the ranks felt responsible for his turning as his attacker had also been a citizen under their protection before the incident.

When Loukas woke, he found he now had a choice to make. He could take the Vandenreich up on their offer to join them and learn more about himself safely... or he could figure it out on his own. Feeling terrified and somewhat hopeless, he chose the former, not wanting to end up like the one who had turned him.

After joining, he was provided with blood, thankfully enough over a few days to have the transformation take. As a member of the Vandenreich, he is provided with blood packs to sate his thirst and has yet to directly feed from any living being. Loukas quickly found out that the sun hurt him enough that he could no longer directly be in its light, adjusting by wearing hoods as often as he can. He also figured out that he was even faster than before, and that if he focused enough, he could become even quicker, albeit for a fairly short period of time.

It hasn't been too long since he was turned, only around a year now, but Loukas is making progress in learning about himself and what he is now.



Natural Abilities & Skills

Although Loukas hasn't really done much with this, he has at least figured out that this is something he can do, although he's not sure how it works. So far, all he's done is experiment with shapeshifting into a woman. He still looks like himself, just with breasts and female genitalia.
[*genderbent images of his face claim will be used for such a state.]

Starved Bloodline

The Starved Sueki are a bloodline that have utilized their bodies to surpass physical limits. Most are very durable and hard to kill. The House of Flesh and the House of Blood utilize their feeding as a method of speeding up their regeneration.

Racial Abilities

Tier 3
Urges: Your body now demands an intake of blood. Blood, only blood will do. Sueki of this house feel the urge to feed more often than the average Sueki.
Blood Drive: The Sueki is able to smell blood from miles away, and even is even able to determine within a reasonable level of doubt what creature this blood belongs to. The Sueki will find themselves almost inexorably drawn to the source.
Blood Born: Upon drinking a moderate amount of blood, the Sueki’s body gains a short burst of rapid regeneration, but only for a short time. This will heal all wounds short of lost limbs within two posts.

Tier 2
Blood Empowerment: By ingesting blood the Sueki becomes empowered granting them temporarily increased resistances to poisons and foreign entities within their body, as well as sunlight, to a very minor degree.
Sluggish Bite: Your fangs secrete a venom that causes muscles to tense and feel weak. Too much of this toxin can cause the victim to fall unconscious if the difference in tier is 2 primary tiers or more.

Tier 1
HaemoGlobe: The Sueki uses their own blood and laces it with a varying amount of Night Energy (depending on a few factors such as how much energy they have at their disposal, and how devestating of an attack they are trying to perform), creating a powerful cero-like technique that takes the form of a sphere of blood. The sphere can then be fired from the center of the Sueki's palm, propulsed by energy. This attack acts much like a cero when fired at anything inorganic, although it does have a slightly acidic effect. The real beauty of this attack, however, lies in how effective it is against individuals. When the HaemoGlobe comes into contact with them it has the same destructive effect, but this is just the beginning. The Sueki's own blood then acts as an extremely potent acid, able to burn through the defenses of most opponents, depending on their mastery of said defenses and the tier differential obviously. After the Sueki's blood has eaten through the opponents skin it begins to worm itself along through their veins, causing a severe detrimental effect. Sueki blood is naturally poisonous to those of any other race, and when it finds its way into the bloodstream of one of those races it begins to wreak havoc. This will commonly cause a drop in power by at least one sub tier, although depending on the opponent in question this effect could be much greater, or nonexistent. In addition, the opponent can be expected to feel faint, nauseous, and disoriented, also depending on their defenses, as the Sueki blood within them not only has an immediate ill effect, but corrupts the blood that already flowed within their veins, greatly inhibiting its ability to transfer oxygen to their cells, and in most cases causing extreme coagulation which both hampers the bodies ability to function as it should and causes extreme and lasting pain. This could easily result in death when used on an opponent without the adequate defenses.

Umbra State

Umbra State Appearance: [What does your Sueki look like in its Umbra State? Feel free to write this out, or use a picture!

Umbra State Benefits: [What happens when your Sueki enters Umbra State? Do they get any nifty powers, abilities, and things of this nature? If so, write them down!]

Skill Sheet

General Skills
Durability: Beginner
Speed: Adept
Strength: Beginner
Weapon Skill: Untrained

Sueki Skills
Blood Rite Affinity: Untrained
Feeding: Untrained
Kumopu: Beginner
Bloodline Constitution: Untrained

Will Skills
Willpower/Determination: Beginner
Mental Deduction: Beginner
Focus: Beginner

RP Sample

As soon as he saw her, she'd seen him too. Seirasam watched as she dashed across the club, elbowing and shoving people out of the way without a care. This, this was her 'doesn't matter'. It didn't matter that she may have inconvenienced someone while running to him. Perhaps there was someone who now had their drink spilled across their shirt, the fabric seeped through with alcohol and sticky; as if they weren't already sticky with sweat from the heat of hundreds of other bodies in the building.

This was Fenix's 'doesn't matter', and she was Sei's 'this matters'. He'd watched her grow up and only now, now that she was rushing towards him like she'd seen a ghost come back (and she did, he reminds himself, he'd died and now he was back and he mattered enough to her that she'd come straight to him without a care) did he truly realize how much he cared for her.

"Fenix…" he breathed out when she hugged him, the aches in his ribs nothing compared to the warm and gooey emotion inside of him, eyes wide and dark and no red in sight. He lifted his arms up, and they pause in the air with his hesitation to touch her, as if there was still rot on him and dirt under her fingernails. And then, softly, they close around her, and they are hugging, and it felt like everything was fine again.

"I'm so sorry, Fenix."

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Loukas Holt [Approved; 5-4: Sueki] [Hazard Level E]  Empty Re: Loukas Holt [Approved; 5-4: Sueki] [Hazard Level E]

Tue Feb 23, 2021 8:29 pm
If you have any concerns reach out to me and they can be discussed in more depth.

Don't forget to claim your FCs and positions.

Initial Check:

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Mon Dec 06, 2021 9:08 pm
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