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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Within Eternal Darkness

I. Basic Information

» Name: Inami Asthavon
» Titles: Sovereign of K-world, Queen of Brutes, Goddess of puppets, Goddess of Lawlessness.
»Age: 420
» Gender:
» Weight: 100lb
» Height: 5’1’’
» Allies:
» Kingdom: Chaya Nation
» Affiliation/Rank: Kokuryuteshi Sovereign Circle: Sovereign Of Apathy

» Most Commonly Seen Appearance Description:

Raven Hair Inami’s hair is as dark as charcoal, it’s raven complexion shimmering resplendently when light shines upon it. More often than not, her hair remains done down in a fairly simple manner. Despite her hair being pitch black however, it still gives off this luminous glow, much like onyx.

A Queens Physique: Inami’s body is thin, yet curved where it needs to be. For such a powerful woman she is surprisingly short, standing at only 5foot 1inch. Despite this though she is well endowed and shaped in a manner that would be considered to be beautiful in the eyes of most of society. Her skin is white, not sallow however, but more of cream complexion. Despite her beauty there are many things that present themselves to be inhuman about her, be it the striking gold color of her eyes, her long pointed ears, or the razor sharp teeth that lay beneath her lips.

Miasma: When Inami breathes, midnight fog can be seen to spill across her lips. In the purpose of power it serves no purpose, nor is it utilized offensively in any manner. Rather this is the dissipation of her energy and how it influences the world as it slowly sifts out of her being. For her, given she has such immense influence upon the world, this takes a more tangible and visible form: The blackened smog which billows forth from her mouth every once and awhile.

Attire Preferences: Inami typically prefers to garb herself in dresses and attire that befit her image as a queen. With a strong preference towards darker, more somber colors such as grey, black, and sometimes dark purple. Outside formal occasions however Inami occasionally can be seen wearing denim jeans, and simple blouses of varying colors. The most outlandish thing about Inami’s wardrobe however would undoubtedly be her choice of sleepwear. Inami has a not so well known soft-spot for animals, which can be seen with her jammies, which typically have animal’s depicted on them of some kind.

» True Appearance Picture:

» Casual Appearance Picture:

» K-World Appearance Picture:

II. Personality Traits

❅ Face Of A Ruler: To many, Inami is a force of nature, and a ruler with many different titles and positions of power. Her magnetism, and the firmness of her voice are all indicative of who she is when she takes on this “Facade” that is required to give hope to those underneath her care. It can easily be seen the mannerisms and aspects of her being, just why she is such a magnetic, otherworldly presence to those she has sworn to protect.

    Keen Deduction: Inami is very sensitive to the realm around her, and such it is often easy for her to deduce things that often might be overlooked. Despite how whimsical and outlandish she may seem, Inami takes great care in paying attention to even the smallest details. This facet of her personality allows her to be able to very easily put together things that often could easily be overlooked. While she isn’t the smartest person around, it is this keenness of hers that allows her to be able to run day to day affairs within her kingdom with a high level of efficacy.

    This keenness is often useful when dealing with subjects, diplomats, or even just neighboring individuals of repute such as Royals, or powerful individuals. Some of this simply stems from the enjoyment she takes at figuring things out if for no other reason than it gives her fuel to use against others. Some of it stems from her need to understand the world around her so she can utilize that knowledge to build connections that she can use to improve the lives of her people. Most of it simply stems from her selfishness though, and her determination to understand the realm around her so she does not look like a fool.

    It is these many reasons however that drives her determination to understand and piece things together. Alot of her success at deducing things does not come from being able to quickly grasp and understand what is going, but rather from her dogged determination to build the bigger picture. Through rote repetition however, she has become extremely successful at quickly gleaning facets of information and putting them together in a plausible manner.

    Queenly Aura: Inami often projects herself with an air of regality that fits her image as queen. Be it through her mannerisms or her actions, she is able to project a noble aura to those around her. Some of this stems from her need to be capable of projecting an image that would bring a sense of peace and faith to her people. To this end Inami goes to great lengths to build up her rapport with her subjects and those that fall under her charge.

    It is why she spends long hours going through papers that could be handled by others, it is why sometimes she will take the time to practice her speeches in mirrors, or with those that she holds close to her and trust. This queenly aura of hers, while mostly a nod to her unusual influence to the world around her, is also a product of hard work and determination. It is a product of Inami wanting to be better for the sake of others, and is one of the most selfless aspects of her being.

    Benevolence: For her people, Inami is definitely capable of being a benevolent ruler. She wishes to build for them, to put cities in the skies, and light on the streets. She wishes nothing more than to come to a point in time where her people physically cannot have better lives than they already do. Most of this stems from her own feelings of pride and self-worth, as well as her sense of ownership for those under her. In this way her benevolence is actually a form of vainglory and possessiveness, as it doesn’t stem from merely a need to give others a pass. Instead it stems from the fact that she feels happy when her people are safe and cared for.

    To that end she is willing to err on the side of generosity for things that often she would not when it comes to her subjects, or even her family. It is one of the most contradictory aspects of her being because it goes against much of moral principle and ideals. This need to be seen as a caring ruler, who cares enough about her people that she is able to give them a pass for transgressions that would often land them in very difficult situations.

    Oppression: Beyond all the erected imagery Inami uses to hide her true nature, the barest aspect of her aura is simply the oppression which she projects. The ruthlessness of her demonic nature which can be seen when all else fails. Her willingness to do horrible things if they prove to be necessary. All of this can easily be felt in the realm around her, and is a keen aspect of her personality in the sense that while she prefers to be loved by her people she is not above being simply respected for feared by them if they are unable to appreciate her love and kindness.

    It is this willingness to use force if necessary that lays underneath all the positive aspects of her queenly aura almost like a hint of steel, or a sharpness that is simply awaiting when it needs to be used.

❅ The Negative Persona: Beneath all of her grandeur, inami is far more a twisted, emotion driven being than she would ever be willing to let on. These many emotions that shape her, and accent her quirks and gestures weave a decrepit, toxic web within her.

    Impure Joy: For inami joy is not something that is felt with the typical things, such as the touch of a loved one, or success. Joy for her is often derived from the things that go wrong, from anguish and pain, or misery and deceit. Within her twisted nature, is this urge to revel in these baser, darker emotions. To draw from them and to allow them to fill her being in a manner that would bring her some semblance of peace. While she may to an extent have capacity to feel these emotions towards normal things, such as her family and friends, she is incapable in most situations from feeling proper emotion for any reasonable stretch of time.

    If one were to kiss her, the emotion she would most likely feel would not be joy. However if she had succeeded in slaughtering her foes and was left in a veritable sea of blood, Inami would most likely feel joy then. It isn’t however that she wishes to feel her emotions this way either, it is due to the twisted nature of her being that she feels these emotions towards things that most often would garner fear, revulsion, or even hatred. It is this inhuman scope to her emotions that allows her to accept things that often would be seen as heinous, or enjoy things that often might be frowned upon.

    Euphoria: Typically however, when something happens that often would garner joy, or happiness what Inami instead feels is lust, or euphoria. She longs so deeply for these human emotions that it ends up rather than simply being pure happiness, as something possessive or physical to Inami. It is often why Inami ends up touching those she is close to, be it through glancing brushes, tender touches, or full on embraces. Inami has a hard time differentiating her Happiness from desire. To her there isn’t much difference between possessing something, and enjoying something.

    Meetings with family, or meetings with friends, it isn’t mutually exclusive the kind of events that might garner her more possessive urges. More often than not it is the little things that draw this out of her. Be it touch, or tone, or even the situation she finds herself in, it is so very easy for Inami to succumb to Euphoria rather than feeling genuine happiness, or contentment. More often than not, she is only able to feel these positive emotions after the fact, when she looks back upon them as memories. This is why she has such a profound like for creating dolls, and collecting trinkets, because, typically, it is only through them that she finds the emotions she should have been feeling.

    Bloodlust & Excitement: Often acts of destruction and death will cause a sense of excitement to bubble within her. While she does not like wanton acts of murder, it doesn’t mean that it wont get her heart racing, nor does it mean her body wont react to such things. Beyond killing though, there are times where situations that excite her, be it being with a lover, or learning of a secret, these things can cause a rise of bloodlust within her. This is because at least for Inami these two emotions are not mutually exclusive to one another. There is very little differentiation for the queen between the Emotions she feels when she is excited, and the craving she feels when she feels bloodlust.

    Sorrow: One of the few emotions that lay untainted within inami is undoubtedly her ability to feel remorse or feel sorrow. Ironic that one of the things that most demons lack conventionally is one of the few things that has truly allowed inami to humanize herself. She feels a deep breath of pain, even if it's at little things, or big things. Mostly though, the pain she feels is for the things she could have done, but hadn’t due to negligence. Be that Australia, Her Family, or earth, all of these things are great sorrow’s that Inami carries diligently within her. Mayhaps it be, in atonement, or simply as a reminder of why she must do better.

    It is because of these feelings of remorse and anguish that Inami has become capable of feeling things like humans do, it is through her sorrow that she has been able to identify and empathize with their plight. Through the anguish she feels towards what she failed to do, Inami finds it within herself the capacity to learn, to be better than she was. It is because of this, while for most sorrow is something dreaded, or something better left forgotten, for Inami it is one of the few methods she has to reshape herself to be the person she truly wishes to be.

    Pride & Self Worth: As most beings of immense power are, Inami is extremely prideful. She has gone great lengths to get where she is, and it is the assuredness of the power she has gained that leaks into her every day interactions. The lack of fear against the mundane, the capacity to shrug off most mortal (or supernatural) threats against her. The ability to look at the realm without fear of reprisal--all of this is due to her innate pride. Her pride is not rooted in her family name, or the lore of demons however, and is more simply Pride in the things she has done with her own two hands, what have shaped her as a person, what makes her Inami. Chaya nation is one of those things that she is prideful on, and it can be seen in how many of her impersonal actions are made with them in mind.

    She takes great pride the way that there is few in the realm that do not know her name. She takes great pride in the fact that she can move as she pleases throughout the realms. She takes pride in the fact that she will live into eternity, so long as she is not killed.

    With that pride though, comes fear stemming from the conflicting notions Inami has on her own self worth. Inami knows well that she is sadistic, unruly, and destructive. She also knows that time and time again those that have gotten close to her have either perished, or have abandoned her in the end. It is because of this that Inami holds individuals emotionally (not physically) at arms length. It is why she often pushes people away, or misleads them with honeyed words, and gentle murmurs. It is why she often uses her tongue as a tool to steer conversations across menial ground, ground that she does not need to lay major personal stake in.

    It is because of her pride however, that she often does not open up about these emotions and feelings. Her surety in herself leads to an uncertainty in others. It is a character flaw that she has slowly been working towards mending, however it is one that can still be seen in her hesitation to show important documents to others, or when she often will steer conversations away from subjects of great emotional distress. While she knows now that she requires the help of others, it doesn’t mean that it is easy for her to forsake her pride, and the notion that if she simply locks all of it away, that it will simply cease to be.

    Ruthlessness & Psychological Sadism: Tying in to many of the other twisted aspects of her psyche, Inami can be an incredibly ruthless person if push comes to shove. Acts such as slaughtering millions of lives or upending entire nations are things she can do without batting a lash. To say that she feels such remorse for things would be false, because for her, so long as she has no emotional investment in the matter it is very similar to stepping on an ant, or an insect. Even after the fact so long as there was a reason for her to do so, she’ll simply chock it up to be another casualty for the sake of progress and move on with her life. Inami understands this is abnormal, but for her it is simply an aspect of her life that she has lived with for so long it has become ingrained into her very being.

    Secondary to that ruthlessness is a joy to deconstruct individuals in such a way that causes harm of debilitation. She discerns great joy from finding out how individuals tick if for no other reason than to use that knowledge to then bring them down. Causing kernels of self loathing or doubt to be sewn, or simply sending them upon a path that is merely self-destructive, all of these things are notions that Inami derives some sense of sick, twisted glee from. She has driven individuals to points of great psychological stress before in the past, and often uses her knowledge to challenge others sense of morality if for no other reason than to see if it would crumble given enough stress, or reason to do so.

    Even when she’s not trying to cause harm though, this is a very easy to discern trait about Inami. She is apt to challenge the common opinion simply because she wishes for others to see more. She believes that popular opinion is only thus because there hasn’t been enough time, reason, or need to overturn it.

❅ The Positive Persona: Despite all the rot that lays within Inami’s soul, within it still lay some traits that allow her to forge connections of endearment with others. Even with her decrepit, unworthy soul, still lies some traits worth saving. .

    : Individual Loyalty: Inami is an individual known to forge unyielding connections with those who she has identified to be near and dear to her. She is the type of lass who is willing to move heaven and earth for those selected individuals, even if it is at the expense of bodily harm, or even death to herself. She does not do this because she expects reciprocity, or even acknowledgment for such deeds, but rather because that is what she wishes to do. To her it does not matter if such a person is a mongrel or a king, a mortal or a deity, if they have become one of these select people in her life then she will be at their sides always.

    Inami is not the type of person to hold loyalty to something for its namesake. Rather she holds loyalty to the individuals that lay within, because to her it isn’t the sum that is composed of its parts, but rather it’s about the parts that comprise that whole. If she believes strongly enough in the people that lay within that cause then she will remain within it, devoting her entire being for it.

    : Familial Love: While Inami is rarely capable of feeling love in the truest sense of the word, if there undoubtedly was something that Inami loved, it would be her family. Inami feels a deep sense of kinship, affection, and belonging for her family as most demons do. This can be seen with how she interacts with those of the same bloodline as she, willing to go to great lengths to make sure they are safe, comforted and cared for as she believes they should be. So deep is Inami’s love that she is willing to forgive her family for almost any transgression that they cause. She is willing to give them chances that she affords to few else, and is willing to remain for them even if they have broken that love and faith repeatedly.

    Noblesse Oblige: Inami believes strongly that those with power should not simply wield that power for themselves, but rather should use it to protect others. While Inami knows that this is one of the most hypocritical aspects of her being, and it brings her great distress at times, she still strongly believes this to be true. Inami shows this aspect of herself through her desire to see those around her grow, prosper, and become better versions of themselves, truer versions of themselves. Inami shows this through her great care for her kingdom, and her care for those under her charge.

    Often this puts her under great burden though, because she believes it so strongly that it brings her anguish when she is unable to uphold her feelings of responsibility for those under her charge. This may drive her to make foolish decisions that otherwise she would typically forgo, or ignore outright.

    Empathy: Because of her ability to feel sorrow, and her struggle with the twisted state of her being, Inami has in her life learned to be empathetic towards the plights of others. She understands that the struggles of those around her are not meaningless, and in fact strongly believes by listening to the pains of others one can better begin to understand themselves. This is why she rarely turns away those who seek her out for advice or simply for an ear to listen to their troubles. It is also because despite her fears of letting others in, she fervently wishes for others to listen to her own struggles, much like she would listen to theirs. As contradictory as it may seem, it is this both selfless and selfishness that drives her desire to both understand and be understood by others, even if it scares her in ways she doesn’t entirely understand.

    Intellect & Manipulativeness: Inami is extremely intelligent, capable of discerning things in a quick fashion that most may overlook. She uses her knowledge mainly in deconstructing the political nuances of her native dimension:Demon World. However she also shows this extreme intellect when it comes to understanding and aiding others in Demon magic. For all her knowledge though, Inami is inept when it comes to more of the modern wonders of the realm of the living. She could not tell you the intricacies of modern technology, nor could she tell you off the top of her head how a phone worked, because she doesn’t need them. She doesn’t need to understand something that has no bearing on her life. Despite these gaps in knowledge she has shown her desire to be a creator through feats such as the Chaya Nations Necropolis System, putting cities in the skies, and even creating an energy source through the energy of hell.

    How this relates to her personality though is simple, Inami utilizes her keen intellect in the same manner as someone would use a pointed sword. It can be seen through the way she often shifts her nature in response to what has been presented to her, and through the way that she is capable of manipulating a situation to her advantage. To Inami anything that can be used to further the goal at hand should be used. Be it physical, or psychological, and this comes through strongly in the way she speaks and behaves in situations where there is something to be gained, or something that can be lost.

    Acceptance: One of Inami’s greatest traits is her ability to accept things for what they are. This does not mean she is happy with the way something is, or that she agrees with it however. What this means is that she is capable of looking at the present and realizing that she must move forward rather than get hung up on what’s already happened. Be it the death of loved one's, or the destruction of things that she holds dear, while they may leave psychological scars within her she will move past them and move on.


Silence: The moment when all stands still, and Inami can hear her own thoughts within her head is one of those peculiar things she loves. To be able to take a step back from all the noise, all the hubbub and mayhem of life and appreciate profound silence is one of those things she likes to do when she needs to reset herself. To her silence is not something to fear, but rather something to contemplate and appreciate, because within silence sometimes things about oneself become painfully apparent. Within silence you are given a chance to reflect upon yourself, or to simply appreciate the little things that are so often overlooked.

Darkness: To Inami darkness is a blessed thing, for it is within darkness that she can truly rest. When one's senses are lost, and the realm surrounding is blotted out by monotonous black, she is able to let go of the many things that plague her, and instead think about herself. While it is not as important of a desire as her family or her people, it is more a comfort for Inami than anything else. It is in part why she is drawn so keenly to the shadows, and why her castle often lay unlit and gloomy. It is why she loves night more than day in the realm of the living, and why Twilight and Dusk are one of her favorite times of day.

Family: One of Inami’s greatest core traits has to be her love for her family. To her blood is something that binds individuals together to become more than the sum of their parts. This in itself has to do with the unique bond that demons typically share with one another, and the resonance that lay between them. She believes it is important to always keep in one's mind the needs of their family, even when those needs may not be what is exactly wanted. She also believes that if necessary sometimes force may be needed if it is to preserve those within the family that she holds so dear. To her it is paramount that her family thrives, and this extends even more so to those of Inami’s direct lineage. To those of her direct blood, she would do anything for them, for they are her greatest treasure.

Noblesse Oblige: One of inami’s likes is the concept of protecting those under her charge. While they do not share her blood, nor may they even share her goals, protecting them gives Inami not only a sense of meaning, but even more than that it gives her a sense of repentance. To her to be able to lead others, to shelter them with the power she has gained is only just. To her there is absolutely no reason to not protect those that require it, so long as they are her subjects. This is one of her greatest traits in the sense that sometimes her sense of ownership, or protectiveness for her people can often be at odds with her love for her family. It is actually one of the few things that Inami values equally to her kin.

Psychological warfare: Inami loves using her wit to cause mischief and mayhem to others. The mere concept that sweet utterances could drive a man insane, or that words can often be a far more effective tool than any blade is something she takes great delight in. It is one of the things that inherently lays in line with the chaotic maelstrom of instability that lays within her core. This is why she loves to meander in conversations, or why she sometimes may take her time to answer a question, and then only answer it in an extremely esoteric, or roundabout manner. This in part also stems from her belief that anything worth achieving is worth the pain to achieve it. Therefore if others wish to know things from her, should they not be prepared to withstand the pain and suffering that could potentially come with it, to gain what they seek?

Justified Massacre: Like most demons, Inami has intense bloodlust and desire to fight and destroy the realm around her. Unlike most demons however, to her the thought of senseless killing is something mundane and boring. With all her power, Inami realized that killing for the sake of death does not satIsfy that insanity within her. Instead she draws great pleasure from killing so long as it serves a purpose. If to save the realm she had to massacre everything within it, she would do it gladly. If she had to squash a rebellion by burning it to cinder, she would happily do it. If by killing a country she could bring about world peace, she would do it and enjoy it. The only time her desire for justified slaughter would most likely be superseded by another need would be her sense of family, or her obligation to her people.

Sweets Inami loves desserts and cookies, pretty much anything that is sweet. Often she hides this fact because she feels it is not conducive to the image she often has to project, but it is indeed one of her guilty pleasures. While she likes all sweets she has a particular fondness for fudges and candied fruits. Those are what she likes most because she loves the textures and flavors that she gets from them. Infact, if one was to look for a gift for Inami this would probably be their best bet, because not only for her are sweets one of those things she just enjoys, it also would show that the gift-giver knows Inami much better than most.

Knick-Knacks: Inami has a strange attraction to collecting menial things in her travels. Infact one of her most prized possessions is a snow-globe of new-york that just sits within her office in K-world. She also has other things, such as an asauchi from japan that she keeps stashed in a drawer in her room, and a few comics from the 2000’s that remain hidden in her nightstand. To her these things are memento’s of her past, and they allow her to fondly remember the memories that she has.

Plushies: One of Inami’s quirkiest likes it to make plushies of those that she holds dear. While she very rarely lets them see the light of day, all one would have to do is gain access to her bed chambers in Chaya to see them. Inami due to embarrassment at such an.. Odd passion tends to make them herself, and can end up spending long hours in the evenings stitching together these dolls if she has nothing else to do, if for no other reason than it brings her great joy to do so.


Stagnation: Inami hates stagnation. The concept of a realm unchanging would undoubtedly be Inami’s own personal hell. She believes from the moment an individual is brought into reality that they are never truly static. She instead believes that every moment of one's life is full of a myriad of decisions, and that these decisions will bring about change regardless of the wishes of the one making them. She doesn’t look at life as something that simply happens, but rather views it as an endless procession of diverging doors and paths that could be taken. This is in part why Stagnation is such an affront to her. It goes against that deep seated opinion within her, and more importantly goes against many of her own personal core traits.

Cowardice: Above all else, Inami hates cowardice. The concept of forsaking one's principles, ideals or home simply because they are afraid to take upon themselves that burden is nothing short of idiocracy in Inami’s mind. She feels that individuals should be unafraid to assume the roles that they wish fervently for in life. That they should be unafraid to dare to be more than the sum of their parts. It is this belief that individuals should strike to achieve these things, that makes her so unhappy with the concept of fleeing from something due to something as futile as fear. That isn’t to say that she feels fear itself is a useless emotion, because she knows well that fear pervades many aspects of reality. It is instead when one acts foolishly due to that fear--especially if they run away, that Inami hates it with every mote of her essence.

Willful Naivety: Inami dislikes strongly those that willfully shield themselves from the truth of this world. Ignorance is not a crime, but to willfully look upon something falsely due to being unable to cope with that truth is something she simply cannot abide by. She believes that existing in this world requires it’s denizens to look upon the myriad realms as they are--rather than how they wish they should be. This stems mainly from Inami’s desire for individuals to strive to be more, since if they cannot view the world as it is, they cannot take the steps necessary to become better than they were.

Good/Evil: Inami distinctly dislikes the concepts of good and evil, of light and dark, of heroes and villians for the sole fact that to her such terms fail to encapsulate an individual, and instead give them a title that may not be indicative of their true character. The concept of someone faithlessly doing good for the sake of good, or the thought of someone senselessly stirring chaos for their own devices to her are shallow character traits that don’t fit a bigger picture. She strongly believes that those that do good could cause horrible atrocities for the sake of their own goals, and that those that typically destroy could choose to save millions if it suited them. To her the world is a myriad of greys, rather than clear cut and neatly labeled. That in itself is why she dislikes such finite concepts that humanity has created.

Victimization: As hypocritical as it may seem, one of Inami’s greatest dislikes is victimizing oneself. This stems greatly from the life she has led, where tragedy after tragedy had shaped her core characteristics and brought about this need to understand rather than wallow in grief and misery. She believes that everyone falls prey to another in some form, be it through emotion, or physical means, and because of that it is important to push past it rather than to allow it to cripple you.

III. Social Information

Friendly Relationships/Organizations:

Ibiki: While Inami has not met her comrade in years, she still considers her to be an individual who she would not only associate with, but would also render aid to if they came to ask her. While this relationship isn’t exactly one where they often can be found sitting down together and conversing, she has a healthy respect for this woman and her goals.

Mana Asthavon: Where even to begin? Inami’s love for her dearest sister is only minutely impeded by the sadness in the many horrible things she has done. Inami feels great affection for her sister and considers her to be an individual who, while they do not converse often, she would undoubtedly appear to aid in her darkest hour. Beyond even being related by blood, Inami feels that her sister is one of few individuals who accepts her selfishness.

Algos Asthavon: Time and time again her niece has broken her heart. Time and time again, she has let Inami down. Despite all this, Inami does not hate Algos, maybe that’s what makes this relationship so hard to her. While Inami can hardly stomach being there for her niece in an emotional capacity, she is still friendly towards her. This is almost entirely due to the fact that Algos is inami’s family, and while she may not see eye to eye with her, she will not forsake her entirely out of her petty, personal emotion.

Arianda Vael: Arianda is someone undoubtedly irreplaceable in Inami’s life thus far. While they are not related, Arianda was there for her when no one else was willing to do so. It is because in her darkest moment it was this lovely woman who aided her that Inami sees her not only as a true sister, but would do anything for her if she asked. Arianda is one of the few people that has not only shown Inami through their actions to truly love her, but that Inami also trusts with every fibre of her being.

Calypso Asthavon: Her misguided, confused Niece. Inami loves her dearly, even if she has let her down. Calypso is one of the few people that has given Inami hope that there lay a better future for demon world, even if currently she believes her niece to be too immature to bring that hope into reality.

Kuanastha Asthavon: Out of everyone in the Asthavon Sisterhood, Kuanastha is undoubtedly the person (beyond her daughter) that she is closest too. They share a bond far closer than most, and she is one of few people that Inami trusts completely. She is also one of few people that Inami feels she can be herself around, without any reservations.

Silvia Asthavon: Inami has not met her sister often, but has kept tabs on her and her achievements in demon world. Blood is what binds them together, and it is that blood which allows Inami to feel love for her sister. Hopefully with time they will be able to become closer, atleast, that is Inami’s wish.

Ghislain Eberhart: An unfortunate man who was discarded by his people when he outlived his usefulness. While Inami does not love this individual she does feel fondness that stems from understanding the emotions and life he has lived. She feel that with time Ghislaine will become a steadfast friend, who she can depend on.

Midori Suigura: Inami sees in her the potential for someone who can change the world for the better. While she does not know much of this woman, through their interactions Inami has felt a sense of Kinship between them. For the time being this has led Inami to acknowledge this individual as a potential ally, and someone one day she may even be capable of calling friend.

Sing Iramasha: While they have not known each other long, Sing gave Inami the chance to start again, to have a home with those that share her ideals. It is not a bond forged out of familiarity, but rather one forged out of emotion and expectation. Inami decided this would be the first person not immediately related to her family that she would call sister, and she truly views this woman as such. It is her sincerest wish that in time hopefully sing will come to see her in the same light.

Iota Asthavon: Her darling daughter. Iota was one of the few things that Inami truly did not expect in her life. Still, despite the strangeness of their meeting, Inami loves her daughter with all her heart. It is one of the few instances of pure, genuine emotion that Inami has been capable of feeling within her life. It is an untainted, unblemished love that is not marred by possessiveness or desire. Iota has given Inami that capacity, and will always have both Inami’s endless motherly love, but will always as well have her unconditional aid.

Ulv Auber: A being that came into this world due to Inami’s own fear of others. If it was not for Inami it’d be easy to argue Ulv would never have been created. At first all Inami felt for this woman was guilt and pity, however with time the two of them have forged a bond that is utterly unbreakable. Inami believes in this bond so much that Ulv is one of few people in the world of the living that Inami finds redeemable, and it is for her friend that she is for the time being non-antagonistic towards the forces of earth.

Henrex Astillon: Someone that Inami knows it utterly terrified of her, Inami found the brief time in which she met this man to be of intrigue. It is due to that she has kept a vested interest in both his growth in power, but as a person from afar. Despite never having met him more than once, Inami believes that with time he could become a potential ally, and maybe even a friend.

Khala Asthavon: The eldest of her kin, and former avatar of deveta. Khala is someone who Inami loves and worries for endlessly, even though she knows that her sister is the least likely of their ilk to need protection. Despite all their differences, Inami holds within her heart a soft spot for Khala, and would welcome her to her home with open arms at any time.

Neoveta Asthavon: Her dearest niece, and her deepest regret. Neoveta is one of few in their family to ever show her what Kindness truly feels like. In a degenerated, rotting family as theirs, Neoveta gave her opportunistic kindness and warmth, and nursed her back to health. She would have given the world to her niece, and it remains one of her greatest sorrows that she failed Neoveta so completely when her niece needed her the most.

Bid’daum : The rakshasha is someone who Inami currently views as a close ally. She is willing to take him not only to see the world, but to build lasting connections that will serve the man even if one day he decided to no longer remain at Inami’s side. While their relationship is one of a near-contractual nature, she strongly wishes that with time they will become more than allies, and instead that Bid’daum will see her as someone that he is capable of depending upon.

Shadow Fall: Despite everything that’s happened, Inami does not begrudge Shadow Fall its place in the world, but rather understands that she can no longer be a part of it. She views shadow fall as a once great organization that has slowly begun to rot over time. It is her belief that if shadow fall could be changed that once again it could become a lofty tree that casts its shadow over demon kind.

Kokuryuteshi: For Inami this is the place that she has decided to call home. She has found that place where she can live with those who have the same Ideals as she does, and it is her dearest wish that with them she will be able to change this world for the better, rather than letting it stagnate as it currently is.

Negative Relationships/Organizations:

Tsubasa Unabara: Perhaps the one person who Inami truly hates in this world, Tsubasa betrayed the ideals that he once upheld, and it is because of that betrayal that Inami lost so very much. Perhaps it is because Inami looked up to this man as a father figure that the pain of him straying from the right path has hit her so hard. If she could kill this man, she would do so gladly.

Iriko: While it was not his fault, this man was indirectly responsible for the rape of her niece neoveta. She has never met this man, however that single fact alone in the eyes of Inami is unforgivable. If she could, she would keep this man in the dungeons beneath her castle to torture them for eternity.

Huldric: While this man is dead and gone, Inami despises him and what he subjected his people to with every fiber of her being. How such an inept ruler could be crowned is completely beyond her.

Shadin Yuudeshi: She does not hate him, but rather hates that he stood back when the world was at war and allowed it to continue. Such cowardice in the eyes of Inami is not befitting of a leader, and for this point alone the Queen has an unfavorable impression of him. She feels time has caused him to grow soft, and that he has ceased to show the qualities of a leader.

IV. Resource Information

Resources Hazard Rank: X

Chaya Nation: One of Inami’s biggest resources would undoubtedly be the nation she rules and calls home. Chaya nation is one of the four great nations of the demon world, and it’s size is roughly equivalent to that of earth. Every single resource and every single soul within this nation falls under Inami’s beck and call. The innumerable riches that have been amassed over countless untold ages lay at her fingertips.

The massive thrumming grid that lay at its heart, the Demi-Core Reactor is also one of the greatest assets that lay in her control as well. The thrumming heart of the Chaya Nation is capable of outputting enough energy to rival the cores of any of the great organizations in this realm. On Top of that she has access to the information network that runs throughout chaya: The Saturn System. As well as the defense grid that guards her realm: The Necropolis System.

Chaya Nation Defenses

Inverse Chaya Nation: One of Inami’s personal resources is the realm she managed to stabilize and connect to her own. While not as big as the actual chaya nation, Inverse chaya nation has the size of a small continent and is rich with countless foul denizens within. What Inverse chaya nation lacks in fruit and vegetation, it makes up for in mineral deposits and war-like people that are more than willing to take up arms at a moment's notice.

Hybrid Point: Within the chaya nation lies the massive floating city known as hybrid point. This modern engineering marvel is one of the secondary assets that lay underneath Inami’s control. Being capable of floating across the skies, it is as much a moving fortress as it is the home to one of the most diverse populations throughout the demon world. With it’s hulking size similar to that of a large island, it is undoubtedly one of Inami’s crowning achievements.

Asthavon Royal Family: Inami Asthavon also has the resources of the Royal family of the demon world backing her. Given their deep entrenchment within Demon World for hundreds of years, as well as Inami being one of the prominent members of this family, It is without a doubt that Inami is capable of utilizing vast amounts of resources underneath the banner of her family if need be.

Kokuryuteshi Empire: As one of the ruling figures: The Sovereign of Apathy, Inami holds the capacity to use the vast amount of resources underneath K-world if need be. With the entirety of the K-worlds realm behind them, and the technological wonders of this organization, the massive amount of resources underneath her are not to be taken lightly.

V. Influence & Reputation Section

Influence Hazard Rank: S

Demon World: Within the Demon World, there isn’t a single soul that would not know Inami’s name. With her name as a Demon Queen, Infanta of Shadow Fall, as well as member of the Asthavon royal family, Inami has held considerable influence and power within demon world for decades, and there are few beings within demon world that rival her at this point in terms of both Might, and political influence of the realm itself. Within her own nation, Inami his held with reverence that is second to only deveta.

Soul Society: Inami has fought side by side with one of the former captain commanders Ibiki in one of the most dire invasions their realm had ever seen, as well as having worked personally alongside another Captain commander: Tsubasa Unabara in an attempt to form treaties with the shinigami. Through these constant connections with the Gotei, as well as her stature as a Demon Queen it would be logical to assume most individuals of power would know who Inami is within this realm. While her name would not be synonymous with every mundane household within the rukongai, nor in the outlands of this realm, Her name would undoubtedly have at least a fair bit of repute, or infamy within this realm.

Kokuryuteshi Realm: As one of the new Sovereigns of K-World, Inami holds massive influence within their native realm. While those in power would undoubtedly know her due to her Station as a Demon Queen, and former member of shadow fall, they would still be at this point hazy as to who she will be for them, as a member of the Sovereign Circle. As of right now, her reputation within this realm would be due to the stories of her powers as a Demon Queen, and the station she upholds as one of the two currently reigning Sovereigns of K-World.

Hueco Mundo: Inami has had very little influence in this realm, nor interactions with the denizens within. While some individuals who frequent other realms may know of who she is, given she has never personally set foot within this realm, she would be much less known to the countless denizens that wander the endless sands.

Iramasha Realm: Much like Hueco Mundo, Inami has had very little influence/Interactions with this realm. Logically because of this, while some individuals may know of her due to her Status as a Demon Queen, she would not be a name spread through most common households.

Earth: Inami Asthavon is a name that at this point would undoubtedly be known to all the major forces of earth, If not a name known to many of its citizens. Inami has had innumerable interactions with this realm, both of positive and negative effect. Be it the war in australia, her protection of earth against her niece Algos, or her day to day interactions with random people. Inami has traveled to almost every continent on this realm including Antarctica and has left her name in almost every corner of this planet. While shadow-fall has withdrawn from earth, Inami’s name would still have a profound impact within the world of the living. Also given her current position as Sovereign of K-World, Inami has a larger presence on earth than she even had in the past, especially within Asia.

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Within Eternal Darkness

VI. History Section

Disclaimer: Due to Inami’s past being something that will be further unraveled as time progresses, Most of her history will be focused on the past eight to nine years she has progressed on site ICLY. Her true past is kept intentionally vague due to the circumstances around her powers, and her lengthy slumber.

Past:Inami remembers very little of her past prior to when she fell into her last great slumber over 200 years ago. Inami’s powers typically cause her to self-destruct when instability or unrest gets too high. However from the bits and pieces of her past, Inami knows that she was brought into the fold and reborn as an asthavon 400 years ago, turned directly by Mana Asthavon herself to become one of the first members of their sisterhood. What life she led before that, Inami does not remember, however even in the beginning Inami had mannerisms and behaviors that are distinctly of royal lineage. Inami believes that she was a member of the royal family of the demon world even before her dearest sister took over, and that instead of death as was given to every remaining member of the Royal Family at the time, Inami was turned to suit her sister's wishes.

Inami roamed the demon world for many years prior to her slumber, fighting anyone that would come close to her. A feral thing that moved simply because of her power, she was revered as a goddess of puppets due to the destruction she wrought with abominations composed of the bodies of demons. It was in one such battle, atop the ice caps of Antarctica that Inami overdrew her essence, and in turn sent herself into the slumber that would last until the present day.

Australian War Arc: Inami awoke to the unrest of the world in the year 2414 in the sweltering summer months. The world, a veritable melting pot ready to overflow was ripe in insanity, unrest, and chaos. Such a delicious malady had been enough to awaken her from the huge battle that had put her into her bi-century slumber. Raving mad, and driven by instinct: rage and pandemonium-- Inami took to the realm with every intention of chaos, unrest, and violence. The world had changed drastically, and shadow fall had long since cemented it’s chokehold upon the realm of the living. Far different than the turbulent change of reign that Inami had lived for, this was a different age, and now Inami had to live within it.

Arriving within Australia, Inami quickly found one of the powerhouses of this world--Kakine Yuudeshi. She knew not of him, nor of the lineage he hailed, all she knew was power rolled off him, and it glittered upon him like a nascent sun. Newly awakened, and driven by the insanity that lingered within from Mana’s conversion all those years ago, Inami sought to fight him. Inami had drawn from the wellspring of power within herself, and went to battle with the man, whose power to create and construct the world in his image continued to thwart her again and again.

Gun and fist, explosions and flashes of light and energy charred the dusty, sparsely vegetated land beneath them. The world quaked as these titanic forces did battle, and eventually yet another joined the fray. Her brother, Kiriel Asthavon. With the addition of her war-hungry brother the climax of the battle continued to draw nearer and nearer. Until it built up to a moment that could rock the planet itself. Inami was ready, to see where the violence would go until she was intercepted by the eldest of her kin--Khala Asthavon. The heart of their god captured her, the decided nuisance of a fight that had been originally hers, and she had been pummeled to submission by the woman she called her eldest sister.

Bleeding and broken she was taken from the land that had become so torn and shattered by destruction and chaos. Entrapped in a bed of seething chaos and demonic energy she was brought back to the place they hailed from--the demon world.

Mending Arc:

Shattered and mentaly distraught, Inami landed within the estate of her family within Demon World. Left to fester and rot by their dearest elder sister, Inami lay in bed--broken and battered. Her amber eyes gazed upon the ceiling in defeat. Wondering of her place in a family that had spent so long away from her. Wondering her worth to an empire that had gotten on just fine without her these many years. All the doubt and uncertainty that plagued her heart, and the very dire injuries that had been inflicted upon her by her family left her in a rut.

Yet despite all the pain and misery, there had been one person that had come to her aid. Her dearest niece, Neoveta. The shy, quiet girl had sat at Inami’s bed-side, changing the bandages that were often covered in the demons blood. Keeping Inami company through the night when the Demon’s thoughts would not stop ranging from one grievance to another. Maybe the girl had only been there on the orders of her sister Mana, yet Inami treasured the first bit of warmth she had known since her earliest memory as an Asthavon. It was in this month that had followed her injury in Australia that Inami forged a bond with the girl. She truly treasured the time she was able to spend with her niece, and the warmth that it brought within the demoness’s bosom.

After her recovery, Inami and Neoveta set out throughout the Demon World. They fought many foes, and searched through ancient ruins. Many harrowing adventures lay between the two as Inami sought purpose in her life. On those many travels, Inami’s world-view shifted, and the budding rays of hope and kindness had found their way within that heart that only knew of pain and destruction. For the first time, Inami knew that there was more to this realm than pain and misery, and even if her heart rejected the notion, that was what Neoveta had brought her.

Once they returned from their many journeys, Inami sought to build a life of purpose. Thus Inami asthavon put the Palace behind her and Journeyed to Chaya Nation. Inami Asthavon sought to become one of the Rulers of her realm. Inami sought to become a Queen.

Chaya Reformation Arc:
Within the few weeks that followed, Chaya nation was swept up within a Maelstrom. The factions that had warred for so long were brought swiftly under heel, resistance was crushed, and those that opposed were unilaterally put to death. It was a storm of blood that had been unmatched in the nation for hundreds of years, Since the fall of the previous Demon King. One by one the many cities surrendered and those that had laid within, fearful of the strong for decades had found something completely alien to them: Peace. Where Inami went, order was restored to the chaos.

The strong were controlled by someone even stronger than they, and Inami built the city that would later be known as Chaos Point. Establishing a domain over the entirety of chaya, Inami spent the first few months of her reign creating and structuring the realm to be better accessible to her denizens. Magic flowed through leylines in the streets, light awashed every corner of her realm as it was all industrialized. Cities popped up where they had only been the simple nomadic tents of a people whose lives were comprised of wandering and fighting.

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Within Eternal Darkness

VII. Natural Power Section

Bodily manipulation: Other than zao ka the thing that inami is probably best at would be her capacity to manipulate and change her body. She is capable of doing many of the things your standard demon can do, such as manipulating their size, appearance, bone structure and so on so forth.

However beyond that she is also capable of having other aspects even in the midst of battle. For example with her understanding and abilities she is capable of say manipulating her own bone structure and density in the midst of battle to make herself lighter so she could move faster. However on the opposite side of it she could also perhaps do something along the lines of manipulating bone density so when she’s being struck by a stronger opponent her bones will not shatter right away.

Some things come easy when it comes to inami’s basic capabity for manipulating her own constitution. For example, changing her appearance is easy and effortless, the process of molding the bones and even changing height can be done in mere moments without a problem even when purely utilizing her own anatomy without the aid of demonic energies.

However if she was to do something like accelerate the growth of cells within her body to speed up the regeneration of a wound, that would require an energy expenditure of equal magnitude in relation to the severity of the wound in question. I.E it’d take vastly more energy to regenerate a wound of near-fatal proportions while relying purely on biological make-up than a flesh wound would require.

VIII. Racial Powers Section

VIIII. Possessive Drive Section

Instanity & Deception:

Supernatural Regeneration & Shifting: [General Info]
Inami Asthavons Supernatural capability to regenerate is something that is tied the concept of a metaphysical entity. What it does is once inami asthavon has saturated her body with spiritual energy for all intents and purposes that energy directs her to become a metaphysical entity. That is to say her body is an empty vessel that is extremely similar to the puppets she is capable of creating. What this means is that for the most part this body can be hacked at, cut apart and shredded to bits and so long as there is an ample reserve of energy she is able to reform the shell that her supernatural regeneration allows her to possess. Granted this does allow her to essentially have a body that is as close to indestructible as you can get while still being able to be injured and harmed.

However even though her body is extremely hard to destroy, there is more to it than her body simply being capable of regenerating. Much similar to her biological regeneration; there is also an aspect of being able to recreate the body. Granted this is different due to the fact that so long as a part of her body is present so long as she remains within her metaphysical state she is capable of regenerating from example from say an arm that was severed and left upon the ground. The reason for this being is every part of this metaphysical “vassal” is considered to be a part of the whole. Meaning so long as any piece of it remains then the whole or “collective” still exists.

Granted at that point she is only capable of fully regenerating to a high tier state at a maximum five times. After that however she will regenerate regardless but it will be at a heavily weakened state. I.E because she is high 0 tier she’d regenerate at a tier of 1-1. After this it would take her roughly two weeks IRL time to regenerate to her full capabilities once more. This is because so long as there is energy remaining within her body she technically has the capability to regenerate.

Metaphysically speaking Inami asthavons body is a weapon. Upon changing into this “shell” like state it becomes possible for her to utilize parts of her body and form them into weapons at will. Being capable of for example elongating her fingernails into deadly blades then utilizing energy to harden them to the point they could cleave through steel like butter, Or she could utilize her own abilities such as hellfire, or even zao-ka’s influence to manipulate the properties of her body until it became for a moment capable of causing massive amounts of damage.

The only catch when considering how her body works is it runs off the same method that her natural regeneration works on, which would be energy. Also beyond this there’s another clause in terms of weapons created the harder a weapon is the more energy is required obviously to maintain maintenance of it. Below will be the breakdown of different aspects of Inami’s Regeneration which have been listed in this general information section.

Traits: [In Depth Analysis]

The Empty Husk: The key difference between a metaphysical and biological stage inami asthavon is this trait here. Inami becomes very much so an empty husk that is comprised of energy, threads and the truly behemoth amount of energy which naturally lurks within her body. This naturally means Damage during a metaphysical stage is calculated very differently than if she was harmed at a biological state. Damage done is converted into energy drain. That is to say Inami asthavon if say her arm was cut off wouldn’t have the pain associated with having her arm cut off, and “technically” this wouldn’t count as physically damaging her because of the face that the husk is a sum of it’s parts, each and every part of it has the potential to be regenerated into the body of the husk.

This is why damage is calculated as energy drain. For example a small cut or nick on the shells body takes barely any energy to close up. While say a limb being cut off may take a gran-rey cero’s worth of energy to regenerate. There is also a difference in wounds depending on if for example a limb is simply severed rather than being obliterated by an attack. Below there will be a break down of the energy drain levels in regards to the amount of damage inflicted upon her.

    Minor wounds: A minor wound would be a cut scratch or scrape, and up unto the point of gashes and cuts so long as they do not cause for a body part to be severed. These types of wounds can be regenerated hundreds of times before the queen will have any sizable chunk of energy drained from her massive energy reserves.

    Moderate Wounds: A moderate wound would be on the level of limb severing attacks. These are more serious wounds that Inami might be able to regenerate from tens of times before you’d see a major portion of her energy drained. However there is a rule of thumb for Attacks that sever limbs. This is based upon two things. A injury to which the limb was completely annihilated and a wound where the limb was simply cleanly severed. Naturally as one might think it’s much easier to simply reattach a limb rather than regenerating an entire limb. Thus naturally the energy between the two would be vastly different. For example it takes about a cero’s worth of energy to actually merge a severed limb back to the bodies whole.

    While if a limb was actually outright annihilated outright thats a very different situation. The energy drain then would be comparable to roughly a gran-rey cero’s worth of energy and she can only regenerate two limbs at that amount of energy per turn. Granted if need be she can accelerate that process by sextupling the amount of energy that is being drained to rapidly increase the regeneration process in her body. However needless to say doing that could change the amount she can regenerate with from tens of times to but a handful of times due to the fact that this vastly increases the amount of drain that would be required on her energy reserves.

    Major Wounds: Major wounds include ones that would get into the realm of body bisecting. If her body was cut in half she’d be capable of regenerating both halves back together without a problem. The only problem is the amount of energy that it requires to fully regenerate her body after being cut in half is absolutely enormous. That is to say even at a high 0 tier, such as 0-3 or above Inami asthavon might only be able to utilize her ungodly level of regeneration to regenerate from such wounds 9 or 10 times before she’d be completely out of reserves of energy. So as a rule of thumb any kind of attack that is on a level of bifurication when in relation to the queen takes about 5-6% of her entire energy reserve to recover from.

    However if it’s just both sides being cut in half and needing to reconnect her body that takes vastly less energy. She is capable of doing so 14-16 times without a problem.

    Fatal Wounds: Fatal wounds would include those where say 80% of her body has been completely annihilated or she has simply a finger left hidden underneath a massive pile of rubble. In these situations inami asthavon would sacrifice 25% of her energy reserves and she’d be capable of completely regenerating from that state.

X. Possessive Influence Section

XI. Oorja Aura Section

XII. Skill Sheets

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Master
  • Posessive Magic: Elite
  • Possessive Augment: Elite
  • Possessive Influence: Grandmaster

Oorja Aura Skills
  • Oorja Source: Elite
  • Oorja Distortion: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Advanced

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