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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Ringo Unabara (WIP) Empty Ringo Unabara (WIP)

Mon Mar 01, 2021 10:20 pm

Ringo Unabara (WIP) Dl01dEx

The Exiles Path

志波 瀑鴞

I. Basic Information

Name:Ringo Unabara
Age: Unknown
Alias: Rin, Rinji Yamazaki
Height:Five feet and Eleven Inches
Weight: One Hundred and seventy pounds
Sexual Orienation: Hetrosexual
Physical Appearance: His body while thin and sickly does appear to be well taken care of. Well-fed and without any marks or scars like other warriors. He never got into the duties that his family had. His hair is a light brown like a tree and his eyes appearing like fresh ivy. The clothing he wears most often is a kimono with some fairly older-styled clothing. His fashion sense aside he still keeps a pale and very sickly form. This is something he cannot cure, merely maintain to keep himself healthy. Or at the very least as healthy as he can be in this instance.

I. Personality

Pacifist Supreme: Ringo hates fighting, he despises bloodshed and the lose of life. He's always believed that conflicts are best avoided. The path with the least amount of conflict being the best. He will fight if forced but hates it to the core. Nothing about it is appealing, he's chosen to stem the flow of blood for this reason. Fighting to fight against fighting, to use different means of conversations and trade. To show that there are better ways to do things.

That they shouldn't fight all the time, while he acknowledges his duty to cleanse hollows who have shown mindlessness. His time in Hueco Mundo taught him, they weren't all like that. Some were grateful and had stunning personalities.

He hunts for the elusive mayflower of peace, oftentimes trying to find peaceful solutions to everything. He would rather use a pen than a sword, desiring to stay away from the battlefield not out of fear but loathing it. Even some colleagues have called him many names. For his desire to avoid fighting, to avoid it as though the plague.

He's never worked for organizations because he doesn't see the enemies or people of different factions. They are beings who require treatment and he's an objecter to the

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Ringo Unabara (WIP) Empty Re: Ringo Unabara (WIP)

Tue Mar 02, 2021 11:07 am

Ringo Unabara (WIP) Dl01dEx

The Exiles Path

志波 瀑鴞

I. Historic Beginnings

Born Ringo Unabara to Miyuki and Kitsuru Unabara. He was the first son, born before the sister and three brothers. But he wasn't a fit for the family's assassin nature. He was frail and often passing out from over-exerting himself. They prided themselves on strength, durable bodies, and almost fatal training. He could do none of those things, despite having immense spiritual pressure at a young age.

His I.Q was masterful, able to deduce and conclude things at a young age. He also saw the cycle and how pointless it was. The power he wielded created plant growth indicating he held a plant type Zanpakuto. Even as a child he simply couldn't keep up with his family. Their laws and convictions weren't his and he saw the world differently.

So it was decided when he was ten years of age, they would exile him from the family. He'd no longer gain help from his brothers or his sister. They'd even go so far as to remove mention of him. He wasn't worth the four children's worth to his mother or father. So they cast him out into the harsh Zaraki district.

This took place 1990 years ago, so he'd be plenty forgotten even his own family don't remember him. Most assume he was killed, in his own mind he is as dead to them as can be. They'd never admit wrongdoing, abandoning a ten-year-old child. So he began to journey and learn of the world in what ways he could. It was a death sentence they thought, but it wasn't to be.

He may have lacked as a fighter in the sense of Swordsmanship and Hakuda. But in Kido, the boy shined brightly, able to perform excellent sequences of lower rank kido. He was exceptionally gifted in Kaido, he found a teacher. Saburo, this man ventured through the lands educating people. Trying to educate the outer reaches, to bring knowledge to the further lands.

Upon discovering the quick study that Ringo was, he spirited him back to the safer Rukongai districts. There a lesson program was built up, the boy consumed knowledge like air. He was rapidly learning and growing an academic polish few had. In five years he'd mastered the courses that Saburo offered. But a Pharmacist named Gen would take him under his wing. At 15 he began studying medicines, learning all about them.

Gen's knowledge was superior to almost anyone the body had met. He spent hours learning medicinal combinations and ways to treat injuries. Gen's medical training was wide-reaching. It held Chinese Medicine roots before they'd formed. So his education was becoming a complete one. The martial study wasn't part of his education, but he did end up meeting a wandering fighter as well. He learned and got an education within the Rukongai at first.

The training was hard, especially since exerting lead him to fevers and bed rest. His constitution was weak, unable to do things others did easily. By the age of twenty, he'd completed the courses they had. Beginning to treat people and practice his medicine. While he'd not trained entirely in Zanjutsu, he did get some education on his Sealed form.

It was able to produce herbal combinations or regular plants, allowing him to regrow ones he'd encountered. As his Zanpakuto acted as the seed and the bed. This let him with his other training create medicines. It was some year later he learned of an academy.

He didn't use his real name, instead of using the name Rinji Yamazaki, the last name of his first teacher. This let him enroll in the early days of the Academy founded by the Head Captain. He was a brilliant mind but lacked the strength of the body. He was well beneath star pupils that would become Captains down the road.

He was gifted in Zanjutsu, Kido, and Medicinal studies. That was where his top marks were at almost all times. The only reason he was so strong when it came to those, was because he simply failed in other courses. He'd not join the Gotei when he finished his studies in that place. Though it took many many years, he didn't have the money others did. After all, he was a no-name kid from the Rukongai who'd gotten in.

But he studied hard, working himself to the bone to learn Shikai in school. Some people did take an interest, that his Zanpakuto turned into a tree. It was able to put people within the body. Up to twenty of the total and treating their injuries using medicinal concoctions and providing aide in that way. Rumors had it that the Squad Four Captain had an interest in him joining that Division. But Rinji Yamazaki wouldn't be there when the time came.

His scores weren't good enough and he was sent away despite his excellent marks in the other areas. He wasn't discouraged even a little, Ringo went back to treating people. Medically helping people with his skills and providing and learning as a skilled Kaido user. This in turn would lead him to go to the living world. Leaving behind the Rukongai and many of his teachers. It was here he was able to begin studying human medicine. Using the same alias as he had prior in the Shino Academy.

He was given top marks for just how gifted he was as a Surgeon and a Physician. He was gifted in both roles and found work with top marks from colleges in the fields. He'd stayed in the homeworld traveling from place to place. Practicing his craft and keeping his license up to date. Using Kido illusions to alter the dates and keep a thriving practice.

Well into his work as a specialist in rare herbs and other things, he'd get a notice from someone. A person interested in his development as a Shinigami and not a Doctor.

I. Unlikely Meetings

He'd been called to a Town known as Karakura in Japan, it was here he'd meet a man. Who'd opened up a business, he thought he'd covered his tracks well. This man not only knew who he was but even things he'd imagined nobody would know. His time in the Shino Academy where barely anyone noticed him next to Kyoraku or Ukitake's rise. So he was certain that Rinji Yamazaki hadn't left an impact.

But he was mistaken, or rather he underestimated the possible future where someone would have an interest. He discovered that the man who didn't give his name out at the time. Desired some herbal concoctions he could make with his Zanpakuto. Even plant types long-extinct were possible for him to formulate and create. The man was willy and helped him develop himself as a business in a way.

It was more connections that had yet to be formed that would create a benefit for him. He'd supply the man with the strange hat. While he didn't get special training or invention school training. He did gain someone who helped him with supply and demand. By paying him for rare herbal stock his sword could make. He even did some training for his Bankai under the man's shop. Zanjutsu had always been something he excelled in.

While the man gave didn't help him directly, he told him he was getting closer. Closer to his Bankai and understanding what it could do. He felt like the man saw further, maybe that was what he learned. Was how to be a visionary with his intellect with more skill. At one point he'd focused entirely on Medicine and his skills as a Doctor. He spent several years in Karakura Japan, hiding there and building a reputation as an excellent doctor.

But it wasn't to be forever, he was given another call. A lord of the Sugiura lands had summoned him for his skills. Long before the realm and changes came to it. He met the Sugiura of Balance Kakeru, the man was a mystery. But it was here he learned of the Herbal plants of those lands. They were medicinally potent but required a specialized hand. In exchange for treating some people in the lands, he got lessons on combat. Though it was a brief time, this was where he spent it.

His time abroad was what was astonishing as he met Feraki the sister of Kakeru and further a human through this. He was forming a bridge of connections and people. Slowly building relationships that built him a pathway to his successes. But his time wasn't just spent in that place. He'd be going to the world of Demons next. A Demoness who thrived upon lust was seeking stronger aphrodisiac. This was an encounter he could have done without.

She tried her best to push her way into his lusts, with promises that his body could handle it. Despite the many years, his body was still frail. It didn't make him especially powerful. But he did learn and study demonic plants, gaining a very strong understanding of their effects. Some shockingly had strong healing effects if combing correctly.

From here he left the Demon World, leaving behind a number of connections to Demonic drug dealers and other people. Becoming a patron of the herbal arts in this field. From here he left going to Hueco Mundo, where he gave medical aid to hollows. He'd met one female who seemed stronger than most. She didn't attack him or do anything to him. They didn't have a mentor or student relationship, more they knew the other existed. And respected one another, he'd treat her friends if they were wounded.

Shockingly even in Hueco Mundo and the Forest of Menos, plants did thrive and grow. Giving him more experience once again with his herbal styling. While the time spent here wasn't long, he did gain a sense of the world. Going through all the realms and seeing how people lived. He began to see that the wars were because people focused too much on what was different. They projected the image of pain and suffering. When the same was done back in other realms, it was a dichotomy he couldn't begin to fathom.

Upon his return to the living world, he'd meet a girl. Shisome was her name, she was a strange being. She seemed to have multiple friends and connections that went everywhere like roots. The two enjoyed a conversation now and then, he spent his time in parks treating the poor. So he gained a reputation where words bounced around. Some part of him knew that it had to be the man in the hat. Likely causing his name to go around more and more.

I. Fate Calls Home

He was finishing things up in the Living World when a call came from his teacher. Something had happened and he was needed back in the RUkongai. He went back home, facing the bitter pill of having been gone for almost a thousand years. Ringo Unabara had come home his name was spoken normally. No alias was used in the Soul Society. What purpose did it serve, he'd meet a man known as Jaeden Crow at the time.

Many members of this family had problems and injuries, he treated them. While not being in a master or student relationship with any of them. The son of Jaeden Crow and his sister had mixed feelings about Ringo. Because he concealed his age, largely doing this to avoid being detected. He didn't desire fame or a spotlight on him. It was a hard path he chose, but it suited him with his frail body.

He spent sometime around them, being convinced into joining the Gotei. But he got the sense that Kyoraku remembered him. From the days at the academy, he decided to part ways with them. Heading back to Karakura to practice his skills out there. It was then he had an idea and brought it to the man. Kisuke Urahara, that was the name he'd learned. On his travels, he began to realize that something was going on. It was beyond his capabilities to perform, but the relationship as a provider for the Urahara shop's plants had given him doorways.

He brought to the attention of Urahara, he wished to fit himself with some Cybermind technology he'd come up with. But wasn't a good designer, so he was sent to meet a Beast. Though that meeting never came completely to the surface. His devices did get made, they spoke once or twice. And the implantation happened without a hitch.

It was after this meeting he disappeared into his work, traveling the world. Not staying in one place, as he began studying science and medicine from all places. He was interested and invested in these fields. Using his Cybermind obtained to catalog and build information. Ringo Unabara simply left the world and its problems behind.

I. Death of a Family

It was upon his journeys in the colder climate places of Denmark, when he got the news that the entire Unabara family was dead. He'd not considered it much, nor did he care. While his relationships were surface level, Urahara had let him know about the situation. His brother, younger of course had done a grave action. Helping Shadowfall in the time of war.

It hadn't come as a surprise, he'd be inheriting the entirety of what the Unabara had mustered. Which was nothing in his opinion, he had no desire or interest in it. Their blood money had no value to him as a person, they killed people and destroyed dreams. They robbed and took like common criminals, they weren't his family. When they cast him out it was forever, far as he was concerned. Nothing had changed, but he returned to Japan. Leaving Europe and his endless travels behind. Remerging as a 2000-year-old Unabara who had remained silent and away from his family and their butchery, they were no family to him.

His mentors and people who helped along the way, those were his family. Now he begins to seek setting upa practice and maybe more in the World of the Living, Helping whatever race he can in that sense.

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