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Basic Information

○ Name: Saisei Satō
○ Alias': Vanetti Lapdog, Azure Iramasha
○ Age: Six Years Old (Twenty Two Physically)
○ Birthday: 10th of April, 2416
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: High-Spec Human

○ Affiliation:
The Vanetti Family
Vastime by proxy of Desmond Hayden
Lux Orior by proxy of Chifuyu Yuudeshi

○ Alignment: Chaotic Good
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Japanese
○ Religious Standing: N/A
○ Sexual Orientation: Demisexual (Hetero Bias)

○ Height: 6'3"
○ Weight: 205 lbs
○ Hair Colour: Pink
○ Eye Colour: Azure

Saisei Satō [WIP] TtdF6vZ


Immense Kindness:

Since birth, Saisei has always been classified as a man that was clear about his intentions as a person. Those intentions always fell under the same rule, one that many would consider the Golden Rule. Treat others as you wished to be treated. As such, treating any and all beings with the same modicum of respect. That modicum was one of immense size, something that went against the very nature of the word itself.

With the recent years that have passed, this aspect of kindness has only grown in size. Now, Saisei could be found purposely going out of his way to treat others with genuine care. Taking care of those weaker than him, going to the aid of those who require it. If any being were to ask for Saisei's aid, he would offer it without question. It was, after all, in his nature to allow his kindness to overreach any boundary that it meets.

Even with those closest to him, Saisei has shown as of late to treat loved ones with emotion that he could never truly believe possible. Though he always showed a sense of kindness, the young man now left those near and dear with him with an ache to receive his kindness even more. Not that he was special in any real way, Saisei simply treated those directly near him rather well, even more so now. Due to that, it was clear to those within The Vandenreich and his inner circle that the man genuinely loved the Earth. Through and through, its citizens were his prized possession.

Stubborn To A Fault:

As a side effect of the boy's strong willpower and kindness, Saisei could also be called one of the most stubborn humans alive. At this point, if you weren't finding the boy acting stubborn about his opinion then you were likely not important. With a strong core belief system and opinions that spanned hundreds of subjects, the young man nearly refused any and all change someone would try to enact onto him.

When Saisei holds an opinion of someone valuable to him, that opinion was hardly ever swayed. The actions of a person were held in high esteem, making it so that his opinion could swing on a dime. Each and every action and thought a person presented to Saisei would be taken rather seriously, making his stubbornness even easier to determine by those around him. He liked certain foods, he felt strongly about certain people, any chance someone had to try to fight against that was a fool's chance, really.

Even when it didn't include others, Saisei's stubbornness was a fault that he was never able to shake. Shown in action with his neediness to join The Vandenreich, his eternal efforts to grow to become a truly lovable Quincy and his rise to earning even a small modicum of respect among the people of the City of Light. These moments have only ever stemmed from his ability to be steadfast and stubborn in his rulings. After all, a boy without stubbornness was one who would be easily pushed around.

Irrational Trust:

Though it would be considered a fault, Saisei sees his ability to hold trust in others as something genuinely amazing. Many of the folks on Earth refused to give their trust without question to a stranger. The young man however never struggled to give his trust to those he may call friend or stranger. Compared to his past life, Saisei created far more relationships and connections on the basis alone that he would be trusting of others.

Shown during his first meeting with Yoshitsune, Yugiri and a plethora of other people, he never once struggled to place some small amount of trust in others. This trust either flourished or dissolved, much like any trust would in a relationship. Despite that, however, the one thing that made Saisei's so easily earned was his appreciation for the Earth and its citizens. Without them, he wouldn't be where he was today. If it was asked of him, he'd lady down his life for those he didn't even know the name of. Trust allowed him to do so, placing the hope for a future on others rather than himself.

Just because Saisei sees it as a valuable asset however doesn't make it one. As someone so trusting, Saisei's trust is easily abused. If someone wanted to, it would be rather easy to take him for granted. As his trust is always given, it was easily abused in a way most would deem irresponsible. The young man knew no better, though. If he could continue to hold trust for others he would gladly do so without question. Everyone deserved his attention, that he knew.

Far Too Personable:

One of, if not the most important trait in regards to Saisei's personality, is that he is what you would consider a very personable young man. Personable usually referred to someone who was pleasant and nice to be around. In regards to Saisei, it was anything but that simple. He was personable, both to a fault and to his ow benefit.

Everyone knows that Saisei is a trusting and kind person. Everyone knows that his actions always lean towards the side of aiding those in need. What many don't know, however, is that his personable nature comes from a deep-seated need to please. This need to please has always been tied to his interest in learning about his past self. Now that its become a reality, it was clear that such a thing would only grow stronger.

With such a growth in his need to please, Saisei's personable nature has grown tenfold. It was important to him that others were able to stand next to him without concern, as such a thing would lead him to the future he desired. It was a selfish notion, really. If many of those around him knew that they were simply being used for his own gain they would surely be disappointed.

No one knew of this nature, not even beings such as Chifuyu or Cyrus themselves. Reading into his mind and personality was something that wouldn't allow for it to reach the surface. Only one with a bond strong enough would understand his incessant need to please. For only those close enough to learn of his past at its fullest would ever truly understand. It was the boy's nature, he practically begged for it.


Saisei has what you would consider a complete disinterest in liking things. In reality, the way many would perceive this would be that he likes quite a lot of things. He would refer to it as liking, maybe even loving, something. Despite that, many of the things he would label as likes are simply things he enjoys. Given his nature, there are far fewer things in life to dislike. Because of that, if someone were to ask him what he liked he would struggle to come up with something specific. Instead, he'd say something along the lines of liking food or some type of media. Of course, this doesn't mean he can't like things. The only thing this truly refers to is that, if it isn't something he specifically dislikes, he'll be likely to like it.

A List Of Hatreds:

Just as he likes pretty much anything and everything, the exact opposite could be said for things that Saisei absolutely hates. While it may be a short list, Saisei does in fact have a hatred for quite a few things. Contrary to general belief, these hatreds are things that the young man simply could not look past, no matter the circumstance. The short list involves things such as heinous acts, the taking away of one's freedoms and the action of treating others poorly. Further focusing in on heinous acts, Saisei has a strong hatred for the harm of those weaker than him or their attacker. Not just harming others but harming the places these people frequent and imposing one's self onto others. As it is in his goody two shoes nature, Saisei is what you would consider a Hero. As a Hero, his hatred for things can be clearly defined without question.

He also hates Demons. Saisei actually hates Demons in a way many people wouldn't be able to understand. Frankly, if a demon were to think on this fact they'd clearly recognize that Saisei was in fact a racist. Demons were a scourge, through and through.


» History

A Soul's Purpose: Saisei's Birth

Saisei's birth was unconventional. Frankly, it was one of mystery and a sense of uniqueness that was unmatched. As it stands, Saisei came to be through reincarnation. On the morning of the 10th of April, 2416, a man by the name Sagumi Sumashuu came into contact with the mangled arm of Azure Iramasha, Ex-Vanguard Leader. In the remnants of Moon Massacre and the momentary destruction of its surface, Sagumi made a ridiculous effort in regards to preserving the small sense of life that still clung to the Vanguard Leader's arm.

From here, he followed specific steps in order to create a situation in which Azure Iramasha would be able to continue living without the weight of the world on his shoulder. Returning from once he came, Sagumi Sumashuu brought what remained of the Vanguard's leader to their headquarters.

Within its reach was a hospital, a Vanguard operative stationed on the Moon during the attack had a wife giving birth at the time. Said wife had fallen ill, giving birth to a premature child had left her in a state that one could only consider dead. Despite the rather depressing scene, Sagumi continued his operation without question. Entering the operating room, the man took hold of the premature child and began the process of what one would call Reincarnation.

Using what little was left of Azure Iramasha's soul, the man melded its orange tinted, ooze-like structure with the dying child that lay before him. The premature boy couldn't even cry, his baby-like nature entirely denied by his lack of nutrients. He was dying, something that could only be stopped by Sagumi himself. Without question, he continued the process of soul melding by connecting the pure, split portion of Azure Iramasha's cracked soul with the nearly dead soul of the premature boy. Though it was an arduous process, Sagumi was successful in the end.

Upon success, the small baby's bald head had sprouted a singular pink strand of hair. Though faint, his soul had become something entirely new. By melding both dying souls of the baby and Azure Iramasha together, Saisei's soul was born. It looked and felt like Azure Iramasha yet contained its own energy and purpose. Saisei was meant for greatness, the surely dead Vanguard Operative and his wife's efforts were not in vain.

Sagumi turned to the dead woman and the medical staff within the room and sighed. His efforts were successful but ultimately left the child without parents. As it was now, he would become the boy's father. Lifting his hand, Sagumi left with a simple nod and swipe of his arm, returning back to the Sugiura realm with what was now a Prince.

A Prince's Upbringing: Saisei's Childhood

While Saisei's birth may be one of suspect nature, his upbringing was one of a noble nature. As the adoptive son of Sagumi Sumashuu, that made Saisei the sixth noble child of the Northern Kingdom. To the Sugiura, Saisei was now nobility. As the newest noble of the Northern Kingdom, the boy was treated as any real noble would be. Though he wasn't actually a Sugiura, his people and family accepted him for what he was. The nature of his birth and upbringing was one of mystery, no one could argue his importance to both Sagumi and his mother, Aceldama.

Though he may be considered important in the eyes of his adoptive parents, Saisei was not always loved so dearly by his siblings. As far as his relationships were concerned with them, he was far more likey to be considered a stranger than royalty. All save for Kamui had little to no interest in the child. Kamui, despite his alterior motives, had always made time for the boy when it came to learning and training. Now, this wasn't to say Kamui was fond or even interested in the boy. The only reason why he had ever shown serious interest in the boy was his past life as Azure Iramasha, a point he had clearly made important to himself. Nevertheless, he continued to spend time with the boy during his upbringing until his mysterious disappearance later in Saisei's life.

Outside of the royal family and their subordinates, Saisei was a human beloved by his people. Many of the citizens in the Northern Kingdom had grown acustomed to the boy's antics. Children were always busy bodies, Saisei was no exception. Frankly, he was an outlier. Excitement and adventure was a light way to explain away his time in the Northern Kingdom. Throughout its streets and shops, the boy was known by face and name alike.

'The Human Royal', a rather prude title for someone taken in so kindly by the royal family. He wasn't hated, nor was he really ever ignored. Despite that, his earliest memories were filled with shop owners and aristocrats having little interest in him. They weren't the average Sugiuran nor were they ever fond of more royal heads in the way. They complied with the royal family, however. Their lack of interest in the boy mattered very little when those far above you told to think differently.


» Equipment: (If your character has any non-Quincy related equipment, then you should put it in this section. Otherwise, if they don't, do not fill in this section and you can leave it blank.)

Natural Abilities And Skills

» Skills:


As a self created martial art, Endlos takes general philosophy from your every day average head to hand combat and Muay Thai. Given its rough base and still growing principles, Endlos continues to grow as members of the Vandenreich learn from their master, Saisei.

At its core, Endlos is focused on the gathering of energy (in this case Reishi) and using it within the small space between an opponent and your own strike. Given its restrictive nature, each and every technique within the art struggles to make itself unique aside from one. Within the infinitesimal space between an opponent and your blow, the user generates a large amount of reishi in hyper specific manners in order to deal damage to both enemies and the area around its user. Endlos can be used in either pinpoint, measured blows or explosive, area of effect actions that can sway battle at a moment's notice.

The movements and stances associated with the art are much like Muay Thai but differ in their own selective ways. Using the momentum of weight shift in a majority of its content, Endlos focuses heavily on the increase of physical strength through weight and momentum based movements. When in a stance, the user can generate force through small shifts in their body. The slightest change in one's stance can overload a specific part of their being with weight, creating momentum to reinforce their blows at all times.

Aside from the basic stance structure and movement structure, Endlos has one single unique feature that fails to be replicated in most cases. When in use, Endlos' user can be known as what one would consider a bulwark of sorts. Blows associated with Endlos' style will always have a sense of destructive power behind them due to the weight concept based around its general movements. Along with that, any user that attempts to learn the style are almost required to have heightened senses, specifically hand eye coordination and reflexes. Without these two aspects, Endlos' lacks its destructive, bulwark-style and would be deemed imperfect. An imperfect form of Endlos' could be learned however the art's techniques would be considerably weak without the usage of fine-tuned movement.

Striking The Soul - Oath Embed:

Oath Embed, at its core, is a technique that can be used with any type of strike from an Endlos user. While the technique follows the basic principles of Endlos, its effect on an opponent is wildly different. Using reishi in order to strengthen one's blows, Oath Embed focuses on leaving an opponent scarred at their very core, almost like a mark on one's soul.

When landing a blow, an Endlos user can leave a residual effect on an opponent by embedding one's very energy into their being. The infinite space between a user's attack and an opponent's body exists in a time and place intangible to the basic eye. Within this space, Oath Embed gathers reishi and one's own reiryoku to leave a foe infected with a deadly blow. The residual energy created by both reishi and reiryoku simulate a burning effect on one's inner being, effectively their soul. Acting much like heartburn but amplified one hundred fold, Oath Embed can leave an opponent scarred and wounded in battle. These wounds effect an opponent's ability to generate energy and produce spiritual power, weakening them.

The problem with Oath Embed is that it's rather hard to land. One of the requirements to create an imbedded oath on an opponent is close quarter combat being the main fighting method. While Endlos' user may be focused on martial arts, their opponent may not be conducive to close quarters. That being the case, a ranged or multi-faceted fighter would be able to avoid the usage of Oath Embed by simply creating space during combat. Close quarters combat must be maintained over a single round of posting (both character's posting once, the Endlos user initiating the close quarters combat first) to allow for it to take effect. It can be ignored however if the user is two levels of speed or higher. In that regard, the enemy would have to deflect the blow without coming into contact with the energy in order to actually dodge the residual effect.

The duration, if applied lasts between three to four based on the opponent's strength. If weaker to Saisei's strength, the Oath will be active for four posts. If equal to or strong, it'll only be active for three. The general percentage in which energy would be harder to generate would be 15% for the three post duration, 20% for the four post duration. Along with that, each post after activation the potency of the debuff reduces by 5%. From 15 down to 0 after three posts and 20 down to 0 after four posts.

Infinite Void - Black Palm Strike:

As Saisei's signature technique, Infinite Void - Black Palm Strike consists of the most basic of actions. Combing both an expertise in Reishi Manipulation and a previous background in Muay Thai, Black Palm Strike uses both masteries in perfect unison. With as little movement as possible, the user shifts the majority of his weight to a single foot, forcing themselves to become top heavy. Following through with this shift, the user releases the blow through whatever opposite hand is in relation to the user's foot.

Directly before impact, the user generates an excess amount of reishi that exists only between the palm and their opponent. By filling that tiny space with an excess, massive amount of reishi, Black Palm Strike delivers two blows at once. Firstly, the palm strike releases the general strength from the shift in gravity and momentum. Secondly, the strike's force causes the build up of reishi to explode outward, enveloping an opponent in its grasp. By doing so, Black Palm Strike is able to deal both physical and spiritual damage through an explosive blow backed by compressed reishi.

Infinite Void - Red Palm Strike:

Red Palm Strike acts as an almost one to one copy of Infinite Void - Black Palm Strike. The general difference between the two techniques is when used in practice, Red Palm Strike focused its build up of reishi into a singular spot. Rather than exploding outward and creating a massive area of effect, Red Palm Strike creates focused its explosion directly on said singular spot. By doing so, the blow creates a knockback effect that generates a large amount of damage directed at the position in which the blow lands.

Expansion Of The Soul:

A technique solely used by Saisei, Expansion Of The Soul requires a perfect understanding of Endlos' systems. Both movement and stance structure are required to use the technique at its core, without said knowledge one cannot use the technique in even a simplified form. Due to the nature of the technique, it would be considered the pinnacle usage of Endlos.

With heightened knowledge of the art, Expansion Of The Soul allows the user to turn the general concept of Endlos on its head. Previously focused on filling the empty space, known as a void, between the opponent and the user's blows, Expansion Of The Soul allows for the opposite to occur. When attacked, Expansion Of The Soul can be used to fill the endless void between an opponent and the user in a defensive manner. Much like previous techniques, energy can be used to deflect blows by creating hyper-specific, targeted reishi releases. On the other hand, Expansion Of The Soul can also create a wider, area of effect based shielding around the user. Much like Black Palm Strike, the release of reishi can create a physical shield rather than an explosive release of energy.

Both uses wildly vary, one creating shield-like responses and the other being able to send limbs flying in opposite directs using pinpoint release. Again, given the structure of the technique, without a mastery of Endlos, a user cannot fundamentally create said releases. Sadly, a user would require being taught by Saisei or one trained in the art with Saisei to a degree they'd be considered master. Without one of these two focused training regimens, a user of Endlos would find themselves without any true ability to learn heightened techniques.

The required Reishi Manipulation level to allow one to use Expansion Of The Soul is one of Elite. Without Elite, one could not even attempt the ability.

Muay Thai (The Art Of Eight Limbs):

Muay Thai, or "The Art of Eight Limbs", is a type of martial art that spans nearly six centuries before Saisei's birth. In it, practitioners use "Eight Limbs", a combination of their fits, elbows, knees and shins. The art itself is divided into two different types of abilities. Mae Mai (Major Techniques) and Luk Mai (Minor Techniques) both have their advantages and benefits in certain fighting situations. Saisei doesn't know the art like the back of his hand due to his recent birth but under his Sifu (Master), Sumashuu Sagumi, Saisei has been able to learn enough to use the martial art in a way that can be deemed "useful."

The first and most basic attack learned in the art is the Jab, a punch that is used for offensive purposes normally. In cases of trying to defend himself, Saisei also learned the ability of stopping blows with a jab as well. The Jab itself is a quick attack with massive power backing it, a direct blow from the attack being something that could disrupt the opponent's own attack or responses. In the case of using the jab defensively, Saisei uses jabs in order to deter aggressive fighters that give little room to breathe up close. There are other techniques in the art that are quite stronger in comparison to the Jab, but for a basic attack it's used a majority of the time throughout a fight due to the attack itself being usd to set up different combinations with kicks, punches and elbows.

The next attack in Saisei's arsenal is known as the Cross. Another punch, the Cross could be considered the "cannon" of Saisei's punching arsenal. Unlike the quick jab, the cross takes time in setting up when fighting hand to hand with another person, its use being scarce with against an opponent that knows their hand to hand fighting well. Generally, crosses have the ability to cause pain to just about anyone due to the force and set up following it. Normally, a cross won't be used by Saisei unless its the end of a combo. Rotating the hips and following through with the cross gives the punch itself quite a bit of force behind it, allowing it to out-level the jab easily in power.

A few more punching techniques that Sagumi taught Saisei were the Hook, Uppercut and the Overhand punch. Sagumi knew far more than what he had taught Saisei but due to his birth being so recent he refrained from filling the man's mind with too much information. The Hook is usually considered the knockout punch, a punch directly aimed for an opponent's chin. Usually, the user uses their left hand in order to send out a good hook toward's an opponent. An uppercut is a punch thrown upward directed at an opponent's jaw. Uppercut's gather their power from a user's core, so for Saisei he tends to crouch on slightly when trying to use an uppercut on an opponent. By doing so, he can propel himself upward and bring a large amount of force following his uppercut. The final punching technique, the Overhand Punch, another powerful strike in Saisei's arsenal. Using his right fist, Saisei will swing his right arm in a "relaxed" position from his side upward. While maintaining a straight position, his arm will reach a peak where it begins swinging downward and to the left. Using the momentum behind the swing, he will then tighten his arm and continue the punch directly toward's his opponents face.

Due to Saisei's recent birth, the only techniques that were ever taught in depth were his Punching Techniques. Along with these punching techniques, Saisei was taught multiple kicking techniques, elbow techniques and knee techniques. The first of three techniques that Saisei was taught is the Body Kick. Being the most common of kicks in Muay Thai, the technique is aimed at producing quite a lot of power in a single kick. As the name suggests, a body kick is primarily aimed at an opponent's leg, normally the ribs or upper chest depending on position. Not only is the body kick one of the most used kicks in Saisei's arsenal, it's also one of the strongest attacks he possesses. The second of the three is known as the low kick. Yet another powerful kick in the weapon known as Muay Thai, the Low Kick is used primarily on an opponent's lower regions. Focusing on the thigh and knee, the low kick has the quickness of a Jab along with the power of a Body Kick, making it quite a powerful kick in combinations. Usually, the low kick is the ending blow of a combo, especially for a user such a Saisei. The third and final kick that Saisei learned is know as a Head Kick. Just as the last two kicks were named, the head kick is named for its focus on the skull and its ability to knock opponents out with ease. Twisting the body while kicking upwards brings a massive amount of force behind the head kick. Normally focusing on the temple area of the skull, the head kick is just like the cross in terms of being able to end a fight in a single decisive hit.

One of the two techniques Saisei was taught in terms of elbow strikes was the Horizontal Elbow. When used, the elbow is thrown in a horizontal direction towards the opponent's skull. On most occasions, Saisei would aim for the jaw or chin of his opponent but this isn't the only position that it can be aimed at. Alongside the jaw and chin, the horizontal elbow can be aimed towards the temple portion of an opponent's skull. Just like previous techniques, the horizontal elbow has the ability to cause massive damage to an opponent's skull due to the massive amount of momentum backing it. The other technique that Saisei was taught is known as a Slashing Elbow. As if cutting an opponent with a sword, the slashing elbow is meant to pierce the skin above an opponent's eyes. Following a similar pattern as the overhand punch, Saisei brings his elbow downward against an opponent's face (the normal target), aiming directly for his forehead or temple. The blow is one that, if landed, is known to pierce skin and cause bleeding to foes from the sheer force backing the elbow.

The last of Saisei's Muay Thai techniques are two knee techniques that his Sifu had given him. The main knee technique that Saisei uses is known as a Straight Knee. Just like many of the techniques in Muay Thai, the straight knee is used as a quick attack directed towards an enemy's body. Normally, the target area is the chest and rib area. Stepping forward, Saisei pushes his knee forward in a direct motion, the momentum from his rear leg adding to the force behind the straight. The other knee technique that Saisei was taught is known as a Diagonal Knee. Unlike the straight, the Diagonal Knee is meant to focus on attacking the sides of an opponent. When getting up close to an opponent, Saisei bring his knee upward and from the side, the force being targeted at moving the knee just enough to attack the opponent's side. Just as the name states, the Diagonal knee usually comes from a diagonal direction, aimed towards the ribs or even the back of an opponent.

Altered Energy Signature:

As a carry over from his previous state as a Supernatural Human, Saisei's energy signature functions quite differently than many of the quincy on earth. As his energy used to consist of a fine-tuned life force of sorts by the name Shēnghuó, Saisei's reiryoku and usage of reishi leaves him with a similar effect that Shēnghuó would have given him as a simple human. As it stands, his energy signature could be determined to be a form of reiryoku and be entirely focused on the usage of reishi as a storage mechanism and combat energy.

To those more akin to the nature of both reishi and one's spiritual energy, Saisei's being would exude something far more finite and pure in nature. Both his understanding and usage of Shēnghuó had left the young man with the building blocks for what a quincy was at itss core. Over time and rigorous training, those building blocks and the guidance of Helle Armstrong have allowed him to have a refined and almost inhuman like control over reishi and its general uses.

This has no bearing on the young man's strength, it simply points out for those who are capable that he is of a different nature compared to the average quincy.

The Right To Reign: Willpower

Though Saisei may be the last person on Earth one would call a King, the young man's Willpower is one that would surely match a King's. As proven in both his past life and current incarnation, his willpower is one that could only be matched by the strongest and most willful in the world. Saisei has very rarely ever understood what the concept of giving up is. Through and through, others find themselves following and rooting for him without real reason. With his strength in willpower, one could even consider it a way of life rather than a simple skill or feat.

In his past life, Azure Iramasha went through significant change both in terms of his soul and his lifestyle. Having his body broken in more ways than one, leading the Iramasha clan as a Hybrid Leader and soon after becoming the leader of The Vanguard. Even in his greatest of moments, the man dealt with having his very soul torn asunder. In his current life, Saisei has trained vigorously during his time as a Sugiuran royal, his time with the Vandenreich and had gone through severe change thanks to the likes of his commander, Helle Armstrong.

Both in personality and in actual physical nature, Saisei has proven his willpower to be one that is hard to comprehend, let alone understand at a basic level. Nevertheless, he has shown multiple times the effects of his Grandmaster Willpower skill and with his advancement to becoming a quincy, he has honed and increased his ability with said skill. Below are the ways in which Saisei has honed and heightened himself through his strength in Willpower.

Will Expansion:

As the name of the ability reads, Saisei has the innate power to exert his Will in physical form. Quite simple in nature, when activated the ability floods the surrounding area around the young man in an orange tinted "energy" of sorts. Working more as a near perfect copy of what one would consider spiritual pressure, the expansion of the man's Will comes with quite hefty side effects.

In regards to combat, Saisei's Will Expansion can directly effect the flow of battle. Much like a commander stationing his people, he can influence the mentality and morale of his allies. In a sense, one could consider this a psychostimulant that allows Saisei's allies to surpass their limits as far as pain thresholds and fear would be concerned. The expansion of his Will can let those who are on their last legs to push through whatever physical obstacle that may stand before him and continue on fighting. Given the potency of the action, Saisei can only effect a single ally during combat.

In regards to social settings, the expansion can be used as a mechanism to present himself in a better light or even influence the thoughts of others. While it isn't all encompassing or unstoppable, the expansion can make another person feel as if their opinions of the young man may shift at a moments notice. Simply put, when used during a social thread, Will Expansion can allows others to recognize his presence or begin to think more critically of their position on him. Quite the nifty trick when encountering neutral parties.

U~iru no yōsai - Will's Fortress

A specialty directly related to Saisei's past life, Will's Fortress is a unique ability known solely through muscle memory. As a carryover from his previous life, Saisei has always had an extreme sense of willpower as a human. With that willpower came Will's Fortress, the physical embodiment of Saisei's willpower and determination. During his time as Azure Iramasha, Will's Fortress was an ability that could be activated by will alone. Now, after his reincarnation as Saisei, Will's Fortress takes the form of a passive, self-activating ability.

Activated purely on instinct, Will's Fortress is a projected shield of pure life force. This life force is used to defend Saisei from any single life threatening force. Whether that force being spiritual, physical or of any nature, Will's Fortress will erect and snuff out said attack. Projected 3 meters from his being, the shield takes a semispheric shape. In the case that Saisei isn't standing against flat ground, Will's Fortress will take the shape of a full sphere.

Due to Saisei have little to no knowledge of this ability, Will's Fortress is a self-activating ability that can only erect once Saisei's life is in danger. Single attacks must be life threatening, otherwise this ability cannot activate. All energies, whether basic, unique or complex can be blocked by Will's Fortress. In the case that Will's Fortress is expended, Saisei will find himself drained of energy almost entirely.

At his current tier and memory level, Saisei has a better understanding of the ability at its core. Because of that, the previous three thread cooldown has been shortened to a two thread cooldown. With his newly acquired Quincy power and his focus on using his Will as a tangible thing now, Saisei has more than enough understanding of Will's Fortress to keep himself from dying far more frequently.

Quincy Skills & Abilities

» Quincy Skills: (You can put any Quincy Skill or ability that your character knows here. These can range from blut specialties, Ransōtengai, Archery moves and so on. Feel free to however many sections you need here)

Spirit Weapon

» Spirit Weapon Name: (What is your Quincy's spirit weapon's name?)

» Spirit Weapon Appearance: (What is your Quincy's spirit weapon's appearance?)

» Spirit Weapon Abilities: (what abilities does it possess?)

The Release Of One's Princely Nature

Saisei Satō [WIP] 2Hkh2fF


» Vollständig Name: (What is the name of your Quincy's Vollständig?)

» Vollständig Apperance: (What does your Quincy look like when their Vollständig is activated?)

» Vollständig Abilities: (What abilities does your Quincy's Vollständig grant them?)

Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Adept
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Adept
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Beginner
  • Physical Augmentation: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Grand Master
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Adept


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