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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Vanyel Xiaoyang [REVAMP] [Tao Chi Human, WIP] Empty Vanyel Xiaoyang [REVAMP] [Tao Chi Human, WIP]

Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:55 am


Name: Vanyel Xiaoyang (Vanyel = Dutch origins, meaning “The strength of God”; Xiaoyang, "小羊" meaning “little sheep”)
Titles: Scion of the Phonoi, Dragon of Kyushu, He Who Has Walked With Devils
Age: 26 (November 3rd, 2394)
Gender/Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Chinese
Race: Tao Chi Human
Height: 5'6
Zodiac: Water, Rooster (Chinese Astrology) | Scorpio (Western Astrology)

Affiliation/Rank: (Current) Rogue| (Former) Shadow Fall - Ninth Circle, Knight | (Former) Yakuza - Kudo-kai Clan

Appearance Description: Vanyel has medium-length, snow-white hair, minus the blue strip made from the Seal of Eris’ influence, as well as the mildly muscular build from his time getting into street fights and light activities that influenced him during his time in the yakuza. Another trait would be his cobalt blue eyes, a common theme within his attire and physical features, as noted by his clothing, adorning mildly flashy and formal attire with many shades of blue and small hints of black -- a memento of his time in the yakuza, as well as a personal preference. His main outfit is a dark blue dress shirt with long sleeves, reaching down to his wrists, with fingerless gloves to cover his hands, as well as a hoodless jacket that either goes around his shoulders or wearing it regularly, while his lower attire consists of dark blue dress pants and steel-toed boots.

Beyond clothing cosmetics, the clothes that he wears serve to hide the incomplete yakuza irezumi tattoo along his shoulders and back, in the shape of a red dragon with a missing pearl -- a design noted to be associated with those with quick tempers. Another thing his clothes are meant to hide would be the scarring around his left arm, a remnant of when Mirja Eeola tore his arm off and after Mana Asthavon used demonic magic to bring it back, though his body did not fully recover. More scars adorn his body, which was given to him by his own hand after an emotional meltdown due to the Seal of Eris’ influence and his mind and heart not knowing how to handle the overwhelming emotions after seeing the aftermath of Algos’ rampage against his beloved, Calypso.

”List of Notable Traits (TL;DR)”:
-Incomplete yakuza irezumi across his shoulders and on his back, in the form of a red dragon with a missing pearl
-White dyed hair, small blue strip from the Seal of Eris/demonic influence, rest of hair is blue from demonic conversion
-scarring around the start of his left arm from when Mirja blasted it off and when Mana used demon magic to heal it
-blue eyes
-steel-toed boots
-gloves to hide the irezumi
-long sleeves and jacket to add to this
-mildly flashy clothes as a memento of his time in the yakuza, and just a personal preference
-mark on his neck from Algos biting him to give him access to Demon World and welcome him into the kingdom
-scars on his arms from when he harmed himself

Appearance Images:






Stubbornness & Iron Will: Throughout his life, one of Vanyel's most definable traits was his explosive temper and extreme stubbornness. It is hard to dissuade him from a choice he makes, and as a result, will usually make him pursue it with even more determination. Even if he is battered and broken, there is little that can make him give up. To him, to give up is to admit that you weren't strong enough, to prove to the world that you're weak -- and nothing, to him, is worse than weakness. It is what drove him to pursue improving himself over the years, to develop his powers, to do the work that he needed to in the yakuza, and ultimately, to find a reason to keep going after it all fell apart. It allows him to shrug off many instances of pain as if it were nothing and motivates him to continue going, even when the odds are obscenely stacked against him.

Explosive Temper & Emotional Reactor: Due to a childhood of constantly having his feelings invalidated and having to suppress and bottle up his emotions, as he matured into adulthood, Vanyel had one signature trait during his time in the yakuza: a very explosive temper. Due to his emotions having to be forcibly bottled up during most of his childhood until he ran away from home, where it became very hard for him to keep his emotions bottled up any longer, and during his time in the yakuza, began developing a very bad temper problem. This led to him flying off the handle at the smallest of things, holding grudges for far longer than any regular person should, and getting into fights near-constantly during his time in the yakuza, as well as out of it. More often than not, Vanyel thinks with his heart and not with his head, leading to long strings of cursing, as well as leading to either him kicking someone's ass, or him getting his ass handed to him.

A Fighter at Heart: Another trait that he discovered from his temper and emotional reaction is his love for fighting. While trying his hardest to keep attention off him, now that he's out of the yakuza, it is difficult for him to calm the desire to come to blows. As his temper often got him into fights, it became an almost inseparable, yet important facet of his personality, enjoying the thrill and adrenaline of fighting, avoiding blows, landing blows, and knocking down his opponents. For him, this became not only something enjoyable, but it was also a way of venting out his anger and frustrations. Despite him being out of the yakuza for years, there is no denying that he is still a fighter, through and through.

Megalomania & Insecurity: To desire and have power is to have control. Unbeknownst to him, deep down, control is everything to him. Due to his lack of autonomy growing up and being unable to truly feel in control of anything in his early life, Vanyel became someone who is extremely paranoid about not being able to do things himself, to not feel helpless and weak, to show that he's capable of doing things himself. As a result, he doubled down immensely on every single little detail of his life after he ran away and began living on his own.

He began to crave power, becoming obsessed with it during his time in the yakuza out of a desire to feel worthwhile in the eyes of the man who brought him into the family, who gave him a place of belonging. Strength, for him, gave him purpose. It showed that he wasn't weak, and ultimately, it gave him control over his life. It made him think that things were going his way and allowed him to keep a sense of control over himself and his choices in life. After all -- the more power you have, the more you control.

But, as noted before, it was something that kept him from feeling that sense of personal weakness, and to him, nothing was worse than weakness. He would often make extreme efforts during his yakuza days to show that he wasn't weak, something that has only become even more prevalent in the present day as Algos and Calypso came into his life, showing him levels of power that he had believed to previously be unattainable, giving him a new desire to become even stronger than before.

Reserved: Despite his quick temper and emotional reactions, Vanyel does not enjoy or is even much capable of talking about his personal feelings and emotions. Tying into his feelings, often being bottled up and invalidated in his youth, Vanyel has trouble opening up. Due to this, he is extremely out of touch with his own emotions because he does not understand them. He despises being hurt emotionally, and as a result, can often be self-isolative and antisocial in order to get away from the cause in order not to feel it.

Even though he will never openly admit it, he deeply misses what he has lost in his life, particularly the family that he made in the yakuza. Even in the criminal underworld, there was still a sense of camaraderie that he had with his brothers and superiors. It was a time when he felt as if he belonged. As a result of this and his home life, Vanyel developed monophobia, a fear of abandonment, and, deep down, is terrified of losing what he has come to love, and tying back into his other traits, has led him to become even further determined to protect it.


Born in a small community of Tao Chi cultivators on the outskirts of northern China to escape and get away from the dangers of the world, Vanyel Xiaoyang grew up like a regular cultivator, spending a large amount of time practicing Taijiquan

--obedient kid

--born in China (specify northern China, away from the world and for accuracy in regards to Tai Chi), moved to Japan, ended up in Norway, moved back to Japan

--born into a cult-like family

--make that the cause of why he’s so sure of his mental well-being and why he lies about being ok

--his family invalidated his emotions and made him believe that he’s ok, causing him to invalidate his feelings

--which was something that brainwashed him to such a deep point of believing his lies

--meet someone who helped him break free of that, who ended up being a demon

--the demon was killed, which prompted him to run away

--dyed his hair to try and have control over his life and to rebel against his parents

--parents held the very old Chinese belief that every part of his body is a gift from his parents, and that he was not allowed to “damage” it, and they were angry about him dying his hair

--doesn’t realize how badly that might affect him and how lonely he’ll feel
“to escape what had become a nightmare for him -- taking with him what little he could before escaping to Japan after scrounging together enough stolen funds to sneak onto a boat, living his life in the gutters and the shadows.“

--moved to Japan and ended up getting involved with the Yakuza for most of his teenage and young adult life

--“Come, join me. Someone like you shouldn’t be left to rot in the gutter.”

--commissioned a weaponsmith for a custom set of gunblades to mix his skill with firearms and bladed weapons

--also commissioned the same weaponsmith for Kuro Komo

--due to his savage nature and brutality (out of loyalty and admiration of the boss), as well as the beginning of his dragon tattoo, he earned the name “Dragon of Kyushu” during his time in the yakuza around the Kitakyushu prefecture

--after three years, the clan fell apart after the heads were arrested due to a setup from another yakuza family in coordination with the police, he moved to Norway to kill the part of him that felt sadness and sorrow about being alone again because he doesn't understand his emotions

--spent three years in Norway, developing his powers and learning new skills

--returned to Japan out of nostalgia, homesickness, as well as the overall aesthetic and sights to see

--fought in the Greece Tournament against Yuki and Mirja, losing his arm against the latter

--regained his arm from Mana and was given the Seal of Eris

--met Calypso, spent a lot of time with her, leading to him befriending her

--saw the events of Minatumi on TV at his home in Japan, almost lashed out against Algos for what she did

--unable to comprehend and understand the extreme emotions he felt after Algos’ attack (as a result of his growing love for Calypso and the demonic influence of the Seal of Eris) and ended up harming himself

--met Ulv after Calypso pulled him to her

--met up with Algos, learned about his love for Calypso, and was given a mark to give him access to the Demon World and a home for him and Calypso to stay in

--confessed to Calypso, requested her to turn him into a demon

--converted into a demon, confronted several inner demons during the process, and proposed to Calypso


Strength: While for the first chunk of his life, strength was hardly something that he was very focused on, only enough to aid in his practices in Taijiquan. After he ran away from home, Vanyel quickly began working on his strength, making it a focus alongside his skill in martial arts, weaponry, and durability. Capable of smashing through walls, boulders, and more, even having lifting strength comparable to these things, Vanyel is still capable of being quite a powerhouse. However, even as a human, he is still limited by his own stamina, and if he throws around too much of his maximum strength around at all times, he will tire himself out and force himself to recover or switch to a defensive strategy.

Durability: Despite having no regenerative or healing-based abilities, Vanyel has used this as a form of motivation as well as reasoning to continue improving his natural, physical durability. Having taken quite the amount of physical abuse over the years, he became quick to adapt and begin using his energy to not only refine his body and prevent it from being damaged as easily but also developing defensive abilities and techniques to keep himself from being hurt as easily, going so far as to layer those defenses to keep himself safe. While he may not be as much of a tank and damage sponge as someone such as Radioactive, Vanyel is certainly capable of causing a lot of damage, as well as taking a lot of damage, using his energy to make his body a shield, rather than try and develop some form of regeneration. For him, it’s a better use of energy to shield himself, rather than heal himself.

Speed: As someone who was often moving and keeping on his feet throughout his life, speed became an important aspect for Vanyel. Purposefully wearing light clothes to stay nimble and making it easier for him to move around, as well as being capable of using his energy to boost his natural speed if need be. While he isn’t the fastest individual in the world, Vanyel still holds speed close as a valuable tool, and a very applicable rush of adrenaline. However, his skill does not only involve movement speed -- two other types of speed come into play here: reaction timing and attack speed. Tying into his skill with very specific weaponry such as knives, swords, and even using playing cards as weapons, it is possible for Vanyel to also channel energy into these actions and create attacks that can be released at higher speeds than his entire body can, as focusing his energy into smaller actions can sometimes be leagues more effective than the effort of moving his entire body at once. As a result of this, Vanyel also has a moderately high amount of stamina, able to move long distances without too much fatigue, or staying in battle for long periods without tiring.

Martial Skill: Weapons and martial arts is something that has been a part of Vanyel's entire life. Initially learning the Chen style of the martial art Taijiquan as a method of self-defense as a child, it was something that Vanyel almost constantly practiced due to his parent's assistance. In addition, after learning of the Southern Dragon Style of Chinese martial arts (something that became the basis and inspiration for his own, personal martial art), it didn't take him long to practice that as well, albeit in secret. However, after running away from home, he quickly stopped relying on it, instead favoring the use of knives and short, bladed weapons.

After he joined the yakuza, it didn't take him long to become more formalized with his weaponry and martial arts, sharpening his skills and becoming more balanced with his capabilities. He learned more about Japanese weapons, and, in time, brought the famous katana and the (less famous) tanto to his arsenal. But, as time went on, Vanyel also became a far more brutal fighter, learning and using underhanded moves with formal practice and training through his time in the Japanese underworld in conjunction with the martial arts he already knew.

However, one last thing that Vanyel picked up overtime was his skill with bladed weapons and firearms. During his time in the yakuza, he learned about others such as pistols and revolvers, eventually commissioning his own personalized weapons from a smith in Japan. Even after the Kudo-kai clan fell apart, Vanyel continued to practice and learn about new weapons, become knowledgeable about rifles during his time in Norway, learn to hunt in order to put food on the table and be an enjoyable pastime.

    Dragon Dance / Dragon Style: With his skill set largely being defined and inspired by the dragons of eastern myth, Vanyel ended up creating his own martial art during his time in the yakuza, basing and combining aspects of various martial arts that he learned during his life, creating the Dragon Dance, or Dragon Style. The most notable inspiration for this is Southern Dragon Kung-Fu, mixing the speed, power, and overall technique of the martial art in conjunction with his own personal mix, using a variety of fast low kicks, high punches, and “middle ground” strikes to overwhelm an opponent using ferocity, speed, and raw power. It takes a stance similar to the Forward Stance of Shaolin Kung-Fu, with a lot of weight being focused on the front leg, with the front knee bending forward and the back leg kept straight to allow the body to easily move forward, generating power and further forward movement.

Multilingual: As someone who’s traveled across the world in his life, it’s only natural that he’d have learned some of the languages over his time. Born in China, the native language, Mandarin, was his first, and what he used for a large majority of his life until moving to Japan, where he slowly learned both Japanese and English under the tutelage of the yakuza clan that took him in. After the clan fell apart and Vanyel moved to Norway to escape his sorrow and loneliness, Vanyel had to learn some Norwegian during his time there to communicate in certain parts of the country, albeit not always perfect. With these four languages under his belt, it allows him to communicate in a large variety of situations, or talk shit about someone behind their back in a language they don’t understand -- whichever fits the situation.



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Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:56 am


Ward of the Vigilant: Inspired by Heimdallr, Vanyel, by summoning a small portion of energy, can create a small "ward" to place on the ground, which he can use to see anything within a one-mile radius. Any movements that occur within that vicinity, Vanyel is made aware of. With this, Vanyel can also “see” through the wards by closing his eyes, using them similarly to a security camera, looking at the area from a bird’s eye view, at the cost of being able to see normally. Additionally, by closing his eyes, he can also see a bird’s eye view of himself of twenty feet, able to extend this with wards. This ability is capable of being placed on people and allows him to observe them with the same radius as himself, though this halves the time it would be active, and they take up two “slots” of the total amount of wards he can have active. Ultimately, these Wards generally last around six posts, with them normally being replaced easily and are halved to around three posts if placed on a person, and a three post cooldown, if so.

Jester’s Deception: Named in tribute to Loki, Vanyel can use a small bit of energy and change himself or another object. The biggest stipulation is that he must have physically observed the object or person that he wants to change himself or something else into, allowing an extreme level of control over his anatomy and body, though channeled into a detailed objective. This allows him to replicate the appearance of whatever he desires, down to the smallest or singular details, so long as that requirement is fulfilled. For transforming objects, they do not have a time limit until they turn back. However, when it comes to himself, these do still have a time limit of around five posts, but another way to end them early would be physical damage, as a weakness of these disguises would be the amount of focus that it takes to keep them active, and a few direct blows are capable of shattering the deception.

Allfather’s Supremacy: Named in tribute to the Allfather and King of Asgard -- Odin -- Allfather’s Supremacy utilizes this aspect of “absolute” control and subjection through how this allows him to use his energy. By enveloping or inserting his energy into an object, Vanyel can use that to refine an object, controlling the aspect of it and increasing its offensive, defensive, or even utility purposes. An ability most useful and used with his Kabufuda card deck from his days in the Yakuza, an example of this would be wrapping his energy around one of the cards to increase the power of them, allowing them to become a weapon all their own. Additionally, after touching an object and enveloping his energy in it, Vanyel is also capable of creating strands of energy to control those objects with his energy, equivalent to his Strength, though these are limited to around ten to twenty feet in front of him.

Royal Mark: After being marked by Algos herself, the Demon Princess granted him an ability from that mark that allows him to go between Earth and Demon World as he pleases, as well as to Algos’, the Queen’s, as well as his own small manor in the Royal Asthavon Palace alongside Algos and Calypso. It is notably easy to activate, as it only takes a small amount of energy in order to create a vortex, portal, or any method of transportation to cross the dimensional rift, or access any other location as he pleases.


Tao Chi Powers

Cheong Bu Dantian (Ling) - Five Fire Pillars: Five Fire Pillars is a Dantian that spits heated Qi that warms the body and burns the foe with its strikes. The depth of it is decent, and so a user may fight a pitched battle and not worry that their supply will run dry unless it becomes extended, or they are thrust into battles beyond the first with no time to rest. Compression of one's Jing requires some effort, it does not happen at a running pace like the Dantian of Twelve Lightning Bolts, and with the sizable storage, it is not something that can be done in a snap. Rank: Bronze I (formerly Third Realm, Shining Grade / Gold III)

Cultivation Technique - Torrid Yang of the Vermillion Dragon: A cultivation technique designed around the irezumi inked onto his back during his time in the yakuza, it takes the concept of yang, being warm, soft, masculine, and bright, mixing it with Flesh-Markers, giving his tattoo the ability to cultivate while Vanyel is within the light. When the tattoo is directly exposed in the light, it allows for a slightly stronger cultivation, with brighter light giving up to a 0.5x boost in cultivation speed.

Jin Jing Huo Yan (True Sight): Named after Wukong's eyes, Vanyel channels Qi into his eyes and augments his vision, giving him a larger sense of control over what he sees. The first trait that his True Sight grants him is the ability to see energy and energy types as an aura around someone, with colors to distinguish the different races, such as red for demonic energy, and blue for normal spiritual energy. This specific trait is unique, as it allows Vanyel to see these auras and energies without having to directly see someone, though the effect ends when he blinks, something that can come much sooner than normal as per one of the main weaknesses of the ability. That being, the longer that Vanyel has True Sight active, the more strained his eyes will become, in conjunction with not blinking. Once deactivated, he must wait for two to three posts before activating it again.

Five Forms of Immortality: Vanyel can cover his body in five layers of Qi to create levels of defenses above his body, of which take the form of dragon scales. Starting from his skin, the first layer that is closest to him is arguably the strongest and takes some extremely powerful strikes to crack and break it. As the layers branch out from his skin, they get progressively, yet slightly weaker to balance out the absurdly strong nature of the first and closest layer of “immortality”. The layer closest to him allows him to create a layer of defense equal to his Durability stat, made of Shen. After that, every subsequent layer is a level below his Durability stat. When the ability is activated, only the outermost layer appears, with subsequent layers appearing after it's broken. After each layer is broken, Vanyel must wait for a post per layer to come back, one at a time. (ex. Waiting for one post would bring one layer back, waiting for a second post would bring another back, etc)

Personalized Technique - Dragon King's Call: Storms were an infamous weapon in Ao Kuang’s arsenal, a notable symbol of his pride and power -- and by condensing his Qi and manipulating the properties of it, Vanyel is capable of replicating that, generating lightning from his body and in the surrounding area. Through some form of physical motion, whether it be snapping his fingers for an instantaneous blast, or through the movements of his martial arts to create more elaborate arcs and forms of the basis, Vanyel can create and manipulate lightning in a fifty-foot radius of himself, primarily using his movements and martial arts to guide the lightning along an intended pathway in order achieve a sense of flow and fluidity with his abilities, but are mostly meant to be reserved for brief bursts.

Cinnabar Scream: By tapping into the nature of his Dantian, Five Fire Pillars, Vanyel can heat up and channel his Qi into his mouth and throat, allowing him to emit a blast of fire from his mouth, capable of extending out to around fifteen feet in front of him, burning whatever it touches. On a base level, this would be able to cause first-degree burns, and if more Qi is placed into the attack, capable of reaching second-degree burns, though this is considerably more draining. However, this ability does come with its drawbacks, the first of which is that because Vanyel is inhaling and exhaling to activate and unleash this ability, it can physically exhaust him to use repeatedly. However, another physical drawback comes from this ability creating the flames inside his body to prepare them, potentially damaging himself internally. With that, and the inability to use this in rapid succession without consequence, keeping the uses of this to around once or twice before waiting for three or so posts to rest.


Eris Child: The Phonoi

Eris Child Theme: Demons / Daemon(s) of Murder & Killing (Power Theme: Torture and Execution)

Phonoi's Powers/Abilities

Elements of the Interrogation: Throughout history, different elements have been used for the sake of extracting information out of someone, electricity in the Electric Chair, water in waterboarding, or even sound (or lack thereof) in “no-touch” or sound torture. Capable of harnessing all of these “elements” of the interrogation at will, the Phonoi can use their energy and malleate it to create these effects. But, while they can utilize these to dish out as much pain as possible, there are caveats.

The first one being that they do not have a large amount of versatility and control over these elements outside of projecting them in very simple formats, one of them being the augmentation of existing elements. For example, The Phonoi would only be able to generate water, fire/heat, and electricity from their fingertips, or being able to augment the power of existing elements in a given medium, such as an Electric Chair. Furthermore, another additional drawback is that they can only utilize one element at a time, and cannot switch immediately, waiting for two to three posts before being able to change elements in combat,

Instruments: Tying into the Phonoi's theme of torture and execution is the ability to summon and utilize any form of torture equipment throughout history, generally by taking them from his Chasm Point. This often takes little to no energy to perform, as many of these instruments and devices aren't too demanding, such as saws, pliers, garotte wire, or the scold's bridle, allowing for ease of summoning, dismissal, and swapping with little to no downtime between them. However, larger devices such as the Rack, Brazel Bull, or the Iron Maiden would require far more energy, be unable to swap as easily, and have a far period of only being capable of summoning one at a time.

Bamboo Torture: By creating a piece of bamboo from his own energy, Vanyel must touch and pierce a target's body for it to take effect. Afterward, it begins to focus on feeding off the energy that said target uses and emits, as this will slightly weaken any attack that uses energy by 5-10%, but also making the piece of bamboo slowly grow inside them, causing excruciating pain and internal damage. However, should someone use an attack that uses a large amount of energy, the bamboo is capable of draining up to 20% of a single attack, causing a massive spurt in growth and causing even more damage. This ability lasts for up to five to ten posts but is offset by a very slow build-up as a result.

Stakes of Wallachia: Based on the legend of Vlad Tepes III, Vanyel can create up to twenty-thousand pikes in a mile radius, with a variety of manifestation speeds, as the closer that he chooses to summon them to himself, the quicker they can appear and attack -- and, vice versa, the further away he wishes to create them, the longer it takes. These pikes do not possess a lot of destructive power on their own, but they are capable of being dismissed whenever Vanyel chooses or leaving them as physical obstructions for up to three posts.


Chasm Revival Name: Dutiful Slaughterer

Edict Oath: "Draw out their sins by the claws of Da Ji, Dutiful Slaughterer."

Chasm Mark: Center of chest



* All previous abilities from the Seal of Eris are retained.

Painless: Upon entering this form, it is practically impossible for Vanyel to feel any pain, no matter the amount of damage or type of attack, as entering this form automatically alters the way that his nerves work by numbing his sense of pain. This dulling of pain is to the extent to where he could stand in fire for hours or be pierced by a blade thousands of times without so much as flinching. However, this does not make him immune to the damage that he would take from attacks, merely making him unable to feel or react to any pain that might come.

Iron Maiden: By using their energy and creating a fifty-foot steel cage, four pools of blue energy manifest in random locations on all four sides of the cage -- though, it does not cover the entire cage and does leave room for escape, should someone be quick enough. After these pools of blue energy manifest, four enormous blades erupt from the pools, reaching across to the opposing direction they manifest in, seeking to impale everything that they come across, before vanishing along with the cage. This requires a moderate amount of energy to perform, and as such, can only be used once before needing to wait for four posts.

Paolao: The best-known creation of Daji, the malicious fox spirit. Manifesting a giant bronze pillar and hot coals along the ground in a half-mile radius, chains immediately attempt to latch onto whatever is in the radius. Should they hook onto anything, all speed-related abilities, racial, natural, and personal/unique, will all have their effectiveness halved immediately, with a gradual decrease the further the character moves from the pillar. Also, the field of coals will continue to heat up over the course of three posts, reaching their peak. The pillar and field of coals disappear after three posts.

Guillotine: In reference to the most infamous method of execution in history, this ability creates a large, curved blue blade on the side of their arm. Outside of being a method of dealing damage, the Guillotine is meant to be an ability used against defenses, and as such, is capable of breaking through them far easier, with each strike eating away at them more and more until it makes the target vulnerable. The extension of their arm is capable of lasting three posts, going on a four-post cooldown when the time expires.


Gunblades: A unique weapon that was commissioned and fashioned for him by a weaponsmith during his time in the yakuza, built from similar material as his Devil's Dagger, giving both blades of the gunblades the means to act as weapons capable of hurting spiritual beings. Additionally, the guns have the ability to be charged, with Vanyel fueling more energy into the bullets to increase their destructive power. In doing so, he can give them the power comparable to a regular Cero, giving them the ability to pierce through regular physical walls without losing momentum, and giving a small damage boost as a result.

Kuro Komo: Outside of his gunblades, this is Vanyel's most notable and signature weapon, in the design of a Chinese imperial Jian with golden tertiary additions, and a notably sharp blade, that even lightly running one's finger across it can create a cut. This is because one of the most notable aspects of the weapon is the unparalleled cutting power compared to any of his weapons, capable of cutting through defenses of Advanced level and below, though there is a larger emphasis on physical defenses, rather than spiritual.

Knives: Outside of Kuro Komo, the biggest piece of Vanyel's arsenal is his fascination and love of knives, something that led him to collect a large variety of different kinds of knives to have and to use in combat. Balisongs, gut knives, throwing knives, switchblades, folding knives, and countless other types of pocket knives, Vanyel has several different types of pocket knives on his person at any time, allowing him to use them for either ranged combat with throwing knives or close-quarters combat.

Kunwu: A weapon created with the intent of combating against any demons that threatened his beloved, most notably Algos, should they ever were to come to blows. Vanyel took inspiration for the name after the blade's moniker, 'The Demon Slayer,’ for its noted effectiveness against demonic creatures in the mythos. Kunwu is capable of weakening and potentially even nullifying weak to mid-level demonic attacks, giving it the ability to either deflect or outright cut through them. However, it becomes far stronger when used to harm demonkind. Even with a single strike, it is capable of dulling and weakening the flow of Za Koa and demon energy as a whole within a demon, preventing them from regenerating at high speeds for around two or three posts.

Corrosion Cloud: Corrosion Cloud is an old gift from Mana, tethered to Vanyel's mind and body. While it generally takes the form of a literal cloud, it is capable of being altered in shape and size, should he will it. As far as actual abilities go, Corrosion Cloud is capable of decomposing the physical and metaphysical with whatever it makes contact with, with effects varying based on the strength of what it makes contact with in the first place.


Non-Spiritually Enhanced Objects: Usually if they aren't protected or enhanced, Vanyel can decompose many objects within his range of effect within the same post with relatively little effort. It will still take energy from him, but it won't exhaust him too badly if it isn't spammed.

Spiritually Enhanced Objects: If the object/weapon/structure is spiritually enhanced, then he will have to continue to make multiple strikes with his weapon to corrode it. That, or he will have to weaken it through other means and wait to use Corrosion Cloud for a critical blow. I.E. wearing down something like a barrier with his other abilities and then using Corrosion Cloud to be the last strike that manages to break it. With that said, it is then important to begin to understand the range of effects of this Corrosion Cloud. It has a maximum range of one hundred meters for any sort of ability associated with it.

Other Attacks: He can influence other attacks with this ability to attempt to corrode them within the same post, but it will always take an active effort because he is fighting against other opponent's forces. Additionally, he will be limited to 1-4 usages per post based on the range of effect limitations written below this section.

Decay Of People: This ability can cause corrosion of other characters as well, but is limited to the closest range. When this contact is made, he tries and corrodes one aspect of themselves at a time and he will have to actively focus on it. So, if he were able to make a direct hit against an opponent, focusing on their "speed,” then it would try to decrease how fast the opponent could move to immobilize them. It can influence around two or three aspects of a character if it strikes them directly within the 1-20 meter range. I.E., if he were to make a second direct hit on the opponent, he could try and focus on decaying their durability to make them more prone to injury. These effects will usually clear up after the thread is over with and aren't permanent. They are temporary to try and weaken the opponent for Vanyel so he can gain an advantage.


61 to 100 Meter: Extreme effort which will probably drain him in one post. He may produce one attack in this range, but it will probably induce a three post cooldown and feel as if a good deal of effort was expended to perform.

41 to 60 Meters: This is a high level of effort for Vanyel. He still can extend two attacks per post within this range, but it will leave him drained and make him feel rather exhausted. There will also be one post cool down before he can use it again.

21 to 40 Meters: This is considered a moderate effort zone for Vanyel. He'll more than likely be able to form two attacks within this range, but it will leave a noticeable form of exhaustion mentally or physically for him.

1-20 Meters: This is considered a low effort zone. Vanyel can more than likely form 2-4 attacks per post within this range.

Other Side Effects

Tethered Link To Body And Mind: While its abilities are pretty grand and potent, it won't do a whole lot of good if Van himself takes a heavy amount of damage. This is because the more his body is injured, the more complicated it becomes to properly wield it. Additionally, it will take small traces of energy away from him. So, at some point, this weapon may stop working if there is nothing for it to consume from his body. Nothing in this world comes without exchange.


Ties to the Yakuza: Despite the Kudo-kai clan having disbanded years ago, Vanyel still holds some level of ties to not only the boss and head of the clan but also to his brothers that have scattered across the world. He doesn’t keep in direct or consistent contact with them, but all of them are more than aware that they are alive and well. Above all, they are people he can rely on more than most others for information, camaraderie, and secretly, for nostalgia.

Chasm Point - Tartarus: Named after the prison of the Titans in Greek mythos, The Phonoi's Chasm Point generally takes the form of a torture room. The most basic form of this is a simple, medium-sized room covered in gray. Tables and drawers with various torture equipment line the walls and corners of the room, with a single chair in the center, and a smaller table for tools next to it. However, one of the key traits of their Chasm Point is the natural, near-absolute control that the Phonoi has over the shape, size, and appearance, allowing them to change the appearance of the Chasm Point as they wish, as well as shifting around the rooms and overall structure as they please.

Generally, there are other beings within this world that the Phonoi uses for his own amusement, using the countless types of equipment and tools that he has present within the Chasm Point. Additionally, another function that it serves is acting as storage for Vanyel's equipment and belongings when he cannot carry them, which the Phonoi often creates an isolated room as storage for them, separate from the rest of the Chasm Point. Furthermore, as detailed before, the different types of torture equipment here is where the Phonoi's ability "Instruments" is tied to, as they draw their equipment from their Chasm Point.


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced (desiring Elite)

Tai Chi Human Sheet
  • Comprehension: Adept
  • Physique: Beginner
  • Talent: Beginner
  • Support Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner



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