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Nix Shraik
Nix Shraik
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Here we go again, ehhh ^w^' Left_bar_bleue126500/99999Here we go again, ehhh ^w^' Empty_bar_bleue  (126500/99999)

Here we go again, ehhh ^w^' Empty Here we go again, ehhh ^w^'

Sat Apr 17, 2021 4:05 am
For those who remember me, hi again! I know, I come and go a lot ^w^'

For those who don't know me, name is Nix/David/Whatever XD. I'm a here and there RP-er whose life has been too much of a rollercoaster lately ^w^ I enjoy writing up summoners, mages, crafters and shapeshifters, though, I'm quite bad of actually writing up abilities :/ Finishing a character sheet for me is...It's a challenge >,<

I doubt I will be bringing back any of my old characters as I feel that those stories are old and alien to me now ^w^'

Such, I will be making new characters and I'm actually interested in what's new. I did check out some stuff but I can already see it's a lot.

Also, while I have character ideas on my own (considering making an above-average pluss, maybe) I do, actually, want to roleplay with people, so...If someone needs a relative or smth, hit me up

At the moment I can be contacted only through PM as my Discord got hacked by my ex and in panic I just...Deleted it ^w^' I haven't gotten it back yet as I had no need, really XD

That's about it ^w^
See ya' around!

Here we go again, ehhh ^w^' RDLUVBj
Here we go again, ehhh ^w^' 82q86I3
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