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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2422, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Furukawa Asami [APPROVED; 3-3, Shinigami] [Hazard Rating D] Empty Furukawa Asami [APPROVED; 3-3, Shinigami] [Hazard Rating D]

Fri 30 Apr 2021, 8:03 pm
Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Shinigami

I. Basic Information

» Name: Furukawa Asami (古川麻美)
» Alias: --
» Age: Appears late twenties
» Gender: Female

» Association:
Gotei United - 5th Division
Onmitsukidō - Executive Militia, Detention Unit (Formerly)

» Appearance Written: Standing just over 5'10" tall with a lithe build and slightly elongated limbs, at a glance, Asami appears to be an astute woman with a professional aura.

Asami has long, raven-black hair that runs down the entire length of her back and is almost always seen tied into a single ponytail by a stylish red ribbon and several similarly coloured clips. Her eyes are a vibrant shade of red, burning with a hidden passion, and she has a small turned-up nose along with thin lips that rest naturally in a slight smile but suit a frown equally well. The rest of her facial features are sharp, befitting her practical nature, and she has creamy skin with a light complexion.

She has the look of a modern businesswoman, with a straight posture that amplifies her already noteworthy height. She carries herself with an air of confidence and intense focus that shows in her dedication to her duties. Her frame is slender, sporting somewhat of an hourglass shape, though she prefers to conceal her figure rather than exaggerate it.

» Appearance Image:

Furukawa Asami [APPROVED; 3-3, Shinigami] [Hazard Rating D] Bd9fcc10

I. Personality

» Personality: Asami tends to conduct herself in the manner that befits a woman of intelligence and subtlety, however, a more experienced eye might note that this is instead the surface level of a rather different person underneath. She carries herself with a noble bearing, best demonstrated by her effort to maintain an upright posture, though self-righteousness is what truly defines her presence.

In casual conversation, Asami is keen to maintain this facade with a prissy attitude and a formal cadence though she can often come off as cold because of this. When she speaks in such situations, it is often to deliver precise statements or cutting remarks rather than flowery comments. She is not one to spread idle gossip but equally not one to suppress it, and quietly prides herself on trying to keep up with her social circles.

Beneath this is a highly driven woman with a particularly fiery tenacity, spawned from a work-orientated lifestyle where she devotes much of her time toward her place in society and has a burning desire to protect and serve. She is devoutly lawful, striving for the protection of her comrades and those in need, though her methods can be blunt at times and she can be hotheaded in the pursuit of these ideals which can land her in difficult situations.

I. History

» History:

The Furukawa are far from well known within the wider circles of Soul Society, but they have lived quietly as a lower-class noble family for many generations. In a similar vein to several of the other lower families, they can trace their origin back to a parent clan among the great noble houses and often work alongside them. For Asami's family, this is the Koizumi Clan and it is has been the honour of many of her forebearers to serve as retainers to the most secretive of the great houses. The Furukawa play the role of librarians and lore keepers within Soul Society, having amassed a modest collection over the centuries they have resided within it, and it is the duty of the head of house to protect this knowledge.

Born to the current head of household, Asami Furukawa was the eldest child of the union, she had a relatively comfortable childhood as far as those go. Though her family was far from the richest or the most influential, they were still a noble house and afforded many privileges that the average citizen might only dream of. That is not to say that her youth was without any challenge, as from even her earliest days she was being groomed to one day take her rightful position as custodian of the archives. Expectations were levelled upon her from a young age, both from within her own family and outside of it, and she strove to meet these challenges like a diligent heiress.

Asami came to lead a quiet life within the Seireitei, interacting infrequently with other noble houses whilst she studied and hardly anyone else. Knowledge was the primary focus of her early education, lessons in the history of both Soul Society and the human planet beyond it, and that bred in her the desire to explore these distant realms. To step into the Rukongai, to see the outside world further still, and soon this passing fancy became a burning curiosity. Her parents tried to suppress this most unbecoming mindset of their darling daughter, but the child first exhibited her willfulness and refused to be so easily swayed. This set her on the path towards eventually enrolling in the Shin'ō Academy, despite some resistance from her family to the heiress taking on such public duties.

Knowing where their daughter's ambitions were leading her, and unable to sway her from this desire, Asami's parents shifted her education from textbook lessons to more practical ones. She didn't have a particularly imposing build, on the taller side but lean and spindly rather than burly, but she had set her sights upon a goal and threw herself into training wholeheartedly. Swordplay soon became her hobby of choice, other martial arts trailing closely behind too, and slowly but surely she adapted herself to this active lifestyle. Eventually, she felt ready to head to the academy and put her skills to the test. Once there and settled in, Asami advanced through the early classes at a rapid pace and looked set to complete the course in only four years.

Whilst training at the academy primarily focused on learning to control Reiatsu and the four combat forms, at which her upbringing gave her a considerable advantage, it was also her first point of real exposure to the wider community. Where others shied away, she found herself growing sympathetic to the population that had lived much harsher lives than within the Seireitei like herself and grew quietly more determined to help those worse off in whatever way she could. She heard of the lawlessness in the outer districts, which had only grown worse as the number of residents in Soul Society continued to spiral, and became set on the idea of bringing justice and security to all. It was a noble goal that could certainly not be achieved alone, so she signed on for one further year at the academy as an apprentice attached to the Stealth Force.

As a junior member of the Onmitsukidō, Asami was first assigned to the Detention Unit and spent much of her apprenticeship training her Hakuda and helping to maintain order within the Nest of Maggots. Dealing with the dregs of Soul Society was not quite as glamorous as she had first imagined it, though she found a simple satisfaction in her duties. Her final year breezed by after that, and she formally joined the Unit shortly afterwards. She grew to enjoy her work, keeping criminals and other dangerous people in line, but it began to border on an obsession.

Asami became rather skilled at hiding her true self because of this, it helped keep her secretive duties with the Stealth Force under wraps whilst also putting a barrier between her outward self and this fiery underbelly that she tried to conceal. This did not stifle her flame though, she served for several years in the Detention Unit until she had proven herself capable of handling herself in combat and then requested a transfer to the Executive Militia to serve directly under Sui Feng. Where her work with the Detention Unit had been rather clandestine, even by the standards of the Onmitsukidō, the Militia specialised in tracking down wanted criminals and enforcing justice on the streets of the Rukongai.

She flourished in this field, quickly rising through the ranks as she proved her abilities and finally getting to put her Zanjutsu skills to use against rogue souls that sought to disturb the peace after years spent having to fight without it inside of the Nest. She grew closer to her Zanpakutô spirit during this time, building on the lessons that she had first learned at the academy, and eventually achieved her Shikai. Musai Kyoutei was a unique weapon, specifically suited to fighting against one type of foe, and fortunately, those people often had an inclination for causing trouble and clashing with the Militia.

This growth eventually led to her joining the Gotei 13, as high ranking members of the Onmitsukidō often found their way into the second division. Asami served as a low ranking seated officer for several decades on top of her already lengthy service with the Onmitsukidō, up until the demonic invasion of Soul Society. Though rarely a figure of renown in this period, she maintained a commendable service record and devoted considerable amounts of time to her duties as a Shinigami. It was in the aftermath of the great incursion that she first stepped away from the institution that had long held her sole driving focus.

For everything else that she had become, Asami had always been the heiress of the Furukawa family and that finally caught up with her when news broke that her father had passed away. The transition of power was not a tumultuous one, though it kept her away from active duties as Soul Society went through a prolonged period of change that culminated in the restructuring of the Gotei 13 into the Gotei United. A further period of chaos followed as the fourth world war raged across Earth, though Asami was once again hidden from the spotlight as she remained in the Seireitei to protect her family archives, and by that point, she had could sit idle no longer.

I. Equipment

» Equipment: [If your Shinigami has any equipment? Put it here. If they don't, skip this section.]

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

Heightened Resistance: Countless years of training over the course of her prolonged life has fashioned Asami into an instrument of war even if her build may belie it. Neither stronger, nor faster, it is the drive to simply endure whatever hardship is placed before her that sets her apart from her peers. In a physical sense, she has put herself through strict training regimes to harden her body to the point that it would surprise even footed opponents with how much punishment she could take and keep moving.

Hoho Expert: Building off her naturally sleek build and acrobatic style of fighting, Asami has been practising with the art of Shunpo since her early days at the academy to enhance her mediocre speed. Unlike martial pursuits, at which she was considered more naturally inclined from her youth, she strived to push Hoho to the limit of her abilities and such dedication has not been fruitless. Her flash step is certainly a powerful tool, not to the point where she could be heralded as a master or even a prodigy but it is at a dependable level that could keep pace with others that fall short of those highest tiers.

Kido Practioner: Asami can use low numbered Kido comfortably outside of combat, though it has never been her field of specialisation and she makes no effort to enhance her skill set. She can exert herself to conjure magic in battle under pressure though it is not an impressive feat and better suited for support than any meaningful offence.

Zanjutsu Specialist: Ever since she first held an Asauchi, Asami has never felt more comfortable than with a blade at her side or in her hand. A most unladylike disposition that she acknowledges and carefully masks in everyday life, though simply witnessing how she handles her weaponry in combat is often enough to see a clear love for the craft. Of all the disciplines taught at the academy, it was at Zanjutsu that she naturally excelled and has continued to exceed expectations. She has trained consistently with her weapons to develop a fighting style that best suits her physique, and built her own techniques around best utilising this in addition to her atypical Zanpakutô.
  • Kage Hanagata (影花形, "Shadow Flower Form"): A martial style of Asami's own creation, Kage Hanagata revolves around the use of paired weapons and fluid movement to attack in an unpredictable manner. Most of its techniques incorporate feints and subtle changes in position or stance to mask the exact purpose of her attacks, giving opponents the impression of fighting both Asami and her shadow at the same time.

Hakuda Combatant: Though she willingly admits to favouring Zanjutsu over traditional hand-to-hand combat, Asami remains a formidable Hakuda practitioner and is capable of weaving Hakuda abilities into her regular fighting style with ease. This stems from her personal connections with the Stealth Force, having spent years training with and serving in the Onmitsukidō, and she has even developed a handful of unique techniques to suit her needs. Her own Hakuda manoeuvres tend to focus on her lower body and her movement, primarily kicks and leg-based takedowns, as both her hands can often be occupied during battle given the style of her Zanjutsu.

Order from Chaos: Less an actual ability and more a state of mind, Order from Chaos is perhaps the truest realisation of Asami's inner self. It is the driving idea that she is an embodiment of law in a world defined by turmoil and that it is her solemn duty to stand resolute against whatever pandemonium crosses her path. It is not something that she can willingly activate, being in essence a passive ability that triggers of its own volition, but has slowly developed over her life as her beliefs matured. Essentially, it acts as a mental barrier that compels her body to function even in the face of the illogical or the incomprehensible. Asami's mental abilities are heightened whilst under the effects of illusory magic or abilities, increasing her chances of detecting that she is under such effects and even overcoming them.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Musai Kyoutei (無済鏡庭, "Mirror Garden Without End")

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: The spirit of Musai Kyoutei manifests as a short, teal-haired humanoid bedecked in an outfit of blue and green cloth with a spiked pauldron over their left shoulder. Their face is often hidden behind a mask of similar colours and golden inlays, complete with horns and bearing an expression of a snarling grin.

Musai Kyoutei:

Should Musai Kyoutei be seen without their mask, then most of the colour has also drained from their appearance. They have pallid skin and blacks and greys dominate their once colourful outfit, though a few teal highlights do remain. Revealed underneath the mask is a monstrous visage, with eyes of amber, a forked tongue, a pair of horns, and several unsettlingly lifelike tattoos.

Unmasked Musai Kyoutei:

» Inner World: A sprawling country estate, left ruined and overrun with moss and vines. The greenery seems almost ready to reclaim the ancient building from the outside, though it stands in defiance of this fact. Heading inside the estate, it is labyrinthine in construction and spreads across countless levels through rooms in various stages of degradation. Some sections are pleasant enough that they might be considered inhabitable, though the worst have been left to decay. There is no logic to the internal design, and it can shift and change seemingly at random, making it all the easier to get lost in the depths.

The Estate of Reflection:

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Musai Kyoutei appears in its sealed state as a Daisho sword pair, consisting of a katana and a tantō. Both are commonly sheathed together at the right side of her hip, though the weapons are quite different in design and do not look like a natural match. The katana has an emerald green handle sporting a flower-petal cross guard decorated with fanciful golden inlays, whilst the tantō lacks a guard entirely and is purely black in colour from blade to pommel. Quizzically, Asami wields the shorter blade in her dominant hand and naturally fights in an unorthodox manner because of this.


Tantō :

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Bring Peace to Our Garden, Musai Kyoutei

» Shikai Release Action: Asami points the katana forwards, before striking upon the back of the blade with the flat of the tantō and calling the release phrase. This causes a rippling wave of sound similar to the tolling of bells to emit from the weapons, after which the sequence is complete.

» Shikai Appearance: The base appearance of the tantō seems to remain unchanged in its pure black form, though the darkness of the weapon intensifies to the point that it weeps oily tears along the cutting edge. The katana warps with the ripples that resonate out when it is struck by the smaller weapon during release and transforms into a flamberge sword. The hilt and crossguard remain the same after this form switch, and the weapon remains of a similar length, but the curved metal of the blade shines brightly and refracts the light in an unnatural manner.

» Shikai Abilities: The transformed tantō, though it drips with inky blackness, does not function in any different manner to a normal blade and the change appears purely aesthetic. The odd glow from the blade of the flamberge does naturally try to repel the gaze of any that would look directly at it, though the power of this effect is so low that it would hardly be a hindrance to anyone with any notable willpower or focus training.
  • Kuro Kagami (黒鏡, "Black Mirror"): Though Musai Kyoutei might at first glance appear to be a melee-type Zanpakutô, it in fact possesses a unique ability - illusion reflection. Activated as part of the Shikai release and then remaining in effect for the duration, Kuro Kagami causes the creators of any and all illusions within a range of thirty metres of Asami to fall under its spell and have their tricks turned against them. This range is based on her current Zanjutsu skill (Adept) and would increase by 10 metres for every additional rank. Only each illusion's original controller will experience the effects of their illusion, nullifying its effects on anyone else, and there appears to be no limit to the number of illusions that can be affected concurrently provided they remain within Musai Kyoutei's range. Asami has no way to target this ability, so it will affect friends and foes indiscriminately, and these reflected illusions will only end when she seals her weapon again.

    For example, were Shinji Hirako to release Sakanade whilst Kuro Kagami was in effect nearby then he would be the only one taken to the Upside Down World regardless of whom he targeted with it. He would suffer all the negative effects of his own illusion and be trapped in it until Asami ends Kuro Kagami or he manages to move far enough away from it.

    Whilst incredibly powerful against those whose primary strategy revolves around illusions, it is not without countermeasure. Illusions that can be utilised when both the ability and the controller remain a considerable separation from their opponent can outrange Kuro Kagami's effect if they can maintain this distance. Alternatively, if Musai Kyoutei is in its unreleased state then it is possible that Asami may be unable to notice the effects out of certain potent illusions to active her Shikai and reflect them.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced


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