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Sat May 15, 2021 2:23 pm
[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard C] Reida Ray Copeland OjM3hoa


Basic Information

○ Name: Reida Ray Copeland
○ Alias: N/A
○ Age: 33
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Quincy-in-Training

○ Affiliation: Vandenreich

○ Alignment: Neutral
○ Marital Status: Widow
○ Nationality: American
○ Sexual Orientation: Ain't no queer

○ Height: 5’8”
○ Weight: Healthy
○ Hair Colour: Brown
○ Eye Colour: Brown

[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard C] Reida Ray Copeland V43N04L

Psychological Analysis
If there were a single word to describe Reida, it would be “relaxed.” She has a calmness about her that can often seem a bit off-putting at times, given her general lack of stress even in what would be considered a profoundly stressful environment. Even when her life is in immediate danger, she generally treats the situation with a decidedly laissez-faire attitude, her safety seeming like it’s, at best, a tertiary concern. Some take this to mean that Reida doesn’t care for her well-being, that she’s willing to accept death at any given time, but this is far from true. In fact, she has a tenacity and a resolve to live that would likely be off-putting to others if they were to see it, and which would cloud her judgement if she allowed it to come to the surface. As such, she treats all but the most important matters with a calm head and a smile.

When not involved in more stressful situations, particularly when in casual environments, Reida proves to be something of a social butterfly. She is entirely willing to speak with anyone about anything, and she’s always happy to share a drink with anyone who appreciates a good glass of proper whiskey. Though her forward nature might prove at least a bit overbearing to some, she generally means well, and if you’re in her bad graces you’ll know plenty quick.

Of course, this clam cheer belies a certain degree of spite, and a cynicism that she generally tries not to let influence her much. Reida has seen her way of life overturned twice, and she holds those scars not only in the literal sense, but the figurative, as well. She is someone who wants peace at any cost, and she is willing to make any sacrifice she must so others can live without fear.


None at present.


Born in the heart of the American South, Reida’s life was a fairly simple one, if one which began with tragedy, her mother crippled by a Hollow attack shortly before Reida’s birth. Despite the catastrophe that was the Third World War, the culture of the South managed to endure, and by the time of her birth things had achieved some degree of order again. Things were peaceful, at least relatively so, but that would change with the advent of Shadow Fall’s rule.

Many would tell you that Shadow Fall’s time in the United States was, all things considered, not very much of a change from the way things had been before. Reida would even agree with that assessment, but only with hindsight, and perhaps a bit of acquiescence to the way things ultimately went. During the initial takeover, however, Reida fought to keep their forces at bay, a fight that was ultimately a fruitless endeavor. Through the course of six months, Reida lost close friends, her left arm, and her right eye. The arm was replaceable, lost to nothing but a cleaving strike that was, ultimately, the reason she finally was captured. The eye, however, was all but burned from existence by a more powerful foe, as a sign of dominion over her. All things considered, she was let off rather easily. Perhaps it was her willingness to surrender in the face of what was, all things considered, an overwhelming defeat. Others would have carried on to the bitter end, but Reida was pragmatic, cynical even. Nothing would be achieved by simply dying.

In this surrender, Reida found only one companion. Her future husband, as it would turn out, though she would never tell you this as if it were a surprising turn of events. The two married, had children, and though Reida never forgot the losses she had felt during the war against Shadow Fall, she ultimately moved on from them. She had a family to raise, and she did not wish to see their lives burdened by war as hers had been.

Unfortunately, life did not listen to her wishes.

The Fourth World War struck America quite harshly, and throughout the land there was conflict not seen since Shadow Fall’s initial invasion. Yet, this time, it somehow seemed far worse. Before, it had been only men against demons, an easy conquest which demanded little effort. Now, however, there were all manner of spiritual battles occurring that, for those such as Reida and her family, were nothing short of impossible to handle. Caught in the crossfire, there was little Reida could do but hope that they survived the carnage. In hindsight, she often wishes that she had not made it through. She, and she alone, lived through the Fourth World War, and with nothing but the clothes on her back and the gun with which she had once defended her home, she wandered for a short while. She fought demons, she fought shinigami. Whoever she saw causing chaos, regardless of their ostensible intentions, she simply fought without question. During this immersion in conflict, Reida found that her trusted rifle seemed to have changed, at least somewhat, but she did not particularly care enough to think much on it. There was only the battlefield for her at the present.

If she had not been found by the Secretary of the Grand Master, and offered a place within her organization, she suspects she simply would have become a terrorist. But then again, given her work within the Todgestalten, perhaps she still is one. Brought to the Vandenreich for recruitment, medical testing quickly noted that she was permeated with energy at least marginally similar to that of a Hollow. This was naturally a potential risk to many of the people in the City of Lights, and so she was brought for further testing, which determined her status as what they classified a “Fullbringer.” She didn’t care about that, at least in and of itself, but being told she could not undertake Quincy training without risk to her life was almost laughable. She would undertake it anyway. As long as she didn’t die, that was all that mattered.

Today, Reida serves as a Coordinator in the Todgestalten, though her squad is noted to be composed entirely of lone operatives who rarely, if ever, actually collaborate on assignments. This seems to be by design, and Reida certainly is not one to argue about a situation which lets her handle matters in her own way. Her Quincy training, indeed, has been considered relatively slow, though this is in no small part on account of her outright inability to manifest a Spirit Weapon. Even these drawbacks mean nothing to her, however. She simply makes her own way, trains in her own style. She is not an orthodox Quincy by any stretch, but that’s not a huge concern to Reida.

She’s a Rebel, after all.


○ Box of Tricks: A large munitions case that Reida carries with her into every battlefield, the Box of Tricks has everything that Reida might need to operate on any given mission. Demolitions equipment, extra ammunition, trap-making tools, whatever is necessary. Generally speaking, one can assume Reida has whatever is necessary for general guerilla warfare, as well as for her current assignment.

○ Tennessee Whiskey: It’s a bottle of whiskey. She brings one everywhere, and it is never full for long.

○ Snacks: Mostly a holdover from her days as a full-time mother, Reida nearly always has snacks on her person, and is generally willing to share them if you ask.


○ Guerilla Warfare Specialist: Having seen extended combat during both Shadow Fall’s invasion of America and during World War 4 as part of local militia, Reida is quite well-versed in fighting dirty and with a home field advantage. Setting traps, capitalizing on terrain, and utilizing any possible advantage for the sake of victory are all skills she carries with her quite well.

○ Elite Marksmanship: While she has never experienced genuinely formal training, Reida’s ability to use a gun is quite above the average, having practiced with it a great deal during her youth, and having utilized those skills on the battlefield many times. There is nothing supernatural about her skill, though it should be noted that she is sufficiently practiced that even a missing eye, and by extension a lack of depth perception, no longer causes her any hindrance.


○ Spirit Weapon Incompatibility: Due to Reida’s status as a “Fullbringer,” at least according to Vandenreich medical experts, she bears spiritual power which seems markedly similar to that of a Hollow, and as such is incapable of manifesting a Quincy Spirit Weapon without causing herself catastrophic spiritual damage.

○ Northern Aggression: A fusion of her natural capabilities with her Quincy training, Reida’s ability to absorb and manipulate spiritual energy around her is quite dramatically increased. While she is capable of utilizing many typical Quincy applications of ambient reishi to a more potent degree, her true strength is in outright destroying an object to utilize its “soul” to the fullest degree. Reida is capable, for instance, of achieving high-speed movement by not only manipulating the energy below her feet, but by actively destroying the earth and the air itself for a massive increase in power. This is, obviously, a very potentially dangerous technique, but she seems wholly unfazed at that notion.

○ Join, or Die: An extended application of her ability to absorb reishi, Reida is capable of not only manipulating spiritual energy and absorbing it, but actively integrating it into her own body and soul. This ability grants her a relatively potent ability to recover from what would otherwise be quite significant wounds, though it is something which she must actively engage in utilizing her powers, rather than it simply being a natural side effect.

Mechanically speaking, to utilize Join, or Die causes Reida to have her skill in Reishi Absorption temporarily replaced with the Regeneration Skill from the Arrancar Skill Sheet. She may do this for as many posts as she wishes, but this ability must be utilized in whole-post increments when used in contested thread situations. That is to say, Reida cannot utilize both standard Reishi Absorption and this Regeneration effect in the same post, unless it is in a social thread or with the OOC permission of the other participants.


○ Fullbring Name: Dixie on My Mind

○ Fullbring Appearance: Dixie on My Mind manifests in the heirloom assault rifle that has been handed down to Reida through generations of her family. It has seen a great many conflicts, and this is quite obvious in its rough, weathered appearance. Reida does her best to care for it, however, and so there is still clear care put into its maintenance even in spite of this.

○ Fullbring Abilities: Dixie on My Mind is, at this time, not an ability which Reida has fully come to understand. She is aware of its existence, and how to utilize it at its most basic level, but greater intricacies are wholly lost on her. At present, the only application of Dixie on My Mind is that, when utilized, the bullets fired by Reida will convert any kishi they damage directly into reishi, which is transported to Reida for her further use.


○ Letzt Stil Name: Tecumseh

○ Letzt Stil Appearance: As she does not possess a spirit weapon, Reida’s Letzt Stil directly impacts her body itself, and it is arguable whether this release is even a genuine Letzt Stil, or simply some sort of unique self-destructive technique. Upon activation, her hair is bleached a stark white, her skin pales dramatically, and her eyes turn to a sickly yellow shade.

○ Letzt Stil Abilities: When Tecumseh is activated, Reida does not gain any significant new abilities. However, Reida’s Letzt Stil may still be considered dramatically stronger than other comparable releases, on account of a single fact-- that her Letzt Stil does not only absorb all of the energy she can muster from the area, but cannibalizes her own soul for the sake of achieving her aims. Tecumseh grants Reida a boost which is no less than three times more potent than a typical Letzt Stil, but not without very significant cost. After Tecumseh’s duration ends, Reida cannot utilize it again in the thread, regardless of her skill level in Reishi Absorption. Furthermore, because of this drastic cost to her body, Reida’s body instinctively enters into a Join, or Die state for the remainder of the thread, leaving her unable to utilize any Reishi Absorption techniques.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Blut: Advanced
  • Reishi Absorption: Advanced
  • Quincy Spellcraft: Advanced
  • Mediumship: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced


2021 SpookyBurst
-Speed from Beginner to Adept
-Blut from Beginner to Adept
-Quincy Spellcraft from Beginner to Adept
Skill Adjustment
-Untrained Spirit Weapon replaced with Beginner Mediumship
2022 Spookyburst
-Quincy Spellcraft from Adept to Advanced: 30 Points
-Blut from Adept to Advanced: 30 Points

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Sat May 15, 2021 2:25 pm
Just a basic character slot, jack them 1000 Credits from me.
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Sun May 16, 2021 4:46 am
If you have any concerns reach out to me and they can be discussed in more depth.

Don't forget to claim your FCs and positions.

Initial Check:


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Tue Nov 02, 2021 7:06 am
Applying burst points!

Speed, Blut, and Quincy Spellcraft from Beginner to Adept!
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