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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Nenka Fotia

I. The Host's Basic Information

» Name: Nenka Fotia
» Titles: Reaper’s Heir
» Race: Supernatural Human
» Age: 20
» Gender: Cis Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Lux Orior
» Sexuality: Pansexual
» Appearance Picture:
Nenka Fotia 2021 - Ziamachi  GHoaRiSz

I. The Host's Personality


A broad overview of Nenka is that he is ambitious and hopes to be able to use the power he came across by chance in order to change and save the world for better, as well as save his hometown from the constant attackers that have plagued it for many years. However, seeing all of his friends die and witnessing brutal murders and scenes of destruction from a young age has had a considerable impact on him.

Additionally, he is always keen to meet new people and make new friends, but then becomes very clingy in the fear that they would meet the same fate as old friends. He has biases towards certain races that have attacked his city the most but in general tries to be accepting of everyone no matter their creed or political view. It's only when they try to attack "innocent people" that he'll respond with force.

He doesn't understand the broad geopolitical landscape currently present in the earth and sees things in a very "good or bad" way, not understanding the nuanced greys of morality that exist in the world. He can very easily be provoked into a fight because he has no regard for his well being.


As a young adult only 19 years old, Nenka's view on a lot of matters can be seen as pretty immature, as if he doesn't understand the universe or world at large and only knows of the way of life he led in his home city. A lot of his ideals about being heroic and saving people from harm also can easily be seen as immaturity as in reality, such things are very difficult to accomplish.

He has a tendency to reject views that aren't in line with his own and not listen to the opinions of others and only learns the extremely hard way. In the past this would mean near death experiences from trying to save people. However, this won't stop him from trying to play hero and throw himself into harm's way as ultimately he holds little value for his life.

Nenka sees the world in a very black and white manner; only distinguishing between good guys and bad guys. This is a result of his immaturity, accumulating in his beliefs that certain races are more prone to be evil than others such as demons, hollows etc and others lean more towards being good such as the shinigami. However as we all know, the race has no bearing on a person. Even though he would always denounce the thought of being a racist, his life experiences have made him unconsciously biased in this manner and he has yet to learn of the politically nuanced universe he lives in, where not everything is as it seems.

Another manifestation of his immaturity is his emotional state. Nenka is not the greatest at handling his emotions, due to the many extreme events he has endured through his upbringing and teenage life. He will frequently have depressive bouts which borderlines on suicidal thoughts, or extreme outbursts at anger.

This can be exploited by other people, who could trigger him to have all kinds of negative intrusive thoughts, or make him angry to the point he forgoes all rational thought. This presents a huge barrier for him in combat as he will cease to strategize and start seeing red and fight in a berserker style with no regards to what his opponent can do if his emotional state is pushed far enough.

Hero of Justice

Another defining trait of Nenka is his desire to be a hero. A hero that has the power to save innocent people from harm and protect cities from attacks. This idealism and ideology was born out of his rebellious nature as a kid. Rather than sit back and allow his city and friends to slowly die, he wanted to fight back and be the person to save everything.

As he grew up and went through more hardship, his ideals only consumed him further as now he wishes to apply this to the whole world, not understanding the geopolitics of the world or the grey area of morality that many combatants and organisations lie in. This ideal to die a hero is born from Nenka's survivor guilt as most of his friends were wiped out as they trained to fight and resist the attackers on their city. He would have much rather died himself than see all of his friends die.

With that, Nenka's desire to be a hero isn't just fuelled by some vain desire to be “good” it is motivated by something darker. He genuinely feels bad for existing and believes dying as a hero is the only way he could relieve himself of this guilt. This means he will throw himself without a second thought into life threatening situations if it's to save another person from harm.

Mental State

Nenka has been subject to a lot of extreme events through his short life that had adversely impacted his mental well being due to witnessing constant attacks as a child and being subject to that fear of dying very early on, to seeing all of his friends he was close to get brutally murdered. The consequences of this contribute to his fragile emotions. While these could be chalked down to immaturity as stated earlier, the reality is that his mental state fuels these negative emotions significantly.

He suffers from extreme depressive episodes where he thinks about taking his own life to extreme anger outbursts for no clear reason and has frequent nightmares about what happened to his friends.

Seeing such brutal imagery so young has a profound consequence on his psyche. It could be said he suffers from symptoms consistent with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with consistent flashbacks/reliving traumatic events in his life.

When such episodes occur, it can either completely paralyse from acting or at worst cause him to go berserk at everything on sight which, given his powers, could have consequences for the people around him, the environment and the retaliation could mean grave consequences for him also, such as getting himself injured or killed.

In spite of all this however, Nenka tries his best to treat everyone kindly as his lack of any real companions or friends at this stage means that he is quite eager to meet some more. Another consequence of losing his friends is that he feels a lot of loneliness and thus finds himself bonding with anyone he meets relatively easy out of a need for friendship.

However, another consequence of his life experience is that he has a fear of being abandoned or that his friends will suffer the same fate as his past ones which can result in him being unnecessarily clingy or protective of any new friends he makes, to the point it becomes creepy or overbearing.

In order to control all of this, Nenka often will isolate himself from other people during poor mental health episodes in order to control it, as well as sometimes taking medications to reduce the overwhelming feelings he gets.

I. The Host's History

Most would agree that within this day in age, we very much live in troubled times. Nenka is what he is now as a result of these troubled times. Living within Japan, Saburo City, it was fair to say he did not grow up within a safe environment. Attacks and fights within this city were frequent. His parents tried to raise him as normally as possible, but it was hard to ignore the carnage he witnessed and had to survive as a kid growing up.

It seemed he had some gift. He was very spiritually aware and the spirits and such that engaged in combat and war around these parts were as real as any flesh and blood human to him. As a child however, with what he witnessed - he considered it a curse almost. He was powerless to stop anything that was happening and could only bear witness.

It didn't just end there. It started to truly hit home as the early friends Nenka made in his life found their lives being taken from them cruelly and unfairly. This was the reality for many children in this area, as a matter of fact. While most wallowed in despair, Nenka was different. He felt an urge of rebellion. The desire to fight back. He inspired his fellow peers as teenagers to start training themselves to be able to fight back and watch over each other.

As they were all spiritually aware, to some extent they would have the power to at least stand in the way of those who threatened their home. They trained their bodies to have strength and tried to learn from some of the more experienced members of the town to make use of the spiritual power they possessed. Right now though, they weren't nearly strong enough and they would tragically pay the priceless for their lack of power in the next series of events.

Even though they had trained and had accepted this as part of their fate for pursuing this path - the peers Nenka had began to perish in battle as a result of their inexperience. Up until now, Nenka had never actually fought. He had trained his body and spiritual power, but it was his friends he chose to ally with taking the fall, instead of him. He felt an immense survivor's guilt when he had made it his ambition to stop this from happening.

With him as the only original crew member left, he had to carry on the wishes of his dead allies and save the city from the perils it faced. With the anger at the attackers and monsters in the city, his training started to elevate him beyond what a human could do. It was at this point, he could be considered supernatural. However, the test of this supernatural ability came as he found himself confronted with a demon wreaking havoc. With no allies to back him up, and an ever increasing death toll in this particular instance, he chose to enter the fray and try and fend them off.

This backfired horribly for Renka as he was almost killed and was saved at the last minute, inches from death from a more experienced combatant in the city. It was a wide array of conflicting emotions. He wanted to relieve his survivors guilt and die alongside everyone else, he was frustrated at the fact he had to be saved when he had spent all his teenage years up until this point training his supernatural abilities to try and be strong enough to defend his city. Either way, he was still alive.

He took a few months to fully recover, at which point we now enter the present day, 2420. This is where his destiny would completely change. After all that he had been through, with the deaths of his friends and having distanced himself from his family in order to ensure their safety, in case anyone ever tried to get revenge on him, he went soul searching in the vast Karakura Forest, to muse over his next moves on how to gain more power, in a vastly more peaceful setting. Little did he know however, it was going to come to him, rather than be sought out.

He was near a significant mountain. Not knowing what was happening at the peak. A powerful vizard named Poliro Tensol had thrust a blade into himself, thus killing himself. However, he did not consider how much power he still had in his last moments, or he simply didn't care. This man had many years of combat experience and a spiritual power that when fully unleashed, was monstrous and could be felt by an entire state. With his death, that power sought to redistribute itself as it was unleashed.

Near the epicentre of this almighty spiritual pressure explosion, Renka found himself pinned to the ground unable to move himself. As this power roared out from the peak, Renka found the strength to resist and stood. All of that power and spirit had found a new home. Poliros leftover spirit began to take a hold within Renka, as he found the power now filling him. It was simple - the released power from Poliros death had now taken host in him.

Unable to control himself, he felt himself burst with fire as his entire body would combust into flames so hot the colours distorted into a purplish green. This was no longer a regular fire - Renka's whole soul had been set alight as he heard something he thought might have been a passing voice.

"Succeed where I failed. Save this world. Become the next Flame Reaper.."

He wasn't sure quite what it was, but he passed out from this overwhelming transformation. When he woke up, he felt a power like never before. He didn't know how this had happened, or who had passed away, or what a "flame reaper" was. It sounded cool to his young adult mind though, but he figured if this power was passed down to him, it was more suitable to call himself.. the Heir to the Reaper.

He hoped now, with this new found power, he could save his city from the evil forces that would see it wiped out, and save the world. To become a hero of justice was his ultimate goal. However, this young man had a lot to learn about the struggles, the contradictions of being a "hero." and would learn that the world is not as black and white as he thought it was. This is the story of a young adult with dreams of heroism. Renka Fotia, The Heir to The Reaper.

Not long after the event in the forest, Nenka was found by a man named Valentine who introduced him to the organisation of Lux Orior; a place that Nenka would align himself with as he wanted to protect the earth with his dreams of heroism. His adventures onwards would meet him with various people of all creeds and descents as he began to experience the world at large and hone his new skills.

However, despite his training and determination, this power he had gained was taking its toll on him; he would collapse and vomit blood at completely random times. His human soul was not capable of handling the immense amount of power that resided.

I. Host's Abilities

High Spiritual Awareness

As a supernatural human, Nenka has always possessed the ability to interact and perceive the supernatural with no difficulty since a young age. At first, once gaining Poliro’s energy, he was quite obviously able to sense the strong from a distance, but had issues being able to perceive low key energy signatures afar.

Since the spirits within him fully awoke however, his range of spiritual awareness has increased massively since the awakening of the spirits within his soul; being able to perceive even slight energy signatures from a range of 20 miles and perceive powerful signatures on a continental level, assuming he is in Japan.

Expert Hand to Hand Combat

Ever since being a young teen, Nenka has trained with the defenders of his city alongside his former friends in hand to hand combat. Broadly speaking, he follows the Hakuda style of hand to hand combat as the defenders of his city were experienced shinigami. After the awakening of his spirits, he inherited Poliro's expertise in the fighting style and became much stronger in this aspect.

Expert Swordsmanship

In the same vein as his hand to hand combat, he was also taught the foundation of Zanjutsu, the shinigami's sword style. However, he is untested in this area in a real fight. However, during the course of his training which took place over 7 years, he was starting to be able to clash blow for blow with experienced Shinigami that had hundreds of years of experience - a scary improvement rate.
Not only did he improve quickly, once his spirits awoke, in a silmar way to his hand to hand skills increasing, he inherited Poliro's knowledge of the Zanjutsu sword fighting style which made him much more competent.

Adept Archery

Protecting his town was a more traditional bow and arrow Quincy who also imparted the fundamentals of archery. Nenka makes use of this when he creates a fire bow to shoot flaming arrows at his opponents. He is quite perceptive and able to focus on the specific place he wants to fire at. As a supernatural human, his precision and steadiness goes beyond what regular humans could achieve.

Very High Fire Resistance

Having obtained the power of Poliro, Nenka can resist fire both naturally and spiritually. He does not suffer burns or feel a "hot" sensation when using his own fire. Unless the opposing fire somehow reaches his internal organs, it is very unlikely that Nenka would be phased from fire based attacks. It is possible he could be damaged by it, since this resistance mainly applies to his own fire, but it would be extremely difficult.

Flame Creation

A power that originally belonged to the Flame Reaper, when Nenka acquired his energy and spirit, he obtained this staple ability. Flame Creation allows Nenka to substitute fuel in the fire triangle - using his own spiritual power to create fire from nothing. However, using his own power to create fire does mean that every time he does create it, spiritual energy is used. This eventually means that if he runs out of energy, he will not be able to create any more flames.

His fire burns extremely hot and as a spiritual fire, he is able to control how hot or cold it is. As it is fuelled by spiritual power, it cannot be put out easily by any conventional means. Physics bending and ice/water based ablities could hamper the effectiveness of Nenka's flames, but it would take a very powerful user of these elements to stop the flames entirely, someone many tiers above him. The heat of Nenka's flame can be felt from up to a mile away.

It is unknown just how hot Nenka's fire can burn, but the majority physical matter such as steel/metals/concrete burns down within seconds and living matter can straight up be incinerated if not adequately protected. As the fire is spiritually based, the spiritual energy of a person can significantly reduce the harm, but even someone with high level reaitsu risks extreme burns, the flesh being destroyed, and the destruction of blood vessels and nerves in the body melting.

He can use his flames defensively to "melt"attacks of a spiritual or elemental nature. Attacks such as Cero, Kidos and attacks based on lighting, water, etc can be defended against. Against a weaker opponent, he would be able to completely negate these types of attacks while against much stronger foes, he would at least be able to reduce the power of the attack before it connected and not completely negate it.

Using this ability, Nenka can create any type of weapon he can imagine. Swords, guns, bows, axes, etc. In theory, he could create any type of construct with flames if he imagined it, but he has a limit to its size - no bigger than a two story house roughly in size. He is also unable to create anything too complex - only shapes. So while he could create something that looks like say, a house, it would only be shaped like one.

Finally, the last facet to this ability is that he is able to destabilise his fire to create an explosion. The power of this explosion will vary on the size of the fire construct detonated, and the current form Nenka is in. If he uses his full power, it is possible the destruction could be as wide as a city block.

I. Spirit Poliro’s Information

» The Spirit's Name: Poliro Tensol
» The Spirit's Race: Vizard
» The Spirit's Gender: Male
» The Spirit's Age: 395
» The Spirit's Pictured Appearance: (Poliro picture)

I. The Spirit's Personality

The Toll of the Past

Poliro has faced many traumatic experiences through his lifespan – such experiences have shaped to have an unstable temperament at times. Symptoms of mental disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and clinical depression are present within Poliro. Additionally, certain actions and words can cause Poliro’s temper to flare up very quickly which can take people off guard.

The specific things that can “trigger” Poliro involve the death of his loved wife primarily – despite it happening many years in the past it still affects him even to this day. A lot of Poliro’s motivation for what he does in the world today comes from the main concept of “what would she have wanted?” which leads Poliro to act for the greater good – either aligning with himself or protagonist organisations as his wife was a Gotei 13 Captain.

However, the more unstable side of Poliro remains hidden as he keeps it all behind his appearance as he wants to keep a strong exterior to everyone else around him. However, if his mental state worsens he would have difficulty fighting or even acting or becoming more ruthless by nature.


Due to his uprising, Poliro is naturally an empathic and respectful person towards other people and shows kindness to most, regardless of their power or strength – although he has respect for fighters stronger than himself. However, his respect can fade away if dealing with a particularly rude person or is treated with hostility. Even with his enemies he tries to show respect as long as it is mutual. If not, Poliro will resort to being more rude towards them with insults, especially emphasized within a heated battle.

A Natural Fighter

Poliro since he entered the spiritual realm has only known a life of fighting. It is his main hobby and he likes to test his strength and train and become stronger and fight opponents stronger than him. His respectful side shows within fair spars - he will give anyone a serious fight regardless of power but will show discipline and control and not seriously wound or kill unless he had to, within a life or death situation.

Poliro lives for the adrenaline of a battle and can grow heated quickly depending on the amount of respect he is shown. This anger is channeled by him to focus on emerging victorious. Poliro lives for this adrenaline feeling as it takes his mind off the past and lets him put his focus into what is happening in the present. Some would say he is addicted to this feeling.


Poliro's very existence is defined by his human death. In his first waking moments in the spiritual world, all the memories he had to cling to was his death by a Cero attack. This naturally made him quite adverse and prejudiced to the Arrancars who use this attack and even the attack itself can trigger Poliro's instability and cause him extreme anger. However, due to the more pressing matters in Poliro's life, his adverse reactions have been largely backseated to matters such as his wife's death.

Because of this, Poliro will never be seen using the Cero attack and has not once thought about trying to use it on another person despite him having the power to. In his personal feelings, he doesn't want to inflict the pain of that attack onto another. This might not seem logical given Poliro's range of lethal abilities that arguably cause more pain, but feelings do not often make sense.

Dead Man Walking

Poliro committed suicide; he no longer wished to be of his world, so he has no desire to participate in it; to this end, while being a spirit inside Nenka, he has no desire to take control or somehow influence Nenka, but rather silently observe him and allow him to use the powers he has gained to his own ends; it is not the place of a dead man to try and influence the world of the living, in Poliro's opinion. He doesn't support Nenka either for the same reasons, remaining a silent natural observer at all times. Either he will come to grips with the power he has obtained, or die. Either way, to Poliro it doesn't matter.

I. The Spirit's History

Poliro's Human Life

Poliro was born in 2035. As a kid, he always seemed a bit shy and reclusive; he was always worried about other people. He did well in school but didn't say much. People always thought he was a bit of a mystery. His fear came from all the horror stories he heard; about the monsters and demons that most people were blind to during this time. Poliro could see them however. He always saw some minor battles take place between entities his young mind couldn't understand. It scared him but in a way inspired him. He wondered how people had those kinds of powers. Being the curious kid he was, he began to learn about the various types of things he saw. Arrancar, Shinigami, the lot. The fact he could see them quite clearly like they were real implied his potential for spiritual power. However, his life was soon to change quite quickly; and the course of his life was to be set. When he was 15, this "peace" that was going on around came to a sudden stop. The population of Demons, Arrancar and hollows began growing at a alarming rate. In 2050, hell had hit Earth, as he saw massive battles between the Shinigami + the rest of the races in the fights.

One stormy night, Poliro was late coming home, but this would be the last time he'd leave home, in the night, the storm had approached. He was in the middle of another huge battle between the arrancar and Shinigami this time, and he tried to take cover. He wondered in fear what was going on around him. He saw the fight unfold, until a Shinigami went up to him and told him to get away from there in fear. But then the words by an arrancar were uttered, the words that would end Poliros human life. "Cero."

Poliro's Afterlife

Poliro was destroyed by the Arrancar Cero. He became a soul now, and he was shocked at what happened. His life had just ended, but he was reborn as a ghost. He feared himself, and worried about his family and such. The battle ended. One of the Shinigamis told him he was going to Soul Society, which he challenged the Shinigami as he thought about his parents being worried about him. The Shinigami reassured him and then performed the required rites of passage on Poliro. Poliro had just been reborn into Soul Society. He arrived in District 1 of Rukongai, the word "Cero" echoing in his mind.

As he grew up in Rukongai, every night he would see a flashing light and hear the words "Cero." He couldn't erase the memories of Cero from his mind. Every day felt like he was in haunted ghost town, he was not able to adjust to where he was in Soul Society. He went around every day, wondering how he could take his revenge on his killer. He asked around Rukongai. He wanted to obtain power for his revenge and to protect others from the fate he was in now. He found out about the Shinigami, and their powers. From that day, he made it his promise to avenge himself by becoming a Shinigami.

Shimigami Road

He began self-training, including exercising and learning about reiatsu from third party sources so he could enter the Shinigami Academy. After 2 years, he thought he was finally ready. He entered the entrance exam. After going through with it, he had received news. He had passed with a high grade. He thought to himself. "I'm ready for this. I will obtain the power I need.. "Cero" will be gone." He entered the Shinigami Academy in a high class because of the grade he received in the exam. He progressed through the six-year course, learning the basics of Shinigamis, including Hakuda, Hoho, Kidō and zanjustsu. He learned everything at the Academy.

This is where his power was manifested as his Zanpakutō. Matābāningu.

HE did training with his Zanpakutō again, before applying to the Gotei 13 Protection Squads. He then applied, and ended up in Squad 7. As the years passed, his personality changed but he still felt conflict in his heart about "Cero", and thus has led to him having a lot of mood swings at times, making him an unpredictable person. Now. in 2411, he decided to further his power. It was at this point of time Poliro resolved to learn Bankai.


Poliro, soon after joining Squad 7 became the 4th seat of that squad. He met Ayane Redwood, at night time because he wanted to know how to get her. They talked for a bit, and went to bed. The following morning, Poliro tried to talk to Ayane again, but walked away crying. He was very alone during this time, and he wanted a friend. A friend like Ayane. Ayane came to Poliro though, and they eventually made friends again. Then they went to the market in Rukongai. It was there that Poliro and Ayane developed more feelings, but it ended in Ayane falling to the ground because of shock. Later that day, they started training. Poliro noticed the flaws in his fighting methods, but through training with her, improved.

After that training, in the evening, Poliro and Ayane went to Karakura Downtown for dinner. It was there that those two admitted that they loved each other. The following day, they trained again, and this was a major turn of Poliro’s personality. Gone was his mood swings and depression, it was the joy and happiness of being with Ayane. Soon after this last training, he began to train with another captain, and a friend of Ayanes, called Rola.

Poliro pushed himself to the edge against Rola, and ended up collapsing after releasing all his reaitsu into one attack. The day after that, he had healed. And he went to Rola again, for Bankai training. It began, and Poliro faced off against Matābāningu in his inner world. After the intense battle, Poliro won. He was then thrown into another fight against Ayane, this time using Bankai against him. In Poliro being cornered, is when he used Bankai, and only managed to defeat Ayane because she fell ill during their battle. They eventually came to marry and became husband and wife while still working for the Gotei 13 – he worked under her.

In a sudden twist of events for Poliro, on one of his normal missions, he was sent to kill a bunch of Hollows in Karakura Forest. He was fine after doing this, it was no problem for him after all, but however, little to his knowledge he was infected by one of the hollows with a genetic mutation that would result in him becoming a Vizard. He didn't know this, and this eventually took hold of him over a period, but all that was needed now was the trigger. For now, it seemed, it wasn't going to activate and take control of him... he resumed a peaceful life, unknown this had happened to him.

The Hollow + Isolation

But this didn't last long enough for Poliro. Because of Ayane’s illness, she died in one of the most shocking events of Poliros life. The only thing he was glad about in this is that she died in a peaceful way, not struck down in combat and what not, but her death shook him to the heart. And this is where the Hollow infection took hold. In Poliro’s emotional distress, his anger, his desire for Ayane to return, formed Hollow Poliro. The hollowifaction took place and caused destruction to the area it was in. Ayane’s grave in the forest of Rukongai, the place where they first trained) Poliro was dragged to his inner world to fight the hollow. The winner would take home Poliro’s body, and Poliro managed to overcome his Hollow. From the looks of things, Poliro’s hollow wanted one thing and one thing alone. Ayane. Her safety, and such. But she had departed from the realm of the living – causing the chaos inside of him. Either way, the beast had been tamed unlocking a new tier of power for the reaper.

The Past Few Years – Present

Poliro, with his power then went through more hardships including what would be his most crushing defeat to date. Despite unlocking higher levels of power he thought unobtainable, he faced his most harsh defeat one day when faced with the opponent known as Gilgamesh – an adversary most too powerful for him as Gilgamesh nearly killed Poliro and for months, Poliro was unable to act and was in an extremely weakened state and was stuck in the Gotei 13’s medical ward, unable to fight. His morale was crushed and he was inches from death. In addition to this, the pain of his loss was still very real and hard to bear. Not long after he had finally made his recovery, Poliro left the Gotei and felt inadequate to serve there. He couldn’t fill the hole Ayane’s death left. He became reclusive and retreated to the Kurakura Forest to bide time for himself and discover how far he could stretch his new power.

The last few years have seen Poliro involved with organisations once more such as the Vizard Corps, although now he is a freelancer once more. His encounter with one certain woman during his time in the forest helped him remember his purpose in helping the world like Ayane would have wanted him to.

Within 2417, Poliro found himself engaging in the world yet again as he encountered one of the strongest Shinigami namely Tsubasa who wished to recruit him into his clan as he saw great potential in the Flame Reaper. The two fought it out and for the first time in his life, Poliro used 100% of his full power revealing his final form. However, he was still defeated in combat by Tsubasa and agreed to join his clan, where he began training under him.

Also in this clan he encountered Henrex; they exchanged a short battle that Poliro ultimately won. Poliro also met Yoma, a younger shinigami struggling to control his own powers and began to train him. This was the first time Poliro ever took a student under his wing.

All things would come to an end however, as Poliro slipped away into isolation for many years before deciding he had no longer any will to continue on his journey in life; lacking purpose or motivation. After hundreds of years, he ended his life by his own two hands. However, due to the immense amount of power in his soul, he would not be granted rest so easily; despite his physical body meeting its end, his raw soul would simply re enter the cycle of life and death.

This is, if Nenka didn’t happen to be close. Instead of returning to the lifestream as it were, Poliro’s soul would latch onto Nenka and cause an almighty scene in the forest, granting Nenka an immense power he now had to control. At first, Poliro lay very much dormant, but even in a very dormant state, Nenka’s powers had considerably enhanced, but eventually Poliro would awaken from this state and cause a massive uproar in Nenka's soul as his human body struggled to cope with the power now residing in him...

I. The Spirit's Powers

» Ziamichi Spirit Powers:

Resistance to Fire

Poliro’s training with fire and his strength grants him a natural resistance to fire as it does not suffer any burns and he doesn't seem phased by any type of fire based attack. Poliro however can still burn as like any humanoid, but that sensation wouldn't cause him to go into major shock or pain unless it got to his internal organs in a very rare scenario. Using fire vs Poliro is not very advisable due to this.

Kidō Master

Poliro is skilled with Kidō. He can call upon high range kido's without a full chant as well as the highest of kido spells such as Kido 91; this requires him to fully chant it out. He also knows how to chain together Kido for some powerful attacks and moves. Poliro has also been witnessed using kido-like abilities using Flame Creation, creating a fire version of Black Coffin.

Immense Spritual Power

Poliro has a vast spiritual energy, way above an average Vizard. People considerably weaker than him feel his power as if their body is heating up and burning while people around his level would still be able to note his power. Some consider his power monstrous.

Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant

Poliro's hand to hand is noticeably strong, fighting evenly on par with the Squad 2 Captain, someone who needs to be a master in this field. His attacks in hand to hand style combat have been noted to be strong enough to shatter rocks with ease.

Expert Swordsmanship Combatant

Because of Poliro's main combat style being swordsmanship and his proficiency with weapons, he is considered an expert in the profession of Swordsmanship.

Hoho Master

Poliro is very agile and has a strong grasp on Hoho. His movements are swift and is capable of performing acrobatics with ease in battle to throw off opponents His shunpo is swift and he has covered long ranges with it. He is considered one of the faster fighters around. He is masterful in this area, even to others within his power range.

Flame Creation

Poliro's mastery of Fire has allowed him to perfect the ultimate technique of fire; Creation of the element himself, using himself as an energy source to combust and create fire out of nothing. If you were to take the classic fire triangle: Oxygen, Heat, Fuel, Poliro's reaitsu substitutes for the fuel part - he uses the heat of the world and the oxygen present in the air to achieve this ability.

Fire is quite deadly as most people will be aware; it can burn people alive, create severe wounds and turn people to ash in extreme cases. Poliro's fire is even worse however as it carries the power of his monster-like hollowifed reaitsu behind it, which enhances the fire way beyond a normal flame; they are very difficult to put out, requiring some extreme ice/absolute zero power to put out properly. This also means that it takes very strong resistance to fire to weaken Poliro's attacks.

Because of the fire carrying the power of Poliro's reaitsu in it, some of the power of his fire can be negated if the user has some type of reaitsu negation effect to cancel out the power in the fire. If this was performed, Poliro would lose control over the fire in question and it would just act as normal.

Additionally this means the fire leaves traces of Poliro's reaitsu, meaning the fire can be traced back to him when used. Otherwise, the fire functions as normal fire - it burns for as long as Poliro wills, until it is put out (although as mentioned before, this is very difficult) or until Poliro runs out of all of his power to carry on to the combustion process, although this is quite rare as he can perform Flame Creation with minimal power, making Poliro extremely potent in his sealed form.

The temperature is also extremely high as to be expected. It is uncertain just how hot it gets, but it is able to melt any metal or steel within seconds. Poliro’s flames can melt down energy attacks such as Cero’s or Kido’s and elemental energy such as electricity and so forth.

This is assuming Poliro is of a higher power than them – this will not be 100% effective against with a power stronger than Poliro’s nor will it fully guard against very strong energy based attacks even from from tiers lower than Poliro.

This melting defense mainly is useful for guarding from smaller scale attacks that involve lots of small attacks rather than guarding against one giant attack - this is seen within Poliro vs Tsubasa where Poliro was unable to fully guard from blasts from Tsubasa resulting in him suffering damage.

The melting of energy attacks mainly applies to traditional energy such as reaitsu based attacks and elemental energy although in theory it is capable of melting down other energy based attacks, but not to the same extent as normal reaitsu attacks.

Most non steel matter will tend to melt down in its presence and even quicker when applied. The heat of his fire too can be felt for quite a distance; up to an acre away. The power of Poliro's fire only increases upon each of his forms.

Poliro’s fire is also capable of exploding on his command by destabilizing the combustion process. The resulting explosion will be of equivalent scale/power depending on his current form and the form of the fire exploded – the bigger the object detonated, the more powerful the explosion.

Poliro with his fire can create simple objects too. Things like shapes (squares, cubes, triangles, spheres) and weapons (Swords, maces, hammers) for example. There are limits: He can't create anything bigger than two stories in size (a two-floor house) and can't create complex matter like a big building or a house for example. What is meant by this is that he can't create a house with rooms and doors and all that - he can create a house like shape however.

Poliro's Pain Tolerance

Poliro has a very high resistance to pain and is able to tolerate losing entire limbs without going into shock by temporarily suppressing the feelings of pain in order to carry out a defensive action or healing action. This does not stop Poliro from receiving damage from an attack, what it instead allows him to do is not instantly go into shock from a powerful move like a character with a low pain tolerance might, making them easy to follow up on.

The greatest example of Poliro's pain tolerance is within his battle with Tsubasa where his arm was cut off and Poliro was able to stop himself going into his shock to use his Flame Creation ablity to defend himself from another attack and then cauterize the wound in order it from becoming critical which shows his capacity to receive grave wounds and temporarily carry on fighting like nothing happened to him in order to defend himself.

This makes Poliro very difficult to put down through pure damage alone, despite how serious the wound could be. The limitations of this however is that he can not pain suppress serious wounds such as lost limbs for longer than 2-3 posts or the pain would finally start to settle in and cause trouble.

Poliro's Willpower

Poliro has a insanely high willpower that allows him to temporarily summon his full power for a very temporary period in order to make one more powerful attack if he is drained, or break free of even the most powerful of bindings such as when Tsubasa used two Bakudo's to trap him after he had taken quite an assault - Poliro tapped into this willpower in order to break the bindings to survive but afterwards was very tired out which makes this using this only as a last resort in a heated, drawn out battle.

He DOES NOT go up in tier or skills from this willpower burst, instead it allows him to make ONE full powered attack at his power level (dependent on Release) or allow him to break out of being bound by Bakudo kidos, sealings and so forth but against a Grandmaster within these spells, he may not be able to fully break out. Typically, a burst of willpower will only last as long as the post it is used in and can only be done once per thread and only if Poliro has been severely pushed to his limit.

He taps into his willpower by remembering his now deceased wife, which is one of his most emotional memories which gives him a burst of adrenaline, allowing him to carry out the temporary full-powered burst even if he seems drained or has used a lot of power in combat.

Poliro's Hollow Control

Poliro's control over his Hollow is absolute at this stage - his Resurrección is the prime example as it literally merges the Hollow and Poliro into one final being as he is able to perfectly wield both his Shinigami powers and Hollow powers. Since he has reached this level through training over the years and negotiation with his Hollow, he has unlocked the ability to perform Hollow abilities without using his mask such as:


Poliro can momentarily tap into the regenerative abilities of a hollow to recover from cuts/wounds/lost limbs. However, he cannot do this automatically and must manually summon the power himself which requires full attention meaning without any moments to himself, he would not be able to do this.


Poliro is able to for a maximum of 2 posts temporarily create a Hierro defense to make himself more hardened against a variety of attacks - he could potentially stop a blade with his bare hands if the attack was weak enough without a scratch. However, this Hierro is not as potent and can be broken by a focused and/or strong attack.

I. Poliro’s Zanpakuto

Zanpakutō Name: Matābāningu (Burning Matter)

Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Poliro's Zanpakuto spirit is often pushy and strict with Poliro - making sure he does not grow lazy and pushing him to keep becoming stronger. She also has random outbursts of anger where she will just explode into fire if Poliro is acting in a way that does not satisfy her.

Inner World: A rocky, lava filled landscape with many mountains. The landscape seems to never end, carrying on for an eternity. Lava flows beneath your feet as you stand on spiked, solid rocks and volcanoes burst out at random intervals without warning. The sky is painted orange, reflecting the surface below.

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance:

Sealed Zanpakutô Powers: In its sealed form, Poliro's Zanpakuto can heat itself up to become infused with high temperatures, allowing it to cut through metals with ease, well over all metals melting points, the heat being approximately 4200 Celsius. His own blade is immune to melting from the heat of this effect.

Shikai Release Phrase: Melt existence, Matābāningu.

Shikai Appearance:

Shikai Abilities

Increased Overall Power

Releasing Shikai releases more of Poliro's power, which makes his flames deadlier and the heat way more noticeable. At this stage, most characters may begin to excessively sweat from the background heat alone which can tire out individuals with lesser stamina faster. In addition, his physical strength grows stronger, being able to now shatter buildings with his bare hands. In addition his Shunpo speed increases and would be able to outmaneuver most fighters who aren't agile/well versed with speed techniques.

Two Modes

Poliro's shikai has two modes - in its first mode it is a regular sword, although quite large in its scale - approximately nearly as big as Poliro himself. The second mode is the sword morphing into a scythe shape. Poliro can switch his Shikai between the two instantaneously. There is a minor difference in abilities between the two modes as detailed within this section. In both modes, the blade has an permanent aura of Poliro's reaitsu imbued fire.

Flame Material

At will, Poliro can have his Zanpakuto turn into full fire rather than having a simple fire aura around them. This works like a on/off switch. He can do this instantly regardless of its mode.

Destructive Blaze

Poliro's fire aura around his weapon begins to destabilize - using his Flame Creation abilities and then performs a strike that upon contact with physical matter, causes a powerful flame explosion up to an acre large. The explosion occurs outwards from the blade, meaning Poliro is unharmed during it. The consequences of this depend on strength and defense. Effects could include severe burns or potentially lost limbs if an adequate defense is not put up against the attack. This attack however is counterable if Poliro's initial swing is predicted and misses the enemy.

Energy Reap

An ability only applicable while Poliro's shikai is in scythe mode - When Poliro's Zanpakuto while in this state makes a direct wound onto someone, they lose a small percentage (around 5%) of their spiritual energy as the scythe mode has the effect of directly damaging the soul. This effect manifests itself in minor fatigue but if Poliro lands numerous attacks, this effect can begin to drain them to the point where they feel much more fatigue and even begin to have trouble with using reaitsu-based attacks.

This ability does not directly siphon power from an opponent to Poliro - he does not steal their power, they simply lose their energy when a direct hit is made.

For this ability to work, Poliro has to make a direct hit with the scythe - any damage done by fire does not apply this effect and the effect is likely not to cause massive concern to a 0 or 1 tier character with plenty of reserves and spiritual energy and when it comes to a character stronger or equal to Poliro, this effect would be reduced to an unpleasant feeling. Against 2 tiers and lower, a few hits from Poliro's scythe can noticeably make them feel drained and feel weaker.

Destructive Reaping

This attack is the scythe form of Destructive Blaze. Poliro throws out his Scythe weapon with incredible force - making it spin rapidly as the entire scythe toggles into a pure fire state. Once it makes contact with physical matter like Destructive Blaze, an explosion will occur in all directions rather than just in an forward arc which increases the effective range to up to 2 acres but also means Poliro can be caught in it. The explosion is of the same power as the other Destructive ability and has the same consequences if caught inside the blast radius. After the ability is completed, the Zanpakuto reforms in his hand.

Bankai Name:Burning Reality

Bankai Release Phrase: He simply states Bankai.

Bankai Appearance:

(Ignore the characters - the weapons are the appearance of the two states.)

Bankai Description

Poliro's Bankai sees his sword further grow into a massive fire blade which almost can seem demonic in its appearance - with the ability to switch into a Scythe still present, although the transformation is less natural in Bankai, it morphs into fire then into the solid Scythe shape unlike his Shikai which has a more natural transformation of reforming itself physically.

Bankai Abilities

Overall Power Increases

The power and temperature of Poliro's flames increased further with his Bankai release. It reaches higher temperatures capable of melting extremely high melting point metals and easily melting many other substances. Against a powerless being, in this stage, they could literally get turned into ash. Any man made substance would melt like ice when Poliro is in this stage of power.

It still has massive potential for critical damage against stronger opponents in the low 0 tiers and 1 tiers, but people around Poliro's tier will not be able to be critically damaged easily if they have good endurance or some sort of strong fire resistance.

In addition, Poliro's reaitsu levels become monstrous as he enters his second form - a powerful presence that could be felt nationwide depending on his location. His physical strength goes further and buildings become akin to pieces of paper for him as he is able to level cities with his bare hands in this stage of power. His speed also further increases, to the point where he leaves after images in his wake when moving at top speed.

He additionally retains his Shikai powers in his stage and they grow in strength, the Destructive abilities double in their area of effect and Poliro's Energy Reaping ability can drain more spiritual energy with its blows, from 5% of someone's energy to 8%, making the effect stronger.

Fading Star

This is the ability of Poliro's sword bankai. He uses Flame Creation and using the spiritual power of his Bankai, breaks Flame Creation's size limit and is able to create a huge sphere of fire in the air, approximately 160 kilometers wide to hurl at an enemy. Once it collides with the ground, the fire disperses in all directions but does not explode. Getting engulfed by the flames would ensure severe burns and possibly disintegrating them if completely engulfed and not being of a suitable power level to defend yourself from the fire. Even 0-1 tiers would not escape without severe burns. This attack has the potential to cause massive damage to the environment, being able to set an entire city a light and if used in a forest, cause a wildfire that would threaten the entire region.

Reaper's Execution

For Poliro's scythe bankai, this is the new ability he gains. Using his Flame Creation ability, he creates a rectangular prison of fire around his enemy before throwing his Scythe at the fire prison - once it makes contact, the prison explodes with the enemy trapped inside, with an explosion able to rock an entire city and be felt far beyond that. Once the ability is completed, Poliro's Zanpakuto reforms in his hands.

In addition, Poliro can break his two house size rule with this ability by putting his extra energy from his bankai into this one technique, meaning he can trap an enemy of any size. The resulting explosion however will still be the same regardless of the size of the prison itself. The weaknesses of this ablity however - it takes time for the ablity to execute, so the prison could be broken out of with ease especially against enemies with a fire resistance.

This ability would ensure death to a 5 tier if no fight is put up and against 3-4 tiers, mortally wound them. 2 tiers to 0 tiers will have much better chances of surviving this attack with better defensive capacities. It is possible that someone on a higher level than Poliro would have no problem surviving this attack but most will suffer some form of severe injury from the power.


Poliro's signature Bankai attack, in this ability he begins to focus his power on himself. The process he uses for the Flame Creation ability is what he uses here to fuel this ability, but requires the spiritual power of his Bankai to execute. Using his own body as the center, he creates a massive explosion that expands outward from himself. Due to this, he does not receive damage from it himself.

It is powerful enough to level an entire city and would be felt nationwide. Like his normal fire, this explosion is charged by Poliro's insane reaitsu levels, meaning it is much more deadly and forceful. The force of the explosion can be felt much longer than its radius, meaning this attack will definitely leave its mark on the land it is used on.

Being caught in the explosion means you risk severe burn and concussion damage to your entire body as the force of the explosion is enough to easily break bones and buildings like wood. Weak characters from 5-4 tier risk death by being ground zero in this ablity and 3-2 tiers additionally risk their lives in this area but have much more chance of survival. 1-0 tiers have the strongest chance of withstanding this attack, but not without some severe burns/injuries unless they have a defense way beyond Poliro.

The intense flames of the explosion that can easily burn and melt flesh. Poliro can only use this ability once per thread and it is quite draining on his power meaning he will be weakened after using this and most likely exhausted.

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I.Poliro's Resurrección

Resurrección Description:

Poliro's Ressureccion is the merging of two beings; the hollow and Poliro himself. Poliro after many years has learned to perfectly control his hollow to the point where he can now merge his spirit with the hollow to create a being that looks like a Hollow; but Poliro's personality and such is in full control thanks to long periods of training and negotiating with his hollow. This allows the two powerful beings to merge as one almighty being, which is what Poliro's final form is. In this form, Poliro's powers reach their peak. His Zanpakutō also changes to a new state.

When Poliro enters this form, the entire continent and potentially that side of the world would be able to feel Poliro's power as the two beings merge their power.


In this form, because the two entities merge to form a new being, the Zanpakutō changes. In this form, the Zanpakutō changes into a black katana, looking like Poliro's original Zanpakutō. It is permanently shrouded with intensely heated flames. While in this release state, Poliro has access to all of his abilities from previous forms, including his Shikai and Bankai.

Resurrección Abilities:

Chaotic Reaitsu

Because of the two immense forces combined, Poliro in Resurrección form has incomprehensible levels of reaitsu. Powerless characters would faint from just being in the same area as him; 4-3 tiers would feel extreme pressure and psychological effects such as a intense feeling of fear/dread, however the effects of this come down to the persons will power and mental state; people more prone to being afraid and scared will experience these effects more drastically. Even on 0 tier, Poliro's reaitsu will still feel insane. Because of the mass amounts of reaitsu held by Poliro in this state, it discharges itself at times as chaotic sparks of fire and sometimes as general reaitsu releases, which can varying effects. The sparks of fire are not a good weapon due to their chaotic and unpredictable nature. The reaitsu releases can make all but the strongest of characters feel under pressure because of the level he is on. His reaitsu can be felt continent wide when he takes this form.

Further Enhanced Hierro

While in this form, because Poliro takes the form of a complete hollow while in this state, his Hierro becomes even stronger requiring much more effort from lower tiers to even successfully wound him and requiring people around Poliro's tier to put more force into their attacks to break through and even then, the damage of these attacks would be reduced than if Poliro did not have this enhanced Hierro. Poliro does not rely on his Hierro to tank attacks however as it is not as strong as some others in his realm.

High Speed Regeneration

Poliro retains this ability and the only noticable difference is that he is able to regrow from wounds without even thinking about it - resulting in near instant regeneration, much faster than his masked state. However, it is still limited and cannot regenerate organs.

Overwhelming Strength

In this form, Poliro's strength grows to insane levels as he is able to destroy buildings barehanded with shocking ease and his hand to hand attacks can cause massive destruction around him and with his Zanpakutō attacks, can cut down and destroy large cities without even trying. He is capable of breaking strong defenses; a intense defense will be needed to survive Poliro's strength when he takes this form, on a 0 tier level.

Extreme Speed

In this form, Poliro's speed becomes insane as his Shunpo is replaced by Sonido. He can cover large distances easily with one sonido, numerous acres long. Unless you have extremely good eye sight or enhancements/abilities Poliro's sonido's are so quick that he can't be seen; he literally looks like he is teleporting near instantly. In this form he can keep up with all but the fastest of fighters with effort. He is able to attack extremely quickly too, being able to deliver multiple sword attacks and punches within seconds faster than a lot of fighters will even be able to percieve. When he goes all out on speed and attacks, afterimages of the attack are felt.

Enhanced Energy Reap

Energy Reap is retained in this form and increases to 9% energy loss potentially if Poliro lands direct hits with his Zanpakuto. However, it is worth noting this is the MAXIMUM potential energy loss as against people in his own tier, the effect will be significantly less but more effective than if Poliro was in Shikai or Bankai.

Hellfire Reaping

In this ability, Poliro smashes his fist into the ground and begins to charge lots of fire underground, which then goes to underneath the enemy and then burst upwards in a massive pillar of flaming death. The risks of this ability are the the fire related risks - Allowing yourself to become consumed by this pillar of fire can ensure death or severe injury even to decently strong fighters unless they have great fire resistance/overall defenses. The pillar rises from the ground quite fast and covers a entire city block. While it can be dodged, it covers a vast area which makes it difficulty to evade given the intended target will be in the center of it. But if Poliro resorts to these abilities, odds are the the opponent is strong enough to get out the way or survive it.

Supernova Cannon

Poliro's classic Resurrección ability. This ability is essentially an insanely powerful version of the Supernova ability in his bankai - except the power of that is contained in an unstable fireball that he charges in his hand, around the size of a football. He then fires it at an enemy. If it hits, it goes off in one insane explosion, covering a area beyond just a city - it would include all of its suburbs as well as the main urban area, in a display of Poliro's power in this form. Poliro can control it with his Fire Creation ability to make it home on a enemy; but the weaknesses here is Poliro's line of vision. He can can only control what he see, so if he loses sight of it, he loses control of it and the instability of the fire will make it explode after he loses control.

The explosion could be enough to deafen the enemy, cause very severe burns to the point where their entire body could have parts of flesh entirely burned off, as well as bones/organs/muscles being severely damaged too, as well as being able to damage their eyesight. This ability has kill potential against a character too weak to withstand the explosion. If they have open wounds, their insides could be even more damaged in the process of this. The heat of the explosion are intense enough to drain the body of water, causing fatigue and dehydration.

Death Blaze Aura

For 4 posts, Poliro gains an aura of a dark blue flame around his body, which enhances his hand to hand attacks and physical attacks he performs to have his dangerous fire with - the ground he stands on will melt away with no issue and with this aura present, he would simply melt through weak individuals without protection. On stronger individuals they would suffer deadly burns to their flesh as well as the physical impact of his blows.

In addition, this aura would have the energy melting properties as outline in Flame Creation, providing him with a limited time protection from energy attacks.

Apocalyptic Reaping

Poliro once again breaks the rules of Flame Creation by using the deep power of this form to create a grim reaper like figure around him who is as about as big as a tall building. (Imagine something like Nero from DMC4's devil trigger but on a larger scale holding a scythe. I'll attach a picture at the bottom for reference) Poliro will then typically make a Sonido to the enemy and then start swinging as quickly as he can, with the reaper figure mimicing all of his swings, causing massive destruction to the environment and everything caught in the path as the attacks of the reaper figure has a range as wide as a football field and could easily a city block into dark ash.

Poliro can only sustain this ability for 10 swings of his blade, after which the figure dissipates. However, 10 swings of this almighty grim reaper would be enough to cause city wide destruction given its scale and be enough to turn anyone who isn't prepared defensively into a pile of ash as not only will they suffer Poliro's physical blade attack but also a scythe composed of Poliro's monstrous flames.

I. The Hollow


Once Poliro’s inner hollow; upon Poliro’s death, the beings would separate, but the hollow's soul was still closely intertwined with Poliro’s, leading Nenka to inherit the hollow that once resided in Poliro. As a result, the hollow has changed considerably but still retains many of its characteristics/powers that it gained from being merged with Poliro for many, many years.

Name: Uses the same name as the host. (Poliro/Nenka)

Nenka Fotia 2021 - Ziamachi  1Wg7fN1l

Ends Justify the Means

After the hollow came to reside in Nenka, it came to reflect him and his ideals but in a very twisted way; it still has the same desires of heroism but will do anything feasible to achieve those means. In the hollows mind, to be a hero is to make the hard decisions and save as many people as possible, even if it means many people have to die for the greater good.

This is a view Nenka could never agree with, as it doesn't match the typical heroism he'd believe in, nor could he ever condone losses of life such as that which sets the two apart; the hollow takes Nenka's ideals to their logical extreme. The actions that save the most lives must be taken, regardless of their cost.

You could consider the hollow aligned closely with "Chaotic Good" for this reason; it believes in doing good and being the hero, but will go to even the most extreme lengths to fulfil its twisted vision of what it means to be heroic.

Mental Instability

A trait of the hollow which was apparent during its time being a part of Poliro was their erratic behaviour, characterised by their mental state; the circumstances of its birth, being born of grief and anger meant that it is prone to angry outbursts, depressive episodes and so forth. Due to Nenka also having these traits innately, the hollow continued to exhibit this trait it originally inherited from Poliro.

Hollow Powers

The hollow is able to use the Zanpakuto of Nenka and Poliro but cannot use both at the same time and is has the same level of expertise with them as their original wielders.

Sonido, Bala, Cero, Hierro

The hollow is able to use the typical hollow abilities at a power level proportionate to the hosts tier.


The hollow is capable of rapidly regenerating from cuts, dismemberment and other forms of external damage but cannot regenerate internal injuries or regenerate organs. Additionally, this expends a lot of energy so it can become quite draining if required to regenerate 2+ limbs.

I. Ziamichi Powers

» Unique Traits:

Inherited Combat Experience

Upon the awakening of Poliro and the Hollow, Nenka's mind was able to access the hundreds of years of fighting expertise Poliro had racked up and gain knowledge of a whole variety of techniques. This allows him to replicate the Shinigami combat arts such as Hakudo and Zanjutsu to high level of skill.

Additionally, with the full awakening of Poliro, Nenka is able to perform Shunpo (Flash Step) for near instantaeous movement on par with a very skilled Shinigami but not to the same level of mastery Poliro could use the skill.

However he is not able to replicate Kidos from this; it is simply the inherited knowledge of fighting form and movement and it is not on the same level of skill as a pureblood Shinigami master. This inherited skill is ultimately limited by Nenka's raw strength and agility.

High Spiritual Pressure

Because of the amount of power residing in Nenka, his spiritual pressure is very high but not considered "monstrous" or "immense" due to the seal developed by Lux Orior. However, to those of lower power his spiritual power can quite easily feel overwhelming and still have a noticeable presence amongst more powerful entities. If the seal were to be removed however, his spiritual pressure would be overwhelming and easily detectable and also begin to take a rapid toll on Nenka's health.

Enhanced Attributes/Overall Power

Since the full awakening of his spirits, Nenka's overall strength, agility, endurance and such have vastly improved compared to when the spirits were dormant. He is capable of punching through the walls of solid buildings in his base form and is able to move faster than he was before; his fastest running speed almost appearing blurry to the average human eye, being able to match other supernatural beings on that front as a human.

His endurance/body has also gotten stronger as his bones are more resilient thanks to the spiritual energy backing his body up; attacks that might have otherwise broken Nenka's body would still damage him, but not break him like previously.

I. Nenka's Zanpakuto: The Fatebreaker

Zanpakuto Description:

By virtue of Poliro being a Vizard (Shinigami), he becomes the medium (Zanpakuto Spirit) for Nenka to have his own Zanpakuto, named The Fatebreaker. It is a sword with a revolver canister like a gun; a gun blade. At this time, it is unknown if this Zanpakuto possesses standard release states such as Shikai and Bankai. However, it grows stronger and gains new abilities depending on Nenka's form.

Zanpakuto Appearance:
Nenka Fotia 2021 - Ziamachi  Zrdw3grr

Zanpakuto Abilities:


Despite having the shape of a gun, this sword doesn't actually fire bullets; instead the bullets loaded into it unleash energy; with the bullets/cartridges being formed of Nenka's own spiritual energy. With the revolver like shape of the chamber, it is capable of loaded 6 times. If loaded, Nenka can unleash the rounds with various abilities. Loading spiritual bullets into the gun does expend Nenka's energy; so loading up with 6 would be fairly taxing on him.

Nenka is not able to load all 6 chambers immediately within a post; this would take 3 posts. 2 posts can load 3. 1 post can load 2 maximum if given enough of a time window (10 seconds) Without one, he can instantly load one. He is however able to store shots and use them later; they do not need to be used immediately. If Nenka is loading for a elemental attack, his gun will glow with a corresponding energy and will be detectable, making the tell obvious.

Burst Strike

The standard follow up to the gunblade being loaded; once Nenka uses this ability, he unleashes all loaded bullets within the chambers of his blade, performing a powerful strike that explodes at the point of the strike directly proportionate to how many bullets were loaded into the chamber.

1-2 bullets result in a mild explosion that would generate enough force to try and blow someone back like a heavy gust of wind and cause a small amount of damage to the very local surrounding area around Nenka.

3-4 bullets result in a moderate explosion that would cause a fair amount of damage to the local area surrounding Nenka in a 0.6 acre range (half a football field) such as leaving a small crater and potentially blowing back and opponent with strong force as if they were just thrown, as well as potentially leaving moderate burns to their body.

5-6 bullets would have the most devastating impact; being capable of blowing up an entire football field (1.3 acres) and having a potentially dangerous knockback that could blow someone back in theory at such a fast speed that the impact with a solid object could cause their bones to break or internal body to be damaged. In additions, the burns could potentially be very severe to those without defense against fire/the elements, with the burns potentially ranging up to the 3rd degree.

The drawbacks of this ability is that the maximum power takes several posts as outlined in the Revolver section to build up Nenka is only capable of using two fully powered bursts per thread before his gunblade overheats and becomes incapable of doing any Burst Strikes stronger than 3 bullets. The other gunblade related abilities suffer from the same setback.

Elemental Strike: Fire

Instead of a direct burst of spiritual energy, Nenka can also release the bullets stored in his gunblades chamber as pure fire energy, causing a powerful surge of fire to gush from the point he strikes; the power of the fire strike again is directly proportional to how many bullets were loaded; with the power being measured by how large the fire burst is. The tempature of Nenka's fire remains the same regardless of how many bullets are loaded.

This ability is able to function as a ranged attack since it doesn't require Nenka to be close to the target as it shoots forth as a beam from the tip of the blade.

1 to 2 bullets creates a fairly small burst of fire that is no bigger than a human person while 3-4 would be equal to a small one story house. 5-6 would be equal to a two story building which is the limit of Nenka's Flame Creation abilities. The lethality of the fire generated by this burst is determined by Nenka's current form/tier; generally speaking, against higher tiers/flame resistant characters, the flames would not burn very deep but against those without/lower tiers the flames have the potential to burn all the way to the 3rd degree and possibly immolate someone whole if caught by the full blast.

Elemental Strike: Lightning

A variation of the Fire elemental burst, Nenka superheats his fire bullets into a plasma state, allowing him to strike with the element of lightning. As with other Fatebreaker abilities, its raw power is dependent on how loaded the weapon is.

1-2 bullets results in a lightning strike that is on the same scale as a natural lightning strike; except much more potent/deadly due to Nenka's spiritual energy charging it. Being struck can cause pretty serious injuries at this level such as electrocution which at this stage could damage internal organs but wouldn't be lethal enough to potentially cause a cardiac arrest and burns like Nenka's fire.

3-4 bullets is when the power of this strike begins to truly exceed natural limits as the resulting strike would be enough to easily destroy a building rather than leave a mark on it and the raw electric power would be enough to have very deadly consequences to someone's internal organs, damaging electrics if the target had any and potentially causing a cardiac arrest or disruption to the hearts natural rhythm aswell as more severe burns.

5-6 bullets is the peak power of this ability; the power of the lightning can easily melt through and destroy tall buildings and the electric power is enough to cause severe damage to internal organs or in the worst case, cardiac arrest if the target doesn't have sufficient defences against lightning strikes; additionally the raw plasma is hot enough to straight melt through flesh and muscle and bone without adequate fire defences.

Elemental Strike: Holy

Because of Nenka's inner hollow; with his extreme heroism, this begins to manifest in a angelic/holy energy that Nenka can use as a part of Fatebreaker. The holy magic has the effect of being more effective vs certain races: Demons, Hollow, Arrancars, Sueki so this attack will be more damaging than vs Humans or Shinigami for instance.

Like with the other elemental strikes, once Nenka unleashes his loaded charges, an explosion of light spiritual energy is unleashed. It has other unique traits; it has the potential to burn but since it is not fire, this is able to cause fire like burns to those who are fire-resistant. Additionally, this attack is mostly damaging to the spirt/soul than the physical body; the effects of which can be quite severe if this ability is charged all the way.

1-2 bullets has the potential to cause bad burns as well as damaging someone's soul enough to drain a small amount of energy/spiritual power from them. The explosion from this strike still damages the surroundings as normal.

I. Forms: Sacred Release

Sacred Release Appearance:
Nenka Fotia 2021 - Ziamachi  Y25gcSy

Sacred Release Overview:

Renka begins to tap into the spirit of Poliro and takes on a new form by gaining a armour suit compromised of solidified fire. As a result, his spiritual power and overall strength has an increase.

Sacred Release Powers:

Overall Power Increase

Entering his first release, Nenka gains an overall noticeable power spike in all facets. His fire's average temperature increases considerably, gaining more melting power meaning even fire resistant matter would start to have trouble completely dulling the flames. The consequence of this is that people not used to the heat of his fire will sweat much more and may suffer fatigue and dehydration which can dull their fighting abilities potentially.

His speed and strength are also increased further, now he is capable of punching through buildings and could destroy smaller buildings with his bare hands, while moving fast enough to be nearly unperceivable by natural human eyes; those trained with supernatural movement would still be able to without issue; but he would still be fast moving amongst them.

Solidified Fire

In this form, Renka is able to diverse his abilities by turning his fire into solid matter by condensing the spiritual energy until it takes a solidified form. This allows him to have a more physical attack against someone who might be more resistant to fire - the temperature of these solid flames will still be the same as if they were not solid.

The solid matter can be broken with a strong focused attack with enough power to strike through solid matters with ease. If the solidified fire is broken, it will revert to a gaseous state.

Flame Armour

As part of his release, he uses his solidified fire ability to generate armour made of solid fire. This means that touching the armour with bare hands without protection can result in severe burns or even losing the hand entirely.

In terms of protection, it can be compared to something like an Arrancar Hierro - focused precise strikes are required to break through. However, it varies depending on the strength of an opponent. Someone powerful, sereval tiers above Renka would not meet too much resistance while someone around Renkas tier would have to focus their attacks. Below his tier, they would need to put a lot of force into their blows to break through.

In any case, this provides suitable battle armour for Nenka as it allows him some protection from physical damage even if it is broken through.

Flame Step

Using the power of flame, he performs one quick teleport like motion, disappearing into any fire he created and reappearing quickly from a different fire within less than a second. However, he cannot consistently use this as it draining to do it all of the time, so he prefers to use acrobatics and regular movements to try and fight. This also hinges on him having flames in the area to move to as he is limited by where his flames are.

Enhanced Fatebreaker

I. Ascended Sacred State

» Ascended Sacred State Description:

In this final state, Nenka uses the maximum amount of his spirits energy that the seal allows, the result is that he begins to morph into a almost demon looking entity with his hair turning into a blazing purple, his body going dark and blazing; as if his very body was a flame.

His raw power becomes extremely potent at this stage, but he cannot control it easily meaning he could end up hurting/killing people in the crossfire if he enters this stage. It is likely he could do significant damage to a large city in this form due to the dragon formation he takes.

However, this form damages his body as he is not able to maintain the level of power he is using, meaning he could suffer more severe mental effects, or feel like his entire body is going to break. If he stays in this form too long, he will eventually be unable to maintain it and drop out of it back to his base state extremely exhausted and unable to fight. Thus, he has a 6 post limit maximum in this form.

Ascended Sacred State Powers:

Further Power Increase

At this stage, Nenka's fire becomes a serious threat as it will start to melt even fire resistant bodies and substances and will melt anything without fire protection with relative ease in a matter of seconds.

A human without any protection or spiritual power would be turned into ashes very quickly or mortally burned. Trying to use all the spiritual power he can, Nenka's spiritual power becomes very high and would be very noticeable to those in the region.

His strength and speed increase even further, as he is able to move freely in this dragon like state, at very fast speeds. At this point, the temperatures would mean that anything combustible near Nenka would catch fire as he loses control. He would be able to control the new fires created as a result, which could result in a very lethal wildfire effect in the right conditions such as a forest. His strength in this state would allow him to easily rampage through a city and destroy large buildings.

Further Enhanced Fatebreaker

Enhanced Solid Fire

At this stage, his solidified matter becomes tougher and harder to break, requiring a lot of might from lower tiers and more effort from the higher tier combatants.

Flare Breath

Nenka will fly up into the air and then, use all the energy he possibly can to create a massive gust of fire from his arms and hands shooting a nonstop stream of flames for two posts until he is unable to produce any more fire, at which point he would have likely incinerated everything in his general radius. This ability poses a serious risk to the environment and anyone caught in it, but he would be unable to fight if the opponent survived.

In general, being caught in this stream for long enough would definitely mean death for the majority of characters without a high level of reaitsu protection or fire protection, and powerless humans would likely get turned into ash instantly.

The primary drawback is that the stream requires so much power, he is not able to move around freely with it too much as he must put all his concentration into projecting the fire beam. This means agile characters could potentially dodge it but it does have a wide area of effect up to 130 yards wide.

The Fate of the Living

I. Hollow Form/Nenka's Resurrección

Hollow Form Appearance:
Nenka Fotia 2021 - Ziamachi  L9nppZd4

Hollow Form Description:

If the seal on Nenka is lifted; he gains access to a new form drawing on the power of his inner hollow. His appearance changes quite drastically becoming far more bulky in build and his skin greying out, very much a hollow look. He also gains wings that protrude from his back; like some kind of twisted angel representing the good/heroism that he still embodies. Because of the effects of the seal being undone, Nenka cannot maintain this form for very long before his body begins to suffer severe consequences; 5 posts is the limit before he reverts back after which he will be severely drained and unable to fight.

Hollow Form Abilities:

Immense Spiritual Power

Immense Strength, Speed

Significantly Enhanced Fatebreaker

Hollow Powers

Blasting Zone


Turn of the Heavens

Sundered Sky

Tsubame-gaeshi: Doom of the Living

I. Perfect Scared Release (Unavailable)

I. Drawbacks/Control

Severe Toll on Nenka

Control Grade

I. The Lux Orior Seal


Because of the dual spirit nature of Nenka's Zimiachi being; his body is barely able to cope with using the power, or just having them merely exist in him without huge drawbacks/potential threat to his life. To this end, as he is part of Lux Orior; the technology division quickly got to work on developing a tailor made spiritual seal on Nenka that would allow him to retain some of the benefits of the spirits awakening such as the power boost while limiting it enough that he would not suffer adverse effects without merely existing.

I. Skill Sheet

» Ziamichi Host Class:
» Ziamichi Spirit Class:

General Skills For Host
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Martial Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Ziamichi Skills For Host
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Control Over Spirit: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Seal Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Sync-Rate: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills For Host
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained


General Skills For Spirit
  • Durability: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Strength: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Martial Skill: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

Will Skills For Spirit
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Mental Deduction: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained
  • Focus: Elite/Advanced/Adept/Beginner/Untrained

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