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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Kegare "Ali" Okihana

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Race Spec Here:

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Enter The Corrupted

I. Basic Information

» Name: Kegare Okihana
» Alias: Mère Alizarine (Mother Alizarin), Ali

» Age: 256
» Gender: Female

» Association: Former Gotei

» Appearance:

Kegare "Ali" Okihana Shinigirltrue_b1a896728473779813a15a029b9d3029cb52023d

Kegare is taller than your average japanese woman at 5'11". She has a fit, curvy build and has soft, smooth skin. Her complexion is a little on the pink side, but since she's sequestered herself she's come to be a bit paler over the years, and has even diminished what was once a firm, toned body into something softer and not quite as slim as she once was.

She has incredibly long, silky red hair which reaches all the way down past her rear when let down and unbound, though in it's ponytail it usually reaches just to her lower back. This hair while slightly wavy, is generally on the straight end of things and doesn't curl even in more unkempt conditions.

Her facial features are gentle and smooth, but with a strong, confident chin and a smile that is all too pure for the actual way she feels, making her startlingly good at hiding her feelings since her natural smile is so warm and genuine-seeming. Her eyes being a soft, gentle, shining green that bleeds intelligence and comfort doesn't hurt that fact either. At first glance, one might feel like Kegare was an older sister, or an upperclassman.

I. Personality

» Personality:

Kegare was at one point a rather bright and aspiring woman. She had strong goals, was well-liked thanks to her sociable personality and good looks. She enjoyed the attention and felt that she had an obligation to the soul society because of that gift, she sought to use her popularity to inspire others to not only be good people, but be BETTER people, and seek to improve themselves and some of these sentiments survive in fragments in who she is today.

But other personality traits have surfaced as well. First and foremost she is tired and somewhat jaded. Not in the sense that she feels nothing matters, for she STRONGLY feels that individuals can have strong influences on the world, she simply has been through such that she doesn't feel she has it in her to BE that change. Her failures plague her and it's not uncommon for her to dip into bouts of depression and self doubt. Depression she generally squashes under unhealthy habits and her new occupation. She feels that there is no point in valor or heroism, and that trying to do the right thing can just set yourself up for failure as you fail to meet your own expectations. As such she is a hard realist and often plays the devil’s advocate in most situations.

Her Motto is: Prepare for the Worst, and Expect to fail anyway.

I. History

» History:

Kegare was born in the soul society, into a minor Noble Family. While her family did not garner much influence, they were a respected line of shinigami that had served in the Gotei for generations. Naturally when she came to adulthood, she entered the Shino academy. Because of her pretty appearance and likeable personality she was quite popular and made a name for herself in helping her peers better their own skills rather than focusing on her own means of improving. Because of this, she did not graduate quite as quickly as some of her siblings, but she still managed to graduate.

After graduation, Kegare joined the Gotei under Squad 12 and became a respectable member of the Bureau Research and Development, often finding herself studying the enemies of soul society, however since Hollow studies were taboo thanks to incidents revolving around Vizards, she instead focused her research on the various types of demons that could be found throughout the worlds. An endeavor that would pay off in the future.

While Kegare was not in the gotei for the third world war, she was active at the time of the infamous Demon Incursion. Following the occupation of the Gotei by demon forces, Kegare attempted to continue her research, making good of a bad situation by trying to gain as much information on their occupiers as possible. This however, ultimately, drew the wrong kind of attention, from one particularly dumb, but nasty Demon named Ur.

Mistaking her intellectual endeavors as some sort of infatuation with demons, the demon managed to restrain and kidnap the woman, imprisoning her and attempting to get her to admit these perceived intimate feelings that he believed she had for their race as he slowly began to form an obscene obsession with her. However, she refused to entertain his obsessive assumptions and continued to refute any attempts at getting any such deranged confession out of her. Ultimately this led to a particularly ill-conceived plan. Ur decided that if Kegare would not give in to her love for demons, then he would make her into a davana based solely around such an infatuation with them.

Before she knew it, Kegare found herself in the center of a ritual, Ur intending to pry the core of her soul out of her body as a sacrifice and create a davana to his design and then force it to occupy her corpse, giving him the adoring slave he so desired.

As fate would have it, Kegare was well versed in knowledge, however conjecture and theory-based, around these Davana creation rituals. Being bound, she had no hope of simply breaking free and taking out her kidnapper. Her only hope was to trick him.

Hijacking the ritual once it had begun, she managed to ram the blade Ur had intended to use into his chest using her knee, but she knew this would not be enough to kill him. With no other options, she finished the ritual herself, offering up his soul as the catalyst in the creation of the Davara. In an instant, Ur’s Za Koa core collapsed on itself, being crushed out of existence as a void was torn through his chest, obliterating him. But in the process, a Davana was born, but rather than into a waiting corpse vessel, it was implanted and fused into her very being. Having been desperate, she based this Danava around a Fairy Tale from her youth:

The Girl who Fell Through the World. A story about a young woman who falls through the world to a magical land to escape her problems, but having not learned from her mistakes is forced to repeat them, spreading her failures through this new land and destroying it. When she finally had left that magical world in ruins, and she finally returned home: she could not even muster a smile, as after all she had been through even this old familiar place didn’t feel like home.

From this, the Origin of Rueful Hubris was formed and the Davana fused with her completely, twisting her zanpaku’to and her soul in entirety as she felt as if her entire soul were being mulched and remade. when she finally escaped from the prison, she promptly fled to the world of the living, terrified that her corrupted body might somehow harm her fellow Gotei. Escaping to the world of the living along with a gigai she had created herself, she went to the world of the living and went into hiding in Madagascar, focusing on gaining proper control of these new powers and this corruption of her soul. Years later, when she finally gained a handle over her new abilities, she learned that the Gotei had purged the demons from the sereitei. And while this was an incredible moment of joy for her, she also found that she couldn’t possibly go back. Anti-demon sentiment had grown like nothing before, and even the few spiritual individuals she had come to know in the world of the living had many a story of demons and even ziamachi shinigami being hunted down and persecuted as they struggled with the cult left in Khala’s wake.

While her actions had saved her life, she had damned herself to never returning to the place she loved. She was stuck on earth. At first she became determined, focusing on learning more about her new condition and finding a way to turn herself back. But experiment after experiment failed miserably, and in time she fell into despair. Not only this, but her new powers would bring to mind her own shortcomings. Her lacking performance in helping push back the demons during the initial incursion. So many comrades she had failed to save. And of course, her ultimate fall from grace in becoming this twisted hybrid.

IN time, she gave up on trying to fix herself, or even trying to carry on the duties and principles that she had once held so dear in her heart. Her attempt to maintain a healthy life as a human in the world of the living began failing, her gigai’s physique began to decline in her depression, and she was unable to even find herself a normal job. In her sink of failing self worth, she began working as a prostitute, initially for a seedy inn. She began to drink and abuse drugs, but what ultimately saved her was seeing other humans fall into hopelessness alongside her. Young women who felt the world had failed them, throwing themselves away. Even though she had lost the will to help herself, she still maintained the will to try and help others.

Cleaning herself up for the most part and weaning herself off hard drugs, she promptly started moving up among the prostitutes, and in the end, she wound up killing the inn owner in his sleep using her powers. Taking over the establishment, she maintained the business, but began rehabilitating those in her employ that showed a willingness to save themselves using the money made by those who were beyond saving. She herself even moonlighting as a prostitute when she wasn’t performing her duties as a matron in order to collect information on other establishments. At least, that’s what she told herself.

For all of this sudden good she was doing, she was still addicted to alcohol and in truth she’d even grown addicted to the feeling of separating herself from rational thought and modesty whenever she handled a client. Maybe it was her new demonic side, or maybe she was simply that desperate to separate herself from the failure she had once been, but in any case even with her side work of charity, she still continued managing her whores and servicing her own trusted clientele. And, rarely, in the event that one of her girls shows signs of budding spiritual abilities: takes them under her wing. Unintentionally starting an all-female spiritual gang: Les Merles (The Blackbirds) when some of her girls that she rehabilitated began banding together and began serving as local protection against hollows and other malevolent spiritual beings.

Initially Kegare rebuked these actions but finding that she was unable to stop them, eventually came about to leading the group so that at the very least she could keep an eye on them. And even if she wasn’t able to help herself out of her own sinkhole of a life, she’d do everything for her girls.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

I. Racial Techniques/Abilities/Skills

Hybridization Table

Able to use Shinigami skills (Hoho/Kido)
Retains a Corrupted Zanpakuto, able to use Shinshi (Corrupted Zan Release)
Gains an Origin Ability, Saca ātmā type.

Unable to Use Shikai/Bankai/Shikokai
Cannot use Possessive Powers of any Kind.
No access to Za Koa Core/Abilities.
No Access to Demon Magic
No access to Atma Vatao
Only has access to 1 Origin

» Racial Abilities:

Shunpo - Kegare has always been a decent used of Shunpo. Fairly skilled for her rank, she managed to gain a lot of experience and her shunpo generally are faster than others of her skill level, though she has a lower range than most when it comes to executing them. After her corruption, she retained the ability to use it.

Kido - Incredibly Talented, her talent with kido was such that she came to Mix and combine them in a variety of ways, and though she never got to the point of inventing her own spells, she was proficient enough to be well known for it. After her corruption, she retained the ability to use it.

Shinshi After being corrupted by the Davana ritual, she completely lost the ability to use her shikai as her new powers twisted her connection with her zanpakur’to. Every attempt at releasing her shikai almost felt like dying, and as a result when she finally was able to release it, she came to call it Shinshi or True Death. This corrupted release tainted by her new demonic essence.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Unasan Sar (Fallen Moon) Formerly: Tsukipo (Moon Step)

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Unasan Sar originally looked like a sleek, bright white fox with two faces splitting from either side of it's head, one darker than the other. Now the fox is split into two separate black and white forms, the place they had once been connected is corrupted and mottled.

» Inner World: The inner world itself is a vast white sand island surrounded by an endless silver ocean, with the four worlds seen in the sky above . More recently the inner world corrupted as a dark bridge of black webbing connects the demon world in the sky to the island, leaving deep cracks in both that stretch for miles, the ocean around it endlessly rushing in to try and fill the ravine left within the island itself.

» Zanpakutô Appearance: Originally, Kegare's zanpaku'to took the form of a long sleek odachi of a bright gleaming white bone-like material. This weapon however has since been corrupted and now has it’s blade turned curved and serrated with thorns along it’s edge.

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:

Dark Side of the Moon

The Shadow of the moon which it refuses to show the world. Using this power, Kegare is able to completely eliminate an object or thing from a target's perception if she at some point obscures it from a target's point of view by placing herself between it and the target. Once this object has entered the 'dark side' of Kegare from the target's perspective, that object no longer exists and cannot be sensed by any means. It does not, however, keep it from effecting them once it leaves this position and while it cannot be perceived by the target, it can still interact with them, though only at half strength (If a person is run through with a sword concealed by Dark Side of the Moon, the injury will only be half as bad). At will, Kegare can eliminate the alterations of an object effected by this, allowing it to be perceived by the target.
While there is no limit to the number of targets that can be effected, only 3 (Increases to 5 in Shinshi) objects at most can be effected by it (Clusters or groups of the same item can be considered a single object. Aka, a blast of sand is considered a single object rather than the individual grains. Additionally, things like a 'building' while comprising of many objects, can be considered a single object).

Moon's Endless Shadow

This power creates a pocket dimension that occupies the same space as Kegare's body in volume. By making contact with an object, she can store it within this space until the volume is completely filled. She cannot take in objects that are larger than her body or would not naturally fit inside of the space her body occupies, but otherwise she can seamlessly and effortlessly pull objects in and out of the space. In Shinshi, this available space is increased to a 15 meter radius.

I. Shinshi (True Death)

» Release Phrase: Yoku mite imasu ka? (Are you watching Closely?)

» Release Action: Zanpakuto melts into her body, fusing with her.

» Shinshi Appearance: Originally, her zanpaku'to would burst and form into a brilliant white Fox as her Zanpaku'to spirit was manifested physically. However, these days, it simply gives her fox-like features, causing her to grow white and black fox ears and tails, elongating her canines and making her grow claws as a spiral of black kanji script winds it’s way up and down her body.

» Shinshi Abilities:

Theme: Trickery of the Moon Themed around the dark and light side of the moon as it's tricky nature is amplified by the fox manipulating it. These abilities follow principles of tricking the target.

Face of the Moon

What the moon chooses to show the world. This ability allows Kegare to alter the attention that targets are able to pay to particular objects effected by this ability, and by extension: her. By designating an object as the 'face' of the moon, it becomes the first priority for any target's attention. For each sense, so long as they are able to sense the designated Face of the Moon, they will be unable to keep track of changes in Kegare while they are able to sense it. (Example: IF a target is able to notice the presence of the designated face of the moon, Kegare will appear to be entirely still even if she is actually moving about and doing things).

Man on the Moon
The ability to make something seem like something it isn’t. Using this ability, Kegare is able to swap two objects, allowing them to take on each other’s appearance and attributes so long as neither subject has a superior Power Tier to Kegare’s. This can be undone at any time.

I. Origin Powers

» Origin Name: Rueful Hubris

» Origin Power: Based everything around recklessness, failure, and loss.

» Origin Abilities:

Fall Through The World

One of the purest forms of hubris is in the suppression of pain in order to forge on. This ability amplifies this concept. When inflicted on a target, the target will completely lose the ability to feel any pain, discomfort, or even anything that would be in their way such as the sensation of pressure or restraint. However, this is absolute, and as a result can be deadly. In this state, a target can easily shred their own body to pieces simply trying to walk up the stairs as pressure and pain are stripped away. The act of taking a step without actively looking where you’re going can cause someone to crush their leg and mash it into a rock they weren’t aware was in their way, as they have no senses which would warn them to stop applying pressure through the limb. One’s grip on one’s sword can become so tight that their muscles rip, their tendons snap, and their fingers become locked and unable to peel away.
In order to keep from destroying their body, an individual must be meticulously aware of every motion they are partaking in as well as spatially aware of their environment lest they injure themselves.
Individuals whose defensive capabilities exceed their own natural strength have nothing to fear from this side effect as they can simply endure any would-be damage from heedless action. Additionally, strong enough regeneration can overcome this weakness and can make this ability dangerous to use as it can immunize a target against pain and fatigue so long as they have the energy to put themselves back together. This ability is initiated through physical contact with a target.

The Wailing Echo

With this ability, Kegare is able to force contextualization onto a target’s actions. By focusing on someone, she can force an incredible feeling similar to Deja Vu onto a person, based on their most recent mistakes. This ability will drag up memories circulating around the person and even pull them into reality, transforming the world around her into a scene from the target’s past in which they have failed or somehow contributed to their present suffering, loss, and mistakes. (Example, if a target was unable to save their child, Kegare would be able to summon memories of promises they were never able to keep, the memories of their daughter’s death and the situations surrounding them, and any part the person may have had in their demise). This ability thus forces targets to face NOT the consequences of present actions, but the actions that led to past consequences. Objects and living things summoned by this ability are real and not illusions, though they are constrained by Kegare’s energy levels and as such living things cannot be more than half as strong as Kegare or stronger than the person remembers them to be, whichever is the lower bar.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
[list][*]Durability: Adept
[*]General Speed: Advanced
[*]Strength: Beginner
[*]Martial Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Elite
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Elite
  • Focus: Elite

I. Role Play Sample

» Roleplay Sample:

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Kegare "Ali" Okihana
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