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Seven is a Lucky Number? Empty Seven is a Lucky Number?

Sat Jul 10, 2021 10:14 pm

Seven is a Lucky Number? 6EdIfMt


Artist: Tokyo Ghoul - Song: Glassy Sky

On the agenda today was a visiting seated officer from Squad Seven. They'd be explaining what the Division did precisely to the students. Koyo thought it seemed a little pointless. They did things around the Earth, didn't they? They were in charge of the relationships on that side, acting as a diplomatic first response team. It wouldn't do for him to disregard the class. He sat by himself as was normal his friends didn't come to this. They had little time for optional courses given their grades. His mother's conditioning of him had served him well here.

He wondered who would be coming to speak on behalf of the Squad. Captain Murasaki had an excellent record and had been a long-time pillar. She'd maintained her spot as a Captain the longest of the current group. Her Vice-Captain was supposed to be very powerful as well. Seven was an excellent blend of personalities and seemed like a good place. He imagined his friends would end up in this place. Thus some of his curiosity came from that very fact. This Squad seemed to suit most of them aside from one.

But for him, did it fit his needs and desires for growth? Would his mother be pleased by this selection? There were a large number of things to consider in this sense. He didn't have the same issues others did in this regard. He couldn't dishonor the family or let that sway his options. Rukia was in Squad Seven, so joining it was an unlikely action. But it was best to hear from them where the lines were drawn. Each Squad had jobs and had to function together in a formless unity.

The podium had been set, and students came packing the seats. Though some sections were yet empty.

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