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Wed Nov 03, 2021 1:39 am
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Alastair had listened attentively to Kokuto's story, for it was not one that he had any intention of interrupting, and waved a hand dismissively as the Demon apologised for his rambling. It had not been the answer he had expected, far from it in fact, but perhaps that showed how out of touch he was with the Demonic people.

"You do not need to apologise, I only meant to be polite by inquiring. I did not mean to cause any unexpected hurt."

Taking a long drink of coffee, he let out a steamy exhale as he considered whether to dig deeper. It was obviously an intimate topic, but it had still been offered up so readily so perhaps that was an invitation to do so. It was better to perhaps talk around the issue for a little, see if more questioning was invited or necessary.

"But you were born in the nineteen-eighties? That is quite a different world from the one we live in now I imagine. Do you remember much from back then? I imagine you have some more interesting things to say than the few history books the Vandenreich keep tucked away in the archives."

He was genuinely interested in the experiences Kokuto might have had, though it was quite a surprise that he was close to five hundred years old. Well past four hundred anyway. The time before the spiritual world had merged with the human realm. That might at least steer him away with too many thoughts of his poor sister, wherever she might have ended up.

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Colleagues By Any Other Name (Alastair, Kokuto) - Page 2 Empty Re: Colleagues By Any Other Name (Alastair, Kokuto)

Sun Dec 26, 2021 7:57 am
Colleagues By Any Other Name (Alastair, Kokuto) - Page 2 EzxrrNE


Kokuto blinked, shaking his head at Alastair's response. He sure wasn't hurt about it, hell, he was more concerned about borin' the kid to death more than anythin' else. So, with a light chuckle, he leaned back slightly, pondering on his life before all of this.

It was one of those times where, in any other situation, you could make a laundry list of things to talk about, but the moment you were asked about it, your mind went blank. But, with a bit of thinking, he was able think of three major things that were close to his heart, and hopefully, were somethin' interestin' for his superior.

"You'd never think that the world could be somethin' like this if you lived back in those times. Hell, I'm still gettin' used to it. But, I think one of the biggest changes were...arcades and video games. They've still got museums for those things, but it doesn't properly recreate the feelin' and atmosphere of bein' in a real arcade, playin' Donkey Kong."

There were some bits that were naturally hazy, due to simply how long it had been since then, but there was still much that he dearly desired to remember -- if not purely to remember better days. Times he'd go back to in a heartbeat, if given the chance. Kokuto exhaled softly, putting a hand to his chin before a grin spread across his face.

"Ah, here's another one: horror movies. Stuff might be better than it was back then, technically, but there's somethin' special about the classics like the first Nightmare on Elm Street or the first Halloween film. Stuff back then, you had to work with what you got, and it made it feel just that little bit more...real. Acting wasn't always the best, but the effects and stuff on set were somethin' unique."

The devil let out a raspy chuckle, a hand raising to his mouth as he suddenly, but briefly, went into a coughing fit, before calming down, groaning softly as he rubbed his throat for a moment.

"There's some other things I could probably nerd out about, like music, but, it was a wildly different time. You'd never expect then and now to be so many worlds apart."

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