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Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:23 pm
Bambietta Basterbine [3-1, Hazard Rank D] BTrNGgP


Basic Information

○ Name: Bambietta Basterbine
○ Alias: N/A
○ Age: Don't ask. (38)
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Human (Substitute Shinigami)

○ Affiliation:
-Gotei United, 2nd Division

○ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Vastimian
○ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
○ Special Skill: Dividing things in half.
○ Ideal Mate: DILF/MILF

○ Height: 5’6”
○ Weight: Healthy
○ Hair Colour: Black
○ Eye Colour: Purple

Bambietta Basterbine [3-1, Hazard Rank D] EByRra5

Psychological Analysis
There is much to be said about Bambietta, but those who meet her almost always seem to agree on at least one thing; that she is, without a doubt, a woman who likes to take charge of things. If Bambietta is in any group, she will very quiickly establish herself as the most prominent voice within it. Maybe not the most reasonable, or the most intelligent, but certainly the loudest. That isn't to say she's stupid, of course. If anything, Bambietta has a fairly decent intellect. But her pride, and her need to be heard, tend to take precedence for her.

But why? Well, put simply, Bambietta will not let herself simply vanish. She doesn't simply fear death, but fears the very idea that her existence means nothing. She knows that to become immortal isn't a reasonable goal, and so instead, she'll make her name be remembered. The way that this happens, the reason anyone remembers her, is of little consequence. The idea of consequence itself means nothing to her, frankly. Perhaps not even on account of holding herself above it all.

Bambietta simply doesn't care about the consequences. As long as she keeps living, she couldn't even begin to think about that.


Abalia Kyoraku-Hayden: Her former superior as a member of both the Vastime 1st and Final and the Gotei United, Bambietta considers her one of the most terrifying women to ever exist, and still has some faint worry that she's being watched even now.


Bambietta was born into a rather unremarkable family in France, her parents hardly even leaving a single memory in her mind. Well, perhaps that isn't so much their fault. Bambietta has never actually met her parents, having been left at an orphanage known by its inhabitants as the Court of Miracles. From her earliest years, those who staffed this house for young children knew that she would be trouble. The modest name they gave the young girl was quickly forgotten, for she always referred to herself loudly, purposefully, as "the Bambietta Basterbine!" Those who argued with her were simply spoken over, their words falling on wholly deaf ears.

As she grew older, the self-proclaimed Bambietta only became more bold, more self-confident. She might have been perfectly happy, or at least as happy as could be expected, were it not for a girl a few years younger than her, pale of skin and with hair white as snow, who seemed to steal her thunder without even trying. Bambietta could have just gotten louder, even beaten that little Claudia punk up, but that didn't seem to work. So instead, she started to break things. A flowerpot here, a window there, just a childish way of getting attention, lashing out. But Bambietta could not have expected how much she loved the feeling of it. Just watching things go...bam.

The rest of them could do whatever they wanted. Bambietta was already 17 by now anyway, old enough to go out and see whatever she wanted to. Sure, she could have just kept on doing little bits of damage, but it was more interesting if she aimed bigger. Tried to get more efficient. Information was cheap, easy to come by in this age, and it turned out people were awfully willing to lend a little extra help if you were hot. Lucky break, huh? By the time she was 25, Bambietta had destroyed multiple city blocks worth of structures. The explosions themselves were one thing, but her greatest satisfaction was in seeing the horror in people's eyes, hearing them posit the same question every time, with fear in their voice:

"Who could have done this?"

Perhaps, if things had gone differently, Bambietta would have just continued to aim bigger, better, until the day she died. But she bit off more than she could chew, it seemed, when she tried to show the newly christened nation of Vastime what she could do. The idea of leveling something so shiny and new had appealed to her on a primal level, really, the thought of crushing so many hopes for the future alongside the pristine buildings themselves. Unfortunately for her, that plan didn't work out, and she found herself locked deep in prison, slated for execution. Anyone would hate it there, of course, but for Bambietta it was far worse. For her, it was nothing short of a living hell.

No one cared about a single thing she said, after all. Nobody cared what she'd done. And every single day that passed, she had to wonder if tomorrow would be the last, if she would die without anyone even knowing. Bambietta would have done anything to escape that, and as luck would have it, the day finally came that she could escape. Not through some prison break, but accompanied by the clicking of boot heels on the cold floor. When the Queen of Vastime offered her a position in her penal legion, to atone for her crimes and potentially earn the right to her life once more, Bambietta did not hesitate to accept the offer. She did not relish the thought of being beholden to anyone, but she relished the thought of dying in this place infinitely less.

She served in World War 4, and quite dutifully, at that. Not out of respect for her superior, or out of any sense that she ought to. It was nothing more than out of an almost desperate need to reclaim her life. Yet, with each deployment, Bambietta found that she had more opportunity to destroy both things and lives than ever before. More resources to work with, more targets to see up in smoke. Suddenly, she didn't even need to hide that she had been responsible. If anything, she had every reason to let everyone know that it had been her. People praised her work, nodded in approval at the destruction she wrought. Such purpose, such a consistent need for her, for Bambietta Basterbine, was more satisfying than anything else had ever been.

So when the Queen suddenly went quiet, when her focus seemed to shift toward her position in the Gotei and the penal legions found themselves remarkably free of any truly captivating assignments, Bambietta chose to follow. She was no shinigami, but something that trivial didn't matter to her. She submitted a formal request to Queen Kyoraku-Hayden, and while it was considered wholly abnormal, her service had been sufficient to approve it, though not without restriction. Bambietta's every waking moment in Soul Society since that day has seen her accompanied by a handler, and her lessons at Shin'o Academy have always been alone, at the latest hours of the night to keep her away from any other students. Ultimately, though, she has no problem with that.

Someone is still watching her. That's all she needs to know.


○ Demolition Expert: Bambietta knows destruction like the back of her hand. What to use, where to apply it, how to identify weak spots and potentially catastrophic failures of construction. She knows how to use this knowledge in the most efficient way possible, and perhaps most importantly of all, she loves every single moment of it.

○ Hardline Combatant: While she was for all intents and purposes a normal woman for much of her life, Bambietta's time with the Vastime 1st and Final marked a quite drastic change for her. Her life was no longer hers to command, and the only alternative to peak performance was the swift death that she sought desperately to avoid. This extreme training has paid off, and her knowledge of both the battlefield and single combat is, while far from perfectly honed, certainly engraved in her mind.

○ Hadō Freak: To call her a "prodigy," or to say that she has any sort of "talent," would not be correct with regard to Bambietta's understanding of kido. She has, after all, only had a quite short window of time to learn it, and many of its intricacies are not something she has taken the time to apply herself to learning. What she is remarkably good at, however, is offensive kido. Particularly, for rather obvious reasons, those which create mass chaos.


○ Blank Check: Because of the specialized nature of the 1st Penal Legion, created to engage in any action no matter the cost, they have access to all equipment which Vastime’s usual military may apply to any action, and are trained in proficiency in their usage.

○ Sealed Armor: The power armor of the Penal Legion is made specifically for the suicide missions that they are intended to be sent on. As such, it is exponentially more protective than typical Vastime power armor. It is sealed entirely from head to toe, to such a degree that even the vacuum of space cannot surpass it. The uniform is accompanied by a specially-designed oxygen tank which provides enough breathable air for the Penal Legionary to survive up to 48 hours in any environment. It is additionally outfitted with its own communications suite, which has access to both a satellite network, as well as a 500 mile radius radio with access to both general radio frequencies and a specially encrypted frequency which is locked with Abalia’s spiritual energy.

It should be noted that Bambietta hates wearing this armor, and will do so as little as she can possibly get away with.


○ Zanpakuto Name: Zaa Baku (ザー爆, lit. "The Bomb"). It has been pointed out to Bambietta that this name is incredibly unusual in nature, a significant abnormality that simply does not make sense, but she does not tend to put any stock in the advice of others.

○ Appearance: Zaa Baku is a remarkably plain katana, to the point that Bambietta herself refers to it as "really boring." Its hilt is simple, wrapped in black cord, and its guard is a plain, unadorned grey disc.

○ Inner World: A dull, dreary place, Zaa Baku's inner world is set atop what seems to be an endless pile of rubble. One could never even hope to see the bottom of it, nor what might lie beyond the horizon.

○ Sealed Abilities: Though one may detect no small amount of energy seeming to thrum within the blade even in its sealed state, Zaa Baku, per Bambietta's words, does "literally nothing" when sealed.


○ Release Phrase: "Bam, Zaa Baku!"

○ Appearance: When this shikai is released, Zaa Baku begins to smoke, its blade looking as if it is smoldering and biding its time until something dreadful happens. Anyone, even those with the faintest degree of spiritual awareness, could certainly tell that some immense power is resting within the blade, biding its time.

○ Shikai Ability: When Bambietta strikes anything with Zaa Baku, whether it be a person or an object, the blade simply explodes, unleashing all the energy one would expect a shikai to carry in a single blast. Fragments of the sword itself fly everywhere as tremendously dangerous shrapnel, as they still carry all the power of being a zanpakuto in shikai, but the blade is incapable of repairing itself until her shikai ends, at which point the pieces of the blade will simply return to their rightful place as if nothing has happened.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Kido: Advanced
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept


Winter Burst 2022 Claim
-Tier from 3-4 to 3-1 (45 Points)
-Kido from Adept to Advanced (25 Points)
-Hoho from Untrained to Adept (15 Points)
-Hakuda from Untrained to Adept (15 Points)
2022 Spookyburst
-Hakuda from Adept to Advanced: 30 Points
-Focus from Beginner to Adept: 10 Points

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Wed Oct 06, 2021 2:08 am
If you have any concerns reach out to me and they can be discussed in more depth.

Don't forget to claim your FCs and positions.

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