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Gone with the wind [Division 4, open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Gone with the wind [Division 4, open]

Tue Dec 28, 2021 9:43 pm
Amon's mind was riddled with questions upon questions, most of them ignorant and stupid but regardless they stayed there. The Big Wig was walking out giving her goodbyes and that shebang, leaving only Amon and Hanako who collapsed in the chair behind her desk. He stayed leaning against a wall with his arms crossed, his gaze met Hanako's and she asked the question, "Can I count on you?" He perked up a little wondering if the question would lead to another or if it were just a simple one.

"Yeah, you can. I'm here for the long haul ain't I? Momma didn't raise no bitch." Amon's question was rhetorical if anything, not meant to really be answered. His loyalty was… Wherever he felt it needed to be, nothing really bad or good, he normally used his observations and his gut. Nevermind his vulgar talk or twisted mind.

Then the next question came, how he felt about the situation as a whole. Amon closed the door and locked it, he shoved his hands in his pockets and inhaled through his nostrils, thinking of the right things to say. Amon started, "On a workplace level it's messed up, whether it should or should not have happened, I've not the biggest clue… But on a personal level, Hanako? I… I didn't know the guy. I didn't know his qualities or what kind of a man he really was, just I heard a few positive things from spare people. What I think should happen after this point is up to us, we have jobs to do, and those are to kill Hollows and similar forces that threaten all aspects of life and Soul Society; and to be badass sons'a bitches while we do it."

Amon smirked at that last part. It wouldn't be Amon enough if he didn't add a comment like that, however his smirk quickly died and he said to Hanako, "If you need to let anything out, now's the time to do it. You wanna work it off, have a drink?"
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Gone with the wind [Division 4, open] - Page 3 Empty Re: Gone with the wind [Division 4, open]

Thu Dec 30, 2021 11:51 am

The Big Woman

Hanako Yamada

Gone with the wind [Division 4, open] - Page 3 6EdIfMt

Amon's answer to the question if she could count on him was given how she expected it, equally in wording and content. Still, it was good to hear it spoken out loud. Her grin in response could be compared to a lioness or a she-wolf, grinning at a member of their pack, shortly before they made the kill together.

"Again, I think you're right. In a nutshell, whatever this means, we have our work, that doesn't change."

She shook her head and the grin faded.

"If you ask me, it shouldn't have happened. There's a lot I have problems wrapping my head around. First of all, how could a spar in the Seireitei get so out of hand? How could Elyss let it get so out of hand? I mean, she probably isn't the most sensitive person in the world and I know her mother. But I wouldn't have imagined she'd just go ahead and kill a fellow Shinigami without a reason. I guess we just have to wait for the result of the official investigation."

As much as Hanako would have wanted to storm over to Elyss' room and confront her, it was a bad idea, now that the First Division's focus lay on her. Funny, not too long ago Hanako herself would probably have been amongst those investigating a case like this.

She looked up when Amon asked if she needed to blow off steam. In fact that was exactly what she needed.

"Actually...yes." she said and she couldn't prevent, nor wanted she to, that her spiritual pressure flared up a little bit for just a moment.
"I'd like to go down to the training area and smash some dummies to pieces. You know the cheap wooden ones, the ones that blow to a million pieces if you hit them right? A few of those. We can still talk about a drink afterwards "

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