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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Sat Oct 16, 2021 5:36 pm
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Basic Information

○ Name: Xiaoli Gen Shen
○ Titles: Benevolent Princess. Goodwill Xiao. Graceful Cultivator.
○ Age:20
○ Birthday:December 24
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Tao Chi Human

○ Affiliation: N/A
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Chinese
○ Religious Standing: N/A
○ Sexual Orientation:Bicurious

○ Height: 5'5
○ Hair Colour: Black
○ Eye Colour: Blue

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Psychological Analysis

Benevolent: By her very nature, Xiaoli is a woman who treats others with kindness and has a charitable heart through and through. She can be viewed as a pushover at times but don’t be confused - Xiaoli is not a woman who will freely allow others to take advantage of her kindness. To be loved and treated with care is one of the finest gifts in the world and Xiaoli is not a woman who will not let anyone trample freely over its importance. Wearing kindness on her sleeve, she often operates from a position of an individual that most can come to when their mind is troubled. Xiaoli is a wise spirit in certain aspects and will freely offer her advice if she believes someone truly needs it.

Graceful Exhibitionist: Although Xiaoli doesn’t exactly wear royalty on her sleeves, she is a woman who values her appearance and image. She detests the nickname of being her father’s gorgeous daughter but she doesn’t deny it.

As any woman should, she admires her beauty and always aims to carry herself in public with an air of grace and superiority, to show her strength through something other than cultivation or simply being strong.

When she is complimented on her appearance, she brushes it off as a royal girl would but in reality, she enjoys every compliment thrown her away(excluding the crass-natured compliments or cat calls.) To her, being the center of attention isn’t bad and one can use their looks to their advantage in certain scenarios to gain something in return.

If she could be shamelessly truthful, Xiaoli is something of an exhibitionist by nature. She enjoys being complimented, the idea of one’s flustered or confident gaze on her form as her body moves in one motion or the other. She derives joy from wearing outfits of a fashionable nature or even a swimsuit and how she can captivate the attention of many through the movement of her hips or the way her lips dance as she speaks. Quite simply, there’s a pronounced thrill she gets when all eyes are on her. She is a beautiful woman. No issues will be found if one’s eyes appreciate such beauty. It is simply natural law, no?

Confident and Competitive: The one similarity she and her brother share. Like Zhang, Xiaoli is confident - namely in her appearance but her other attributes also count as well - with a sense of competition in her heart that most in Wulin are known for. If she feels challenged, she is never afraid to accept the challenge and she will never cry foul at the result. She welcomes self-improvement and enjoys using loss as a way of making a path towards that improvement. The journey of a thousand starts with one step, after all. Competition breeds cultivation and so you will never see a day where Xiaoli isn’t training even if she knows she can’t reach the road mark laid out by her brother and father. It is always worth a try. Always.


Xiaoli was the result of sacred love between a gentle Japanese woman(Chie) and a venerable cultivator patriarch(Gen Lao). She was born a few years after her brother, Zhang Shen - the heir of the Shen Clan. As members of a branch family from the Tsu, Gen Lao found it necessary to remind both of his children of their honor and prestige but never really placed unwanted pressure on their shoulders, guiding them along as a father first before a cultivator. Zhang was his pride and joy but he loved Xiaoli all the same.

She was his precious daughter and he held no doubts that she’d turn into a fine woman he could probably proclaim was his daughter. Xiaoli loved her parents and enjoyed the simple life in the Shen clan estate. As a child, she would assist the maids with cleaning as a sign of goodwill and to show appreciation.

When she hung around her mother, she would watch the woman prepare meals with such divine flavors that Xiaoli wanted to learn every recipe and cook just like her mother. She would frequently watch her brother and father train together and for a long time, this was Xiaoli’s paradise.

A life so dreamlike one could call it a fairytale… but not every fairy tale would end with a happy ending it seemed. Her mother would eventually end up contracting a terminal disease that would eventually spell her end. Xiaoli thought that her mother would be sad but… Chie simply welcomed her fate with open arms.

She held no regrets towards the life she had lived and was proud to call Zhang and Xiaoli her precious pillars of light. She playfully sulked on how she would not see them grow into their adult years. Even so, she continued to live her life the same way she always held. Preparing meals, supporting her loving husband, and showering her children within her affections.

Xiaoli witnessed her mother’s strength firsthand and continued to support the admirable woman until her final days. If she did not cry about how fate had dealt her a bad hand, then neither would she. Oh, how she wished her father and brother felt the same.

With the notion of their mother’s death weighing heavily on his mind, Zhang simply allowed himself to delve even further into training with his father. Neither of them seemed particularly happy when they returned from their travels. Her inevitable death weighed heavily on their spirits. Even so, Xiaoli did her best to keep them motivated, especially her brother.

In a few years, Chie’s death date had arrived and while everyone else at her deathbed took it hard, from her brother crying to her father silently shedding a tear himself, Xiaoli remained strong and held her mother’s hands. She thought this experience would form a bond between all of them, to remain strong and be the family her mother always wanted them to be.

And yet, all her expectations of that scenario were shattered into pieces. Rather than bond together in solidarity, Gen Lao and Zhang simply fell apart at the seams. He increased his training to a point where Zhang grew restless and volatile, causing him to be rebellious and lash out against others.

Xiaoli had tried to ease his mind and be a pillar of support but Zhang was distant. He wasn’t that same bubbly brother she grew up with nor was her father the gentle and venerable man she came to love.

Her father, disappointed with how he was acting, temporarily removed him from the estate. He claimed it was a lesson to teach him manners and formality and so, Xiaoli could only spend her days with the servants of the estate.

She would talk to her father and remind him of the importance of family. It seemed as if her words had managed to reach him and he had requested that one of his men go out and retrieve her brother. To her surprise, her brother returned home unannounced, with a bright woman by his arms. Zhang introduced her as Hao Li.

She was a cultivator who equaled, if not surpassed her brother in martial prowess and cultivation. Zhang wished to marry the woman, claiming that the marriage would make him a happy man and be beneficial to the Shen Clan’s lineage. Xiaoli was elated.

Her brother finally looked happy again. She was captivated by Xiaoli’s bright personality and how fondly Zhang talked about her skills as a cultivator. Gen, on the other hand, viewed the woman as a hindrance to his son’s path.

Without even giving it a chance, after Hao had returned home after the dinner they spent together, Gen quite simply told Zhang he was not allowed to see her. Xiaoli tried to reason with him but he remained unmoved on the subject. He still needed training.

He was not ready to be married yet, according to her father. She felt terrible for her brother. She wanted to go and console him but he pushed her away and kept a distance between them. In the next few years, Xiaoli had truly noticed how much a divide had been created in their family structure as Zhang challenged their father for the right to lead the Shen Clan.

Xiaoli was not against it but when their match started, Zhang unleashed his unbridled fury upon her father, striking at him with an intent to kill. He was poised yet his heart was filled with anger.

It was, then, that Xiaoli noticed, Zhang truly aimed to take their father’s life. He nearly put the man on the verge of death and although she knew he was well within his right to do so, she stepped in before Zhang could land a fatal blow, tears flowing from her eyes. The action was enough to make him stop but it had an adverse effect.

Within the coming days, Zhang had left the estate, leaving her with a letter expressing his regrets at the man he had become. Xiaoli was now burdened with a broken heart. Her beloved brother - whom she admired for his strength and his humor - had run away to Japan.

It was, then, that Xiaoli developed a backbone for herself, angered by the hand fate had dealt her. She held her father accountable and while she didn’t go against him, she reminded him of the good times and urged him to consider which was more important in the end. Family or a Clan’s Glory. It was up to him to decide.

After that confrontation, the next few years of her life would be spent developing an identity for herself. She practiced her martial arts, occasionally traveled the world, and wrote letters to her brother in Japan, with hopes that he would return so she could have her family again...


Intelligent Strategist: Though hardly as far along as her brother in terms of physical strength, cultivation, or martial prowess - Xiaoli fancies herself as a legitimate battle strategist. She is very analytical and has honed her mind to such a place where she can observe an opponent’s movements and recognize their fighting style from a glance. Still, there are styles she hasn’t learned or even seen in action, and so if you throw something unpredictable at her, nine times out of ten she won’t be able to mount an effective counterattack.

Adept Martial Artist: Gen never truly placed a lot of emphasis on XIaoli’s training when it came to cultivation. It was always a decision she could choose if she wished to pursue such a path but he never really placed that on her shoulders as she was the second in line if Zhang was never to return. She decided that defending herself would come in handy and spent her time practicing Wing Chun. She traveled the world and learned Taekwondo on her way, incorporating the style into her fighting repertoire. Although she takes pride in her wulin heritage, it would not be entirely incorrect to assume that Xiaoli only uses martial combat as a means of defending herself.


Silver, rank 4.

Rank 1: The Hundred-Man Armed Fists: With the basis of Reiki control, the user can focus their Jing to their fists. Being a technique entirely based on its strength and resistance this allows them to throw a punch as if it were from a hundred men with gauntleted fists. The style itself focuses on basic but solid fist strikes that are easy to throw, and lack any level of straining nature on the body or the energy supply, making it a good opening technique, or a technique best used against someone you are trying to exhaust. It does not stand well against those highly skilled in Martial Arts, however, as the basic nature of the technique makes it easy to see through. Basic does not mean it is a lacking technique, and those without considerable Martial Prowess will still be overwhelmed by it, it is simply in comparison to the other techniques of Dantian.

Rank 2: Circling Nine Cranes: Focusing one's Qi to their feet, the user's maneuverability increases, allowing them to slip around a target many times with ease, throwing them off with a constantly moving target and striking out with their nails, clawing skin and drawing blood to debilitate and eventually defeat their enemy. A technique suited to the slow crippling of the enemy, it bleeds them over time until they can no longer stand, and as such, can be passed over by some who wish more immediate results, or against targets with strong defensive abilities or explosive offensive abilities.

Rank 3: Illusionary Palm: Focusing their Qi to their arms, the power allows them to make movements that are not entirely truthful to the naked eye, causing a scattered delay in the ability to see the strike coming, and making the enemy perceive several palms for every one that is thrown. This rank is focused on palm strikes, the stunning and disrupting of the target's stance and flow, or in more dramatic cases, their organs and bodily functions. The degree of Qi put into the palm dictates how many are seen alongside the real one, and so a true fighter will judge their opponent, and adjust accordingly.

Rank 4: Three Thunder Fists: A master of Hundred-man Armoured Gauntlet decided that he needed something greater, something more powerful if he was going to continue in Wulin. And so, he cultivated, trained, and partook in elixirs until one day he broke through into Three Thunder Fists. An advanced form of Hundred-man Armoured Gauntlet, the user focuses their Qi to their fists, and then strikes with such might, their impact creates a thunderclap. It retains its basic roots, but enhances the use of Qi and the technique of the strike, allowing it to be superior in strength, but also more draining.

Rank 5: Shrieking Mountain Wind: A technique designed for those who would rather avoid being in close quarters, Shrieking Mountain Wind focuses Qi to the arms and then allows the user to strike out, with palms similar to Illusionary Palm. However, the culmination of the technique is radically different, as the Qi and the focused palm strike allow the user to fire compressed balls of air at the enemy, striking them without stepping into range. This is not something that is best used on a person more comfortable at range, nor does it hit as heavily as the other techniques, and so it is more a technique to fill in a gap or keep a target at



General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Tao Chi Human Sheet
  • Comprehension: Advanced
  • Physique: Adept
  • Talent: Advanced
  • Support Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

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Hazard Rating: D[/mod]
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