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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Mon Oct 18, 2021 10:08 am
Dream No More [???/Calypso?] 1YVk4Bo


Their eyes opened within a strange place. Darkness surrounded them, the coldest chill settled on their being like icicles, small particles of listless colors flowed rhythmically around them, like they were guided by the slow breathing of a giant beast.

It felt like they were at the bottom of an ocean, the sound of a heartbeat dully providing sound.

This was so familiar, as if they had been here before, except this very place no longer cradled them in warmth, rather it wished to freeze them with a bitter cold - they were not welcome. This darkness stretched to infinity in all directions, no clear path forward being presented. Puzzled, they would raise what felt to be their ‘hands’ into their vision, looking like particles forming together into shapeless white blobs.

They looked with their ‘eyes’ to the particles floating around them, and reached with that ‘hand’, grabbing one of the colors and holding the tiny, dim star in their grasp. They wondered, what is this? What could it become? What could it be? Their ‘feet’ splashed around in something wet, something warm, compelling them to look down.

What looked to be a reflection in the water greeted them, of a small creature, dimly lit with a white light, and pure black eyes staring back. However, as they stared at each other, the reflection’s light slowly flickered with other colors - reds, blues, yellows, greens, purples, all kinds, until it settled into that of a colorful white glow. Curious, they reached for each other.

The particles around them grew more furiously with their color as they did so, both noticing and looking at their surroundings, even reaching at each other again and again to watch the colors flow and ebb.

And then, they stared at each other, and only one question was proposed;

If we come together, there is no going back, we must walk this road to it’s destination.

Am I ready?

It was met without hesitation. Both of their hands moved downward, and then touched one another, and then they grabbed, and then they both pulled. Their hands melted into each other, their bodies flowed together, their hearts merged, their vision became one.

And from such a meeting, would she be awakened.

And with her eyes opened, did she see…


Dark, starlit fluid lit many, many splits that formed in her being, bleeding out. There was incredible pain, as her body looked on the verge of falling apart. She’d cough and gag, hitting the floor, her glowing figure flickering as she’d wheeze and gasp, before looking at herself in the reflection once more.

Instead of two small beings, she was one, with a massive gash down the middle of her glowing white figure, pulsating colors racing up and down her more defined, feminine figure, more colorfully dense horns starting their growth from her head, bright strands of hair flowing long onto the ground like a waterfall of light and color.

Her beauty, her pain - she knew the price of her being.

And yet, she kept going.

Slowly and shakily, she would climb up to her feet, panting as every inch of her screamed in pain. She had to keep going. She had something, many things, that she needed to do. She could not let herself bleed out and die here.

Across the void, she’d walk, hunched over and agonized, her gaze trained forward as she followed her instinct. Bright specks of color followed her as she walked through this darkness, their shapes shifting and changing as they floated around her like debris in the sea.

...In the sea…

In almost an instant, the shapes responded, twitching and shaping themselves into something new - tiny colorful fish that encircled her. Even if she moved with a sense of urgency, she stole a glance or two at the little creatures who swam around her, so carefree and beautiful - she couldn’t help but appreciate their company within such a lonely space.

It felt like she trudged on for hours, but not once did she even think about the length, the pain, the difficulty. This was something that had to be done, it must be, or else…

An unearthly, pained growl came from the darkness. She hadn’t even a moment to look behind her before a large creature slammed into and knocked her to the floor, claws digging into her already breaking form, it’s weight pressing into her as she merely looked up.

It was what she feared would become of the one who she had come to love, a creature looking as if it was drawn with bright blue lines as it moved distortedly. The only thing she gave this creature was a look of pity, even as it latched onto her shoulder with it’s teeth and threw her across the dark space, leaving her skidding across the black water until finally stopping, seeing the creature approach her with hunger in it’s eyes.

She did not scream. She did not cry out in suffering. The only thing she did was look mourningly at it.

“..Vanyel,” Her words did not feel like it was spoken by a voice, rather a harmonious song of the heart forging into her intent, “I know that is you, Vanyel...”

Once again, she was grabbed and thrown, slammed into the ground, the being crying out in agony, “YOU DID THIS YOU DID THIS YOU DID THIS”

“I did it. I know.”


“It is my fault. I should have said no. I should have refused to change you like that. In my attempt to make you feel happy and satisfied, I have likely led you down a path you were not prepared for.”

A claw slammed into her torso, spurting blood all around her as it cried out in agony and confusion.


“I didn’t do right by you. I wasn’t there for you. I treated you like a plaything for me to feel comfortable and safe. I fed off your happiness and love for my own needs, in the end... In that regard, I am no better than those who harmed me.”

She’d close her eyes, reach her hands up, and touch the muzzle of the mutilated beast who stood on her,

“It was I who was not fit to love you.”

The sound of squelching rang, as the being of light pierced her hand into the construct’s chest, several sharp whimpers of pain accompanying it as it bled, until the Danava tore it’s core from it’s being, and crushed it.


It then broke apart, the lines that formed it’s figure reshaping into something new; Flowers, grass, the wind, the ground. It brought some color back to this dark world, the being looking at her soaked hand,

“..I will do my best to make up for what I did to you, but in the end… If you’re suffering… I will take personal responsibility for putting you out of your misery. For it is one of my deepest regrets to have changed you, so.”

The gentle thrum of that distant heartbeat was joined by a new sound - the gentle breath of a voice that softly sung a mournful song of somber love and regret. It spoke such deep, raw feeling in a tongue mankind did not know, speaking of such emotions being beyond common understanding. She clasped a hand to her bleeding chest, panting softly as her heart ached all the more, but shook her head.

She must keep going, even if her heart had begun to bleed.

She took this swirl of feeling, the sway of blue grass in the breathless wind leading her onward, pushing herself with footstep after footstep as she felt that darkness splash beneath her.

There is so much I have done that I'm not proud of.

Her breath came out in a series of wheezes and gasps as she walked along.

I wanted to hide.

I wanted to sleep.

I wanted to dream.

But I also wanted to discover.

I wanted to feel.

I wanted to create.

I wanted to blossom.

She’d cough up a volume of essence, almost stumbling as she’d let out a hoarse choke, before getting up and moving on.

I wanted to see the world for who I am, not simply what I was…

Yet I hid. I feared. I didn’t even try.
My cowardice has cost me valuable time.

What kind of flower am I, to stay shriveled and tightly bound beneath the leaves?

Gods, I am so fucking stupid for not listening.

..Well.. There is plenty of time to fix that now…

“..Right, Mama?”

Before her laid a massive creature who’s breath sounded like the laughter and screams of children, billions of green eyes from it’s emerald figure staring down at her like a maelstrom of suffocating madness. She remained perfectly calm and relaxed as she looked up at this nightmare-borne construct, even as a massive clawed hand descended upon her to crush her.

She did not move. She did not hesitate. She stood her ground.

..Only for that hand to gently press on the ground, but not even touch her, sparing her from crushing with her standing between two massive digits. Walking to one of them, she’d place a hand on the massive construct, leaning her head against it,

“..Hi Mama,” She’d speak gently and tenderly to the massive being, “..Even now, i’m probably one of the few beings in existence who doesn’t fear you as a monstrous conqueror.”

“Yknow, leaving me all alone when I was born was scary, but.. I think you were just doing what you understood as the right thing for me. I was feeble and small, and you’ve lived several lifetime of needing to persevere. I can’t help but wonder… Were you left alone like that, at rock bottom, and that led to becoming what you are?”

Her hand would gently pet at the portion she could touch, sighing gently, “.. Same thing for Neoveta, right? You thought you were doing the right thing. You thought you were preparing a princess to survive in a far crueler reality... Because that’s what you knew. But in the end, the road to hell is paved in good intentions… So you ended up with a daughter to be ashamed of, and a daughter who’s fucking killing herself because she couldn’t get her shit together.”

She closed her eyes, feeling that bleeding grow far more painful,

“I tried to fix you, but, there wasn’t anything I could fix. You’re the Danava of Chaos - it’s in your nature to be more off-the-handle. That monstrous behavior wasn’t born out of nothing - it had to have been necessary at points, even fighting for your life. You went too far in some places, but you aren’t just a blind, evil monster. It’s not like you’re the only person in this life who has done catastrophic harm, and to act like you’re the root of all evil is just plain childish... I’m sorry for being an idiot and wasting part of my short life trying to do something impossible, i’ll do better now, I just gotta get out of here, yeah?”
She gave the beast a wide smile, watching as it shimmered and shrunk down to a far more familiar shape, the figure of her mother embracing her, before dissolving away into a new form - what looked to be a dimly glowing spear. Nodding softly, the girl grasped it, tears in her eyes.

“..I love and miss you, but Earth is my home.”

Strands of green had joined the blue in coloring the dark land, another song joining the first as they spoke such feelings in harmony, a lighter tune with the somber song pushing her on as she would stand up again, taking that pain into her heart, and continuing.


She had to continue… Or she’d perish before she even saw the sun rise.

What a waste it’d all be, if she died here, having to play games with a child’s greatest nightmares.

Of course you have to make this harder for me.

You don’t want me to exist.

Am I really that threatening to you, dreamer?

Am I really so scary to you?

Is opening your heart to the truth that terrifying?

Nothing but silence met her thoughts as she walked along, feeling things grab at her feet and legs, her gaze drawing down.

Arms and hands.

An array of orange-tinted arms and hands were all over the floor, splatters of blood caking the dismembered body parts, almost staining their amber figures red. Someone was crying. Someone was suffering. The ground itself was weeping, changing into a sea of corpses.

All of them were Ulv, twisted in grotesque way after grotesque way in death, their eyes pure black and weeping malaise, mouths curved sharply into frowns as they’d weep and twist into a creature of many limbs, attempting to snuff out the light before them.

“ITS YOUR FAULT” The voices were so distorted and high-pitched it hardly sounded like Ulv, much less a human being, “YOU KILLED ME”

She could only give the mass of weeping corpses lurching for her a sharp glare.


Her grip on that dim spear tightened as they neared.


Her face twisted with anger and irritation as she readied her weapon.


“You’re not Ulv,” She’d sneer, swinging her spear up to block the brigade of limbs reaching for her “None of you are her.”

They’d hiss and cry in shock.

“Why the fuck are you acting so surprised?” She’d slash the horde back, and kept swinging and stabbing as she’d run along the valley of reaching hands, beating all of them back, “Damn, if she were here she’d kick my teeth in for even fathoming… Whatever the fuck this is.”

“Ulv wouldn’t reach for me like some grovelling child. Ulv wouldn’t be crying all over for me. Ulv wouldn’t be demanding I feel like fucking garbage for what I did. She’d let me know how dumb I was for even imagining she’d blame me for what happened.”

The valley cried and sobbed, wailing and begging for her to stop.

“Holy shit shut the HELL UP!” She’d snap, “YES! I didn’t do the right thing! I reacted emotionally and pushed her away when I probably was one of the only people she had left. YEAH. I FUCKED UP. But you know what? It couldn’t have JUST been me. She was already sick, she was already dying, but I couldn’t have been the only reason she died, okay? Not everything is my damn fault, hell, not everything is ANYONE’S damn fault, sometimes shit happens and we don’t mean for it to happen and there was no clear cause or solution for it. YEAH. SOMETIMES SHIT HAPPENS AND YOU JUST HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT!”

Coming to the center of the valley, she’d raise her weapon,


Stabbing into the earth, the crying and wailing would cease, the corpses’ eyes slowly closing, a peaceful look crossing their faces as they would soon fade away into streams of amber, imbuing her weapon with more light, as she’d pant and sweat, retching and vomiting more blood as her heart got all the heavier. Even so, the song around her deepened, and pushed her forth. She couldn’t stop.
“You are on some real shit if you think that was going to stop me…” She’d wheeze out, gripping the weapon tightly as she used it to keep balance, “You really think.. Throwing nightmare after nightmare at me.. Is going to kill me?”

She received no response, of course she wouldn’t - the brat wanted to keep her down below as much as possible. Stubborn til the end, even if it’s sink or swim at this point. So incredibly firm in wanting to stay in her ideal world, rather than dealing with the one outside. That is what a dreamer would do, after all - reality was not fit for one who could only live in fantasy.

“You aren’t going to stop me.”

She’d heave out in agony, colors of many kinds surrounding her in this deep abyss as she tread on, the bottom of the spear stabbing into the ground every few strides, her body rocking back and forth.

Dizziness struck her, but she still went on.
Her body ached for rest, but she still went on.
Dread filled the air, but she still went on.
Reminded herself constantly, how important it was she saw this to the end.

For if she didn’t, this path to end this suffering would not be completed.
The unambitious would win, and she would die...
...And, oh gods, she could not stand that thought anymore.

It felt like ages and ages more of traversing this vast expanse, closing her eyes and letting the far off song guide her movements, raw feeling coursing through her body with every note and emotion expressed. Although painful, it was relieving for these things to finally spill out. It was like tearing a dam down, bit by bit, to release the flow of water that deserved to flow free in the first place. For too long, she was choked, suffocated, stuffed into the darkest reaches in hopes she would not burst forth.

Dealing with one’s desires and emotions was quite scary for the unprepared, after all… But at some point it will all come bursting out, and if they are truly unlucky, drown them in the whirlpool of sensation that they allowed to accumulate. That is what happened to Pseudologoi, and that is what was happening here.. Except, something was different. It was like she was still her - Calypso -, but at the same time, wasn’t her…

What happened here? She wondered, This wasn’t simply a mental breakdown; it felt a lot more than that, like her very being was different, like this form of her consciousness was separate and differently natured than the initial.

Had she been born incorrectly? Was there some error in her existence that only presented itself now? Could that network even make mistakes like that, or perhaps this was purposeful in order to yield some more.. Unconventional understanding? She didn’t know, she wasn’t sure, but it was something to ponder as she was alone to her thoughts.


A small whimper uttered in the darkness. Her expression firmed as she looked to the source - the red form of a familiar child, lying helplessly on the ground as she reached for her. The poor thing was covered from head to toe in marks of abuse, her tired eyes full of tears. The woman kept walking, but that child appeared before her again.

And again.

And again.

Each and every time, that little nightmare came towards her with begging eyes, greedy for love. Each and every time, she did not acknowledge it and kept going.

It wasn’t until a tall, red woman appeared before her, a red thread connecting her and the child by the naval, her figure unnaturally thin and bony, as if she was starving.

“Why won’t you love me?” She would ask, softly pleading, “I just want someone to love me. I don’t know how to do it.”

She only stared back, knowing her progress would be impeded if she didn’t say anything. She would not relent, of course she wouldn’t - a starving creature wouldn’t turn down food presented inches away from it.

“I don’t know how to love either,” She’d reply, matter-of-factly, “If I did, I would have told you no sooner. I would have said something to you. I would have fought back when you pushed yourself on me. But I didn’t.”

She’d drop her shoulders, sighing tiredly, “We were both love-starved children beaten down by the world. We had no fucking idea what we were doing. Your pride glowed like a bright star, while I hid and crept like an insect. You overwhelmed me. I fed that ego.”

A low growl came from the larger of the two as her pleading was ignored, trembling as her body changed to something more.. Monstrous. She readied her weapon.

“You needed a firm voice. You had a warped perception of right and wrong to begin with. I was nothing but a malleable doll who let you step all over me with little argument, because I thought that was love. I thought that was happiness. But it was nothing but lies - I felt a sickening sense of safety in that abuse of boundaries and comfort, of normalcy - until it was broken by such a minor act. Revolting - Of I, and you.”

Swinging upward, she’d block an incoming strike from the increasingly upset figment, the fighting commenced.

“I needed an older sister. You needed serious guidance. In the end, neither of us got what we wanted. All we got was pain from fumbling around in the dark - however that darkness was far darker for you than I.”

They clashed, the bright creature spilling blood with each and every strike, coughing and quaking, but she still fought. She still pressed on, until the two were at a standstill, pushing the other back. She grit her teeth in pain, the red figment angry and hungry.

“..In the end..” She’d look to the sad form on the ground, practically looking like she was withering away, “..We’re both lost, fucked up children trying to figure out what to do with ourselves. Even if I resent how you wronged me, even if I will never forgive those actions until the day I die… I understand where it came from, and that I could have done differently, as well. Fear will not guide me any longer.”

The nightmare relented for a moment, the woman taking that chance and stabbing straight through it’s chest, screaming a melodic cry of indescribable feeling as it perished to her blade.

Much like the others, it dissolved, adding to what she had built, as she would double over, letting out small, hoarse cries of pain as she held her bleeding, exposed chest.

Almost there.

She had gotten back to walking, breathing slowly and carefully as she trudged on, her feet barely lifting off the ground. She felt so weak, like she was on the verge of death, like if she faltered even a second, she’d fail.

Almost there.

A light in her eyes, far off in the darkness, before it lied a massive valley of blood and corpses. The fallout of war.

She marched on through the blood and gore, steadying her breathing, closing her eyes and focusing on the song - that song of her heart, as it was the only thing apart from her will that was vying for her survival. She matched the words it spoke, softly singing as she walked along the macabre scene. Words of sorrow, of relief, of anger, of love, of hate, and so many more. Even through this scene… She felt peaceful.

Not a shred of guilt for such horrors remained in her mind.

She would remember all of those victims, but know their deaths were the cost of war - war she did not wage.

If it is to come to war, I am fighting with, and for, those I love and care for.

Never will I sit idly by again as innocent lives are stolen in an inferno of madness.

Light hit her eyes.

She was here.

No longer was she in darkness, rather, all around her light pastels painted a calm scene - one she remembered so clearly. A small house rested on the hill, a happy family inside of it, visible from the window.

They had no faces. Their laughter was flat, manufactured. The grass was overly plush, the light held no true warmth.

Simply, it was a dream. A creation of the mind. Pure fantasy.

Her gaze drew to the door that suddenly opened, a small child with a familiar face coming out, “I’m going out to play, mommy!” She’d call, shutting the door behind her, soon looking to the bloodied, torn woman with a look of disdain.

“What are you doing here?” She’d ask, clearly annoyed, “Look at what you did to yourself. You’re just going to ruin my nice house.”

“What house?” She’d rasp, “It’s not real, dumbass.”

The small child’s face quickly twisted into that of an angry beast, “YES IT IS! IT’S REAL! I’M HERE WITH MY HAPPY FAMILY AND YOU JUST WANT TO RUIN IT!”

The older woman let out a gentle ‘hmm’, looking to the side before smiling softly, “..You know what? Yeah.”

The child’s expression softened, “..Yeah?”

“Yeah. It’s actually quite nice here,” Her gaze rose to the plastic, lifeless sky, “Air’s clean, nothing’s trying to kill me, it’s… Safe.”

The little one formed a big smile, “Yeah! Yeah you’re getting it! Finally, you understand! You have no idea how long i’ve been trying to get you to understand me!”

The older of the two softly laughed, covering her mouth, “Y-yeah.. I’m pretty tired, yknow? Tired of all of this.. I think i’m ready to lie down and rest now.”

The young one sighed in relief, “Finally.. I was getting so tired of pushing you back down. I’m glad you finally get me,” She’d walk over, taking the older woman by the hand, “Okay, cmon, I have a place for you to rest, okay?”

The torn creature couldn’t help but laugh, “..Of course.”

The two of them would walk across the fake grass fields, into a small gathering of sterile, pastel trees. Within them laid a rectangular circling of red poppies around a rather soft looking bed of grass.

“There you go~!” The young one said cheerfully, pointing to the bed, “A nice bed, just for you to rest in.”

“..Yeah. There it is,” She’d breathe tiredly, before falling to her knees, “..A-ahh. Sheesh…”

“Man, you must be beaaaat…” The younger would swivel in front of her, pulling on one of her tattered arms, “Come on, just a few more inches and you can rest, okay?”

“Wait, wait…” She’d sputter painfully, “..I just… I wanted to say goodbye first, you know?”

She’d look at the little girl with such feeling in her eyes, as they filled with tears, a frown on her bloody face, “..I fought for something so stupid for so long, to ruin all of this? How could I, you know?”

The girl would smile brightly, patting the woman on the head, “Heyyy-heyyy, there’s no need to cry! It’s okay, I forgive you for what you did. You just didn’t know any better! The only thing that matters is that you’re back to your senses.”

“Right.. Yeah..” She’d speak softly, soon outstretching her arms, “..I know i’m really messy but… Can I at least get a goodbye hug?”

The younger one looked a little hesitant, before sighing and rolling her eyes, “..Oh fiiine. It’s not like i’m going to have a chance to give you another one.”

She’d come into the hug, relieved that this part of herself will finally rest, forever…

...Until she felt searing pain in her neck.


Cracks formed all around them as the little one pulled out of the hug, only to feel tremendous pain in her neck, and the face of her other distorted into bloodied jaws filled with sharp teeth, a content sigh coming from her as puffs of the night sky left her jaws in droves,

“Oh gods, that feels so much better.” Her wounds began to fill and cease their bleeding as waves of relief rolled across her body, “Still hungry, though… You’re just a bundle of raw sensation..”

The little one’s hand rose to her neck, touching the gigantic tear in her existence in fear, “..W-what..? I thought..”

“You are really fucking delusional if you think I was just going to roll over and die like a dumbshit mutt after everything you put me through,” She’d speak angrily through her teeth, wisps of a song of rage speaking alongside her words, lurching towards the little child like a predator that just had it’s first taste of prey, “Seriously? All it took was waterworks and a stroke to your ego to get you to believe me? Shit, I definitely took more than your bottled up feelings and aspirations for certain.”

“N-no… This -”

“Isn’t how it’s supposed to play out? My fucking gods, girl. Shut up and start running, it’s my turn to be a pain in your rapidly vanishing ass.”

Crack, crack, splinter, the soft pastels around them chipped and fell apart slowly to reveal a deeper, darker woods beneath as the hunt began. Gripping her spear with newfound energy, she ran after the being who tortured, tore at, and wished her dead for months, that had the fucking audacity to act like she was the victim here, even now. She sobbed and cried as she ran,


“Mommy’s not coming for a pretty little bitch!” The woman swung her spear at her several times, every little attempt to strike and pin her down was taken even if unsuccessful. She was so close, she was so goddamn CLOSE.

“DRAGON!” She’d cry out, from the remnants of the peaceful dream did a black dragon form, only to be easily stabbed and dispelled by her pursuer. More and more would try to reach out and attack her, only to be swatted away like insects.

“You call that weak shit dragons? I’LL SHOW YOU A DAMN BEAST OF GLORY!”

Her body looked like it set aflame as she ran, radically changing into a bright, flaming beauty that no eyes could easily perceive, her jaws outstretched as arrays of color flowed off her white, true form as she rushed through the trees like a graceful leaf in the wind.

“You are SUCH an insult, you know?!” She’d snap, “You STILL aren’t even going to fight back? Gods, you were always too much of a damn coward to even KILL ME. Come on! Bare your fangs! Show your claws! Snarl at me!”

The ingrate only tripped on a damn tree root, grovelling in fear as the beast with a bleeding heart towered over her, pressing clawed digits on her small, warm body.

“Please, please please, if you kill me we’ll both die..!” She’d whimper, crying her eyes out, “I’m the only one tying us together..!”

A growl would release from the draconic being, “That’s a risk i’m willing to take. Either way, i’m eating you, and Nidhana gets whatever little scraps I leave behind.”

Her head lowered, jaws opened wide, claws keeping that little rabbit from running off again.

“Good night, dreamer.”


Stirring and squelching occurred in the husk of a being that was no longer, until a hand burst from the mound of dissolving flesh and blood, followed by another, grasping the ground tightly as a being pulled it’s way through the rotting excess. A gasp - their first breath as they heaved and yanked themselves from that corpse, their body aching with pain and stress as their top half hit the forest floor.

Panting… And then, screaming.

Their body felt like it burned as it tore it’s way out of it’s previous self, gasping and gagging as air filled their being, forcing it’s unnatural existence upon the world, before it’s feet finally broke free, lying exhausted on the floor, breathing slowly, eyes half shut.

“...I… I… Made it…” They would utter, all was silent aside from the authentic sounds of nature, completely unlike that plastic dreamworld. It all hurt and ached, but they would grab hold of a nearby tree to pull themselves to their feet. Aching for rest after that long, tiring battle, but they did not care; the sky was painted with the colors of dawn.

They wanted to see it.

Carefully treading through the woods, stumbling onto and crawling up a hill, soon they were exposed to that sight they yearned for.

The sun, as it peeked through the folds of hills and nature.

They watched the sunrise, colorful tears streaming down their face as they finally felt it’s warmth.

Those feelings rolled out of them in a gentle song on the wind out of pure instinct to express this feeling, their pale shimmering hair draped over their face and nude, messy body. Colors spread out in a soft aurora in such expression as they breathed in freedom.

“..Light.. At last…”

Their eyes shut, as they basked in the beauty and pain this world offered them.

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