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Mon Oct 18, 2021 4:44 pm

The Angel of Conflict


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Artist: KAIRI - Song: Adrift in the Leaves

Well, at least Arianda was quite right about why Mana was here, and about her rather dour mood. However, of course, the demon could only wait for the news that would likely soon come crashing down. Arianda could only wonder as she listened to Mana say how this was not something easy to say; nor was there an easy way to put it. However, Arianda listened with somewhat bated breath; at least until she took a very sudden inhale.

Wait... What did she say? Purging of her existence? And her grandchild?

Arianda couldn't move, she couldn't even breath. Ari's mind could only comprehend the ramifications of what Mana spoke. Her brain didn't want to accept it, not even in a slight Iota. Calypso was so tough... but, clearly that toughness had lead to the ultimate end. As if to try and confirm, or prove wrong, Arianda opened up that connection to the Asthavon's. Immediately, she felt Mana, and the honest sorrow that seemed to radiate from her. However, no matter how hard Arianda searched and searched through that connection that was shared between the Asthavon's and those favored by them... nothing.

The world came crashing down around Arianda as she leaned heavily into Mana, the words Mana spoke being registered, but not wholly heard. Indeed, Calypso was no longer of this world. Danava or no, what she was is now gone. No matter how you look at it, she was gone, gone from this world never to return. The demon could feel the immense sorrow crashing upon her like a freight train; Calypso was... was dead.

Immense anger filled the demon's being. But none of it was directed at Mana, no; all that anger was directed at Arianda herself. At being so helpless when it came to Calypso. She could never have done anything for her daughter, not even when she departed from this world. The demon looked up at Mana, the sorrow evident in her blue eyes as she leaned up to give the Queen of Demons a kiss on the cheek; gently extricating herself from the embrace.

"Gimme... Gimme a sec, Mana... I'll be right back."

Her voice was stiff, stiffer than the board her back had become; cracked and threatening to break from emotion. Soon, Arianda walked to the door, still stiff, and flung it open with obvious lack of restraint. There was little sound aside from the storm outside, the crack of thunder, and the stomping of feet that quickly faded. However, the loud cracking and snapping of a tree being felled in some way split the relative silence brought by Arianda's absence. It was a short time before Ari returned, her right hand broken and bloody despite how rapidly it was regenerating. She slammed the door with her tail, drying herself absentmindedly as she moved back over to Mana and flopped onto the demon Queen's lap.

Almost immediately after Arianda curled into a ball against Mana. All too quickly, Arianda broke into horrible, heart breaking sobs. It wasn't loud, no. She had no reason to keen or scream. But, her cries were evident that of a mother. A mother who had lost her child long before they should have been taken. She hiccupped and sobbed, burying her wettened face into Mana's bosom as she wrapped her still good hand, and arm, around Mana; given her right hand had not completely healed from her destroying it against a pine tree.

Eventually, the demon broke free of her sobs long enough to speak, sniffing a tiny bit as she dared not remove her face from the comfort it was in.

"If...If you will stay for as long as I need, then you might be-be here for a while, M-Mana... I dare not try and come to terms with this alone.. So please… stay for a while."

Arianda pressed herself rather hard against the Queen of Demons, against the woman she loved so greatly, and let herself cry herself into some form of 'calm'. She may not exactly be able to truly calm herself down, but Mana's presence was certainly welcoming during such terrible news. Luckily, the demon's emotions conveyed her desires better than her words. She wanted nothing more than to just simply spend time with Mana, and to help them both come to terms with the news that was currently rocking Arianda's world.

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