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Thu Oct 28, 2021 3:35 pm
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God, it felt like she had a splitting headache.

She had been practicing what Hannah had taught her all afternoon, but as they say, Rome sure as hell wasn't built in a day, and so goes for telling your power to listen to you and do something different that didn't destroy your body. Once again as she almost always was, she was in a training facility in an enclosed target room so she could safely practice her abilities, as... This one seemed to be a lot more messy than the knives.

Small yet random formations of reishi-made ice were all over the room, as it turned out if she wasn't concentrating super hard on a single point, the ice needles she barely formed from stopping the process of her weapon's formation would kind of just, spray literally everywhere. A pretty dangerous thing to do around other people for obvious reasons, though Vee was taken somewhat aback by the sight. Even if it wasn't a lot, for there to be this much of an effect, even as the ice slowly dissipated back into energy, it... Kind of worried her, thinking about what Giselle had said before they parted, and gave her all the more reason to focus on improving it.

She had taken a break, rubbing her eyes and drinking from a water bottle, sitting on the ground and trying to get herself focused and in order. Maybe it'd be a good time to stop and rest for the day? Or maybeeee she could try to tough out the headache and squeeze just a bit more practice in...

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