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Sun Nov 14, 2021 9:47 pm
Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E] HAjIfXp


Basic Information

○ Name: Emelie Anderson
○ Alias': Em
○ Age: Twenty
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Shinigami

○ Affiliation:
Shin'o Academy

○ Alignment: Chaotic Good
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Swedish
○ Religious Standing: Self-Worshipping
○ Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

○ Height: 5'8"
○ Weight: 165 lbs
○ Hair Color: Crimson
○ Eye Color: Crimson

Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E] AVsKEF4

Em's Quirks And Traits

Family Gal:

Though she wouldn't be what most would consider Family-Oriented, Em's focus and appreciation for her core family values is near unmatched. Much like a young child, any and all respect that Em could have for both her mother and father tends to be on the side of concern. Do as they say, please them how she can and live a life that they'd see fit for her. Of course, that may lead her to making decisions that wouldn't be entirely smart in the short interim but it feels right. Living her life with family in mind allows her to hold each and every decision she makes in a light of high esteem. If her family would approve, surely her morals are correct. Do good, receive good. If family thinks "x" is good then it must be, right?

Not only does a majority of her life decisions and actions revolve around her family, so do her general thoughts and feelings. Seeking admiration from her family, a sense of a respect, is something that couldn't be matched by a mere friend, let alone a stranger. Everything for the family, so to speak.

Trapped In An Eternal Daze:

At her core, Em is the type of person you'd find eternally trapped in her own little world. Day dreaming isn't a hobby for most, Em proves that it shouldn't be. Day in and day out, thoughts of her wants and needs cloud her mind, her entire focus tending to stray away from the most important things at hand. While it never reaches a point that it hinders her given she can almost immediately snap out of it, Em tends to choose to live in her own little world when it comes her day to day life. Classes at the academy, working a part time job, it didn't matter. Akin to a zanpakuto, Em has her only little spirit world that many would find to be disturbing to the average person.

Blunt To A Fault:

Em's worst trait, by far, is the very notion that any and all interaction with her is followed with complete and pure honesty. Though honesty can go a long way in a relationship, only honesty can tend to ruin a lot of relationships as well. Her time at the academy, though short, has had her with and without friends for more months than she can count on both hands. If you say something she isn't fond of? You'll know. If she's obsessively interested in a subject? You'll know. If there were anything on any level of social interaction that you present Em with, you'll hear loud and clear her thoughts and feelings at the very core of her person. The full spectrum of emotion is relayed without question, a trait some might consider to be entirely without merit.

On the flipside, of course, is that true emotion and feeling related to her words and choices are entirely of a pure nature. People rarely confuse Em's words through some means of miscommunication which could be considered a relatively great thing. If you can't misconstrue her, your relationships will tend to never struggle to hold together if Em and the other person involved are honest and compatible. Such a trait has even led her to have a sense of popularity when it comes to her time at the Academy and, in general, life as a whole. Truly, her honesty is clearly a double-edged sword.

Confusingly Kind:

Much of Em's personality is rooted in the idea that she is meant to do her best at all times for not just her family but those of the world as well. Unfortunately, that tends to be taken advantage of in most cases. In the truest sense of the word, kindness is a way of life for Em. Directly opposite that of her blunt nature, those same blunt and rude words are found through the means of misplaced kindness. If you aren't true to others, you're doing a disservice to them and in turn being unkind. Of course this extends past mere social settings as well. In the case of seeing those in need or those who can't help themselves, Em is likely to step in without a moment's notice. That can always back fire obviously, some people don't wish to be helped let alone even remotely interacted with. In cases like that, Em retains that ever so present bluntness and tends to refuse any thought of letting up. A blessing and a curse, Em's kindness is very likely second to none. Good is good, bad is bad. Be kind to those who are good, as her mother would always say.


It was midday on a sunday afternoon, the spring breeze filling the hospital hallways with pleasant smells as one Alice Anderson found herself relatively busy with life. Life being the production of it, of course. Peter and Alice were both attending the woman's labor in hopes of a healthy baby girl at the end of the day.

Emelie Anderson, born March 10th, 2402, lived a simple life with her family in the Swiss Alps, attending school just like any earthborn child would. Simple and normal was the motto usually for the Anderson family. Well, normal in the sense that they were a family. The greatest thing about that family, in Peter's eyes at the very least, was Emelie came out exactly as he planned. His little Shinigami, as he'd put it, was the light of her parent's lives. If not for her, they'd still be traveling across the world with Peter's thirst for knowledge.

Her childhood wasn't exactly the brightest or the quickest, a majority of her time being spent with her father out in the family fields or with her mother, learning whatever it may be she cared to in her spare time. Despite all of this however, it seemed that at her core Emelie would be quite the hassle moving forward in life.

In the summer of her sixth year, Emelie and Peter had found themselves alone, quietly tending to the family's garden. It was a special day, Peter had told his little girl that at some point or another she'd have a pretty little gift waiting for her after all the chores for the day. Hard work was the bread and butter for raising your child right he thought, what better to do than tend to the fields and water the crops? Some may see it as a man's job but to Peter, he just wanted his little girl to do the best should could in the big bad world that awaited her. He knew all too well what it took to live here on Earth, let alone with the Gotei as a seated member of a division. If she weren't trained from the get go things would surely go awry.

"Go wash up, sweetie." Peter scooted Emelie along as they made their way through the home, the thick hardwood floors leaving soft notes of pitter pattering feet as the girl raced to the nearest bathroom. Soaked to the bone in mud, she found herself in a mood of excitement and wonder. Her father made it very clear she had quite the reward ahead of her, what could it be? Why was he being so secretive? It didn't matter, of course, a child's excitement is next to none. Flinging the bathroom door open she quickly undressed and sprinted through her paces, leaving her nasty clothing on the ground behind her. A quick rinse and shower left her spotless, her mud-soaked clothing replaced with a simple blouse and pair of shorts her mother Alice had left her while she bathed. It was time for her little treat.

Rounding the corner to the expansive kitchen of their three story home, Emelie skidded to a stop in front of her father and mother standing in front of a box. The box, probably the biggest box the girl had ever seen, was neatly wrapped in a single bow. That bow, bright red in color, had a tiny little card attached with a single letter. E.

"For me?" She said, her parents responding with simple nods in response. That was all she needed to be sent into a frenzy, nabbing the box as quickly as she could before tear it to bits and pieces. The struggle to get into the box's innards was quite a mess actually, her tiny little battle wasn't capable of holding the weight of whatever was inside so it tipped this way and that while she worked through the thick cardboard. Before long, she finally found her way in.

"..." Silence filled the room, Emelie's eyes almost tearing up in response to what shined so brightly back at her. Within the box was a blade, akin to a slightly smaller claymore with a form of writing she failed to understand. The pretty little golden runes shined with a fierce light in the afternoon sun that shined through their kitchen windows. She turned towards Peter, smiled and turned back towards the blade. It... it was perfect.

"You know how much I nag you about this or that and how mean I can be with that little wooden stick of yours" said Peter, his smile growing bigger and bigger as he crouched next to his little girl. Taking the blade from the box and holding it firmly in his dominant hand, he tapped Emelie on the head with his other hand. "I know you know I do it out of love, however. One day you'll get to learn more about yourself than you'd ever think was possible. When that day comes, you'll find the love I had for my own Zanpakuto." The Asauchi he held in his hand was one he took without knowledge of those in the Gotei. At the time of his retirement some twenty or so years ago, the combat division he held a seat in wasn't exactly known for keeping their books appropriately. Whether that was an issue or not didn't seem to bug Peter, what it allowed for him to do was have access it most basic inventory items that weren't kept under lock in key. Well, frankly, the asauchi at the time should have been taken far more seriously. He assumed after his retirement things were bound to change but he was lucky.

Alice, his wife, was a simple rukongai woman and one he adored dearly. He knew in his heart that, hopefully one day, they'd have their own little shinigami to attend to. That was where Emelie came in. With a quick nod, the little girl launched herself at her father and began crying.

"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou." She sobbed, the only thing she could hear from the silence of her parents was a third voice, a gentle voice that spoke to her as if it were her own keeper of sorts. That voice, as Emelie would come to find out relatively soon, was the voice of Ai, her Zanpakuto. 'There there little one. We'll make somethin' outta ya, just you watch.'


Her early years in the private school that her parents were able to afford thanks to Peter's previous engagement with the Gotei were filled with strife. Her grades were phenomenal, she picked everything up at a quick pace but refused to take any shit from her fellow peers. Swedish children weren't exactly mean, rather they were honest. Much of her own personality derived from the way she was treated as a young girl by those around her, honesty was the best course of action whether you knew someone or not. She learned that quickly as an adolescent.

Heading into her teen years was smooth sailing for Emelie. Training with her father was advancing at a quick pace, her interactions with the now "named" Zanpakuto spirit Ai came to her quickly and even led her to manifesting the spirit in as an image into the physical world. Whether that was of her own volition or Ai's was a question for another day, all that had mattered was the two bonded over anything and everything that they could.

At times, her schooling would conflict with her obsessive need to train with Peter. Despite that, it never truly held any concern in her parents eyes. As expected, their daughter handled her duties with care and ease, something they hoped would translate over into the real world.

Soon, Emelie had found herself finally coming of age in more ways than one. Growing into a spitting image of her mother, Emelie had finally grown into her own. There wasn't much to talk about in regards to the rest of her childhood at home, a majority of it being spent the same way day in and day out. Peter Anderson attempted to create a soldier from day one. In Emelie's case, he seemed to have succeeded in his eyes. She was fast with her combat movements, took on martial arts without question, could hit him harder than he could ever imagine hitting someone himself and seemed attuned with the art of being a Shinigami far more than he could have ever imagined.

The only complaint he had, if there was anything to complain about, was her lack of obtaining Shikai. After twelve years spent with her Zanpakuto spirit you'd think at some point her Shikai would come naturally. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. No matter her strength, no matter her will, nothing seemed to budge in regards to her own inner demons. It didn't matter, her and Ai worked well enough together for it to be a non-issue. Peter figured if anything, her time in Shin'o would do her enough justice to cause some spark of life for the problem.

Emelie's 18th birthday came and went relatively normally. The time was spent with her family and Ai given she had few friends at the time. Her early years with her Swedish peers left her without much to work with so it was bound to leave her stranded socially. The only thing that her 18th birthday meant was that she'd finally be leaving home. The plan, as far as Peter and Alice were concerned, was for her to find her way to Shin'o through representation on Peter's behalf. Prior to her 18th birthday, Peter spoke with Shin'o Academy staff during a business trip to the Soul Society (questioning in regards to an unassigned Asauchi being taken during his previous tenure) and made the arrangements the day of her 18th.

Goodbyes were said, clearly and quickly. Emelie wanted to learn more about herself spiritually and culturally, she could only retain so much from her Father. She may have lived an easy life but it didn't leave her without her merits. She was taught hard work meant the most of things, without hard work and careful patience you'd likely fall flat. Emelie knew well enough what it meant to be her own person, Shin'o would only further that for her.


The two and a half years spent in Shin'o went by in a flash. A majority of the content that she could be taught, outside of Kido, was mundane but treated seriously. From the get go, Emelie was placed in Class #1 without much worry from her teachers and mentors. In most categories, Emelie excelled in nearly all of her subjects and even created close bonds with some of her teachers. As of now, she only has a single friend that she'd consider close. Her brash nature and harsh words left her, as per usual, without many people taking an interest in her. Sol was different, stupid would be a good word to describe it.

As of now, Emelie has spent the last two and a half years studying at Shin'o and is preparing for her final exams heading towards the end of the semester. The goal, as of right now at least, is for her to continue seeking that ever wanted improvement. Learning more about both herself and Ai would be a start, maybe getting better at Kido through the help of her Mentor Liana Unohana would be another avenue. Until then, however, she simply enjoyed herself.

After all, what more was there to do than learn here at the academy?


Trusty Little Knife:

Of the very few things that Em has on her person at all times, the most important would be a three inch knife that she wears proudly as a necklace. A gift from her father when she left home, the knife represents her connection to the human realm. If it weren't for those she met along the way during her childhood, the discovery of her Zanpakuto spirit early on in life and her general upbringing on Earth, Em wouldn't have found her way here. As a token to remember that, she keeps it on her at all times both as an appearance choice and a practicle one.

If needed, the blade is sharp enough to cut through most material you'd find along your way, metal being a clear victor against its edge. Along with that, her father had the blade specifically created to aid in the battle against spiritual and foreign beings. That being the case, the knife is capable of wounding spiritual beings just like any basic human would be wounded.

Dormitory Keys:

The only other personal effect that Em keeps on her is, of course, the keys to her dorm room. Here at Shin'o, the girl spends most of her time outside of her living quarters. Unlike most students, however, her inevitable "special case" in regards to closing her door permanently is one that is deeply rooted in a fellow students actions. Because of that so called student, Em is required at all times to have her dorm room locked with three separate locking mechanisms. As a consequence, the girl wears them as a fashion statement along her waist usually, attached to a loop of whatever bottoms she may be wearing. Said student doesn't know why the locks appeared one day either, it just happens.

Natural Abilities & Skills

Smart Little Girl:

Much like her mother during her time as a child, Emelie has always been well known for adapting and learning at a pace far quicker than your average person. Her studies tend to be well mantained, her self study and understanding of basic concepts in teaching allows for her to take in and retain information where someone with poor study habits and understanding would lose track of the information they're taking in.

Though she may not be the world's next genius, Emelie is far from the general populace when it comes to her thoughts and subsoquent responses to them. If anything, the woman's intelligence is far greater used in the facet of being taught and learning than it is teaching and growing skills for others. Emelie is a sponge, a super sponge at that. If you have the time and the patience to assist her in learning and honing a skill she will surely grow at an exponential rate compared to the average student.

Speedier Than Most:

Emelie isn't the fast girl around. Fast is relative, of course. Many of the people on earth struggle to reach speeds above your average non-spiritual human. To her, while she may barely be quicker than your average spiritual human she still tends lean on the further side of the spectrum. Reaching speeds of nearly a hundred miles per hour isn't out of the realm of possibility for her though it would require both a lot of effort and energy.

Where the true impressive nature of her speed shines is in the finetuned movement and precise actions she takes when fighting. Running fast is one thing, having the physical capacity to move a limb at blistering, inhuman speeds was another. When fighting, Emelie is naturally gifted when it comes to her ability to move at high speeds, that fact only being furthered by her time studying Silat Tua and its meditative techniques. Much like her father before her, she would much rather be able to swing her fist significantly faster her opponent than be able to outrun them.

Expert Taught Hand To Hand Combat:

In her time on earth growing up with her father, Emelie was taught from a very young age that it was important to hold your own in a fight. As a previous seated member of the Combat Division, her father made it clear that by the time she were to move on in life as her own being that she'd reach the other side with the knowledge to defend herself. As such, the single thing her father felt was necessary to teach from day one was the ability to fight with her fists.

Though she may not share his innate master level skill in regards to martial skill and the application of martial arts that she was taught, Emelie has a plethora of abilities and skillsets under her wings that would make it clear to anyone in a fight that she knew far more than any average twenty something should.

In the case of specific martial arts that her father has gone out of his way to teach her the basic structure and techniques, two stand out. Savate, an age old technique taught to her father and then passed along to her from his time as a young man in the rukongai and Silat Tua, an art more inclined to further enhance Emelie's basic understanding of the human body and the movements that it can exhibit when one becomes attuned with themselves.

  • Savate:

    Known to some as French Boxing, Savate as a style of martial art focuses on the use of basic boxing techniques that are interwoven with eloquent kicks designed to leave lasting impressions on an opponents body. Though both can be taught in a singular way and to a far more complex degree, the combination of these general styles being taught in unison allows for a user like Emelie to use her flexible nature to her advantage.

  • Direct du bras avant:

    Known as a forward facing jab, this punching technique exists within a plethora of martial arts that use punches as the basis of its techniques. Simple in nature, the forward facing jab is a dual hand punch that can leave impacting damage over the span of multiple hits landing. If used against an opponent with a poor disposition it could leave quite a nasty string of problems through an opponent's body. Against someone with average combat strength and knowledge it effectively boils down to a basic punch with finetuned movement and precise targeting behind it.

  • Direct du bras arrière:

    More well known as a cross in the martial arts world, this technique is a dominant hand led punch that is specifically used in tandem with overwhelming power placed behind it. Leading with the dominant hand, the user will naturally step into a thrown cross, usually aimed towards an opponent's head in most cases. Compared to jabs, this cross technique tends to focus on the immediate effect of damage rather than a prolonged and built up reaction. Both strength and speed tend to accompany the strike and, if landed, an opponent of lesser durability could find themselves with fractured bones or potential gashes in the skin. To those with a fair amount of durability however the cross remains frustrating to deal with from a pain perspective.

  • Fouetté

    Emelie's most used technique within the art of Savate is the fouetté. Known to most as a roundhouse kick, this kicking technique takes both the weight and speed of a user and releases it in a quick and explosive spin accompanied by a well placed kick. In the case of usage, Emelie tends to find that in more than most instances, a blow from fouetté is enough to leave an opponent staggered and confused. Along with that, a majority of the damage that can be done with a fouetté is specifically targeted towards the middle section of a being's body. The ribcage and abdomen being the most likely place for target.

  • Silat Tua:

    Though far less versed in its hyper specific techniques and cultural practices, Emelie has a fair bit of knowledge of Silat Tua that was passed down from her father's time experiencing the world before her birth. At its core, Silat Tua consists of what you'd consider basic forms of punches, kicks, grapples, locking techniques and the like. The difference between Savate and Silat Tua however is the spiritual and mental nature that comes along with its teachings.

    Specifically, the meditative techniques taught both before and after a lesson is the main feature of Silat Tua that has had a lasting impression on Emelie's ability to fight. These meditative techniques have allowed her to over time garner a better understanding of her body and thus her Zanpakuto. Though this style does not reflect her general fighting ability, Emelie could reach out and use its techniques with relative ease if required in a fight.

Racial Abilities

Well Honed Hakuda:

During her time as a child, Em was given a proper understanding of Hakuda as both an art and as a practice at a very young age. Previously, her father spent much of his time during his tenture with the Gotei specifically under the Combat Division. This previous experience led him to believe that whatever child he may have later on in life would inherit his natural understanding of what one would call battle. As such, he spent a majority of Em's early life teaching her the basics of what a Shinigami would consider beginner level Hakuda.

By the time she entered the academy, Em's understanding of Hakuda was well above her peers, so much so that her general beliefs in regards to her fellow students was that they just didn't care enough to learn. Unlike her, a majority of students came in with little to no understanding, in comparison, Em's own knowledge led her to already having specialized techniques that her father helped her devise as a young teen.

On top of all this, her natural prowess in the use of Hakuda outmatched even her own father's once she found herself interested in learning more about her heritage as a Shinigami. A majority of her blows pack a gnarly punch and consist of precise and well thought out motions. Choices in hand to hand combat and the use of her Hakuda techniques is specifically tuned in order to give her a fighting advantage as someone with an advanced understanding and a relatively above average level of strength. If anything, the main goal for the girl with what little time she has left in the academy is to seek out further instruction, anything to make her craft that much better.

Expansive Fist:

The one technique that Em has adopted as entirely her own, apart from what her father has taught her, is a technique known as Expansive Fist. While simple in nature Em's understanding of Hakuda allows her to use the technique in a way many would call interesting to say the least.

At its core, Expansive Fist is a technique in which the user brings their body into a lowered stance, focusing their reishi towards the forearm portion of whatever their dominant hand may be and releasing it in a moment's notice. When released, usually as a punch connecting with whatever it may find physical connection with, the build up of reishi naturally stretches across whatever it comes into contact with. Through this contact, the reishi can leave lasting impressions of both beings and structures.

In the case of structures, much like any physical blow, Expansive Fist is able to use the ripple effect associated with its reishi release to bring down buildings with very little effort. The energy is finetuned specifically to come into contact with structural vulnerabilities of both a physical and spiritual nature, leaving them susceptable to severe damage to whatever the makeup of said structure is. In the case of things that are man made, the energy would vibrate rapidly at a rate that would cause cracking to form in most day to day materials. In other things, such as nature, naturally formed pockets of space allow said energy to expand almost like a bomb, leaving a physical after effect much like an explosive due to the immediate build up of a large amount of reishi and then an immediate dispersal of it.

In the case of a spiritual or normal being, a majority of the effects that could be experienced are relatively simple. For those who have a weak nature, durability in which many would consider poor, this ability can leave them with large gashes caused by the reishi build up at the location of contact. Just like any physical based ability, damage sustained tends to full depend on the users physical strength and the opponent's durability and pain endurance as a whole.

Those with the disposition to take a physical blow from Em however could very well be effected from a purely disorienting perspective. To do so, the reishi build up that is released on contact acts as a shockwave to the nervous system of an opponent, its effects on them from a non-physical stand point being as followed.

Any one strong enough to withstand Em's physical strength can experience both general nausea and diziness, an effect that can be ignored by those with strong enough will or focus. Strong focus and will allows for the effected opponent to usually ignore these effects given they're as mental as they are physical. Whether thats the case or not entirely depends on the skill level of the opponent, those of the upper ends of adept willpower and focus would find these effects easy to handle. Anything lower and they tend to hold legitimate issue over a person's mental state.

A Surprising Level of Zanjutsu Development:

Compared to the average Shin'o academy student who had only recently joined the Academy, Em has presented a clear understanding of both her Zanpakuto spirit and her inner world. Not only did she have both of these well understood prior to her time at the academy, she spent a majority of her early life speaking and connecting with this spirit. At a young age, six to be exact, the Zanpakuto spirit made herself well known as it was in her nature to poke around places she shouldn't. Of course, one thing led to another and had Em spending the next twelve years in direct contact with the spirit.

Currently, Em is proficient in her ability to directly combat a foe with her Zanpakuto, her knowledge and understanding of general sword skill and the finer parts of her blade makes it so that, if she were tasked with a mission, she could fight any and all foes required with just her blade. Along with this innate understanding of the general design and use of her blade, her connection to both the spirit and the powers that that spirit presents to her far exceeds the basic Shin'o Academy student. As such, she has spent quite a lot of time simply honing her skills and abilities rather than being taught from the ground up.

Much of this of course can be directly contributed to her father and his knowledge from his previous time with the Gotei. If not for him, Em would be as fresh as a new born baby with her time spent in the academy.

Completely Average Hoho:

While Em wouldn't be what you'd consider an expert or advanced user of Hoho, she can do quite a bit of general practice actions without much issue. Shunpo is something that she hasn't used often but when required can be used without effort. During her time in Sweden growing up, her late teens was spent using shunpo to travel across the country side for general fun. In some cases, these were simple movements of simple distance, at other times she could push herself to take single steps and generate much greater distance.

Overall, her skill level is what you'd hope your student would have coming out of the academy. With very little training and a general understanding, she doesn't lack behind when it comes to her peers. In the same vein, she doesn't excel in her use of Hoho either.

Lackluster Kido Ability:

The one aspect of her Shinigami that Em struggles with to this day is her ability to produce and use Kido. As a whole, her nature to excel at most things has effected a majority of her studies at Shin'o, the singular subject that remains average best however is her Kido. While serviceable, Em can only express basic Kido spells and, in comparison to her fellow Class 1 peers, is entirely basic. As such, its the one subject she tends to spend the most time on when it comes to legitimate study and the idea of furthering herself.

All of these attempts clearly fall flat with Em continuing to try her best to seek out those that would be able to help her. One of those people would be Liana Unohana. Her time spent with the Captain of Second Division has at the very least, made it so that by the time she were to graduate her ability to use and express herself through Kido would be sufficient enough to enter the Gotei as a member of the Second. Of course, it'd be as your basic lacky and would be the furtherest a position could be in terms of what Em would find interesting.


Basic Information

○ Name: Ai
○ Alias': Emelie's Lovely Caretaker,
○ Age: Unavailable
○ Gender: Female

○ Alignment: Em's

○ Height: 5'1"
○ Weight: 105 lbs
○ Hair Color: Auburn
○ Eye Color: Auburn

Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E] Jf08Dkm

Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Ai

As of now, though Emelie has spent a majority of her life with her spirit than without, Emelie's lack of a Shikai and evolved abilities is specifically made possible by the limiting factor that is Ai's true name. Currently, Emelie only knows Ai by Ai, a name given to her only by her father. Despite lacking a true name, however, the girl is quite aware of Ai's spiritual presence along with whatever power she may be able to fuel the girl with.

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Ai is rather petite in size, standing at barely above five foot when wearing shoes. Though she rarely shows herself in any physical manner, if one were to interact with the spirit they'd understand that her general aura consists of that of a tomboy. Much like her owner Emelie, Ai tends to wear whatever clothing she would find interesting at the time and suitable for whatever the situation may be. Short auburn locks are normally covered by her signature conductor's hat. Otherwise, the only defining features that the girl shares with the typical human female would be the her always-painted digits adorned with a plethora of odds and ends, typically rings.

» Inner World:


Basic in both design and setting, Emelie's inner world is very easy to understand when presented at face value. A soft, stormy cloud filled sky covers what little land is laid out within the world. Among those fields of gentle greens is a singular home, designed with the intent to share a near replica-level of detail to a traditional home would in imperial japan. Other than these distinctions, her inner world is relatively normal with little to nothing to take interest in.

» Zanpakutô Appearance:

Basic in design, Emelie's Zanpakuto consists of a relatively long blade very much in line with a traditional claymore. Simple in shape and make, the Zanpakuto is contained by an even similar sheathe that tends to stay on her person at all times. With no truly defining features as a weapon, Emelie's Zanpakuto can be entirely defined by a singular trait it exhibits throughout its design. While simple and clean in nature, the weapon is host to a quirk that extends from its hilt alongside the lower portion of the blade. This quirk, a simple string of etched, golden runes, run alongside the bottom portion of the blade until about the midway point. These runes are of a basic design and are mostly akin to an old-age Furthark rune system.

  • ᛚᛟᛜ ᛚᛁᚠᛖ (Long Life)

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:

Soul Ignition:

Alluding to the fact that Emelie continues to have little to no understanding of her Zanpakuto's true name, the singular ability that she can express through the use of her Zanpakuto is known as Soul Ignition. At its core, Soul Ignition is a rather trivial ability compared to what some would consider well designed or finetuned. For Emelie, the lack of a true Zanpakuto name leaves her with the inability to perform a Shikai release and, in turn, makes it impossible for her to have a defined powerset tied to her Zanpakuto's true nature. As such, she is capable of using her Zanapkuto's abilities in a single manner that consists of relatively basic structure.

When used, Soul Ignition heightens any and all physical and energy based attacks that Emelie were to use in this state. Working in a similar form to what one would consider a soft release,, this enhancement uses her Zanpakuto's energy as a conduit to further the already well maintained facilities that is Emelie's body. The increase is a flat 15% for a span of three posting rounds. In a sense, the very reason that Soul Ignition is capable of altering anything in regards to Emelie's being likely lies in the fact that, though he refuses to grant her a true name, Ai is capable of understanding and connecting with Emelie at a very deep level. As such, she can provide the girl with a modicum of power that she would, with a true name, could afford to give.

After time is expended, Emelie is incapable of using Soul Ignition for the remainder of a thread and can only resort to what comes naturally to a Shinigami whether that be one of the four arts they're taught in the academy or the natural battle tactics that any being with thought could manage.

Insert Later Bud

Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E] 6Jx6efa


» Shikai Release Phrase: -

» Shikai Apperance: -

» Shikai Abilities: -

Skill Sheets

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

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Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E] Empty Re: Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E]

Thu Mar 24, 2022 6:35 am
[mod]History: Manifesting your zanpakuto spirit is a very difficult thing to do. In a physical, tangible form, it requires elite zanjutsu, and doing so as such a young child, even for a prodigy, is too much, remove the event of her doing so.

You don't have to change it but reading the history as "Year Six" made me think the equivalent of sixth grade cuz euroville, instead of what was meant to refer as her being six years old.

Expert Taught Hand to Hand Combat: The mention of the dad having master level skill I would hope is only just to say he's good at it, and that if at any point he'd be say NPCd or something, that wouldn't mean his martial skill would be treated as a master.

Skill Sheets: For a character of her standings according to her history, albeit prodigal she is still a shino academy student. Taught by a seated officer her whole life and being excellent on her own lends credence to being very skilled. For that, I'm fine with her advanced martial strength and her adept in zanjutsu and hakuda. With lack of much mention of beyond exceptional strength, drop that down to adept. At mention of her kido and hoho being at the average point for a shino student, drop those to beginner. An average kido student would graduate with beginners across the board.


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Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E] Empty Re: Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E]

Thu Mar 24, 2022 6:46 am
Master was used just as a phrasing thing, he was well above what you'd expect a normal practitioner of two styles would be but wouldn't be considered a master in their respective arts. Was just a "he's mastered what you'd consider martial use of his body and his ability to use the skills at a high level", my bad.

I can alter the history but I think an issue is that I made it entirely seem as if it was solely her manifesting the spirit when in reality, if possible, I felt it was a combination of both Emelie's ability to manifest physically (specifically later in life, I should have made this clearer) along with Ai wanting to manifest herself.

As for skills I copy pasted kido and hoho so frankly I thought it was beginner. It was originally lower LMFAO. Can change tho.


Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E] FXpoQxJ
Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E] PdBqZMA

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Lord of the Understream
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Thu Mar 24, 2022 7:16 am

≪ Application Checklist ≫
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]

  • Comments/Notes: Eris best girl. Done with consultation of Gamma.
  • Tier: 4-5

Hazard Rankings
  • Power: D
  • Influence: E
  • Resources: E
  • Overall: E

Emelie Anderson [Approved, 4-5; Shinigami] [Hazard Rank E] 8Bvy1N8


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