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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Wed Nov 17, 2021 4:29 pm

Sanjumi Hozuba | The Faithful Runic Sorcerer


» Name: Sanjumi Hozuba
» Titles: Sanjumi Of Faith, Maiden Of The Vermillion Church,
»Age: 21
»Race: Supernatural Human
» Gender: Female
» Sexuality: Hetero
» Affiliation/Rank: Church Of Vermilion


Many things in life was one big mystery to her, such as the different customs that different countries would practice and the dangerous world that she knew nothing about. Due to the fact of not knowing certain things that ordinary people should know, people would consider her as a type of naïve child that hasn’t been thoroughly educated of the dangers that lurk in every corner of society.


There are many things in the world that which peaks Sanjumi’s curiosity, those of which would prompt her to go check it out. Generally, Sanjumi likes to learn the ways of the world and things that people may view in a certain way. This is something of a trait that she had grew up with, as her previous place of residence restricted her from venturing into the world that she imagined it as a place unbounded by endless possibilities. But even though the truth was revealed to her when she joined the church, there were more things about the world that she wished to discover and beings to encounter.


She’s somewhat of a faithful individual towards the cause that the church has been fighting for since it’s creation. She holds a certain level of faith that may seem unhealthy, but members of the church would see it as an acceptable way of life. Her faith and devotion to the cause that the church fights for is one that can be described as pure. Even if some paint the church as villains who uses their silver tongue to get away with the acts that they’ve committed, she’s one to possess a sort of resistance against the negative opinions that people may spout but it’s not enough to sway the faith she has for the church.

Over time, she had grown into a woman that enjoys peace that the world has to offer. Even in a world ravaged by war, there’s always a certain amount of peace dwelling in her heart that she’s willing to share with the ones she deems as lost and afraid.


Even in an environment that has a serious and work related state of mind, she’s still a woman that would oftentimes play around with her colleagues and ones she’s closed to. Oftentimes she may employ gimmicks and cheap tricks to promote a fun and enjoyable environment.

Business Oriented:

While she may possess a playful nature, she still understands that there is a time to play around and a time when one needs to remain focus and tend to the task at hand. When displaying a business like personality, one may notice that beyond her playful exterior is a woman that can act professional when the situation calls for it.


Though a rare occurrence that many may not find, but if one is lucky enough then they’ll receive the chance to witness her more brutal personality. While this trait of hers is kept locked in the back of her mind, there may be a few instances of her acting out on her tendencies that others may find to be barbaric and out of character. This side of hers is one that she finds to be impure, thus tries her best to avoid a possible outcome of her going out of control.


She’s a dedicated individual to both her own cause and the ideals that the church sees as an acceptable one. When speaking of the dedication that she brings, many may come to understand that she simply fights to preserve the dream that she holds and continues to strive forward until said dream is fulfilled. If she’s met with a wall that wish to halt her progress, then she’ll do everything in her power to destroy that wall and march forward, even if it means abandoning others that are weighing her down.

Compliant: She’s an individual who’s easily complies with the orders given out by the church. While she may seem like a robot that accepts them without question, but if it comes down to it she may disobey an order that she sees as unnecessary.




Martial Artist:

Sanjumi was taught the basic fundamentals of martial arts, which had allowed her to practice it and watch as it evolves into one that she can call her own. Being trained at a young age, meant that her martial arts skills would see a significant increase in potency as she grows older and discover unique ways to combat against foes in various situations. Depending on the opponents fighting style, she may adopt other forms of martial arts in order to better equip herself, so that way she knows which methods that’ll work in her favor and others that she’ll have to avoid. This process that she uses in every situation, makes her a formidable opponent towards most unprepared combatants. In tendon with the knowledge she has for runes, she’s able to see a significant increase in fighting strength, though this depends on the type of runes that she applies.

The exact nature of the martial arts that she employs in battle is one that creates a sort of after effect that can be felt once she lands a direct blow, causing the opponent to realize that one of their senses has been delayed. As one of their senses is being delayed, the damage dealt by one of her hits may not seem present in the current timeline, but can be felt during the attempt for another hit and once the second hit has been applied, the opponent will experience double impact as the first hit will mask itself behind the second attack. Once the complete strike has been felt by the opponent, their durability will decrease by one grade. This particular martial arts technique can cripple an unprepared combatant, as the sole focus of this technique is to Iimit the amount of damage that the opponent is allowed to deal by crippling them to the point of ceasing all of their actions and thus resolving the conflict without no blood being spilled. This type of martial arts can be proven deadly if used at the right time.

Rune Magecraft:

A type of Magecraft that employs the use of runes. The runes are versatile in function, as they possess varied uses based off the knowledge that she had acquired. During her time spent at the temple, she was able to realize the potential of the runes and it’s different effects. For instance, she was able to cleverly apply a single rune that had the ability to enhance the power of her punches. This gave her the idea of using a rune that’s correspondence to it’s intended purpose. She can apply a rune that’s capable of strengthen the impact of her punches, or inscribe a rune onto a weapon which in turn boosts it’s overall effectiveness. While she possess runes that enhances the potency of an attack, she also possess runes that provides her with other

    » Wind Rune: Inscribing this rune on an object or if placed on her fist, allows her to shoot out a burst of wind.

    » Explosion Rune: By mixing the formulas of both the fire rune and earth rune, she’s able to inscribe it on a construction that once activated, causes the targeted construction to detonate.

    » Invisible Rune: By Inscribing a rune on an object or on herself that upon Inscribing, causes herself or the object to be invisible. This rune lasts for three posts.

    » Barrier Rune: This one can be used in a fixed area that upon activation, generates a 80 meter barrier that protects those inside the barrier from damage equal to Sanjumi’s tier. If the barrier is attacked by someone with a tier higher than her own then the barrier will vanish. It takes three posts to destroy the barrier and one post if the attacker is a tier higher.

    » Fire Rune: Once the rune is inscribe on an object, the object may then possess a fire element that causes a single wall of flames to shoot out of the object.

    » Earth Rune: A rune that upon Inscribing, grants the object the element of earth which upon utilizing, generates a wall like construction.

    » Dark Rune Of Entrapment: Once this rune has been casted on a target, a wall of dark energy surrounds the victims body. This wall of dark energy is one that pressurize the targets own energy, causing them to feel as if something heavy is weighing down on them. This runes purpose is to restrict the targets movement by showing them with a pool of heavy dark energy that she extracted from the demon realm. If the target is a tier higher than her then they’ll be able to escape the attack, but if the target is a tier lower then the target will be trapped for three posts.

Weapon Novice:

It hasn’t been long since she had first seen a weapon fallen to her hands, but it’s safe to assume that she isn’t a whole pro when it comes to wielding and possessing the knowledge necessary to use a weapon. While she only knows a weapons most basic functions and it’s purpose which is to be used as an extension of oneself, she’s somewhat unrefined in the weapons department. Though, she wishes to be taught the philosophies of how a weapon works, so maybe one day she can put the weapon gifted to her into good use.



Early life in the temple
Much of Sanjumi’s memories of the past were both peaceful and filled with opportunities for growth. At the time, Sanjumi knew not the whereabouts of her parents, so while growing up she had only grown to know her uncle and his disciples who inhabited a temple that he had discovered prior to the end of WW3. It was a temple that stood the test of time and soon turned into a home for both him, his disciples and finally Sanjumi.

Due to the fact of the temple hiding itself from the eyes of society, made it possible for them to continue to strive for a path of inner peace. Sanjumi’s uncle took shelter and decided on making the temple his new home was because he desired to release himself from the mortal realm binding his soul, therefore freeing himself of the negative energies constantly eroding the world.

As war, hatred and mortal desires stood in his way to obtaining absolute tranquility, he took to altering things around him as he walked. Though this in turn attracted the attention of a new following that later became his disciples as they too wished to be at peace with themselves. While the journey for peace was a long winded path, her uncle could almost feel his lifelong goal was within reach. Having done this for a long time made him a man who’s able to prolong his lifespan, thus making her uncle the oldest appearing man in her family.

His disciples accompanied his niece day in and day out. Her days at the temple were never met with boredom as always had something to occupy her. While she was only a little girl, she was still curious about the things her uncle teached to his disciples. Practicing martial arts was a tradition found in the temple, but so is hardening ones mind and discovering ones potential hidden deep in the depths of one’s soul. Her uncle believed in using martial arts as a means to protect the ones closed to them and possessing an unshakable force of will. While he wasn’t the most well acclaimed martial artist, he was nonetheless an individual of great strength and cunning that made him a foe to think carefully before asking for a fight.

This became something that his disciples idealized, as they viewed him as a fierce and enlightened warrior who defended the idea of peace. Though he had since left the fighting scene and remained faithful to his desire to obtaining eternal peace, but his disciples aren’t ones to ignore the fact that peace is something that can’t be easily attained as even the most enlightened can never free themselves from the inner turmoil going on in their heads. To fight off the evil blinding ones vision, they took to meditation that could help purify their minds. While Sanjumi practiced meditating within the temple, she learned to have fun at her age and explored the many parts of the temple and in extension the mountain itself.

However, she was warned not to go too far or to go in places that are said to be forbidden. None residing in the temple knew the reason why those places were off limits, though the only one who possessed the knowledge of those wishing to know was her uncle’s oldest disciple and also his closest one. Despite the freedom to explore other areas and learned other things, the disciples also knew that there were things that they shouldn’t meddle with. Unbeknownst to Sanjumi, the disciples had to obey rules established in the temple as well or expect to be severely punished.

Though not all of them succumbed to the stricted way of life that her uncle mended in the heads of his disciples, as their were some that were undisciplined but not as apparent enough to warrant her uncle’s attention. At the time Sanjumi didn’t understand martial arts or why it was important to her uncle and the temple, but as she grew she began to show promising results in the field. Oftentimes she would spare with one of the disciples, and while she gets beaten a few times she soon showed them that there was potential residing in her very being.

One thing she hated doing was chores, as she’d often find herself wasting the day away to assure the temple was spotless. Though even when she was tasked with doing chores, she’d instead sneak away from her duties to go out and explore. In one of her attempts to get out of doing chores, she would later end up getting caught which had resulted in being punished. One of her punishments was to balance a bowl on top of her head without breaking it. It soon became a challenging thing for her to perform, as she was never known to have the perfect balance.

At the time she didn’t understand the meaning behind her punishments, as all she did was heed the callings of her natural instincts that prompted her to do what a child does best. While her uncle’s punishments were harsh and tedious at times, their was meaning hidden behind his punishments. Her uncle only hoped for Sanjumi to one day understand his reasons behind the punishments handed out, as they would wound up being something that later helps Sanjumi in her growth. As a child, she began learning how to use runes which was introduced by one of his disciples.

The reason his disciple wanted to teach Sanjumi about runes was to satisfy Sanjumi’s curiosity, as his disciples had one day caught the peeping human during one of his studies, thus prompting him to take a day or two to allow Sanjumi to experience runes. Over the past few days, she began to learn unique formulas and different formations thanks to a few tricks that Sanjumi picked up during her time peeping on the disciple. Though she originally knew only to make use of the runes to increase her combat abilities, which is how Sanjumi managed to best one of her uncle’s disciples in a sparring match.

After realizing the use of the runes, she began to expand her knowledge and creativity, which in turn allowed her to discover other uses that the runes provided. When she was growing up in the temple, she began to realize how little she knew of the world beneath the mountain. Her uncle being the overly protective person that she had grown to know, forbid her to travel too far from the temple as he feared that their could be something out their capable of making cooked stew out of the girl. But the more she knew less about the world, the greater her curiosity came to be. As her uncle’s disciples tried their best to convince the young Sanjumi of how dangerous and cruel the world had become, one disciple understood her wishes and so the disciple aided Sanjumi in sneaking out of the temple. The disciple acted as a sort of guardian for the young Sanjumi, in case of the event that something does happen to her, the disciple would be there to put a stop to the threat.

After all, the disciple was trained by one of the best when her uncle was only in his late 20s, which was considered his peak as a martial artist. Though as her uncle grew older, he knew it was time to pass on his teachings to a select few that he deemed worthy enough to carry his wishes. Upon reaching the far side of the mountain, an exit could be seen resting at the far north east area as grey clouds engulfed the view of the mountain. It became clear to Sanjumi that not many people knew the location of the temple, due to the fact of the temple being miles away from the entrance, not to mention the difficulties of traveling through the depths of the mountain as hitchhikers would reported lost. The city beyond the temple was a journey that she hadn’t thought was possible, but thanks to the guidance of her new guardian the journey to reach the city didn’t become as daunting.

Before the pair could proceed any further, Sanjumi and the disciple travels was interrupted by the sightings of a hollow, however, it didn’t appear to be just any ordinary hollow as it towered over the pair and was packed with a frightening aura that caused Sanjumi to pause. As she was overwhelmed by fear, the disciple began to take arms and head to battle the creature. Despite having not seen a hollow in quite some time, the disciple nonetheless was confident in his abilities to take down the creature obscuring their path.

As the guardian attempt to defeat the hollow failed, resulting in the guardian being severely wounded. There was nothing that Sanjumi could do, as even her runes proved incapable of inflicting damage on the hollows sturdy frame. Sanjumi began to take priority in securing the guardians body and attempted to retreat, however, their plan to escape had a few holes in it as the temple was further away than she cared to notice.

With the fear of dying weighing on her shoulders, she soon witnessed an ominous power flowing throughout her body. This ominous power was her calling card that later cast aside her fears, transforming said fear into a weapon that aided in the defeat of the hollow. Unfortunately she couldn’t celebrate her first defeat, as she began to feel the life of the guardian slipping away. Unable to do anything to save him, the guardian took to parting Sanjumi with his final words before his soul began departing from the world of the living. As the guardians soul left the world, guilt and regret would soon surge throughout her body. The disciples death would also alert her uncle who had remained at the temple. Sanjumi’s regret for being unable to save the disciple in time made her turn her back against her uncle and the temple, due to the fact of not wanting to face the terrible consequences for her actions on top of the death of one of his disciples.

With those things in mind, Sanjumi would take to escaping the sheltered and strict lifestyle that she grew to know in hopes of letting the guilt disappear behind the test of time. Many months passed since she ran away from the temple, as the now older Sanjumi began to evolve from a naïve girl with zero knowledge regarding to the nature of the world to someone who believed that her uncle was right about the world being dangerous and uncaring. To cope with this realization, Sanjumi took to developing her skills so that she can protect herself from threats lingering in the shadows.

Faith & Rebirth
As she wandered the world, harnessing her latent supernatural abilities a church decided to take her in so that she could develop a purpose of her own to call. Her days spent at the church was unlike any other, as she was groomed to become one of their elite and gifted warriors in the effort to battle threats that were beyond ordinary people’s imagination while also advocating for peace and stability. Though, as the wandering young girl was taken in and trained to be their proud and peace making warrior, things didn't go as smoothly as she thought. As the young girl was thrown in an unfamiliar atmosphere, filled with a many unrecognizable faces that were gathered by the church. The individuals that she had met over the years, are the ones that wished for guidance and a purpose to be apart of, much like Sanjumi as she had no idea what she wanted at the time.

But once brought in by the church, she was then blessed with a new life that had meaning and one she had full control of, though so long as she cooperates and follow the churches direct commands then things would go smoothly during her stay. As she got to know her colleagues better, she would later begin establishing a business oriented personality, due to the nature of the ones she worked for being all work and no play had allowed her to adopt the same philosophical nature that was present throughout the church.

However, there were other times that she didn't allow some members of the church to completely influence her behavior as she still did what she was known best, but on a more subtle level to avoid being looked at in a certain way. Seeing as their were too many overwhelming powered folks inhabiting the city, the church took to ascertaining those who proved too much of a threat to leave alone.

However the churches leader had other ideas in stores, as he desired to collect beings from different races and varying backgrounds to use in the effort to establish dominants and promote fear. Though this side of the church went unnoticed as she continued to contribute to their cause, simply because she became a faithful member of the church after they “saved” her from the past that was weighing down on her shoulders for many years. Once Sanjumi was saved from the past that stuck to her like a reminder of the times that she wished she was stronger, a reformation process would occur that caused her to forget a portion of her past life. The church herald the process as a type of “rebirth” as it was their goal to cleanse the negative aspects of their lives and welcome them into the new world. After accepting their new life, each individual would be given a new identity that acted as a reminder that they’ve been reborn.

This new identity of theirs allowed them to abandon their past in order to make room for newer memories, one that the church hope they use it to direct them towards a path of peace within the depths of their minds. But should their own members begin to remember the things that caused them pain and if they used their past mistakes as an excuse to lash out in the name of vengeance or out of hatred, a curse may activate that causes them to be placed in a state of motionlessness. This state of motionlessness prevents them from acting on their instincts, which gives the church enough time to extract the victim and may have to reformat their memories.

Though if all else fails, the church would have to force themselves to eliminate them and erase their existence from the world. After being inducted to the churches march towards a promising future and relevancy, Sanjumi took notice in her abilities as her training helped develop different aspects that had gone unnoticed for a long period of time. With the help of the Church service, Sanjumi was able to realize her potential as a strong warrior, something that she had shared with her uncle. In return, she would offer the skills that she cultivated over the years to ensure she remained faithful. Though faith was the only thing that gave meaning in her life, as she believed that having faith in something would allow her to circumvent the odds and impose a strong will over things that try to bring her down.

The training that she went through, allowed for her innate abilities to fester which was done by a series of challenges provided by the church. The challenges she faced were scenarios that the church expected their members to face. After showing off her promising abilities to the church, she was gifted a weapon to congratulate her. Her time spent at the church was one that allowed her to see the world through the lenses once belonged to a naïve girl, however it was also one that promoted her sense of curiosity, thus she took to visiting different places that she was allowed to visit. Amongst those places were ones that fell victim to the effects of war. The recent war had painted different cities in black and white, not to mention them being dark and long forgotten as people wander the docile cities hopelessly praying that someone can bless them with miracles while others wishing to rid themselves of the mortal realm that was nothing more than a gruesome battlefield. With despair and loneliness, comes happiness and a peace of mind. Through the company of peace, may one can restore their internal world that was once filled with grey clouds and darkened skies. With these ideals in hand, Sanjumi was able to build a bridge towards one’s own individual paradise that healed others who were defeated by their traumas caused by the violent nature of war. Though she was never able to truly connect with the victims, due to being unequipped with the same emotions that the victims of war had experienced, however, it didn’t stop her from wanting to help deliver peace to the ones that lost it. Sanjumi soon realized why she had joined the church, and later began to provide those harmed by the effects of war a warm and promising future. This action of hers became a stepping stone towards creating a reality of eternal peace, and with the aid of the church it would only be a matter of time before her wishes would manifest itself.

Saints and sinners

Through her gift, she was able to witness cities flourishing once again and would continue to bless those who once lost their way. The people she had touched and gave back meanings that were once long since forgotten, gave her plenty of monikers that the people would whisper for whenever she inserts her presence in a city that was aided by the church. One moniker that stuck to Sanjumi, was one that she had earned. Though the moniker given to her didn't promote hope or peace, rather it was a moniker that gave shape to the new reality that she forged; a reality that promised eternal peace but in truth it was a reality filled with false hope and empty promises. While others treated Sanjumi as if she was a saint chosen by the heavens, others knew of the real Sanjumi. This bare fruit to a version of Sanjumi that the church utilities in their attempt to establish themselves, though they did so with extreme caution so as to avoid revealing their true nature. However, this particular strategy didn’t go well as a certain incident forced them to manipulate the media and pretend like nothing ever happened.

But those who knew the truth had given the church a look of disgust and painted them as villains who posed a threat to those around them. The incident caused others to fear Sanjumi, as blood was inscribed on her hands that forced her to live through it as a grim reminder that not everyone wishes for peace and would rather continue existing in a world of hopelessness. Though this didn’t stop her from giving the people that she thought had wanted, as she was convinced by the fact everyone was misguided and was suffering. As she was driven by a ridiculous idea of a reality where people can't be harmed and violence was thrown out of the variable, forced her mind to falsely label those as enemies to her cause and gave birth to a frenzied Sanjumi who's ideals was challenged by someone who found her goal to be childish and ridiculous. Though to her, it was viewed simply as dedication and of pure thought that no one could understand. To ensure the church doesn't have to experience the same thing in the future, she was forced to forget about anything that had happened, therefore returning her back to the Sanjumi that they grew to know. Though, even with memories of that day erased from her memories, the sin that she committed would forever remain.

Temple Of Shattered Skies:

This ability takes the form of a sub space that’s reminiscent of the temple that she once had resided in when she was a child. This sub space allows her and those she granted access to, a chance to seek shelter from the pain and suffering that plagues the outside world. It’s an ideal safe haven for those wishing to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. The sub space purpose is to heal unconventional injuries, such injuries that is seen as life threatening that ordinary healing practices may prove ineffective. Though depending on how life threatening the injury Is to the individual, the process may take a couple of days to ensure that the injury is fully healed. The temples healing effect may cure some diseases and rid away poisons that’s harmful to the victim, however, this requires the targets approval and willingness to purify themselves of the effects that plagued their lives.

False Hope Of Eternal Peace:

With this ability, she can inflict a given target a sort of burning pain that can be felt from the inside of the victims body. While this pain is being felt, the target will begin to feel as though their vision is being altered. Once their vision has been altered, the appearance of the world around them will be engulfed in a sea of flames. This sea of flames represents the hope for eternal peace being ripped away and thrown into the sea of flames, as it’s a reminder of how ones ideals is nothing more than a foolish child’s dreams, and that all dreams of a perfect world should be left for dead and make room for wishes that aren’t something ripped out of a children’s story. As the victims soul is being consumed by flames, every action that they attempt to make will cause the flames to burn more intensely. As this happens, their skins will receive burn marks that can be permanent if the opponent doesn’t get out of the illusion. The effect of this ability can be activated in multiple ways, one way she can activate the ability is to be within the radius of 60 meters where Sanjumi is, though this requires her to be aware of the opponents location before activation. Another way is upon eye contact, and can be activated so long as the opponent is within her field of vision, or can also be done by making direct contact.


[General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Human Reiatsu Skills
  • Power Control: Adept
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Adept
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Beginner
  • Physical Augmentation: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

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