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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Basic Information

○ Name: Liltotto Lamperd
○ Other Names: Lil, Lily
○ Actual Age: ???; Ancient (Active for 600+ years)
○ Age: Mid 20s
○ Birthday: February 17th
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: ---
○ Affiliation: Vandenreich

○ Height: 4'3
○ Weight: 50 lbs
○ Hair Colour: Yellow
○ Eye Colour: Yellow

Liltotto Lamperd TvitRbR

Psychological Analysis

Despite appearing as an unassuming cute and soft girl, Liltotto is not as she appears. Under her youthful exterior is a woman who has gone through many trials and tribulations throughout her several lifetimes worth of life, and thus was shaped by them. To those who are unfamiliar with her, Liltotto can sound rather mean and sharp-tongued, typically using very strong or foul language in her day to day. While she typically is rather tame on the sarcasm and rudeness with anyone who clearly doesn't deserve it, she can be downright nasty and spiteful to those who catch her ire. While she can have the occasional irritated or angry retort to something she earnestly found stupid or highly disagreeable, it takes quite a lot for her to actually hold a grudge or treat someone differently.

Though in moments where she isn't spitting poisonous language at someone she deemed deserving of it, where she's just living her life and being around others, other qualities come to shine. She tones down the swearing, and is actually quite well spoken and knowledgeable. She's had plenty of time to learn about many subjects and pick up a myriad of skills, having clear interests in accumulating pretty much anything, not just food. She is rather tactful and considerate of others in conversation, and operates with plenty of grace in more professional or serious settings, showing she always has clear awareness of her situation and adapts to it, as well as being noted to make calm observations and take in whatever she's learned.

In terms of forming bonds, Liltotto does not feel herself capable of holding lasting friendships. She watched everyone she ever cared about be killed in battle, and has outgrown most everyone she's ever met. As she's grown, she's had no choice but to realize and accept that others had mortality that she did not, and due to this realization, she got used to not trying as hard to form or maintain friendships with others. Even so, there is still a yearning ache in her heart to connect with people, despite it being enclosed by depressive walls. Liltotto's relationship with death is not a kind one, knowing far too well that for most people, she will never see them again, afterlife or not.

Even though she has lost many in her life, said life having fallen apart several times, and having to restart from scratch or even live through dangerous situations, Liltotto has persevered. Even though she was faced with many opportunities to perish, even all the way back serving the original Vandenreich's war, she instead decided to take paths to survive. Though her typical attitude doesn't reflect it, Liltotto has a strong, innate desire to live and persist.


Her earliest memory was the vague sensation of falling, crashing, sinking, and then finally, the darkness of slumber.

However long that slumber held that old her, it was interrupted by the sensation of being moved, and pulled along. The tiny flickers of her primitive consciousness would lead to more senses developing - the sound of talking, the feeling of being atop a cold, hard surface, rumbling and bumping about, and then finally seeing a man and woman before her, happily chatting as their carriage was pulled by a horse.

Humans, she recognized them as, and with that recognition came an unconscious yearning.

To be human.

Suddenly, the world was dark all over again, and oddly... She felt smaller. Dark, cold, hungry, aching - it was an uncomfortable barrage of sensation, so she did as any newborn would: She cried. Suddenly the rumbling beneath her would stop as she uncontrollably fussed in the darkness she resided in, before cracks of light formed in the cocoon of stone; the humans from prior had discovered a strange sight - a tiny wailing child enclosed in the strange formation of stone they were instructed to uncover. The two took to the poor tiny thing, wrapping her in extra cloth and taking her back to their home, deciding to keep their strange discovery of her a secret.

They strangely adored her, something the barely sapient infant didn't quite understand, but accepted. Though, her sudden appearance was not unnoticed; there was a noticeable uptick in spiritual pressure and slight increase of hollow activity not long after, but others in the area weren't certain of what caused it.

Her parents were two Vandenreich Soldats who were tasked with recovering an artifact discovered by the sea, but the report they had given was rather suspect and obviously fabricated. Eventually, their mysterious child was seen by a fellow Soldat who had gone over under the guise of visiting, but really was there to further investigate them. Later on in the week, they had gotten a notice that His Majesty was passing through to see their child, which only gotten the two rather anxious. The day came, Yhwach and his men meeting them not far from their home, the two parents full of anxiety and reverence for the man.

After a brief exchange, he told the couple to give him the child, intending for her to serve him. The two of them refused, not wishing to give up their new child, even for their lord. He bid them farewell, relieving them of their duties until the child was older, leaving rather easily over what was clearly a demand - a little too easily, but it wasn't a hard choice to make; fate held the true answer to that demand, whether the family was aware of it or not.

The strange child was but a toddler, her abilities beginning to manifest, before tragedy struck the otherwise happy household. Rather than one or two hollows straying too close, it was an entire mob of the beasts. Wanting to keep their child safe, despite how grossly ill prepared they were to deal with the thread, the two of them going out to fight the mob as their child watched, supposedly safe from her bedroom window, until the house was overwhelmed and crushed by the encroaching creatures. Strangely unhurt despite being buried in debris, she was dug out of the wreckage, but soon after her father was swiped away by one of the hollows, her mother's bloodied body being trampled on as more and more of the horde overwhelmed them.

Under all the stress and incoming threats, the child lashed out in the only way she knew how to: Eating. She would blindly eat everything in the immediate vicinity, until all was quiet, and she was alone. She didn't realize what she had done, all she understood was that she was alone. Crying out for her mother and father, the small child staggered about, until the sickness in her stomach she had felt after consuming the beasts caused her to stop and cry on the ground.

With uncanny timing, another had arrived. An unknown the child perceived as a threat, and thus lashed out to defend herself, taking out a massive chunk of her body, only to cease and retract her mouth when she tasted how revolting the stranger was, stopping long enough to hear the other out. This woman, later to be known as Giselle Gewelle, would become her partial caretaker, as she was brought to the Vandenreich proper.

The child experienced a radical growth spurt whilst among the ranks of the Quincy organization, within only a year she had gone from a small toddler to a rather diminutive but fully functioning adult, guesswork saying it was due to her orphaning (She herself says otherwise). Regardless, she quickly became a proper and well known member in the ranks, growing to actively dislike others as she served, particularly those who acted fake and babying towards her. Most compliments or recognition of her work were made with a patronizing tone, forming her great distaste for disrespect and ill-acknowledgement. She could only stand to be around a few, such as Giselle, forming a few meaningful relationships in her time.

And then the war happened.

To say Liltotto was in any way looking forward to it was the overstatement of the ages. It wasn't that she had a distaste for violence or disagreed with the mission, rather she personally thought many among their ranks were ill capable of handling the assault. Though, she was met with the realization, that her words really didn't mean much in the grander plan, nothing she could say could change the outcome, especially not from someone who appeared as she.

Her comrades were slaughtered all around her throughout the assault. Though her power to consume her enemies was effective, it wasn't enough to make much of a difference, the Shinigami just kept coming and coming, and their people just kept falling and falling, the grunts and notable members alike, even hearing their strongest failing to keep up. She remained regardless of her better judgement, until hearing that Giselle Gewelle had died; she had known it was a lost cause, but that news gave her no reason to remain, subtly slipping off into the darkness.

She went into hiding, rendering herself dormant until the amount of spiritual activity lowered enough, which ended in her waking once more around the time the 21rst century rolled around, in which she emerged and explored the new age - having felt bored and hungry in more ways than one. She posed herself as a normal citizen as she went about the world, occasionally finding places to settle and learn. Apart from some people being annoying to her, it was some fulfillment during a period in which she felt completely alone and painfully empty, hopping around doing various jobs to become familiar with that time period's advancements, and making a life for herself. Though she kept herself under cover, she did occasionally work to polish her skills, feeling that something may be coming, and she had to maintain her polish.

As expected, things had to gone awry in the world. Shinigami had their drama, then some otherworldly creatures came stomping in and causing violence, led by some figure by the name of Ender. While she did not actively fight on any particular side, she did end up encountering these strange creatures, and of course consuming them entirely. While she had to maintain a low profile, it didn't hurt to learn the enemy.

Eventually, things in her area were getting too restless and chaotic, those new creatures popping up all over the place in addition to the abnormal amount of hollows, forcing her to pack up and remain mobile. She couldn't stay and be discovered with one too many incidents of her using her abilities, doubting the Gotei or whoever else was apparent now would let her presence slide. She didn't have anyone in the world she could stand, anyway, at least until by some horrific miracle, Giselle turned out to be alive, running into her by chance. She was angry the woman was gone so long, but relieved in a way.

She kept in touch with her, but left her to her own devices, having settled into some large city she no longer could remember the name of, having decided to look into higher education and whatever job could relieve her boredom. The world was soon swarmed by a legion of what she later learned was called demons, who had swarmed and destroyed her loud but peaceful hiding spot. Once again, with minimal fighting for her own good, she departed, resorting to living on the road.

On her own in the increasingly ruined world, she decided to build her abilities, especially with the ample resources and knowledge she now had, compared to her more limited experience when she was younger. Applying herself, she would be able to survive in this new, cataclysmic world. While she never grew to learn of her origins or why she was such a peculiar being, she didn't care - she just needed to survive.

She continued her low profile, especially with the unnerving amount of Gotei activity around the world. She stayed mobile, deliberately planning her way through the world as to avoid getting wrapped up into anything as the years marched on and the world became hell, and came out the other end battered but attempting to heal. It wasn't until Giselle came to her with news about the Vandenreich apparently resurfacing once more, not long after the current war died down.

The previous Vandenreich she heard of sounded like a poor imitation, and thus she ignored it. However, this time it seemed to be a truer revival, though with a different purpose - rather, much of it was different. She ended up joining not terribly long after Giselle had, having given herself some time to think about it before joining. Really, her options were either stay on the run and keep losing things, or have somewhere relatively safe and reliable to stay, the only issue being the level of scrutiny her peers would give her and any restrictions given to her by her superiors.


Lifetimes of Experience
Given her consistent involvement in the ever-changing modern world throughout the past few hundred years, Liltotto naturally picked up many skills in order to keep up and survive by herself. Acquired from working in a variety of jobs, hobbies, independently learning, or simply needing to adapt to something on her own, there is a great many things that Liltotto knows how to do, but isn't necessarily an expert on.

Modest Funds
Between doing all sorts of work and not having much to spend money on, in addition to her current work, Liltotto has a reasonable amount of funds and investments, in which makes purchasing most common or even pricy objects hardly a concern to her. She isn't rich by any means, but has built up funds as well as generally being good with managing it.

Durable Body
Throughout many fights and war, Liltotto's body has proven to naturally be extremely resistant to damage, likely a result of her origins. Most blows or attacks that would definitely obliterate a person of her appearing stature will barely leave a mark or injury on her. Though she is very easy to stagger and knock off her feet, she is able to readily get back up with barely any injuries and keep fighting, a notable trait of her's during her time amongst the original Vandenreich.

High Endurance and Speed
Along with her incredibly durable body, Liltotto has also been noted to have significant mental and physical fortitude. If she is in a situation where she will have to do a long and hard fight, or a similar situation of attrition, she is capable of going through it with almost no issue for a prolonged period, with high reaction speeds and movement. Though she will experience tiring and fatigue at some point, it would take a lot of time or effort to get her to that point. Her level of resilience and focus is definitely greatly above the norm, but it isn't quite out of this world - she does have her eventual limit, simply having an unnaturally high threshold for it.

Acute Sense of Smell
Liltotto's ability to smell greatly exceeds that of normal human boundaries, extending into the spiritual as well. Normal smells are several times more powerful to her than a normal human's nose, being able to catch even minute scents in her day to day. However, her sense of smell applies to reishi as well, being able to tell races and even distinct people apart merely by traces. With enough exposure, she can even put a name to particular scents.

Likely due to her origins, Liltotto is more or less incapable of aging or waning over time. She looks exactly the same as she did once growing to maturity, with little change to her appearance as time marched on. Her power never diminished, and in fact got stronger as she actively utilized and practiced it. She does not appear capable of aging any further, frozen at her current physical age, and spared from the wear of time in any other aspects.

Unrecognizable Existence
Despite appearing as a human girl, Liltotto does not fit into one exact category in regards to race. She does not read as any one race in particular due to her origins, and thus does not operate like anything that can be recognized, even if her abilities may appear similar to a given race's.

Spiritual Resistance
Liltotto appears to have a natural "resistance" to any kind of offensive spiritual energy, taking the form of her body passively 'eating' it, which forms a full-body protection. While it isn't significant enough to completely protect her from stronger attacks, things like passive harmful field effects, a normal hollow's acidic touch, poisons, etc. will just end up broken down and consumed, hardly bothering her.

Excellent Swordsmanship
Due to the pressures of the growing chaos in the world around WW3, Liltotto taught herself the art of the sword. Mostly going off of literature, she learned how to use the weapon she could manifest to the best of her ability. She shows great skill in the use of a sword despite being self taught, having put days worth of time into teaching herself in how to use it to it's fullest.


Stomach Of The Soul King - The Glutton
A fact that had long faded from her memory, Liltotto is the Soul King's discarded stomach, and thus her primary ability reflects this fact. Liltotto is capable of consuming anything with no visible issue, apart from inherently corrupt things like Hollows, which while she is spared from any dangerous effects, she is left with a terrible stomachache after doing so. Everything, even souls are not excepted from consumption. Her mouth is capable of stretching and extending, becoming a gigantic maw that is capable of lashing out and devouring anything within 30 feet of her. Her teeth are strong enough to cut through most things, shy of significant spiritually enhanced defenses or highly durable people (Elite or higher) which, depending on the circumstance, will be significantly harder or impossible for her to bite.

Liltotto experiences constant, insatiable hunger due to this ability. Though she incapable of actually dying of hunger, she will notably feel worse pangs the longer she goes without eating, suffering from the sensation.

Things and people consumed by Liltotto don't travel to a physical stomach, but rather are dropped into a separate pocket dimension that could be called her true stomach. Things that end up in here are digested rather quickly by her powerful acid, so even if in the unlikely event someone ends up in her stomach alive, they don't have long to figure a way out before they too are consumed and absorbed as nutrients. The expanse of the dimension is large and dark, lacking any tangible boundaries or structure, merely being an endless mire of deadly acid and things she had recently consumed. Any trapped in here haven't much hope of escape, unless they are quick with creating some form of gateway and quickly leaving through it, as even that will quickly become consumed.

There is a section of this dimension that she specifically sectioned off for storage, however. Anything and anyone who ends up in this comparatively smaller part of her stomach will be safe from digestion. If she so chooses, she can make herself expel anything she consumed at any time with a willing and a thought to the specific item, coming out spotless and dry, however doing this too many times at once will make her feel sick.

Anyone and everything consumed by her ceases to be detectable while in this space.

Energy Absorption
Liltotto is able to replenish her energy with everything she eats. The amount regained depends on what she eats; if she were to eat normal objects on Earth for example, she wouldn't gain much due to the low amount of energy they possess, however if she consumed things possessing a lot of or even made of Reishi, like objects from The Soul Society, her replenishment would be much higher. However, the highest yielding thing for her to eat to regain energy would be the spiritual energy of other people or creatures, be it through literally eating parts of their bodies or their attacks. While no one thing can replenish her back to full energy, she can consume things in order to keep herself going through a fight, for example.

However, the restoration is not instantaneous but rather, gradual. If she eats a lot of energy, she will not get the benefit right away, rather it slowly builds back up over time as she needs time to digest and absorb it.

Ability Assimilation
Liltotto is able to form a replica ability of, or completely take whatever spiritual being's energy she consumes. While she cannot take on the specific abilities of many individuals (NPCs), she will however gradually develop abilities based off the general abilities of the race she consumed. Specific abilities are acquired in the same way (PCs) - by consuming a significant amount of another's Reiryuko, or, more effectively, eating their soul entirely, Liltotto can create and utilize a copy of their abilities, adapting one ability at a time through Reiryuko consumption.

Any ability created through only energy consumption will be in some way inferior to the original's, only able to completely take an ability if she absorbs one's soul.

Ability Bestowal
From the abilities Liltotto copied or assimilated, she is able to shed them from her soul and gift them to others in the form of a round, glowing fruit. If she does this, she loses the ability to use it, and whoever consumes the fruit gains the same ability she had shed. This cannot be undone by her once the fruit is consumed by another.

Absorbed/Adapted Abilities

Gluttonous Rapier
From the Shinigami she had consumed during the Vandenreich's first assault, Liltotto manifested a spiritual weapon in the form of a rapier. While it is in no way comparable to a Zanpakuto, as it lacks a spirit or any higher forms, it does have it's own share of abilities. She can summon it at any time with little issue, not much unlike how a Quincy forms their bow, except being capable of forming it with her own power.

Acidic Blade
From the hollows she ate as a child, the rapier's blade has a rather potent acid, able to eat through most layers of defense to harm her opponents with relative ease (Adept durability and below) or, for those with stronger defenses, contribute to breaking their defenses down (Elite and below).

Acid Wave
By stabbing the tip of her blade into the earth and exerting her energy, Liltotto can create a large wave of acidic energy to attack. The black wave spreads out in a cone formation in front of Liltotto, being full of smaller white mouths, spreading up to 30 meters away from her. The wave starts high and then crashes down, meaning those high and far enough can avoid the wave, as it is unable to leave the ground. If one is hit by the wave, the same damage rules as Acidic Blade apply concerning Durability.

Acid Rush
Swinging her blade in a downward or horizontal arc will create a large slash of energy similar to a bear-trap's mouth in appearance rush forth in a straight line. The same rules as Acidic Blade apply concerning Durability, however this ability is notably very sharp and is capable of cutting clean through whatever is incapable of stopping it.

Gluttonous Spellcraft
From the many demons she had consumed throughout their invasive periods, Liltotto has adapted a set of spells very similar to how demonic magic works, however lacking the 'possessing from the world' aspect it possesses: all things are crafted by her power alone.

Liltotto can manifest a familiar from her energies who is an extension of her power. It is a large, eyeless, quadruped beast with a large gaping mouth full of teeth - a creature she has 'affectionately' dubbed "Jaws". Jaws has no mind or will of it's own, only doing anything with Liltotto's willing, functioning as a partner in combat. It cannot stray very far, being chained to her, only being capable of roaming up to 30 meters away from her without being stopped.

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Advanced

Can only remain active for 5 posts per summoning.

Liltotto is capable of setting a variety of mouth-like traps with varying functions. Anyone who directly steps on or touches these will trigger the trap, the durability of the trap always being Advanced unless otherwise reinforced.

Pierce Trap
Explicitly for dealing damage, the Pierce Trap looks like a barrage of long, sharp teeth once deployed. It can function like a spear or arrow trap depending on placement and decision, but it always will be intent on doing stabbing damage to it's tripper. It can stab easily through those with Adept durability and below, or create closer to surface-level wounds to any with Advanced.

Cage Trap
Intended for imprisoning those who trigger it, it will form a spherical, mouth-like cage that snaps shut around the victim. The durability of the cage is always Advanced. Same damage rules apply as Pierce Trap if any appendages or items are caught in the teeth of the trap as it closes.

Alert Trap
For immobilizing and alerting Liltotto of any who sprung it, the Alert Trap behaves much like a normal bear trap, except with the added quality of notifying Liltotto it was set off, as well as it's location. She does not know who specifically set it off, only knowing that the specific trap was sprung. The same damage and durability rules apply here as the ability's sister counterparts, however it digs into the flesh of it's target as a means to stay attached as opposed to actively seeking to deal damage.


General Skills
  • Durability: Elite
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

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