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Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:47 pm


Enter Rita's Post

Establishing connections throughout the globe was important in a time of restructuring such as this one. The world was boundless in the wake of World War Four and Rita Grace was sure to pounce on the openness of the globe for her own desires and wants. The City Of Lights was but another stop on her venture throughout the world as she provided her services to A Quincy who wanted some of their weapons enhanced by her prowess. The details of that weren't extremely important, but when she was done the client did slide some extra money her way to investigate someone known as Vivyan Faye. Apparently, the young recruit was lacking in development and direction, and perhaps paying her visit may help the youth out.

Being fueled by the extra money, Rita gladly obliged. Of course, she didn't have all the specifics of the woman, so this was going to be a bit touch and go to see if there was anything she could even do to help Vivyan. Still, with the extra resources and money given to her, it was worth a shot. And given the information from her client, apparently, the likes of this mystery girl lingered somewhere around the dorms for Vandereich. But, most importantly, said Quincy told Rita that a message should be given to Vivyan that someone would be looking for her. This would make things easier....hopefully.

So, with a picture given to Rita of her target, she just started to mingle around said area as the light of the day sun flowed down her body. Of course, if she couldn't find the woman, then she'd just part with the cash. But, it seems fate wouldn't do such a thing. As those teal eyes of Rita's saw someone that looked like Vee down the way. So, without hesitation, Rita hollered out:

"Yo, you with the cherry head, are you Vivyan Faye? My feet are hella tired from looking around here,. so please be the woman I'm looking for."

Then, while holding up a picture of little miss Vee, Rita pointed at it and hoped whoever she flagged down was her

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