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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Tenkamaru Iramasha [WIP] GJNTSXH


I. Basic Information

» Name: Tenkamaru Iramasha
» Titles: Devil of the Storm
» Iramasha Age: 644
» Regular Age: Early 50s
» Gender: Male

» Affiliation/Rank: Iramasha Union | Elite Guard

» Physical Appearance Description:
As an Iramasha, Tenkamaru has the privilege to be able to choose everything about the way he presents himself, and the one word to describe his bearing would be “veteran.” Six and a half feet tall, with eyes of a radiantly bright blue, his body is a specimen of sculpted muscle and a grim tapestry of scars, the mark of the hellish physical conditioning and battle he has put himself through over the centuries. His enormous mane of stark white hair is kept tied in a waist-length braid, and a carefully groomed beard frames his sharp jawline.

II. Personality Traits

» Proud:
Above all, Tenkamaru is a proud soul; proud of the Iramasha, their purpose in service to the world, his place in the Union, and his great strength. In word and deed, he radiates utter confidence in himself and his cause. At all times, he carries himself with the intention to inspire that same pride and confidence in his fellow Iramasha, for they all share in a holy duty to protect the world and strike down those who would abuse it.

» Charismatic:
A perennial warfighter and leader of men, Tenkamaru exudes a presence so commanding it seems to enter the room before he does. With a reputation for leading from the front in battle, he can rally both the bold and the uncertain to his side with words of encouragement and direction which seem to carry a confidence all their own, as though he intends to speak victory into being. Off the battlefield, he takes on a more comforting, patriarchal presence that sets his company at ease. He can always be counted on to spare an encouraging word for peers.

» Vivacious:
Over the years, the once belligerent Tenkamaru has learned how to play as hard (almost) as he works. Gregarious and lively, he thrives on bustling activity and injects a measure of frenetic energy into almost everything he sets his mind to; he rarely appears to stand still for anything. He doesn’t suffer the gloomy lightly, but rather props up the disheartened with confident cheer; there is no time for negativity when the world is so full of beauty! In a word, Tenkamaru lives life passionately.

» Sentimental:
With his former temper having mellowed into a focus on his goals in service to the Union, Tenkamaru makes more time to find deeper appreciation for the worlds in which he lives, that the very existence of the Iramasha serves to protect. He celebrates beauty wherever he finds it, and encourages peers to do the same; to his mind, this is one means of ensuring that all Iramasha conduct themselves with the cause in mind and never lose sight of why it is that they do what they do.

» Vengeful:
For all the light Tenkamaru brings with his jovial exterior, the domineering and violent streak of the Devil Iramasha still runs deep in him, and it comes to the fore when the time comes for him to fight for the Iramasha cause. When so motivated, either by the duty at hand or in the heat of the moment against a threat to his fellow Iramasha, he is happy to turn his hand to stunning violence with the explosive suddenness of lightning, a bestial brutality to match any Hollow, the deftness of a man with centuries of experience in warcraft, and a righteous anger that flares up from the very depths of his soul. By tempering himself to ensure that his violence serves a just cause, he feels he can enter a battle with clear vision and a pure, wholehearted intent to destroy the Union’s enemies. In this sense, he very much feels as though he represents divine retribution against those enemies.

III. Character History

» History: (This is the section where you write out their history. They must be at least three paragraph's with four to five sentences each.)

IV. Natural Abilities

» Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant:
As an aether artist and hand to hand combatant, Tenkamaru has carved out a place of recognition as one of the strongest practitioners serving in the Elite Guard. Over centuries of training and battle, he continues his work to fully elevate and perfect his violent artistry; it has become as crucial to his fighting style as the blade of his Aether Armament. Wielding the aspect of the storm, Tenkamaru devises his Aether Arts with the primary goal of magnifying his physical strength and speed, and thus embodying the irresistible suddenness and violence with which lightning strikes the earth. His relentless training of his body has brought him to the level of being able to sustain physical augmentations indefinitely, raising his baseline strength, speed and reflexes to a superhuman level and solidifying his stature as an opponent to be feared in close-quarters combat.

» Enhanced Physicality:
Through his growing mastery of Aether Arts, Tenkamaru’s physical body is under a near-permanent state of aetheric augmentation, granting him significantly enhanced strength, speed and endurance. While he can lift many times his own body weight without strain, and wields his aetheric sword with seemingly no effort at all despite its hefty length, his explosive strength is especially destructive, trained by a practice of martial arts that focuses on high-speed counterattacks; even his most straightforward punches, delivered violently at a speed that struggles to be tracked, can gouge great holes in the walls of buildings. His speed has developed to the point of being able to sustain running at a top speed of Mach 1.2 before exertion of his bodily aether will force him to restrain himself. His physical durability has developed alongside these feats through constant strain and conditioning, allowing his body to withstand these exertions without damage to itself when properly sustained by aether; it can take a fair beating in combat without slowing down, but Tenkamaru much prefers to rely on agility and technique to protect himself.

» Keen Tactician:
With many decades of combat experience over the years of his life, Tenkamaru has developed a sharp tactical acumen and intuitive combat instinct. Given time and space to protect himself, he can study most spiritual attacks to devise counter-strategies, flustered only by the most devious techniques. He is especially adept at examining close-quarters fighting styles, trained by his martial arts practice to identify optimal opportunities to counterattack while protecting himself with his speed. As an experienced leader of soldiers, he is also capable of quickly quantifying the capabilities of fighters serving alongside him to develop strategies that make the best use of their skills.

» Empyrean Vessel:
Tenkamaru refines his Empyrean Vessel as a primary weapon to be paired with his Aether Armament against mightier opponents; together, these tools are the crux of his martial arts. His Vessel takes the form of a tall, shadowy figure in a sleek suit of armour that floats behind Tenkamaru and mimics his movements. Able to reach up to 20 feet in height, its entire visage shifts and crackles with lightning from within, like a pitch-black storm cloud given form. Adept as he is with his Aether Arts, Tenkamaru can channel these through his Vessel while it is active, extending his effective range.

V. Equipment

» Aether Stones:
» Heavenseye: This stone, cut in the shape of a five-pointed star, is a lustrous purple in colour and is worn on a cord around Tenkamaru’s neck. It is attuned in such a way that it generates a sort of piezoelectric charge – it slowly converts the kinetic energy of its own movement into aspected aether. It serves as a naturally recharging emergency source of aether for Tenkamaru to rely on in environments where his preferred form of natural aether is scarce.

» Heavensmind: This stone, of the same lovely purple colour as the Heavenseye, is elliptical in shape and set in the surface of a torque worn on Tenkamaru’s left wrist. Its purpose is to enhance his connection to the Aether Mind, facilitating easier communication.

» Heavensmantle: This purple stone, worn on a torque on Tenkamaru’s right wrist, is vaguely triangular, with tapering longer sides that evoke the shape of a shield. When activated, it discharges its store of aether to temporarily envelop Tenkamaru’s body in a crackling field of energy, causing the air to visibly shimmer and crackle around him. While it persists, this field partially “insulates” his body against the influence of aether and spiritual energy that is not his own; that energy ends up partially ablated across the surface of the field to dissipate elsewhere, much like a Faraday cage redirects electrical current. Its effect is a great protective boon, but very brief in duration, so Tenkamaru tends not to rely on it except to mitigate the damage of a single large incoming attack.

» Aether Armament Name:
Arashi no Kago [Divine Protection of the Storm]

» Aether Armament Appearance:
Arashi no Kago takes the form of a nodachi-style sword paired with a set of gauntlets worn to cover Tenkamaru’s arms.

» Aether Armament Abilities:
» Aether Arms Enhancement: Arashi no Kago is very much an extension of Tenkamaru’s burgeoning mastery of Aether Arms. Readily able to conduct his storm-aspected aether through both the blade and the gauntlets, they amplify his bodily augmentations even further, heightening his speed and strength. The gauntlets are strong enough to serve as a shield against weapons of similar caliber, enabling him to block and parry attacks that he would otherwise be forced to evade and adding a deadly new dimension to his Tenmōjutsu techniques.

» Tenchū [Heaven’s Punishment]: Channelling aether into his legs and sword, Tenkamaru leaps towards a target at high speed and thrusts his sword to deliver a destructive blast of aether. From a distance, the sound of this strike connecting is like a peal of thunder. As an alternative to be used against multiple opponents, Tenkamaru will deliver a wide horizontal swing mid-dash to discharge his aether across a wider area, casting out searing arcs of lightning to strike many targets.

» Raikō [Descent of a God]: This technique is both an extension of Tenchū and serves as an advanced Tenmōjutsu attack. Instead of dashing directly at the target, Tenkamaru leaps to a point just overhead with even greater speed. As he passes overhead, he twists violently to add momentum to a massive downward swing of his sword, delivering an explosive discharge of compressed aether. This is an extremely difficult technique to perform, as it puts great strain on the body and requires split-second timing to maximise the impact of the strike.

VI. Racial Abilities & Skills

» Aether Magic:
Much of Tenkamaru’s interest and expertise in Aether Magic relates largely to the amplification of his physical abilities and short-range combat prowess; thus his preference is for Bodily Magic. He has developed some few magical attacks for longer ranges, but he is largely content to rely on his speed to set upon opponents and force a fight on his own terms.


»»» Name: Protect
»»» Type: Essential
»»» Class: Material
»»» Skill Range: Beginner
»»» Effect: The basic of basic Aether Spells, upon which the function of Tenkamaru’s Heavensmantle stone is based. He has practiced this spell thoroughly and empowered it to its fullest extent, shielding his body fully against spiritual powers equivalent to an average Menos-class Cero.

»»» Name: Lightning Movement
»»» Type: Essential
»»» Class: Material
»»» Skill Range: Adept
»»» Effect: One would think this fundamental spell were developed especially for an Iramasha of Tenkamaru’s disposition. He has of course mastered this technique to the current limit of his ability, empowering his body with lightning-aspected aether to temporarily increase his already impressive speed.


»»» Name: Aether Aura
»»» Type: Personified
»»» Class: Material
»»» Skill Range: Adept
»»» Effect: Tenkamaru continues to finely hone his Aether Aura as a tool of excellent hybrid offence and defence. On first activation, as a wave of aether rolls forth from his body to fill the space in a 50-meter radius around him, creeping forks of lightning erupt from his body to smite enemies within reach in all directions. Thereafter, those punishing bolts will leap forth from his body to strike any mass of spiritual energy, be it an opponent or even their abilities, that approaches him with violent intent.

»»» Name: Storm Bow
»»» Type: Personified
»»» Class: Material
»»» Skill Range: Adept
»»» Effect: Tenkamaru’s ranged offensive spell of choice. Coalescing his storm-aspected aether in his hands into the form of a bow comprised of crackling arcs of lightning, he draws and releases bolts of electrical aether that move with speed and explode with force equivalent to an average Bala.

»»» Name: Storm Lance
»»» Type: Personified
»»» Class: Material
»»» Skill Range: Advanced
»»» Effect: An advancement of the Storm Bow for when greater destructive power is called for. Focusing his aether in one hand, Tenkamaru shapes a blazing spear of compressed, searing electrical energy. When striking the target, it collapses upon the precise point of impact and explodes forwards, focusing and directing the power of an average Arrancar-level Cero in a devastating forward shockwave.

» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities
» Tenmōjutsu [Art of Heaven’s Vengeance]:
Tenmōjutsu is the name Tenkamaru gave to his personal style of martial arts. As physically demanding on the practitioner as it is devastating to opponents, it is an extremely aggressive style that emphasises seizing upon every opportunity and opening to counterattack against advancing opponents and executing as violently as possible on those openings with a body pushed to its limits by the augmentations of Aether Arts. Embodying his philosophy of striking like lightning, this is quite simply an art of slaughter in the making, with the potential to become Tenkamaru’s ultimate Aether Art in and of itself. Example techniques include:

»»» Sleeper’s Will: Channelling lightning aether through the extremities, Tenkamaru attacks pressure points in the target’s body with extended knuckle strikes, delivering shocks that can cause limbs to numb, slow, and eventually shut down with enough blows to the same points. This is a basic bare-handed technique used to punish clumsy attacks.

»»» Dragon’s Tail: A straightforward twisting back kick to the face or body. Whether delivered from a fight-ready stance or a null standing position, this technique makes for an excellent surprise attack when delivered with enough speed. As an alternative, Tenkamaru will instead deliver a devastating rising knee strike from a frontal rotation.

»»» Barrier Press: A defensive technique for unbalancing opponents who draw too close. Tenkamaru lunges to bash his right shoulder and elbow into the target’s center of mass and simultaneously pushes off them with his left hand. This tends to put him within the target’s range in turn, perfectly placed to follow up with counterattacks while their balance is compromised.

»»» Dodge Lash: A name for a family of counterattack techniques intended to respond to thrusting attacks. Most commonly, Tenkamaru will sidestep to the attacker’s right, twisting a full 360 degrees to face them as he goes and putting that sudden momentum into a vicious horizontal slash of his Aether Arm, aimed at the back of the attacker’s neck in passing. His Empyrean Vessel allows him to execute this technique on much larger opponents to deadly effect. As an unarmed alternative, he braces the elbow of the attacker’s extended arm with his left hand and delivers a brutal right hook to the inside of the upper arm with intent to break it.

VII. Aether Class

» Aether Class Name:
Devil of the Storm

» Aether Class Power:
Tenkamaru’s Aether Class embodies the primal power of the storm; sudden, mighty, imposing. Throughout history, violent storms have wrought untold destruction and inspired fear in mortals, such that even the sight of dark clouds on the horizon can set them ill at ease. Through his attunement to this class, Tenkamaru seeks to personify the frightful majesty of the storm.

» Aether Class Abilities: (What abilities does your Iramasha gain from this Aether Class?)

» Sub-Aether Class Power:
Lightning, Thunder, Static, Destruction, Fear

» Sub-Aether Class Abilities (These are just abilities that come with your Sub-Aether Class Power)

VIII. Ether Morph - Immersion

» Ether Morph Immersion Incantation:
”Arashi ni inoru” [Pray to the storm]

» Ether Morph Immersion Appearance
Gathering his storm-aspected aether around himself, Tenkamaru encases his body in a suit of flowing, smoke-like armour similar in appearance to his Empyrean Vessel. Roiling black cloud seems to flow from beneath the cloak-like tassets around his waist, and angry sparks of lightning snap at the air and burn arcs across the ground all around him.

» Ether Morph Immersion Abilities
» Aether Arm Suspension:
The sword of Tenkamaru’s Aether Armament remains with him in Immersion, and hangs in the air around his body as though suspended by a magnetic field. It moves along with him up to 20 feet away from his body, able to manoeuvre and attack merely at his mental command; it is ideal for distracting opponents and sneaking through gaps in their defence, but the blade cannot strike nearly as hard on its own as when Tenkamaru plucks it from the air to take it in hand.

» Storm Armaments:
With his entire body shrouded in his aether, Tenkamaru is effortlessly able to invoke his power over the storm. Arcs of lightning sheathe his fists and sword to shock and burn enemies on contact, and every swing and punch delivers thunderous kinetic shockwaves to shear and batter through obstacles.

» Unmei no Hakai [Fated Destruction]:
By focusing his attention on an opponent within reach of his influence over aether, Tenkamaru can temporarily accelerate his cognitive processes and reflexes for the purpose of observing and reacting to that opponent’s movements with even greater speed. Just as lightning seeks the path of least resistance from the sky to the ground, Tenkamaru seeks the path of least resistance to smite his foe. Since this technique of tunnel-vision focus impedes his ability to respond to threats other than the chosen opponent, he tends to reserve this ability for tipping the odds in his favour in single combat.

IX. Ether Morph - World Fusion

(You can have this release at any Aether Control, but it is recommended you have it at elite for it to be stable.)

» Ether Morph World Fusion Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph World Fusion Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph World Fusion Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

X. Ether Morph - Peak Eclipse

(You can have this release at Master Aether Control.)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Incantation (Is there any sort of phrase used to unlock their Ether Morph? This is optional.)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Appearance (What does your Iramasha look like during their release?)

» Ether Morph Peak Eclipse Abilities (What abilities does your Iramasha gain, or approve in during this release?)

XI. Skill Sheets

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Elite

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Advanced
  • Aether Magic: Advanced
  • Aether Arts: Elite
  • Aether Aspect: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)

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