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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Mon Nov 29, 2021 3:39 pm
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Basic Information

○ Name: Shaoling (梢綾)
○ Alias: Sui Feng (砕蜂)
○ Age: ~650
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Shinigami

○ Affiliation: Urahara Shop, Associate

○ Alignment: Lawful Neutral
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Soul Society
○ Sexual Orientation: Irrelevant

○ Height: 4'11"
○ Weight: 83lb
○ Hair Colour: Black
○ Eye Colour: Brown

Shaoling [1-5, Hazard Rank B] Mwb64Wp

Psychological Analysis
Above all else, there is only a single word necessary to summarize the core of the woman once called Sui Feng; pride. But pride is not the same thing as arrogance, for while she is certainly willing to boast to her foes about her superiority, even mock the weak if they choose to come against her, Shaoling's pride is a pride in herself, in her abilities, and at one time, a pride in those she served and those who served her. She holds herself to a standard above all others, and if she does not meet that standard, she will quickly do everything in her power to correct that. Those who associate themselves with her are held to the same standard, of course, for she does not associate with the subpar. If they wish to run with her, they will keep up or be left behind.

While Shaoling’s dutiful nature has certainly not left her, she has rather few outlets for such a thing now that she has departed the Gotei. If anything, this has only caused what was already an unapproachable woman to become that much moreso. If she cannot uphold the laws and the principles that she swore to uphold in the name of others, then she will simply do so for herself. She will unflinchingly tell those around her that they are weak, that their form is below average, that she does not want to see them in her presence until they have improved. If she is forced to fight, she will end it without the slightest thought of mercy. Truthfully, she knows that this is a hollow life, but her pride will not accept any of the alternatives that currently exist in the world.

But, even under all of that hardened exterior, Shaoling has not really changed all that much. If she had friends, she would joke with them. If she had subordinates, she would ensure their success, even if in her own harsh way. So many "ifs," and she occasionally thinks about them all. But she has gone through this before, and she will not make the same mistake as last time. To simply forgive those who have failed you is to invite weakness. Nothing more.


○ Kisuke Urahara: It is difficult to describe the relationship between Shaoling and Urahara. Not necessarily because of any complications, per se, nor because of the extensive history between the two. It could in some ways be called nothing more than a working relationship, two individuals who happen to collaborate on business, but that would ignore two factors involved. The first is that Shaoling's personality simply clashes with Urahara in nearly every way, and she finds his approach to things unacceptably relaxed. The second is the matter of their cohabitation, on account of her having nowhere else worth going.

It's like a sitcom, honestly, but don't tell her that.

○ Yoruichi Shihoin: Nothing causes disillusionment quite like watching your hero turn into something you hate.


If one wants to ask questions about the woman who once called herself Sui Feng, it would be better to seek out the records of the noble families and the Gotei than to ask her about them. After all, much of her life is one that could be found simply by asking around, and she isn't someone who cares to speak on the topic. The youngest of six children born into the Feng family, a young Shaoling Feng she proved the only one who would survive even the earliest stages of a career in the Onmitsukido. Indeed, she did not simply survive, she excelled, and the intensity with which she trained in those earliest days now seems like a pleasant dream in her eyes. When she came of age, she was given a more prestigious name; Sui Feng, one which had belonged to an ancestor of great prestige. She wore it with pride, of course.

It took relatively little time for her to be noticed by the Onmitsukido's commander, for both her natural talents and the skill she cultivated day in and day out. The woman who, for better or for worse, changed her life. When Yoruichi Shihoin offered her an illustrious position, the opportunity to learn from her, what could Sui Feng, still young and impressionable, do other than accept?

The position taught her much. About duty, about herself. But, in the end, she doubts any lesson that she learned in all those years left even the slightest impact on her when compared to what she learned from the sudden exile of her master. Sui Feng had not been given any explanation, any context for what had happened, and she would not for a long while. During that century, she simmered in bitterness, in resentment. What she perceived as an abandonment led her to close herself off even beyond what she already did.

Of course, when the matter of Sosuke Aizen was all said and done, Sui Feng was the one who had been shown to be in the wrong. And while she was certainly glad to once more be in the company of the master she had always admired, there was an undercurrent now of something else. Sui Feng was a proud woman, one who despised the idea of being taken for a fool. And regardless of the reasons or the intentions, it was undeniable that she had indeed been fooled by Yoruichi. Even as she forgave the woman, she could not help but remain faintly bitter.

For most, World War 3 was something which changed the world. Something that shook them to their very core. But for Sui Feng, it was nothing more than one more crisis to be handled. The scale of calamity was not, to her, something which caused her any distress. It was only the knowledge that the Gotei had not been able to adequately handle the matter, that they had ultimately failed in their duty to solve the issue. Of course, such a failure was on her as well, and she became all the more dedicated to growing strong. If this was to be the new way of things, and if they had lost the young Kurosaki that had become something of a crutch for them, she would simply have to do what she could to pick up the slack.

And, of course, it was then that Yoruichi disappeared once more. Sui Feng was furious, of course, but she could not even say that it was with the woman she had once called her master. She had forgiven the woman for such an act, and yet here she was, being made to look the fool for placing her trust into her. For forgiving her. It was not simply that Yoruichi had abandoned her, for Sui Feng was not some sniveling child anymore. No, the crux of the issue was simply that Sui Feng’s pride had been wounded more deeply than it might ever have been thought possible. She might even have hunted Yoruichi down herself, but her duties still took precedence. To the Onmitsukido, to the Shihoin. She would stay, simply to serve as she always had.

A child came, one day. She didn’t even need to ask whose it was. Everything told Sui Feng to whom it belonged. And when she looked at it, she realized that she had always been wrong. Yoruichi had never changed. Sui Feng was not the sort to care for a little girl or anything of the sort, of course. She was a warrior. But when she noted leaks in information to the Urahara Shop regarding the young Yugiri, she did nothing more than report them to Lord Shihoin. Every time she did, he simply acknowledged that it was unusual, and the two discussed it no further. It was not particularly an act of affection for a little girl to whom she had no attachment, and certainly not some show of respect to a man for whom she had none. Ultimately, it was nothing more than a measured defiance of Yoruichi’s wishes.

In time, the Soul Society was faced with the Demon Incursion, and in many ways it was no different to Sui Feng than World War 3 had been. But, of course, her involvement was more direct than simple duty. Unlike in World War 3, where she had simply faced whatever threats were necessary, it was during Demonic Incursion that she crossed blades with Nozomi, the First Quincy. Frankly, she does not think much of the event. She was simply another foe to be cut down. It was simply something that happened, something the Gotei failed to handle. But where World War 3 had been an unforeseen complication, a failure from which they could recover, Demon Incursion was something different. It was capitulation. Acceptance of failure. The Captain Commander himself, allowing hostile forces to simply live in the Soul Society and integrate themselves into the Gotei itself? It made her sick. Perhaps she might even have stepped in, moved outside of her role as mere enforcer and arbitrator to try and correct this wrong, but ultimately other matters became more important in her life.

Yushiro Shihoin, who she had served faithfully for centuries, had fallen ill. If she were a more artistic woman, she would have thought it poetic, in a way. It seemed that all she had once stood for, fought for, was simply falling by the wayside. And when Yushiro passed away, it was not long afterward that the new Captain Commander dissolved the Onmitsukido.

The Onmitsukido and the Shihoin. The two things which Sui Feng had sworn to serve had all but left her life. She had no respect for the modern Gotei, for the new head of the Shihoin family. She knew that, were it in her authority, she would have cut them all down for being too weak, too inefficient. The Gotei and the Shihoin she had known had died, and so without so much as a word of warning, the woman called Sui Feng simply disappeared. She had nowhere in particular to go, but ultimately, she knew that there was only one other person who would likely understand her discontent. It did not especially bother her, for few things did anymore. But she found it rather distasteful to approach the Urahara Shop, and as she was greeted, she held up a hand to interrupt.

Sui Feng was not her name. It was Shaoling.


○ Urahara Shop Inventory: Courtesy of her current arrangement with Kisuke Urahara, Shaoling generally has access to a wider array of the man's tools and gadgets than most do. It is such a wide array that it would be unreasonable for even her to tell you what they all are, but one thing is certain:

If she pulls anything from her pocket, you might want to run.


○ Eikyuukaiten Shunko (永久回転 瞬閧): The Infinite Rotation Shunko. While many in the modern day have learned the art of Shunko, the Infinite Rotation Shunko is something that only Shaoling has managed to develop, in no small part on account of the fact that she has not shared its existence with anyone. Shunko is typically considered a taxing technique, something which drains one's energy and demands both impressive reserves and control in order to maintain. The first break from this principle was the Mukyu Shunko, something that Shaoling now considers completely obsolete. It was a technique which created a closed circuit of reishi through one’s Shunko, thereby allowing her to maintain it in battle indefinitely. But the Mukyu Shunko was, in its own way, displeasing. It was too obvious. Too explosive in its appearance.

So she trained. It did not take long for her to determine that there was, truthfully, no way to refine the actual principle of Shunko beyond what she had already created. She could certainly have created some absurd technique or another as her former master had done, but that was not her way. So, instead, she simply began to refine Mukyu Shunko. She practiced her control, her discipline. Even for all of her skill, it was something which took nearly a century to perfect. But the day did come when the Mukyu Shunko died, and the Eikyuukaiten Shunko was born. The difference was simple, really--

The Eikyuukaiten Shunko truly had no end.

By slowing the rotation of her Shunko to nearly a crawl, Shaoling is able to disguise the fact that she is even using the technique. The reishi swirling around her blends effortlessly with the natural flow of energy within and around the body, and only those with the keenest spiritual perception could even notice the true nature of what is happening. Of course, this slow rotation and movement means that this constant shunko is not quite as powerful as her shunko should, in theory, normally be, but it still places her well above her natural physical condition. Even the winds which define her shunko, in this state, are nothing more than a gentle breeze.

However, Shaoling knows that this will not always be enough, and has trained for that eventuality, as well. She may, at any time, release the hold she keeps on her shunko’s flow, and allow it to move at the true speed it should. When this happens, the vast majority of observers will likely only notice the briefest spike of tremendous power before losing track of it once more. The reason for this is, simply put, that her shunko’s rotation is so fast as to be nearly untraceable except to the most observant of opponents. Of course, the actual effects of this shunko are not so easy to disguise. The speed of such a shunko means that the winds around Shaoling quickly become the most dangerous gales, and she could likely tear apart nearly any building in Soul Society simply by walking inside of it in this state. Those who attack her with ranged techniques will find it nearly impossible to aim properly at her, as the reishi-imbued gales will naturally interfere with the trajectory and likely send it wildly off course. This danger extends to melee combatants, of course, who not only risk trouble in hitting Shaoling but are likely to find themselves wounded simply by standing in her presence. As such, on account of both the impracticality of it and of her own pride, this true release of Eikyuukaiten Shunko is something Shaoling rarely uses.


○ Zanpakuto Name: Suzumebachi (雀蜂, "Sparrow Wasp")

○ Zanpakuto Appearance: Suzumebachi takes the form of a short blade with a yellow hilt, somewhere between a tanto and a wakizashi in its length. Beyond this, it has no especially strange features.

○ Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: Suzumebachi’s spirit takes the appearance of a small girl, roughly a foot tall at the most, with light brown hair kept in two antenna-like twintails. Her attire is quite visibly inspired by the coloration of a wasp, and her right arm takes the form of Suzumebachi’s shikai blade.

○ Zanpakuto Sealed Power: Suzumebachi has no sealed powers.


○ Release Phrase: “Jinteki Shakusetsu, Suzumebachi.”

○ Shikai Appearance: Upon release, Suzumebachi takes the form of a black and gold gauntlet covering Shaoling’s right hand, with a blade resembling a hornet stinger extending from her middle finger.

○ Shikai Abilities: Shaoling’s shikai is one that many have considered among the most deadly in existence. However, as its owner, Shaoling considers it to be so weak that it is only generally useful against opponents she hardly needed it against in the first place. Upon stabbing a foe with Suzumebachi, a mark will be left in the exact location of that wound. Should Shaoling stab the opponent again in precisely the same location, this foe will invariably die, their body completely destroyed as the mark consumes them.

However, this mark is not simply some abstract symbol, but a very real spiritual residue left in the opponent. If the foe has sufficiently higher energy than Shaoling herself, they can very likely simply expel the mark without much difficulty at all. This residue also means that those who are skilled in the manipulation of external energy, particularly Quincy, will find it relatively easy to dispel, as well as those whose natural durability and physical states are resistant to infection by outside agents. Beyond all of this, of course, the shikai demands that Shaoling actually be able to strike the exact same location twice, and therefore requires that she either have a significant upper hand in speed or hand to hand ability against the foe to even make such an attack.

Put simply, she does not much care for what she once considered an incredibly powerful release.


○ Bankai Name: Jakuhou Raikouben (雀蜂雷公鞭, “Sparrow Wasp Thunder Whip”)

○ Bankai Appearance: Shaoling’s Bankai takes the form of a rather bulky gold and black armguard, with a shield to protect her face and, more immediately obvious, an immense gold and black cylinder seemingly held in reserve at her side. While the armguard is not particularly large, this cylinder is nearly 10 feet long, and makes the whole arrangement incredibly cumbersome.

○ Bankai Ability: Jakuhou Raikouben, despite its impressive size and appearance, is not what one might call a particularly complicated release. In fact, it is fairly simple in its functionality. While most Bankai might provide their user some immense boon to their physical capabilities alongside the ability itself, this Bankai does no such thing. Rather, all of the power of a Bankai, and by extension, all of Shaoling’s greatest possible energy expenditure, is compressed into the cylinder itself. This cylinder is, in fact, a missile for all intents and purposes, and upon designating a target for this missile, Shaoling may fire it toward them. This missile will lock onto the target and chase them, though it is not so swift as to be able to keep up with any particularly Advanced practitioners of speed. When the missile reaches its target, or simply at Shaoling’s command, the missile will detonate.

This detonation is, of course, extremely dangerous. All of the potential energy that might be found in any Bankai is released in this singular blast, and as such, the destruction is likely unmatched by any others at Shaoling’s level, simply on account of it being such a complete application of her power. This, of course, also means that it is not a Bankai that can be freely utilized. She can utilize this Bankai only once every three days, though she may in theory utilize it twice within that time period at the cost of her general well-being, in particular her physical abilities. Beyond this limitation, it should be noted that simply firing the missile from its rack will generally launch Shaoling back with great force if she is not suitably anchored down.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Elite

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite
  • Kido: Elite
  • Hakuda: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Elite


For most people, delivering a package to the distant forests of Germany would have been more than ample reason to stop off and take in the sights. But for Shaoling, the area didn’t mean anything more important than the sort of terrain she should expect to fight in if accosted. Of course, someone would have to be a complete fool to attack her. But the world was filled with fools, wasn’t it? And wouldn’t you know, one of them had arrived.

She hadn’t even made it to Germany yet. Most women might have avoided the wastelands when traveling, but Shaoling didn’t fear anything like that. Why should she? Common rabble, eking out some pathetic existence in the ruins? It hardly took anything more than a single kick to each, and she was on her way again. For the briefest of moments, she’d actually felt something resembling satisfaction in what she was doing. She could hardly say there was much pride to be taken in handing off trinkets for that layabout in Karakura, but in defending it from those who would steal it before it could be given to its rightful owner, there was some semblance of the law and duty that she had always stood for.

As she arrived in Germany, Shaoling stepped rather unceremoniously into the grounds of the same castle she often brought these deliveries to. Could she have done more investigation into the area? Certainly. But she wasn’t being paid to do that, and she certainly didn’t owe Urahara anything more than what they’d agreed on. When the owner of the castle opened the door, she simply held out the package, and spoke in a firm, almost commanding tone.

“Delivery from the Urahara Shop, for Yugiri. Care of Erchanhardt Burgstaller.”

She’d heard the stories about this old man, both from simple rumors and from Urahara’s inane commentary about her trips. Every time she came, there was some faint hope that her unimpressed demeanor, her lack of respect for his title or position, would compel him to face her in battle. But no, never. He simply took the package, thanked her, and she was off once more. Back through the wastes, dealing with bandits, all so she could return to Karakura and hear some comment or another about how well she’d done and how she really deserved a raise.

The fact that there wasn’t anything better to do just made it all the worse.

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