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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Sat Jan 08, 2022 3:25 am

Coding In Template By:


Mod Soul Profile

I. Basic Information

⚋ Name: Khaana Sar
⚋ Alias': Khasa
⚋ Age: 664
⚋ Birthday: July 17th
⚋ Gender: -
⚋ Race: Modified Soul

⚋ Affiliation: None

⚋ Marital Status: Single
⚋Nationality: Japanese-Mongolian
⚋ Religious Standing: -
⚋ Sexual Orientation: -

⚋ Height: 5'3"
⚋ Weight: 118 lbs
⚋ Hair Colour: Red
⚋ Eye Colour: Ice-Blue

Khaana Sar SIDEAV_sample_08da2066940bb2c5d49fb4d97a1dbd24

» Physical Appearance Description:

Her physical form of choice is a slim young woman: The etching of her original body and psyche into her subconscious such that regardless of the body that she finds herself in she will always naturally take on this form. Eyes will be a piercing bright blue, though at times not both of the eyes will entirely form, resulting in the need for an eyepatch or other covering. This form has pale pink skin and a fair complexion save for the sections of her form which do not fully resonate with her original form, as such there is often some impurities: A missing eye, a mismatched pair of color in the irises, and other physical traits that remain residual from the form being transitioned from.

Ideally, she takes on the form of a young woman around 18 or 19 in appearance. She generally is very short and even when shifting from an incredibly tall appearance it is rare for her to settle on a height taller than 5'8". While she originally had jet-black hair, she turned her hair red as a result of a tier 3 donation on her stream. She has since grown fond of the color and decided to keep it.

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Khaana is what many would call: quirky. Basing much of her personality around data that was stored in her captor's laboratory computers, she has based her entire personality around various anime tropes as this was the primary media that she was able to access with her level of clearance. Particularly she took a lot of inspiration romance anime in which the female protagonists have strong independent personalities which attract soft, quietspoken males to help bring them down to earth.

Because of this, Khaana is very loud and outspoken, as well as having a tsundere streak which she believes to be an attractive trait based on the anime she's seen. Because of this it is usually a tossup as to whether she is openly declaring her feelings or doggedly guarding them if she deems the subject to be embarrassing at the time which seems to be determined on a whim.

Interestingly, despite her attempts to be a grumpy tsundere romance protagonist, she is actually an incredible optimist after having survived her own grueling backstory and believes that by the logic of anime the only way her life can progress is onwards and upwards. This is only encouraged by her budding career as a streamer, which has produced a surprising amount of revenue.

» Likes: Anime, Romance, Protagonist types, Being Complimented.

» Dislikes: Protagonist types, Being Complimented, Scientists.

I. Character History

» History

Khaana Sar was born in eastern Russia around the 1700s. She was born of Mongolian and Japanese parents and raised in Russia, her Father being a Japanese physician and her mother being a poor Farmer whom had fallen ill during a visit to japan. Because of the harsh isolationism at the time, her mother Khudlaa was greatly detested by the locals and even struggled to find a doctor who would see her. Her father, Ichiyan Awakakyo, took pity on the foreigner and against the wishes of his peers, saw her in secret to help treat her illness.

The two rapidly fell in love and ran away to Russia in order to escape the close-mindedness of their families. They were young, and incredibly stupid, as is the way with young people in love. For several years they lived a tough, simple, but happy life together up until the year 1805. Several years after the eradication of the Quincy, soul society was ramping down after it's genocide of the Quincy race, but not all members were ready to quietly return to peaceful lives. One Shinigami by the name Koitsuya: a shinigami scientist at the time, abandoned his post and ran away to the world of the living.

Determined that the quincy threat would not only return, but spell the end of Soul Society: Koitsuya decided to continue his research into creating a weapon for Soul Society that would be capable of eradicating the quincy and stomping out any future rebellions they might pose. His primary concern being with the Quincy's ability to obliterate souls and thus sought a way to create a weapon which would be able to avoid having it's soul obliterated even if mortally wounded by a quincy. As such he began to perform experiments on human souls in order to determine just how much of a soul could be shorn away without the mind and purpose of that soul losing it's integrity. And it so happened that Khaana's family crossed the path of Koitsuya during these experiments.

Luckily for Khaana and her family, Koitsuya was a considerable stride into his experimentation and was well past the point of simply ripping souls off by bits until they could no longer retain their ego and form. At this stage Koitsuya had begun to delve into work with hollowfied souls, since hollows become souls that can best be described as a conglomerate, he felt that these souls would be more readily separated into pieces without compromising the integrity of the pieces too severely. Ichiyan was the first to be taken in for experimentation. Khaana's father was forcibly separated from his human body and allowed to hollowfy, whereupon he was fed the souls of humans and other hollows for several months until his soul was pulled into three separate portions. One of the portions simply withered away into nothing and the two other halves survived for three weeks before finally simply dying off on their own.

Khaana's mother Khudlaa met a similar fate though in this instance she was fed the dead remnants of her husband's preserved soul as well, and once she was separated into three pieces her soul fragments were modified slightly into capsule form in such a way similar to soul candy in an attempt to stabilize them. This experiment was significantly more successful, however ultimately the shards of Khudlaa's soul were warped and incapable of properly retaining a stable consciousness and simply began to go rampant when placed inside of Gigai.

Finally it came to be Khaana's turn. Koitsuya had learned through his experimentation that while Hollow souls were more liable to survive the separation process that they still needed to be molded into a proper form in order to keep them from simply falling apart after separation. Secondly, he determined that simply separating the soul and the consciousness all at once would not be an adequate means of maintaining the cognizance of the separated pieces.

Thus for the final experiment, prior to anything being done to Khaana's soul itself, Koitsuya decided to analyze Khaana's soul and personality, generating Artificial programming which more or less covered most aspects of her personality and soul composition using a template that was originally intended for soul candy. This template was then used to produce Eight copies of Khaana. Once preparations were complete his final experiment was to take place.

Khaana was introduced in a holding cell adjacent to the rampant remnants that were her hollowfied mother and she was separated from her own body and her chain of fate severed. Reduced to sobbing and edging to the very opposite side of her enclosure to put as much distance between herself and the savage copies of her mother, desperately trying to reach through the bars to devour her daughter, this emotional duress rapidly sped up her hollowfication process and before long Khaana's soul underwent hollowfication. It was at this point that Koitsuya separated the two from one another long enough for him to tranquilize the shattered egos of Khudlaa before finally introducing Khaana into the enclosure. Too sedated to fight back, Khaana ravenously devoured the fragments of her mother as well as several other humans and hollows that were introduced into her cage.

Mindless as any newborn hollow, Khaana grew rapidly from the number of souls being used to fuel her development, until finally she reached the first stage of hollow evolution. Evolving into a Menos, the newborn Gillian almost destroyed Koitsuya's lab before her growth was slowed to almost a complete halt. This was the final piece to the puzzle. As a gillian, Koitsuya determined that this was then Khaana's soul would be MOST unconsolidated more a hodgepodge of souls and conglomerate consciousnesses than a true proper singular being.

It was then that her massive body was ripped apart and her soul separated into Nine even pieces molded into spherical soul candy capsules to keep them from falling to pieces. And then, finally: The original personality scan as well as the Eight copies were then etched into each capsule, intent to override the countless souls and minds within Khaana's separated bodies in order to form a unified gestalt.

The experiment seemed to be a success. Each piece accepted this personality readily whose remnants dwelled within the separated fragments and the capsulification of the souls kept them from degrading or breaking down after separation. However, Koitsuya had surmised that perhaps using normal Gigai had been the folly in his original experiment. As such, Koitsuya prepared beforehand by taking genetic material from Khaana and cloning her. Not only providing Nine comatose bodies for her souls to inhabit, but also using one of the clones as source material for the capsule programming. This, he hoped, would imprint not only the mind of Khaana to the separated fragments, but would also supply each fragment with an inscribed set of instructions to modify any body that they would inhabit to match Khaana's original form and avoid the possibility that her shattered psyche would reject a body that did not match what the programmed personality properly 'remembered'. A special suit was even developed with the intention of allowing all 9 Khaana to synchronize their consciousness and sensory input, as well as other combat functions to assist in operating as Quincy Killers.

This, however, would result in a catastrophic failure. Rather than synchronizing with one another, each fragment of Khaana reacted to the others with nothing but sheer disgust and hatred and immediately set upon one another after breaching containment. In the mad scrabble that occurred afterward, Koitsuya was fatally injured and the Khaana devoured eachother, leaving only one behind in the ruins of what had once been the shinigami's lab, seemingly trapped for all eternity thanks to the Lab locking itself down. For several hundred years, Khaana roamed the lab, hunting and eating the other subjects that had been released and propagated within its confines. Her only comfort was browsing the files stored within Koitsuya's computers.

It would not be until the very end of World War Four that the lab would be discovered by Ainsler Geshtlut, an arrancar shadowfall remnant. He, and several other shadowfall remnants had unearthed the lab in hopes of finding something useful for their ends. However, a disagreement broke out amongst the group while they were exploring the destroyed Laboratory and in the confusion, Khaana attacked and devoured Ainsler before escaping the lab.

Seeing the light of day for the first time in centuries, Khaana decided to try and live a normal life, the kind of life that her parents had so desperately attempted to gather for her. With her ...stinted knowledge of the modern world, Khaana set out with determination to find some semblance of a simple life in the new post-apocalyptic realm of the living. Interestingly enough, she was quickly able to start making a living as a Streamer. Her childish, anime-focused personality and willingness to do any number of tasks at the behest of her viewers resulted in a skyrocket of popularity over the past year, resulting in a considerable amount of wealth and a positive hope for her future.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Monkhunter PlugArmor:

An Experimental armored plugsuit developed by Koitsuya in order to synch a small squad of subjects for the purpose of slaying quincy. While the synchronization function remains redundant thanks to the failure of the experiment, the suit still retains functional combat capabilities.

>Reishi Scattering: Developed after researching Senrei Gloves used by quincy themselves, this suit forcibly scatteres reishi in a 10 meter radius around it, significantly altering one's ability to manipulate it in such a way that attempting to form objects or manipulate reishi within this zone weakens whatever is constructed within it's space. Reishi constructs generated whie within this space are weaker and more frail as if the one generating it's relevant skill was 1 level lower.

>Reishi Vents: A fan-operated vent along the spine of the suit sucks in reishi from the surrounding air and converts it into Reiryoku. This function was intended to serve as a means of supplying energy to the wearer continuously throughout battle, but was never really able to do so in any significant capacity. It DID however succeed in charging an on-board battery which could then fire concentrated beams of Reishi from the wrist ports. These beams of Reishi are the equivalent of an arrow fired by a Quincy with Adept Spirit Weapon skills.

Gamergirl Money and Influence:

While she is by no means rich, Khaana has procured a considerable amount of capital as an online streamer and gamer. As such, she is has amassed enough wealth and influence that she is capable of procuring just about any material or item that doesn't qualify as an ACTUAL high luxury item, placing her squarely just below being actually rich. This is the equivalent of having access to around 3 million yen in her pocket at any given time.

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Skills:

Mod Root The basis for all Mod Soul abilities and how Mod Souls Function. Designed originally to be placed into human corpses as expendable shock troopers, these roots are designed to be injected into a physical medium, at which point the mod soul will inject it's soul into the surrounding material and then possess and modify it into a proper body. This function was originally intended to allow the mod soul to occupy and utliize a corpse which on it's own would have no actual means of locomotion, let alone combat ability.

However, as an unintended byproduct, this ability allows Mod Souls not only to occupy physical bodies of living creatures, but also occupy physical vessels which have no actual means of motion or other function, and there are numerous examples of Mod Souls being placed into inanimate objects even as simple as a stuffed toy (primarily just cotton fibers) and being able to modify them into a fully functioning body, though these examples do often suffer inferior physical performance to human bodies. However, this is mainly due to most Mod Souls only being limited to their pre-programmed execution of this function, and with growth, practice, and learning about how this ability functions: a mod soul will be able to make any vessel perform well beyond it's normal limitations. At higher levels of expertise, a Mod Soul does not even need an actual physical vessel, and can simply make one by overriding the base function and treating it's immediate surroundings as a 'vessel' and simply remodel it into a working functioning vessel.

Because of this injection of spiritual energy, a Mod soul’s vessel is considered a halfway point between living and dead as it is comprised of both Physical and Spiritual material. Because of this, organs and other normally vital areas are mostly superfluous, a Mod Soul’s only vital point is their Pill.

Untrained: The Mod Soul is capable only of using the pre-programmed version of this ability. They can inhabit any sufficiently body-like vessel and convert it into a workable body, though the body will generally function at a capacity restricted to the materials used, and augmenting is more or less nonexistant outside of Programmed Mod Abilities that involve physical augment.

Beginner: The Mod Soul is capable of converting their vessel of choice with some more freedom. In addition to inhabiting the vessel, they can also somewhat repair it over time by using existing mass and structures (A doll could be 'repaired' by moving around some of it's mass, whereas an organic body would be able to utilize it's natural healing as if it were alive).

Adept: The Mod Soul begins learning how to better alter their physical vessel. In addition to making makeshift repairs or utlizing built-in recovery, they are able to start creating unique modifications to their body on the fly. They may create a Root Ability, which is a power which alters some aspect of their body to perform some function or benefit that their physical shell would not normally be able to perform. This also allows them to freely control their vessel's outward appearance.

Advanced: The Mod Soul's ability to modify their form not only increases, but the limits of what constitutes a 'physical shell' begin to broaden. In addition to suitably body-like shells, Mod Souls gain the ability to inject their roots into their environment and simply MAKE a body for themselves by possessing nearby matter and modifying it to the point of functioning as their body. These forms tend to be weak, and as such a newly-made vessel will generally function at 2 levels below the user's usual in terms of Power Tier and Skills for 4 posts, at which point the makeshift body will still function with skills and Tier reduced by 1 level until they can find a proper vessel. At this level, the process is also very taxing and can considerably exhaust a mod soul if it is done in combat as if they were fighting at full force for hours. It can only be performed once per thread.

Elite: At this level, Mod Souls gain the ability to learn a second Root Ability, adding another function/utility which can be applied to their vessel. Additionally, their ability to simply make themselves a vessel out of something not already suited for one increases. Their weakened state is reduced to 2 posts at 2 levels below, and 2 posts at 1 level below before their new vessel can operate as full capacity. The energy needed to perform this task is also reduced to the equivalent of a couple hours of strenuous physical activity. This can be performed twice per thread.

Master: Upon reaching this level, Mod Souls can learn up to Four total Root Abilities. Also, their ability to simply create a vessel for themselves is almost instantaneous, with only a single post in which they operate at 1 level below their usual tier and skills before reaching full operating capacity. This process also is much less tiring, similar to about half an hour of strenuous exercise. This can be performed up to three times per thread.

Grand Master: The ultimate for Mod Souls. Not only are they able to create a new vessel instantly with almost no strain (equivalent of a warmup exercise), they require no time to reach full strength. Mod souls of this caliber are incredibly hard to kill as they can simply make a new body for themselves up to four times per thread and with almost no energy drain. Beyond making proper vessels, Mod Souls of this caliber can even inject their Roots into theior environment and briefly treat it as if it were a part of their current vessel, allowing broad manipulation of the environment within a limited area (determined by Power Tier).

Origin Root A form of release for Mod Souls. By dragging in tremendous amounts of physical and/or spiritual material, they can transform the body they inhabit to greatly augment their abilities. This release amplifies their abilities by about Three Times their base state.
- At Beginner, Origin Root lasts for just 4 posts and can only be used once per thread. This release also tends to be very simple and may not even have any special abilities associated with it.
- At Adept, Origin Root lasts for 8 posts and can be used twice per thread. At this level, Origin Root abilities begin to develop in their infancy.
- At Advanced, Origin Root lasts for 12 posts and can be used 3 times per thread. One's Origin Root powers become FAR more specialized and dangerous. This can be likened to a veteran Shinigami's Shikai.
- At Elite, Origin Root lasts for 16 posts and can be used 3 times per thread. Origin Root abilities become diverse and dangerous. Not only that but the boost from Origin root becomes similar to a Shinigami's Bankai.
- At Master, Origin root lasts for 30 posts and can be used 4 times per thread. Origin Root abilities are fearsome and fine-tuned to a terrifying degree. At this level a Mod Soul's release can be considered similar to a Veteran Captain's Bankai.
- At Grandmaster, Origin Root has no limited duration and can be turned on or off at will effortlessly. A release at this level is on par with any race's Ultimate Release. Requires 0-Tier to achieve.

Root Shell An ability derived from Mod Root. This ability is utilized by Mod Souls to toughen their skin beyond normal concepts of durability by dragging in physical or spiritual material in their environment to reinforce their skin by integrating this material into it. A mod soul with Adept Mod Root ability can drag in ambient reishi and air molecules to reinforce their skin to be hard like leather. At Advanced they can further reinforce their body to be hard as slate or shale. At Elite they can make their body hard as iron as they gain the ability to drag in physical materials and layer them into their exterior. At Master and above, a Mod Soul can make their outer layer hard as a tank's armor plating.

I. Other Supernatural Abilities

» Powers:

The Seraphim

Khaana's programmed Mod Soul Power designed for the purpose of extermination. This ability allows Khaana to inject variations of her own mod soul Coding into the environment allowing her to warp materials around her into enormous monstrosities with makeshift artificial souls.

» Abilities:

Seraph Creation:
Khaana's ability to produce Seraphim by injecting coding into her environment and molding it into a living creature. The ability itself sends a wave of darkness over a targeted area into which all physical material sinks into and is consumed before the Seraphim emerges. These darkness zones vary in size based on Khaana's tier and deal corrosive damage to living things that are pulled into them.

These creatures have varying available size and intelligence options based on Khaana's Tier:
•5th Tier: Seraphim can be up to 5 meters in height and have the intellect of wild animals outside of direct orders from Khaana. They require almost no energy and can be made freely and quickly.
•4th Tier: Seraphim can be up to 10 meters in height and have the intellect of small children. They require a decent amount of energy to create and thus only 2 can be created per post.
•3rd Tier: Seraphim can be up to 20 meters in height and have the intellect of a teenager. They require a sizeable amount of energy to create and thus only 1 can be created every post.
•2nd Tier: Seraphim can be up to 40 meters in height and have the intellect of a young adult. They require a large amount of energy to create and so creating a Seraphim at this level locks out the use of this ability for 2 posts after doing so.
•1st Tier: Seraphim can be up to 200 meters in height and have the intellect of a full adult. They require a large amount of energy to create and so creating a Seraphim at this level locks out the use of this ability for 8 posts after doing so.
•0 Tier: Seraphim can be up to 1km in height and have the intellect of a Doctor, but like a dermatologist. They require a large amount of energy to create, however BEING at this level, restrictions on creation mean nothing thanks to the sheer amount of energy available to Khaana.

The stats of these Seraphs are equal to Khaana's Power Control skill -2, -1 once she reaches Elite.

Angelic Spears:

In addition to creating her monsters, Khaana is also capable of creating living weapons for them and herself to wield. These spears match the height and intellect of the one it was created for, thus allowing them to adjust their own trajectory when thrown and even attack those who might attempt to pick them up These winged spears are also capable of firing bolts of their own reiryoku.

Seraphim Corruption:
A modification of a hollow's caustic ability to defile their surroundings and hardened for the purpose of killing quincy. Khaana's body as well as the creations generated by her power produce a fine blue powder-like substance when in combat. This substance clings readily to surfaces and reacts to the spiritual powers of those it comes in contact with, making it incredibly dangerous to any entity with spiritual powers beyond your normal run of the mill human or plus. This is accomplished by specifically bonding to the vents used to release spirit energy into the surroundings, and thus those without developed spiritual powers have inactive vents and thus have no site with which the toxin can bond. Those that DO come in contact with this subtstance will find themselves slowed and somewhat foggy on contact. 3 posts (2 posts in the case of Quincy) after exposure, all Mental skills are reduced by 1 rank and will continue to do so every 3 posts (every 2 for quincy) after that as the nervous system slowly degrades once the toxin makes its way from the reiryoku system to the nerves where it becomes active. This effect, while debilitating and capable of causing permanent damage, is generally not lethal outside of Quincy, whose nervous systems generally shut down entirely.

Targets with Healing or Cleansing abilities can generally purge this effect regardless of skill rank with no issue. That said, it is impossible to develop complete natural immunity to the toxin, and such resistances will slow the progression (by 2 posts per stage) rather than halting it completely.

Seraphim Antibodies:

Cue the built-in UNNATURAL immunity to the Seraphim Corruption Toxin, or SCT. A natural failsafe built into Khaana's body. Khaana can additionally imbue this immunity to others using her saliva, making the individual completely immune to the toxin. However, for those outside of Khaana who are not constantly producing he Antibodies, the immunity only lasts for 25 posts or the end of the thread (whichever happens first). These antibodies specifically tend to accumulate in the salivary glands and the membranes between the nervous system and the reishi circulatory system. Thus the toxin CAN enter the body and cause irritation, but will be unable to begin degrading the nervous system.

I. Origin Root

Origin Root Appearance: Activating Origin Root causes numerous changes in Khaana's body. First and foremost the extremities of whatever form she has taken promptly sharpen and the end points curve into claws. Additionally a large number of large white wings burst from her body, generally along the back though this can also just occur from random places in her body:giving her an incredibly unsettling appearance. Finally, her sclera blacken and her pupils take on a sharp, thin cross-shape. Additionally she grows in size and becomes more monstrous, her face transforming into a fleshy toothy maw with an elongation of all limbs . Lastly, her neck thickens and lengthens considerably. The resulting form generally stands somewhere between 20 and 25 meters in height.

Origin Root Abilities:

Seraphim Projection Field:
Khaana's reiryoku output is increased dramatically in Origin Root form to the point where her Reiryoku solidifies and creates an active field around her. This SP field allows her to harden the aura around her defensively in order to inhibit incoming attacks. The durability of this field scales with her Origin Root skill.

- At Beginner this field will not so much stop incoming attacks as much as they will slow them to a halt for a split second (1 post), and even then this field can only be utilized once every 3 posts. The barrier itself hugs the skin.
- At Adept, this field is capable of actually forming a physical-esque barrier such that rather than simply slowing, attacks actually make physical collision on hit, causing explosives to detonate and so on. Additionally this Field can be used twice before a 2 post cooldown comes into effect. The barrier at this level can project up to 10 meters from the user.
-At Advanced, this field grows more powerful, not only being able to be projected in a hurry, but can be expanded after initial projection, violently shoving objects away from the user with force. Can be used 4 times before the 2 post cooldown is initiated. The Field can be projected up to 20 meters away from the user, and then expand outward to 25 meters when shoving.
-At Elite, this ability truly comes into it's own. Not only can this powerful barrier stop incoming attacks, but can also expand explosively, pushing objects with such speed and force that it can obliterate the user's surroundings. The initial field can be projected up to 40 meters away from the user's body, and can explode outward to distances of up to 80 meters beyond the starting distance. Can be used 6 times before a 2 post cooldown triggers.
-At Master, this ability becomes terrifying. Not only can this Field be shunted outward forcibly, but it can even aim anything that's ejected from the user in a specified direction. The field has 8 uses until a 2 post cooldown is triggered. The field can be projected up to 200 meters from the user's body, and can then expand to a km from their body when pushing outwards.
-At Grandmaster, this ability can not only be utilized radially, but also can be hyperfocused to specifically only effect certain objects. This field can be used 15 times before incurring a 1 post cooldown. The field can be projected up to 1 km from the user's body and can expand up to 5 kilometers from the start point when violently expanding. The control is so fine at this level that the user can precisely control just how hard or fast individual objects within range are moved around.

Seraphim Wings:
The wings generated by this transformation are fully Functional and very powerful. Not only are they incredibly strong and durable similar to a spiritual weapon, but their razor sharp feathers can slice through objects like blades. When flying with these wings, Khaana can move at full speed as if she were moving along the ground when flying about, and can even perform powerful bursting flaps of her wings which allow her to move around at Step Tech speed in short bursts without the need of a solid surface to brace herself off. When clashing with other weapons and abilities, wing durability uses the Origin Root skill, otherwise these wings are considered as hard and dense as the armor plating on a battleship. High speed bursts scale off of Origin Root in line with Quincy's relation between Spellcraft and Hirenkyaku.

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Beginner

Mod Soul Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Advanced
  • Spiritual Adaptation: Adept
  • Mod Root: Adept
  • Origin Root: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample:

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[mod]Before I can really get into the meat and potatoes of grading this, these custom skills she has are part of your proposed Mod Soul race that is still unfinished. That will need to be finalised and approved before this app can progress if that's the route you want to take, or you can convert to the full high-spec human sheet.[/mod]
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