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And They Don't stop Coming [Ehefra/Alastair] Empty And They Don't stop Coming [Ehefra/Alastair]

Tue Jan 25, 2022 11:00 am
And They Don't stop Coming [Ehefra/Alastair] HEADER_sample_8e257ad7b9cb1f41526cc28a2d8beaec

She had taken her time to see the man that had accepted her into the fold of the Vandenreich. Despite the relative success of the mission given what had transpired, she still felt a considerable weight in her chest over the entire situation, and truth be told she was just WAITING to get chewed out for it. Again. All the same, she had other concerns as well. Having been informed that Alastair was now in a more stable condition and was open to Visitors, it didn't take long for Ehefra to show up.

The nurse informed her that Alastair had just eaten, and that he should be awake. She thanked the woman and then slipped into the doorway, gently knocking before she entered, hoping that the man wasn't simply asleep.
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