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Tue Jan 25, 2022 5:07 pm

Coding In Template By: [THEFROST]


Scattered Across The Sky
"Like a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar."

Fujiko Unkai [3-5, Hazard Rank D] CBBfwIg

I. Basic Information

» Name: Fujiko Unkai (雲海 不二子)
» Alias:
The Airhead Officer,
Miss Head-in-the-Clouds
» Age: Appears Early Twenties
» Birthday: May 9
» Gender: Female
» Race: Shinigami

» Association:
Gotei United - 1st Division, Seventeenth Seat______

» Alignment: Chaotic Good
» Marital Status: Single
» Nationality: Japanese - Soul Society
» Sexuality: Yeah?

» Height: 5'2"
» Weight: Polite.
» Hair Colour: Golden Blonde
» Eye Colour: Sky Blue

Fujiko Unkai [3-5, Hazard Rank D] GGvvgkf

I. Personality

» Dreamer: Fujiko is first and foremost a self-confessed airhead. By far her most defining characteristic is that she can be counted upon to not really be paying attention unless forcibly dragged into a conversation. As such, when asked for comment, she can be counted upon to have an off-the-wall suggestion that either makes herself seem like a genius or an idiot. Or she just repeats what someone else has said and everyone laughs at her. Either way, she doesn't much seem to care. This affinity for dreaming has made her into a naturally imaginative person, and some of the members of her division enjoy listening to her rambling tales about things she has simply created in her head.

» Commitment Averse: In matters of love and relationships, Fujiko is certainly a skittish creature. She does not like to be tied down, preferring to float from one partner to another at the drop of a hat, and can quickly become a flight risk when matters get a little too serious for her liking. Some people don't take too kindly to this sudden abandonment, and it is not like she enjoys putting them through it, but she simply cannot cope with a prolonged feeling of close attachment and would rather cut things off earlier than later. People are quick to assume that she is rather cold and heartless for this behaviour, but the opposite is closer to the truth and it is because she feels too much that she acts out like this.

» Contented: One of the reasons behind her constant daydreaming is that Fujiko is genuinely satisfied with her lot in life. She doesn't want to strive for more, nor seek to improve herself, much to the distress of her peers. A remarkably capable woman when she sets her mind to it, it can be infuriating to see her waste an innate talent with a lazy outlook and disinterest. There was a time when she used to want more and it only led to hurt and disappointment, now it is much easier to avoid those things entirely just as she handles her relationships.

I. History

Born into a quiet little low-ranking noble family of no real renown, a girl was the accidental second child of a family that did not want another. A backwards notion by modern standards, but they were backwards folks, and so she was little more than an afterthought. Her parents were disinterested in her from the moment that she was born, as if it had been predetermined that she would be unsatisfactory, and it took them days to even decide on a name. That was why she eventually came to be called Fujiko, the unlucky second child.

Left to her own devices, Fujiko was never paid any attention and so never gave any in turn. She was capable, quick-witted even, but spent her days lost in her own thoughts rather than making any real progress. Her childhood passed by in an instant, at least that is what it felt like to her family. For Fuji, it was just day after day spent on the family estate, watching the time pass by from atop her ivory tower where none even really cared if she lived or died. Her family provided for her, if she asked for anything then it would eventually come her way, but there was no love lost in the relationship. It was rather uniquely depressing, as she wanted for nothing but was also wanted by no one in turn.

Eventually, once she was old enough to sneak out of the house without raising alarm, she took to aimlessly roaming the Seireitei for days on end. Heading home on occasion to keep up appearances, but it was more like she was just another visitor than the wayward child. Growing more and more distant, Fuji eventually decided that she was done playing house and took her leave for the last time from the family estate.

Life eventually took her to the Shin'o Academy. Carried in like a passing breeze, Fujiko coasted through the entrance exam with a surprising level of ease. She had a lot of spiritual energy it seemed, enough to put her on the fast track for progression, but even with a natural affinity, there was a pressing issue in her lack of motivation or general attentiveness. More time was spent sleeping in class, or straight up not attending, and yet she still performed well enough to pass out.

The only exception to this was Hoho, a relatively advanced combat style and yet the one that Fujiko was especially gifted at. Even when she was paying half as much attention as her classmates, Fujiko was faster, more precise, more resourceful in her movements than anyone else in her year. When the time for placements came around, the first division picked her up and set her up as their designated messenger. If the Captain-Commander or one of their officers needed a message to get around the Seireitei then there was no one better than Fujiko for the job, given her intimate knowledge of the back alleys and shortcuts that even the experienced ranking members could not claim to know well.

Having sufficiently proved her usefulness, Fujiko was invited to join the first division formally after graduating from the academy. They even gave her a position as an officer, as she had achieved her Shikai and had demonstrated as such to her teachers. Tenmonmaru, her Zanpakutô spirit, was certainly a peculiar one but the pair had resonated on their mutually distant attitudes. Neither was ready to invest in much of anything, and that had built up a certain rapport between the pair that Fuji proved rather unable to replicate with real people. She was shy and awkward, with her head way off in the sky, and that made her rather difficult to approach if not outright dealing with her.

That was as complicated as her life needed to be, though, and so Fujiko sunk into her position so deep that she almost disappeared behind it. Months turned to years, years to decades, and suddenly it was just an unspoken rule amongst the members of the first division that Fujiko was there to help but only if you asked forcefully enough. She had been inducted at the rank of the seventeenth seat, and fifty years later still held that exact same position. Never once had a promotion been requested or offered, she was forgettable enough to be passed over and made sure to never do too much that unwelcome attention came her way. She made loose friendships, then they moved on and she made new friends, and the cycle continued. That was all she had known, and it was enough for her right then.

Unfortunately, her quiet life was not always so uninteresting. Neither was the Gotei in a constant state of peace. War came to them all in time, and not just once. World War Three they called it first, and Fujiko was deployed to the frontlines alongside most of the first division. She had never wanted to be much of a fighter, she was a well-trained one perhaps but she had not often put that practice into reality. Decades of peace became decades of war, her life pivoted on its head and the messenger was now dancing the song of combat. It was surprising that she survived given that so many others did not, but Fuji continued to fight and fly. Her fellow officers, even those of higher standing, changed faces at an alarming rate. The experience broke what little willpower the woman had, those relationships that she had struggled to capture beforehand became a distant memory. She was, in many ways, the husk of a person just going through the motions until eventually, the war ended. Apparently, they had won. It didn't feel like much of a win. It didn't feel like much of anything, to be honest.

Settling back into her old life was strange, even Fujiko could feel like she was more distant than her former self. It was easier just to imagine a world where those issues were not a thing, where she was happy and free. But she remained as the seventeenth seat, that much simply did not change. Captain-Commanders came and went, but she remained in her post. Her purpose never really changed, she just delivered messages and lived in her imagination for the rest of the time.

Eventually, even the Gotei itself was restructured. The Gotei United rose from the ashes of what had been before, and still, the dreamer continued to live in a world of her own. Occasionally she would venture out into that other place, delivering messages and taking care of whatever else menial tasks landed at the doorstep of the seventeenth seat.

I. Powers and Abilities

» Hohō Expert: Fujiko excelled at Hohō from the moment she began learning it at Shin'o Academy. Those early teachers wondered if she had prior training, which she denied, and was thus proclaimed as a prodigy. She was never physically exceptional, in fact, she was comparatively average in every metric, but when it came to her Fast Movement there was not a single person in her class that could compete. Her skills eventually did hit a ceiling of sorts, where she was not motivated to put in the effort to match a true master, but it is the only style of Shinigami Combat that Fujiko makes any real effort to maintain at a level comparable to the skill of her youth and is thus her sole focus and specialisation.

» Shippuho (嘨風歩, "Howling Gale Step"): Derived from her natural talent for Hohō, Shippuho incorporates her natural affinity for fast movement with her Zanjutsu to allow Fujiko to make lightning-fast attacks whilst maintaining the impeccable footwork of a traditional Shunpo. Turning her movement into a more dangerous ability than even her own traditional sword attacks. If an opponent cannot keep up with her then she can strike from any number of angles in a single instant and the only noise heard is akin to that of a sonic boom from the haste of the flurry of blows. Her Strength can be considered one level higher provided that she is using Shippuho in the same post, and this boost can never exceed either her Speed or Hoho skill - whichever is lower.

» Creative Thinker: A blessing as much as it is a curse, Fujiko is somewhat renowned for her unorthodox methods and inventive problem-solving skills. She can take in a situation at a moment's notice and adapt a strategy at the drop of a pin, but is equally unlikely to have listened to any briefings or paid attention to whatever preparation her comrades might have worked on. It would be fair to say that this makes her a loose cannon, especially in joint operations, but can also get results that even the most cunning of tacticians could never expect nor replicate. When she is forced into action, no one really knows what the end result will be.

» "Fine, let's get this over with.": Though she spends most of her time with her head in the clouds, when Fujiko is forced into action then she develops a singleminded drive to complete the task before her and will go to any lengths to resolve her problems so that she can return to other duties she deems a better use of her time. She can be reckless, leaping into the fray if need be, and doesn't mind getting her hands dirty if that's what the task calls for. Her willpower when sufficiently motivated is considerably higher than the level it usually sits at, spiking up depending on how well the motivation is provided and incentivised.

I. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Tenmonmaru (天文丸, "The Sky and Heavens")

» Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Fujiko has never seen her Zanpakutô Spirit to determine its physical description, instead it is a voice that carries on the winds of her Inner World and varies in pitch and intensity depending on the Spirit's mood. They communicate frequently, and she is deeply connected to the other being, but the lack of physical engagement is certainly a unique element of their bond.

» Inner World: Tenmonmaru's Inner World is an expansive fortress built upon several vast clouds that leave it floating in an endless sky that seems to have no limits to its floor or ceiling. Spiralling towers sprout from several smaller clouds, connected by vast walkways to one central area that serves as the focal point of all the other buildings and a great hall within which a Queen might host for hundreds of guests and yet remains eerily empty other than the constant howling winds.

The Skyvault:

» Zanpakutô Appearance: In its sealed form, Tenmonmaru is a wakizashi blade with a crossguard made of interlocking silver and gold wisps that connect together into an ornate pattern. Fujiko keeps the weapon sheathed above her hip and along her back, higher than the usual position for a sword to be kept but allowing her to draw it at peculiar angles.

I. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Fly Free, Tenmonmaru

» Shikai Appearance: Tenmonmaru takes the form of a rapier, elongating to a single needle-like point. The silver and golden wisps that formed the crossguard have begun to disperse along the length of the weapon, some climbing up the blade akin to errant vines whilst others have twisted downward to form a basket-shaped guard that protects the entire hand.


» Shikai Abilities: The main ability of Tenmonmaru's Shikai is that it surrounds Fujiko with a roughly five-foot radius aura of wind that she can control the intensity of. It can be like a passing breeze, barely noticeable when compared to a natural gust, up to a raging tempest that can disrupt incoming projectiles and impede vision without negatively affecting the woman in the eye of the storm. Moving like a blur, her speed is enhanced proportionally to the strength of the aura that she is projecting up to an entire rank (capped at Elite) when at maximum intensity.

Whilst this gives her access to various advanced techniques and makes her a significantly greater threat, Fujiko does not like to use her Shikai as it requires a level of exertion above that which she is willing to give to most tasks. She is comfortable in her position and the current duties she has and proving that she is capable of more poses the risk that promotion might come her way.

» Hishou Jinkiri (飛翔 刃切り, "Soaring Sword Cutter"): Combining both her enhanced speed and power during release, Fujiko can unleash a barrage of strikes with her weapon that create the illusion that her sword is floating in the air seemingly separate from the movements of her sword arm. In reality, it is simply a series of swift attacks of incredible power intended to both go around and through an opponent's guard in a single overwhelming instant that has been masked by striking through the wall of wind that her Shikai has gathered around her.

» Shippuho: Toren (嘨風歩: 十連, "Howling Gale Step: Tenfold"): The progression of her unique movement technique that expands upon conventional Shunpo utilising her manipulation of wind energy. As if she were the force of the gale itself, Fujiko is able to move even faster than before. Whilst perhaps the term 'tenfold' is an exaggeration, as she is certainly not moving at ten times the speed of her base technique, it is now so blisteringly fast that even the wind that she exudes from her released state trails behind her to create an afterimage of her movements against the backdrop of the air. Her Strength can be considered equivalent to the lower of her Speed and Hoho skills provided that she is using Shippuho: Toren in the same post.

I. Bankai

» Bankai Release Phrase:

» Bankai Appearance:

» Bankai Abilities:

I. Shikokai

» Shikokai Release Phrase:

» Shikokai Release Action:

» Shikokai Appearance:

» Shikokai Abilities:

I. Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Elite
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Untrained


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