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Two Blondes Sure Make Something [Liltotto/Santa] - Page 2 Empty Re: Two Blondes Sure Make Something [Liltotto/Santa]

Mon Feb 14, 2022 9:09 pm
Two Blondes Sure Make Something [Liltotto/Santa] - Page 2 TeC6OwL

Liltotto Lamperd

Liltotto was a little surprised by the woman's response, moreso her declaring she specifically wished to spend time with her, over food no less. She seemed lightly amused by Santa's picking up of her little habit, which only provoked the response of, "I'm always hungry. But yeah, sure, I know a few places still open."

Leading the two of them through the night-covered streets, eventually the two of them would end up in a bar & grill that was on the scarcer side of customers at this time and day, a place she had eaten at a few times so at the very least she knew the food would be palatable. Once the two were sat down and the typical formalities of ordering were done, Liltotto would look up at Santa from where she sat, her smallness extremely apparent with how little of her body peeked above the table,

"So, how has life been for you?" Her question would break whatever silence may have fallen upon them as she casually sat, "Like, I know Hueco Mundo can be a total shithole of an experience, but anytime I hear from an Arrancar, it's always a unique tale. I'm curious of yours."

END | Ayyo Hollow

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